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MODERN study of living languages does not yield in thor- 
oughness to that of the classical. Yet, while the more scholarly 
Latin and Greek dictionaries used in America are quickened with 
the results of recent philological research, no dictionary of a mod- 
ern language (saving, conditionally, Whitney's German) is calcu- 
lated to satisfy the philological student in the college, much 
less in the graduate school. That there is need of a more scho- 
lastic work in this line may therefore be asserted without any 
implied disparagement whatever of various practical dictionaries, 
excellent within their own sphere. This need is especially pro- 
nounced for a language which, like the French, can be traced, in the 
main, to its source by every student of Latin, and the historical study 
of which may thus be to him both a valuable discipline and a 
practical aid. 

It is in this belief that we have endeavored to prepare a 
work embodying: 

I. A scholarly and yet thoroughly practical French- English 
dictionary, founded upon the highest modern authorities, and 
embodying a measurably complete list of modern and obsolescent 
French words with their pronunciation, derivation, and earliest 
occurrence in the language, as well as their meanings and less 
obvious uses; and 

II. An English-French dictionary serving the purposes of 
French composition and speaking, and containing a sufficient 
amount of modern and archaic words with their pronunciation, 
and etymologically arranged, to serve the French student of 

These general features of the present wbrk are more fully 
explained below. 


1* 'Authorities. The main authorities relied upon have been 
HatzfeId<Darmesteter-Thomas' "Dictionnaire gnral de la langue 
" (to; fascicule 28), and Littr<'s "Piotiortmaire <le la laague 


franQaise." But various other lexical works, such as Scheler's, 
Spiers', Thibaut's, Sachs', Roubaud's (Heath's), Webster's and 
the Standard dictionaries have been used, and "Romania" and 
"Zeitschrift der romanischen Philologie" consulted for the most 
recent philological suggestions. 

2. Vocabulary. Without any claim to completeness, unattain- 
able by even far bulkier works, this dictionary nevertheless 
contains a much greater number of French words than ordinary 
school dictionaries of its size; and many of these words, recently 
become current, are wanting in most large lexical works. The 
words have not been compiled promiscuously, but selected on the 
joint authority of Hatzfeld-Darmesteter-Thomas (which bids fair 
to be the standard dictionary of France) and Littre". Very few 
words contained in the former work have been omitted, but 
several not found there are included. Numerous proper nouns of 
somewhat unfamiliar form, but of ordinary occurrence, have also 
been given in the general alphabetical list. The important dis- 
tinction between living and obsolete words has been indicated 
throughout by the use of a dagger (t) before the obsolete. 

3. Irregular forms of inflection have been noted, and where 
it seemed advisable (as for the principal parts of the simple irregular 
verbs) in alphabetical order. The full conjugation of each irregular 
verb is given either directly where the verb occurs, ot by reference. 

4. Of French idioms, all that are self -explaining have, as a 
rule, been omitted as mere chaff, hiding the grains that are sought 
It is different in the French-English part, where any idiomatic 
turn of an ordinary expression deserves notice. 

5. Pronunciation. Regarding pronunciation, this work, 
though using a wholly independent system of presenting it, has 
otherwise followed, in the main, that of Hatzfeld-Darmesteter- 
Thomas. Only an exceptional use has been made of Michaelis- 
Passy's pronouncing vocabulary, which was not published before 
our wort was nearing its completion. Fortunately the discrepancies 
between the two great authorities are not serious, and the advantage 
of following in the main one of them will be readily recognized. 

The pronunciation of each word is denoted directly, without 
special transliteration, by the aid of subscript diacritical marks 
for the less common sounds. The student knowing that all signs 
above a letter (and the cedilla) are French, and all others 
conventional, will feel at home at once. A glance at tie 


French words will show that they are not marred in clearness 
by this unobtrusive marking, while their pronunciation stands out 
from the more or less unphonetical spelling, forcing itself upon 
the attention of the student, who is apt to neglect phonetic respell- 
ings. To avoid such complexity and minuteness of marking as 
would necessarily defeat its own purpose, some few finer shades 
of utterance, as especially the distinction between long and semi-long 
quantity, more or less uncertain and wavering (somewhat differ- 
ently treated by the two works referred to above, and left 
undistinguished in Victor's "Fonetik"), have been omitted. The 
Key to our plan of marking the pronunciation is found at the 
end of the preface (p, xi). 

6. Derivation. The immediate .etymological derivation of 
every French word is given, as far as known, within brackets (or, 
in case of direct French derivation, indicated, where alphabeti- 
cally feasible, by their place under the source-word). When 
the derivation is unknown or questionable, this is denoted by 
an interrogation-mark, alone or before a suggested etymology. 
Hypothetical etymologies are only sparingly resorted to, because 
in a work of this kind cautious reserve is preferable to guessing. 
Besides the immediate source of the French word, a yet re- 
moter source is also denoted in parenthesis whenever this 
seems advisable in order to explain the present meaning of 
the French word, or to point out a Latin word apt to be more 
familiar to the student than the immediate source-word. This 
second word is chosen without reference to its immediate or more 
remote antecedency to the first. The meaning of the Latin word, 
whenever deviating from the French, is given. It is an ana- 
chronism to suppose every student to know Latin, and the 
etymologies are calculated for all students. For a like reason 
Greek words are transliterated. Popular Latin source-words 
postulated by philologists are, as usual in such cases, preceded 
by an asterisk. Instead of the accusative, from which the French 
nouns, etc., are ordinarily derived, the Latin nominative is given. 
This will not trouble the Latin student, while it will serve otter 
students who may wish to know, in its ordinary form, the Latin 
word from which the French is derived. Latin prototypes oi 
primitive French words (words marked ) have their long vowel 
quantities marked: the popular Latin formay again for practical 
ends, without consideration of their gradual siirrc^do^ of * long 


quantities, and exchange of quantitative for qualitative differences 
(A conversion easily made by the student of French phonetics). 

7. Principles of arrangement. The dictionary is entirely 
alphabetical. Kindred words following each other are grouped 
together. This for three reasons: first, as a means to furnish a 
valuable aid of association in acquiring the language, and foster 
the etymological sense; second, to avoid needless repetition of 
etymologies; third, to save space. This grouping will in nowise 
impede the ready use of the dictionary, since the words of each 
group stand out boldly, and there is a time-saving element in the 
very grouping, which provides for a rapid passing from one set of 
forms to another. 

The first word of each group is given in full; the following 
words are abbreviated as far back as practicable. The division 
is marked by a rolled hyphen (~) for the head-word of the 
group, and by an ordinary hyphen (-) for the other words. 
Besides, to aid the eye in finding the head-word within the group 
for it is not necessarily the first word, but the word under 
which the etymology is especially treated it is preceded by 
double bars (. II ) . 

In the division of words, the principles of spelling, pronun- 
ciation and space-saving have been reconciled as far as practicable, 
to the exclusion of a more etymological division, which is in- 
compatible with them, and superfluous in view of the special 
statement of etymologies everywhere. 

The words are not grouped with reference to immediate deriva- 
tion from one another, which would have necessitated very nu- 
merous groups, but simply, and as far as it has seemed advisable, 
with reference to near relationship of some kind. Hence the 
head-word of the group, though often the actual source-word 
from which the others are derived, may be simply the word 
lying, on the whole, farthest back of them all, or best suited 
for explaining the etymology of the group. Yet every word not 
directly derived from that head-word, has its immediate etymo- 
logical source indicated. The student will thus find not merely 
helpful etymological suggestions, but an historically exact etymology 
as far as known, for every French word, enabling him to use the 
dictionary for scientific purposes, if desirable. 

8. Date of occurrence. In addition to the etymology of the 
French words, their earliest occurrence in the language is also 


indicated. Words of popular Latin origin, brought into Gaul 
directly by the Romans (often identical with their classical 
types), are followed by a small circle; those introduced later, from 
whatever source, by an exponent number denoting the century 
of their earliest authenticated appearance in the language (e. g. 
abime = ' abime, of direct popular Latin origin'; a"bat 16 'abat, 
first known appearance in 1500-1599')* The philological value of 
this information needs no demonstration. 

9. Definitions. The definitions of the French words, though 
not exhaustive, cover all the ordinary meanings, and to a consider- 
able extent also such as are more exceptional or technical. The 
aim has been, especially for other than source-words, to give 
distinct varieties of meaning rather than mere synonyms, which 
the student may readily make out for himself. The definitions 
are arranged, as far as it has seemed practical, in the sequence of 
their historical development, and always so as to show their inter- 
relation. Such definitions as for instance Ure^ "be, belong, have,'* 
etc. found in much used school- dictionaries are bewildering 
and uninstructive to the student, especially where his grammar 
furnishes no key to them, which it does in the instance quoted. 

An attempt has frequently been made though, as not ar- 
ranged for from the beginning, with some discordance for different 
letters to indicate the true relation between French and English 
cognates or equivalents overlapping each other in meaning, by 
parenthesising after the English the meanings covered also by 
the French, thus aiding the student not only in selecting the 
appropriate rendering, but also in appreciating an interesting 
correlation (cf. abandon^ fourche, goutte^ gousset, oeil^ etc.). 

English cognates, from whatever source, when not evident at 
first sight, are in small capitals, but only once and under the 
French source-word, provided an English cognate occurs there, 
and in a form sufficiently suggestive also for derivative words, 
To denote perfect identity of form, English cognates written 
like the French are denoted simply by the sign = . 


This part of the dictionary, though more immediately based 
on previous works of a similar scope and purpose than the first, 
is arranged, however, like it, to show the etymological kigu^p of 


the words, as well as their pronunciation. The requirements of 
pronunciation and accentual variation have at times necessitated 
a less rigorous and complete grouping of related words than in 
the first part. Except as suggested by the etymological grouping, 
and by French cognates (found for more than half of the English 
words), no etymologies have been given, as it would generally 
lead to sources unknown by the ordinary student of this part 
of the work. 

As regards pronunciation, the principle of subscript signs 
for sounds deviating from the ordinary has been followed also 
here, except for the tone-vowel, which always has a sign over 
it, this being the easiest way of denoting the shifting English 
accent. To avoid a confusing multitude of signs, the many varying 
shades of toneless vowels are marked only when distinctly deviating 
from the ordinary or neutral sound (of. further the table below), 
and the palatal n only when the following g is silent. Though 
the marking might have been more detailed here, the greater 
gain has seemed to be attained on the whole by greater simplicity; 
and it is believed that any one familiar with the rudiments of 
English pronunciation will be amply helped by the system here 

The work on this dictionary has been divided between its 
authors in such a way that Mr. Edgren, besides its general plan- 
ning, has prepared the letters A, D, E (part of this letter with 
the assistance of Dr. M. Osterholm), G, H> I, J, K, 0, Q, R, T, 
U, V of the French-English Part, and all of the English-French 
Part; and Mr. Burnet the letters B, C, F, L, M, N, P, S, W, X, 
Y, Z of the French-English Part. 

If, in spite of frequent conferences on all points of detail, 
some discrepancies are found in the execution, it is believed that 
they are all of minor consequence. And the authors now submit 
their work to the public in the hope that, though it have not 
attained a result adequate to their aim, nor their liberal outlay 
of time and labor, it may, however, contribute its share to both 
a practical and scholastic study of a language of the greatest 
cultural and philological interest. 






As no description of linguistic sounds, however detailed, can satisfactorily 
teach to the student untrained in phonetics their reproduction, the subjoined list gives 
but the briefest hints of the approximate English equivalents of the French sounds. 
The best way of acquiring their exact utterance is to learn from a competent person 
the pronunciation of the French key-words in the list. 

1. All signs above a letter, and the cedilla ( A ), are genuine French signs, and not 
to be considered in the pronunciation, except for e, which is constantly = e, and 5, 
always = *. 

2. Other signs are conventional, to denote pronunciation. 

3. Short quantity is unmarked. Long is marked by the usual long quantity mark 
placed below its vowel (s), and above any other subscript sign (cf. 8 below). Medial 
quantity is unmarked (cf . Preface, p. vii) ; but the student may remember that a long 
thematic accent-vowel is ordinarily semi-long in a protonic syllable (rose, rose). 

4. Silent letters are in heavy italics (e.g. le$ = le, dette = dett, $rt = %, 
fllle = f |1, Slev^r = elve). 

5. French always accents the last or only fully pronounced vowel of the word 
(donnoV, &'m.e). 

6. The pronunciation of the repeated part of the first word of a group applies to 
all the words of the group, observing that long quantity belongs only to accent syl- 
lables (cf. 3). 

Observing these principles, our system of marking the French pronunciation is as 
follows : 

7. SIMPLE VOWELS (cf. 1, 3, above) 

a = open a of Eng. calf (Webster) : la, a ( 1) 

a = close a (nearly as in Eng./ar) ; . bas (4), &me (1, 4) 

a nasal a (a. with nasal resonance) : *m, danse (3) 

e = open e in Eng. met: matte, meme (1, 3) 

e or 6 = close e (approaching e in they; e of Germ. 

*ehr t but short) ; donner (4, 5), t 

(*e mute') = e in Eng. proclitic tht : IB, msner (4, 5) 

$ =3 nasal open e (e with nasal reson ince) :..... feign 

$ ts Q, above : , $ti, vgwdre (3) 

i 5= i in Eng. pique : fc il (te'Ct, 3) 

5= i in Eng. piano, before vowel ; ...*.. * Her, " 

4 =r $y (or i) : prj9 

j, as g t above : ....,.* k ...... v|tt, -m^n^e (3) 

o = open o (as in Germ. soZZ; in Paris approaching- u 

of Bug. bun) ; "bonne 

o -=3 close o (in Bng. 710, without glide) :..... no, o0tc (1, 8) 

Q = nasal 9 (9 with nasal resonance) : qn, L^ndre (3) 



a. = Germ, u (Eng. i with rounded lips) : ..... du, une, m^r (1> 3) 

= same sound, slightly dimmed, before vowel : . . . lui, tua 

u = u in Eng. guano (Eng. w) : ......... guano, quadrat 

u = nasal Fr. ei/. (eu, cf. below, with nasal resonance) : . un, lund 

y = Fr. i (cf. above) : . . . ' ........ y, analyse (3) 

y = nasal i (cf . above) : , , , , ....... syntaxe, njmphe (3) 

8. VOWEL- COMPOUNDS (cf. 1, 3, above) 

ai = open Pr. e (cf. above) : . . . . ...... fait, paitre (1, 3) 

an = open Pr. o (cf . above) : .......... Paul, -eentanre (3) 

au = close Fr. o (cf . above) : .......... au, aune (3) 

ay = Fr. e-y: ............... payer (p$-y$) 

ei = open Fr. e (cf . above) : .......... peine, reitre (3) 

eu = open Fr. e with rounded lips (Germ, open o; near u 

in Eng. /w): ............ seul, jeune (1, 3) 

en == Fr. eu, close (Germ, close o): ....... feu, heureusc (3) 

oi (not ol ) = Eng. wa- in wag (Fr. ou&) : ..... moi, bolre (3) 

qi = Eng. wa- in wattle (Fr. o^a) : ........ bqis, orqitre (1, 3) 

oi = Fr. oi (w|., Eng. w} : ..... ..... moiis, mo|ndre (3) 

on = Eng. oo in foot (long/ooZ) : ......... foule, epouse (3) 

= Eng. w, before vowel : .......... out 

9y = Eng. w&y- (Fr. oi'y) : .......... 

ny = Fr. ui'y- : .............. 

In other vowel-compounds, unless differently marked, each, or the extra, vowel has 
its own sound (slightly dimmed as initial): noel, 7ta-ir, a-ere ; -eM-ourme, lu-eur, 
lou-er ; ou-i. 


These, as already indicated ( 3, and in the examples above), are denoted by the 
sign _ placed below the vowel(s), but above the subscript sign: a, a ($), ^ j (,), 
9, 5, etc. ; ai ; eu, u, etc. 


Those not given below are pronounced as in English, observing that mutes before 
a vowel are less forcible, but before another consonant more distinct than in English j 
and that d t t are more dental. 

= p: ............ absolu 

= k: ............ car 

eh = Eng. sh: .... -eliaque, 

g = g in Eng. go: ...... gai, guefc 

g = Eng. z in azure: ..... $ene 

i silent, for '& aspirate' : . . heros 
j = z in Eng. azure: .... je, jour 

ow: . taiZler, betail, 

n =?= Eng. w' 
tal) : 


r = dental trill (stage r) ; or 
uvular r (about as 
Germ. cA in ach; in 
Paris, etc.) : . . 

s s=_ sharp 8.* ......... 

s = 5 of Eng, as (very sonant): 

t = 9: . , ........... 




B3F* Attendu qu'aucune description de sons linguistiques, quelque de'taille'e qu'elle 
soit, ne pourrait les enseigner entierement a l'<5tudiant sans connaissances phone'tiques, 
la liste ci-desscms ne donne que quelques indications approximatives de la nature des 
sons anglais. Pour les connaitre parfaitement il faudra bien apprendre les exemples 
anglais de la liste. 

1. Le son de la voyelle tonique (accentuee) est marque" au-dessus d'elle. Les 
autres signes de prononciation sont en regie places au-dessous de leur lettre (excepte" 
pour <e, th, voy. plus bas) : accumulate. 

2. Les lettres muettes sont imprimees en italiques grasses: able, fatten, 
th.6u<77t, c/tronique, 

3. Les voyelles atones non marquees se prononcent comme celles de signe court 
(a, e, etc.), quoique moins distinctement, s'approchant souvent de Ye muet en frangais 
(ainsi dans les desinences -er, -or, -ar, -on, -or ou -our). Celles qui ont un signe se 
prononcent comme les voyelles toniques du meme signe, mais moins distinctement, et en 
ge'ne'ral sans Vappendice glissant ("glide") de celles-ci. 

4. L'accent anglais, ordinairement descendant, est variable, et ne porfce que rare- 
ment sur la derniere syllabe. II est plus 6nergique que P accent frangais, obscurcissant 
ainsi plus ou moins l'e"nonciation nette des syllabes atones. 

5. La prononciation des mots repet6s n'est pas marquee, excepte pour des raisons 

Observant ces principes, voici notre syste"me de designer la prononciation anglaise : 


a (aton. a) = a de la (frangais), tirant sur e: . . . at; attain ( 1) 

a (a) = e 1 (6 glissant en i, 3) : ale, fain ; emulate (1, 2) 

a =r de la: ask, dan-ee 

4 = de bas, plus guttural : art, father ; arca'de 

a (a) = 5 angl,, tirant sur au ouvert : all; althxm07t 

a =6 anglais : iwas, quality 

a = ai de/aire; care, fair 

e (e) = e de mette (e + r = e muet) : .... met, letter 

e (e) = i d'iZe: , . . . . me, seen; c6norete 

e = a anglais : prei/, v^in 

e = a anglais : ........... there, heir 

6 () = eu de leur: Srr, earn; fertility 

ew = you: few 

i (i) s= i d'iJ, tirant sur e: it, bitter; cabin 

i (|) = &y anglais :...**...*.. mine, aisle ; idea 

i = i d'iZe; pique, mien 

J (4) = e () anglais : fir, bird ; tapir 

5 (o) =o de/o^e, tirant sur a angl.: <idd, fftlly ; oppress 

6 (o) =o de rose, glissant en ou, 3) : . . , . rose, roo-m ; poetic (3) 
6 = a angl. (ou tirant sur 6 angl.) : , , , , drb ; morta'lity 

6 = o en donne (Paris) = u angl' ; , . . . d6ne, 16ve 

<fr (o) rs ou long de blouse : . , , > . . . . m6ve, f6ol ; 

6 as ou bref de/ou^e , f . , , , . . . w61f, f 6ot 

5 ss $ anglais; ****** wdrk, \vorld 



oi = a'y anglais : oil 

ou, ow = au anglais : foul, owl 

u (u) =o de donne (Paris : o bref tirant sur eu) : . up, but ; submit 

qu = ku (kw) anglais: quarrel, conquest 

u. (u) = you (aprSs d, , 5, Z, presque = ou) ; . . use, pure t duke ; unite 

u =6 anglais : . rule v ruin 

u (u) = ou bref de/o^Ze: full, hateful 

u (u) =6 anglais : urn, overturn 

y (y) =r i (i) anglais : , . . mystic, pity 

y(y) = i(i) anglais: * . . . style; mysti% 


Les consonnes omises de la liste se prononcent en pratique comme en frangais. 
Observez pourtant que les plosives (k, t, p ; g, d, b) sont enonce"es avec plus d'emphase 
(d' aspiration) devant une voyelle, mais moins distinctement devant une autre consonne ; 
que les sonnantes (g, d, 6, v t z) finales sont moins sonnantes qu'en anglais ; et que d, t 
sont formes centre le palais ante"rieur. 

c = k: cart 

e = s de son: -cell 

o = ch en cher: ferocious 

oh = tch (le tout plus pa- 
latal): . chap, chest, church 
eh = sh anglais : -eharade 

g = g de garde: game 

^j = j anglais: gem, gist 

n = h, distinctem. aspir : have 

j = dj- ftadjoint (mais j 
plus uni, et plus pa- 
latal) : joke 

n = n form^ contre le pa- 
lais posterieur : . . song, 16ving 

q = k qu= fc ou : . . . pique; quest 

r, non roul, forme contre le 
palais anterieur; (apr^s 
une voyelle lougma, r 

= u r; dans le Sud 
de 1'Angleterre -r final 
est tombe): roll, rear, father 

s = $ de son: sell 

s = s de rose: as, rose 

s = ch de cher: sure 

s =j&QJour: pleasure 

sh ch de cher: she, shun 

t = ch de cher: option 

t = ch anglais : question 

th = t avec la pointe de 
la langue entre les 

dents: thin 

th = th angl., sonore : . . the, bathe 
w = ou, (wh = &o*): . . w & s ; 

x = gz: exist 

x = k f sh angl. : anxiou 

5==g angl. : azure 


(Explanation in French added where needed.) 

abbr., abbreviation. 

adj., adjective. 

adv., adverb. 

agri., agriculture. 

alch., alchemy. 

alg., algebra. 

Am., American. 

anat., anatomy. 

antity., antiquity. 

Ar., Arabic. 

arch., architecture. 

ttrith., arithmetic. 

art., article. 

artil., artillery. 

astrol., astrology. 

astron., astronomy. 

auxil., auxiliary. 

lot., botany. [gion. 

Catfi. rel., Catholic reli- 

carp., carpentry, charpen- 


chem., chemistry, chimie. 
coll., collective. 
com., commerce. 
conj., conjunction. 
cook., cookery, cuisine, 
dial., dialectic. 
dy., dyeing, teinture. 
ecc., ecclesiastical. 
ech(oic\ onomatopoetic. 
Eng(l\, English. 
engr., engraving, gravure. 
ent., entomology. 
exc., exclamation. 
/., feminine. . 
fwm n familiar. 
fenc., fencing, escrime. 
Jiff., figuratively, aiijigure. 
Jin., finance. 
fort,, fortification. 
Fr., French. 
Put., Future. 
gard>, gardening, jardi- 


geom., geometry. 
Oer(m}., German, alle- 


Germ'c, Germanic. 
Or., Greek. 

her., heraldry, blason. 
hist., history. 
horl. or horol., horology. 
hort., horticulture. 
hunt., hunting, chasse. 
hydr., hydraulics. 
ichth., ichthyology. 
imp., impersonal. 
Ind., Indicative. 
indecl., indeclinable. 
intr., intransitive. 
inter j., interjection. 
iron., ironically, 
/jp/., Imperfect. 
irr., irregular. 
It., Italian. 
I've, Imperative. 
jest., jestingly, par plai- 


jur., jurisprudence. 
L., Latin. 
leg., legal. 
lit., literature. 
I. L., late Latin (vulgar or 

log., logic, 
w., masculine. 
mam., vaarnmalogy. 
man., manege. 
manu,, manufacture. 
mar., marine. 
math., mathematics. 
mec. or mech., mechanics. 
med., medicine. 
metal., metallurgy. 
mil(it),, military art. 
min., mineralogy. 
mol,, mollaak. 
mu$., music. 
myth., mythology. 

n., noun-substantive, now, 

nav., naval. 
OFr., old French, ancien 

opt., optics. 
orni., ornithology, 
P., Past. 

paint., painting. 
part., participle. 
pers., person. 
pharm., pharmacy. 
philos., philosophy. 
phys., physics, physique. 
pi., plural. 
p. L., popular Latin. 
poet., poetic. 
pol., politics. 
pop., popular. 
Pr., Present. 
pref., prefix. 
prep., preposition. 
Pret., Preterit. 
print., printing, imprime* 


pron., pronoun, pronom. 
prov., proverb. 
refi., reflexive. 
rel., religion. 
rhet., rhetoric. 
Sansk,, Sanskrit. 
sculpt., sculpture. 
s(ing)., singular. 
Subj., Subjunctive. 
Swed., Swedish. 
Span., Spanish. 
surg., surgery, chirurgie. 
Syr., Syriac. 
tech., technology. 
theat., theatre. 
theol., theology. 
tr., transitive. 
triv., trivial. 
vet., veterinary art. 
zoGl., zoology. 

geol., geology. 

t, obsolete word or meaning. 

, of popular Latin origin (brought directly by the Romans). 

, 10 , etc., 10th, llth, etc., century (first authenticated appearance). 

* before a word, hypothetical form. 

||, sign to help find the source-word within a group. 

~, division-sign of the source-word of a group (showing primary etymology). 

-, division-sign of other than source-words. 

, abbreviation -mark for feminines and plurals, without reference to ordinary 
Division (-*, -). 

-, French hyphen between compounds. 





* Francs. 

cj 5 

3 I 

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Metre (ten-millionth part of the arc of a J 
, meridian between the pole and the equa- > 3'^80?992 feet, 
tor) \ 
Decametre (10 metres) 3'2*808992 feet. 

Kilometre (1,000 metres) 1093'633 yards. 

Myriametre (10 000 metres) 6 '2138 miles 

Fr. c. 
1 00 
2 00 
3 00 
I 00 
5 00 
6 00 
7 00 
8 00 
9 00 
10 00 
11 00 
13 00 
13 00 
U 00 
15 00 
16 00 
IT 00- 
18 00 
19 00 
20 00 

ft c. 
1 00 
1 20 
1 40 
1 60 
1 80 
2 00 
2 20 
2 .40 
2 60 
2 80 
3 00 
3 20 
3 40 
3 60 
3 80 
4 00 

De'cizn&tre (10th of a metre) 3*937079 inches. 

Centimetre (100th of a metre) 0-39371 inch. 
Millimetre (1,000th of a metre) 003937 inch. 

Are (100 square metres) 0*098845 rood. 

Hectare (10,000 square metres) ... '471143 acres 

Centiare (1 square metre) 1196033 square yard. 

Litre (1 cubic decimetre) 1*760773 pint 

Decalitre (10 litres) 2-2009668 gallons. 

Hectolitre (100 litres) \ ^SH 68 K a J l . on / J' 

jj-o^uuiiwc \.iw IAUHSB; ^ 35317 cubic f eet. 
Kilolitre, metre cube (1,000 litres) \ 2 S??? 8 ffa i l - OT i 8 'T 

Decilitre (10th of a litre) ... . 0176 pin*. 

Centilitre (100th of a litre) 0'0176 pint. 


( 1'Bl cubic yard or 
Stere (1 cubic metre) s 35 cubic feet, 547 

( cubic inches. 
Decastere (10 steres) -1 131 c i lb i c J a f f V 

^coaoLoi.0 M.V oucico/ -j feet, 21 inches. 
Decistere (10th of a stere) \ 8 cubic feet. 918*7 


G-ramme (weight of a cubic centimetre of ) 
water in its state of maximum density or s 15*432349 grains troy. 
39J Fahrenheit or 4 degrees centigrade).. ) 
Dficagramme (10 grammes) ... .... 5*6438 drams a/volrd. 

Hectogramme (100 grammes) ! 21?L 7 ' ? voird - or 

Kilogramme (1000 grammes) \ *SoSU b '* ftVOird ' Or 

Quintal metrique (50 kilogrammes) HO'231 Ib. avoird. 
Millier, tonneau de mer (500 kilogrammes) 9 cwt. 94 Ib 5 oz. 
Tonne (1,000 kilogrammes) 19 cwt. 86 Ib, 10 or*. 
Decigramme (10th of a gramme) , ... , 1'5432 grain. 
Centigramme (100th of a gramme) 0*1543 grain. 
Milligramme (1,000th of a gramme) 0'01543S grain. 

Centigrade Melting ice ..,,.,. 32 Fahrenheit 

100 do Boiling water 212 do. 

80 do Boiling water 212* do. 

* The u par " of ''ronoh Exchange in New York is 5 francs to the dollar, It fluctuates 
by eighths of cent'mes. Perhaps the most frequent quotation is 5.12J^, which 
the franc represent $0,19512192. 



a [L.], m,: a (the letter). 

a [L. ad, to], prep.: to, till, until; to- 
wards ; at, on, in ; with, by ; for ; per. 

a-, ab- [L. ab, from, or ad, 'to,' or Fr. 5, 
to] : prefix. 

abais-se 16 , /.; flattened dough, crust, 
under-crust. -se-la^rgwe 18 , m. : (surg.) 
tongue-depressor, -sement u , m. : low- 
ering, depression ; abasement (degrada- 
tion ; humiliation) ; decline (fall, dip ; da- 
crease); subjection. ||~ser n [6aissr], i 
tr. : lower, depress ; ABASE (degrade, de- 
base ; humiliate, humble) ; reduce, level, 
cut down ; lop ; disparage ; s' , be low- 
ered ; fall (subside, decrease ; abate, de- 
cline); humble one's self (stoop), -seur 15 , 
m. : depressor ; (mat.) depriment. 

fab ait = abet. 

abajoue 17 [? la bajoue],f.: cheek-pouch 
(of certain animals), chop, chap. 

abalonrdir 16 [balourd], tr. : make heavy ; 
dull (stupefy). 

aban-dcm 1 ', m.: abandonment (sur- 
render, " relinquishment) ; surrender of 
self, hence abandon (unconstraint, ease; 
recklessness) ; f orlornness : a I' , at 
random ; in confusion ; uncared for, un- 
protected, in utter neglect; to wreck 
and ruin; (nav.) adrift, -doimataire 18 , 
m.: person to whom property is as- 
signed, assignee, releasee. -donne, 
part.: abandoned, etc.; reckless, forlorn; 
dissolute (lewd, profligate); m., /.: reck- 
less or forlorn creature, etc. -doime- 
mjnfc 11 , m.: abandonment (surrender, 
renunciation) ; recklessness, profligacy. 
t-donnemen t 12 , adv. : unreservedly 
(freely); recklessly. [(^donner 14 [di, 
OFr. bandon, 'power'], tr.: surrender, 
give up ; ABANDON (forsake, desert) ; re- 
lease ; a* , give one's self up (to), become 
addicted, indulge; neglect one's self, be 
careless ; prostitute one's self, lead a dis- 
solute life ; begin to walk unaided ; slacken 
one's pace. 

aba^ue 12 [L. abacus, counting- board], 
rti.; abacus. 

abasourdir 17 [fr. sourd, like abalourdir 
fr, lourd], tr*: stun, dumfound. 

aba-t 16 [-tire], m.: tfelling; thing felled, 
Offal; downpour, -ta^e 12 L-#re],m.;feU- 


ing, cutting down ; clearance ; slaughter ; 
leaning down, tendency to fall; work 
knocked down (quantity of work done) : 
vente & V , sales of wares spread out on 
the pavement, -ta^it 18 [-fire], m.: (piece 
falling upon another, as) flap, falling- 
door, shutter. 

abatar-dir n [btitard], tr.: render de- 
generate, debase, corrupt (akin to, but 
differing in sense from BASTARDISE). 
-dissement 16 , m. : degeneracy. 

aba-tee 1 ^, /.: (nav.) falling off leoward. 
-fl-falm 17 , 77i.: fore-dish (esp. joint of 
meat), -f-folw/ 18 , m.: hay-hole (to a 
rack), loft- trap, -tis 11 , m.: felling, cut- 
ting down; killing; thing felled: fallen 
heap ; (fort.) abatis ; giblets ; (hunt.) foil- 
ing. -f-jour 16 , m. : (what brings down 
the light, as) sky- light, small window; 
reflector, lamp-shade ; (what" softens or 
turns off the light, as) window blind or 
shade, Spanish blind ; awning. -t-sgn 18 7 
m.: sound-reflector (over churcK bells), 
louvre-window, -ttenumt 12 , m.: ftear- 
ing down ; dejection, depression ; prostra- 
tion ; weakness, -tteur 13 , m. : knocker- 
down, feller ; slaughterer : de besogne, 
hard worker; de quilles, busy pre- 
tender. -ttolr 18 , m.: slaughter-house, =. 
||~ttre [p. L. *ab-bdttvere, cf . battre], irr. 
(cf. battre); tr.: beat or knock down, cut 
down; fel\ overthrow; slaughter; cast 
down, dishearten ; lower, ABATE ; lay (the 
dust) ; lay down, heave down (a ship) ; 
strike off, remove ; intr.: lay down one's 
cards; (nav.) cast, fall off; sf , break 
down, tumble; be cast down, be de- 
jected ; fall, abate ; stoop ; strike or come 
down suddenly (upon), pounce; (nav,) 
heel over, lie along: les cuirs, skin 
(dead animals), -ttu, part: beaten 
down etc.; depressed, downcast, low- 
spirited, sad ; prostrated ; low, down ; 
languid, faint; drooping, -tture 18 , /.: 
knocking down, felling ; thavoc > 1[(hiwit.) 
abature, foiling, -t-v^nt 18 , m.: (wfcat 
turns off the wind, at) wind-screen ; p$nt- 
house (of a steeple); weather-befird ; 
garden mat. -fc-v 
board (of a pulpit), 

2 abc 

-baye -Jl-t [L. -batla], f. : abbey ; fhos- 

pitable mansion. lhbe [L. -bas (Syr. 

-<ba, father)], m.: abbot, priest; ecclesias- 
tic, clergyman ; lay-abbot, reverend gentle- 
man: monsieur I' , reverend Sir, Sir. 

-besse [L, -batissa], f. : abbess. 
.ab-e 12 a-be-se, m.: a,b,c; alphabet. 
iab~-eeder 17 [L. abs-cedere, go off], intr.: 

^o'pen (of an abscess), -ees 15 [L. abs- 
cessus], m.: abscess. 
'fab-eisse = abscisse. 
.Ab'dias, m.: Obadiah. 

abdi-cation 16 [L. -catio], f.: = ; dis- 
inheritance. H~qiier 14 [L. -care, dis- 
own], tr.; abdicate, renounce. 

abdo~men 16 [L.], m.: =. -minal 16 , 
adj.: 7 

abduc^teur 15 [L. ab-ducere, lead off], 
77i.: abductor; adj.: abducent, -tion 15 
[L.-tio],f.: =. 

abe-e~(de) n , m. : a, b, c ; alphabet; primer. 

'-daire 15 [L. -darius], adj.: abecedary, 

abecquer 14 [a, bee], tr.: feed (a bird). 

ab6e* 4 [OFr. a-beer (= bayer), be open], 

/.: opening or shoot (of mill-dam to the 
wheel), mill-leat. 

a-beUlage 13 , m.: bee-culture; bee- 
right '(ownership of swarming bees). 
||~beile 14 [Prov. abelha (L. apicula, 
small bee)], /. ; bee : bourdon, humble- 
ibee ; de ruche, hive-bee, honey-bee ; 
mire, queen-bee, -beiller* 18 , =ere, adj. : 
with bees, of a bee, bee-. 

abequer = abequer. 

aberration 17 [L. -tio (err are, wander)], 
/.: =. 

fabet 16 [? OPr. -ter, lure], m.: bait. 

abe~tir 14 [a, bete], tr.: stupefy; dull; 
intr. or refl.: be stupefied, grow stupid 
<or dull, -tissement 18 , m.: stupefying, 

ab hoc et ab 7iac 14 [L.], adv.: this way 
and that, at random, confusedly. 

;ab7torrer 15 pL. -rrere (horrere, bristle, 
shiver)], tr.: abhor. 

abigeat 17 [L. -geatus (ab-igere, carry off)], 
m.;* cattle-stealing. 

abi-me [p. L. *abzssimus, superl. of 
abyssus (Gr. d-bussos, 'bottom-less')], m.: 
abyss, ABYSME ; middle (of a shield). 
-mer 15 -bi- t tr.: throw into an abyss, 
ingulf, bury deeply; (/am.) destroy, 
injure; $' , fall into an abyss, be en- 
gulfed or swallowed up, be lost or ruined. 

Ab Jntestat 14 [L. -tato], adv.: abintestate 
(without a will). 

Ab irato 17 [L.], adv.-: in anger. 

bjeo~t 16 [L. -tus], adj.: = (wretched, 

adv.: abjectly. 

-tion. 18 [L. -#o], /,: = (baseness, low or 
wretched condition) ; (self-) contempt. 


abju-ration 14 [L. -ratio],/. : =. ||-rer 15 
[L. -rare], r.: abjure, forswear. 
ablactation 18 [L. -tatio (lac, milk)], 

abla~tif 14 [L. -tivus (ab-latus, carried 
off)], m.: ablative, -tion 12 [L. -tio], 

able [p. L. *albulus (L. -bus, white)], m.; 

"ABLET (a fish), bleak. 

ablegat 17 [L. -gatus (-gare, send off)], m.: 
ablegate (pope's representative). 

a-blEret 13 [-ble], m.: hoop-net, -blette 18 
[~ble],f.: small ablet. 

ab^luer* 13 [L. ab-luere, wash off], tr.: 
wash, 'revive (old writing) by washing, 
-lution 13 [L. -lutw],f.:=z. 

abnegation 14 [L. -tio, deNIAL], /. : = ; 
self-deNlAL, self-sacrifice. 

a-boi 12 [-boyer], m.: barking, BAYing;, 
cry; urgent appeal; pL: barking (of hounds 
closing around the stag) ; desperate con- 
dition (as of the stag), last shift, BAY : 
aux s, at bay, at the last extremity. 
-boiemenfc 12 or -boiment [-boyer], m.: 
barking, baying. 

abo^lir 14 [L. -lere (olere, grow), destroy], 
tr.: abolish, annul, -lissemgnt 14 , m.: 
abolishment, -lition 14 [L. -litio], f.: = , 
royal pardon, -litioniste 18 [Eng. -^], 
m.: abolitionist. 

abomi-nabl^ n [-nabilis], adj.: =. 
-nablEinmtt 16 [-noble], adv.: abomi- 
nably. -nation 11 [L. -natio], /..' ==, 
horror, limner 11 [L. -Tiari (omen), *shun 
as ill-omened,' abhor], tr.: abominate, 

abon-daxninen* 11 [-dant], adv.: abun- 
dantly. -danee 11 [L. -dantia], f.: 
abundance, plenty, profusion; (students' 
phrase) drink of wine and much water: 
parler $ , speak extempore ; parler 
avec , speak fluently, -dant* 1 [L. 
-dans], adj.: abundant, abounding, pro- 
fuse. H^der 11 [L. -dare (unda, wave)], 
intr.: ABOUND, overflow; be affluent; 
trust abundantly (as in one's own opinion), 
have full confidence ; be over-confident, 

abon-nataire 18 , m.; subscriber; con- 
tractor, lessee. -n6 18 , -n6e, m., /.; 
subscriber; ticket-holder, -neingnt 12 , 
m.: subscription; agreement; season- 
ticket; ticket. ||~ner 18 [a, borne, 
limit: OPr. 'agree to pay a limited 
sum'], tr.: subscribe, engage; contract; 
$' , subscribe. 

abon^nir 11 [d, bon], tr., intr.: better, 
improve, -nissem^nt 16 , m.: improve- 

a-bord 16 , m.; landing; approach; access; 
attack: d' , or de prime , at first; 
in the first place, to begin with ; at once ; 
first of all; au premier , at first 


approacli; at first view, at first; tout d' , 
at first; at once. -bordable 15 , adj.: 
approachable, accessible, -bordage 13 , 
m.: (nav.) boarding; collision, fouling. 
-bordee 14 , /. : (nav.) boarding. ||~bor- 
def 13 [d, bord, 'shore,' (nav.) 'board'], 
tr., intr.: come to the BORDER or shore 
(of), land (at), approach; enter (on); touch, 
approach, accost ; (nav.) BOARD ; run foul 
of. -bordeur 18 , m.: (nav.) boarder. 

aborigene 16 [L. -gines], m. or adj.: ab- 
original ; pi. : aborigines. 

abor-nasment 18 , m.: placing of limits or 
land-marks. ||~ner 18 [d, borne], tr.: set 
boundaries or limits to. 

abortif 18 , =tive [L.-tivus (cf . avorter)], 
adj. or m. : abortive. 

abofc 12 [for -bout], m.: break or clog (for 

tabou~eh.ement 16 , m.: parley, interview. 
ll^-eher 115 * [d, bouche], tr.: bring together 
C mouth to mouth'), effect an interview 
between; fmake fall forwards ('on the 

tabou~grir 15 [d,bougre],intr.: be stunted. 
-grissement 18 , m.: stunted growth. 

a'bou-t 12 , m.: BUT-end. -tage 18 , m.: 
splicing, tying together (two ropes), -te- 
mnfc 12 , m.: joining together (end to end). 
H^ter 12 [d, bout], tr.: join by the end (BUT 
to BUT), -tir 15 [d, bout], intr.: come to an 
end, issue, come (to) ; border on, ABUT ; 
break (of an abscess) ; push: d rien, come 
to nothing, be aimless, -tissan* 15 [-tir], 
adj.: issuing, bordering, abutting ; 
ends, bounds; circumstances, conditions; 
details : les tenants et s d'une terre, the 
property and bounds of an estate (i.e. all 
pertaining to it) ; les s d'une affaire, 
the circumstances (details) of a thing; 
savoir tons les s, know all the circum- 
stances (or details) ; les tenants et s 
d *un homme, a man's surroundings, -tisse- 
nxgnt 16 [-tir], m.: ending, termination; 
(med.) suppuration ; joining piece. 

ab ovo [L,, 'from the egg'], adv.: from 
the beginning. 

abg-yant, adj.: barking, baying. 
||i.^y^r- [old a-bayer (bayerl)], intr.: 
bark, BAY ; ^tr. : bark at ; dun. 

z.tabo-yer' 18 [d, bayer], intr.: long, yearn. 
i.-yeur 12 , m,: aspirant. 

2.ab$yeur 15 [i--yer], m.: barker, snarler. 

abracadabra 16 [Gr.], m.: = (charm- 

abraqti^r* 17 , tr.: haul taut. 

abrasion 17 [L. -rams (part, of radere, 
scrape off)],/.; =; excoriation. 

abr-g 18 \ m. : abridgment, summary : en 
, in an abridged form, briefly, -ge- 
m$nt; 12 , m.: abridgment; dismember- 
ment (of a fief), ll^jer* [L. ab-brevidre 

absoln 8 

(brevis, BRIEF, short)], tr.: ABRIDGE, 
shorten, ABBREVIATE ; dismember (a fief). 

abreu-vage 1 ' 2 or -vemeni 12 , m.: water- 
ing. ||~ve-r [p. L. *ab-biberare (L. ad, 
bibere, drink)], tr.: make drink, water 
(esp. animals) ; fill, soak, steep ; s' , 
drink plentifully ; go to water ; be steeped. 
-voir 12 , m. : watering-place (for animals) ; 
(mas.) =. 

abre-viateur 14 \L. -viator], m.: abbre- 
viator. -viatif 14 , =ive, adj.: abbre- 
viatory. -viation 14 [L. -viatio], /.: 
abbreviation, -viativemen* 18 [-viatif], 
adv.: briefly, f-viature 15 [L. -viare], 

/.: sign of abbreviation. ||f~vier [L. 
-viare (brevis, short, BRIEF)], tr.: abbre- 

abreyer 1 = abrier. 

abri" [abrier], m.: shelter: d V , shel- 
tered ; tente d ' , shelter tent. 

abri~cot 15 [Port. (L. pra-coguus, PRE- 
COCIOUS pearly ripe)], m.: apricot, -cote 18 , 
m.: candied apricot, -cotier 16 , m.; 
apricot- tree, -cotm 17 , m.: apricot-plum. 

abr4~er" [?], tr.: shelter; (nav.) becalm. 
-te?" lf [abri\ , tr. : shelter, screen. -vn* 1T 
[abri, vent], m.: shelter against the wind; 
wind-break; sentry-box; cover. 

abro-gation 15 [L. -gatio], /.: =, repeal. 
linger* 13 fL. -gare (rogare, ask)], tr.: 
abrogate, repeal ; s'~, be abrogated, fall 
into disuse. 

abrou~tir 17 [d,brout], tr.: fbrowse; part. 
-ti, nipped, stunted, -tis 18 , m.: browsed 
copse. -tissemn* 16 , m.: browsing (of 
young trees), damage done by browsing. 

abrup~t 17 [L.-tus (rumpere, break)], adj.: 
=, rugged. -tEment 15 , adv.: abruptly. 
-ti^n 14 [L. -tio],f. : = ; fracture. 

abru~tir 15 [d, brute], tr.: BRUTALISE; 
besot. -tissant 16 , adj.: brutalising, 
stupefying, -tissexngnt 16 , m.: brutal- 
isation ; brutalised condition, beastliness. 

a^scisse 17 [L. -ssa (scindere, cut)], /.: 

ab-sgyi-ee 18 [L. -sentia],/.: =; lack: 
d' esprit, absent-mindedness. H^sent 13 
[L. -sens (ab~esse, be away)], adj.: = ; 
lacking. -snter 18 [L. -sentare], tr.: 
tabsent; s' , absent one's self , withdraw. 

absi-da! 18 ,a<y.: apsidal. ||-de 16 [L.-da 
(Gr. dpsis, tying, arch)],/.: APSE (apsis, 
semicircular termination of a church, 
etc.). -diole 18 ,/.: small apse. 

absju^t/ie [L. -thium, wormwood], /.: 
absinth (plant or drink), -the 18 , adj.: 
mixed with absinth, -tftique 18 , adj.: 

abso^lu 10 [L. -lutus (solvere,loozQn)],adj. : 
absolute, -luement 13 , adv.: absolutely. 
-lution 11 \L.-lutio],f.: =, -l 
[L. '-tus], m.: absolutism, 



[-lutisme], adj. or m.,/.: absolutist, -lu- 
toire 18 [L. -lutorius], adj.: absolutory. 

absor-bant 17 , adj.; absorbent, -b#- 
ment 17 7 m.: absorption. ||~ber 12 [L. 
-bere, drink down], tr.: absorb, -pticm 17 
[L. ^io], /.: = -ptivite 18 , /.-^ab- 

a"b~soudre [L. -solvere], irr.; tr.: AB- 
SOLVE (acquit ; exculpate ; give absolution 
to), -sout, part. : absolved, -soute,/. of 
-sout; tabsolution; funeral prayer; public 
absolution (on Thursday before Easter). 

absteme 15 [L. -temius (ab-s, ^temium, 
strong drink)], adj. or m.; abstemious 

abs~tEnir 12 [L. -tinere (ab-s } tenere, 
hold)], irr.; refl.: ABSTAIN (refrain, for- 
bear) ; decline, -tention 15 [L. -tentio], 
f.: =; withdrawal, -tentioniste 18 [-ten- 
tion], m.; abstainer from voting. 

alister -gent 18 [L. -gens], adj.: =. 
jigger 18 * [L. ab-s-tergere, wipe off], tr.: 
abs'terge (cleanse), -gif 13 , =ive, adj.: 
abstergent. -sign 13 * [L. *-sio], /. : =. 

absti-ngn-ee n [L. -nentia] ,/.: =. -nent 11 
[L. -7ie?i5 (ab-s-tinere, hold off)], adj.: ~. 

abstrac-teur 15 [L.-Zor], m.: abstracter; 
subtle reasoner. (|~tif, =ive [L.-tus (ab-s- 
trahere, draw away)], adj.: abstractive. 
-tivement 17 [-tif] f adv.: abstract(ive)ly. 
-tion 13 [L.-tio],f.: =; separation. 

abs^traire 15 [L. ab-s-trahere,^ draw 
away], irr.; tr.: ABSTRACT (withdraw, 
separate) ; contemplate separately. 
-trait 13 [L.-tractus], adj.: abstract(ed) ; 
isolated; abstruse, -traitemcnt, adv.: 

abstrus 16 [L. ab-s-trusus, thrust away], 
adj.: abstruse (recondite). 

absur^de 16 [L. -dus], adj.: absurd. 
-dement, adj.: absurdly, -dite 15 [L. 
-ditas] , /. : absurdity. 

abu^s 13 [L. -sus], m.: abuse (misuse; 
offence) ; error, mistake. -seT 13 , tr.; 
abuse (misuse, maltreat ; revile ; violate ; 
fEng. deceive) ; s' , deceive one's self, 
be mistaken; intr.: abuse, misuse; take 
undue advantage, impose (upon), encroach ; 
(leg.) consume, -senr 38 [-ser], m. : abuser, 
deceiver; seducer, -sif 18 , =ive[L.-sitms], 
adj.: abusive, improper jfdeceitful. -sive- 
ment, adv.: abusively, improperly. 

abuter 12 [d, but], intr.: throw (a ball, 
etc., towards a mark) for a start; fit; "\tr. : 
lean upon. 

abyssal [L.-ssus (cf, abime), abyss], adj.: 
abyssal, immeasurable. 

ao- [L. ad-, 'to'; or Fr. <-], pref. 

tacabie 14 ,/., -bie[?],m.; nature (quality). 

aca-eia 13 [LJ, m.: = (plant). 

aoad^-mi-eien 15 [L, -micus], m,: acade- 
mician. li^jnie 16 PJ. -mid (Gr. Akademta, 


Akademos 7 garden, where Plato taught], 

/.: academy (Plato's; society of learned 
men; high institution of learning, uni- 
versity; district sub-division of the Uni- 
versity of France) ; training-school; riding- 
school; gaming-house. -mique 13 [L. 
-micus\, adj.: academic(al). -mique- 
ment 16 [-mique], adv.: academically. 
-misme 18 , m.: adherence to academic 
traditions (esp. in paint, and sculpt.). 
-miste 10 , m.: academist (fmember of 
the French academy) ; pupil of a riding- 

acagrnarder 15 [a, cagnard], tr.: make 
slothful ; confine in a corner. 

acajou 16 [Port. (Brazil)], m.: mahogany, 

a-cant/ta-ee 17 , adj.: acanthine. -can- 
t7te 15 \L.-canthu8],f.: acanthus (plant or 

acare or -ms pJ. -rus y mite], m.: acarus, 

aca-ri$tre 15 [?], adj.: fpossessed (with 
the devil) ; crabbed, cross-grained, f-ri^- 
trEte,/.: fwicked nature. 

acatalectique 17 [L. -ticus (Gr. a-katd- 
lektos, 'not defective at the end')]> adj.: 

acatalep sie 17 [Gr. a-katalepsia, non- 
comprehension], /.: acatalepsy, incom* 
prehensibility of things, -tiqwe 18 , adj.: 

acajjle 18 [Gr. d-kaulos, stem-less], adj.: 

acca-blant ls , adj. : overwhelming, -bls- 
ment 15 , m.: overwhelm, crushing blow 
or fall; crushed condition, extreme de- 
jection, exhaustion, ll^bler 18 [d, OFr. 
cabler (1. L. cadabula, Gr. kata-bott, CATA- 
pult), crush], tr.: crush or weigh down, 
overwhelm; deject. 

accalmie 17 [OFr. a-calmir, CALM down], 

/.: lull. 

accapa-rement 17 , m,: entire occupation, 
engrossment; monopoly. ||~;r$r^ 6 [It, 
-rar (-rra = Fr. arrhes, EARnest-money)], 
tr.: ftake in paying earnest; by extent, 
take or buy up entirely, forestall; engross; 
take for one's self, monopolise, -reiar 16 , 
se, m.,/.; engrosser, monopolist, 

6 , m.: fcastle of a ship; 
upper works of a ship. Ihler- 10 [Sp. -liar 
(cf. chateau)], tr.: furnish (a ship) with 
its CASTLE or upper works. 

ac-eeder 12 [L. -re (cedere, yield)], intr.: 
have access ; accede, agree. 

ac-eel^-rateur 16 , -patri-ee [L. -rare], 
m., /. as adj.: accelerator, accelerative. 
-ration 18 [L. -ratio], /,: acceleration. 
|[~rer 14 [L. -rare (celer, quick)], ^r-: 
accelerate, quicken* 17 ^ [L. -tus (-sere, join)], m,; 
(Rom.) apparitor. 

2.aoe.n-se, -ser = accuse, -ser. ' 

ac-een~t 12 [L. -te (ad, cantus, singing)], 
m.; accent, -tuatiou 18 [-tuer], /.: =. 
-tner 16 [L. -tuare],'tf.: accent(uate). 

acep-table 16 , adj.: =. -tant, -tnte, 
m., /.: accepter; legatee, -tatigri 13 , 

/.; =. ||*ter 13 [L. -fore (copere/take)], 
Zr.; accept. -teur 17 , TO.: acceptor. 
-tilation 13 [L. -tilatio], f.: =, release 
without payment. -tion la , /.: taccept- 
ance ; taking into account, consider- 
ation, regard; acceptation or sense (of 

ac~-ees 14 [L. -cessus (ac-cedere, move to)], 
m.: access (approach; admittance; attack, 
fit; return of a fever, etc.); turning over 
of votes (for a pope), --eesstbilite 13 
[-cessible], f. ; accessibility, --eesslble 13 
PJ. -cessibilis], adj.: =, --cession 11 [L. 
-cessio], f. : = ; adhesion ; union, --eessit 16 
- [L., 'he has approached'], m.: prize or 
distinction granted to one coming next to 
the required votes, honourable mention; 
turning over of votes (for a pope), -ees- 
solre 12 [1. L. -cessorius], adj.: accessory, 
additional; TO.; accessory, -eessoire- 
inent 1 * [-cessoire], adv.: accessorily. 

ao-eiden^fc 11 [L. -s (ac-cidere, fall to, 
happen)], TO.; = (CASUalty, mishap); 
irregularity (unevenness, variation) ; result ; 
(mus.) accidental, -te 18 , adj.: irregular 
(of ground), broken, -tel 35 , =lle, adj.: 
accidental, adventitious, -tellement 
[~tel], adv.: accidentally. 

ao-eise 12 [1. L. -sia (ac-cidere, cut into)], 
/.; fimpost (gen'ly); texciSE; octroi. 

aocla-matenr 15 [L. -mare], m,: ac- 
claimer, shouter. -mation 15 [L. -matio], 
f. : =, shout. H^mer 15 [L. -mare (clamare, 
shout)], tr.: acclaim (greet with accla- 
mation, cheer). 

acclamper 16 [d, clamp], tr.: CLAMP. 

aoclima-tation 18 , /.: acclimatisation. 
-tein^nt 18 , *m.; acclimation. ||~ter 17 
[5, climat], tr.: acclimatise* 

ocojn9g< 17 [<3;, com], m,: hip-rafter. 

aecoj,frv-t%n-ee 1 ^,/.: acquaintance; inti- 
macy. Ihter 15 [ft, OFr. coint (L.cognitus, 
known), friend], tr.: make ACQUAiNTed; 
bring into intimacy; s' , become ac- 
quainted or intimate. 

aooqi-senx$n 16 ,m..' appeasement, ll-ser 
[p. L. ^ad-qu'ieti&rc (L. quies, QXJIET : cf . 
coi)], tr.: render QUIET (appease, calm). 

acco-lade 16 [Prov. -lada (L. collum, neck)], 
/.: embrace; =; brace; (print.) double 
brace. -lad$r 18 [-We], tr.: (print.) 
brace together (words in a paragraph). 
4$e 17 , m.: tie up (vines), -lem^nt 14 , 
m,: joining, coupling. ||~l$r n [(i, coQ, 
tr.: put the arms around the neck of, 
embrace; couple; tie together, tie up; 

accort 5 

brace, -lure 17 ,/.: (what serves to tie) 
band ; (thing tied) bundle ; raft- frame. 

accommo-dable 16 , adj.: =, adjustable. 
-dage 16 , m.: arrangement; dressing (of 
meat"; or fhair). -dattt 15 , adj. : accommo- 
dating. -datiow, 13 " [L. -datio], f.: =, 
adaptation, -dement 15 , /.; accommo- 
dation, suitable arrangement, fitness-, 
agreement, reconciliation ; term ; dispo- 
sition to agree, agreeable disposition; 
t(economical) ease. ||~der 15 [L. -dare 
(ad , corn-modus, commodious)] , tr , : accom 
modate (adapt, suit, fit; adjust; make 
agree, reconcile); dress, trim; s 1 , accom- 
modate or adapt one's self; be suited or 
pleased ; agree, come to terms, -deur 16 , 
-d^jjLse, m.,/.: accommodate. 

aceompa-grne 17 , m.: sort of gold-brocade. 
-grnateigr, -^rnatri-ee, m., f.: accom- 
panist. ~g-g.Exa.ent 12 , m.; accompani- 
ment; attendance; appendix, limner* 14 
[a, old campaign (cf. compagnon)], tr.: 
accompany (follow); join; f associate. 

accowtparer 12 [a, comparer], tr.: com- 

accom-pli 11 , adj.: accomplished, perfect. 
H-plir 11 [5, old com-plir (L. plere, fill)], 
tr.: accomplish (fulfil, effect; fcomplete); 
s' , be accomplished, etc. -plisse- 
meni 12 , m.: accomplishment, fulfilment. 

ac~con 16 [?], m.: small lighter, -co- 
nage 18 , m.: lighterage. -conier 18 , 
m.:* lighter-man. 

aoooquinet 1 = acoquiner. 

accorage 18 [-rer], m.: popping (of a 

accor-d n ,m.: = (agreement; accordance; 
bargain ; harmony) : d ' , agreed ; etre 
(demeurer) d' , be agreed, agree; tomber 
d 1 , come to an agreement; tenir Z' -, 
keep in time, -dalble 11 , adj.: grantable; 
=; tunable. -daUles 15 , / pi: (pop.) 
betrothal t-A$nt 12 ; adj.: =. -dee 16 , 
adj,: wedded; m.: bridegroom;/.; bride. 
-deon 18 [Ger. -dion], m.: accordion. 
||-der [p. L. *-dare (cor, heart)], tr.: 
accord, bring to agree, harmonise ; recon- 
cile ; tune ; wed ; accord, grant, bestow, 
concede; ' , accord, agree, correspond, 
concur; -de! ready! (order to pull to- 
gether). -dear 18 , m.: tuner; fbarmo- 
niser : clef d ' , tuning-hammer, -doir 16 , 
77i.; tuning-hammer. 

acco^/re^fOEng. score, now shore, 'prop; 
coast')], m.: prop or SHORE (for a ship); 
bluff, declivity, -rer 16 , tr. : prop, shore up. 

acoorn4 ls [d, corne], adj.: (her.) HORNed; 
(fort.) provide with a horn-work. 

aocor^t 14 [It. -to (L. cor-rig ere, lead right), 
clever], adj.: fclever; engaging, pleas- 
ing. -temewt 16 , adv.: cleverly, -tige 17 , 
/.; complaisance, 

6 accostable 

aocos-table 15 , adj.: . -tage 18 , m.: 

coming alongside, approach, -taiit 19 , adj. : 
affable. ||~ter 15 or (nav. term) -ko-te 
[It. -tare (L. -costa, rib, side)], tr. : accost 
(come up to); (nav.) come alongside of; 
fbe at the side of; s' , keep company 

aooot 18 [-ter], m.: support. 

accotar 16 [?], m.: (nav.) filling piece. 

accotement 15 [z.-coter], m.: (horl.) 
friction of two pieces; side of a road 
following a causeway, a bank; side of 

i.acooter 16 [a,cdte], tr.: support by one 
side ; Mr. : lean on the side ; (her.) place 
at the side. 

2. accepter- 11 [OFr. cote, support], tr.: 
prop up. -toir 15 , m. : prop ; leaning-stick. 

faccouardir 12 [couard], tr.: cow. 15 , /.: lying-in (or confined) 
woman, -ehement 12 , m.: =, delivery 
(giving birth); aid in delivery: il a fait 
bien des $, he has delivered many women. 
|| n [d, coucher]: give birth to; 
deliver (of a child) ; intr. : be delivered : 
etre ee, be confined, -eheur 16 , m. : man 
midwife, -chouse 16 ,/.; = (midwife). 

accou-deme7t, ^ m. : leaning ; (mil.) ser- 
ried order (elbow to elbow). H^der- 11 [d, 
coude], tr.: support by the elbow; s' 
lean with the elbow, -doir 13 , m.: elbow- 
rest (cushion, etc.), support. 

accouer* 18 [a., OPr. couer (coue = queue, 
tail)], tr.: train-halter, tie (horses, etc.) 
head to tail (one after another) ; ham- 
string (a stag). 

accon-plage 15 , m.: coupling, -pie 14 , 
.: coulin leash. -lEment 1 * m.: 

/.: coupling, leash. -plEment m.: 
coupling, pairing; copulation; fcombi- 
nation. ||~plet"- [a,, couple], tr.: COUPLE 
(join by twos; yoke, pair; match); s' , 
couple, pair ; COPULATE. 

aocoup^-eir 12 [d, court], tr.: shorten, 
abridge, cuRTail. --cissemettt 16 , m.; 
shortening, abbreviation. 

ac~courir [L. ac-currere (cf. courir)], 
irr.; tr.: run to, hasten to. -courres 16 , 
/. pL: (hunt.) starting-place (where the 
pack waits for the game), -course 17 , 
-coursie 15 , /.: (nav.) passage-way (in 
the hold) ; (arch, -se) external gallery. 

aooou-trEment 14 , m.: = ; garb. 
ll-trer 12 [?], tr.: accoutre, dress; dress 
in a strange fashion, dress out. -treur 12 , 
m.: (old) arranger; workman rounding 
the holes of wire-drawing plate. 

aoooutu-matvee 16 , /.: custom, habit. 
H-oner* 11 [d, coutume], tr.: ACCUSTOM, 
habituate ; fuse habitually : "fd I'-mee, as 
usual; usually. 

accredited 16 [d, credit], tr.: accredit 

^(give credit or sanctjpn to); make credible; j 


s* , get into credit; ingratiate one's 
self ; gain credit. 

accremen-titiel 18 [L. -mentum], adj.: 
referring to accretive generation. II ^ti- 
tion 18 [L. -turn (crescere, grow)],/.: AC- 
CRETIVE generation (of plants or animals). 

accres-eent 18 [-cens (crescere, grow)], 
adj.: (bot.) accrescent. 

fac-croc 16 , m.: hooking; tear, rent; 
check." -cro-ehage 18 , m.: hooking; 
grappling; catching; tearing, -cro-ehe 17 , 
/.: hooking; clasp; check, -cro-elie- 
ooBurs 18 , m.: heart-breaker (curl). 
-cro-cliement 15 ,m.: hooking; grappling; 
tearing, -"cro-ehe-plat 18 , m.: plate- 
rack. ll-orO'eher 1 ^ [d, croc(he)], tr.: 
hook (on), hang, grapple; catch (by a 
hook), check ; catch and tear, rend ; pick 
up ; put upon the shelf ; $' , hook on ; 
catch in, hang on. 

aecroire 16 [d, croire], tr. : only in faire 
, make believe : en faire d, impose 
upon; s' en faire , be self -conceited. 

ac-croissa/n.-ee 12 ,/.: increase, -croisse- 
ment 12 , m.: increase, enlargement, 
growth; ACCRETION, -oroit 11 , m.: in- 
crease. ||~croj:tre [L. -crescre (grow)), 
irr. (cf. croitre); tr. (or refl.); inCREASE 
(grow, augment, enlarge) ; "\intr. : increase, 

accrou^pir 12 [d, croupe], tr., refl.: sit 
down upon the hams or heels, squat down, 
squat; cower; (fr. croupir) fbe stagnant. 
-pi, squat, cowering; (her.) couchant; 
fstagnant. f-pie, /.; squat position. 
-pisseiuent 16 , m.; squatting; cowering. 

ac~cru, part, of -croitre. -crue 12 , /. of 
-cru; f.: f increase; increase of land by 
the retiring of waters; extension of a 
forest ; extension of a net. 

aocue-tfl 12 ak&n.-y, m.: reception, wel- 
come; acceptance. -illant 12 , adj.: 
kindly receiving, affable," accessible. 
||~t4i r [? L. *ac-colligere (cf. cueillir)], 
irr. (ctcueillir); tr.: gather (up); receive 
(well or ill) ; welcome, entertain ; accept 
honour (a draft, etc.) ; tjoin; fassail; over- 
take : la tempe'te nous -illit, we were .over- 
taken by the storm. 

accu^l 15 [d, cul], m. : place without egress, 
tight corner; burrow, hole; blind alley; 
cove; breeching (of a gun). -lem?nt l 
[~ler], m.: cornered position; running 
down, -ler 12 [d, cul], tr.: fseat or place 
on the back ; place with the back against ; 
push back, drive into a corner (or place 
without egress); run home, bring to a stand; 
intr. : bend down astern ; heave astern. 

acoumu-latenr 15 , -latri-ee, m., /.: 
accumulator, -la tign 18 , /.::=, H-vl^r 18 
[L. -lare (cumulus, heap)], tr t ; accumulate 
(heap up). 


acou-sable 15 , adj.: =. -satenr 15 , 

-satri-ee [L. -sator], m., /.:' accuser. 
-satif 14 [L. -sativus], m.: accusative 
(case), -sation 12 [L. -satio], f.:=, in- 
dictment: actes d' , articles of indict- 
ment ; mise en , arraignment ; chef d' , 
count of indictment, -satoire 14 [L. -sa- 
torius],adj.: accusatory, -se 15 , =e<?, m., 
/.: (person) accused; m. (com.) acknowl- 
edgment: bane des -ses, dock; bar; -se de 
reception, receipt. ll~ser' [L. -sdre 
(causa, cause, lawsuit)], tr.: accuse 
(indict, impeach ; reprehend ; betray) ; 
dispute the validity of; acknowledge (la 
reception, the receipt) : -se, accused, etc. ; 
prominent, marked ; and cf. above. 12 [a, cens], m.: taxed domain 
('subject to a cense'). --ee.nstf 18 [censer], 
/.; tax-contract, -censer 18 [d, cens], 
tr.: give for a tax or cense (quit-rent). 

a-ee'ph.ale 15 [L. -lus (Gr. a-, not, kephale, 
HEAD)], adj.: acephalous, without a head 
or chief. 

a-eeroin 18 [acier], adj.: steely. 

a<jer~Tj<? 16 [L. -bus (acer, sharp)], adj.: 
acerb, sour, sharp, -"bite" [L. -bitas],/.: 
acerbity, sharpness. 

a-ere lS [Gr. a-, not, keras, HORN], adj.: 
hornless, without feelers. 

a-e^-re 15 , adj.: steeled, sharp. H^rer* 15 
[acier], tr.: steel, sharpen. 

a-eertEner 12 [d, certain], tr.: render 

a-eesegn-ee 17 [L -scens (acer, sharp)], 

a-et . . , 18 " 17 [L. acetum (acer, sharp), 
'vinegar'] in many technical (esp. chem- 
ical) words, much like corresponding 
words in English. 

Ac/tab, m.: Ahab. 

a-eaalanda^c 18 , m.: procuring of cus- 
tomers; customers (coll,), ||~der 16 [d, 
chaland], tr.: draw customers to, get 
custom for, 

a-ehar-nEmewt 16 , m.: furious intentness, 
desperation, obstinacy, -no" 18 , adj.: in- 
furiated, desperate, intense. Jl^ner 18 
[d, OFr. charn (L. caro, flesh) = chair], 
tr.: flesh or lure (by flesh); make eager, 
madden (with desire), infuriate, make in- 
tent; $' , make desperate effort, be 
intent upon, persist. 

a<eha 18 [-ter, old form of acheter],m.: 

[p. L, *apia (L. apium)], /.: small- 
(sort of parsley : t^ng. ache). 

[L. esca (edere, eat), food], /..* 
earthworm, bait. 

a-ehemi-ne merit 16 , m.: walking for- 
ward, advance. ||^a^r 10 [d, chemin], 
<r. ; start on the way forward ; ^ , take 
y, walk on, journey, advance. 

acquereur 7 

A-cheron 16 , m.: Acheron (river of the. 

infernal regions ; infernal region). 
a-eh<?~ter [p. L. *accaptdre (L. ac-cipere], 

accept, viz. for cash)], tr.: buy. -tejg.r 12 ,, 

-tejBse, m.,f,: buyer. 
a-eheve 15 , adj.: complete(d), finished',, 

perfect, absolute, downright, -eheve- 

mett 12 , m.: completion, close; perfec- 

tion. \\~-ehever [p. L. *ac-capdre (L. 

caput, head)], tr.: bring to a close (lit. 

'head'), complete, finish; perform, suc- 

ceed, ACHIEVE; serve out: -chevez! out 

with it ! go on ! 
Aldlle ri , m.: Achilles. 
ac7iille<? 16 [L. -llea],f.: milfoil. 
a-chop-pement 18 , m.: stumbling; im- 

pediment. Jhper 12 [d, chopper], intr.: 

stumble; fail. 

ac/tor(e) 1G [Gr.], m.: achor, tetter. 
ac/troma~tig.'ue 17 [Gr. a-, not, chroma, 

colour], adj.: achromatic, -tiser 18 , tr.: 

achromatise. -tisme 18 , m.: achroma-- 

a-eiculaire 18 [L. -la (dim. acus, needle)] ',. 

adj.: acicular. 
ai~de 16 [L. -dus (acer, sharp), sour]', 

adj.; or m.: acid, -dlflable 17 [-difier], 

adj.: =. -difier 17 [-fier, L. facere. 

make], tr.: acidify. -dit6 15 [L. -dita$], 
/.: acidity, -dule 17 [L. -dulus], adj.: 

acidulous, -duler 17 [-dule], tr.: aci- 

a~-eier [p. L. *aciarium (L. acies, ' edge/ 

same root as ac-er, sharp)], m.: steel. 

-eierage, m. -cl^ratioTt 17 , /.: con- 

verting "into steel ; plating with steel. 

ci^re-r 18 , tr.: convert into steel, steel; 

plate "with steel, -eierie 17 , /.: steel 

acoly-tat 17 ,m.; order of acolytes, \\~te 11 

[1. L. -to, attendant], m.: =. 
aogwipte 17 [d, compte], adv.: as an 

instalment, in advance. 
aconit 15 [L. -turn], m.: aconite (herb). 
aco^td-nanfc 17 , adj.: fascinating. 

||~ner 15 [d, coquiner], tr.: (fam.) attach 

by habit; ' , be greatly attached, be 

fascinated: il s'~ne auprds de cettefemme, 

he is fascinated by that woman. 
acotyl^done 17 [Gr. a-, not, cotyledon],, 

adj.: acotyledonous; /.: acotyledon. 
faeoulura = accolure. 
a-oouj?" 18 [d, coup], m.: jerk. 
aooustique 17 [Gr. 4ikds (akofiein, hear)J), 

adj.: acoustic;/,; acoustics. 

m., /.: acquirer, buyer ';. 

vendee. H^ue'rir [p. L. *acgucerere )l 
L. ac-qulrere (qucerere, seek)], trr.-" 
tr.: acquire (procure; obtain, gain, sex 
cure); gain over; purchase (buy).; 
acquis d, be attached or 
voted to. -qnet, wO 

8 acquiescement 

common acquisition (made by husband and 

Ind. : Pr. acgmer-s, -s, ~t ; acquer-ons, 
ez y acq-uierent. Ipf. acqutrais. Pret, a-c- 

TT t //^< _ _ -1 \ . ....._ -V \ > - 1_ I . 

Ipf. acguisse, I've acqu 

Part. : Pr. acqu&rant ; P. acquis. 

acqtiies-cenienit 15 , m., -ce,n-ee 14 ,/.: ac- 
quiescence, submission. [|~cer 13 [L. 
-cere (quies, rest)], win: acquiesce, sub- 
mit, agree. 

acquits 14 [acquerir], part.: acquired, 
etc.; m.: acquirements (attainment, re- 
finement), -sitif, =ive [L. -sitivus], 
adj.: facquired; acquiring, -sitioti- 12 
[L. -sitio], /.: =: contrat d'', deed 
of purchase; /aire F de, purchase, 
procure, -sivite 18 , /.: acquisitive fac- 

acqui~t 12 , ra.: acquittance (discharge); 
(com.) receipt; (leg.) acquitted; lead (in 

placing a ball at billiards) : poui , 

received (on bills) ; en I' de, for the 
discharge of ; jouer de I' , play for who 
shall pay for the whole, -t-a-caution, 
m.: (cust.) permit, -ttable 1 *, adj.: 
payable, -ttemenfc 12 , m,: payment, 
liquidation; acquittal, -tter 10 [a, quit- 
ter], tr.: acquit, discharge (from an 
obligation); pay, liquidate; fulfil; re- 
ceipt; s' , acquit one's self, perform, 
get through ; pay off. 

J 15 [? for a-crocs], m. pi.: harpoon 

acre 12 p. L. acra (pi. of acrum, fr. Eng. 
acre)], m.:~. 

$~cre ia [L. acer], adj.: acrid, tart, sharp. 
-crEte a-,/.: acridity, tartness; acri- 

aeri~de 18 [L. acris (Gr.), locust], adj.: 
locust-like; m. pi.: crickets, -do- 
pnage 15 [Gr. phagein, eat], adj.: locust- 

aorimo~nie 15 [L, -nia (acer, sharp)],/.: 
acrimony. -nieua; 17 , =ejj.e, adj.: 
acrimonious, sharp. 

aero** [Gr. dkro-, high, extreme] : -bate 18 
[Gr. -batos (bainein, go), ' extremity- 
walker'], m., /.: acrobat, rope-dancer. 
-batie 18 [-bate], /.: acrobatism, rope- 
dancing. -batique 18 [-bate], adj.: ac- 
robatic. -mi<m* 5 [Gr. -mion (hdmos, 
shoulder)], m.: ~ (extremity of the shoul- 
der blade), -nyque 18 [Gr. -nukos (ntix, 
NIGHT)], adj.: acronycal. -pole 15 [Gr. -po- 
lis (pdlis, city), 'high-city', upper part or 
citadel of a city],/.: acropolis, -sti-ehe 16 
[Gr. -stichon (stitches, verse)], m.: acros- 
tic. -tre 15 [L. -terium (Gr, -terlon)], 
. m.: acroterium, small pedestal. 

ao^t 14 PU -tus (agere, drive)], m.: act 
faction; document; part of a play); 


deed, charter : faux, forged deed ; di 
brevet, unrecorded act ; donner de, put 
upon record, give an official certificate 
of; prendre de, have (a thing) recorded, 
demand official certificate of ; signer a un 
. , witness a deed ; signer un judi- 
ciaire a, serve a writ upon, -tear 12 , 
-trie [L. -dor], m.,/.: actor, actress. 
-tif, =ive [L. -livus], adj.: active; act- 
ual ; m. : active (voice) ; assets : net, 
surplus ; et passif, assets and debts. 
-tion 12 [L. -tio], /.: = (act, deed; en- 
gagement, battle; lawsuit; fEng. 
share): liber ee, paid-up share; de 
jouissance, revenue share, profit ; par s, 
joint stock ; intenter une , bring a suit. 
-tionnaire 17 [-tion], m.: share-holder. 
-tionner 13 , tr.: bring an action against, 
sue ; (fam.) = tiver. -tivemenfc 16 [-tif], 
adv.: actively, -tiver 18 [-tif], tr.: give 
increased activity to, hasten or urge on. 
-tivite 14 [L. -tivitas], f. : activity; active 
service, -tuaire 18 [L. -tuarius], m.: 
(Rom.) scribe; actuary, -tualis^r* 16 
[L. -tualis, actual], actualise. -tualite 18 
[-tuel],f.: actuality, -tuel 12 , =110 [L. 
-tualis], actual (real ; present), -tuelle- 
men [-tuel], adv.: actually (really; at 

acuite 13 [L. acutus, sharp],/.: acuteness, 

aculeiforme 18 [L. -leus (dim. acus r 
needle), Fr. forme], adj.: aculeate. 

acumine 18 [L. -men, point], adj.: acu- 

aoutangle 17 [L. acutus, Fr. angle], adj\: 

adage 15 [L. -glum (aio, say)], m. : adage, 

adagio 17 [It. (agio, ease)], adj.: =. 

adaiaa>itiH 15 [L. -tinus (Gr. a-, not, da- 
mdein^ conquer)], adj.: adamantine. 

adap-table 18 , adj. : =. -tion 16 , / : =. 
H-tor* 13 [L. -tare (aptus, fixed)], tr. : adapt, 
fit, suit. 

addi-tion 18 [L. -tio (ad-dere, add)], /. ; = ; 
bill, -tionel 17 , =lle, adj.: additional. 
-tionner 15 , tr.: add up, sum up. 

adduotejar 16 [L. -tor (ducere, bring)], 
m.: adductor; adj.: adducent. 

adew#tio,n 17 [L, -tio (emere, take)], 

aden-t 16 , m.: mortise. ||~ter 18 [d,dent] t 

tr.: fix (as by teeth). 
adepte 16 [L. -tus (apiscor, reach), attained 

(sc, proficiency)], m.: adept, 
adequat 13 fjj.-tus (cequare, make EQUAL)], 

adj.: adequate. 
adeactrer 10 [5, dextre], tr.: flead with the 

right hand; (her.) place oa the dexter 

(right) side. 

, /.: adherence, 

ad hoc 

[L. adhcerens], adj. or m., /.: ad- 

herent. ||~rer 14 [L. ad-harere, stick to], 

intr.: adhere (stick, cling), -sif 18 , =ive 

[-SIOTI], <x<y.: adhesive, -sion 14 [L. -sio], 
/.; adhesion, adherence. 
ad /toe [L.], a<&;.: =, to that effect, pur- 

adiabatiqite 18 [Gr. -tos, impenetrable], 

adj.: adiathermic, impervious to heat. 
adiante [L. -turn], m. : adyantum, maid- 

adieu 11 [&, Dieu], interj. or m.: ==, 

adipe.uo;, =ej}se [L. adeps, fat], adj.:\ 

adipose, fatty. j 

adirer 11 [?], tr.: mislay, lose. 
adition 15 [L.-tio (ire, go), going to], /.: 

(leg.) acceptance of an inheritance. 
adjacent [L. -cens (jaeere, lie)], adj.; . 
adjec~tif 18 , =ive [tr. -tivus (jacere, 

throw), thrown to, added], adj.: adjective ; 

-tif [L. -tivum (sc. nomen)], m. : adjective. 

-tivement 1 *, adj.: adjectively. 
ad~jo|ndre [L. ad-jungere, join to], 

irr. (cf.joindre); tr.: adjoin, associate. 

-joint, part.: adjoined; m.: ADJUNCT, as- 

sociate, colleague; deputy, -jonction 15 

[L. -junctio],f.: adjunction. 
adjudant 17 [Sp. ayudante (L. ad-juvare, 

assist)], m.: adjutant; (French army) 

commissioned or non-commissioned officer 

attached to a superior. 
adjudioa-taire 16 , m., /,: (person to 

whom a thing is adjudged, hence) pur- 

chaser (at auction), vendee; contractor. 

||~/teur 18 , m.: adjudicator, awarder. 

-tif 16 , =ive, adj. : adjudicating, awarding. 

-tio.n 18 ~[L- -tio (-re, adjudge)],/.: =; 

(assigning by sale, hence) auction sale ; 

contract; (com.) allotment. 
adjug$r [L. -judicare], tr.: adjudge 

(adjudicate, award) ; knock down (at auc- 

tion) ; grant a contract for ; (com.) allot ; 

a 7 , appropriate. 
adju-rati^n 16 \L.-ratio\J.: =. ||~rer 12 

[L. rare'(jus, oath)], tr.: adjure (charge 

or entreat earnestly); make promise by 
"oath; fconjure. 


=, auxiliary, -vat 18 [L.], m.; AID. 

ad libitum [LJ, adv.: = (at pleasure). 

admettre 14 [L. ad-mittere (after mettre, 
which see)], irr,; tr.: admit, allow, let in. 

adminicule 16 [L. -lum (manus, hand)], 
m.: support, auxiliary; (leg.) adminicle, 
presumptive proof ; (hot,) plant-support. 

adminis-trateur 13 , -tratri-ee [L. -tra* 
tor] t m f) f.: administrator, -stratrix, man- 
ager t -tratif 17 , =|v, adj.: adminis- 
trative: -tratloti 11 [L. -tratio], /.: =s, 
management, -tratiyemgnt 18 [-tratif]. 
Otiy. : by way of aflmjBistra.tiQn. ||^trer Ji 

adouber 9 

[L. -trare (minister, servant)], tr.: ad- 
minister (manage ; apply) ; (leg.) furnish 
(proof), find (witnesses). 

adnxi-rable 11 [. -rabilis], adj.: = ; tas- 
tonishing. -rablcment 16 [-rable], adv. : 
admirably, -rateur f5 , -ratri-ee [L. -ra- 
tor], m., f.: admirer, -ratif 13 , -ive [L. 
-rativus~\, adj.: admiring, -ration 11 
[-ratio], f.: = ; fwonder. H^rer* 1 ^" [L. 
-rari (mirari, wonder, mirus, strange)], 
admire (fEng. regard with wonder, marvel 
at; regard with delight). 

ad-missibilite 18 , /. : adraissibility. 
ll^missible 14 [L. -missus (-mittere, 
admit), admitted], adj.: = f allowable; 
passed (allowed to enter a higher course). 
-mission 16 [L. -ssio],f.: = ; admittance. 
-mittatur 17 [L., 'let him be admitted'], 
m.: ==, (students' or priests') certificate. 

a dmo^ne station^ or t-etatio7i 
[-nester],f.: admonition, reproof . |I*nes- 
ter or t-n&ter [p. L. *ad-monestare (L. 
monere)], tr.: admonish, reprove ; fwarn. 
-niteur 1G , -nitri-ee [L- -nitor], m. } f.: 
adviser. H~nition [L. -nitio (monere, 
REMIND)],/.: = '(warning); fadvice. 

adoles-epn-ee 12 [L. -centia], /.: ^=. 
~-een* 14 [L. -cens (olere, grow), growing 
up], adj.: =; m.: lad. -egnte,/.: lass. 

adomestiqiter 16 [d, domestiquer], tr.: 
attach to one's home. 

Adoii [cf. Adonis], m.: |Adonis (the god) ; 
Adonis (handsome man). 

adono 11 [d, done], adv.: then. 

ado-nlen 15 or -niq^iie [L. -nius], adj.: 
adonic (verse ^ ^ It ). Adonis 
[L.-Gr.], m.: Adonis. -niser 15 , tr.: 
adonise, deck out. 

adoxmer 12 [d, donner], tr.: tgive; feni- 
ploy ; s' ; give one's self up, devote or 
apply one's |;self, addict one's self; fre- 
quent ; flead to ; (nav., of the wind) turn 
favourable, veer. 

adop-tant 17 , m.: adopter. -t6e, part.: 
adopted"; m.,/.: adopted son or daughter. 
lifter 18 [-tare (optare, choose)], tr.: adopt. 
-tif 12 , -ive [L. -tivus], adj.: adoptive: 
p$re , foster-father, -tiow 12 [L. -tio], 

ado-rable 16 [-rabiUs], adj.: = -ra- 
tewr 15 , -ratri-ce [L, -rator], m.: adorer. 
-ration [L. -ratio], f.: =. H-rer 12 [L. 
-rare (orare, pray)], tr.: adore (worship). 

ado-s 11 , m.: (gard.) sloping platband, 
shelving-bed, -ssement 15 , m.: leaning 
(as with the back), backing, bordering. 
||~sser n [d, dos], tr.: sit or lean with 
the back (&, against), lean, support ; > , 
lean ; tplace on the back. A 

adonb^r [p. L. *ad-doVbare (Genn'c dub- 
ban, strike)], tr.: DUB (i.e. strike with the 
sword an4 make knight) ; tput; in repair; 



(nav.) repair ; (chess, etc.) adjust (a piece 
without moving it). 

adou^-eir 11 [a,doux], tr.: soften, soothe, 
assuage. --eissage 17 , m.: smoothing. 
-eissant 15 , adj.: softening, soothing, 
emollient; m.: (med.) emollient, -eis- 
sement 14 , m.: softening, assuagement, 
mitigation, -eisseur, m.: glass-polisher. 

adoue 13 [OFr. dou (= deux), TWO], adj.: 
(hunt.) paired. 

ad rem [L.], adv.: =, pertinently. 

a-dresse 12 , /.; direction (ftowards, fdi- 
rect way or guide) ; address (of resi- 
dence ; speech, formal message ; ADROIT- 
ness, skill, cleverness) : bureau d' , in- 
telligence office; tour d" , sleight of 
hand, trick; avoir I' de, be able to. 
H^dresser 11 [dresser], tr.: DIRECT (fset 
RIGHT or on the direct way); address; 
s' : direct one's self (one's step), be 
directed; address one's self, apply; iintr.: 
go straight : mal, misdirect ; s' mal, 
apply to the wrong person; # id, in- 
quire here (or within). 

adroger* 14 [L. -gare (rogare, ask)], tr.: 
(Rom.'law) adopt. 

adroi~fc [p. L. ad-directus, well directed], 
adj.: adroit, dexterous, skilful, clever; 
fstraight. -tement 11 , adv.: adroitly, 

adscrifc 16 \L. -scriptus], adj.: written at 
the side. 

adu-latenr 15 , -latri-ee [L. -lator), m., 
/.: adulator, flatterer, -lation, 11 [L. 
-latio], /. : =. ll-ler [L. -lari], "tr. : flat- 
ter servilely, fawn upon. 

adulte 16 [L. -tus (olere, grow), grown 
up], adj. : adult. 

adul-terateur l5 , m.: adulterant, -te- 
ration, /.: adulteration. |[i.~tere u 
[L. -ter (alter, other)], adj.: adulterous ; 
(theol.) apostate, false; adulterate; m., 
/.: adulterer, adultress. 2,-tere 11 [L. 
-terium], m.: adultery, -terer* 18 [L. 
-ter are}, tr.: adulterate (corrupt, fdefile 
by adultery), -teri^, 18 , -terine [L. 
-terinus],adj.: adulterine; m.,/.: adulter- 
ine (adulterous child). 

adu^retifc 14 [L. -rens (urere, burn)], adj.: 
burning. -ste ls [L. -stus (urere)], adj.: 

adust, burnt, -stion 18 [L. -stio (urere)], 

f . ^ 

ad^vunir [OFr. avenir^ L. ad-venire, 
come to], irr. (cf. venir), intr. impers.: 
come up, occur, happen. -vEna>i*, part. : 
happening, in the event of. -venti-ee 17 
[L.-venticius], adj.: adventitious, -ven- 
tif 17 , =ive [L. -ventum, advent], adj.: 
adventive, casual. 

adverse 12 [L. -bum (ad, to, verbum, 
verb], m.: adverb, -bial 16 [L. -bialis], 
adj t : adverbial, -bialemgnt 14 [-bial], 


adv.: adverbially. -Walite [-bial], /.: 
adverbial nature. 

adver~se 12 [L. -sus (ad-vertere, turn to or 
against)], adj.: =. -saire 11 [L. -sarius], 
m.: adversary, -satif, =ive \L. -sati- 
vus], adj.: adversative, -site 17 [L. -si- 
tas],f.: adversity, -tgn-ce 13 [L. -tencia], 
/.: =, direction of (the sinner's) mind (to 
his sin). 

adyna~mie 17 [Gr. a-dunamia, lack of 
strength],/.: (med.) adynamy. -mique 18 , 
adj.: adynamic. 

ae-r ... [L. aer or Gr. aer, AIR], -ra^e 
[-rer], m.: airing, -ration [-rer], /.: 
airing, i.-re 18 [-rer], part.: aired, airy. 
2.-re 16 CL- ^erews], adj.: aerial, -rer^ 6 , 
^r.: air. -rien 11 , =enne, ac?;.: aerial. 
-rifere 18 [L./erre,bear],ad[;.: aeriferous. 
-riforme 17 [L./ormfl, form], adj.: aeri- 
form. -robie 18 [Gr. bios, life], arf;.: 
(a;ooZ.) living by air. -rograpMe 17 [Gr. 
grdphein, write], /.: aerography. -ro- 
lit/ie 18 [Gr. Z^Aos, stone], m.; aerolite. 
-rologie [Gr. Zd.^05, discourse],/.: aerol- 
ogy. "-roman-eie 16 [L. -<ia (manteia, 
prophecy)],/.: aeromancy. -rom^tre 17 
[Gr. metron, MEASURE], m.: aerometer. 
-rometrie 17 [-romUre], /.: aerometry. 
-ng^Bte 17 [Gr. nautes, pilot], m., /.: 
aeronaut, -ronautique [-ro9ia^e],a^.: 
aeronautic; /.: aeronautics, -rostat 17 
[Gr. statds, placed], m.: aerostat, air-bal- 
loon, -rostation [-rostat], /.: aero- 
station. -rostatiqtte 17 [-rostat], adj.: 
aerostatic, -rostier 17 [-rostat], m.: 
aerostat soldier (during the French revo- 

af- [L. of- = ad; or Fr. d, Ho'], pref. 

affa-bilite 17 [L. -bilitus], /.: affability. 
llaffa-ble [L. -6iZis (fari, speak), 'easy 
to speak to'], adj.: =. -blEment 15 
[-We], adv.: affably. 

affabulation 17 [L. -Wo (cf. fable)], /.: 
moral of a fable, (fEng. =). 

affa^dir 12 [ti,fade], tr.: make VAPID, un- 
savourv, or tasteless; Disgust, -dis- 
B*nt l5 , adj. : disgusting, -dissiment 1JJ , 
m.: rendering insipid or tasteless; insip- 
idity, tastelessness ; languidness. 

affai'vblir 11 [$, faible], tr.: enfeeble 
(weaken, impair, lessen), -" 
adj.: weakening, etc. -"b 
m.: enfeeblement, etc. 

affaineantir 1G [ft, faManter], tr.: make 

,faire],f.: affair (thing done 
or to be done, matter; business, trans- 
action; serious affair; fight; lawsuit, 
case) : d'inte'rt t money matter ; s'at* 
tirer une , get into a scrape ; faire Z'- 
de quelqu'un, answer some one's purpose ; 
'tirer d' , extricate, help out; ae tirer 


d' , get out of trouble; vider une , 
settle an affair ; j'enfais mon , I take 
it on myself . -re 15 , adj.: appearing very 
busy; t m need (de, of), -remenfc 18 [-re], 
m.: hurry. 

affais-sexn.en 1S , m. : depression, weighing 
down, sinking. H-ser 15 [a, faix], tr.: 
weigh down (under a burden), press down ; 
s' , be weighed down, give way, sink. 

afljai-t 14 , m.: tannery; tanner's business. 
-tage 16 , m.: falcon training, -texnent 11 , 
m.: 'falcon training; dressing of leather. 
||~ter- [p. L. *af-factare, L. -fectdre (fa- 
cere, make), strive after], tr.: fFASHiON; 
dress (leather); train (falcons). 

affaiter 17 \a, faite], tr.: provide with a 

affaler 16 putch af-halen], tr.: (nav.) 
HAUL down; s' , slide down; be embayed; 
(/am.) sink down. 

affame 12 , adj.: famished, hungry, greedy. 
H-^xner [p. L. *~mare (L. fames, hunger)], 
tr.: FAMISH (starve); bait (fish); (build.} 
weaken, cut away. 

afFaNglssemerits 18 [fange], m. pi.: mud 
(in a fiver). 

afiea-g^men* 10 , m. : enfeoffment. 
||~ge/' 15 [a, fage], tr,: enFEOFF (give a 
nob'le estate as an arriere-FEE). 

affec-tation 14 , /.: =; (leg.) mortgage, 
charge. * ll~ter 10 [L. i.-tus (af-fieere, 
affect); 2.-tare (af-ficere), aim at, dispose], 
tr.: i. affect (touch); 2.affect (dispose; 
affect, pretend ; fEng. have a preference 
for, love, aspire to ; assume), -tif , =ive 
[L. -tivus], adj.: affective, -ti^m 11 [L. 
-tio],f. : =, love, -tionne 15 [-tion], adj. : 
affectionate, -tionnemen* 16 [-tionne 1 ], 
adv.: affectionately, -tioiimer 18 [-tion], 
tr.: have an affection for, love, fancy; 
faffect; ' , conceive an affection (for), 
become fond (of), take a liking or fancy to. 
-tuensement 12 [-tueux], adv.: affec- 
tionately. -tueno; 18 , =ejjse \L. -tuosus], 
ad;.; affectionate; fdevoted. -tnosite 18 
[L. -tuosusl.f.: affectionate nature. 

affe-na^e* 8 , m.: feeding (animals). 
H^neV 16 [d,foiri], tr.: feed (animals). 

i.aff6rnt 12 [OFr. -rir (cf. ferir), 
affect], adj.: coming due (of property), 

2.aff6rent 18 [L. -rens (ferre, bring)], 
adj.: afferent, conducting. 

after-mage 14 , m.: leasing land; fhiri 
(a servant), i .|hmet 1{r [d, /erme], tr. : 
lease (land), FARM, 

2.-j-affermer, pop. form of affirmer. 

affer^mir 16 [<i, ferme], tr.: make firm, 

strengthen; fix firmly, fasten; confirm; 

harden, consolidate, -misstfingnt 15 , m.: 

strengthening, etc. 

aff~<t6 16 [old -ter = affaiter], adj.: AF- 



FECTED, pretentious, -terie 16 ,/.. 4 affec- 

affi-chage 18 , m.: placarding, -eke 12 ,/.: 
placard, ' hand-bill ; poster ; f advertising 
sheet ; t(fisher's) fixing-pole or stake ; f or- 
nament (fixing) : homme-affiche, man carry- 
ing a placard or advertisement for public 
show, street-advertiser. ||~-eiier 10 [d, 

ficher], tr.: post, fix or stick up (a placard), 
placard; make public, proclaim; s' , set up 
(for) ; expose or compromise one's self, 
observe no decency, -eheur, m.: bill- 

affi-davit 18 [Eng.(p.L.'he has attested')], 
m. : =. -de(e) re [It. -dato], adj. : trusted, 
trusty; m., /.: trusty friend, COUFIDENT; 
member. ||~der [p. L. *af-fiddre (fides, 
faith)], tr.: conFJDE; affirm; attest. 

affi-le 18 ,/.: grease-bag (for a whet-stone). 
-16 n , adj.: whetted; sharp, nimble (of 
the tongue) ; d' lee, adv. : in file, in suc- 
cession. Ikler 11 [a, i.fil, 2. file], tr.: 
set an edge ( fil) on, whet, sharpen ; s.draw 
out into threads ; put in FILE or in a row. 
-leiir 16 , m.: sharpener, grinder. 

affl-liation 10 \L.-liatio],f.:=. H~lier 18 
[L. -Hare (filius, son)], tr. : affiliate; fad'opt. 

affilolr(e) 15 [-ler], m.,(f.): sharpening in- 
strument ; (/.) whet-stone. 

affi-iiage 13 , m.: =, refining, -nement 15 , 
m.: refining; cheating. H^ner* 12 [d,fin], 
tr.: refine (make fine, purify); finish off; 
tcheat (by fine tricks), -nerie,/.: refinery 
(-furnace); wire-forge; roll of refined iron. 
-nenr 18 , -no^se, m., f.: refiner; fde- 

affinite 11 pO. -tas (ad-finis, neighbouring), 
relationship by marriage], /.: affinity, 
alliance ; congeniality. 

affinoir 15 [-Tier], m.: hatchet; f^efinery. 
ffici'wet 12 [Norm. -que =-che], m.: little 
fixing, hair-ornament (pi. baubles, gew- 
gaws) ; knitting-sheath. 

affir-matif I2 , =ive [L. -mativus], adj. or 
/.; aifirmative. " -mation 18 [L. -matio], 
/.:=; (log.) predication; oath, -mative- 
snent 18 [-matif], adv.: affirmatively. 
H^mer 15 [L. -mare (firmus, firm)], tr.: 
(affirm, assert ; leg. affirm to by oath) ; 
(log.) predicate ; s' , pretend to be. 

affi~xal 18 , adj.: =. Ikxe 18 [L. -xus 

(figere f Fix)], adj. or m.: affix. 

-^ m.: levelling, making 

flush ; evening ; (min.) cropping. -r 
adj.: even, flush;/.: pulp. Ikrer 15 [a, 
fieur, even], tr.: make level (even, flush), 
level ; (nav.) fay ; be level with, rise to ; 
intr.: be even or level; (min.) crop; 
mix evenly barley, wheat and rye flower. 
af-flictif 18 , 4ve [L. -fiictus], adj.: |af- 
flictive; (leg.) affecting the criminal. 
-flioti^ 10 [L. -flictio], f.: =, grief, 



-fligeant 11 , adj.: afflicting, grievous. 
Ihfliger 11 [L. -fligere (fligere,- strike)], 
tr.: afflict (grieve, distress) ; mortify (the 

afflou-age 18 , m.: setting afloat. ||~er 18 
[d, flouer], tr.: set afloat. 

afflu-gne 13 [L. -entia], /.: (abundant) 
flow; influx; abundant supply, affluence; 
concourse, -etit \L. -&ns]> adj.: flowing 
into, tributary; m.: tributary; fraction 
(of a river). Iher 18 [L. -ere (Jtuere, flow)], 
intr.: FLOW (abundantly towards a place), 
flock, crowd, congregate, -a; 16 , [L. -xus], 
m,: afflux(ion). 

affo-lant u , a<y . : infatuating, -lenient 12 , 
m.: infatuation. ||~ler n [d, jfW (/cm)], 
ir. : make foolish or mad, infatuate ; de- 
range; bewilder; s' , be or grow infatu- 
ated, dote (on), -lir, tr.: s' , get mad, 
madden ; faire , drive mad. 

affou-age 12 [OFr. af-fouer (at feu)], m.: 
FTJEL ; fight of cutting wood (for fuel) ; 
repartition of fuel (from communal 
woods), -ager 18 , adj.: relating to fuel, 
etc.; m.; licensed wood-cutter ; sharer of 

affou-iZlemnt 18 , m.: washing away, 
undermining. ||-viUer 18 [ft, fouiller], tr.: 
wash away, undermine. 

affoura^er 18 [d, fourage], tr.: fodder, 
provide with fodder. 

affour-eb.e 16 , /.; (nav.) small bower. 
H-' 11 [a,fourche], tr.: arrange fork- 
wise"; '(nav.) moor (by two anchors with 
crossed cables) ; straddle. 

affleantti(e) 12 , adj.: freed, (enfran- 
chised; postpaid; m.: freed man; /.: 
freed woman. Jl^-cliir 12 [d, franc], tr.: 
set free (free, enFRANCHiSE, liberate); 
relieve ; pay the postage or carriage of 
(prepay); pass (leap) over or across, 
cross; castrate, -ehissement 13 , m.: 
freeing, enfranchisement, etc. -ehis- 
seur , m.: liberator. 

affire 14 [Frank, aibhor (ak. to Eng. abhor), 

"bristled],/, (only in pi.) : fterror; agony. 

affre-tement 16 , m.; chartering (a boat). 
||~ter 18 [S,/r&er], tr.: charter (a boat 
for freighting); flight, -tenr, m.: 

af-retiseinent 15 , adv.: frightfully, hor- 
ribly. " 'lIvEre.ux 15 , =jjse [a/re], adj.: 
frightful, horrible. 

af-frJ^Ttder 16 [d, friand], tr.: allure 
(by dainties) ; accustom to dainties. 
-frjjoler 15 [a, frioler], tr.: allure (by 

aEr$n-t 15 [It. -to], m.: = (open in- 
sult, outrage; fam. shame, reproach). 
-temgnt 15 , m.: fconfrontation ; ap- 
proach from the front; bold approach; 
affront; fcheating. ||~t$r n [d, front], 


tr.: fput face to face (confront) ; (carp.) 
fit together; fapproach from the front; 
approach boldly; AFFRONT (insult, out- 
rage, offend) ; cheat impudently, deceive. 
-terie 15 ,/.: boldness; impudent cheating. 
-tenr 15 , =e^.se, m., /.: confronter; Im- 
pudent cheater. 

affruiter 11 [<J, fruit], tr.: provide with 

affa-blEinmtt 12 , tr.: covering, wrapping, 
old garment. Jl-bler [p. L. *af-fibulare 
(L. fibula, clasp)], tr.: cover (with a 
dress), wrap up, muffle ; dress or rig out ; 
-e d'une opinion, wrapped in (wedded to) 
an opinion ; s' de, be wrapped up in, be 
always with. 

affd-fc 14 , m.: watch (place or act); frame 
or support; gun-carriage: etre d I 1 , 
be on the watch, lie in wait, be on the 
look-out, watch; chasse & 1 T , stalk- 
ing. -tage 14 , m.: fputting in position 
(esp. a piece of ordnance), mounting; 
putting in repair, repair (of tools), setting, 
whetting ; set of tools (arranged for work), 
implements. H-ter 11 [a, fut] f tr.: fpost 
behind a tree (fut) or a bush, etc. (to 
watch the game); fplace in position, 
frnount (a gun) ; fdispose ; put in shape 
(of tools), esp. set, sharpen, -tenr 18 , 
m.: (hunt.) stalker; saw-setter, grinder. 
-tian 17 , m.: bauble, trifle. 

a-flu 18 [ft, fin], adv.: in order (de or que, 
that), so (that). 

a foirtiori p. L., 'from the stronger/ 
viz. to the weaker], adv.: = (all the more). 

afri-col, -oaine, adj. or m., /,; 
African, \\~que, f.: Africa. 

faga 16 [dial, for -gare, Imp'ye of OFr. 
-garer (cf. gare), regard], inter j.: lol 
look! now! 

aga9ant lfi [-cer], adj.: vexing, inciting; 
enticmg ; /. .* sort of jewel. 

taga-ee [OHG. agalstra],f.: magpie. 

aga-cemgnfc 15 , m.: setting the teeth on 
edge, (nervous) irritation. [|~-e?r 16 [?], 
tr.: cause a nervous irritation, irritate, 
set (the teeth) on edge; plague, tease; 
provoke, incite, -eerie 16 ,/.; irritation, 

agame 18 [Gr. d-gamos, without marriage], 
adj.: agamous. 

aga~pe 16 [L. (Gr. agape, love)], /,: =, 
love-feast. -pite 16 [L. -pet& (Gr. -petfts, 
beloved)], m., agapetae (eccl: clercs 
or women living in the communities of the 
opposite sex). 

Agar,/.; Hagar. 

agaric 15 [L. -cus], m.: =. 

fagasse = agaoe. 

agate 11 [L. achates], /.: =; agat* 

agat/ie 16 [Gr. -M, good],/.: tulip. 



agave 17 [Gr. -gau$, admirable],/.: agave 

age [dial, for 2.haie],f.: plough-beam. 

$~ge [p. L. *<xtaticum (L. atas, age)], m.: 
age ; century: bas , infancy; virile, 
manhood; fleur de V , prime of life; 
honore par I' , time-honoured, -ge 12 , 
adj.: aged, old; elderly; de cinq'ans, 
five years old. 

aggn-ee 16 [-gent],f.: agency. 

agen-eemenfc 18 , m.: arrangement, dis- 
position. ||-eer [p. L. *-tiare (L. geni- 
tus, cf. Fr. gent, fair), make nice], tr.: 
arrange (appropriately), order, dispose, fit 
up ; ' , dress up. 

aen~da 1G [L. pi. (agere, ACT), things 'to 
be done'],ra.: memorandum-book, register. 
age.n-de 18 pL-cta],/.; (Protestant) ritual. 
11 [a, g 

, genouil, old form of 
g'enou], reft.: kneel down; (with ellipsis of 
se) make kneel down: -ilU, kneeling, on 
one's knees, -itloir 16 , m.: kneeling- 
stool, hassock. 

i.a~gent 18 [L. agens (agere, act)], m.: 
agent, active principle. 2.-gew,t, -ge^te, 
m.,/.: agent (person), mediator: - comp- 
fa&Ze, accountant, purser; rfe change, 
stock broker ; de police, police officer, 

Ag$6e, m.: Haggai. 

agglomeration [L. -ratio], f.: agglo- 
meration. ||~rer 17 [L. -rare (glomus, 
ball)], r.: agglomerate. 

aggluti-nant 16 , adj.: =. -natif 15 , 
=ive, adj.: agglutinative, -nation 16 , 
/.; =. H^ner" [L.~nare [gluten, GLUE)], 
tr,: agglutinate. 

aggra-vant 16 , adj.: aggravating, 

/.; =. -ve 16 -av,f.: anathema. 
-ver 10 [L. ~t?are (gravis, heavy)], tr.: 
aggravate ; fmake heavy (weigh down) ; 

taggreg . . . = agreg . . . 

a^i^le 18 (L. -Us (agere, ACT)], adj.: 
=: (nimble), -lament 14 , arfv.; nimbly. 
-Ht6 18 [L. -litus],f,: agility. 

i.a^flo 14 [? Gr. hdgios, saintly], m.; cere- 
monious manner, gew-gaw, trinket. 

2.aio 17 [It. aggio (?)], m.; =, -tage 17 
[-ier], 77i..* =, stock-jobbing, -te'r 17 , 

tr.: speculate in stocks, job. -tgur [-ter], 
m.: (stock-) jobber. 

a-^jjr 16 [Lu agere], intr.: ACT (operate) ; 
(leg.) proceed ; if de, (be agitated as a 
question: hence) be the question about, 
be at stake, be the matter : e.g. il tfagit 
de, it is the question about, the question 
is, the point is ; de guoi s'agik-il ? what is 
the question (about)? what is up? what 
is the matter? il tfagit de sa vie, his life 
is at stake ; f 671 *~* ^ ec qudqu'un, use 
or treat any-one (well, etc.)* 

adj. : acting, active ; effectual, efficacious. 
-gissemenfs 18 , m. pi. : manner of acting ; 
legal proceedings. 

agi-tateur 1T [L. -tator], m.: agitator; 
(phys.) agent, -tation 18 [L. -tatio], 
f.: = ; emotion; disturbance, -tato 17 
[It.], adv.: , hurriedly. ||~ter i3 [L. 
-tare (frequ. of agere, act)], tr.: agitate 
(shake ; disturb, trouble) ; ruffle ; s' , be 
agitated, be disturbed; get rough; stir 
about, wag. 

taglom . . . = agglom . . . 

faglut . . . = agglut . . . 

agna~t 16 [L. -tus (ad. natus, born)], 
m.: agnate (relative on the male side). 
-tion* 5 [L. -tid],f.: agnation, -tique 17 , 
adj.: agnatic. 

a-^neau [L. agnellus (agnus, lamb)], m.: 
lamb. l|~#:nel [old form of agneau] f 
m.: (orig. lamb); cold-coin (bearing the 
mark of a lamb), -guelle [L. agnella], 
f.: ewe. -gnElage 18 [agneler], m.: 
lambing. -grxiBler 11 , intr.: lamb, yean. 
-griiElet 11 , m., t-i/5-Elette,/.: lambkin; 
half of an agnel (coin). -0iiEl|n, adj. 
of a lamb, lamb's; m.: lambskin (with 
the wool). -0nelement 16 [agneler], 
m.: lambing. 

A0nes,/.: Agnes; artless girl. 

agnus Dei de-i [L., ' lamb of God'], m. : =. 

ago~nie 18 [L., Gr. -nla (Gr. agon, 
struggle)], /.: agony (languish; death- 
agony, death-struggle) ; hour (point) of 
death, -nir 18 , tr.: (dial.) overwhelm 
(with insult), insult, -nisant 15 , =imte 
[-niser], adj.: in death-agony, dying 1 ; m., 

/.: dying person, -niser 18 [1. L. -zare], 
intr.: be in the agony (pangs) of death, 
be dying, -nistique" [Gr. -nistikos], 
adj.: agonistic, athletic. 

agora 1 ^ [Gr. -rd],f.: =, public place* 

agra-fe 16 ,/,: agraffe, clasp ; cramp-iron; 
thook. H-fer 16 [&, OFr. grafe (cf. 
grappe) f hook], tr.: fhook; clasp. 

agrainer* 18 [^, graine], tr.: give grain 
to ; strew with grain (for game). 

agraire [L. agrarius (ager, field)], adj.: 

agrari^dir 12 [d, grand], tr.: enlarge, 
make greater, aggrandise ; magnify, exalt. 
-dissement 15 , m.: enlargement, aggran- 
disement ; advancement. 

agrape 18 [OFr. -per=-fer],f.: thook; 
boring tool. 

fagrav . , . = aggrav , . . 

agr^-a"ble n , adj.: agreeable: avoir pour 
, be pleased to permit, allow. -atilE- 
ment 3 ^ adv.: agreeably. -4, part.: 
accepted, etc. ; m. lS V .attorney (in the tri- 
bunals of conni|3fejrce). i.||'*'6f* 11 [<|> $r$\> 
infr.: be agreeable (be convet^t or 
pleasant, suit); fat f 



or pleasantly ; (be pleased to) accept, ap- 
prove, agree to, relish. 

2-agreer 11 [d, grfar], tr.: rig (a ship). 

agre-gafc 17 , m.; [L. -gatum], aggregate. 
-gatif 15 , =ive, adj.: aggregative, -ga- 
tioti 15 [L. -gatio], /.: aggregation, ag- 
gregate; assemblage; admission (into a 
body, society, etc.) ; admission to the 
title of agrege (cf. below) or licentiate: 
concours d' , examination for the licen- 
tiate degree. -ge 14: , part.: aggregated, 
etc. ; m. : associate ; esp. licentiate (uni- 
versity graduate entitled to lecture in a 
lyceum or faculty) : d'histoire, licen- 
tiate in history; etc. linger [L. -gare 
(ad } to, grex, flock)}, tr. : aggregate, take 
up (receive) into a body (a society, etc.), 
associate, unite. 

agremm~t 14 [agr6er],m.: agreeableness 
(pleasingness, charm ; comfort) ; (esp. pi.) 
ornament, embellishment ; (mus.) fgrace ; 
(tkeat.) t^ivertisement ; agreement (ap- 
probation, consent) ; treraedy, finjection : 
arts d r ; accomplishments, -ter 18 , tr.: 
render agreeable ; ornament. 

tagrEner agrainer. 

agrener [?], tr.: pump or bale out. 

agr&s 14 [agrfer, rig], m. pi.: rigging. 

agres-senr 14 [-sor], m.: aggressor. 
||~sif 18 , =ive [L. -sus (ad, to, gradi, go)], 
adj. : aggressive, -sion 14 [L. -sio] ,/.:=. 

agreste 13 [L. -tis (ager, field)], adj.: 
agrestic, rustic. 

agreyenr 17 [?], m.: wire-drawer. 

agri~cole 13 [L. -cola (ager, field, colere, 
CULTivate)], m.: fagriculturist ; adj.: 
agricultural, -cultenr 16 [L. -cultor], m.: 
agricultor ; fwriter on agriculture, -cul- 
ture 15 [L. -cultural,/.: =. 

agriffer 1 * [a, gri/e], tr.: grasp with the 
claws, cling to. 

agri~mnseur 15 [L -mensor (ager, field, 
mentirs, MEASURE)], m.: (Kom.) surveyor. 
-pa^me 15 [L. -palma],f.: motherwort. 

agripper 15 [d, gripper], tr.: snatch, 

agrono-me 13 [Gr. -ndmos (agros, field, 
nomos, law)], m.: agriculturist, -mie 18 , 

/.: agronomy, -mique 17 [-mie], adj.: 

agrou-elle or -ette [dial, for tcrouelle], 

/.: prawn; (-elle) sort of scrofula. 

agrouper 16 pt. ag-groppare (cf. groupe)], 

tr.: groupe. 

agiterrir 15 [a, guerre], tr.: inure to war, 

harden, train. 

ague n [OFr. -ter (cf. guetter)], m.: 

fwatchfulness ; pi. watch : Ure (se tenir) 

aux s, be upon the watch, lie in wait. 
aguimpS 16 [d, guimpe], adj.; provided 

with a chemisette ; veiled, 
flt/i, Merj,; abj phi 


fa-foan 10 , m.: bodily exertion. K- 

[?], intr.: make a painful effort, toil. 
a^eur-temettt 11 , m.: stubbornness. 
lifter* 11 [d,heurter],tr.: (fknock against); 
stop before (find) an obstacle ; esp. s' 
(d): persist (in spite of obstacles), be 
stubborn (in), stick (to). 
afcl ls , inter j. : ah ! ay ! oh dear ! 
ahu^rir [a, hure: 'bristle in head'], tr.: 
astound, bewilder, -rissement 18 , m.: 
bewilderment. 15 a-i [Brazil], m. ; aye-aye, ai, sloth. a-i [Ai, a city], m.: foaming 

ai-de 8 , /.: aid (help or relief; grant or 
tax ; ff emale assistant) ; m. : aid (assist- 
ant, ADJUTANT, staff-officer) : appeler a, 
I' , call for help ; cour des s, court of 
aids (settling finally questions of taxa- 
tion) ; de camp, aid-de-camp ; du pa- 
tron, master's mate ; major d'escadre, 
naval adjutant. ||~der [L. ad-jutare 
(juvdre, help)], tr.: aid (help, assist); 
intr.: aid, give assistance; s' : help 
one's self, make use (of); help one 

aie ay, interj. (of pain) : oy, oh (dear) ! 

aieu~l, -le a-yeul [p. L. *avi-dlus, -ola 
(L. avus, avia, same meaning)], m,, /.' 
grandfather, grandmother; -Is 18 , -les, 
pL: (m.) grandfathers, grandfather and 
grandmother ; (/.) grandmothers ; an- 
cestral mothers. -x, pi m.: (fgrand- 
fathers) ; forefathers, ancestors. 

aigle [L. aquila], m.: EAGLE (the bird 
generally, or as an emblem ; a coin) ; /. : 
she-eagle; eagle (Roman standard sur- 
mounted by an eagle ; arms) : de mer, 
osprey ; criard, spotted eagle ; blanc, 
(chem.) muriate of mercury; noir, 
(chem.) sublimate of cobalt. 

algr-e [L. acer, sharp], adj.: sour, ACid, 
sharp ; shrill ; musty ; sour-tempered, AORI- 
monious ; m., sourness, etc. ; acid drink 
or liquid. -E-douo? 15 , adj.: sour-sweet, 
sourish. -E-lln 16 , m.: adventurer; 
sharper [deriVn not certain], -slot 16 , 
=ette, adj.: sourish. -Eiugnt; 11 , adv.: 
acrimoniously, sharply. 

aigrEmoine 18 [L. agrimonia], /.; agri- 
mony, liver-wort. 

aigret, =ette [-re], adj.: sourish. 

aigret^te 18 [aigron, dial, form of Mr on], 

/.: EGRET (white HERON); aigret(te) (tuft 
of feathers, plume, crest; tuft of hair; 
head-ornament of precious stones, esp. in 
the form of a heron's crest)* -t6, adj.: 
(hot) with an aigret, tufted* 

ai-greur [L. dcror, sharp], /.: sourness, 
acidity; acrimony (sharpness, surliness, 
ill-temper). ||~grir 14 \.-gre\, tr.: sour, 
spur; sharpen, embitter, in 


sharpen (increase) ; intr. : turn sour (be 
soured) ; grow bitter ; grow worse. 

aigu, =ne [L. acutus], adj.: sharp 
(pointed; keen, ACUTE; shrill). 

ai~giia . . . [OFr. -gua (L. aqua, water)] ; 
-guade 16 , /. : (nav.) water-supply ; water- 
ing-station ; faire , take in fresh water. 
-gi,ail 15 , m.: (hunt.) dew-drop, -gua- 
yer , tr. : wash, bathe (a horse), -gwe- 
marine 16 ,/.: aqua-marina, beryl, -gwi- 
ere 18 , /.: EWER, pitcher, -guieree 16 
(-guilre),f.: ewerful, pitcherful. 

aiguU-lade 14 [through Prov.],/.: goad. 
-lage 18 [-ter], m.: (railr.) shifting of 
points, -lat 15 [through Prov.], m.: dog- 
fish. ||aiguil~le [p. L. acucula (L. acus, 
needle)],/.: needle (sewing-needle; pointed 
piece of metal, as hand of .a watch, etc. ; 
index of a balance ; spindle of a compass, 
etc.) ; spire (of a steeple) ; (railr.) switch 
or frog ; needle-fish (horn-fish, etc.) : 
d reprises, darning needle ; d'ardoise, 
slate-pencil, -lee 12 ,/.: needleful. -ler, 
tr.: (railr.) set or turn (a switch); ~f(surg.) 
couch (a cataract), -letage 17 [-leter], 
m.: (nav.) seizing; lashing, -leter [-lette], 
tr.: trim (or lace) with tags, fix or button 
with lace (or cords), lace ; (nav.) bind with 
ropes ('seize/ lash). -letier 1 * [-lette], 
m.: tag-maker, lace-maker, -lette 12 ,/.: 
ApOGLEt (pointed tag of cord or lace) ; 
aiglet-tipped cords or braids ; ornamental 
cordon or lace (of various kinds, but 
especially on uniforms), shoulder-knot; 
tricing line or rope ; thin slice of skin or 
flesh, -lenr 18 , m.: (railr.) switchman. 
-Her, m.: needle-maker; -faeedle-case. 
-Here,/.: needle-maker; fnet. 

aiguil~lon [p. L. *aculeo (L. -leus, 
sting)], m.: goad; incentive; sting (of in- 
sects, etc.) ; prickle. -lonne df flc y. : 
provide with a goad; -ionner 11 , tr.: 
goad; incite. 

aigtLi-sage 18 , -semen* 11 , m.: sharpen- 
ing, whetting. ||~ser [p. L. *acutiare 
(L. acutus, sharp)], tr.: sharpen, whet. 
-gggur 18 , m.: sharpener, grinder, -soir 14 , 
m.: sharpening-tool. 

ail pi. anfctt, or, esp. in bot., ails [L. 

~ai(l)ium], m.: garlic. 

ailante 18 [Chin, allanto], m.: (bot.) ailan- 

al~le [L. ala, wing],/.: wing (of birds, 
bats, etc.) ; wing-like appendage (as wind- 
mill, vane, van, fan) ; side-appendage (as 
wing or &%sle of a building; wing of an 
army ; etc.) : & tire d' , at a single flight ; 

, tirer de V , take to wing; en avoir 
(tenir) dans V , be affected or struck, 
have a screw loose. -le", adj.: winged. 
t-levgn 1 *, m.: extremity of awing (with 
the big feathers), pinion; fin; (of certain 



fishes) ; wing-like appendage (as feather 
of an arrow ; float-board of a water-wheel ; 
scroll over a window, etc.) -lette 11 ,/.: 
flittle wing; wing-like appendage (as 
small wing of building; shoulder-piece 
ornament; side-lining; screw-blade; rifle- 
band of a projectile to fit in the rifles of 
a gun. 

tiZlade 15 [Prov. alhada (ak. to ail)],f.: 
garlic sauce. [L. aliorsum (alio-versum, else- 
where directed)], adj.: ELsewhere : d' , 
besides; in other regards; from another 
reason or cause. 

aifcloli 18 [Prov. aioli, 'garlic-oil'], m.: 
cullis of garlic (sort of jelly).] 

ai~mable [L. amabilis (amo, love)], 
adj.: amiable, agreeable. -mablE- 
menfc 15 , adv.: amiably. i.~man 18 
[-mer], adj.: loving, affectionate. 

2.aiman~ [L. adamas (Gr. a-ddmas, 
in-vincible)], m.: magnet, load-stone, fEng. 
adamant, -tation 17 , /.: magnetisation. 
-ter 18 , tr.: make magnetic, magnetise: 
-te, part,, nfagnetic. -tin, adj.: mag- 

Aimee,/.: Amy. 

aimer [L. amare], tr.: love; be fond of, 
like : mieux, like better, prefer. 

i.aine [p. L. inguina (L. inguen)], /.: 

2.aine 17 [?],/.: herring-stick (on which 
they are strung). 

i^n^ 11 , -nee [ams, ne], adj.: elder, 
eldest, senior ; m.,f.: elder (-est) son or 
daughter, -iiesse, /.: primogeniture, 

tains [p. L. *anteis (L. ante, before)], 
adv.: but. 

ainsi 10 [ain ? si], adv. or eonj.: thus, so; 
then (= consequently) ; just as ; so that ; 
fat the same time ; flike : du reste, and 
so forth ; que, just as, as well as ; pour 
dire (or parler), so to say, as it were. 

air [L. aer, air], m".: air (atmosphere; 
appearance, look, or style ; tune) : avoir 
V bon (mauvais), look good-natured (ill- 
natured) ; avoir I' de, look like ; avoir 
V a, have a mind to ; fare en V , be in 
a flurry ; faire prendre V d, give an air- 
ing to ; un coup d' , a scold ; des gens 
du lei , people of high life ; un homme 
du grand , a man who makes a great 
figure ; un defamille, a family likeness. 

airoin [L. aeramen (aes, metal)], m.: 
brass, bronze ; object made of bronze (a* 
guns, bells) : un front d' , a brazen face. 

ajr-e [L. area],/.: area; threshing-floor; 
paving-foundation, bottom; rock-surface 
on which the eagle builds its nest, AERIE, 
BYRY (the nest itself, nest of large birds) ; 
forest-area ; point of a compass in ;th^$T 



rection of the wind ( de vent). -&(e), /.: 
lot of sheaves on a barn-floor; (bak.) batch. 

airelle,/.: whortle-berry. 

airef 12 [d, aire], intr.: make its eyry or 

ais [L. axis, plank], m.: plank, board; 
(print.) whetting-board ; butcher's block. 

ai-sa/n-ee 12 [OFr. -ser], /. ; ease, free- 
dom; comfort, easy circumstances, compe- 
tency; f accommodation, privilege; pL: 
water-closet: lieux (cabinets) d' s, wa- 
ter-closet ; fosse d' s, cess-pool. l|ai~se 
[OFr. ~ser (?)], /.: ease, convenience, 
comfort; content, gladness, joy; adj.: 
glad, happy: d I , comfortable; easily; 
etre & son , be well (off), be at ease or 
unconstrained ; se sentir mal a, Z' , feel 
uncomfortable ; aimer ses -ses f love one's 
ease ; fen suis bien , I am very glad of it. 
-se 11 [OFr. -ser], adj.: easy; comfort- 
able; in easy circumstances, well-to-do 
(also as noun), t-sement 11 , m.: 
-sance. -sement 1 ^ '[-se], adv.: easily, 
with ease ; comfortably. 

alssangue 1 * [Prov. -go (?)], /<: fishing- 
net, fishing-boat. 

i.aisseau 3 - 5 [OFr. -sse (L. ascia, ax)], 
m.: adzei, 

2.ais~seau 18 [ais], m.: roof-shingle. 
-selettej /.: bottom-piece (of a cask). 
-seller, m.: (carp.) brace, t-seliere,/.: 
= -selette. 

aisselle [L. axilla], /.: arm-pit; (bot.) 
axil (La) ; jointure. 

aissette 18 [<m],/.: adze. 

aitre 10 \L. atrium, fore-court], m.: atrium, 
fore-court; free ground round a church 
(for cemetery). 

ajoluter 18 (d, joint], tr.: joint, connect. 

ajcmc [?], m.; furze; thorn-broom. 

a^jour 18 [d, jour], m.: hole, orifice. 
-joure, adj.: provide with holes (for the 
daylight) ; (her., etc.) fretted. 

ajonr nEme>?* 12 , m.: adjournment; (leg.) 
summons. ||~ner [a, QFr.jorn = jour], 
tr.: adjourn, put" off; (leg.) summon; "\irn- 
pers.: dawn. 

ajou-ta$e, m.: added piece. ||~ter* [p. 
L. *ad~juxtare (L. juxta, near)], tr. : add, 
join ; give added value (to) ; refl. be 
added: foi d, give credence to, believe 
in; au conte, embellish (or stretch) a 
story; ~te,part.; also m.: addition (in a 
proof-sheet, etc.). -tolr , m. : added piece. 

tLJTL-st l6 ,m.: (nav.) tying, -stage ^, m. : 
adjustment ; fixing the legal rate (of coin). 
-stEment 18 , m.: adjustment (fitting, 
arrangement; accommodation, reconcilia- 
tion) ; fixing (of the toilette, etc.) ; toilette 
(attire, garb); f correctness. l|~ster 15 
[d, juste], tr.: adjust (set aright, adapt, 
fit ; fix, fix the value of) ; aim (a gun) ; 


take aim at ; adjust (make agree, recon- 
cile ; accommodate) ; fix or arrange (the 
toilette, etc.), attire, trim, fit up ; tgive it 
well to, punish, -steur 15 , m.: adjuster, 
fitter ; weigher at the mint, -stoir 16 ; m, : 
assay-balance; adjusting tool, -stnre 18 , 
/. : curve given to a horse-shoe, -tage or 
-tolr, m.: adjutage; connection tube or 

al- [L. ad 'to' or Fr. d] : pref. 

falaise = aleze. 

alambi-c 12 [Ar. al-ambiq (Gr. dmbix, 
va~se), the vase], m.: alembic, still: tirer 
d I' , pass through the alembic, strain; 
passer d U , examine critically, scrutinise. 
-quer 15 , tr.: pass through the alembic, 
distil, extract (the essence), strain; rejl.: 
strain or puzzle one's self, refine too much 
upon: -que r part.: strained, subtle, fine- 
spun ; s' I'esprit sur, puzzle one's brain 
about. t-^tB 3 ^ 16 * m - : alchemist. 

alandier* 1 ^, m.: mouth of a furnace. 

alan~gitir 15 [d, languir], tr.: tmake 
languid; "refl.: become languid, languish. 
-g-uissement 16 , m.: languor* 

alargiter [Prov. -gar (large)], intr.: (nav.) 
stand out to sea, sheer oft', 

alar-man* 17 [-mer], adj.: alarming. 
|| -me 1! *~ [d Varme !] , /. : summons to arms, 
alarm; sudden fear, anxiety, -mer 16 , 
tr.: alarm, startle; fcall to arms (give 
the alarm to), -mlste 17 [-mer], m.,f.: 

alaterae 16 [L. -TIMS], m.: (bot.) alatern. 

alb^-tre 11 [L. alabastrori], m.: alabaster. 

albatros [Bngl.], m.: albatross. 

alber^ge 15 [Sp. -chiga (Ar.)], /.: small 
peach, ===. *^ier, m.: alberge-tree. 

AlTji^eqi ia , in.: (pi.) Albigenses. 

al"bl-nisme 18 7 m.: albinism. II^Hga 17 
[Port, -no (L. albus, white)], m.,f.: albino. 

allm-gine [L. -go, whiteness],/.: albugo. 

-gine' r -gineux, /. =^se, adj. : albu- 
gineous, whitish. 

al"bnm 17 \L., 'white'], m.: scrap-book; 
album ; (Rom.) white inscription tablet. 

albu^men 18 [L. (albus, white), white of 
an egg], m.: =. -mine 17 ,/.: albumin. 
-mineux, =ej}96, adj.: albuminous. 
-mlnokde 18 [-wine, Gr, etdos, form], 
adj.: albuminoid, -mingfe 18 [-mine], 
/.:=:. -minorie [-mine, Gr. o{tron t 
urine] , /. : albuminuria. 

aloada [Sp. -calde (Ar.)], m.; =, alcaid* 
[L. -caieus], adj.: aloaic, 

[-/eaceni], /,: alkales- 
cence. -lescgnfc 17 , adj*: alkalescent. 
ll-li 15 [Ar, al~qali, the aahea of ealt-wortl 
m.: alkali. -l|n, adj.: alkaline* -Hayr 1 , 
tr.: alkalise. -loSde 15 , m,: alcaloicL 

aloarazas 18 [Sp. -rraza (Ar.)], m*: =, ua* 
glazed jug. 


aleeV 7 [L.-cea],/.; holly-hock. 

Al-eee, m.: Alcaeus. 

Al-eeste, m.; Alcestis. 

ALeibiade, m.; Alcibiades. 

al-eh.i~inie 17 [ ( 
cf . chimie)], f. : alchemy, -unique, adj. : 
alchemical, -miste, m.; alchemist. 

al-eide, m.; Abides. 

alcoo~l 15 -fco-oZ or (gen'ly) -M [fr. Ar.], 
m.: alcohol. -lat* 8 , m.: alcoholate. 
-liqif e 18 -lik, adj. : alcoholic, -lisaticm, 
/.: alcoholisation. -liser*, tr.: alcoholise 
-lisme 18 , m.: alcoholism. 

alcoran, 18 [Ar. al-goram, the reading], 
m.: Koran. 

alcp^ve 16 [Sp. -co6a (Ar. -kobba, the bed- 
room)], /.: alcove, recess: tenir , hold 
reception (like Us femmes precieuses). 
-viste 16 , m.: attendant (at the receptions 
of les femmes precieuses). 

al~-eyon 15 [LJ, m.; halcyon; king-fisher. 
-eyonien 15 , =enne, adj.: halcyon. 

aldebaran 15 [Ar.], m.: (astr.) aldebaran. 

alderman [Engl.], m.: =. 

ale 16 el [Engl.],/.; ale. 

ale~a 18 [L., throw of dice], m.: hazard. 
-atoire 17 [L. -torius], adj.: hazardous, 
uncertain, -atoirem-eiit 18 [-atoire], adv. : 
hy chance, in an uncertain manner. 

al6~ae n [OHG. alesna = Ger. aide], m.: 
AWL. -nier 15 , m.; awl-maker. 

alenois 12 [L. aurelianensis, *from Or- 
leans'], m'.; only in cresson , garden 

aln^tir u [d, lent], tr.: make slow, 
slacken, -tissemgnt, m.: slackening. 

alwterar or a I'entosr 14 , adv.; around, 
about ; m. pi. (only alentours) : surround- 
ings, environs, neighbourhood; persons 
about or around. 

alpine 16 [Alep, Aleppo (where made)], 
/.; bombazine. 

aleriori [OHG. adalaro = Ger. adler, 
eagle], m.: tlarge eagle; (her.) spread- 
eaglet (without beak or foot). 

alerte 16 [It. all* erta, 'on the top' (for 
watching)], interj.: up! look out; noun 
f.: warning signal, alert, alarm; adj.: on 
the watch, alert, vigilant; ready, quick, 
wide-awake; en , on the watch. 

ale-sage l& , m. : boring, drilling. H~s$r 17 
[= alfoer], tr,: polish or even a bored 
surface (or the edge of a coin), bore. 
-fojr 17 , m.: boring-instrument. 

alestir [5, leste], tr.: (nav.) lighten the 
rigging of. 

ale>ure 17 [-ser], f.: borings (chips) of 

ale~vjn [p. L. *allevamen (L. at-lev&re, 
elevate)], m,: young fry (for breeding). 
-viaaqte 16 [-ner], m.: fish-breedfiftg ; 
rejected fry, -Tta^r 18 , tr.: stock 

alienable 1 


with fry; intr.: spawn, -Tinier 18 , fry- 

alexandrin 10 [L. -drinus], adj.: Alex- 
andrian (school) ; alexandrine (verse), 
also m. 

al(e)zan 16 [Sp. alazan], adj.: chestnut- 
Coloured) ; m. ; chestnut-horse : saure, 
sorrel ; roux, red bay. 

aleze 14 [OFr. -lesier (L. latus, broad, 
spread)],/.; sheet (under sick persons); 
extra board (to widen another) ; osier 

falezer = aliser. 

alfa 18 [Ar.], m.; alfa (plant). 

alfange [Sp. (Ar.)], m.: scimitar; long- 
leaved* lettuce. 

alfenide 18 [Halphen, the inventor], /.; 
alloy of nickel and copper. 

algalle 16 [1. L. argalia], f. : catheter. 

alganon 17 [L. organum, instrument], m.; 
chain for galley-slaves. 

algarade 16 [Sp. -da (Ar.), battle-tumult], 

/.; tsudden attack; petulant insult, af- 

algazel [Ar.], m.; African gazelle. 

al~gbre 15 [1. L. -bra (Ar.)],/.; algebra. 
-gebrique 15 , adj.: algebraic(al). -ge"- 
bViqitement 18 , adv.: algebraically. 
-gebriste 16 , m.: algebraist. 

Alge~rie,/.: Algeria; -rien, -rienne, 
adj. or noun : Algerian. 

al^i^de 18 [L. -dus], adj.: algid, ice-cold. 
-dite 18 ,/.; algidity. 

algologie 18 [algue, Gr. logos, speech], 
/.; algology. 

algonquin 17 [Am.], m.; Algonquin; un- 
civilised person. 

algorit/nne 16 [p. L. (Ar.)], m.; algorithm. 

alguazil 16 [Sp. (Ar. al-wazir, the vizir)], 
m.: = (Spanish constable). 

algti-e 15 [L. -ga],f.: alga, sea-weed. 

fallaire = alliaire. 

alibi 18 [L., elsewhere], m.; =; fdiver- 
sion, fsubterfuge. "\toTQf$n> 1 * [forairi], 
m.: irrelevant or shuffling talk (answer), 

alibile 18 [L. JM], adj.: alible. 

aliborgrt 14 , m.; only in mattre , tper- 
son able to do everything, handy-andy; 
ready-witted or cunning fellow. 

alioante or -o%nt fp r vince Alicante, 
where made], m.; alicant (Spanish wine). 

alteKgn 16 [aiUe], m.; float-board. 

alidade 16 [L. ~da (Ar.)],/: =. 

[L. -natio], /.; alienation (transfer of 
property; mental derangement). -n6, 
=6e, part.: alienated, etc.; m., /.; luna- 
tic, maniac: maison d* s, mad-house. 
[|~n$t* [L. -nare (alius, other)], tr.: ilieii- 
ate (transfer as title ; estrange or 
affect) ; derange the mind of, * 

IS alignement 

mad. -niste 18 , adj.: alienist (treating 


ali-gnement 12 , m.: alignment, line; 
(mil.) dressing (d droite / right dress !) 
U^ner 11 , [a, ligne], tr.: align (form^to 
a line or in a line ; mil. dress) ; refl. (mil.) 
dress ; take position (to fight a duel) : 
ses phrases, square one's sentence ; -gn$, 

part.; fstraight. -grnette 17 ,/.: herring- 

alimen~ n [L. -turn (alere, nourish)], 
m.: == (food, nourishment); (leg.) allow- 
ance (pi. alimony); things insured, -taire 15 
|L. -tarius\, adj.: alimentary: pension 
, alimony; maintenance; regime , 
diet, -tation 14 [-ter], f.: =, feeding. 
-ter 13 , ir.: aliment, nourish, feed; sup- 
ply, -teuse 15 , =ej*s0, #<#.: alimental, 

alinea [L. a /meet, 'from the line'], 
inter j.: new line! (i.e. from the old); 
m.: break (between paragraphs); para- 

aliqitawte 16 [L. -to, some], adj.f.: ali- 

aliquote 14 [L. -f, some], adj.f.: aliquot. 

alise 11 or-ze [OHG. eliza], f.: service- 

aliser or -zer [OFr. alls (cf. lisse), 
smooth], tr.: "make even; (her.) shorten. 

alisier* 12 or -zier [-se], m.: service- 

ali-temeiit 15 , m.: taking to bed. H~ter 12 , 
[d, lit], tr.: put to bed; lay down (refl. lie 
down) ; arrange in layers : ~te, part.; bed- 

alivrer 18 [d, livre], tr.: make up into 
parts of one pound. 

aliza~ri 18 [Sp. (Ar.)], m.: madder-root, 
=. -rine 18 ,/.: alizarin. 

alize 16 [? aliser], adj.: vents s, trade- 

f alizer, f-zier = aliser, -sier. 

falkali = alcali. 

alketsnge^Cfr-ArJ, m.: winter-cherry. 

alkermes 15 [fr. Ar.], m.; =. 

Alla/t [Ar. al-ilah, the god], m.; =. 

allai-te 17 , /.: dug of a she-wolf, -te- 
me-nt 15 , m.: nursing, suckling. H^ter* 
[L. al-lactare (lac, milk), give milk to], 
tr.: nurse, suckle ; fsuck. 

allant 11 [-ZZfir] >g par.: going; adj.: ever 
going ('on the go'), stirring, active; m.: 
goer : 3 et venants, comers and goers. 

f allargtter = alarguer. 

alle-ehant 15 , flw^'.: alluring, enticing. 
-ehem.nC 13 , m,: allurement, enticement. 
livelier [p. L. ^allecticare (L. al~licere, 
attract)], tr.: allure, draw. 

[aller] f f.: going; passage; entry, 

16 [L. -gare], m.: alleger. 


legation 12 [L. -gare (cf. 

al-lege 11 [-leger], /.: lighter, tender; 

window-sill, i.-le&e$nee 11 [-leger],/.: 

alleviation, consolat'ion. 
j.allegeatwse 17 [Eng. allegiance (Fr. 

lige)l'f.T allegiance. 
alle-gement 11 , m.: alleviation, relief. 

i|~geV [p. L. *alleviare (L. levare)], tr.: 

LiGHTen (render less heavy; ALLEVIATE; 

reLiEVE ; disburden, unload) ; (nav.) buoy 

up. -gir 12 , tr.: lighten, reduce. 
allego'^rie 11 [L. -ria (Gr. dllo-, other, 

agoretiein, speak), 'describing one thing 

by another'], /.: allegory; allusion. 

-riqtie 15 [L. -ricus], adj.: allegorical. 

ally, -riser 13 , tr.: allegorise, -riseur 17 
[-riser], m.: allegoriser. -riste 15 , m.: 


al~lgre [L. flZacer], adj.: lively, quick, 
cheerful, allacrious. -legnsmenfc l \ 
adv.: lively, joyously, alacriously. -le- 
grer 11 , tr.: render lively, alacrify. -16- 
grcsse 12 , /.: falacrity; lively joy, glad- 
ness, cheerfulness, mirth, -legrett?" 
[It. -gretto], adv.: (mus.) allegretto, 
-legro 17 [It. allegro (L. alacer f lively)], 
adv.: (mus.) allegro. 

f alleguer [L. al-legare, send to or for, 
summon]', tr.: ALLEGE (adduce, plead, af- 
firm ; fEng. cite as authority). 

alleluia 11 a(l)-le-lui-ya [L. (Hobr., 
'praise God')], m.: hallelujah; (bot.) wood- 

Alle~ma0ne, /.; Germany. alle- 
ma7icl ,""-iiig.nde, adj.OTm.,/.: German. 

aller T [?], irr.; tr.: go, move; go on; 
proceed, be about (to do a thing); get 
along, be (in health) ; amount (to) ; (fam.) 
go or be suitable (with, to), suit ; impers. 
with y : be at stake or concerned (e.g. il 
y va de la vie, life is at stake) ; rejL with 
e?i (s'en aller) go away, leave ; pass away, 
be dying ; be going, be about to ; pass, 
proceed; pass away; be lost; infinit.: 
going; run; (nav.) outward voyage; 
imperat. (va, allons, allez) often inter- 
jectionally : come ! now ! etc. : - d cheval 
(d pied, en voiture), go on horseback (on 
foot, in a carriage) ; au pas, walk, pace ; 
bon train, go on well or at a good 
round pace; son train, keep on, take 
one's own course ; aux voix, put to the 
vote ; de pair, be equal ; d la gloire, 
aim at glory ; se laisser^ d, give one's 
self up to ; au long , in the long ^run j 
au pis , at the worst ; c'est wtre pis , 
it's your last shift; avoir Z' pour k 
venir, lose one's labor; cela vous va> 
tfyat suits you ; il en va, it is, il en ira f it 
will be ; cela ne va pas, that won't do ; 


allons done! come now! nonsense! va 
fen! or allez-vous-en! go away! be off 
with you ! comment allez-vous? or (fam.) 
comment cela va-t-il? how are you? 

Ind. : Pr. vazs t vas, va ; allons, allez, 
vont. Ipf. allais. Pret. attai. Fut. (Cond.) 
irai(s). Sub].: Pr. aill-e, -es, -e ; allions, 
allies ) aillent. Ipf, alias se. I've va; 
allez. Part. : Pr. allant ; P. altt. 

alien [OHG. all-od 'all property'], m.: 
allodium, freehold. 

alliahle 15 [-Her], adj.: miscible. 

allia-ee 18 [L. -ium, garlic], adj.: (bot.) 

alliage [-ier], m.: fcombination ; alloy- 
-age, alloy. 

alliaire 15 [L. -ium, garlic], /.: hedge- 

al-lia/jvee 14 , /.: =, union; marriage; 
wedding-ring ; covenant ; combination. 
-lie, =ee u , m.,/.: ally, confederate ; rela- 
tive (by marriage). i.||~lier [L. -ligdre, 
bind to], tr. : ALLY, (combine, unite, marry) ; 
mix (ALLOY) ; reconcite ; refl. : be allied 
or enter into alliance, etc. ; suit ; part. : 
allied, etc. ; confederate ; related (by 
marriage), akin. 

2.allier 14 [?], m. partridge-net. 

alligator 17 [Engl. (Sp. lagarto, LIZAKD)], 
m.: =. 

alljngue, m.: barrier. 

alliteration 17 14 [L. ad, litera, letter], 
/.: alliteration. 

alli-vrment 15 , m.: assessment. 
||~vrer 15 [d, livre, pound], tr.: tax 
(acc'g to income). 

allo. 18 [Eng.], inter 'j.: halloo! hello! (as 

allohroge 16 [name of a tribe, despised 
by the Romans], m.: rude person, clown; 
adj. crude. 

allocation 16 {location],/.: = (grant). 

allocution 11 PJ. -tio (loqui) speak)],/.: 
=, address. 

allodia-1 16 \\.L.-lis (zf.alleu)],adj.: , 
freehold, -lite 10 ,/.: free tenure. 

al-lgn^e 12 , /.: lengthening (delay); 
lengthening-piece, leaf (of a table), rider 
(of a bin) ; (nav.) futtock. -longe, adj.: 
lengthened, elongated, drawn; lame. 
-Ign^ement, m.: lengthening, elonga- 
tion. Ihl^n^er 11 [d, long], tr.: length- 
en (prolong, stretch out; protract, de- 
lay) ; thrust, launch (a blow), allonge (a 
thrust) : la courroie d quelqu'un, let 
out the reins for some one, give him full 

allo-patfte 18 , m.: allopath(ist). ll~pa- 
tfcie 18 [Gr. dllos, other, pdtkos, suffering : 
i.e. cure by producing a different effect], 
/. allopathy. -patMci'ue 18 , adj.: allo- 

jj-ailo-ter 1 *, ~t|* [& lot], ir>: allot 



ij. : allowable. ||~louer 10 
[a, louer], tr.: tpl ace nea r or in the 
service of ; assign to, grant, ALLOW ; 

allu-ehon 14 [ak. to loquet], m.: cog. 

allu-mage 18 , m.: lighting; kindling. 
-me 17 (-me),/,: fire-brand, -me-feu 18 , 
m.: kindling-stick (of fir). ||~mer 
[p. L. -mindre (L. lumen, light)], tr.: 
light (kindle; illuminate), -mette 13 , 
/.: match: chimique, lucifer-match. 
-meur 16 , m.: lighter, -moir 18 , m.: 
lighter (that which lights). 

allure 11 [aller], /.: way of walking or 
moving or acting ; gait, pace, turn ; car- 
riage, conduct, manner; process; (hunt.) 
track, trail; t mea ns of going, vehicle; 
pi. way of acting ; intrigues. 

allusion [L. -sio (ludere, play)],/.: fjest ; 
allusion, hint. 

allu~vial 18 [L. -vius (al-luere, wash 
against)], adj.: =. -vion 15 [L. -vio], 


almageste 11 [Ar.], m.: almagest. 

almanac fo 14 [1. L. -chus], m.: almanac. 

almee [Ar.],/.: Oriental dancer. 

alo-es 12 [L. -e], m.: aloe (plant or juice). 
-etiqofte 17 , adj.: aloetical. 

aloi [-layer], m.: falloy; standard (of 
gold, etc.) ; value, quality. 

falong . . . = allong . . . 

alope-eie 14 [L. -cia],f.: alopecy. 

alors 14 [a,, lors], adv.: then : d' , of that 

al9-se [L. -lausa], /.: =, shad, -sier, 
m.: shad-net. 

alouette 11 [O.Fr. aloue* (L. alauda)],/.: 
lark : pied d } , (bot.) lark's heel. 

alour~dir 1G [a, lourd], tr.: render heavy 
or dull; fstun. -dissement 14 , m,: 
heaviness, dulness. 

al9yage 17 [-yer], m.: (tinsmith's) alloy; 
j-= dlliage. 

aloyau 13 [?], m.: sirloin of beef. 

aloyer [older form of i.allier], tr.: 
alloy* (for forming tin) ; -("determine the 
standard of. 

alpa-ca, or -ga [Sp. -paque (Peruv.)], m.: 
=, llama. 

Alpes [LJ, /. pi: Alps, alpestre 15 
[L. -pestri8\, adj.: alpine. 

alpha 11 [L. (Gr.)], m.: =, beginning. 

alpha-het 15 PJ. -betum (Gr. dJfa Uta, 
a b)], m.: =; vocabulary, -"betimte, 
adj.: alphabetical, -"betiqitement [-M- 
tique], adv.: alphabetically. 

Alph^e, m.: Alpheus. 

alpin,/. -pine, adj.: alpine. 

alpiou 16 pt. alpiu 'FY. au plus], m.: 
double stake (at cards). 

alpiste 16 [Sp.],/.: canary-grass. 

alstne 16 JLJ,/.: chickwee& 



altaique, adj.: of Altai mountains, 

alte~r . . . [L. alter, other] : -rafale 13 
[-rer], adj.: alterable, -rant 15 ' [i.L. 
-rans; 2.-rer], adj.: alterant (as noun 
alterative); 2. causing sleep, soporific. 
-ratenr 17 , -ratri-ee [-rer], m., /.: 
alterer, modifier, -ration 12 [L L. -tio], 
/.: falteration ; (alteration for the worse :) 
deterioration, corruption, adulteration, fal- 
sifying, misrepresentation, morbid change ; 
fexcessive thirst, -rcas 16 , m. [-rquer], or 
-r cation 12 [L. -rcatio], /.: altercation, 
wrangle", falte-re 16 [-rer],/.: trouble. 
-re 13 [-rer], part.: altered, etc. ; thirsty, 
thirsting, dry ; greedy, -rer 18 [L. -rare], 
tr. : alter (change) ; change for the worse 
(deteriorate, aduLTERate, impair, weaken, 
misrepresent, distort); make thirsty or 
dry; refl. be altered ; be impaired, spoiled, 
etc.; intr.: excite thirst, -rite 12 [L. 
-tas],f.: altered condition. 

alter-nan-ee 18 [-ner], /.: alternation, 
succession, -nant 18 [-ner], adj.: alter- 
nating. -nafc 17 [-Tier], m,: alternateness, 
succession (of crops), -natif 1 *, =ive 
[-Tier], adj.: alternate, alternative, t-na- 

Son 15 [L. -natio], /.: =. -native 16 
latif], /.: alternative, choice; alter- 
nation, permutation, -nativement 13 
[natif], adj.: alternately. II ~ne 16 [L. 
-nus (alter, other), one after another], 
adj.: alternate (by turns; reciprocal). 
-ner 12 , intr.: alternate (take turns; act 
by turns) ; tr. : alternate. 

alterquer [L. -rcari (alter, other)], 
intr.: altercate. 

altesse 15 [It. -tezza [L. altus, high)],/.: 
highness (as title). 

altTtaea 16 -te-a [LJ, /.: althaa (marsh- 

al-tier 15 , /.: =ere [It. -tiero (L. aUus, 
high)], adj.: haughty, proud; lofty. 
-tierement, adv. : haughtily, proudly. 

al-titude 14 [L. -titudo (altus, high)]; 
/.: altitude, -to 17 [It.], m.: betw. tenor 
and bass, alto. 

altruisme [L. alter, in anal, with autrui], 
m.: altruism. 

alnde 17 \L. aluta, soft leather],/: sheep- 
skin (for books). 

alndel [Sp. (Ar.)], m.: (chem.) =. 

faluine [p. L. ^aloxina (Gr. aide, aloes ; 
oxines, acid)],/.: absinth. 

alumelle 11 [d, lamelle],f.: fblade (of a 
knife, etc.) ; planing or polishing tool, 
scraper ; iron-sheating of the tiller-hole. 

alumi-najre 18 , <tdj. : aluminous. II ^ne 17 
[L. alumen; ALIJN], /. : alumina, -neuo? 15 , 

/ = ei|igc T adj.: aluminous, -ninm 18 , 
m. : ==: . 

?\L*alnmen], m.: alum, ^ 


[-Tier], m.: aluming. -lunation 18 ,/.: 
(chem.} alun-making. -luner 16 , tr.: 
alum, steep in alum. -luneuat 14 , 
=nse, adj.: alun-bearing. -luniere 18 , 

/.: alum mine, -lunite 18 , /.: =, alum 

alve-olaire 17 , adj.: alveolar. Ihole 15 
[L. -lus (alveus, hollow), small cavity], 
m. (/.): alveolus (cell of a honey-comb; 
or socket of a tooth) ; seed-cell, -ole 18 , 
adj.: alveolate. 

i.alvin 18 , =ine [L. -nus (alvus, belly)], 
adj.: alvine. 

2.f alvin, etc. = alevin, etc. 

talysse = alysson. 

alysson 15 [L. (Gr. a, 'not, 1 Itissa, /mad- 
ness')", as a supposed curative against], 
m.: alyssum (madwort). 

falzan = alezan. 

amaMlite 10 [L. -bills], f.: amiableness; 

amade [Ger. hamm, close place],/.: (her.) 
three parallel lists in a shield. 

amadis [A., hero in a romance], m.: 
chivalrous lover ; tight sleeve (as worn in 
the 17th cent, by a stage A.). 

ama-dou 17 [? Prov. (L. amare, love)], 
m.: =, German tinder (as inflammable), 
touch-wood, -douer 15 , tr.: coax, ca- 
jole. i.-doneur 17 ," m.: tinder-maker, 
2.f-doueur [-douer], m.: cajoler. -dou- 
vier, m.: agaric of the oak, tinder, 

amai^grir 11 [5, maigre], tr.: make 
MEAGRE, lean or thin, eMAciate ; reduce in 
bulk or thickness; make steril; -\intr., 
refl.: grow lean or thin, -grissement 18 , 
m.: growing thin, falling, emaciation. 

amalga-matiori 16 [-mer],/.: =. Jl^me w 
[L. -ma (Ar.)], m.: amalgam (a); amal- 
gamation, medley, -mei* 18 , tr.: amal- 
gamate; mingle. 

aman 18 [ArJ, m.: grace (to Arabs who 

aman~de [L. amygdala (Gr.)], /: 
ALMOND ; kernel ; oval part of the sword- 
hilt, -de 15 , m. : milk of almonds, amygda- 
late. -dier 11 , m.: almond-tree. 

aman, -ntante [L. amans, loving], m., 
t/: flover (paramour); m.: sweetheart. 

amarante 15 [L, -tus (Gr. a-mdrantos, 
unfading)],/: amaranth; adj.: amaranth- 

amari-nage 13 , m.: (nav.) manning a 
prize. (hner 12 [d, marin], prepare 
(a vessel) for the sea; man (a prize); 
inure (a crew) to the sea. 
marque 16 [ft, marque], /,: buoy; sea- 

amar-rage 16 , m.: mooring or fastening 
(a ship), amar-re 12 , /. : mooring cable, 
seizing) rope. ]J~rer l2 pu|;pb 


fix], tr.: MOOR, fasten a ship, seize, 
belay, tie. 

amaryllide, -ryllis [L. Amaryllis, 
shepherdess in Virgil], /. : amaryllis (lily- 

ama-s 13 , m.: MASS, heap, pile, accumula- 
tion. lesser 11 [d, masse], tr.: amass, 
(heap up, accumulate, hoard up); fpick 
up; refl.: be heaped up, accumulate, 
crowd. -ssette 10 , /.: palette knife. 
-ssetir 16 , m.: collector; hoarder. 

amatelo-tage 18 , m.: (nav.) classing the 
men. Ht~ter 16 [d, matelot], tr.: (nav.) 
class the crew. 

amateur 15 [L. -tor (amare, love)], m.: 
lover (of a thing or fpsrson) ; amateur, 

amatiner 15 [d, matin}, tr.: cross with a 

amatir 11 [d, matir], tr.: render tarnished 
or dull ; deaden (gold). 

amau-rQse 15 [Gr. -rosis, darkening],/.; 
amaurosis. -rotique, adj.: amaurotic. 

amazgne [L. -zori], /. : amazon (myth.) ; 
riding woman ; riding-habit. 

ambages 13 [L. ambi, around, agere, drive], 
f . pi.: = (idle circumlocution, quibble). 

ambassa-de 1 * [1. L. ambaciare (L. am- 
bactus, vassal, fr. OHG. ambaht, public 
servant), go on a mission],/.: embassy; 
ambassade; ambassador's house; message. 
-deur 13 , m.: ambassador; envoy, messen- 
ger. -driee 16 [-deur],f.: ambassadress; 

ambe^pt.-L. -bo, both], m.: combination 
of two numbers (in lottery or game). 

ambEsas 11 [OPr. ambes, two, as], m.: 
ambs-ace, two aces. 

ami)! 16 [Gr. dmbe, spatula], m.: = (in- 
strument used in luxations of the hu- 

ambian* 15 \L,-biens(amb-ire,go around)], 
adj. : 'ambient, surrounding. 

ambidextre 15 [-ter (ambo, both, dexter, 
right), adj.: ambidextrous, m.: ambi- 

ambi^gn 14 , =ue [L. -guus (amb-igere, 
wander about)], adj.: ambiguous (equivo- 
cal); m.: ambiguity; ambigu (cold colla- 
tion); mixed play or game, -guite 12 , 
/.: ambiguity. -gumnt 15 , adv.: ambi- 

a^i/bi-tieusemgnt 18 [-tieux], adv.: am- 
bitiously.' il~tieuos 12 , =jjse [L. -tiosus 
(amb-ire, 'go about' in search of office)], 
adj.: ambitious (fintriguing to push one's 
self); dazzling; noun: ambitious person. 
-tin 12 [L. -tio],f.: = (fintrigue to push 
one's self), -tioimer 15 [-tion], tr.: 
ambition, seek ' with ' ambition, desire 

6 , m.: amble, pace. \\^bler [L. 



-bulare, walk], intr. : amble, pace, -lilenr, 
=ejjse, adj.: ambling; m.: ambler. 

ambiyopie [Gr. -opi a (amblus, blunt, dps, 
eye)],/.: amply opy. 

a.m'bqn 17 [Gr. dmbon, brim], m.: ambo, 

am^bre 12 [Ar.], m.: amber: gris, 
ambergris ; fin comme V , shrewd. 
-bre 1 ^ [-brer], adj.: amber-coloured; 
amber-scented, -brer 16 , tr.: perfume 
with amber, -brette 12 ,/.: amber-seed. 

fam^broise, =bro(i)sie 14 [L. -brosia 
(Gr. a-, not, brotos, mortal), the 'immortal- 
ising' food of the gods], /.: ambrosia. 
i.-brosiew, 15 , =enne, adj.: ambrosial. 

2.ambrosien, =enne pLi. -sianus], adj.: 
Ambrosian (pertaining to St. Ambrosius). 

ambu-lan^e 17 [-lant] ; /.: = (field- 
hospital); ambulatory state; office of 
an ambulating collector. -lanoier 18 , 
-laticiere [-lance], m., /.; person* em- 
ployed in an ambulance. ||~l*mt 16 [L. 
-lans (-tare, go about)], adj.: "ambulant 
(ambulatory, itinerant, strolling ; shifting). 
-latoire [L. -latorius], adj.: ambulatory, 

$me [L- anima], f.: soul, spirit, mind; 
vital or essential part of a thing; hence 
inner part of a thing: core, pith, central 
thread, axis, moulding-block, sound-post 
(of a violin), air-valve, bore (of a gun): 
bien nee, well-constituted mind; 
damnee, condemned soul; (mere) tool; 
Sgalite d' , equanimity ; rendre I' , give 
up the ghost ; d I' , -souled. 

fame [OFr. amer = aimer], adj.: well- 

amelio-raticw 14 , /.: amelioration, im- 
provement. H^rer* 11 , f-rir [d, meilleur, 
assim. to L. melior, 'better'], tr.: better 
(a)meliorate, improve. -rissement 18 , 
m.: amelioration. 

amen 11 [Hebr., 'certainly'], inter j. or 
m.: =. 

amena-ge 18 [-Tier], m.: transport 

amena-gemenf, m.: management; 
forest-management. il~ger 18 [d, mena- 
ger], tr.: arrange for usage, regulate; 
regulate the management of (a forest). 

amen-dable 15 , adj.: , improvable; 
compensatory, amgn-de, /.; ransom, 
penalty, fine, forfeit : mettre $ V , fine ; 
faire honorable, make due apology. 
-dement 11 , m.: =; fi^provement (in 
health). H-der [L. emendare (e, from, 
menda, fault), correct], tr., "\intr. : amend, 
improve; refl,: amend, grow better; re- 

amene 15 [L- -m&nus (amare, love), pleas- 
ant], adj.: pleasant, agreeable (of nature). 

ame-ne, part.: brought, etc. ; m.; bring- 
ing; (ewe. law) secret summoning. -n6e tt , 



/.: bringing or conveying (esp. of water) : 

canal d', supply-canal. ||~ner 10 [a, 

mener], tr.: to come, bring (in, on, about, 

around) ; lead ; induce ; (nav.) ^haul down, 

AMAIN ; throw (of dice) : & Ion part, 

bring to a good issue; fare -ni de bien 

loin, be far-fetched* 

amenite 13 [-mcenitas (cf. -mene)], /.: 
amenity, pleasantness. 

amenorr/iee 18 [Gr. a-, not, men, month, 
hrein, flow],/.: amenorrhoea. 

amenta-ee 17 [L. -turn, thong], adj.: (bot.) 
amentaceous ; / ; such plant. 

amenni-sement 12 , ra. ; thinning, thinness. 
H^ser 11 [d, menuiser], tr.: thin, reduce. 

a~mer, =ere [L. -marus], adj.: bitter; 
briny; m.: bitterness; gall; pi. (med.) 
bitters, -meremenfc 9 , adj.: bitterly. 

ameri-calrt, -caine, adj. or m., /.: 
American/ Ameri^qwe, /. : America. 

amers 17 [? for amerc-s, MARKS], m. pi: 
sea-marks, land-marks. Also pi. of amer. 

amertume [p. L. ^amaritumina (L. 
amaritudo, bitterness)], /.: bitterness; 
grief : de la bidre, yeast-bitter. 

ametftys~te 10 [L. -tus], /.: amethyst. 
-tin-, adj.: amethystine. 

ametro~pe 18 [Gr. a-, not, metron, 
measure, ops, eye], adj.: ametropic. 
-pie 18 ,/.: ametropia. 

ameti-blEmen* 16 [-bier], m.: furniture. 
fabler- 15 [a^meuUe], tr. : furnish (= meu- 
bler)l H-blir 16 [, meuble], tr.: (agr.) 
mellow or make lighter; (jur.) convert into 
personal property, -blissement 18 [~blir], 
m.: (agr.) mellowing; (leg.) conversion 
into personal property. 

fametilcnmer 33 [d, meulon], tr.: (dial.) 
stack (hay). 

ameu-teaient 16 , m.: (hunt.) forming a 
pack, ||~ter 15 [a, meute], tr.: join 
(hounds) to a pack, train to hunt together ; 
tjoin, or combine; gather (persons) to- 
gether (against), form into riotous crowds ; 
s' , gather in a riotous crowd or mob, 

a~mi, -mie [L. -mwus, -mica], m. t /. or 
adj.: friend; friendly; bonne , sweet- 
heart; m'amie (old for mon amie; also, 
by misunderstanding, ma mie), my love, 
my duck, -xniable [L. -mieabilis], adj.: 
t=; amicable/friendly; salutary: d I', 
in a friendly way, amicably; (of sales) 
private. -miaWEmen t u [-miable] , adv. : 

amiante 15 [Gr. -tos (a-, not, miafaiein, 
corrupt)], m.: amianthus. 

amioa-1 11 [L. -Us], adj.: amiable, friendly. 
-lemg* 17 , adv.: amicably. 

amict 11 p. L. -tus, cloak], m.: AMICE. 

ami~don 18 [L. amyluiri], m.: starch; 
(cftem.r f ecula. -donnage 18 [-donner], 


m.: starching, -donner 16 , tr.: starch, 
-donnier 16 , m.: starch-maker. 

ami^narder 15 [a, nignard], tr.: make 
delicate or dainty. 

ami^notter 12 [d, OFr. mignot = mignon], 
tr.: make delicate or dainty. 

amin-eir 17 [a, mince], tr. : render thin, 
thin, lessen; rej?.: grow thin, -eisse- 
men* 18 , OT.; thinning; thinness. 

ami~ral 15 [Ar. amir, chief], m.: t c h^; 
admiral (person, ship, or shell); adj.: 
admiralCs). -rale, /.: admiral's wife. 
-raute 13 , /.: t admiralsni P J admiralty 
(department or court of naval affairs). 

amis-sibilite 16 [-sible], f.: amissibility. 
-sible 17 , adj.: amissible. -sion 12 [L. 
-sio (a-mittere, loose)],/: omission, loss. 

amitie [p.L. amlcitas (L. amicus, friend)], 

/ : friendship (AMITY, affection) ; expres- 
sion of friendship or regard (pi. regards), 
kindness : prendre en , take a liking to ; 

faites-lui mes s, remember me kindly to 
him ; mil s, best wishes, my regards. 

am-man 17 [Ger. Amt-mann,mao. of office], 
m.: chief of a (Swiss) canton, -meistre 17 
[Ger. Amt-meister, MASTER of an office], 
m.: (German) alderman. 

ammi 15 [Gr.], m. bishop' s-wort. 

ain~inon 18 [Gr. Aminon, name of Ju- 
piter with the ram's horn], m.: ammonite 
(as resembling a horn), -moneen 18 , 
=enne, adj.: amoniferous. -moniac 1 *, 
=&que {L. -moniacus], adj.: of the tem- 
ple of Jupiter Ammon; amoniac (cf. 
-niaque below), -moniacal 17 [-moniac], 
adj.: ammoniac(al). -monia^t^ 17 
[-moniac], f.: ammonia (the salt first pro- 
duced near the temple of Jupiter Ammon). 
-monite 18 , /.: amonite (cf, -mow). 
-monium. 18 , m.: amonium (cf. -moni- 

amnesia 18 [Gr. -nesia (a, not, mna-, re- 
member], /.: amnesia (forgetfulness). 

am~nios 15 [Gr. -neids], m.: (anat.) =. 
-niotiqiie 18 , adj.: amniotic. 

amnis-vtie 15 [Gr. -nestia, (a-, not, mw#- 
sthai, remember), forgetting, pardon],/.: 
amnesty (general pardon), -tier, tr.: 
amnesty; -tie, =ee, part.; m.,/: person 
pardoned by amnesty. 

amo-diataire 17 , m,: renter of land, 
lessee, farmer, -diateur 13 , m.: renter 
(who lets out on lease), -diation 14 ,/.: 
leasing. [|~dier i12 [L L. ad-modiare (mo- 
dius, bushel)], tr.: farm out or lease (land 
for a payment in kind), rent out (land). 

amoi?*~drir [p. L. ad-minorire (L. wu- 
iwpj less)], "tr. lessen diMiNish ; intr., rqfl,.; 
grow smaller or leas.^ -dri96me>it u , 
m.: lessening, diminution, decrease. 

amol-14r u [d, mol = mou], tr.: soften, 
MOLLify; weaken, effeminate; rqfl.; 



grow tender or weak; grow effeminate. 
-lissanfc 15 , adj.: softening, effeminating, 
-lissement 16 , m.: softening; weakening; 

ampine 16 [L. -mum], m.: (hot.) amomum. 

amon-eeler 11 [d, monceau], tr.: heap up. 
-eelleittent 11 , m.: heaping up, accumu- 

anumt 10 [, mont], adv.: fupwards; up the 
stream (or river); m.: higher or upper 
part: mettre I'oiseau , send the bird 
flying ; vent d' , land wind ; en , up the 
river ; en de, above. 

amor-"ee 12 [OFr. a-mordre, bite at],/.; 
(what causes to bite, hence) bait, decoy ; 
allurement, attraction ; bribe ; (what com- 
municates the fire to gunpowder, or kindles 
it, hence) priming, tinder; flint, percus- 
sion-cap ; first portion of a road (to be 
built), beginning: sans brfiler une , 
without firing a shot, -eer 18 , tr.: bait 
(decoy, allure) ; prime (firearms), cap ; 
prepare, (sculpt.) boast ; open up (a road). 
-9oir ls [-cer], m.: boasting tool. 

amorphe 18 [Gr. -phos (a-, not, morphe, 
form)], adj. amorphous, formless. 

amoivtir 11 [&, mort],tr.: deaden, grad- 
ually extinguish, lessen; hence allay, 
weaken, moderate, break (a fall), slacken 
(speed), lay (dust); pay off (gradually); 
sink; redeem (land, etc.) ; (paint.) flatten; 
bruise (flesh) ; slack (lime) ; famortise ; 
refl.: be deadened, etc. -tissable 1 *, 
adj. : payable by instalments, redeemable. 
-tissemen* 12 , m.: deadening, slacken- 
ing ; diminution ; us'ly gradual paying off 
or liquidation, sinking, redemption; 
amortisement ; tapering point of a build- 
ing, finishing; pediment or cavetto 
(* deadening* the violence of the rain). 

amouler 18 [d, OFr. mole = meule], tr.: 
grind, sharpen. 

amT&~<r [L. amor], m. (/.): love (feel- 
ing, or object loved), passion; delight; 
heat (of animals) ; Amor or Cupid ; pl.f.: 
loves; (feelings of) love or delight; 
amours; Loves, Graces: pour V de 
Dieu, for God's sake ; see premieres s, 
his first love. -ra-eher 1 * [It amorac- 
ciare (-raccio, improper love)], tr.: make 
fall in love, make enamoured (used 
depreciatively) ; refl.: fall in love, be 
smitten. ^-retua. 16 , m.: little love. 
-rette 11 , /.: flighty love or inclination, 
amour, love-affair; object of a flighty 
love ; pleasing thing ; (lot.) = ; marrow 
(used as a delicacy) : dee pre*8, (bot.) 
lychid ; mousse, saxifrage, -reufe- 
m$n* ia [-reux], adv.: amorously, 
lovingly,> , =ejjse [p. L. amoro- 
sus], adf,: loving, in love, enamoured; 
impassioned; m. t /.; lover; sweetheart; 

admirer; spark, -r-propre 16 , m.: self-. 
love ; over-esteem of one's self. 

amo-vibilite 17 , /.: removability, re- 
vocableness. -vifole 16 [L. a-movere, re- 
move], adj.: liable to transfer, removable. 

ampM~ [Gr. (directly or through L.) of 
both kinds, around] : -bie 15 [Gr. -bios 
(bios, life)], adj.: amphibious; of mixed 
nature; m.: amphibian; jack of all trades. 
-"bole 18 [G. -bolos (bdllein, throw), doubt- 
ful], /. = -bologie 12 [L. -lologia (cf. 
-bole)],/.: amphib'ology. -"bologiqwe 14 
[-bologie], adj.: amphibological, -"bisque 17 
[Gr. -brachus (brachus, short)], m.: 
amphibrach (^ ). -ctycw 16 [Gr. 
-Jctuon (? -ktiones, dwellers)], "m. (us'ly 
pi.): Amphiktyon(s). -ctyonide 15 [Gr. 
-ktuenfo], adj., /.: Amphictyonic. 
-ctyonie 18 [Gr. -ktuonia], f. : amphicty- 
ony. -ctyonique 17 [Gr. ktuonikds], 
adj.: amphictyonic. -gouri 17 [? Gr. 
guros, circle], m.: amphigory, nonsense 
poem or speech, rigmarole, -gourique 17 
[-gouri], adj.: amphigoric, absurd. 
-macre 17 [Gr. -makros (makros, long)], 
m.: amphimacer ( ). -sciens [Gr. 
-skios (skid, shadow)], m. pi.: amphiscii. 
-tfc,e$tre 15 [Gr. -Matron (cf. theatre)], 
m.: amphitheater; first gallery; dissect- 
ing-room. -trite 16 [Gr. -trite], f.: 
Amphitrite, goddess of the sea; sea. 
-tryon [Gr. truon], m.: Amphitryon 
(Theban king ; or person in a comedy by 
Molie're) ; host, master of the feast. 

am^-pliore 18 [L. -ra (Gr.^ampH, on both 
sides, phoreuSj bearer), two-handled jar], 

/.: amphora. -pKorique 18 , adj.: (ned: t 

[L. amplus, full all around], 

adj.: ample (large, spacious), -pta- 
m.ent 11 , adv.: amply, -plenr 17 , /.; 
ampleness, amplitude, largeness, -plia- 
tif w , /. =ive [L. -pliare], adj. : am- 
plifying, additional, -pliation 13 [L. 
-pliatio], /.; amplification; (old law) 
completion; duplicate or official copy. 
-plier 12 [L. -pliare], tr.: fmake ample; 
(old law) prolong, postpone, -pliflant* 8 
[-pUfier], adj.: amplifying, enlairging. 
-pliflcatero 16 [L. -plificator (cf. 
-plffler)], m.: amplifier, .-pliflcati^m 13 
|L. -pltycatio (cf. -plifier)], f.: =. " -pli- 
fler 14 [L. -plfficare (-plus, full, facer e, 
make)], tr.: amplify, enlarge; expatiate 
upon. -plissime 14 [L. -plissimus 
(superl.)], adj.: most considerable, most 
excellent (old title of the rector of the 
University of Paris), -plitude 14 [U 
-plitudo], f. : = (fulness, richness). 
awpou-le [L. ampulla (?)], /.; ampulla 
(swelling jar), vial; fwater-bubble ; 
blister; (biol.) ampulla .(membraneous 



bag); (60*.) bladder, -le 16 [OPr. -ler 
(-le), swell out], adj.: ^swelling; in- 
flated (bombastic, turgid) ; (metal.') 
blistered. -lette 11 , /.: ^(nav.) little 
hour-glass; (mil.) fuze-tube (of a shell, 

ampu-tation 16 [L. -tatio],f.: =. -te 18 , 
-tee, ra., /.; cripple (from amputation). 
H^ter 15 [L. -/are (am- am&i, around, 
putare, prune)], tr.: amputate; cripple 
(by surgery). 

amulette 16 [L. -letum (Ar.)], /.: amulet. 

amu~re 16 [?],/.: tack of a sail: grand 
,"main tack, -per 15 , tr.: haul aboard 
the tack of (a sail). 

amu-sable 16 , adj.: = . -sant, adj.: 
amusing, -sement 14 , m.: =; entertain- 
ment, sport; trifling, flirtation. ||~ser 15 
[a, muser], tr.: amuse (entertain, divert) ; 
put off with fair words, detain with 
trifles; trifle with, deceive; refl.: amuse 
one's self, etc. ; sport, trifle ; trifle away 
the time, delay: le tapis, talk the 
time away ; 5' bien, amuse one's self 
well; have good fun; s' a la mou- 
tarde, stand trifling. -sette 16 , /.: 
little amusement, fun, trifling, -seur 15 , 
m.: amuser. -soir 16 , /.: amusement; 

amygda~le 15 [L. -la (Gr. -le)],f.: (anat.) 
ALMOND (tonsil), -lite 18 , /. : inflammation 
of the tonsils, -loide 17 [Gr. -loeides],f. : 
amygdaloid, almond-like. 

amy-la-ee 18 , adj.: amylaceous. |j~le 18 
[L. -lum, starch], m.: (chem.) amyl. 
-lique 18 , adj.: amylic. 

an/ [L. annus], m.: year: lejour de F , 
New-Year's day ; I' bisextile, leap-year. 

i. ana [L. neut. pi. ending -ana], m.: =, 
sayings (cf. Engl. 'Johnson-iana,' the 
sayings of J.). 

2. ana [L. (Gr. and, 'again/ distributive- 
ly)], adv.: (pharm.) =, of each, aa. 

ana- [Gr. and, up, back, again, like] : 

ana~baptisme 15 [ana-, again], m.: ana- 
baptism. -baptiste 15 , m.: anabaptist. 

anacar~de 13 [Gr. -dion (and, like, 
kardia, heart)], m.: anacardium-nut, 
cashew-nut, -dier 17 , m.: anacardium. 

anao/torete 11 [Gr. -retes (and, back, 
chores, place)], m.: an(a)choret, an- 

anao^ronisme 16 [Gr. -mos (and, back, 
chronos, time)], m.: anachronism. 

anaoolutfte-" [Gr. an- not, akdluthos, 
following], m.: anacoluthon (want of 
grammatical sequence). 

anaooste 17 [Arschot, a city in Holland], 

/.; anacostia, kind of serge. 

anaoreoritique 17 [L. -ticus (Andcreon, 
the Greek poet)], adj.: Anacreontic. 


anaerobic 18 [Gr. an-, not, Fr. aerobie], 
adj.: anaerobitic (of microbes 'living 
without air). 

anagallis 15 [Gr.], m.: red pimpernel. 

anaglyphe 18 , -glypte [Gr. -phos (and, 
up, gluphein, chisel), wrought in relief], 
m.: anaglyph. 

anagnoste 15 [Gr. -gnostes, reader], m], 
/. : slave-reader (at a repast) ; freader. 

anago~gie 15 [Gr. -goge (and, up, dgein, 
lead), leading up],/.: anagoge, research 
of the mystic meaning in Holy Writ. 
-gique 15 , adj.: anagogic(al). 

anagram-matiser 15 , tr.: anagramma- 
tise. -nxatiste' 1& , m.: anagrammatist. 
H^me 15 [Gr. -ma (and, back, grdphein, 
write)],/.: anagram. 

anagyre 14 , -gyris [Gr. -guros], m.: 
be an "trefoil. 

anal 18 [L. anus, anus], adj. : =. 

analeotes 17 [Gr. -ta (ana-Ugein, gather 
up)], m. pi.: analects, analecta. 

analem-matiqite, adj.: of an ana- 
lemma. ||~me [L.-Gr. -ma (ana-lambd- 
nein, take up), support, sun-dial],/.: ana- 

analeptiqtte 15 [L. -cus (Gr. ana-lambd- 
nein, take up)], adj.: analeptic (restora- 

analgesic 18 [Gr. -gesia (an-, not, dlgesis, 
sense of pain)], /. : analgesia. 

analo-gie 15 [L.-Gr. -gia (Gr. and, accord- 
ing to, "logos, proportion)], /.: analogy. 
-gique 16 [L. -gicus], adj.: analogical, 
analogous, -giquement 15 [-gique], adv.: 
analogously. * -gwe 16 [L.-Gr. -gos], adj.: 

ana~lyse 15 [L. -lysis (Gr. -luein, un-loose, 
dissolve)],/.: analysis; parsing: en der- 
ntire , after all is said, as a final up- 
shot. -lyser 17 [-lyse], tr.: analyse, dis- 
sect. -lyseur 18 [-lyser], m. analyser 
(person, thing, or part of polariscope). 
-lyste [-lyser], m.: analyste. -lytique 
[L. -ly ticus] , adj. : analytical, -lytiqw e- 
ment 16 [-lytique], adv.: analytically. 

anamorphose 1T [GtT.and, again, morpM, 
form],/.: anamorphosis, distortion. 

ananas 15 [Brazil], m.: =; pineapple; 
fraise , ananas-scented strawberry. 

anawtfoe 18 [Gr. an-, not, dnthos, flower], 
adj. : ananthous, flowerless. 

ana-peste 15 [L. -pcestus (Gr. ana-paiein, 
strike back, invert), 'inverted' dactyl], m.: 
anapest (^-^ ). -pestique 16 [L. -pas* 
ticus], adj.: anapestic. 

anaphore 16 [L. -ra (Gr. ana-phe'rein, 
carryback)],/.: anaphora, repetition. 

anapliro-difiaque " [Gr, -phrodisiakds], 
adj.: (med.) anaphrodisiac, blunting the 
venereal appetite, -disie 18 [Gr. -disia], 

/.: anaphrodisia. ||~dite 18 [Gr. -ditps 


(an, not, Aphrodite, goddess of love)], 
adj. : lacking venereal appetite, impotent. 

anaplastie 18 [Gr. ana-pldssein, re-form], 
/.: (med.) anaplasty, restoration (of lost 

anar~-ehie 13 [Gr. -chia (an-, not, archos, 
ruler)], /.: anarchy, -ehique 15 , adj.: 
anarchial. -ehiste 17 , m.: anarchist. 

anasarqtte 1G [Gr. and, throughout, sdrx, 
flesh],/.: (med.) anasarca, dropsy of the 

anastomose 15 [Gr. -sis (stoma, mouth)], 
/. : (med.) anastomosis, inosculation of ves- 
sels or nerves, -ser 17 , ir.: anastomose. 

anastrophe 17 [. (Gr. and, back, stre- 
phein, turn)],/.: , inversion of words. 

ana-thematiser 13 [1. L. -thematizare], 
tr.: anathematise, -thematisme w [L. 
-thematismus'], m.: anathematisation. 
ll^theine 11 [L., Gr. -thema (Gr. ana-tithe- 
nai, set up a votive gift), devoted (to a 
curse), accursed], m.: anathema (religious 
ban or curse ; reprobation) ; anathema- 
tised person. 

anatife 18 [abbr. of anatifere], m.: bar- 

fanatifere 16 [L. anas, 'duck,' ferre, 
'bear': the barnacle being popul. sup- 
posed to produce a kind of duck], adj.: 
conque , barnacle. 

anato^mie 18 [L. -mia (Gr. ana-temnein, 
cut up)],/.: anatomy (dissection) ; analy- 
sis (of a book); tskeleton: piece $ , 
dissected body (or part of a body), plaster- 
cast (of a dissected part) ; t seche, skele- 
ton. -miqite 15 , adj.: anatomical; fanat- 
omist. -miqwemenfc 17 [-mique], adv.: 
anatomically, -miser 15 , tr.: anatomise, 
dissect; analyse; fdivide. -miste 16 , m.: 

aw^eetre [L. ante-cessor, 'fore-goer'], 
m,: paternal ANCESTOR; pi.: ancestors, 

an-ehe 16 [OHG. -cha, tibia, pipe],/.: fpipe 
or mouth-piece of a wind-instrument ; reed 
(of a mus. instrument) ; organ-pipe ; mil- 
ler's scuttle, -efce 16 d, adj.: (her.) 

ftn^liiflure 17 [?],/..' worm-hole. 

a.n-eliois 16 [Sp. -choa], m.: anchovy. 

n~*-eien, =enne [p. L. ^anteidnum (L. 
ante, tlefore)], adj.: ancient (old, faged; 
by-gone); older, senior; m.: ancient; 
senior ; elder ; old codger : V , Old Nick ; 
les s d'une eglise, the elders, -eieime- 
jn.$nt ll ,adv.: anciently, formerly, --eien- 
net^ 11 ,/.: ancientness, antiquity; senior- 
ity ; fadvanced age : de toute , from the 
earliest times, from time immemorial. 

an^ile 16 [L.], m.: = (sacred shield, the 
palladium of Eome), 

anoolia 18 



ing' (viz. with urn-like petals)],/. : colum- 
bine (flower). 

ancone 17 [1. L. -nceus (Gr. -kon, elbow)], 
adj.: (anat.) anconal (pertaining to the 

an-crage 14 [-crer], m.: anchorage; anchor- 
ground." ||ari~cr<? [L. -cora],f.: anchor 
(of ship, of a wall = brace ; of a watch ; 
r fiff-) ' de large, sea anchor ; mat- 
tresse , sheet anchor ; de rechange, 
spare anchor; chasser sur les , drag 
the anchors ; traverser I' , fish the 
anchor ; fatiguer a I' , ride hard ; brider 
I' , shoe the anchor. -ere 16 , adj.: 
(her.) anchor-like, -crer [p. L. -cordre'], 
tr.: anchor, fix or brace. -orure 17 
[crer],/.: bracing (of a wall); crease (in 
cloth, made in shearing it). 

andafcate 15 [L.-ta], n. : gladiator who 
fought blindfolded. 

andailot 16 [?], m. : (nav.) cringle, iron 
ring (in a sail, for the rope). 

andoln 12 [root and, as in Ital. andare, 
go], m.: (OFr. stride); swath (mowed at 
each 'stride'). 

andalou 17 , =louse [Sp. -luz\, adj. or 
noun : Andalusian ; Spanish genet (horse). 

andan~te 17 [It., 'going'], adv. or m.: 
(mus.) =, moderately slow, -tina 17 , adv.: 

[p. L. ^inductile (in-ducere, 
bring in)], /.: sausage (of intestines of 
swine, chitterlings) ; roll or twist (of to- 
bacco) : "\vetu comme une , amply cov- 

a.ndou.f ller [p. L. *antocularis (L. ante, 
before, oculus, eye)], m.: ANTLER: pre- 
mier , brow-antler; second , bez- 

andouUlette 14 [-lie], /.: small sausage 
(of chitterlings). 

fjndriejme 17 ^ [Andrienne], f. : long morn- 
ing-gown (used in playing Andrienne by 

gndrinople 18 [Andrinopel, Turk, city],/.; 
red paint ; red cloth. 

lindro-* [Gr. andr(o)-, of an&r, man] : 
-oe-eie 18 [Gr. oiHa, house], /.: androe- 
cium, stamens of a flower (collectively). 
-^yne 18 [Gr. gune, woman], adj.: andro- 
gynous, being both male and female. 
-ide 16 [Gr, eidos, form], m.: android, 
('man-formed') automaton, -mede 15 [Gr. 
Anarom&da, wife of Perseus],/.: Andro- 
meda (constellation), -pligre 18 [Gr.^r^, 
bearing], m.: =,, support of stamens. 

$n^ [L. asinuy], m.: ASS (donkey; dunce) ; 
vice, jack : dos d' , (areh.) shelving ridge; 
Ute $^-, bull-head (fish) \ f pas d'~, (bot.) 
colt f s foot ; bit ; part of a sword-hilt (16th 
;cent.); coq-a-l'*-*-, cock-and-^ull story; 
bridge; conte de $eau 



d' , child's story; herbe aux s, sun- 

aneatt^tir 11 [d, neant], tr.: bring to 
naught, annihilate; prostrate, dumfound; 
refl.: be annihilated, etc. -tissemenfc 13 , 
m.: annihilation, destruction; prostra- 

anecdo~te 16 [Gr. -ta (an-, not^k-dotos, 
given out), 'unpublished things' (title of a 
work of Procopius)], /.; ; -\adj.: anec- 
dotal. -tier 17 , m.: relater of anecdotes. 
-tiqi*e 17 , adj.: anecdot(ic)al. 

4nee 12 [dne],f.: ass's load. 

ane~mie 18 [Gr. an-, not, haima, blood], 
/.: anaemia (bloodlessness). -mier 18 , 
tr.: render anaemic; refl.: become anae- 
mic or ill supplied with blood, -miqite 18 , 
adj.: anaemic. 

anemo~ [Gr. dnemos, wind]: -metre 
[Gr. metron, MEASure], m.: aneometer, 
wind gauge, -ne 15 [L. -na], f. : = (wind- 
flower). -scope 16 [Gr. skopein, view], /..* 
anemoscope, wind vane. 

4nerie 15 [-nier], f.: gross ignorance or 

aneroide 18 [Gr. a-, not, nerds, humid], 
adj.: aneroid, liquid-less (barometer). 

4nesse u [fine],/.: she-ass. 

anest7ie~sie 18 [Gr. anaisthesia (a-, not, 
aisthesis, feeling)], /.: anaesthesia, loss 
of sensation, -sier 18 , tr.: anaestetise. 
-tiqtte 18 , adj.: anaesthetic. 

anet/t 14 [L. -thum], m.: dill. 

anevris-mal 15 ,a^'.: aneurismal. ||~me 15 
[L. aneurysma (Gr. and, up, eurus, wide)], 
m. : aneurism (sort of tumor)]. 

anfrac-tueux 15 , =ejise [L. -tus (fran- 
gere, break), fractured], adj.: anfractu- 
ous (winding), -tuosite 15 ,/.: anfractu- 
osity (sinuosity). 

anga~rie 15 pt.-Lat. -ria (Gr. -ros, royal 

"courier), villenage],/.: compulsory service, 
statute-labor ; forced renting of ships (in 
war), -rier 14 [It. -riare], tr.: torment, 

an.~ge [L. -gelus (Gr. -gelos, messenger)], 
m. : 'angel ; angel-fish ; angel-shot ; chain- 
shot : etre aux s, be in a transport of 
joy; rire aux s, be in a laughing fit. 
-^clique 12 \L.-gelicus] ) adj.: angelic (al); 
/.: angelica (plant), lung-wort ; sort of 
lute : salutation , angelic salutation (to 
Mary that she was to bear Christ). 
-geliqueme?it u [-gelique], adv. : angel- 
ically. -geliser 15 [L. -gelisare], tr.: 
angelise, fender angelic, -gelot* 2 , m.: 
flittle angel; = (coin with" the image 
of St. Michael; sort of Norman cheese 
stamped like the coin), -gelus 16 [L. 
-gelus, word beginning the prayer], m.: 
angelus (morning, noon, and evening 
prayer in memory of the angel's saluta- 


tion to Mary; bell, sounding for this 

fanger = enger. 

angi~ne 15 [L.-na(angere, strangle)],/. : an- 
"giria (strangulating; throat-trouble; inflam- 
mation). -neua? 18 , =ejase, adj.: anginous. 
angio*' [Gr. angewn, vessel] : -graphie 18 
"[Gr. grdfein, write], /.: angiography. 
-logie 17 [Gr. logos, discourse],/.: angiol- 
ogy.' -sperme 18 [Gr. sperma, seed], adj.: 

anglai*s u , -se [Angle, =], adj.: Eng- 
lish ; m.,/.: Englishman ; English woman ; 
(m.) English language ; (/.) sort of dance ; 
silk lace ; 0?Z./.) long curls, -ser 18 , tr.: 
dock a horse's tail. 

an~gle [L. -gulus], m.: =, corner: a 
Adroit, rectangular, -gle 16 , adj.: angu- 
lar. -gler* 17 , tr.: form into angles. 
-glet 12 , m.: flittle angle; (arch.) angu- 
lar indenture between bossages, channel. 
AnglEterre [Angle, Angle, terre], f.: 
"England ; a-, English worsted ; sort of lace. 
angleux 18 , =ejjse [-gle], adj.: fangular; 
"having the seeds or kernels imbedded in 
angular cavities: noix se, butternut, 
walnut hard to pick out. 
an~glica 10 [Eng.], adj.: Anglican. 
-glicanisme 18 , m.: Anglicanism, -gli- 
-eisme 17 , m.: Anglicism, -glomane 17 
[-manie], adj. or m.: affected with Anglo- 
mania; Anglomaniac. 

angois^se [L. angustia (ang-ere, con- 
tract), narrowness, distress],/.: ANGUISH 
(pang; affliction): poire d' , choke-pear; 
gag; avaler des poires d' , go througk 
trials or harsh treatment, t-ser, tr. : an- 
guish, distress deeply, -seuop 11 ,, 
adj.: heart-rending, distressing; fdis- 

angon 14 [L.], m.: (Frankish) javelin; 
"shelf-fish hook. 

angora 18 [A., city in Asia Minor], adj.: 
~(invar.) or m.: = (cat or goat). 
fanguishure = enguichure. 
an-guiZlade 16 , /.: whip (of eel-skin); 
stroke with a twisted handkerchief or a 
lash. ||~guile [L. -guilla (anger e, con- 
tract)],/.: eel; eel-like thing; rollers (in 
launching a ship), launching-ways ; gun- 
slide (art.) ; bulging (in cloth) ; fly the 
garter (game). de mer, conger-eel; 
des haies, adder; plat-bee, grig; 
no2ud d' , slip-knot; Scorcher V par 
la queue, begin a thing at the wrong end ; 
il y a sous roche, there is a snake in 
the grass ; fare comme I' de Melun, cry 
out before being hurt (a certain Anguille 
of Melun, acting St. Bartholomew, crying 
out on seeing the executioner), -guil- 
li^re 16 , /.: eel-pond, -ffuillule 5 , /.; 
eel-like microscopic worms. 


atign~laire 15 [L. -laris (-lus, angle)], 
adj. : angular ; being at a corner, corner- : 
dent , canine tooth; nerf , nerve of 
the corner of the eye ; pierre , corner- 
stone. -leuoe 16 , [L. -losus], adj.: 
terminating in an angle, peaked ; angular ; 

a?igus~tie 12 [L. -tia (angere, compress), 
narrowness], /.: (med.) tightness, con- 
traction; fstraits; difficulty, -tie 16 , adj.: 
very narrow (of a road). 

anfre-lation 15 [L. -latio],f.: anhelation. 
)[~ler [L. -lare, pant], intr., tr.: breathe 
rapidly, pant; blow at. -leuos 18 , =ejjse, 
adj.: anhelous, panting. 

an/tydre 18 [L. an-, not, hudor, water] ; 
adjT: (chem.) anhydrous. 

anicro-ehe 16 [hanit croche = croc], /.: 
slight impediment, hitch. 

Anier , =niere [L. asinarius], m.: ass- 
driver ; ^adj. : asinine, stupid. 

ani~l 16 [Ar.],m.; =, indigo plant, -line 18 , 

/.: aniline. 

aniZle [? L. anaticula, little duck], /.: 
crutch ; prop (of a wall) ; crampin-iron ; 
mill-rend ; (her.) cross anchored ; tendril. 

ani~m . . . [L. -ma, -mus, soul, spirit] : 
-madversiort 11 [L.-sio (ad-vertere, turn 
to)], /.: =, reproof, censure, i.-mal 11 
[L. -mal], m.: , beast, brute. 2 .-mal 18 
[L. -malis], adj. : = j carnal : rtyne , 
animal kingdom, -male-ale 16 [-mat] , m. : 
=. -malier* 18 -lye [-mal], m.: painter 
or sculptor of animals, -malite 11 [L. 
-malttus (-mal)], /.: animality. -ma- 
tion 16 PJ. -matio], f. : =. -melle 15 [It. 
-mella (L. -mal)], /. (esp. in pi) : (cook.) 
delicate parts of an animal (lamb's-fry, 
kidneys, etc.). -mer 18 [L. -mare], tr.: 
animate; (enliven; force to; excite; 
heighten); rqfl,.: become animated, etc., 
cheer up ; take fire, be angry, -misme 18 , 
m.: animism, -miste" l-misme], adj.: 
animistic; m.,/.: animist. -moslt^ 18 pj. 
-mositas] , /. : animosity. 

ani^s 12 [L. -sum], m.: anise; aniseed. 
de Verdun, candied aniseed, -ser 16 , 
tr.: perfume with anis. -fette 17 ,/.: =, 
anise liquor. 

ani^otrope 18 [Qic.dn-isoa, unequal, tropfo, 
turning], adj.: (phys.) =, anisotropic. 

ftnky^lp^e 17 [Gr. -Metis (-Mlos, bent)], 
/.; (med.) ancholysis (formation of a stiff 
joint). -Iflje?" 18 , tr.: anchylose. 

an-nal 14 [L. -nalis (-nus, year)], adj.: of 
a year's duration, for a year, -nales 16 
\L.-nales],f.: annals, -naliste 16 [-nales], 
m.: annalist, -nate 14 Q. L. -nata, a year's 
income],/.: annats (payment to the pope 
of the tot year's income of a spiritual 
preferment); preferment tax (paid to 
s^ At<L for a benefice) ; first-fruits. 



annean pL. -nellus (dim. of anus, ring)], 
m.: ring; link; ringlet; ANULUS; in many 
technical expressions, as: ti vis, screw- 
hoop; d'ecoutille, ring-bolt; d'es- 
sieux, linch-loop ; de licou, halter ring, 
collar ; de pivot, socket-ring, etc. [p. L. -nata [L. -nus, year)], /,: 
year (esp. as qualified with regard to its 
nature, or implying something performed ; 
twelvemonth) : bisextile, leap-year ; 
scolaire, school-year; ses belles 5, his 
prime of life ; perdre une , lose a year 
(of work, or income). 

an-nele 16 , adj.: annulated, ring-streaked; 
in ringlets; m.: annulate (pL -ta). 
li^neler 16 [-nel, old form of -neau], tr.: 
arranged in rings or ringlets, curl. 
-nelet 11 [-nel], m.: small ring, ringlet; 
(arch.) annulet (moulding or fillet around 
a column), -nelides 18 [-nel], m. pi.: 
(zool.) annelida, ring-formed articulata. 
-nelure 16 , /.: curling into rings; ring- 

an-neace 12 [L. -nexus (-nectere, tie to)], 

/.: annex (appendage; parochial chapel); 
(of deeds) rider, -neacer 12 , tr.: annex, 
append. -nexim 18 [L. nexio], /.: an- 

anni/ii-lation 18 [L. -latio], /.: =. 
H^ler* 18 pL. -lare, (nihil, nought), tr.: 

annivepsairc 12 [L. -sarius (annus, year, 
vertere, turn)], adj. or m.: anniversary. 

annonaire 16 [L. -narius], adj.: (Rom.) 
relating to (the price or produce of) pro- 

an-ngn-ee 15 ,/.: announcement; advertise- 
ment; faiseur d' s, puffer; faites vo$ *^j, 
send in your name. H^non-eer pj. an- 
nuntiare (nuntius, messenger), report], 
tr.: announce (make known, tell, advertise, 
publish; forebode); s* : proclaim or 
present one's self. -nmeur* 8 , m.; 
announcer ; actor who gives out the next 
play, -nomsiade 16 [It. -nunziata], /.; 
name of various orders instituted in honour 
of the Annunciation, -ncm/eiatigti. 1 * [L. 
-nuntiatio], f.: ^announcement ; Annun- 
ciation (to the Virgin Mary); Lady day. 

anno-tateur 15 , m..' annotator. -ta- 
Ijion 16 [L. -tatio], /.; =, (old leg.) in- 
ventory of seized goods. ||~ter u [L. 
-tare (nota, mark)], tr.: annotate; (old 
leg.) make an inventory of (attached 

annu^aire 17 [L. annus, year]; m.: an- 
nuary, yearbook, -el 10 , =ellc DL-aHs], 
adj. : annual ; m. .' annual (daily mass for 
a deceased person during one year), -alle- 
men 12 [-eZ], adv.: annually. -i 
"ita8\,f.: annuity. 
annnlable 18 [4er], adj.: =. 

'28 annulaire 

axumlaire 13 \L,-larius (-lus, ring)], adj.: 
annulary : le doigt , the ring-finger. 
annulatif 15 , =ive, adj.: annulling, 
cancelling, -lation 13 , /.: annulment, 
cancelling. H^ler 12 [L. -lare (nullus, 
nothing)], tr.: annul, cancel; (/am.) quash. 
ano~blir 13 [ti, noble], tr.: ennoble (raise 
to the rank of nobility ; less often elevate 
in quality, us'ly ennoblir). -bli, part.: 
ennobled; m.: newly created nobleman. 
-Wissement 13 , m.: ennoblement. 
ano~dm l2 [L. -dynon (Gr. an-, not, odune, 
pain)], adj. : anodyne, soothing ; m. : ano- 
dyne. -dinement 18 , adv.: soothingly. 
anodonte 18 [Gr. an-, not, odous (stem, 
-dont), TOOTH], m.: anodon (fresh-water 

ano-mal 11 [1. L. -mains (Gr. a-nomos, 
law-less)], adj.: anomalous, irregular. 
-malie 16 [L. -malia], f. : anomaly, irreg- 
ularity. -m.alistiq.ue 17 [-malia], adj.: 
(astr.) anomalistic (al). j -mie 17 [L. -mia], 
f.: anomia (genus of bivalve shelves). 
4~non 1:L a- [ane], m.: ass's foal, young 
ass; little fool, -nonnemen/t 1G [-non- 
ner], m.: stuttering, stammering, -non- 
ner 16 , intr.: stutter, stammer; ffoal (of 
the ass). 

ano-nymat 18 , m.: anonymousness. 
/J~n;jrm,e 15 [Gr. an-6numos, unnamed], 
Adj.: anonymous, nameless; joint stock; 
m.: . 

anor-die 16 ,/: (nav.) north-wind. H~dir 17 
[d, nord], intr. : (nav.) blow from the NORTh. 
anormal 12 [cf. mal], adj.: abnormal. 
tanonart = hanouart. 
anoure 18 [Gr. an-, not, ourd, tail], adj.: 
anurous, tailless.,~se 12 [L. -sa, handle], /.: curbed 
handle (as of a cup, pot, basket, etc.) ; 
handle-like object : cove, bay, creek : de 
panier, basket-handle; (arch.) surbased 
arch ; du panier, servant's profits ; 
d vis, screw-handle; eye-bolt; faire le 
panier a deux s, have a woman on each 
arm ; faire danser V du panier, gain in 
marketing; profits de V du panier, 
(cook's) profits in marketing, -se 16 , adj.: 
ansated, provided with a handle. 
2.a?ise, anseatique = hanse, hansea- 

anserin 15 [L. -rinus (anser, goose)], 
adj.: anserine;/.: all-good (plant). 
an-sette 14 [-ae], /.: small handle; clasp 
for decorations) ; (nav.) cringle, -siere x ' 
[-*d, /. : net for bay-fishing. 
tuipec 16 [Bngl. handspike], m.: hand- 

itapessade 16 [It. lancia-spezzata, 
'lance-break'], m.: (old) lancepesade (cor- 
poral's assistant, lance corporal). 

17 [Gr. -misma (anti, j 


against, agon, contest)], m.: antagonism. 
-niste 15 [L. -nista], m.: antagonist. 

fantan 11 [O.Fr. ant (L. -te), before, an], 
adj. : of last year. 

antanaclase 17 [Gr. -sis (anti, back, and- 
klasis, bending)],/.: (rhet.) antanaclasis, 
repetition (of a word) in a different sense, 

antanaire 16 [-tan], adj.: (falc.) having 

"feathers from a preceding year. 

antarctique 13 [L. -ticus (Gr. anti, 

"against, drktos, bear)], adj.: antarctic. 

i. ante 16 [L. -to], /.: (arch.) anta (pillar 
in relief) ; (mil) wind-arm. 

2.ante 10 [cf. hante], /.: paint-brush 

ante- [L. ante, before, or Gr anti, 

"against] : pref. 

atite-eedemmenfc 17 -dam-, adv.: ante- 

"cedently. -edne 15 , /.: antecedence. 
||*edent 13 [L. -cedens (ante-cedere, go 
before)], adj.: antecedent, foregoing ; m.: 
antecedent (term, word, etc., previous life). 
-eesseur 13 [L. -cessor], m.: (ancient) title 
of a professor of law. 

ant^cTirist 11 -kri or (pop.) -krist [L. 

^-tus], m.: antechrist. 

ante-eietts 15 [Gr. anti, against, oikein, 

"dwell], m. pL: antoecians. 

antediluvien 17 , =enne [L, ante, be- 
fore, diluvium, DELUge], adj.: antedilu- 

awteflxe 18 [L. -xa], /.: (arch.) antefix, 

anten-ne 14 [L. -nna, sail-yard],/.: la- 
teen sail-yard; antenna (horn, feeler of 
insects), -nule 17 ,/.: small antenna. 

antEnois 13 [-tan], adj. or m.: of a preced- 
ing year, one year old (esp, of lambs and 

ante-nuptial 15 [nuptice], adj.: ante- 

antepennltieme 16 [penultitme], adj. or 
/.: antepenult, third from last. 

ante~rieiar 15 [L. -rior (ante, before)], 
adj.: anterior (prior, former, frontal). 
-rieuremenfc 16 , adv.: anteriorly, previ- 
ously. -riorite 16 ,/.: anteriority. 

antfreniis 18 [L.],/.: anthemis (plant). 

antftere 16 [L. -thera (Gr. dnthos, flower)], 

/.: anther, pollen-head. 

ant^ologie 17 [Gr. -gia (dnthos, flower, 
-logos, gathering, discourse)], /.: anthol- 
ogy (collection of poems ; or ftreatise on 

an-t/i-ra-e46 18 > /' anthracene, solid 
hydrocarbon. -tTira-eite 18 , m.: anthra- 
cite, Ihtftrax 15 [(Jr. -thrax, coal; dark 
carbuncle], m.: = (carbuncle). 

a,nt7ir&ae 17 [Gr. -thr&ne, hornet], /.: 
anthrenus, small beetle. 
nt/tropo^ [Gr. dnthropos, man]: -oaie 17 

-bay [Gr. kaiein ; tur^J, adj.: man-burning. 


-ide 18 [Gr. eidos, form], adj.: anthropoid, 
man-like, -logie 15 [Gr. logos, discourse], 

/.; anthropology, -logiqite 16 [-logie], 
adj.: anthropologic(al). " -metre 18 [Gr. 
metron, measure], /.: anthropometry. 
-morphisme 1T [Gr. morphe, form], ra.: 
anthropomorphism, -morphite, m. : . 
-phage u [Gr. fagein, eat], adj.: an- 
thropo'phagic; m.: -phagite, cannibal. 
-phagie 1 * [-phage], /.: anthropophagy, 

a^tfryllis 16 , -Hide [Gr. -thullis], f. : kid- 
ney-vetch (plant). 

anti- [Gr. anti, ' against' ; or L. ante, 'be- 
fore'], pref. 

anti-*' (in comp., cf. each member) : 

"-apoplectique 17 , adj.: anti-apopleptic. 
-ehambr e * [aft. It. anti-camera], /.: 
antechamber, anteroom, -cforese 17 [Gr. 
chresis, use], /.: pledge to pay a revenue 
to the creditor, -cftretien, 16 , =enne, 
adj. or m., /: antichristian. -c7tris- 
tianisme 16 , m.: antichristianism. -ei- 
pan 1(J [-ciper], adj . : anticipating ; fievre 
"e, intermittent fever returning before 
time, --eipation 15 [L. -eipatio (cf. 
-ciper)], /.: =; encroachment; t ante- 
date. --eiper 14 [L. -eipare (ante, before, 
caper e r take)], tr.,intr.: anticipate; fore- 
stall; encroach: sur ses revenues, 
spend one's income beforehand, -con- 
stitutiomiel 18 , =lle, adj.: anticonstotu- 
tional." -dartreuos 18 , =ejBse, adj.: anti- 
herpetic. -date 1& [-dater], /.: antedate. 
-dater 15 , tr.: antedate, -dote 14 [L. 
-datum (Gr. dotds, given)], m.: =. 
-doter 15 [-dote], tr.: antidote. -enne 
-tyert [p. L.*ante-phona (Gr. phone sound, 
song)] /. : ANTHEM (thymn sung by one- 
half choir answering the other; us'ly verse 
sung before a psalm and repeated after 
it) : imposer I , sing in a low tone its 
first notes to the priest (who then sings 
it out), -febrile 17 , adj.: Antifebrile. 
-lattice 18 , =epse, adj.: ANTigaLACTic. 
-lo^ie 16 [Gr. -logia (Ugos, word)], /.: 
antilogy, contradiction. 

fttvfcilope 17 [Bng. -telope (Gr. -thdlops)], 
/.; antelope, gazelle. 

anti-moine* 4 [L. -monium (Gr* ?)], m.: 
antimony, -monial 16 , adj. or m.: =. 
-moni6 18 , adj.: antimoniated. 

anti~ (in comp., cf. each member): 
nomie 16 [Gr. -mia (n6mos, law)], /.; 
antinomy, opposition of one law to an- 
other, incompatibility, -pape 18 [L. papa, 
pope], m,: antipope, -pat Tie 16 [Gr.-thes 
(pdtkos, affection)], adj.: antipathetic, 
opposed in sentiment; m.: reverse (in 
sentiment), -pat Me 16 [Gr. -pdtheia 
p$thos, affection)], /.; antipathy, -pa- 
18 [pathie], adj.: antipathetical), 

anuer 29 

repugnant, -patriotique 17 , adj.: an- 
tipatriotic. -peristaltiqwe 17 , adj.: 
antiperistaltic. -peristase 16 [Gr. -sis 
(peri-istdnai, stand around)], /.; antiper- 
.istasis, reaction roused by opposition. 
-pestilentiel 17 ,=lle,acy. : antipestilen- 
tial. -pliernal 18 [Gr. pkerne, (pherein, 
bear), dowry], adj.: apportioned by mar- 
riage (to the wife), -philosopliique 18 , 
adj.: antiphilosophical. " -phlogis- 
tique 18 , adj.: antiphlogistic. -pho- 
naire 11 , -phonier [\.L.-phonarium (Gr. 
phon& 9 sound)], m'.: antiphonary, book of 
antiphons. -phrase 13 , /.: antiphrasis. 
-pode 13 [Gr. -pode's, pi. of -pous (pofis, 
FOOT)], m.: =. -politiaue 16 , adj.: 
antipolitical. -psoriqu-e 18 fpsore], adj.: 
antipsoric, itch-curing, -putride 17 , adj. : 
antiseptic, -purine 18 [Gr. pur, FIRE, 
fever],/.: =. 

quAille [It. -caglia], /.: tantiq- 
uity (old relic) ; old-fashioned thing, old 
rubbish, -qitaire 16 , -ker [L. -quarius], m. : 
antiquary. H^qite 13 [L. -quus (ante, be- 
fore), old], adj.: =: d l' t after the old 
fashion, -quite 10 [-quitas], /.: antiqui- 
ty : de toute , from the remotest times. 

anti~ (in comp., cf . each member) : -re- 
li^ieuas 18 , =jjse, adj.: antireligious. 
-sciens 16 [Gr. skid, SHADE], m. pi.: an- 
tiscians, men on different sides of the 
equator C whose shadows fall in opposite 
directions'). -scorbuticme 17 , adj.: 
antiscorbutic, -septiqtte 17 , adj.: anti- 
septic. -so-eial 17 , adj.: =. -sopo- 
renoc 17 , =ejjse [L. sopor, sleep], adj.: 
preventing sleep. -spasmodique 17 , 
adj.: antispasmodic. -strophe 15 ,/.: =. 
-syphilitique 18 , adj: antisyphilitic. 
-tTtese 15 , j^V: antithesis. -tTi-etiqite 
[-thise], adj. : antithetic(al). -tonnerre 1T , 
/.: lightning-rod (formerly, now para- 
tonnerre). -trinitaire, adj.: antitrini- 
tarian. -venerien 17 , adj. : antivenereal 
-veranineiix 17 , =e^se, adj,: vermi*- 

Antoine, m.: Ant(h)ony. 

antoiser [?], tr.: heap up (manure). 

antoii i6 [?], m.: wraining-bolt 

Antonin, m.: Antonius. 

a?ito-nomase 16 [L. -nomasia],/. : antono- 
masia, name-substitute. H^nyine 18 [Gr. 
anti, against, 6noma f NAME], m,: anto- 
nym, counterterm. 

antre 15 [L. -trum],f.: cavern, cave; den; 
(anat.) antrum. 

antrustion 17 P. L. -tio (OHG. trust, 
trusty)], m.: sort of liegeman (rich Frank 
joining the king in war), volunteer. 

anner [?], tr.: (hunt.) fire at a favour- 
able moment (esp. at th^e Cartridge flying 
out), have a timely sliat at. ?" 



annlter 10 [d, nuit], "\intr.: become night 
(grow "dark), tr.: "(retard until night; 
reft.: be benighted. 

annrie 18 [Gr. an-, not, our on, urine], /.: 
anury, lacking secretion of urine. 

anus 15 [L.], m.: =. 

anac^iete 11 [L. -ietas (angere, contract)], 

/.: anxiety, anguish, -ieua; 15 , 
[L. -iosus], adj.: anxious. 

aoriste 15 [Gr. -tos (a-, not, horistos, lim- 
ited)], m.: aorist. 

aor-te 15 [Gr. -t& (aeirein, carry)],/. : aorta. 
-tite 18 , /,: aortitis. -tique 17 , adj.: 

aou~t [L. Augustus, the Rom. emper- 
or], m. : August (the month) ; harvest : 

faire V , make harvest, fmake profit. 
-tage 13 [4er], m.: harvesting, -ter 11 , 
fr.V harvest; intr,: ripen (by the heat of 
August); tmake harvest, -teron 16 [-ter], 
m.: harvester, reaper. 

ap- [L. ad, 'to,' or Fr. a]; pref. 

apaige-ment 1:1 ,m.:appaisement. ||~ser n 
[d, paix]~ tr.: APPEASE, PACify, calm, 
soothe, allay, quench ; s' ; be appeased, 
grow calm, etc. ; subside, abate. 

apala-ehine 17 [-che, Apalachian], /.: 
emitic holly. 

apa~nage 12 [OFr. -Tier (p.L. -nare: ad, 
to, panis, bread), nourish], m.: appanage 
(domain assigned by the king to his 
younger sons or brothers) ; tdomain ; 
property; feudowment. -nager 15 , tr.: 
endow by an appanage, -nagiste 16 , adj. 
or m.: (prince) endowed with an appanage. 

aparte* 6 [L. a parte, apart], adv. or m.: 
aside ; word(s) spoken apart. 

apa-tMe 16 PL -thia (Gr. a-, not, pathos, 
PASSion)], /.; apathy, dispassion. -tki- 
q-ue 17 , adv.: apathetic, indifferent. 

Apelle, m.: Apelles. 

apens, see guet-apens. 

apepsie 16 [Gr. -Ca (a-, not, ptptein, cook)], 
/.: apepsy, indigestion. 

aper-eeptiort^- 6 ,/.: apperception. --CE- 
VaWe 1 ^ 'tr.: perceivable, perceptible. 
-eEva^ee 11 ,/.: perceiving. ||-*"Evolr 10 
[^, percevoir], irr. (cf. recevoir) ; tr. or 
reft.: PERCEIVE, discover, observe, notice ; 
discern. -$u, part.: perceived, etc.; m.: 
rapid view, survey, estimate (at first 
sight), rough estimate; sketch, compen- 

aperitif 13 , =ive [L. aperire, open], adj.: 
aperient, laxative. aper~tem.enfc 12 
[OFr. -perte (-pertus, open)], adv.: openly. 
-tise 13 [OFr. pert, brave], /.; feat of 

ap^tale 18 , -tale [Gr. a-, not, Fr. p'etale], 
adj.: apetalous. 

apetis-seme?t^ 12 ,m.; diminution. ||-ser 
jj>. L. *ap~pittittiare (*pittitus = Fr. 


petit)], tr.: make smaller, diminish ; intr.: 

apha-sie 18 [Gr. ~sia (a-, not, phdsi* t 
word)],"/.: aphasia (loss of the power of 
speech), -siqwe 18 , adj.: aphasic. 

aphelie 16 [Gr. apo, away, helios, sun], m.: 
(astr.) aphelion. 

apHerese 15 [L. aphceresis (Gr. apo, away, 
hairein', take)], /.: apheresis, loss of an 
initial letter or syllable. 

apho~ne 18 [Gr. d-phonos, voiceless], adj.: 
voiceless, suffering with aphonia, -nie 17 
[Gr. -ma],f.: aphonia, loss of speech. 

aphoris^me 13 [L. -mus (Gr. apo, from, 
horizein, part)], m.: faphorism, ('sharp- 
ly defined') maxim or saying, -tiqite 
[Gr. -tikos], adj.: aphoristic(al). 

aphrodisiaqwe 17 [Gr. -kos (Aphrodite, 
goddess of love)], adj.: aphrodisiac (al) ; 
m.: aphrodisiac. 

apli~te 15 [L. -ta (Gr. dptein, inflame)], m.: 
(med.) aphtha, specks or vesicles (in the 
mouth) ; pi. thrush, -teuo? 18 ,/.: =ejse, 
adj.: aphthoid. 

aphylle 18 [Gr. d-phullos, leaf -less], adj.: 
aphyllous, leafless. 

i.api 16 [L. Appius], m.: small reddish 

2.api 18 pL -ium], m.: smallage (sort of 

api~cole 18 [L. apis, bee, colere, CULTi- 
vate], adj.: relating to apiculture, -cul- 
teur 18 [L. cultor] , m. : bee-breeder, -cul- 
ture 18 , /.: apiculture, bee-breeding. 
t-er 13 [L. -arium], m.: (pop.) bee-hive 
(gen'ly ruche). 

apiqu-age 18 , m. : (nav.) peaking. \\~$r 1T 
[<J, pic], \in)tr. : (nav.) top, PEAK (yards, 

apitgyer 18 [a, pitie], tr.: move to pity; 
s' , be moved to pity. 

aplai*graaer [p. L. *ap-planidre (L. 
planus, PLAIN)], tr.: render PLAIN or 
smooth; caress; teasel or dress (cloth). 
-pneur 17 , m.: teas(e)ler. 

apfaner 11 [d, plan], tr.: render PLAIN or 

apla~nir 13 [&, plan], tr.: render PLAIN or 
level, level, smoothen, even; level down, 
remove; s* , grow level or smooth; be 
removed, -nlssemgnt 18 , m.: levelling, 
smoothing; removal; levelness, evenness. 
-nisseur 16 , m.: leveller. 

aplater 18 [ti, plat, dish], tr.: divide into 

apla~tir [a, plat, PLAT], tr.: make PLAT, 
flatten, "beat down. -tissemw,# 18 , m.: 
flattening, flatness, -tisseur 17 , m.: 
flatter : (agr.) bruiser ; corn-crusher, -tis- 
solre 17 , /.: flatter (drawplate), rolling 

aplet [dial, for *-ploit, p. L. *ap-plicitum 


(L. -catum, applied)]; m.: (OFr. utensil); 

aplomb 15 [d,plomb], m.: PLUMB direction, 
perpendicularity, equilibrium ; self -posses- 
sion, assurance: d' , plumb, perpendic- 
ularly ; upright(ly) ; steady, steadily. 

apnee 17 [Gr. -noia (a-, not,pnein, breathe)], 
/.: apnoea, suspension of breath. 

apo- [Gr. apo, 'off, from, away, asunder'] : 

apocalyp~se n [Gr. -sis (apo-, kaluptein, 
cover)],/.: apocalypsis, revelation: (/am.) 
style & , obscure style ; cheval d' , sorry 
jade, -tique 15 , adj.: apocalyptic(al). 

apoc9 17 [It. (h)a poco, 'has little'], m.: 

apo- [apo-] : -cope 15 [L. (Gr. k6ptein, cut)], 
/.: =, omission of a final letter or part 
of a word ; (surg.) fracture with loss of a 
part of a bone, -crisiaire 17 [1. L. -crisi- 
arius (Gr. -krisis, answer)], m.: proclaimer 
of (the Greek) emperor's answers or edicts. 
apocrisiary (pope's nuncio), -cryphe 12 
[L. -phus (Gr. krtiptein, hide)], adj.: apo- 
cryphal, of doubtful authority, spurious; 
m.: apocrypha. ~eyn lc [L. -cynon 
(Gr. ktion, dog)], m.:"dogbane. --eyna- 
ee*es 17 , -eynees [-cyn],f. pi.: family of 
apocyneous plants. 

apode 15 [Gr. -d, stem of d-ppus t foot-less], 
adj.: apodal (footless; without ventral 

apo~ [apo-]: -dictique 16 [L. -dieticus 
(Gr. deiknumai, show)], adj.: apodic- 
tic(al). -gee 15 [L. -geus (Gr. gaia, earth)], 
m.: apogee (point where the moon or sun 
is farthest from the earth ; highest degree, 
climax), -graplie 16 [L. -graphon (Gr. 
grdphein, write), copy], m.: apograph, 
autograph-copy ; copying-machine. 

Apollon l-l [L. Apollo, Gr. Apdllon], m.: 

npolo-getique 14 [L. -geticus], adj.: apol- 
ogetic(al), regretfully excusing, ||~^ie 15 
[L. ~gia (Gr. ap6, from, I6gos, speech)], 
/. .* apology, justification, excuse, -^ique 10 
[-gie], adj.: apologetic(al). -giste 10 [-#ie], 
m.: apologist, -gue 14 [L.'-gus], /.: =, 
moral fable. 2.-gtte 15 [-gie], m. : apologist. 

apoltronnir 16 [d, poltron], tr.: fmake a 
poltroon ; cut the hind-claws of (a falcon). 

apo* [apo-] : -neVro^e 15 [Gr. -netirosis 
(neuron, NEE VE)]/.: aponeurosis. -n6vro- 
tique 17 [-n&vrose], adj.: aponeurotic. 
-pktegme 16 [Gr. -phthegma (phth&ngestai 
speak)], m.: apothegm, pithy saying. 
-pKyije 16 [L. -physis (Gr./tZein,grow)],/.: 
apophysis, prominence of a bone, -pleo- 
tique 18 pL -plecticus (Gr, plfosein, smite)], 
adj. orm.: apoplectic (al). -plej:ie 12 [L. 
-plexia (Gr, plfasein, smite)], /.; apoplexy. 
3 pL, -ytasia (apo-8tnai, stand off, 

apparat 31 

revolt)],/.: apostasy, -stagier 15 [-stasie], 
intr.: apostatise, -stat 15 [L. -stata (cf. 
-sfam'e)], m. : apostate, -at erne 18 [L. -sterna 
(Gr. apo-stnai, stand off)], m.: aposteme, 

aposter- 12 [a, jsosie], ir.: post or place 
(for a bad purpose), place in ambush, se- 

a posteriori [L.], adv.: a posteriori 
(from facts). 

fapos-tiile 14 ,/.: =, marginal note. t~ti~ 
ler 14 [a, pastille], tr.: annotate in the 
margin, add a recommendation to (a peti- 

apo~ [apo-]: -stolat 15 [L. -stolatus (cf. 
apdtre)], m.: apostleship. -stoliqite 12 [L. . 
-stolicus (cf. apdtre)], adj.: apostolic(al). 
-stoliqueunent 15 [-postolique], adv.: 
apostolically. -strophe 15 [L. i.-strofa, 
z.-strofus (Gr. strephein, turn)], /.: apos- 
trophe (i. turning from the discourse to a 
personal address, interpellation ; 2.' sign of 

omission'), -stropher 15 [-strophe], tr.. 
apostrophise (i. address by apostrophe; 
charge; f 2 -mark with an apostrophe). 
-stuxne 12 [L. -sterna (Gr. apo-stenai, stand 
off, separate)], /.: aposteme, abscess. 15 [L. -theosis (Gr. ^cos,god)],/.; 
apotheosis, deification, exaltation, -thi- 
caire 12 [1. L. -thecarius (-theka, store- 
house: Gr. tithenai, place)], m.: f apothe- 
cary (who sells and administers medicines, 
sub-physician as yet in England) ; druggist 
(us'ly pharmacien) with a tinge of reproach: 
note (or memoire) d' , exorbitant bill. 
-tfcicairerie 15 [-thicaire],/. : pharmacy ; 

i.apgtre 10 [1. L. -postolus (GT.apo-stellein, 
send off)], m.: apostle : fair e le bon , 
play the saint. 

2.a-potre [for -pdte, L. ap-posita, af- 
fixed], m.: knight-head, -potureau 18 , 
[-pote (cf. -pdtre)], m.: (nav.) kevel-head. 

apozeme 18 \L. -zema (Gr. apo, off, zein, 
boil)], m.: apozem, decoction, 

ap- [Lat. ad, 'to']: pref. 

apparaltre [p. L. ap-parescere (L. pa- 
rere)], irr. (cf . paraitre) ; Mr.: APPEAR 
(come in sight ; occur) : faire , make 
appear, exhibit. 

appa~ra 15 [L. -ratus (par are, prePAKE)], 
m.: (showy preparation, hence) pomp, 
show, parade, ostentation; t voca ^ ar y 
and notes or syllabus ('prepared 1 on an 
author) : f royal, beginners' dictionary. 
-raux [old pi. of -reil], m. pL: full 
apparatus (outfit) of a ship; gymnasium 
apparatus. -reil 11 [2.-reiller], m.: 
fpreparation ; apparatus (implements 
collect.) ; organs (collect.) ; disposition of 
stones (in masonry), size (of stones) ; 
display (of anything prepared); AT- 



PARel (attire) ; (surg.) dressing ; tpomp, 
fparade: de guerre, warlike dis- 
play or (completed) preparations; de 
bel f fine building; r&ticule, diamond 
work; grand (petit) , layer of big 
(small) stones ; une assise de haut , a 
layer of large stones ; mettre le premier 
, give (a wound) its first dressing. 
-reiZlage 13 [z.-reiller], m.: tP r eP ara - 
tion ; getting under sail, -reillement 18 
[-reiller], m.: matching; yoking; pair- 
ing. i.-reiiler 12 [d, pareil], tr.: match 
(like to like) ; couple, pair ; yoke ; join, 
place together. 

2.appa-reiZler [p. L. *-riculare (L. 
-rare, prep ARE)], tr.: fprepare; fit out (a 
' ship) ; prepare to sail, get under sail, weigh ; 
dress (stones in building). -reiUeur 12 
[2. -reiller], m.: preparer (fitter, dresser, 
trimmer) : implement-maker. -reiJ- 
lejjse 16 [i.-reiller],f.: procuress. 

appa-remment 12 -ra-m-, adj.: appar- 
ently; fin appearance, -rgmje 12 [L. 
-rentia], /..* appearance; likelihood. 
||~rent u [L -rens (parere, appear)], adj.: 
apparent (visible ; not real) ; obvious ; re- 
markable, considerable, important. 

apparen^tage 18 , m.: alliance. ||~ter 12 
[d, parent], 'tr.: make related by mar- 
riage ; f recognise as a relative ; s' , ally 
one's self by marriage: bien (mal) -t&, 
of good (low) family connections. 

apparesser* [d, paresse], tr.: make lazy. 

appa-riement 1 *, -riment [-rier], m.: 
PAJRing, matching. H~rier 14: [d, parier], 
tr. : PAIR (match ; couple, mate) ; fcom- 

appa-riteur 13 [L. -ritor], m.: apparitor 
(guard of a Rom. tribune ; messenger of 
an ecclesiastical court) ; beadle or bedel 
of a faculty, -ritiqit 11 \L. -ritio],f. = ; 
vision. |[~roir [L- a,p-pa,rere], def. (only 
Inf., and 3 sing, appert); intr.: APPEAR, 
be evident. 

appar-temgnt 15 [It. -tamento (see te- 
nir)] f m.: apartment (division in a house, 
suit of rooms) ; reception (in the king's 
department) : grands s, reception apart- 
ments ; petits s, every-day rooms. -tE- 
nanee* 1 [-tenir], f.: pertaining, prop- 
erty, prerogative; appurtenance (of a 
domain). -tenant 11 [-tenir], adj.: (ap)- 
pertaining. ||~tEnir [p. L. *-tenere (L. 
per-tinere, pertain)], irr. (cf . tenir) ; intr. : 
APPERTAIN, belong ; be related. 

fappas, old pi. of app&t, often used as a 

app4~t [p. L. *appastus (L. ap-pascere, 
feed)], m,: ffood; bait, allurement; charm; 
(pop.) neck of a woman, -teler 12 , tr.: 
ffeed ; bait, allure, -ter 15 , tr. : feed fesp. 
? nourish (fig.) fatten ; bait, allure. 


appanme 16 [d, paume], adj.: (her.) =, 
hav'g hand showing the PALM. 
appau~vrir n [a, pauvre], tr.: make 
POOR', imPOVERish; s' , grow poor. 
-vrissemew-t 13 , m.: impoverishment. 
appeau [other form of appel], m.: fcall; 
bird-call; decoy-bird; striking part (of a 

ap-pel 11 [-peler], m.: call (summon); 
levy ; roll-call (muster) ; APPEAL ; fchal- 
lenge; (tech.) draught: nominal, call 
of the names ; cour d' , court of appeal ; 
qfficier d 1 , muster-master; tire sujet 
d , be appealable ; interjecter , lodge 
an appeal; repondre d V , answer to 
one's name, -pelant 13 , -pelawte, adj. 
or m. /.; appelant; m.: decoy-bird. 
i|~peler [L. ap-pellare, address, call], 
tr. : call (send for ; summon, call in ; call 
over names) ; (leg.) APPEAL ; challenge (to 
a duel); call, name; intr.: call, appeal; 
bay (of dogs) ; caterwaul (of cats) ; chuck 
(of cocks); (tech.) draw; 5' , be called 
or named, be one's name, -pelerir 11 , m.: 
decoy-bird, -pellatif 14 , /. =ive [L. 
-pellativus], adj.: (gram.) appellative, 
common, -pellation 11 [L. -pellatio], 
f. : = (naming) ; naming of the letters 
of the alphabet; (leg) appeal or pro- 

ap-pewdi-ee 12 [L. -pendix], m. (/.): ap- 
pendix, appendage, -petidicule [L. 
-pendicula], m. (f.): small appendix, ap- 
pendicle. ||^pndre [L. ap-pendere, 
hang to], tr.: hang up (votive offerings). 
-pntis [p. L. *-penditicius (part, of 
^penditus = L. -pemus)], m.: PENT-house, 

appEsantir 11 [d, pesant], tr.: render 
heavy or oppressive ; weigh down ; dull ; 
s' , be or grow heavy, be weighed down ; 
dwell or expatiate (on), -tissemgnfc 16 , 
m. : heaviness, dullness. 
appe-tgn-ee 16 [L. -tentfa (see -ter)], f.: 
appetence, appetency, natural craving. 
-ter* 18 [L. ap-petere, strive after], 
tr.: crave, desire (something satisfying 
natural appetites). -tiWHtS 16 [L. -ti- 
bilitas],f.: appetibility. -tissanfc 18 [pr. 
part, of an old ~tisser (-tit)], adj*: appetis- 
ing, tempting, -tit 12 [L. -titus], m.: ap- 
petite; craving; fwhat excites appetite 
(delicacy) : il n'est Mre que d' , hunger 
is the best sauce ; demeurer sur son , 
check one's appetite, -titif 12 , 
\L. -titivus],adj,: appetitive, -ti 
[L. -titio] r f.: appetition, craving. 
appiStrlr 16 p, pietre], tr.: 
shabby, deteriorate. 

applan~dir ls [L. -dere (plunder e, , 

tr. or intr. (d) applaud ; / , applaud or 
congratulate one's self, glory (in), 



-dissemenf 1 *, m,: applause, cheering. 
-dissejar 15 , m.: applauder. 
appli-cable 12 [-?wer], adj. : =. -cage 18 , 

m. : applying, -cation 13 LL. -oatio],f.*: = ; 
employment (of money) ; diligence, intent- 
ness; (gild.) charging: juste , appo- 
siteness; sans determines, unappro- 
priated. -que 14 , /.: applying or fixing 
(one thing to another, as) charging (in 
gilding), setting (jewels), inlaying, -que ls , 
part, as adj. : applied, etc. ; intent, diligent, 
sedulous, \\~quer 18 [L. -care (plicare, 
fold)], tr.: APPLY (adapt, lay or fix on; de- 
vote); (leg.) award (judgment); s' , apply 
one's self, apply one's mind, study hard; 
be applied, be laid or fixed (upon), be appo- 
site ; apply or take to one's self ; appro- 
priate. 18 , /.: finisher (woman 
applying flowers, lace, etc., on tulle). 

appoin-fc 15 , m.: (what arranges, settles, 
hence) sum setting an account ; money 
completing a payment (balance, comple- 
ment) ; boot ; d' , to boot, "odd ; faire 
I' , make up a sum with small change. 
-ta^e 18 , m.: completion; (tan.) last full- 
ing, -tement, m.: fadjustment; stipu- 
lation ; fdesignation to an office ; provid- 
ing the means, equipment; allowance, 
salary (often in pi.); appointment (in so 
far 'as applicable to preceding definitions), 
i. H^ter* [p. L. *ap-punctare (L.punctum, 
POINT)], tr.: -(regulate ; fad just; tpun- 
ish ; fappoint ; fprovide for ; provide with 
a salary : commis te, salaried clerk. 

z.appoin-ter 12 [d, pointe], tr.: form 
into a POINT ; (her.) put point to point ; 
fold and sew together. 

appointeur 16 [i.-ter], m.: referee, ar- 

appointir 15 [#, poiwte], tr.: sharpen into 
a point. 

appoint ement 18 [d, pont], m.: bridge- 
like scaffolding or structure, temporary 
bridge or platform. 

appor-t 11 [~ter], m.: bringing; place 
where things are brought, market-place ; 
yield (of profit or interest) ; thing brought : 
share, portion, personal property; docu- 
ment (deposited). ||~ter [L. ap-portare 
(carry)], tr.: bring; bring along; bring 
to bear, apply ; produce ; allege : de la 
precaution, use precaution. 

appo-ser 1 ^ [a, poser], tr.: place or fix 
(upon); affix, add, insert. -$itign 12 
DL sitio],f.: =. 

appreciable w , adj. : appreciable, -eia- 
tejir 16 , atri-ee, m.: appreciator, valuer; 
appraiser. -iatif 16 , =|ve, adj.: denot- 
ing the value; (theol.) instinct with true 
valuation. -eiatipn 18 , /.; valuation, 
estimate; appreciation. ||~-eier u [L. 
ap-pretiare (pretium, price)], tr.: appre- 



ciate (estimate, value); determine the 
value of, estimate, rate. 

appre7i,en~der 13 [L. ap-prehendere 
(seize)], tr.: fseize; apprehend, -sif 15 , 
=ive [L. -sivus], adj.: apprehensive. 
-siojtt- 12 [L. -sio], /.: f seizing; appre- 

appre.n~dre [p. L. *-dere (L. ap-pre- 
hendere, seize)], irr. (cl prendre); tr.: 
acquire, learn, be informed ; teach, inform, 
let know: des nouvelles, hear of 
news ; je Vai appris de bonne part, I have 
it from a good source. -ti, -tie ; -tif, 
-tive ; -tis, -tisse [p. L. *-ditius (*~ditu8, 
for -sus)], m.f.: apprentice ; novice, tyro. 
-tissage 13 [-tis], m.: apprenticeship. 

appres 17 [fr. an old ap-presser, press to- 
gether], m.: wedge (to tighten staves); 
sometimes for appr$t. 

appr6t 15 , m.: preparation (us'ly -is); 
(tech.) preparing process (of various kinds : 
priming, sizing, dressing, cooking, (glass- 
painting) ; studied manner, affectation. 
-tage 18 , m.: (tech.) preparing or finishing 
process, -te 14 , /.; piece of bread, sop. 
-te\ part, as adj.: prepared, etc.; studied, 
affected. ||~ter [p. L. *ap-prestare 
[L. prasto = Fr." pret, ready)], tr.: make 
(prepare); (tech.) prepare with size, size; 
gloss, dress ; cook ; s' , prepare one's self, 
make ready, be about, be on the point of : 
ct rire, be a laughing-stock, -teur 16 , 
m. : dresser (of cloths). 

apprivqi-semen 15 , m. : taming. ||~ser 
[p. L. *ap-prwitiare (L. prlvus, PEivate, 
own), make one's own, master], tr.: tame 
(animals); render tractable; render fa- 
miliar or sociable; s' , be tamed, grow 
tame, become familiar, be sociable ; tagree. 
||~seur 15 , m.: tamer. 

approba-teur 16 , -trice [L. -tor, -trix], 
m.,f.: approver, -tif 16 , =ive [L. -tivus], 
adj.: approving. ||~ti<m 14 [L. -tio (ap- 
probare, approve)],/.; ==; authorisation 
(to publish a book; to preach), -tive- 
ment 18 {-tif}, adv.: approvingly. 

appro-cliable 14 , adj.: approachable. 
-chant 15 , adv.: approaching, near,; nearly 
like ; adj.: something like, about, nearly. 
-ch.e 14 ,/.: approach; approaching, draw- 
ing near ; uniting ; (print.) sign of clos- 
ing up: lunette d' , spy-glass, -elie- 
ment 11 , m.: t a PP r ach; bringing to- 
gether. H^-elier 10 [d,proche~], tr.: bring 
near, draw close; approach; fbring to- 
gether, compare ; intr. or s' , draw near, 
approach ; be nearly alike. 

approfon^dir 13 [, profond], tr,: make 
more deep or PROFOUND (deepen) ; examine 
deeply or thoroughly, -diasement 16 , 
m.: deepening; deep research, sounding. 
pL. -tio], /.;==; 



adaptation; (leg.) conversion. ||~prier 12 
[L. -priare (proprius, one's own)], tr.: 
appropriate; adapt, fit; make PEOPer or 
neat, clean; $' , appropriate to one's 
self, convert to one's own use. 

approu-ver [L. ap-probdre (probus, 
good), esteem good], tr.: approve (of). 
-ve, part.: approved (on documents); m.: 
sign of approval. 

approvi-sioimemenfc 17 , m.: supplying 
with (or supply of) provisions, victualing, 
supply, ||~sionner 14 [d, provision?], 
tr. : supply with provisions, victual, store. 

approxi~matif 18 , ~ive [L. -mare], adj. : 
approximative. -matiort 14 [L. -mare 
(proximus, nearest)],/.: ==. -mative- 
m.$nt 18 , adj.: approximately. 

ap-pui 12 , m.: support (i.act of support- 
ing; 2. thing serving for a support, as: 
prop, stay, staff, sill, window-sill, buttress, 
hand-rail, fulcrum) : hauteur d' , breast 
height; pieces d V , corroborating pa- 
pers. -pui-naoiw, 16 , pi. -puis-main, m.: 
(painter's) maul-stick, ll^puyer [p. L. 
*ap-podiare (L. podium, foot-hold, bal- 
cony, Gr. pous, foot)], tr.: i.lean, sup- 
port, rest; dwell or lay stress (upon); 
2. sustain, support, strengthen ; s' , lean, 
rest, recline ; rely. 

4~pre [L. asper], adj.: harsh, rough; 
sharp ; tart, crabbed ; eager : au gain, 
greedy of gain ; d la curGe, eager of 
prey. -pmment 11 , adv.: harshly, etc. 

apres 10 [, pres], prep.: after, next to; 
for; about; adv.: after, afterwards, 
then: que, after, when ; d' , after, 
according to, from ; attendre , wait for ; 
crier , cry out against, scold ; etre 
quelque chose, be about something, -de- 
mote 16 , adv.: day after to-morrow; 
fm.: third day after. -diner 1 *, m.: 
after-dinner, afternoon, -midi 16 , 772. or 
/.; afternoon, -souper 14 , m.: evening. 

apristS 11 [-pre], /.: harshness, sharpness, 
ASPERITY; tartness; eagerness. 

a priori [L., 'from prior* viz, concep- 
tions], adv.: a priori. 

a-propos 17 , m.: propriety, pertinency. 

apside 16 [L. -da (Gr. dpsis, tying, arch)], 

/.; fapse (nowFr. abside); (astr.) apsis. 

apte ^ [L. -tus], adj. : APT, fit, qualified. 

aptcire 17 [Gr k -ros (a-, not, pterfin, wing)], 
adj. : apterous, wingless. 

aptitude 18 [L. -do (cf. apte)], /. : = ; 
(leg.) qualification. 

apu-rem$nt la , m. : auditing (accounts). 
\\~>r?r n [d, pur], tr. : fpurify ; wash 
.(gold) ; examine and adjust (an account), 
audit, - 1 

apy~re 17 [Gr. -ros (a-, not, pur t FIRE)], 
adj. : apyrous, incombustible, -reade 15 
|Gr. -rexfa],f.: apyrexy, absence of fever, i 


aqua^fortiste 18 a-Jcwa- [It. forte (L. 
aqua, water, fortis, strong), nitric acid], 
m. : etcher, -relle 17 [It. -rella], f. 
(painting in water-colours), -relliste 18 
[-relle], m. : aquarellist, -rium 18 [L., 
reservoir], m. : =. -tinta 18 [L., ' tinged 
water'],/.: . -tiqiie 12 [L. -ticus], 
adj.: aquatic. 

a-queduc 17 [L. aquce-ductus], m. : aque- 
duct. -qiteux 15 , =e#se [L. -quosus], 
adj. : aqueous, watery. 

aqui~lm 15 [L. -linus, f r. -la, * eagle ' 
(-lus, dark)], adj. : aquiline (hooked). 
-Ion 11 [L. -lo (-lus)], m.: north-wind; 
fEng. =. 

ara 17 pnd.], m.: = (macaw). 

ara-be 16 [L. -bus], adj. or n. : Arabian ; 
Arabic; miser. -Tjesque 16 [It. -besco], 
adj. : f Arabic ; = /. : (ornamentation 
of interwoven plants, animals, etc.). 
||~l>ie [?Hebr. -bas, desert],/.: Arabia. 
-bique tL. -bicus], adj.: Arabian, 

arable [L. -bilis (arare, plough)], adj.: 

ara-chide 18 [Gr. -Ms, vetch],/.: peanut. 

arac/i^nide 18 [Gr. -ne, spider], m.: 
arachnid(an). -noide 14 [Gr. no-eides (ei- 
dos, form)], adj.: arachnoid (membrane). 

arack 15 [Ar. araq, juice], m. : arrack. 

tara^rne = araigne. 

arai^ne [L. aranea, spider], /.: tspi- 
der; bucket-hook (for lifting the bucket 
from the well). -#nee n , /.: tspider's 
web ; web (of various kinds) ; gen'ly (fr. 
15th c.) spider ; (spider-like thing, as) cir- 
cle with radiating arms of the astrolabe ; 
mine with radiating passages ; crowfoot ; 
small vehicle on big wheels : de mer, 
weaver, small crab; pattes d r , spider's 
legs, scrawling hand (in writing) ; toile 
d } , cobweb; dter les s, sweep away 
the cobwebs, -^neua; 15 , ^ej&^e, adj.: 
araneous, cobweb-like. 

araire 15 [Prov. (L. aratrum, plough)], 
m. : swing plough. 

arameen 18 , =enne [Aram, Hebr. name 
for Syria], adj.: Aramean. 

aramer 17 [d, rame], tr.: stretch (cloth) 
on tenters, tenter. 

ar~aneide 18 [L. -anea, spider],/.: hairy 
(venomous) spider; (pi. araneida). -aaa^- 
ole 18 [L, -anea],f.: small weaver, -an- 
tele 15 {L. -anece, tela, web],/.: (dial.) spi- 
der's web; web-like formation on the 
stag's foot. 

ir-a?e 16 , /.: level state: pierre d' , 
(mas.) levelling course, -^em^nt 14 , m..* 
levelling; level state, evenness, 
[a, ras], tr, : level, even, make flush. 

aratoire 16 [L. -torius (arare f plough)], 
adj,: aratory, tillage. 


araucaria 18 [after Arauco Indians in 
Chile], m.: = (conifer). 

arba~lete [L. arcu-balista (Gr. bdlein, 
throw) 'bow-hurler '],/.: arbalist (cross- 
bow) ; steel-bow (used for mechanical de- 
vices) ; dormouse-trap : a jalet, stone- 
bow; cheval en , horse harnessed in 
front of two others, -letee 11 or ~le- 
tree,/.: crossbow range (or shot), -le- 
trier 11 , m.: crossbow-man, archer; 
(build.) roof -rafter, -letriere n ,/. : loop- 
hole for a crossbow, -letritle, /. : (nav.) 
Jacob's staff, cross-staff. 

arbi-trage 12 , m.: =, arbitration (^de- 
termining" a place of exchange in banking- 
business ; replacing one wilue for another 
by the Exchange), -tragiste 18 [-trage], 
m.: bank or exchange arbitrator, -trai- 
re 18 [L. -trarius], adj. : arbitrary; optional; 
m.: arbiter, -trairement 14 [-traire], 
adv. : arbitrarily, -tral 12 [L. -tralis] , adj. : 
=, relating to an arbiter. -tralexnen 16 , 
adv.: by arbitration, -tration^ 3 [L. 
-tratio], /.: =; award. ||arbi~tre 12 
[L. i'-ter; z.-trium], m.: i. arbiter (ar- 
bitrator, umpire ; sovereign disposer) ; 
t2.will. -tre-r 12 [L. -trari], tr.: arbitrate ; 
decree, award. 

ar-borer* 14 [It. -borare], tr.: raise (like a 
tree), set up, hoist (a flag) ; proclaim. 
-borescgn-ee 18 [-borescent],f.: arbores- 
cence. -borescen* 16 [L. -borescens, be- 
coming a tree], adj. : arborescent, -bori- 
culteur 18 [L. -tor], m.; arboriculturist. 
-boriculture 18 [L. arbor, Fr. culture], 
/.: =. -borisation 18 [-borise], /.; ar- 
borisation. -borise 17 [L. -bor], adj.: ar- 
borised. ^-"boviser 15 [L. -bor] f intr.: 
gather plants, -boriste 14 , m.: arborist 
(versed in the knowledge of medicinal 
plants and trees), -bowse 16 [Prov. -bossa 
(L.-butus)],f.: arbute-berry. -bousier 15 
m.: arbute, strawberry tree. ||ar~bre 
[L. -bos, -bor], m.: tree; beam; (tech.) 
ARBOR or axle, shaft ; mast : en espalier, 
wall-tree; sur pied, standing tree; 
grand , shaft ; de couche, horizontal 
shaft ; de Diane (Jupiter, etc.), arbor 
Dianse (etc., alchem. terms for various 
crystallisations) ; de mestre, mainmast ; 
de trinquet, foremast ; se tenir au gros 
de I' , adhere to what is ancient; 
faire V fourchu, walk on one's hands. 
-bret 18 , m.: tsmall tree; small tree with 
lime-twigs (for bird-catching), -bris- 
sean [p. L. *arboriscellus], m.: shrub, 
underwood, -buste 15 [L. -bustum], m.: 

ar~c [L. -cue], m.: bow; arc; arch; 
curved piece (as of a wagon-pole, etc.): 
enplein cintre, semi-circular arch ; dou- 
bleau, chief arch, massive rib ; de trir 

arcbeveche S> 

omphe, triumphal arch, -cade 16 ,/.: =; 

curved object, as (anat.) arch, bridge (of 
spectacles), bow (of a saddle), etc. 

arcane 18 [L. -nus (area, box) hidden], 
adj.: deeply hidden, secret, (Eng. obs.) =. 
m.: arcanum, mystery. 

arcanne 14 [1. L. alcanna (Ar.)], /.; red 

arcanscw 17 [?], m.: colophany. 

arcasse 16 [Prov. -$sa (L. area, box), large 
box],/.; stern-frame (of a ship); pulley- 
block. 18 [arc],/.: line of decorative 
arcades, -c-boutant 18 (pi. s s), m.: 
=, arched BUTTress; (brace of various 
kinds, as) aBUTment, support, prop, shore, 
spar, stanchion, stay, cross-piece, supporter. 
-c-bouter 16 , tr.: BUTTress, prop, sup- 
port, -e-doublean 13 (pi. s x), m.: 
groin (of vaults), -eeau 11 (pi. a;) [arc], 
m.: arch; ribs (of groined arches); tre- 
foil ornament ; supporting-piece. -c-eri,- 
eiel 12 (pi. s ), m.: rainbow. 

arcfta-ioue 17 , adj.: archaic(al). 
ll-isme 16 [Gr. -ismos (-ios, ancient)], m.: 

arehal [L. orichalcum (Gr. 6ros, mount- 
ain, chalkos, brass)], m.: brass, orichalch, 
only infil d' , brass-wire. 

arcftange 11 [L. -gelus (Gr. archi-, chief, 
dngelos, angel)], m.: archangel. [L. -ca, box, chest], /.; ark 
(Noah's ; or of the sanctuary) ; pump-box 
(covering the pump of a vessel) ; small 
furnace (for making the frit) ; ark- 
shell: r Dalliance, the ark of the 

ar**-ehe [1. L. *-ca, for ace. -cum 
(-cus, bow)],/.: arch (of a bridge, viaduct, 
etc.), arching, i. [p. L. *arcata], 

/.; range of a bow, bow-shot. 10 [1. L. -cheus (Gr.-chatos, old)], 
m. (/.): (alch.) archeus (central fire or 
vital energv of the universe). 

ar-eliElet 10 [-chet], m.: drill-bow. 

arc^eo^logle 17 [Gr. archaic-, ancient, 
logia, discourse], /.: archaeology, -logi- 
que 1B , adj.: archseologic(al). -logue" 18 , 
m.; archaeologist. 

ar^-cher [p. L. *-carius (-cus, bow)], m.: 
= (bow-man) ; constable ; fig. Cupid : 
franc , cf. franc-archer, -eberot 15 , 
m.: little archer, Cupid. 18 [arc], 
m,: (small bow of various kinds, as) 
fiddle-bow, fiddlestick ; drill-bow ; fish- 
hook bow; top-head (of cradles); bed- 1 
rack, guard (holding the bed-covers so as 
not to weigh on the sick). 

archetype 12 -tip [L. -pus (Gr. arche-, 
chief, tupos, stamp)], m.: archetype. 

ar-ehe-ve-eW 11 , m. (t/) archbishopric; 
archbishop's residence. j|~v6qwe [L, 

36 archiatre 

archi-episcopus, Gr. -pos, l chief -bishop ' 
(cf. eveque)], m.: archbishop. 

arhi~ [Gr., chief], in eomp. (cf. each 
member): t~$*re 16 [Gr. -atros (iatros, 
physician)], m. : archiater, 'chief physician. 
-eliatveelier 17 , m.: arch-chancellor. 
-ehapela^n 17 ,??!.: chief -chaplain, -con- 
frerie 17 , /.: chief or central brother- 
hood. -diaconat 17 [L. -tus], m.: arch- 
deaconship (dignity, or office), -dia- 
cone 11 p. L. -diaconatus k (cf. above)],/.: 
archdeaconry (district), -diacre 11 [L. 
diaconus], m.: archdeacon, -due 15 , m.: 
archduke, -ducal 15 [-due], adj.: arch- 
ducal. -du-che 17 [-due], m.: archduchy. 
-duresse 15 [-due], /.: archduchess. 
-episcopal 18 [L. -Us], adj.: =. -epis- 
copal ir ^[L. -tus], m.: archiepiscopacy. 

ar^hiere 11 [arc], /.: loop-hole for 
archers ; crenel (open space between the 
teeth of a battlement) ; archer's quiver- 

ar-eliiinan-dritat 17 , m.: archimandrite 
dignity or function. ||~drite ls [L. -to 
(Gr. archi-, chief, mdndra, fold, 
monastery)], m.: =, chief of a monastery 
(Gr. church). 

i.arhlne 18 [-che], /.: small arch or 

2.arcMne 17 [Russ.], /.: Eussian ' meas- 
ure of length (ab. 72 centimeters). 

ar-ehi~ [Gr., chief]: -pel 15 [It. -pelago 
(Gr. pelagos, sea)], m.: archipelago. 
-presbyteral 17 [L. -Us], adj.: of an 
archpresbyter. -pr^tre 12 [L. -pres- 
byter], m.: archpresbyter, archpriest. 
-pretre 15 [-pretre], /.: archpresbytery. 
-tecte 13 [L. -tecton (Gr. tikton, work- 
man)], m.: architect, -tectonique 18 
(L. -tectonicus (cf. -tecte)], arf;.: archi- 
tectonic, -tectural 18 [-ieciwre], adj. : =. 
-tecture 14 [L.-^ec^ra (cf. -feete)],/.: =. 
-trave 16 [Jt. (trave, L. irafts, beam)], 
/.; == (part of an entablature nearest the 
column), -trave 17 [-trave], adj.: archi- 
traved. -triclitt 15 [L. -nus (Gr. drcho, 
lord, tri-klinon, table 'with THREE 
couches')]) flz--' (Rom.) arranger of a feast, 
chief steward. 

ar-cKl^ves 16 [L. -mm, Gr. arch-et-on 
(archt, chief place), government house, 
pi archives], /., pi: = (public records) ; 
archive, record-office. -viste 17 , m.; 

ar-ehivolte 16 [It. -^o (archi-, chief, 
vofto, vault)],/.: archivolt (moulding of 
an arch). 

ar-cTfcpntat 17 , m.: archonship. \\~o1ion- 
te 12 |Gr. -cAo (-chein, rule)], m.: archon, 
chief magistrate (in Athens). 

arc<m 5- L *arcio (L. arc^, bow)], m.: 
saddle-bow; carding bow; vine bent (to 


give more fruit) : vider les s, be un- 

arcot 16 [?], m.: dross, scoria. 

arc*tiqt*e 13 [L. -ticus (Gr. -tikds, drk- 
tos, 'bear,' the constellation)], adj.: 
arctic, -ture 13 or -turus [L. -^r^5 
(Gr. drktos, ouros, guard)], m.: Arcturus 
(the star). 

arcure 18 [arquer], /.: arching (esp. of 
branches to promote fructification). 

ardelion 15 [L. -delio], m.: busybody, 

ar-demment 11 -dam- [-dent], adv.: 
ardently, etc. -dent 12 [L. -dens], adj.: 
= (burning, fiery; passionate, zealous); 
red (of hair);t?ww.) griping; m.: ignis 
fatuus, will-o'-the-wisp; candle; (Midd. 
Age) person afflicted with gangrenous 
erisypelas : chapdle e, room with lighted 
tapers round a coffin; chambre e, 
tribunal that condemned to death by 
burning. tll~<*er ardre. -deur [K 
-dor],f.: ardour, heat; fervour, passion. 

ardes 15 [for a-gardez (old a-garer, re- 
GAB'D)], inter j.: lo! 

ardier 12 or -diere [harde], m.,/.: beam- 
rope (of a loom). 

ardUlow, 12 [hart], m.: tongue of a 
buckle 1 ; tag. 

fardoir* = ardre. 

ardoj-se 11 [?],/.: slate: couvreu^ d' , 
slater ; 'avoir une ckez, have a bill at. 
-se~ 16 , adj.: slate-coloured, -ser 15 , Jr.: 
slate, -sier 18 , =ere, adj.: slaty; m.: 
slate worker, -siere 15 ,/.: slate quarry. 

ar-'dre [p. L. *-dere (L. -dere), irr. ; tr. t 
intr.: burn, -du 18 [L. -duus], adj.: 
arduous, hard to ascend, steep; difficult, 

P. Part. ar(d}s. 

a~re 17 [L. urea], m.: (surface of 100 

"square meters), -re^e 18 , m.: meas- 
urement (by ares), surveying. 

arec 15 [Canarese], m.: areca (sort of 

aref action 16 [L. arefacere, dry],/.: are- 

a-renace ls [L. -renaceus], adj.: arena- 
ceous, sandy, ll^r^ue 11 [L. -rena, sand, 
sandy place], /.: sand; arena (orig. 
sandy part of a circus, etc.) pi* circus, 
amphitheatre; mortar. 

arener la [= Sreinter], tr,: threat the 
back of; make bend (under a heavy 
weight), sink. 

are"neuoc 12 , =ous0 [L. -nosus (-na, sand)], 
adj.: arenous, sa"ndy. 

ar^o*'!^ 17 [L. -la (area, surface)], /.: 
(anat.) areola (coloured ring). -14 18 , adj.: 

areometre 16 [Gr. arai6s> thin, 
measure], m.: areometer. 


areopage 17 [L. -gus (Gr. Areios pdgos, 
'hill of "Ares' = Mars, where the highest 
judicial court of Athens was held)], m.: 
areopagus; high court. -gite 16 [L. 
-gites], m.: areopagist. 

areostyle 15 [L. araostylos (Gr. araios, 
thin, spread, stulos, column)], m.: arseo- 
style, spaced colonnade. 

arequier 17 [arec], m.: areca (sort of 

arer [L. arare, plough], tr.: fplough; 
drag (the anchor). 

a~rete [L. arista, i. fish-bone; 2,awn], 
m. : i. fish-skeleton, fish-bone; line of in- 
tersection between two planes, two slopes, 
etc., ridge; angle, edge; (arch.) ARRIS; 
s.awn, prickle, beard, ARISTA: d vive 
, sharp-edged ; d'un comble, corner- 
rafter, hip. -retier 18 m. (arch.) hip; 
arris. -retiere 16 [-retier], /.: hip- 

farganeau = organeau. 

argemone 15 [Gr. -mone], /.: thorny 

argen~t [L. argentum], m.: silver; sil- 
ver-coin ; money (gen'lly) ; (her.) ARGENT : 
comptant, ready money : vif~ (t 
yf), quicksilver, mercury ; blanc, Ger- 
man silver (alloy of nickel and copper); 
fulminant, ammonium of silver; rouge, 
silver glance ; un fou, man with no end 
of money; bourreau d' , spendthrift; etre 
brouille avec I' comptant, never have 
any ready money, -tal 12 , adj.: contain- 
ing silver ; (dial.) shining like silver, ar- 
gent. -tan 18 , m.: =, German silver. 
-tation 1 * [~ter],f.: =, silvering; injec- 
tion of mercury, -ter 12 , tr.: silver, 
cover with silver; plat'e. -terie 18 , /.; 
silver-plate, silver-ware ; troya! fund (an- 
nual for extraordinary needs). "\-&U.T U 
[-ter], m.: silverer, plater, -teuo; 18 , 
=ej0, adj.: moneyed, -tier ' [L. 
-tarius], m: (anc.) banker (dealing in 
silver) ; royal steward (in charge of jew- 
elry, etc.). -tif&re 15 [L. -turn, ferre, 
bear], adj.: argentifer6us. -tin 11 , adj.: 
silvery; argentine; silver-toned;/.: ar- 
gentine (fish; stone);/.; silver-weed; wild 
tansy, -ture 18 [-ter], silver-plating. 

ar$i~le [L. argilla], /.: potter's clay, 
clay, ARGIL. , -leuac 11 , =ejjse, adj.: 
clayey, argilons. -liere 12 , /.: clay-pit. 
-lifere [L. ferre, bear], adj.: argilifer- 
ous. -lolith/e [Gr. Utkos, stone], m.: 

argo [L., Gr, -g6, name of Jason's ship], m. 
Argp (the ship, or the constellation). 
-najate 15 DL -nauta (Gr. nafites, sailor)], 
m.; argonaut (hero sailing with Jason to 
Colchis in the Argo ; or the mollusc). 

01 m>; t^and of thieves and 

arleqnln cJ7 

vagabonds ; = (cant of thieves and vaga- 

bonds, low slang ; cant). 
2.argo~ 16 [same as ergot], m.: stub of 

cut branch, -ter 16 , tr.: cut the stub of 

a branch (above the eye). 
fargotier 16 ,-tiere [i . -got], m., f. : vaga- 


argoulet 15 [?], m.: mounted archer. 
argousierj?], m.: buckthorn. 
argousin 15 [O.It, algozzino (? Sp. algua- 

zil, , constable)], m.: convict-keeper, 

ar~gue 16 [L. organum, instrument], /.; 

drawbench (for wire-drawing), 

tr.: wire draw. 
2.argn~er |0 [p. L. -tare (L. -ere, point 

out)], tr.: argue (prove by evidence, 

evince, prove) : defaux, prove as false. 

-men n [L. -mentum], m.: = (proof, 

evidence; theme; summary), '{-m.en- 

tant 16 [-menter], m.: arguer, opponent. 

-mentejar 15 [L. -mentator], m.: arguer. 

-mentation 15 [L. -mentatio], f.: =. 

menter 11 [L. -mentari], Mr.: argue; 

tr. : argue or discuss with. 
Argus [L.], m. : Argus (myth.) vigilant 

person ; sort of peacock). 
argu~tie 15 [L. -tia (cf. arguer)], /,; 

subtlety, quibble, -tieiias 18 , =ej}se, adj.: 


aria 14 [?], m.: (Jam.) bustle, botheration. 
Ariane, /.: Ariadne (Theseus' lover, 

abandoned by him) ; abandoned lover. 
arianisme 15 [-rien], m,; arianism. 

ri^de 13 [-dus]j adj.: arid, dry; sterile. 

-dite 11 [L. -ditas],f.: aridity, drynesa; 

i.arien 12 , =ezuie [L. Arianus, Arius], 

m.,/Tor adj.: Arian (follower of Arius). 
2.farien aryen. 

ariette 17 \It. -tta (aria, AIR)], f.: arietta. 
farimer = arrimer. 
Aristarqite 15 , m.: Aristarchns ; severe 

aristocra-te 17 , m.: /.: aristocrat. 

Ihtie 18 [Gr. -teia (dristos, best, kratetn, 

rule)], /.: aristocracy, -tiqwe 13 [Gr. 

"tik6s] t adj.: aristocratic. -tiq^uement 1& 

[-tique], adv.: aristocratically, -ti^er 18 

[-tie], tr. : render aristocratic. 
aristolo-elie 15 [L. -chia], /.: birth-wort. 
Aristo^tele, m.: Aristotle (Greek phil- 

osopher). -telieien 16 , =enne \L.-4eHcus] f 

adj. or m.: Aristotelian. -t61ique 16 , 

adj.: Aristotelic. -t^lisme 17 , m.: Aris- 

arit7tm6-ti<sien 15 , -ti-eienne, m., /.: 

arithmetician. " ll-tique 11 [I. -tied (Gr. 

arithmds, number)], adj. : arithmetical ; /. : 

arithmetic, -tiquement 15 [-tique], adv.: 




/.: harlequin, merry-andrew; (m.) mixed 
stew, hodgepodge ; boat (used in hunting 
the merganser : harle) : politique, politi- 
cal harlequin (who assumes the colours of 
all the parties) ; habit , work of incon- 
gruous parts. -q[uiuade 17 , /.: harle- 

ar-mada [Sp. (L. -mata, 'armed/ viz. 
fleet)], /.: =. -madple 16 [Sp. -madillo 
(dim. of -mado, armed)], m,: armadillo 
(crustacean), -mateur 16 [L. -mator], 
m.: outfitter of a vessel, -mature 14 
[L. -matura],f.: fannour ; = (iron braces ; 
magnet-a. ; fossil crust) ; sharps and flats. 
(|~me [p. L. -ma, arms],/.: weapon; pi. 
arms ; troops ; military profession ; bat- 
tle; fencing; coat of arms, emblazonry: 
s blanches, side arms; 5 aux bras! 
support arms ! s a feu, firearms ; de 
jet (de trait), missile ; d silex, flint-gun ; 
assaut d' s, fencing match ; jaque d' s, 
coat of arms; fait d's, feat; maitre 
d' s, fencing-master; salle d 1 s, armoury ; 
fencing-school ; passer par les s t be put 
to the sword ; portez les s! shoulder 
arms! -mee 13 [-mer], /.: army; host; 
slating (of a mansard to protect against 
rain) : de mer et de terre, sea and 
land forces; permanente, standing 

armEline 16 [It. -llina f 'fur of the ARME- 
nian rat'],/.: ERMINE. 

armEinertt 12 [-mer], m.: armament. 

Arme~nie, /.: Armenia. -niew,, 
-nienne, adj. or m., /.: Armenian 
(pertaining to Armenia; or to Armenian 

ar~mer [L. -mare (-ma, arms)], tr.: 
arm (provide with arms) ; furnish (equip) ; 
man (a pump); ship (the oars); cock (a 
gun); provide with sharps and flats. 
-met 13 [-me], m.: helmet; (w jesi) head. 

ar-mHlaire 16 , adj.: armillary, formed 
of rings. ||~miUe n [L. -milla (-mu$, 
arm), bracelet], /.: annulet (fillet en- 
circling a column), ring of an armillary 

arminien* 16 , -enne [Arminius], adj. or 
m.,/.: Anninian. 

ar~misti-ee 16 [L. -ma, weapons, statio, 
rest], m.: =, truce, -moire 11 [L. -mari- 
um (-ma, orig. 'fittings'), ' closet/ per- 
haps also ' weapon-closet ' : cf. Eng. armou- 
ry, same word],/.: closet, cupboard, press. 
-moiries 18 [OFr. -moyer, decorate with 
arms],/, pi.: coat of arms, armorial bear- 

armQlse [p, L. artemisia],f.: ARTEMISIA. 

armoisin 1 * [It. ermesino (? Ormuz, a 
city)J, >' sarcenet. 

armoti & wtemo, sort of lever], m,: 
f utcfiel (of a coach). 


armorial 16 [-moiries}, adj.: armorial; 
m.: book of heraldry. 

armoricai [-rique], adj. or n.: Ar- 

armorier 16 [-moiries], tr. : ornament with 
armorial bearings. 

Armor ique,/.: Armor ica. 

ar-moriste 16 [-moiries], m.: armorist. 
H-mure 12 [L. -matura (-mare, arm)],/.: 
armour ; fish of a mast (or yard) : de 
tete, head-piece, -murerie 13 [-murier], 

f. : armoury (manufactory of arms), -mu- 
rier 12 , m.: armourer, maker of arms. 

Arnand, m.: Arnold. 

arni^'ca 17 or "fa,TJOLique [1. L. -ca],f.: 
arnica, --cine 18 ,/.: extract of arnica. 

aro-mate 15 [L. -matum], m.: aromatic. 
-matique 12 , adj.: aromatic(al). -ma- 
tisaticm 15 [matiser], /.: aromatisation. 
-matifer, tr.: aromatise. llaro^me 
[Gr. dr'oma], m.: aroma, flavour. 

aronde [p. L. * hirunda (L. -do) ^swal- 
low], /.: fswallow; swallow-fish: queue 
$ ? (carp.) dove-tail; sort of fortifica- 
tion. * 

farpatflleBr [harpailler, grasp], m.: 
gold-seeker, gold-washer. 

ar~pege 17 [It. -peggio (arpa, HARP), play 
on the harp], m.: (mus.) arpeggio. 
-pegemm-i* 16 [-peger], m.: playing ar- 
peggios. -peger 17 , tr.: play (a piece) in 

- L. *arependis, L. arepennis 
(Gall.)], m.: = (old measure of about one 
acre), -tage 12 [-ter], m.: land-measur- 
ing, survey. " -ter 18 , tr.: measure or sur- 
vey (land); walk over at great strides. 
-teur 1 *, =pse [-ter], m.: land-surveyor; 

arpon 18 [Gasc. -pan], m.: (mar.) sort of 
large saw (used in dock-yards). 

. arquibuso (Ger. haken-buchse, HOOK- 
gun ')] , / : arquebus (e) . -buser 16 , f intr, : 
shoot with an arquebus ; tr. : shoot down 
with an arquebus, shoot. -Tmserie 16 
[-sier],f.: ftroop of arquebusiers ; arque- 
bus, or gun-smithery. -"busifr 16 , m.: 
= ; arquebus- or gun-smith. 

ar-quer 15 [L. -quare (-cus, bow)], tr., 
intr. : ' ARCH, curve, bend, -que t 17 [arc], 
m.: wire or rod of a shuttle. 

arra-eliage 18 ,m.: pulling up (vegetables). 
-hemtit u , m.: tearing up or away; 
digging up; weeding; (arch.) toothing. 
--ehe-pied 15 (d* ), adv.: without ces- 
sation. IJ^-cter* [L. ex-radic&re (r&dix t 
root), 'root up'j, tr. : tear up or away, pull 
up, snatch away; draw (violently), ex- 
tort, extract, wring; ' , tear (away); 
break away, -ehe-so.nde 18 , m.: in- 
strument for pulling out the fragments 


of a broken bone or probe, bone-extractor 
-^heur 12 , --eliejase, m.,/.: tearer, pull- 
er ; (/.) workwoman who pulls the long hair 
from beaver-skins ; potato-plow or digger. 
-ehis 12 , m.: uprooted plant ; felonious up- 
rooting of young trees, -choir 18 , m.: 
weeding-machine, extirpator. 

arraison-nement 11 , m.: farguing; sani- 
tary inspection of a vessel. ||~ner' 
Pp. L. *ar-rationdre (L. ratio, REASON)], 
tr.: REASON or argue with. 

arraigeanft 18 ,adj?".: accommodating; (for 
part.,c'f.-ger). -gemen 18 ,m.: =, setting 
in order ; fixing ; disposition ; (pi.) terms, 
measures, linger 11 [d, ranger], tr.: 
arrange (set in 'order; fix up; dispose); 
accommodate (suit); compromise; (ironic.) 
give a scolding to (cf. Eng. 'fix'), blow up ; 
s j , arrange or fix one's self ; place one's 
self, settle; make dispositions; accom- 
modate one's self; put up with: cela 
m' arrange, that suits me; cela s' arranger a, 
that will be all right ; il s'est bien g, 
he has made his house very comfortable ; 
arrangez-vous, do as best you can ; decide ; 
je m'en arrange, I make shift with it. 
-genr 16 , -gejgse, m.,f.: arranger (usl'y 
in bad sense); transposer (of music). 

arren-tement 12 , m.: renting. ||~tei" 12 
[a, rente], tr.: rent; let out. 

arre-ra^er 12 , intr.: be in arrears. 
H^rages 11 [arriere], m., pi.: ARREARS: 

"de rentes, periodical payments of 

arrestatiqn 13 [arreter], f.: arrest; 

arre-fc 11 , m.: stopping, coming to a stand- 
still, check ; arrest (chiefly in pi.) ; (fixed) 
decree, judgment, sentence; seizure;? 
(checking device, as) catch (of a gun, etc.),t 
rest (of a lance) ; stop-work (of a clock) :> 

de mort, sentence of death; chien d' ,i 
setter; robinet d' , stop-cock; maison, 
d'- , jail; mandat d' , warrant (to, 
arrest) ; aux s, under arrest ; s sim- 
ples, open arrest; de defense, safe- 
conduct ; mettre la lance en , couch the 
lance, -te 16 , m.: decree, resolution; 

, settlement (of accounts), -te-boeuf 16 , 
m.: rest-harrow (leguminous plant). 
H^iier i$.ii.*ar-re8tare (L. re-star e,standi 
back)], tr.: ARREST (stop, stay, check); 
hold back, delay; fasten, fix; engage,, 
hire ; decree, resolve ; settle (an account) ; 
a'-, stop, pause, stand still; tarry, re- 
main ; be resolved or decreed ; be allayed : 
-, un point, fasten a, stitch (in sewing) 
faire,~~~~, give into custody; ,sa place* 
secure one's place ; court, siop i sho; 
action d' ,, stop (page), rtiste 17 f-Q, ^ 
compiler of decrees, ,-tolr 18 , m.: stop 
catch (as of a bayonet, etc.). 



ar-rytement 16 [arrher],m.: giving earnest. 
-Tlier ls ,~ir. : hire or buy by giving earnest. 
||ar~r7tes IL. arr(h)a], f. pi.: EARNEST 

arriere [p. L. *arretro (L. ad, towards, 
retro, back)], adv.: backwards, behind; 
(nav.) abaft ; inter 'j. : back ! avaunt ! m. : 
back part, REAR; stern (of a ship); ARREAR: 
en , backwards ; (interj.) back ! abaft ! 
in arrears ; en de, behind ; tomber de 
V , fall astern ; se ranger de V , veer. 

arriere 18 [-rer], adj.: deferred, etc.; 
behindhand, in arrears; m.: what is 
behindhand; arrearage: avoir de V , 
be behindhand. 

arriere-ban 11 , m.: arriere-ban (call of 
the feudatory or inferior vassals, arriere- 
vassaux; service due by them; body of 
feudatory vassals), -"bee 17 , m.: (down- 
stream) cutwater (of a bridge), -bou- 
ehe 18 ,/.: pharynx, -boutique 15 , back- 
shop. -corps 16 , m.: rear part of a 
structure; recess, -ccrnr 16 , /.: back 
yard, -faios 15 , m.: after-birth, placenta. 
-fermier, m.: under-farmer, under- 
tenant. -fief 12 , m.: arriere fief (or fee), 
secondary fee. -garanfc 15 , m.: bail of 
a bail, -garde 11 ,/.: rear-guard, rear. 
-gout, m.: ^after-taste. -grand- 
omsle 18 , d = t^, pi. s s, m.: grand- 
father's or grandmother's uncle; great- 
uncle's or great-aunt's father, -grand- 
tari/te 18 , pi. s s, /.: cf. preced. 
-main 15 , /.; back of the hand; blow 
with the back of the hand, indirect blow ; 
hind-quarters of a horse. -nEveu 15 , m.: 
great-NEPHEW ; (pi.) posterity, -pew- 
see 15 , /. : masked thought or intention, 
mental reservation. -pEtite-fiZle 17 , 
pi. s s, /.; great-granddaughter. 
-petit^flhs 17 , pi. 5 , m.: great- 

. grandson. -pEtits-eiifants, m. pi.: 
great-grandchildren, -plan, 18 , m.: (paint) 
background, -point 15 , m.; back-stitch. 

arrierer 12 [arriere], tr.: leave behind, 
postpone; leave behindhand; s' , stay 
behind; get in arrears. 

arriere-saisort 15 , m.: end of autumn; 
decline (of fail), -troitt 18 , m.: hind part 
of a quadruped; back part of a four- 
wheeled carriage, -vassal 16 , =auc, m.: 
vassal of a mesne lord, inferior vassal. 
-vonssure 16 , /.: back arch (of a gate or 

arri-mage 18 , m.; (nav.) stowage; trim 
(of % hold). H~mer- 13 [?], tr.: stow 
away; trim (the hold), -meur 16 , m.: 
stower,, stevedore. 

farrioler 17 [fr. Prov. (L. ad, rivulus, 
current)!, refl.: cease to roll (of the e.a). 

arriser 16 p, Ha], tr.: reef (sails): let 
, strike the lower yards. 


arri-vage 12 , m.: arrival (of ships or boats 
in port;* of merchandise by water; of 
merchandise or provisions generally). 
-vee 15 , /.: arrival; (nav.) falling off: 
aussitdtson , immediately after his (her) 
arrival; fd? , from the beginning, from 
the very first, -vement 11 , m.: arrival. 
||~ver 10 [d, rive], intr.: arrive (fcome 

, to the shore or land ; us'ly come, reach ; 
enter ; happen, occur) ; bear away, bear 
down ; veer : & ses fins (ft son but), 
compass one's ends; quoi qu'il arrive, 
whatever may happen, come what may. 

arrobe 16 [Sp.-fa (Ar .)],/.: arroba (weight 
in Mexico and S. America, varying between 
25 and 32 Ibs. avoir). 

arro-ehe [Norm, form, L. atriplex], f.: 
arrach or orach (plant), goose-foot. 

arro-gammenfc- 13 [-gant], adv.: arro- 
gantly. -gati-ee 11 [L. -gantia], /..* =, 
haughtiness. -gan 18 [L. -gans], adj.: 
=, haughty. Ihger M [L. ar-rogare, ' ask 
to' viz. one's self, claim], reft.: arrogate 

. to one's self, unduly assume. 

farroi 12 [OFr. areer (?), array], m. : ARRAY, 

arrow^dir 12 [d, rond], tr.: round, round 
out," fill out ; (nav.) double, sail round. 
-dissement 15 , m.: rounding (out), round- 
ness ; complement ; administrative district 
(esp. part of a dfyartement ; or ward of 
a city). 

arro-sage 16 , m.: sprinkling, watering, 
irrigation, -semerit 11 , m.: sprinkling, 
watering; (cook.) basting; paying all 
around (at play). Ikser [p. L. *-sare 
(L. *ad-rorare, fr. ros, dew)], tr.: bedew, 
(be)sprinkle, water, moisten (fEng. AR- 
ROSE); irrigate; (cook.) baste; distribute 
money to, pay by instalments ; (play) pay 
all around. -seur 18 , =euse, m., /.: 

' sprinkler of public roads, waterer. 
-soir 18 , TO.: watering-pot; sprinkler. 

arrQitf-root 18 ou = on pBngl.], m.: =. 

arrugie 16 [L. -ia (ruga, furrow)], /.; 
(miri.) drain.$ [L. armus, shoulder], m. pL: fold 
between the breast and fore legs of a 

2,ars [part, of ardre], adj.: burnt. 

arsEnal 12 [It. -le (Gr.-Ar.)], m.: =; 
marine, dock-yard. 

arseniate 17 , m.: arseniate. H~sEnic 18 
[L. -senicum], m.: =. -sEuioal 16 , adj.: 
=. -senieux 17 , =ouse, adj.: arsenious. 
-*6nique , adj.: arsenic. -s6nite 17 , 
m.: arsenite. 

aroin 11 [2,ar], m.: woods damaged by 

arsis [L.-Gr. (Qr. airein, raise)], m.: = 
(stressed part of a rhythmic foot). 

i. ars], m. (f. 16 ) ; art; means: beaux 


s, fine art ; d'agrement, accomplish- 
ment ; termes de I' , technical terms. 

ar~tere 12 [L. -teria],f. : artery, -teriel 15 
=116, adj.: arterial, -terieuoe 15 , =e3se, 
adj.: arterial. -teriole 17 , /.: small 
artery, -teriologie 17 [Gr. I6gos, dis- 
course],/.: arteriolbgy. -teriotomie 16 
\L. -mid (Gr. tome", cutting)], /.: arteri- 

artesieu 17 , =enn6 [Artois, in France], 
adj.: artesian. 

art/tri^te 18 [L. -tis (Gr. drthron, joint)], 
/.: arthritis, gout, -tique 11 [L. -ticus], 
adj.: arthritic. 

arti-chaut 15 pt. -ticioco (Ar.)], m.: arti- 
choke ; spike (on fences, etc.) : avoir un 
cceur d' , have numerous affections. 

arti~cle 12 [L. -culus (artus, joint)], m.: 
= (statement; item, matter; articulation): 
d V de la mort, on the point of death ; 
faire I' , puff one's goods, -culaire 16 
[L. -cularis], adj. : articular, -culatioti 1G 
[L. -culatio],f. := (joint) ; coupling; (leg.) 
allegation, -cule 12 [-culer],adj.: articu- 
late (d) ; les s, the articulates, -culer* 12 
[L. -culare], tr.: articulate (joint, couple; 
utter, enunciate; express distinctly); (leg.) 
set forth, allege. 

artifl^-ce 18 [L. -cium (arti-fex, artificer)], 
m. : = (skilful contrivance, device ; crafty 
device, stratagem; fa-rfc or skill; tirade); 
pyrotechnic preparation; warlike projectile 
(cannon-cartridge, bomb, shell, etc.) : feu 
d' , fireworks ; tirer un feu d' , set off 
fireworks; caisse d' , powder-chest; ab- 
sence d' , guilelessness ; sans , guile- 
less, undesigning. --eiel 14 , =lle- [L. 
-cialis],adj.: artificial; fskilful. --cielle- 
13 [-del], adv.: artificially; fskilfully. 
m.: firework-maker, pyrotech- 
nist; ordnance soldier, -eieti^enignt 1 * 
[-deux], adv. : artfully, craftily, -eieno? 12 , 
=eflLfie [L. -ciosu8\ t adj.: artful, crafty, 
cunning; fskilful (fBng. artful). 
rti^ler*- 11 [art.], tr.: arm (with engines 
of war) . -lerie 12 , /. ; artillery, ordnance. 
-l5r 18 , m.: artilleryman, 

artimon. 12 pj. -temo (Gr. -t&n, hang, 
arrange), gallant-sail], m.: mizzen (sail); 
perroquet d' , mizzen top-mast. 

artisan 15 [It. -tigiano (L. ars f art)], 
m.: =, mechanic; tartist. 
rti^s^w- 18 [?], m.: wood-fretter (insect). 
-sonne 12 , adj.: worm-eaten. 

artis~te 18 [art], m,, f.: artist; player; 
alchemist; adj.: artistic (gifted for arts; 
f conformable to art). -tEin^nt; 16 , adv.: 
artistically, -tique 18 , adj.: artistic. 

arnm 16 [U], in.: = (plant), 

aruspi-ee 16 [L. (K)aru-spex ('entrail- 
seer'), Rom. soothsayer], m.: ==, (h)am- 
apex, soothsayer. 


aryen 18 , =enue [Sanskr. arya, excellent], 
adj^or m.,f.: Aryan (of the Aryan stock). 

arytenoide 17 [Gr. -taino-eides, 'ladle- 
formed'], adj.: arytenoid. 

arzel 16 [Sp. argel (Ar.)], m.: = (horse 
with white hind legs and forehead). 

as [L. as, unit (of coin or measure); 
small coin], m.: ACE; AS (Rom. coin or 

as- [L. as- = ad, 'to'] : pref. 

asa assa. 

asare* 17 [L. -rwm], m.: asarum (plant). 

asbeste 16 [L. -0s (Gr. a-, not, sbenntimai, 
'extinguish/ as unaffected by fire)], m.: 
asbestos (mineral). 

asoaride 13 [L. -da], m.: ascarid (worm). 

ascen-dan-ee 18 , /.: ascending (family-) 
line ; rising or ascension (of a star). 
||~danfc [L. -dens (ad, scantier e, climb)], 
adj.: =, ascending; m.: ancestor; (astr.) 
ascending node ; (astrol.) ascendant (rising 
of a star at one's birth) ; influence (of 
one's star); fascendency, governing in- 
fluence. -seur 18 [L. -sor], m.: ^ vator. 
-sign 11 [L. -sio], /.: = ; ascent; rising; 
up-stroke (of machinery) : jour de I' , 
Ascension-day, Holy Thursday, -sion- 
nel 17 , =lle [-sion], adj.: ascensional. 
-sioxmiste 18 [-sion], m., f.: mountain 
climber, one ascending high mountains. 

as^-eete 16 [1. L. *-c$ta (Gr. asketes, fr. as- 
kein, exercise)], m. f f.: ascetic, -eeti- 
que 16 [L. -ceticus], adj.: ascetic. --ee"- 
tisme 18 , m.: ascetism. 

aseien$ [L. -cius (Gr. a-, not, skid, 
shadow)], ascians. 

asoite 16 [L. -tes [Gr. askos, belly)], /.; 
ascites, dropsy. 

I.ascl6pia~de 17 [L. -deus (first used by 
the Greek poet Asclepias)], adj. or m.; 
asclepiad (verse). 

2. ascle~piade 15 , /.: -pias [L. -^ias], 
m.: asclepias, swallow-wort, -piadees 18 , 
/. pi.: family of asclepias. 

a-siarcat 17 [-giarque], m.: dignity of an 
asiarch, -siarque 17 [L- -si-archa (Gr. 
arch6s, ruler)], m.: asiarch. -siatiqite, 
arf./.; Asiatic. ||A~sie,/.: Asia. 

i.asile H [L. asylum (Gr. a-, 'not/ s$fom, 
right of seizure)], m.: asylum, refuge, 
place of refuge, shelter: salle d' , infant 
school; despauvres, poor-house; house 
of industry. 

2.a$Ue 16 |L. -lus], m.: wasp-fly, asilus. 

a^i-ne 16 [L. ~nus, ass], adj.f.: f6^e , 
ass; asinine, -nin 16 , adj.: asinine. 

aspect 16 [L. a-spectus (spec-, look)], m.: 
aspect (appearance, look) ; view ; tP 08 *- 
tion; (astrol.) aspect (situation of stars 
at a given moment) : du del (astrol.) : 
aajpex^e 16 [L. asparagus],/,; asparagus; 



rib of whale-bone: une montee, tall 
and lean person. 

asper^ger 11 [L. -gere (sparger e, strew), 
scatter]J tr.: sprinkle, ASPERSE (in sense 
of 'sprinkle'), -ges 13 [L. -get, 'thou 
shalt sprinkle/ first word of the anthem 
before the mass], m.: asperges (moment 
of sprinkling with holy water) ; aspergill 

asperite ri [L. -tas (asper, rough)], /..- 
asperity, roughness ; sharp point. 
sper^sion 11 [L. -sio (cf. -ger)], /.: 
= (in sense of 'sprinkling'), sprinkling 
(holy water), -soir 13 [1. L. ^-sorium], 
m.: aspergill (holy-water brush). 

asphalte 15 [L. -tus (Gr. -tosj], m.: as- 
phalt; asphalt side-walk. 

asphodele 15 [L. -Zws], m.; asphodel 

sphyx-ianfc 18 [-ier], adj.: producing 
asphyxia. ||~ie 17 [Gr. -ia (a, not, spMxis, 
pulse)], /.: asphyxy (suspension of anima- 
tion). -ier* 18 , tr.: asphyxiate, suffocate. 
. aspic 14 [L. aspis], m.: = (asp; venom- 
ous reptile). 

a.aspic 15 [Prov. espie (L. spica, SPIKE, 
ear)], m.: = (sPiKEnard, lavender). 

3-aspic 18 [?], m.: = (meat jelly). 

aspi-rail 15 , ;=rau#, m. (us'lypl.): draft- 
hole. -rant 14 , part.: aspiring, etc. ; (of 
pumps) sucking, suction; m.,/.: aspirant, 
candidate, suitor : de marine, midship- 
man. -rateur 18 , =tri-ce, adj.: pro- 
ducing suction; m.: ventilator. -ra- 
tion 11 [-ratio], f.: = (in sense of : fervent 
desire ; pronunciation with flatus ; breath- 
ing, inhaling, inspiration) ; suction ; (hydr.) 
exhaustion, -re, part.: aspired, etc.; 
aspirate; (hydr.) exhausted; -r6e, /.: 
aspirate (sound). ||~rer l:L [L. a-spirare, 
'breathe towards' (i. outwardly, 2. in- 
wardly)]: intr.: pant (for), ASPIRE (to), 
long; tr.: emit with aspiration, ASPIRATE ; 
2.inhale, inspire; suck in; (hydr.) ex- 
haust ; s'< , be aspirated ; suck. 

aspre 15 [Gr. -ron (Turk.)], m.; asper 
(Turkish coin). 

assa 18 [1. L. asa (Pers.)]: /. (m.): asa 
(gum) : dulcis, f.: asa-dulcis, benzoin; 
f<Ktida,f.: asafoatida. 

assa^glr 11 [d, sage], tr.: render sage or 
wise;'mr.: grow wise, -gissemenfc, 
rendering wise ; growing wise. 

assait-larit 12 , adj.: assailing, aggressive; 
m.: assailant, aggressive. t45- rl2 m ~' 
(inveterate) assailer. ll^lir [p. L. 
*as-salire, L. -sillre (ad, salire, leap), 
leap upon], t>r.; tr.: ASSAIL, ASSAULT, 

Ind. : Pr. assaille. Ipf. assaillais. Pret. 
assattlis. Fut. (Cond.) assa,illirai(s\ Subj, ; 
Pr. assaille. Ipf. assaillisse, I've assaiue. 
Part, ; Pr. 



assai~nir 17 [d, sain], tr.: render healthy 
or salubrious. -nissement 17 , m.. 

rendering healthy; salubrity; (agr.] 

assai-8onnemen 1& ,m.: seasoning; (what 
seasons) seasoner, condiment. ||~son- 
ner 12 [d, saison], tr.: SEASON, render 
savoury or agreeable, spice; adapt, fit 
temper ; combine pleasantly ; fsubmit to 
the influence of a favourable season; 
dry ; ripen, mature). 
assas~sin 15 , -sine [It. -si no (Ar. ' hash- 
ishin,' ' \ashis Wrinker ')], m.,f. : assassin ; 
adj.: assassinous, murderous, killing. 
-sinant 16 , adj.: murdering, killing; ex- 
ceedingly tiresome. -sinai 15 ,ra.: assas- 
sination, wilful murder, -sinateur 15 , 
m. : assassin(ator). -siner 15 [It. -sinare], 
tr.: assassinate, murder; (Jig.) bore to 
death, -sinenr 15 , =ejisc, m., /.; as- 

assaut [p. L. *-saltus, L. -sultus (ad 
sallre, leap upon)], m.: ASSAULT (onset, 
onslaught, attack, storm) ; fencing-match : 
faire de, vie with each other in ; faire 
d'esprit, make a trial at wit. 

assauvager 12 [d, sauvage], tr.: render 
savage ; 'intr. : become savage. 
assavoir [a, savoir], adv.: to wit, faire 
, make known ; c'est , to wit, namely. 

fas~se [L. ascia, hammer], /.: (dial.) 
cooper's hammer, -seau 11 , m.: roofer's 

as~sec 16 [a, sec], m.: (of ponds) time of 
draining dry. -se-ehement 15 [-seeker], 
m.: drying out, draining, -se-cher 11 [d, 
seeker], tr. : dry out, drain ; intr. : grow 
dry, be drained. 

asseeur 12 [asseoir], m.: ASSESSOR. 

assew-blage 15 , m. : =, collection, gather- 
ing; jumble; (carp.) coupling, scarfing; 
(nav.) tabling (of the beams). -blee 11 ,/: 
(assembling; assemblage, meeting, com- 
pany; congregation. -blEmewf 10 , m.: 
assembling, assemblage. H^bler- [p. L. 
*as-simuldre (L. ad, simul, together), 
bring together], tr.: assemble, bring to- 
gether, gather, collect; convoke; (carp.) 
couple, scarf, trim; (mil) muster; s' , 
assemble, meet, flock together; muster. 
-"bleur 12 , -blejase, m., /.: collector, 

assEner [L. as-signare (signum, sign), 
mark out], tr.: deal or strike (a blow); 

assen-temen* 12 ,ra.: i.fassent; z.(hunt.) 
scent, -timent 14 , m.: i. assent, agree- 
ment; 2.(hunt.) scent. ||*tir [i.L. -tire 
(ad, sentire, fee}); 2.&, sentir], intr.: 
1. 1 ASSENT; 2,tr. f intr.: (hunt.) SCENT, 
find the scent. 

agseoir [p. L, *a8-$edere (L, seder e, sit)], 


irr.; tr.: SEAT; SET, place, establish, 
lay; SETtle ; train (a horse) ; s y , seat 
one's self, be seated, sit down: les 
fondements, lay the foundations : une 
rente, settle an annuity ; un camp, 
pitch a camp, 

Ind. : Pr. a-ssieds, assteds, assied ; asse- 
yons, -yez, -yent. Ipf. asseyais. Pret. assts. 
Fut. (Cond.) a$seyerai(s) or assirai(s). 
Subj. : Pr. asseye or asseie. Ipf. assisse. 
I've assieds ; asseyez, Part. : Pr. asseyant ; 
P. assz's. 

asseption = acception. 

assermenter* 14 [<z, serment], tr.: bind 
by oath, swear in. 

asser-tif 1G , =ive [L. -tus (ad, serere, 
bind)], adj.: assertive, -tion 13 [L.-tio], 
/.: =. -tivement 1 *, adv.: assertively. 

asser^vir 11 [d, serf], tr.: reduce to 
SERVltude, inthral, enslave ; subdue, bring 
under subjection, -vissant, adj.: en- 
slaving. -vissement 16 , m.: enslave- 
ment, inthralment, subjection; servitude, 

asses~seur 12 [L. -$or (as-sidere, seat 
by)], m.: assessor (of a judge, president, 
etc.), associate, -sorat 18 , m.: assessor- 

assette 16 [asse], /.: cooper's or slater's 

assez 10 [d, OFr. sez (L. satis, enough)], 
adv.: enough, sufficiently; rather, pretty; 
pretty well. 

assi-du 12 [L. -duus (as-sidere, sit near 
or close)], adj.: assiduous; SEDulous. 
-duite 12 [L. -duitus], /.; assiduity, ap- 
plication, -dument a5 , adv. : assiduously, 

assieds, etc., forms of asseoir, which see. 

assie-geant 14 , adj.: besieging; m.: be- 
sieger.' linger [p.L.*a8-sediare (*sedia, 
siege, fr. L! seder e, sit)], tr.: lay SIEGE 
to, besiege ; beSET. 

assiet-te 12 [OPr. assiet, 3 s. Pres. of as- 
seoir],f.: posture, seat, situation; position; 
ASSESsment (of taxes) (cf. ASSETS), site; 
stability; course (of a repast); dish (for each 
course); (us'ly) plate: blanche, clean 
plate ; d soupe, soup-plate ; d'une 
Gglise, site of a church ; etre dans son , 
be steady; be at ease ; be in good humour ; 

faire I' de, assess ; piquer I' , sponge ; 
I' d'une rente, the fund of an annuity; 
d'un vaisseau, trim of a ship. -t6e* 6 , 

/.: dish, plateful. 

assignable 16 , adj.: =. -f/nat 15 , m.: 
frent assigned on landed property; = 
(paper money based on the security of 
lands appropriated by the state during the 

Fr. revolution 1790-6). -f/nati^n 1 ^ (L, 

-gnatio], /.: = ; assignment"(of a dower); 
(com.) check ; (fin.) transfer ; (leg,) writ ; 

summons; subpoana: donner une d, 


have a writ out against ; signifier & quel- 
qu'un une , serve a writ upon any 
one. -firaje, =ee, part, summoned ; m.,/.: 
defendant. limner 12 [L. as-signare 
(signum, sign), mark out], tr.: assign 
(appoint, determine, fix, allot); summon, 
subpoena: obtenir permission d' , take 
out a writ against. 

assimilable 18 , adj.: =. -latiou 15 
[L. -latio], /.: =. ||~ler> 14 [L.' -lare 
(similis, like)], tr.: assimilate (render 
like; liken; compare). 

as~sis, part, (or prt.) of asseoir: seated. 
-sise n , f . : layer or course (of stones in 
building), stratum ; pi. : assembly of judges; 
(us'ly) SESSion of a criminal court, AS- 

assi-sta^i-ee 14 , /.: = (aid) ; attendance, 
body of bySTANDers, company; assistants' 
station (province or country where the 
assistants of certain religious orders were 
sent):- V publique, administration of 
public charities ; judiciaire, bureau 
aiding the poor in litigations, -stant 14 , 
-stante, adj.: assisting, assistant, at- 
tendant, adjutor; m.,/.: assistant of re- 
ligious orders); m. pi.: attendants, by- 
standers, persons present. Ulster 18 
[L. as~sistere, stand by], intr.: assist 
(STAND by, help ; stand near, be present, 

association 14 , /.: = (act or state); 
partnership ; society : illegale, con- 
spiracy; de secours mutuels, friendly 
benefit society. ~eie 16 , =ee, m., /.; 
associate, member; partner, companion. 
l|~"eier 12 [L. as-sociare], tr.: associate 
(admit as partner; connect); marry; 
s* , associate one's self (with), enter 
into partnership (with); associate, admit 
as partner ; participate (in). 

tassoiffer 18 [d, sotf], tr.: (fam.) make 
thirsty ; esp. in part. : assoiffe de plaisir, 
thirsting for pleasure. 

asso-lement 18 , m.: distribution (of land) 
for varied crops, -ler 18 [d, sole], tr.: 
divide (a field) in parts for varied crops. 

assom~brir 17 [d, sombre], tr.: darken, 
obscure, render gloomy or somber, -bris- 
sem.ent 18 , m.: darkening, gloom. 

assom-matit 15 , adj.: killing; overwhelm- 
ing; tiring to death, most tiresome or 
wearisome: fare , be a great bore. 
Ihmer 11 [d, somme, burden], tr.: knock 
down (with something weighty), beat to 
death; overwhelm with blows, beat un- 
mercifully; overpower, bear down ; bore or 
weary to death, tire out; $' , kill one's self ; 
overburden one's self; be overwhelmed. 
-menr 15 , m.: killer; slaughterer (of 
cattle); bore, -mojr 16 , m.: weapon for 
knocking downj bludgeon; trap (for 

assurance 43 

killing animals); low tavern: un coup 
d' , overwhelming blow or accident. 

assomption 11 [L. as-sumptio (sumere, 
take)], /, : assumption ; (rel.) Assumption 
(the act of, or the feast). 

assonah, see sonna. 

asso-na?i-ee 16 [L. -nare], f. =. -nimt 17 
[L. -nans], =. H^ner 18 pj. ^nare 
(sonar e, sound)], intr.: be assonant; 
bring an assonance. 

assor-timent 15 , m.: assortment. ||~tir 14 
[d, sort], tr.: assort, match, pair, suit; 
provide with well-assorted wares, stock, 
furnish ; s' , match, agree, be suitable ; 
pair, -tissanfc 16 , adj.: matching ; suit- 

assoter 11 [d, sot], tr.: befool, infatuate; 
besot; s' , be infatuated, be madly 
fond of. 

assou~pir 14 [1. L. *as-sopire (L. sopor, 
sleep)], tr.: render sleepy or drowsy, 
drowse; lull, quiet, appease; s' , grow 
drowsy or dull, doze, fall asleep; be 
quieted, be assuaged, be appeased, -pis- 
san* 16 , adj.: rendering drowsy, sleep- 
inducing, soPORific. -piss^menfc 16 , m.: 
rendering drowsy, quieting, assuagement ; 
drowsiness, listessness, indifference. 

assouplir 11 [d, souple], tr.: make supple 
or flexible, bend ; break (a house) ; *' , 
become supple. 

ssour^dir 11 [d, sourd], tr.: render 
deaf, deafen ; render surd ; stun ; deaden 
(sound); muffle (a bell, an oar, etc,); 
darken (a pointing), -dissant 18 , adj.: 
deafening, etc. -dissement 16 , m. : deaf- 
ening, etc. ; deafness, silence. 

assou~vir [p. L. *as-sopire (L. sopor r 
sleep), lull asleep, calm], tr.: gratify, 
satiate, glut, -vissement 14 , m.: grati- 
fication ; satiating, glutting. 

assu-jettir 14 or -jetir [d, sujet], tr.: 
SUBJECT (bring into subjection, subdue, 
enthral) ; fix (fasten) ; wedge in. -jet- 
tissant 17 or -jetissant, adj.: sub- 
duing, keeping in subjection, tyrannical. 
-jettissemnt 16 , m. subjection, subdual ; 

assumer 14 [L. -re (sumere, take)], tr.: 
assume, take upon one's self. 

assu-ran-ee 11 ,/.: = (assertion ; security, 
certainty; pledge; trust; reliance; self- 
reliance, self-confidence, boldness ; in- 
surance) : contre rincendie, fire in- 
surance; sur la vie, life insurance; 
bureau d' , insurance office ; police d' , 
insurance policy ; etre en lieu d' , be in 
a safe place ; il n'y a pas d' d prendre 
en lui, there is no reliance to be placed in 
him. -re 17 ,/.: woof texture, -re, =6e n , 
part.: assured, etc. ; adj.: sure, certain ; 
safe, secure ; self-reliant, bold ; m., /. : 



insured person, -rement 15 [-re], adv.: 
assuredly, surely. ||~rer 10 [a, sur], tr.: 
assure (make sure or certain, confirm; 
assert ; inspire" with confidence ; insure) ; 
accustom to the bit ; ' , make sure of, 
ascertain, satisfy one's self; be assured, 
be persuaded : V argent, make sure of 
the money ; pour I' alter (pour le re- 
tour), (com.) insure out (home) ; s ? 
d'un poste, take possession of a position. 
-reur 16 , m.: insurer, underwriter. 

astatique 18 [Gr. d-statos, un-stable], 
adj.: astatic. 

as~ter or -tere 15 [L. aster, STAR], m.: 
aster, starwort. -terie 18 , /.: asterias, 
sea-star. -terisme 16 [Gr. -terismds], 
m.: asterism (star-cluster; star-shaped 
reflection on certain crystals), -teris- 
que 15 [L. -teriscus], m.: (print.) asterisk, 
star; (Greek church) star on the paten. 
-teroide 18 [-teroeides (eidos, form)], 
m.: asteroid. 

astfc^nie 17 [Gr. -neia (a-, not, stkenos, 
strength)],/.: asthenia, loss of strength. 

as7i-matiqne 15 [L. -maticus], adj. or 
m., /.: asthmatic(al). ||~me 14 [L.-Gr. 
-ma (dein, blow)], m.: asthma. 

astic 17 [? Eng. stick], m.: glazing-stock, 

asticot 18 [?], m.: gentle, maggot. 

asticoter 17 [?] tr.: plague, tease. 

astigmatisms 1S [Gr. a-, not, stigma, 
point], m.: astigmatism. 

a*tiquer 18 [-tic], tr.: polish, furbish. 

astraca'W, 18 [A., Russian city], m.: As- 
trakhan" fur. 

astragale 16 [L. -galus], /.: astragalus 
(ankle-bone ; milk-vetch) ; astragal (con- 
vex moulding on a column, etc.). 

as-tral 15 [L. -tralis], adj.: =. ||~tre 14 
[L. -trum], m.: STAR, fixed star, -tree 18 
[Gr. -traia,f. of -fas, starry],/.: astraean, 

a-^strgindre 11 [L. as-stringere, draw 
tight], irr.; tr.: bind (oblige, force, 
compel, ASTRINGE). -stricti<m 13 [L. 
-strictio],f.: (med.) =. -stringgn-ee 18 
[-stringent], /.: astringency. "-strin- 
ged 16 [L. -stringens], adj. or m.: as- 

as*ro~ite 17 [L. -tes (Gr. dstron, STAR)], 

/. : astroite (star-stone) ; star-coral. 
-labe 12 [L. -labus (lambdnein, take)], m.: 
astrolabe (antiquated instrument for ob- 
serving the stars). -lof*ie ls [L. -logia 
(Gr. logos, discourse)], /.: astrology. 
-logique 15 [-logie], adj.: astrologic(al). 
-logiqttement 15 [-logique], adv.: as- 
trolbgically. -logue 13 [L. -logus (cf. 
-logie)], m.: astrologer, -nome 15 [L. 
-nomus (ndmos, law)], m.: astronomer. 
-nomie 11 [L. -nomia (cf. -nome)], /.: 


astronomy, -nomique 15 [L. -nomicus 
(cf. -nome)], adj.: astronomic (al). -no- 
jn.iquejo.ent 15 [-nomique], adv.: astro- 

astu~-ee 12 [L. -tia (astus, craft)], /.: 
astuteness, craft, cunning. -eieuse- 
men* lfa [-deux], adv.: astutely, craftily. 
-eieuse 15 , =ejjse, adj.: astute, crafty, 

fasyle = asile. 

asy mp-^tote 17 [Gr. a-sum-ptotos (pip- 
tein, fall), 'not falling together'], /.: 
(math.) =. -tique 17 , adj. : asymptot- 

asyndete [Gr. -deton (a-, not, sun-detos, 
bound together)], m.: (rhet.) asyndeton, 
leaving out a connective. 

atarax~ie 15 [Gr. -la (a-, not, taraktos, 
disturbed)], /.: ataraxy, calmness. 
-iqi^e 18 , adj.: referring to ataraxy. 

atavisme 18 [L. -vus (avus, grandfather), 
ancestor], m.: atavism. 

atele 18 [Gr. a-teles, in-complete], m.: 
ateles (monkey, lacking a thumb). 

atElier* 13 [OFr. astelle, dim. of aste (L, 
hasta), stick], m.: (old: place where 
pieces of wood were kept; carpenter's 
workshop); atelier (workshop gen'lly; 
studio); office; manufactory; school of 
painting or sculpture: de construction, 
factory; de greement, (nav.) rigging 
loft ; de forgeron, forge, blacksmith's 
shop ; chef d' , foreman. 

atellanes 16 [L. -nee (Atella, city)],/.^.: 
atelans (anc. farcial drama). 

ater-moiement 1(J , -moiment, m. : 
delay of payment, respite; composition 
(adjustment of a debt). H^niQyer 11 [d, 
OFr. termoyer (L. termen, TERM, limit), 
defer], tr.: defer (to a limit of time); 
try to delay or gain time ; s* avec ses 
creanciers, compound (come to terms) 
with one's creditors. 

At7talie,/.: Athaliah. 

atfoe^e 16 [Gr. dtheos (a-, not, the6s, god)], 
m.: atheist; adj.: atheistic (al). -isme 16 , 
m.: atheism, f-iste 15 , m.: atheist. 

a-tTieiiee 17 [L. -thenceum (Gr. -th&naion, 
a temple of Athene)], m.: athenaeum; 
establishment for public lectures and 
teaching. A~t/ienes [Gr. -thene, (? the 
'blooming' goddess = Minerva), us'ly 
in pi. -tMnai],/.: Athenes. -tfre'nign, 
=enne, adj. or noun: Athenian. 

at/iermane 18 or *miqufe [Gr. a-, not, 
therme, heat], adj.: athermanous, not 
transmitting heat, 

atTt-'lete 15 [L. -leta, Gr. -letes (-letn, con- 
tend for a prize), prize-fighter], m.: ath- 
lete. -IStiqiee 15 [L. -leticus], adj.: ath- 
letic (al) ; /.: athletic art, athletics. 

atkrepsie 18 [Gr, d-threpto8 f un-nour- 


ished], /.; innutrition, wasting away for 
want of nourishment. 

i. atinter 18 [a, tin], tr.: (nav.) fasten 
on blocks. 

2. atinter 14 [?], tr.: dress out (extrava- 

at-lante 16 [It.], m.: man-statue support- 
ing an entablature, pi. ATLANTES. -lan- 
tiqwe [L. -lanticus (Gr. -kos, sea west of 
Atlas)], adj. or/.: Atlantic. ||~las [L.- 
Gr. Atlas (tlenai, bear), the god bearing 
up the pillars of heaven ; or the African 
mount], m.: Atlas; atlas (first vertebra 
of the;, neck ; collection of maps or of 

atmosphere 17 [Gr. atmds, vapor, 
sphaira, sphere],/.: atmosphere, -phe- 
rique 18 , adj.: atmospheric (al). 

atoll 18 [Maldive], m.: (coral island). 

ato~me 18 [L. -mus (Gr. a-, not, temnein, 
cut)], m. : atom, -mique 17 , adj. : atomic- 
(al). -misme 17 ,m.: atomism. -miste 17 , 
m.: atomist. -xuistiq'ue 18 [miste], adj. : 

ato~ne 18 [Gr. -nos (a-, not, tonos, TONE, 
strength)], adj.: atonic (unaccented ; lack- 
ing vitality), -nic 18 [Gr. -n1a],f.: atony 
(weakness of the system), -nique 18 
[-nie], adj.: atonic (characterised by 

atou-r 11 , m.: (woman's) attire, finery or 
ornament : dame d'~, (queen's, etc.) lady 
of the toilette or bed-chamber. |||^rner 
[d, tourner], tr.: (wrap around, hence) 
attire, deck out, bedizen, -rneur 16 , 
-rnejse, m.,/.: dresser, tirewoman. 

atout 14 [d, tout], m.; trump(-card) ; strong 

atra-lbilaire 15 , adj. or n.: atrabilious or 
hypochondriac (person). Habile 15 [1. L. 
atra-bilis, black BILE], /.: black bile, 
hypochondria, melancholy. 

fctre 11 [OHG. astrih (1. L. -tracum, Gr. 
6strakon, potsherd, brick) = Ger. estrich, 
stone-floor], m,: (floor of brick on which a 
fire is made, hence) hearth, fire-place, floor 
(of ovens). 

atrium 18 [LJ, m. = (inner court). 

atro^-ce 18 [L. atrox], adj.: atrocious, 
-eement 15 , adv.: atrociously, -cite 14 
[L. -citas],/.: atrocity; atrociousness. 

atro~plde 15 [L. -phia (Gr. a-, not, 
trfyhein, nourish)], /.: atrophy (wasting 
for lack of nourishment), -phier 16 , tr.: 
atrophy, cause to waste away, wither; 
** , waste away. 

atropine 18 [1. L. ~pa, name for bella- 
donna], /.: =. 

attaWer 14 [d, table], tr.: seat to table; 
* , sit down to table: e, seated at 
' table, 

atta~ehant lfi , adj, ;, engaging, attraatiyef, 



interesting, -ehe 11 , /.: i. attaching or 
tying; attached letter of authority; 
2. (what serves to attach or fix, as) fasten- 
ing, band (of iron, wood, etc.), brace, rivet, 
cord, strap, leash, tether, etc.; 3-attach- 
ment, affection : droit d'>, right of bar- 
ring a water-course ; tax on water-privi- 
leges; port & , matriculation port; 
avoir V de quelqu'un, have somebody's 
authority ; chien d 1 , bandog, that must 
be kept tied ; a V , tied up ; mettre d 
I' , tie up ; Her par une , tether ; vivre 
sans , live free, -ehe, part.: at- 
tached, fastened, tied, etc., intent on ; m. : 
attache (of an embassy), -ehemen* 12 , 
m. : attachment, affection, fondness ; eager 
application; verification attached to a mem- 
orandum of work performed. ||~"elier 10 
[a, tache } fixed point], tr.: attach (fasten, 
fix ; affix, join, bind ; endear) ; interest ; 
s' , be(come) attached, or fastened, or 
fixed; fasten on, take hold; hold (to), 
cleave ; adhere ; be attached or devoted ; 
apply one's self : du prix d, set a value 

atta-cjuable 15 , adj.: attackable, assail- 
able. -quant 15 , part: attacking; m.: 
attacker, assailant, -que 16 , /: attack 
(assault ; fit, stroke) ; pi. : approaches (in 
a siege). ||~quer 15 [It. -ccare (tacca = 
Fr. tache: cf. attacher)], tr.: attack 
(assail; oppugn, impugn; affect; take 
hold of a subject, tackle, begin) ; contest, 
challenge ; spur on (a horse) ; (nav.) 
stand in for or near (a coast, island, etc.) ; 
3' (a), venture to attack, encounter ; 
find fault with ; challenge, defy : quel- 
gu'un de conversation, begin a conversa- 
tion with any one ; il e bien la note, he 
makes the note tell distinctly ; ' d son 
maUre, encounter one's master (or more 
than one's match). 

attarder 11 [d, tarder], tr.: delay; ' , 
be delayed, tarry. 

Lt~t$indre [p. L. *at~tangere (Jit.tanffere, 
touch)], irr. (cf. peindre) tr. (intr.): 
ATTAIN (reach, arrive at ; touch) ; hit, 
strike; affect; overtake, join, equal: 
le but (or au but), attain one's end ; hit 
the mark; son mattre, equal one's 
master ; etre atteint de, be attacked with ; 
atteint d'un crime, arraigned for a crime. 
-t^inte 12 ,/.: attainment, reach ; ATTAINT, 
touch, blow, stroke, attack, fit ; violation, 
breach; hurt, injury, damage, outrage; 
approach : porter d, commit an offence 
against, injure, impair; subir une ~, 
receive a blow or injury ; les s dufroid, 
the approaches of cold. 

16 , m.: harnessing, yoking har- 
yojce ; team (yoked animals). 



tr. : put (horses) to, hitch up (attach to a 

vehicle), yoke, i.-telle, Pres. of -teler. 

2. attelle 11 [QFr. astelle (L. hasta, stick)], 

/.; hames (of a harness) ; (surg.) splint. 

attenant 16 [pr. part, of an old at-tenir, 
hold to], adj.: APpurTENANT, adjoining, 
contiguous, next, 

attpndre [L. at-tendere (tenders, stretch), 
reach out, direct one's mind to], tr.: look 
forward to, expect, wait for, await (fEngl. 
ATTEND) ; s' , fdirect one's attention 
(tEngl. attend) ; count or rely on, trust ; 
look forward, expect, anticipate: attendez! 
stay! hold! qu'il attende, let him wait; 
sefaire , keep people waiting; je m'y 
attends, I expect it; attendez-vous-y, I 
wish you would get it (or succeed) ; en at- 
tendant, in waiting, in the expectation ; 
in the meantime, meanwhile ; attendu que, 
considering that, (inasmuch) as, whereas. 

atten-drir 12 [, tendre], tr.: make 
tejTder,, soften, move, touch, affect ; s' , 
grow tender, be moved, soften, melt, 
relent: s' sur, be moved at or by. 
-drissant 17 , adj.: softening, touching, 
affecting, -drissement 17 , m.: growing 
tender; emotion, affection; relenting; 
tenderness, compassion. 

attendu, part, of attendre, which see. 

attenta~t 18 [L. -turn (cf. attenter)], m.: 
(fEngl. =), criminal attempt, conspiracy, 
crime; outrage, -toire 16 , adj.: of crim- 
inal attempt or intent ; temptatory. 

attgnte 11 D.L. -ta (cf. -dre)] t f.' expecta- 
tion, waiting ; hope : salle d', waiting 
hall, ante-room ; vive , sanguine expec- 
tation, pierred' , (arch.) toothing ; (fig.) 

attenter 15 [L. -tare (tentare or temptare, 
touch), ATTEMPT], intr.: make a (criminal) 
ATTEMPT, conspire : d la vie de, make 
an attempt upon the life of; ses 
jours, lay violent hands upon one's self. 

atten~tif la , =ive [L. -tivus (cf. -dre)], 
adj.: attentive "(regardful; watchful; stu- 
dious) : &tre d, look after, see to ; be 
intent upon, -tion [L. -tio], f. : ; heed ; 
regard : faute a" , for lack of attention ; 
inadvertently; faire (preter) ft, pay 
attention to, mind; n'y faites pas , 
don't name (mention) it. -tivement 15 , 
adv.: attentively. 

atte"-ima?ifc 15 , adj.: fattenuant (also m.); 
extenuating, mitigating. -nua^ign 15 , 
/.; attenuation, extenuation, mitigation. 
H^nuer 16 [L.-nuare (tennis, THIN)], tr.: 
attenuate, make thin or slender, emaciate ; 
extenuate, mitigate: attenue', attenuated, 
etc.; tapering. 

atter-ra^e 1 * [-rer], m.: (nav.) making 
land landfall. -rant 16 [-rer], adj.: 
pyerwhelming, astounding. ~rer H [# ; 


terre], tr.: fbring or strike to the ground; 
overthrow (demolish) ; throw into deep 
consternation (overwhelm, astound) ; intr. : 
(nav.) manoeuvre to make land ; make 
land. ||~rir 13 [a, terre], intr.: (nav.) 
make land;" descend (of a balloon); t^*.: 
fill with earth. -rissage 18 [-rir], m.: 
(nav.) making land, landing, -risse- 
ment 13 [-rir], m.: alluvion, alluvium; 
(nav.) making land, landing ; descent (of 
a balloon). 

attes-tation 12 [L. -tio], f.: =, certifi- 
cate, voucher. ||~ter 12 [L. -tari (testis, 
witness)], tr.: attest (bear witness to, cer- 
tify ; (fEngl. call to witness, invoke) : j'en 
e le del, heaven be my witness. 

atti~-eisnie 15 [L. -cismus (cf. -que)], m.: 
atticism, -eiste 18 , m.: Atticist. 

attie~dir n [d, tiede], tr.: render tepid or 
lukewarm; render less warm or cold (as 
the case may be) ; cool ; s' , grow cool. 
-dissemenfc 15 , m.: growing lukewarm, 
abatement ; lukewarmness. 

atti-fer* 14 [d, old ti/er (unc. deriv.), adorn 
the head], tr.: fadorn; drass out (ridicu- 
lously), bedizen, embellish, -fet 15 , m.: 
woman's head-gear. 

Atti~qtte [L. -ca (Gr. -k$)],f.: Attica; 
atti-que 15 [L. -cus], adj. or m.: Attic; 
(arch.) attic, -quemen* 15 , adv.: in the 
Attic manner, 

atti-rable 17 , adj.: attractable, -rail 15 , 
m. : (orig'ly, things ' drawn or brought along- 
for some purpose, hence) apparatus: ma- 
terials, implements (fEngl. TIEE), utensils, 
gear, equipage, train, paraphernalia, tackle, 
etc. -rant 15 , adj.: attractive, alluring. 
||~rer ljr [d, tirer], tr.: ATTRACT, draw to 
one's self; draw, entice; win over; *' ; 
draw or bring upon one's self, incur ; at- 
tract, win; attract each other: s' des 
affaires, get one's self into scrapes. 

atti-se 17 ,/.: brewer's fuel, ll^er- 11 [d, 
tis" radical of tison, brand], tr.: stir up or 
poke (the fire), animate, -seur 16 , m.: 
stirrer up ; instigator ; discord-maker. 

atitrer 11 [d, titre]; tr. (rarely used except 
in p. part.): attach by title (to a function); 
appoint ; t^andestinely appoint, bribe. 

attitude 16 [It. -dine (L. aptitudo, fr. 
aptus, fitted), position fitted to a certain 
feeling],/.: = (posture, pose ; position). 

attou-chemgnt 11 , m.: touch(ing), con- 
tact; fueling of touch, livelier 11 [a t 
toucher], tr.: touch. 

at-traotif 12 , =ive [L. -tractivus], adj.: 
attractive, -traction 12 [L. -tractio], 
f.: = m -tractionnaire, m.: adherent 
of the theory of attraction. H^trajre 
[L. at-trahere, draw], irr. (cf. traire) ; tr.: 
ATTRACT, allure, -trait u ,m.: attraction, 
allurement, charm; inclination. 


attra-pe 18 , /.: trap, snare, catch; take-in, 
trick ; elbow-tongs ; (nav.) relieving tackle. 
-pe-lourdaud 17 (pi. , or s),m.: fool- 
trap, clap-trap, -pe-mouelie 17 (pi. , 
or s), m. : fly-trap, -pe-nigaud 17 (pi. 
, or s), m.: fool-trap, clap-trap, -pe- 
parterre 17 (pi. , or 5), m.: clap-trap 
(for the pit). ||~per u [d, trappe], tr.: 
entrap (ensnare, take in) ; catch, catch on, 
get ; seize, secure ; surprise ; reach, hit : 

un rhume, catch a cold ; un coup, 
get a blow ; sur lefait, catch in the act ; 

le sens (la pensee), catch the sense 
thought ; la ressemblance, hit off the 
likeness, -peur 15 , -peuse, m., /.: en- 
trapper, deceiver, cheat, '-poire 15 ,/.: 
trap, snare, trick. 

attrayant 12 [-raire], adj.: attracting, 
charming, winning. 

attrem-page 18 , m.: gradual heating (of 
a furnace). " ||~per 10 [a, tremper], tr.: 
heat gradually (a furnace) ; ftemper (steel). 

attri~buer- 13 [L. -buere (tribuere, ( bestow/ 
orig'ly on a tribe, tribus)], tr.: attribute 
(assign, confer) ; attach ; impute ; s' , 
attribute or arrogate to one's self ; claim, 
assume. -bu* 18 [L. -butus], m.: =. -bu- 
tif, =ive 15 [-but], adj.: attributive, -bu- 
tion 18 [L. -butio],f.: =; conferring (a 
privilege), privilege ; power, function, de- 

attris-tati* 17 , adj.: saddening, grievous. 
lifter 15 [d, triste], tr.: sadden, grieve, 
afflict ; s' , grow sad ; grieve. 

attrition 15 [L. -tio (terere, rub)],/.: = 
(fwearingby friction; repentance for fear). 

attrou-pem.ent 15 , m.: riotous assem- 
blage, rabble. |l~per 12 [d, troupe], tr.: 
assemble (in crowds or flocks), gather to- 
gether ; s' , assemble in crowds, flock to- 
gether (tumultuously). 

au [contraction of le], to the. 

aubade 1 * [Prov. -6a = Fr. i.aube, dawn], 

/.: morning serenade; (irony) reproof, 

auba^e 18 [2.aube], m.: split boards for 

au^boin [p. L. alib-anus (L. alibi, else- 
where)], m.: ALien, foreigner. -baine 12 , 
/.: = (succession to the property of an 
alien) ; unexpected acquisition or profit, 

i.ajjbe [L. alba, f. of -bus, white], /.: 
dawn, day-break; ALB (priest's vestment 
of ' white ' linen). 

2-ajabe [p. L.*alva; L. -vus, belly],/.: 
tfiin board connecting the bows of a saddle 
(these boards called its 'belly'); hence 
float board, puddle. 

aubepine [p. L. *albi-spina (L. alba r 
white, rpina, thorn],/.; hawthorn, white- 

audience 47 

aubere 15 [OSp. hobero (? Ar.)],adj.: flea- 
bitten gray (of horses). 

auberge 16 [Prov. -go (like OFr. herberge, 
fr. OHG. heri-berga, 'army-shelter/ i.e. 
camp ; quarters, inn = Ger. herberge], f. : 
inn, lodging house, hostelry. 

aubergine 17 [Catal. -gina (Ar .)],/.: mad- 
apple. ' 

aubergiste 16 [-ge], m.: innkeeper, land- 

auberim 16 [?], m.: catch (of a lock). 

aube-vigrne 18 , /. : (vulg.) virgin's-bower 
(climbing plant). 

aubier 13 [L. albus, white], m.: sapwood, 

faubifoin 11 [?], m.: (vulg.) bluebottle 

i.faubi-w. [L. albumen (-bus, white)], m.: 
white of an egg. 14 [old hobin, fr. Eng. hobby], 
m. : fHOBBY (ambling nag) ; canter, hand- 
gallop. 18 , intr.: canter. 

2.aubine / " 18 [?], tr.: raise (vine-slips) for 

faubiticm = aubifoin. 

i.aubour [p. L. ^alburnum, for L. la- 
burnum], m.: LABURNUM. 

2.aubour [p. L. alburnum (albus, 
white)], m.: (nav.) sapwood, ALBURNum. 

au^cim 11 , -cune [OFr. auque (L. all- 
quis), any, un, one], .-adj. or pron.: any; 
any one; (us'ly with ne) no, no one; not any, 
none : sujet, any subject ; ne vient, 
no one comes ; connaissez-yous ? do you 
know any one? chemin de fleur ne 
conduit d la gloire, no flowery road leads 
to glory; qu' n'entre id! let none 
enter here! , none. -cunemetit 13 , 
adv. : fin, by some manner ; (us'ly with ne) 
in no wise, nowise, by no means, not at 
all : e.g. je ne le ferai , I shall nowise 
do it ; nowise ; not in the least. 

auda~-ee 14 [L. -cia (audere, dare),/.: au- 
dacity, daring, boldness, -eieuse- 
ment 1 *, adv. ; audaciously, boldly. 
--eieuo; 15 , =eu$e, adj.: audacious, dar- 
ing, bold. 

audi^gn^e 1 [L. -entia (audire, hear)],/.: 
= (fhearing ; admittance to hearing ; au- 
ditory); sitting of a court (to 'hear' 
cases), coort ; (Spanish) judicial district: 
publique, open court ; pleine , full hear- 
ing ; jour d' , court-day ; salle d' , au- 
dience-chamber ; court-room; lever V , 
break up the court, -en-cier 18 , adj. or 
77i. : (huissier) , crier of a court, usher. 
-teur 12 [L. -tor], m.: hearer, listener; 
'auditor' (member of the council of state ; 
counselling judge; member of the papal 
tribunal, auditor), -tif 18 , =ive [-tus], 
adj.: auditory, pertaining to the organs of 
hearing, -tign 13 [L. *tio],f t ; , tearing, 



(perception of sound ; hearing of witnes- 
ses) ; auditing (of accounts), -toir 12 [L. 
-torium], m.: auditory (auditorium; au- 
dience) ; congregation ; court-room. 

ajjfe 16 [Prov. -fo Fr. alfa] /.; esparto 

ajj~ge [p. L. *alvia, L. -veus (-vus, belly) 
hollow vessel], /.: trough; plasterer's 
hose, hod, bucket ; spout (of a water-mill) ; 
vase (for electric piles). -gee u , /.: 
troughful, hodful. -get 11 , m': seed-box 
or drawer (of a bir'd-cage) ; spout (of 
a water-wheel, or of a mill-hopper) ; bucket 
or scoop (of a dredge) ; fire-conduit (to a 

augment 18 [L. -turn (auger e, increase)], 
m.: (gram.) augment; (Rom. law) in- 
crease of a wife's portion (during mar- 
riage) ; (medicev. law) wife's portion of a 
deceased husband's property, -tatif 13 , 
=ive [-ter], adj.: augmentation, -ta- 
ti<m 13 [-ter], /.: = (increase, enlarge- 
ment). -ter- 13 [L. -tare (-turn)], tr,: aug- 
ment, (enlarge, increase) ; (elipt.) increase 
the salary of ; intr. or refl. : augment, in- 
crease, grow. 

au-gural 15 [L. -guralis], adj.: =. 
18 [L. -gur (? au- rad. of av-is, 

bird, root -gur, telling)], m.: augur, (Rom.) 
diviner. 2,-gure 11 [L. -gurium], m.: 
augury, omen, -gurer 14 [L. -gurari], 
tr.: augur, conjecture, infer. 

augus~te 12 [L. -tus (? augere, increase)], 
adj.: august, sublime, sacred; Augustus 
(title given to the emperor Octavius 
and his successors) ; August (the Roman 
month, in Fr. aotit). -tement, adv.: in 
an august manner, -tin, =tine [prop. 
name], m., /.: Augustine, Austin friar, 
saint , (print.) English. 

ajnjourd'Jiui 12 [au jour d(e) hui], adv. 
or m. : to-day, now ; the present day ; d' 
en huit, this day week. 15 [L. -licus (-la, hall)], adj.: 
au'lic. 2.-liqiie 16 [L. -la], /.: defence of 
the thesis for the doctorship of divinity (in 
the 'hall' of the archbishopric). 

taulnaie, -ne, -nee = aunaie, etc. 

auloffee 17 [au lof],f.: (nav.) luff. 

anfcv, pi. of ail. 

arimaiile [L. animdlia, animals], /..* 
horned cattle. 

auin6~ne [1. L. eleemosyna, Gr. -sune 
(eleein, pity)], /.: ALMS (charity) : faire 
V , give alms ; demander I' beg (alms) ; 
reduir d V , reduce to beggary; -\don- 
ner des terres enfranche , bestow lands 
free (without return); fieffte, fief or 
benefice without return, t-ner 12 , tr.: 
give (us'ly pay a fine) by way of alms. 
-aerie 11 , /.: almonery. i.-nier [p. L. 
eleemosynarius], m.: almoner (priest dis- 

r auriste 

pensing alms) ; chaplain (of public institu- 
tions). 2.f-nier 10 , =ere, adj. : charitable. 
2.-niere u ,/. / alms-purse (attached to the 
almoner's girdle). 

aumusse 12 or -mu<ee [Ger. miltze, cap], 
/.: fur hood; AMICE (cape worn by canons 
over the left arm). 

aunage 13 [-ner], m.: ALNAGE, measure- 
ment *(by the ELL). 

au-naie 14 , /.; alder-plot. i-Han^ne* 
\L.alnu8\,f.: ALder-(tree). 

2.a^jne 15 [OHG. elina (die, fore-arm)], 
/. : ELL (old measure, about 45 inches) : 
mesurer les autres d son , measure 
others by one's self ; tout le long de V , 
at full measure, abundantly ; savoir ce 
qu'en vaut I' , know the cost, or to one's 
cost (by experience). 

atmee 15 [? L. helenium], f. : elecampane 

au^ner 11 [2.-ne], tr.: measure (by the 
ell) : I'abit de quelqu'un, give one a 
cudgeling, -neur 12 , m.: ALNAGER, meas- 

anparavant 15 [au par avant], adv.: be- 
fore (of time) ; heretofore ; "fprep.: before 
(of time) : Vannee d' , the preceding 

aupres 15 [au pres], prep. de: near, 
near to, by ; with ; in the estimation of ; 
in comparison with ; adv. : near by : ex- 
cuser de, excuse to ; ri&tre pas Men 
de quelqu'un, be under anybody's dis- 

aurantia-ce 18 Q. L. -tia (cf. orange), or- 
ange-tree], adj.: of the nature of the or- 
ange (tree); /. pi.: the genus citras 
(orange trees). 

aurate 18 [L. -rum, gold], m.: = (auric 
acid with a base). 

fanrei^low- = oreillon. 

aureo^le 12 [L. -la (sc. corona, crown), 
dim. of aureus, golden)],/. : aureola, halo, 
glory, -le 18 , adj. : provided with a halo, 

auri^onlaire 15 [L. -cularius], adj.: 
auricular: /.; ear-finger, little finger 
(also doigt ) : temoin , ear-witness. 
ll~cule 18 [L- -cula (auris, EAR)], /.: 
auricle (external EAR ; ear-shaped lobe of 

. owls, etc.) ; auricula (sort of mollusk ; 
species of primrose), -cule 17 , adj.: au- 

anri^fere 16 [L. aurum, go\A,ferre, BEAK], 
adj. : auriferous, gold-bearing, -fioa- 
tion 18 [~fier],f.: filling .(teeth) with gold, 
-fler 18 [L./acere, make], tr.: fill (t*th) 
with gold. i. -awe 18 , adj.: gold, auric. 

a.a-orique 18 [?J, adj.: voile , shoulder- 
of -mutton sail. 

auriste 18 {L. -is, ear], m.: aurist, 


aurocTis 14 [OHG. urohso, Ger. auer-ochs 
(aue, meadow), wild "field-ox"], m.: =, 
URUS, bison. 

aarone [L. abrotonum], f. : sort of mug- 
wort or artemisia. 

aurore 12 [L. -ra (old root aus, vas, 
shine)],/.; aurora (dawn, morn; EAST); 
gold-colour ; sort of butterfly ; ranunculus 
(herb with yellow flowers) ; Aurore, /. : 

auscul-tatiow- 18 [L. -tatio], /.:=. 
Jitter 18 [L. -tare (auris, orig. aus-is, 
EAR)], tr.: auscultate (examine with the 
ear or with the stethoscope).<ee 18 [L. -spex (contr. of avi- 
spec-s, "bird-seer")], m.: AUgur, diviner. 
2,-spi-ee 14 [L. -spicium], f,: =, omen; 

aussi [p. L. *aliud-sic], adv.: also, too; 
thus, therefore ; so, as : ne . . . , neither; 
bien, as well ; the more so as ; for, 

faussiere = haussidre. 

aussitot 12 [aussi tot], adv.: as soon (que 
as), at the same time ; at the very instant, 
immediately, forthwith ; dit que fait, 
no sooner said than done. 

aus^ter 14 [L. (root aus, burn, scorch)], 
77i.: = (south-wind), -tere 12 [L. -terns 
(Gr. -terds, root aus, scorch)], adj.: austere 
(stern, severe; t sour ) -terement 13 , 
adv.: austerely, -terite [L. -teritas (cf. 
-fire)], /.; austerity, sternness, -tral 13 
pj. -tralis], adj.: ==, southern. 

antan 16 [Prov., p. L. altanus (L. altus T 
high), wind of the 'high' sea], m.: (poet.) 
south-west wind or squall (foreboding 
a storm), blast. 

autant [p. L. *aliud tantum], adv. : as 
(so) much, as (so) many, as (so) far; as 
well; m.: as much, an equal quantity; 
(leg.) duplicate, copy : dire, (you may) 
as well say ; wiut, what amounts to 
the same ; en emporte le vent, it is 
wasted trouble ; d' , in proportion : fd' 
plus (or mieux), or (by elips.) d' , so 
much the more, all the more, the more (or 
rather) ; boire d' , drink a great deal ; d 
la charge d' , on condition of a return ; 
fd' moins, so much the less, (all) the 

*utel [L. altar e (altus, high)], m.: 
ALTAR; (fig.) church; flame-bridge (of 
furnaces) ; (astr.) Ara : le Sacrement de 
V , the holy Sacrament, the host ; tableau 
d', altar-piece. 

auteur 11 [L. au(c)tor (augere, increase, 
produce)], m.: author; authoress: droits 
d' , copyright, royalty. 

autfce-tiit6 17 ,/.: authenticity. Mi- 
que** [L. -ticus (Gr. aut6s, self)], adj.: 
authentic, genuine j legal; /.: original 



document (tE. authentic, iaw, constitu- 
tion). -tiqueixLent 13 , adv.: authen- 
tically. -tiquer 15 , tr.: -(render au- 
thentic; punish (an adultress) accord- 
ing to the original (Rom.) law. 

auto~ [Gr. autos, self]: -Mographie 18 , 

/.: autobiography. -eephale'" [Gr. 
kephalos (kephaU, head)], adj.: eveque , 
bishop independent (of patriarchal juris- 
diction). -cfc/tone 17 [Gr. -chthon (chthon, 
earth)], m. or adj. : autochton. -clave 18 
[L. -clams, key], adj. : self-closing ;/: =. 
-orate 17 [Gr. -krdtes (kratein, rule)], 
m.: autocrat, -cratie 17 [-crate], f.: 
autocracy, -cratique 18 [-crate], adj.: 
autocratic (al). -cratiqi!men 18 [-cra- 
tique], adv. : autocratically. 

autodafe 17 [Port, auto da fe, ' ACT of 
FAITH'], m.: auto-da-fe, burning of a 

auto~ [Gr. autos, self] : -graphe 16 [Gr. 
-graphos (grdphein, write)], adj.: auto- 
graphic (al); m.: autograph, -graphic 18 
[-graphe], f. : autography, -graptier 18 
[-graphier], tr.: autograph, -graphi- 
que 18 [graphic], adj.: autographic(al). 
-mate 15 [Gr. -matos (root ma, strive)], 
adj.: automatic(al) ; m.: automaton. 
-matique 17 [-mate], adj.: automatic (al). 
-matiquement 18 [-matique], adv.: 
automatically, -inatisme 17 [-mate] ,m.: 

automedon 18 [A., Achilles' driver], m.: 
(jest.) coachman. 

au-tomnal 11 [L. -tumnalis], adj.: au- 
tumnal. -towne 12 [L. -tumnum], m. or 
/. : autumn or fall. 

auto~ [Gr. autos, self] : -nome 17 
[Gr. ndmos, law] , adj. : autonomous, -no- 
mie 17 [Gr. -nomia (nomos, law)], /.: 
autonomy, -nomiste 18 [-nomie], m.: 
autonomist (partisan of communal self- 
government). -plastie 18 [Gr. pldssein, 
form], /.: autoplasty (repairing lesions 
by transfer of a piece of healthy tissue). 
-psie 17 [Gr. -psia (dpsis, view)], /.: self- 
contemplation; extatic vision; autopsy, 
post-mortem examination. 

autori-satiow, 14 , /.: authorisation; li- 
cence, warrant, \\~aer 11 [1. L. auctori- 
zare (L. auctor, author)], tr.: invest with 
authority, authorise, empower; licence, 
warrant, -talre 18 [-], adj.: authorita- 
tive (impressing others with authority), 
dictatorial ; favoring authority (in politics). 
-t6 n [L. -tas],f.: authority (legal power, 
warrant ; sway ; precedent) : avoir de I' 
sur, have power or influence with; 
faire , be an authority. 

i. autour 16 [au tour], prep.: de> 
(a)round, about; adv.: around, about, 
near by ; id , hereabouts. , 


autour p [p.L. *austurius (L. asturis, 
' bird of Asturia')], in. : goshawk. -toursE- 
rie 15 [-toursier], /.: training of gos- 
hawks ; place for such training, -tour- 
sier 18 [-tour], m: trainer of goshawks. 

a/H~tre [L. alter], adj.: other, else; 
otherwise, different; tout , quite dif- 
ferent ; any other ; tout que vous, any- 
body else but you ; I'un I' , one another, 
each other; I'un et V , both; les uns 
les s, each other ; les uns et les s, 
all ; ni I'un ni V , neither ; de part et 
d' , on both (or all) sides ; Pun vaut I' , 
one is as good as the other ; this for that ; 
causer de choses et d' s, talk of different 
things ; entre s, among other things ; 
amongst others; nous s Frangais, we 
(autre explet.) Frenchmen or French 
folks; il n } en fait point s, he does no 
other things ; these are his usual pranks ; 
il en sait bien d' s, he knows a trick 
worth two of that ; fen ai vu bien d' , 
I have seen many stranger things than 
that ; d d' s! find something better ! 
pshaw! I know better. -trE-fois 11 [fois], 
adv.: in former times, formerly. -trE- 
metit 10 adv.: otherwise; else; dif- 
ferently : bien , far otherwise ; on the 
very contrary ; il riest pas riche, he is 
not over rich; wild, qui est beau, 
there is something that may be called 
really beautiful. 

Autri~lie, /.; Austria. autri-enieti,, 
=jme, adj. or m., /. : Austrian. 

atitru-ehe [p. L. avis-, bird, struthio (Gr. 
strouthos, sparrow)],/.: OSTRICH. 

autrui 10 [old oblique case of autre], m.: 
another or (us'ly) others, other people 
(used after prepos.) : le bien d* , another's 
property; dependre d' , depend on 
others ; "\V , other people's property (or 

auvel 18 [Prov. (t -ve = l?r. 2.aube)],m.: 

auvent 11 [?], tr.: shed over a door, etc. 
(to protect against the rain), penthouse, 
stoop ; (agr.) tilt. 

auver~<7ne [?], /.: solution of tan. 
-0ner, tr.: tan. -firneur, m.: tanner. 

auvernat 16 [for -gnat (Auvergne)], m.: 
Orleans wine. 

auo? [contraction of d les], to the. 

anxiliaire 15 [L. -liaris (-Hum, help)], 
adj. or ?i.: auxiliary. 

ava-eliir 18 [d, OHG. weich-jan, soften], 
tr.: make flabby; s' , become flabby, 
flag, break down. 

i. aval 16 [? &, valoir], m.: guaranty fof 

2.ava~l 10 [d vat], adv.: down (wards) ; 
down the stream; m.: lower part: pays 
i' , country at the lower course of a 


river, down river country; vent d' , 
sea-breeze (i.e. on the coast of France = 
west-wind) ; en de, below, -lage 12 
[-ler], m.: going or sending down (as a*boat 
on the river, fish in the stream, wine in 
the cellar, etc.) ; droit d' , right of 
catching fish going down the river. 
-laiscw, 12 [-ler], /.: torrent (descending 
from the mountains) ; lashing westerly 
wind (cf. vent d'aval, under aval). 
-lamslie 16 [Swiss dial. (Fr. -ler)], /.; = 
(snow-slip). t"l asse same as -laison. 
i. -ler* 10 , tr.: fbring down (lower, cut 
down) ; us'ly swallow (down), gulp 
down ; quaff off ; accept or pocket (an in- 
sult) ; *intr. : go down with the stream. 
oreilles -lees, hanging-down ears ; a brides 
-lees, with loosened reins ; des sabres, 
act the charlatan ; sa langue, hush up. 

2-tavaler 16 [2.aval], tr.: guaranty. 

avaleur 15 [i.-Zer], m.: swallower, 
glutton: de gens (or de charettes 
ferrees), braggart. 

avaliser* [2.aval], tr.: guaranty. 

ava-loire 12 [i.-ler\, /.: (jest.) swallow; 
breeching (of harnesses) ; ftrap. -lure 10 
[i.-ler], /.: swelling of a horse's 

avan-9age 18 , m. : limit for the place of 
public vehicles, coach-stand. avg,n- 
ee 14 , /.: advance; distance in advance, 
start ; projection, prominence ; advance 
(-money): prendre I' , get the start; 
d' , in advance; beforehand. ~ee 15 , 
adj.: advanced; forward, early; m.: (leg.) 
order to advance a case out of its turn ; 

/. (-<see) : advanced post (before the gate 
of a citadel), --eement u , m. : advance- 
ment, progress ; preferment ; promotion. 
||~-eer [p. L. *abantiare (*abante, cf. 
avant)], tr.: advance (move or put 
forward; hold forth, stretch out; for- 
ward, hasten, promote) ; intr. or s' : ad- 
vance, move forward ; make progress ; 
proceed; be successful; (intr.) go too 
fast (of a clock) ; jut out, project : ' sur 
le terrain de, encroach upon the land of ; 
en voiture, drive up. -$qn 18 , m.: ex- 
tra line (for hooks) ; stop-plank in reels 
(in rope-making), 

avanie 12 [1. Gr. abania], f. : "Injury (to 
Christians by Turks) ; humiliating injury, 
outrage, insult. 

avan~t [p. L, abante (L. ab, from, ante, 
before)], prep.: before (of time or order) ; 
adv.: before; in front; forward (far, 
deep, late); m.: forward or front part, 
prow or bow (of a ship) : en , forward ; 
?i de, in front or ahead of ; mettre en 
, bring forth in evidence ; ^engager 
trop , become too deeply entangled," 
creuser fort , dig very deep ; plus 7 


farther; deeper; que, before, ere. 
-tage n , m. : advantage ; superiority ; ben- 
efit/behalf ; (nav.) weather-gauge ; (man.) 
whip-hand ; (play) odds : avoir , have 
the advantage ; prevail, gain ; tenir a son 
, have the advantage of ; a I' de vous 
revoir, I shall be pleased to see you again, 
good-bye, Sir. -tager 12 [-tage], tr. : give 
(bestow) an advantage to (on) ; endow, fa- 
vour ; (leg.) give property to ; s' , use to 
one's advantage, profit by ; bestow prop- 
erty upon each other (as man and wife). 
-tageusement 14 [-tageux], adj. : advan- 
tage'ously; favourably, -tageu# 14 , =euse 
[-tage], adj.: advantageous, profitable; 
vainglorious (i.e. elated by some advan- 
tage), presuming, conceited. 

avant-fcec 14 , m. : pier-head (of a bridge), 
cut- water. -"bras 13 , m.: fore-arm. 
-corps 16 , m. : (arch.) fore-part, -cour 15 , 

/.; fore-court, -coureur 14 , m.: fore- 
runner, van-courier ; harbinger, f-co^r- 
rier* 15 , =ere, m.,/.: forerunner, harbin- 
ger. -dernier 17 , =ere, adj.: last but 
one. -due 17 , m.: abutment of a bridge. 
-fosse 16 , m.: (fort.) advance fosse or 
moat, -garde 11 , /.: avant-guard, van- 
guard; (nav.) VAN. -gout 16 , m.: fore- 
taste. -/tier 11 -t-ier, adv.: day before 
yesterday, -main 18 , /. : inner side of 
the hand, palm; fore-hand stroke (at 
tennis) ; m. : forehand (part of a horse 
in front of the rider), -mur 14 , m. : outer 
w&ll; (her.) piece of wall jointed to a 
tower ; tonsil, -pe-ehe 1G , /. : white nut- 
meg peach. -pied 15 , m.: fmetatarse; 
VAMP, upper (of a boot), -port 17 , m.: 
outer port, -poste 18 , m. : outpost, -pro- 
jet 18 , m.: first draught of a bill; rough 
model, -propos 15 , m. : short preface or 
introduction, preamble, -quart 17 , m.: 
warning stroke (just before the bell 
strikes), -scene 15 , /.: (anc.) prosce- 
nium ; (mod.) front of the stage (between 
the foot-lights and the scenery); front 
stage box; prelude (preliminary play). 
-tqit, m. : projecting roof, -train 16 , m. : 
forepart of a vehicle ; forepart of an ani- 
mal (chest and front legs). -veiUe 17 , 
/.: second day (two days) before. 

ava~re 15 [L. -rus],adj.: avaricious (gree- 
dy ; penurious, sparing) ; m. : miser, -re- 
ment 15 , adv.: avariciously, -rice 11 
[L. -ritia], /.; =, greed, -ri-eieuse- 
ment 18 [-ricieux], adv.: avariciously. 
ri-eieua? 12 , -euse [-rice], adj.: ava- 
ricious, greedy. 

ava~rie 15 [It., 1. L, -ria (cf. Ger. hava- 
rie)], /.; anchorage or port duty (fEng. 
AVERAGE) ; average (extra expenses for a 
ship and its freight; damage to ship or 
damage (gen'ly to freight or 



goods) : s communes, general average. 
-rier 17 , tr.: damage. 

avatar 18 [Sanskr. ava-tara, 'de-scent'], 
tr. : (descent of a deity to earth : Hind, 

avau [another form of 2. aval], prep.: 
down: in I'eau (incorr. a, vau-l'eau), 
down stream: V affaire est I'eau, the 
affair has failed ; vent, with the wind ; 
t~ route, routed, in flight. 

ave 13 [L. ave, hail] in Maria, m.: 
Ave M. ! 

avec 16 or fa-vec^ue [OFr. av-uec (L. 
apud, with, hoe, this)], prep. : with, along 
with ; among ; adv. : therewith : d' , from. 

f aveindre [L. ab-emere, take away], irr. 
(cf . peindre) ; tr. : bring, fetch. 

faveine = avoine. 

avelanede = velanede. 

aveli~ne [L. abellana, Abellin (sc. nut)], 

/. ; filbert, -nier 12 , m. : filbert-bush. 

avenage 12 [-wine], m.: avenage (oats 
paid to' a feudal lord). 

a-'venant 10 [avenir], adj.: coming to, 
acceding to ; d I' , becoming, appropri- 
ate; pleasing, prepossessing; m.: inherit- 
ance (of a daughter) ; additional clause. 
-vehement n , m. : farrival (coming) ; 
advent, accession ; succession. 

aveneron 15 [aveine, old form of avoine], 
m. : wild oats. 

i.ave~nir 15 [d, venir], m.: time to come, 
future; posterity; future life; (future) 
existence : d I' , in the future, hereafter. 
2.-nir [pop. form of advenir], irr.: (cf. 
venir); intr.: come to pass, happen, oc- 
cur : non -nu, not occurred ; null and void. 

a-venir 16 , pi. , m.: (leg.) summons to 
appear (to an attorney). 

avent 12 [L. ad-ventum (venire, come)], 
77i,; advent. 

aventu~re [L. adventura (fut. part, 
neut. pi. of ad-venire, ' come to/ viz. hap- 
pen, used as sing. f. )],/.; adventure (unex- 
pected occurrence ; hazardous enterprise) ; 
fate or fortune ; fexperience in life : d V , 
by accident or chance, -rer n , tr.: ad- 
venture, hazard, risk ; s' , venture, risk : 
-re, ventured, hazardous, -reusement ls 
[-reux], adv.: (ad)venturously. -reucc, u , adj.: adventurous, venturesome. 
rier 14 , =riere, m., f. : adventurer, ad- 
venturess. -rine 16 ,/.; = (sort of gold- 
spangled glass, first produced by accident). 

avexm, part, of -nir; -nue 15 ,/.: ~. 

av4rer [p. L. ad-verare (L. virus, true)], 
tr.; prove or recognize as true, verify, 
AVER : obsol. exc. in part, -vere, evidenced, 

avers 18 [L. adversus, opposite], m.: ob- 
verse (of a coin). 

16 [d vtne], m,; j 



aversion 15 [L. -sio (a, verier e, turn 
away)],/.: =, disgust.- Iktm 12 [L. tere], 
m. : faberration (of mind, madness) ; (vet.) 
staggers, sturdy. 

aver~tir [L. ad-vertire (L. ad-vertere, 
turn to)], tr.: apprise, notify, inform; 
warn, caution ; admonish ; urge (a horse) : 

d Vavance, give notice or warning; 

d'avance, premonish ; Z' de son salut, 
give him a wholesome piece of advice. 
-tissemmt 14 , m.: information, noti- 
fication, warning, caution; admonition 
(in these senses: fEng. ADVERTISEMENT); 
preface (in a book), -tissejir 12 , m.: in- 
former, warner ; (theat.) call-boy. 

favette [p. L. *apitta (dim. of L. apis, 
bee)],/.: bee. 

aven 12 [-vouer], m.: Avowal, confession; 
authorisation : de son , according to his 
own admission, confessedly, avowedly ; der- 
niers x, dying confession ; homme sans 
, vagrant (fwho could not invoke the 
protection of a lord). 

avent^gle 10 [p. L. *dboculus (L. oculus, 
eye)], adj.: blind; implicit. -glEmgnt 12 
[-0Zer], m. : blindness, -glemetit 14 , adv. : 
blindly, -gler 11 , tr.: hlind (deprive of 
sight ; dazzle ; ' obscure) ; (nav.) stop up 
or fother (a leak) : s' , blind one's self, 
be blind, shut one's eyes, -glette 14 , /. : in 
a I', adv. : blindly or groping. 

avi~atiorc, 18 [L. avis, bird], /.: aerial 
navigation with appliances heavier than 
the air. -cnle 18 [L. -cula, little bird], 
/.: avicula (mollusk). 

avi~de 15 [L. -dus (avere, long], adj.: long- 
ing eagerly, eager, greedy, covotous, 
AVID; voracious, rapacious, -dement 16 , 
adj.: eagerly, greedily, voraciously. 
-dite 15 [L. -ditas], /.: avidity, eagerness, 
greediness; rapacity. 

avi~lir 15 [a, vil\, tr.: make vile, debase, 
VILIFY ; disparage, lower ; depreciate ; 
s' , debase or disgrace one's self ; mder- 
value ^ne's self, -lissant 17 , adj.: de- 
basing, disgraceful, -lissement 1G , m.: 
debasement, vileness. 

, avil<m 16 , [dial, form of aiguillon], m.: 
hind-claw (of a bird of prey), -leaner 1 *, 
tr.: claw. 

aviner' 13 [d, vin], tr.: soak or season with 
wine : un homme (or corps) e } a toper, 
a regular tippler. 

avir 17 [?], tr.: beat down the edges of. 

avi^rgn 11 [<, OFr. viron (cf. virer), 
turning tool], m.: oar; pot-ladle or stir- 
ring stick : jeu d' s, set of ars ; & 
couple, scull ; armer les s, ship the oars. 
-ronnerie, /. : oar-maker's shop. 

a-'vis u [d, OFr. vis (L. visus, f r. videre, 
seej, seen], m.: (way of seeing, and so) 
opinion (judgment) ; ADVICE (counsel ; 


notice, notification, information) ; warning 
(caution) ; prefatory notice ; vote : changer 
d' , change one's mind ; recevoir de, 
be advised from ; sous , with advice ; 

jusqu'd nouvel , until you hear further ; 
alter aux s, put to the vote, -vise 12 , 
adj. : discreet, prudent, wary, circumspect, 
(well) advised, -vise?* 10 [a, viser], tr.: 
perceive, espy ; direct (somebody's) atten- 
tion, apprise, advise (give notice)^ warn, 
caution; tr.: s j : turn one's mind to, 
bethink one's self, think of ; take it into 
one's head ; intr.: consider, reflect (d, on) ; 
think advisable ; look (to) : avisez-y bien, 
consider it well ; vous y aviserez, you will 
look to it. -vise 16 [Span.], m.: advice 
boat, dispatch boat. 

avissure 17 m.: [amr], /.: edge beaten 

tavita-ltf men* 14 , m.: victualling, -ler 12 
[d, OFr. vitaiile = victuaille], tr.: VlCTUal 

avi-vage 17 , m.: reviving, brightening, 
polishing; renewing; first laying of tin- 
foil (on glass). ll-veT" 11 [a, vif],tr.: 
render more vivid ; brighten, polish, height- 
en (colours) ; freshen (wounds); cut (wood) 

avives 13 [fr. Arab.], f.fil.: (vet.) VIVES. 

avo-casser 18 , pettifog. -oass^rie 14 
[-casser],/. : pettifogging. i.||~ca n , =te 
[L. ad-wcatus (vocare, call), "called to" 
another], m./.: (rare) advocate, attorney 
(at law), lawyer, barrister : general, at- 
torney general : de Pilate (or de balle, 
or d tort), briefless barrister ; du diaUe, 
one appointed, in questions of canoniza- 
tion, to argue against Z' de Dieu ; one 
arguing against religion; defender of a 
bad cause. 

2.avoca~t 18 [Hex.], m.: avocado (trop. 
fruit), -tier 18 , m.: avocado-tree. 

avoeatoire 17 [L. a-vocare (ab-v.), call 
away], adj. : (dipl.) calling away or home ; 
recalling; m.: recall. 

avo-eette 17 [It. -tta],f.: avocet, scooper 

avoine [L. avena],f.: oat, oats (plant or 
grain) ; pi. standing oats : balle , husk 
of oats, vat-chaff. 

i. avoir [L. habere], irr.; tr.: HAVE; 
with certain abstract noUns, numerals 
expr< 'sing age, and impersonally with 
il y, to be rendered by'W : faim (soif), 
be hungry, (thirsty), chaud (froid), be 
warm (cold), raison (tort), be right 
(wrong); honte, be ashamed ; troisans, 
be three year's old ; il y a, there is (or are), 
il y avail, there was (or were), etc. ; il n'y 
a pas de quoi, there is no occasion, 
(please) don't mention it ; il y a de quoi 
vous amuser, you will find amusement 


enough; il y a (before words of time), 
'there is (are) now' (variously rendered in 
Engl., e.g.) ily aun mois que je suis id, 
I have been here now a month, je suis 
venu id, il yaun mois, I came here a 
month ago ; il y a un mois que je ne vous 
vois, I have not seen you for a month ; 
combien y a-t-il d'ici? how far is it from 
here? qu'avez-vous? what is the matter 
with you? en , have some; catch it, 
meet with a disappointment : il en a, he 
has caught it. a.avoir 10 , inf. as m.: 
possession(s), property; (com.) credit; 
assets: du poids, m.: avoirdupois; 
ayant cause, (jur.) assign ; ayant droit, 
(jur.) party concerned. 

Ind. : Pr. <zz', as, a ; av-ons, -es, ont. 
Ipf. avals. Pret. eus. Fut. (Cond.) aurai(s). 
Subj. : Pr. ai-e, -es, -t ; ay-ons, -ez, aient. 
Ipf. eusse. I've aie. Part. : Pr. ayant; 
P. eu. 

avoisl-nant 18 , adj. : neighbouring, adjoin- 
ing, near, -ner 18 [d, voisin], tr.: be in the 
viciNage or nearness of, be situated near, 
border upon: ttre Uen -ne, have good 

avor-te, adj. : abortive, -tement n , m. : 
abortion, miscarriage. lifter [p. L. 
*ab-ortare (L. oriri, be born)], intr.: abort 
(become sterile) ; bring forth prematurely, 
miscarry), prove abortive, not ripen, fail ; 
(of anim.) cast or drop prematurely: 
faire , cause abortion ; baffle. -ton is , 
m.: animal of premature birth (fEng. abor- 
tive) ; undeveloped, deformed, or stunted 
being, dwarf, wretch ; abortion (fruit or 
plant that does not come to maturity) ; 
premature or crude productions (gen'ly) : 
saule , dwarf willows. 

avouable 18 [-vouer], adj.: avowable. 

avou6 [L. -voeatus (cf. advocat)], m,: 
attorney, solicitor ; substitute : etude d' , 
attorney's office. 

a^vouer 11 [d, wuer], tr.: avow (acknowl- 
edge, confess, own) ; grant, allow ; ap- 
prove, -vgyer [for -voye, dial, for 
-vou$], m.: chief magistrate in Swiss 
cantons (tEng. =). 

a~vril 10 , or -mi, or (Acad.) -vriy [p. L. 
*apriliu$ (L. aprilis)], m.: April: pois- 
son d' , April-foolery ; donner un pois- 
son d' d, make an April-fool of, 
-vriller 11 , =ere n , adj.: of April; m.; 
April wheat, 

avuet* 15 [d, vue], tr.: (hunt.) follow with 
the eyes, mark down. 

avulsign 15 [L. -sio (a-vellere, tear 
off)], /.: z=,, tearing or breaking 

aac^e 15 CL. axis], m. : axis; axle; 
shaft; tournant, axle-tree, -ial 18 , 
adj.: =. -illajre 15 [L. -xilla], adj.: 


axiome 15 \L. -ma (Gr. dxios, worthy)], 

m.: axiom. 
aac-iometre 17 [axe, Gr. matron, MEASURE], 

?7i. : tell-tale (showing the position of the 

helm), i.-is 18 [LJ, m.: = (second ver- 

tebra of the neck). 
2.axis 15 [LJ, m.: = (spotted deer). 
axonge 15 [L. ax-ungia, axle-grease],/.: 

hog's 'lard. 

ayan 18 [Arab.], m.: = (Turk, official). 
azalee 18 [Gr. azaleos, dry], /.; azal 

azedarac 15 [fr. PersJ, m.: azedarach, 

Pride of India (tree). 
azero-le 15 [fr. Sp.-Ar.],/.; azarole (fruit). 

-Her 16 , m.: azarole (shrub). 
azimu-t 15 [f r. ArJ, m. : azimuth, -tal 17 , 

adj.: azimutal. 
azo-tate 18 , m.: azotite, nitrite. H-te 17 

[Gr. a-, not, zoe, life], m.: =, nitrogen. 

-te 18 , adj. : azotic, nitric, -teuo;, =ej&se, 

adj.: azotous, nitric, -tiqtte 17 , adj.: 

azotic, nitric, -tite 18 , m.: =. -ture 18 , 

m,: = (combination of azote with a 

simple substance). 
a-znr 10 [fr. Pers.], m.: azure (sky-blue) 

colour; sky.^ -zurage 18 , m.: blueing. 

-zure 14 , adj.: azure(d), sky-coloured. 

-zurer 15 , tr.: azure, colour blue, f-zu- 

rin 15 , adj. : azurine. -zurine 18 ,/. ; vari- 

ety of azure-colour, -znrite 18 , /.: = 

(blue carbonate of copper). 
azygos 15 [Gr. -gos (a-, not, zuffon, yoke)], 

adj.: azygous. 
azyme 15 [L. -mus (Gr. a-, not, zume, 

leaven)], adj.: azymous, unleavened, m. 


&E, or older U, m.: b (the letter): (/am.) 
etre marque au B t i.e. be borgne, boiteux 
or 6osu, etc., have some natural defect. 

ha- [L. Ms, twice], disparaging pref. 

fca*a 18 [Pol], m.: kind of cake. 

Babet, or -bete,/.: Elizabeth. 

i-babeurre 16 [bas, below, oeurre], m.: 
buttermilk.'beurre 16 [bat (battre), beurre], m.: 
dasher (of a churn). 

fbabi-ehe 10 , =-eh.grt = barbicke, -chon, 

ba-bil 14 (Acad.) ly, m.: babbling, prattle. 
-"biUage 15 , m.: babbling, prating, -bil- 
lard 14 , adj., m., f.: talkative; prater; 
bolt-box hole. -biUemenfc 15 [-biller], 
m.: prattle, garrulity/ H^biller^ 5 
[echoic], intr.: BABBLE (prattle; gossip). 

babine ls [?],/.: lip (of animals) ; (/aw.) 
lip (of man), chop. 

babiole 15 [It. -ft&ofa (L. -bulus, foolish)], 

/.: BAUBLE. 

putch bvJc-boord (bah, 



castle, formerly on the left)], m.: port- 
side, larboard. 

babon-elie 17 [fr. Ar.], /.: baboosh, toe- 
slipper (of leather). 

fbabou~e 13 [?],/. : grimace, -in 1 *, -ine, 
m., f. : BABOON (with protuberant lips) 
pimple on the mouth ; m., /. : little monkey 
(speaking of children ; or of a grotesque 
figure which soldiers were made to kiss by 
their comrades as a punishment) : Raiser 
le , suffer an insult. 

tbaby be-be = bebe. 

Babylo~ne,/.: Babylon (the city), -nie, 
/.; Babylonia. 

bac 12 [Dutch bak, trough], m. : trough, vat, 
tub ; ferry-boat. 

baccalaur ea 16 [1. L. -reatus (-reus, for 
Fr. bachelier)], m.: bachelor degree. 

baccara(f) 18 [?], m.: BACCARAT (card 

bacc7i~anal 15 ,=le [L. -analis (Bacchus)], 
adj. : bacchanalian ; m. : wild uproar ; /. : 
orgies ; tumult, -anales 16 , /. pi. : bac- 
chanals, -ante [L. -ans],/.: .bacchante ; 

bac-eifere 15 [L. bacca, berry, ferre, bear], 
adj.: bacciferous. 

fba^ha pacha. 

b^-ehe 15 [ak. to bac], f.: box; water-hole 
or puddle (after a tide) ; hotbed frame ; 
tilt, awning ; bag (of a net). 

baene-lette 12 [OFr. baisselette (ak. to 
i. bagasse), by anal, with -Her],/.: maiden, 
lass. Holier 10 [p. L. bacealaris (?)], m.: 
BACHELOR (in knighthood, or at a uni- 
versity ; f unmarried man). 

ba-eher* 17 [-che], tr.: cover (with an 

ba-ebique 15 [L. bacchicus (of Bacchus)], 
adj.: BACCHIC. 

ba-eho-t 15 [bac], m.: wherry, ferry-boat. 
-teur 17 , m.: ferry-man. 

ba-eile 15 [? L. -cillus, rod], m.: sea-fennel. 

ba-eille 18 [L. -llus, rod], m.: bacillus (rod- 
shaped vegetable microbe). 

ba-clage 17 , m. : barring up, chaining up ; 
tying, 'mooring; stoppage (as by ice). 
Heeler 16 [Prov. -clar (L. -culum, rod)], 
tr. : bar, chain, fasten ; stop (in its prog- 
ress), bungle. 

bacte~rie 18 [Gr. -ria, rod],/.: bacterium 
(pi. bacteria), -riologie 18 [-rie, Gr. 
logos, speech], /. : bacteriology. 

bacul 14 [bat (battre), cul, rump], m.: 


Bade,/.; Baden. 

badau^ci 15 [Prov. badau, ak. to layer}, 

adj.: lounger, -der 17 , intr.: lounge, 

saunter, -derie 16 ,/.: lounging. 
badelaire 18 [?], m.: short broadsword. 
baderne 17 [Bret.], /.: fender (wrapping 

^of ropes to prevent friction) ; trash. 


badiane 17 [Pers. -n], /.: anise (tree or 

badi~ge<m 16 [?], m.: = (paint); white- 
wash ; " stony paste, -geonnage 18 , m. : 
painting; white-washing, -gebnnei* 18 , 
tr.: paint, -geonneur 18 [H geonner], 
m.: painter; white-washer. 

ba~dm 15 [Prov. ak. to bayer], adj.: 
ffoolish; jesting, sportive, sprightly; 
light; m.: fclown; jester, humorist. 
-dinage 15 , m.: jocularity; frolicsome- 
ness. "-dinant 16 [-diner], m.: sjjare- 
horse, -dine 17 [-diner],/.: switch, whip ; 
small tongs, -diner* 15 , intr., tr.: jest; 
joke, trifle with, play; dangle, -dinerie 15 
[-diner],/.: trifling; jesting. 

badrouiJle 18 [?],/.: mop. 

bafouer 15 [?], tr.: baffle; scoff at. 

b$-fre 17 ,/. : gorging (with food), \\~fver 17 
[?], intr. : gormandize, -freur 17 , =e^?e, 
m.,/.: gormand, glutton. 

fbaga-ee = 2. bagasse. 

Tjagage 14 [bague], m.: baggage, luggage; 
outfit': plier , pack up; move off. 

bagarre 16 [?],/.: brawl, confusion. 

i. bagasse 15 [Prov.-ssa (?)],/.: fslattern; 

2.bagasse 17 [Sp.-gazo],/.: = (sugarcane 
from the mill). 

baga-tElier 16 , m.: trifler. ||*telle 15 
[It. -tella (1. L. baga, BAG)],/.: = (trifle, 
bauble) ; light gallantry ; bit of light 

bagrne 17 [It. -no, bath (also a bath in 
Constantinople converted into a prison)], 
m.: Turkish slave-prison (fEng. bagnio); 
convict prison. 

bagou 17 [?], m.: loquacity, gab. 

i .bague 15 [Prov. -ga (L. baca, berry ; 
link)], /. : ring (circular band ; hoop ; 
finger ring ; ring-like thing) ; astragal 
(upper moulding of a column) : course 
de , running in the circular track, 

2.fbagtte = bagues, 

bague~najftde 14 [?], /.: bladder-nut; 
trifle, -nander 14 , intr. : trifle, -nau- 
derie 15 , /.: "trifling, r.-naudier" 15 , 
m. : bladder-nut tree, s.-naudier 15 
[-nauder], m.: trifler ; certain game.' 

i.baguer 18 [i-gue], tr.: ring, furnish 
with rings. 

2.bagif,er 14 [z.-gue], tr.: (old) pack, 
attach ; feen'ly) stitch, baste. 

tbagues 14 [? Norse baggi, load],/, pi: 

bagoi,ette 15 [It. bacchetta (L. baculus, rod)], 
/. : stick, rod ; wand ; switch ; drum-stick ; 
(arch.) baguet(te) ; pi. : gauntlet : coup de 
; beat of the drum ; passer par les s, 
run the gauntlet. 

agnier 16 [-gue], m. : ring-holder, casket 
for rings. 


[echoic], inter j.: bah! 

i/*^ 12 [? Ger. behilten, preserve], m.: 

(convex) trunk, chest ; jut (of wall) ; plat- 

band. -tier- 15 , m.: trunk-maker. 
bai [L. bad'ius, brownish red], adj.: BAY 

(coloured) ; m. : bay (colour). 
fbaiart = bayart. 
i.baie [L. baca],f.: berry. 
2.baie [1. L. baia, port],/. : BAY (of water). 
3-baie 11 [old baer (= bayer)], /,: gap, 

opening, BAY ; unpaved part of a street ; 

tdisappointment : donner la ti, disap- 

point, deceive, humbug. 
bai~0:ner [L. balnedre], tr. or intr.: 

bathe; soak, -f/neur 13 , =ejse, m.,f.: 

bather; bath-keeper; /.: bathing cap. 

f-f/nqir 18 , m. : bathing place, -gnoive l!j , 

/.: bath-tub; lowest box (at theatre). 
bail 12 , #/. bauic [-ZZer], m.: care (of a 

minor) ; lease. 
baile 16 [L. bajulus, carrier; trustee], m.: 

Venetian consul (at Constantinople) ; royal 


bainanf 17 [-Her], adj.: yawning, gaping. 
baUe [Celt. bal],f.: (nav.) bucket, tub. 
baaje-ble 17 , pi. [-Her], m.: bolt-box 


"ba.illejn.ent 14 [-Her], m.: gaping, fhiatus. 
"b&ilier [L. bdjulare, carry], tr.: have 

charge of ; place in the charge of ; lease, 

rent; give, bestow: vous me la baillez 

bonne, you humbug me ; de soufflets, 

deal out blows. 11 [1. L. *bataculare (cf. bayer)], 

intr. : yawn ; snap ; be ajar. 
fbai-ileresse = -lleur. 
baalet 13 , =ette [OFr. -lie (? L. badius, 

BAY)], adj.: light red, sorrel. 
fbaiUeul 16 [?], m.: bone-setter. 
TbaUleur 1G , -llevesse [-Her], m.,f. : lessor. 
baiiiettp 16 , '=ejBse [-Her], m., f.: 

ba~H n [OFr. -Mr (= Fr.-ter), adminis- 

ter], m.; in France: (king's or lord's) high 

judiciary or officer (Eng. BAILIFF in sense of 

high officer) ; Germ, judicial officer ; ord. 

of Malta: Knight above the command- 

er. 4iage 18 , m. ; BAILlwick ; tribunal of a 
- 16 = - 




[-liage], adj.: 

of a BAILlwick. -live 15 , /.:, BAILIFF'S 

b&U^lon u [-ler], m.: gag. -loner 15 , 

tr.: gag; suppress (free speech, etc.). 
baitlo^ue 17 [?],/.: ostrich feather. 
baidotte 17 , [-lie], /.: little tub, bucket. 
"ba$n [L. balneum], m.: bath; bathing; 

bath-room or (pZ.) house. 
baionnette 15 ^ [the town Bayonne], /: 

bairaxo. 17 [TurkJ, m.: = (Mussulman 

bai-se-main 12 [-ser], w,; thandkissing; 

reception ; pi. : compliments, -semen* n , 
m.: kissing, ll^ser [L. basidre], tr.: 
kiss; m.: kiss, -seur 16 , -en&se, m., /.: 
kisser. -sot(t)er 15 , ^r. : be always kissing. 

bais-se 17 ", /.; letting down, lowering; 
levelling down; falling; decline, -se- 
ment 15 , m.: letting down. H-^ser- [1. L. 
*bassiare (L. bassus, low)], ir!, inr.; 
lower, level down ; fall, decline ; decrease. 
-sier 18 [-se], m.: "bear" (speculator). 
-siere 11 , /.: low place, rain hole; set- 
tlings, lees, dregs, -soir 17 , m.: water- 
box (in salt works). 

baisure 15 [-ser], /.; 'kiss,' mark (from 
the touching of two loaves in baking). 

bajoire 16 [?],/.: double-headed coin. 

bajoue 13 [ba, joue], f.: JOWL, cheek (of 

bajoyer 118 [? bajoue], adj.: lateral, m.: 
side-wall (of canal, wharf) ; embankment. 

bal 11 [-Her], m.: fdance ; ball (dancing). 

bala~dm 15 , =ine [Prov. -din], m., /.: 
fdancer ; buffoon, merry Andrew, -di- 
nage 17 , m.: buffoonery. 

bala^flre 15 [ba-, OHG. ltfur*lip], f.: 
gash; scar, -frer 15 , intr.: gash, slash. 

balai [? Celt, orig.], m.: broom, brush; 
tail (of dog, bird). 

balais 12 [fr. PersJ, adj.: BALASS; red 
(as a ruby, nose). 

balan~-ee [p. L. bilancia, L. bilanx (bis, 
twice, lanx,^ plate)],/.: =, (scales ; Libra; 
suspense ; difference in accounts), -eelle 18 
[-cer],f.: light boat, felucca, -cement 14 
[-cer], m.: balancing, poising, rocking; 
wavering; waddling, -eer 12 , tr.: intr.: 
balance; weigh; consider; hesitate; 
waver; shake, --ceur 18 [-cer], m.: 
fweigher; certain bird, i.-eier 15 [-cer], 
m. : pendulum ; balance-pole ; walking 
beam. 2.~eier >12 , m.: seller or maker 
of scales, -eine 15 , /.: lift (of ship). 
-9olre 15 [-cer],/.: see-saw; swing. 

fbalandran 15 , f-dras [Prov.],w.: large 
coarse cloak. 

bala~ne 18 [L. ->nus, acorn], m.: sea-acorn, 
barnacle, -nitc 17 ,/. : ffossil balane ; bala- 

tbalant = ballant. 

"ba^lajjste 12 [L. -tium], /.: wild pome- 
granate. -laustier 17 , m.: balaustine, 
wild pomegranate tree. 

bala-yage 18 , m.: sweeping. ll~yer 12 
[balai, 'broom], tr.: sweep; clear. 
-yette 12 ,/.: little broom, 'yejatr 16 , =ejjse, 
m., /. : sweeper ; broom-maker, or -seller ; 
/.: street-sweeping machine, -yure 18 , 
/.: sweepings. 

balbu-tie 1 ^ [-tier],/.: stuttering, -tie- 
ment 17 , m.: stuttering, stammering. 
Ihtier 13 [L. -tire, lisp], tr., intr.: stut- 
ter, stammer, 



"balbuzarel 18 [Eng. bald-buzzard], m.: 
osprey, fish-hawk. 

"balcon 12 [OHG. -Icho, beam], m.: BAL- 

"baldaquin. 17 [It. -dacchino, silk from 
BAGDAD, i.e. Baldacco], m.: = ; canopy. 

tbale = balle. 

B$le [L. Basilea], f.: Basle (city in Switz- 

"balei~ne 10 [L. -ZaeTia],/.: whale; Cetus; 
whalebone, -ner 18 , /r.: furnish with 
whalebone, -neau 16 , -Z-, or old -non, 
m.: whale-calf. -nier 13 , =iere, 
adj. : whale ; m., /. : whaler (man or 
ship) ; whalebone worker or seller. 

"balevre 11 [ba, levre],f.: flips, large lips ; 
jut, prominence (of wall, seam). 

tbali pali. 

"ball-sage 14 [-ser], m. : placing of beacons ; 
system W placed beacons. ||~se 15 [?], 

/. : beacon, set sign ; buoy, -ser 14 , tr. : 
set signs, beacons, buoys, -seur 17 [-ser], 
m.: beacon-setter, -keeper. 

"balisier 14 [?], m. : cert. American flower- 
ing reetf. 

"balis~te 15 [L. -lli&ta, hurling machine (Gr. 
bdllein, throw)],/.: BALLISTA ; certain 
fish, -tique 17 , adj.: ballistic;/.: bal- 

"bali-vage 16 [ak. to -veau], m.: staddling, 
leaving ' young trees in a clearing. 
||~veau 1:2 [?], m.: staddle. 

baliver~ne 14 [?],/.: nonsense, fiddle- 
faddle. -ner 16 , ^r., tr.: trifle; talk 
nonsense to. 

ballade 12 [Prov. -liar, dance],/.: fdance 
song; BALLAD. 

ballant 16 [-Her], adj.: waving, swing- 

ballarin 15 [?], m.: (Hungary) falcon. 
ballast 16 [Eng.], m.: =. 

i .balle 12 [OHG. ftaZZo], /.: BALL, sphere; 

2.balle 15 [Ger. balg, bag], /.: husk, BOLL, 

ballequeue 18 [bailer, queue], m.: (dial.) 

T>al~ler [p. L.'-lare (cf. i.ftoZZc)], i?iir.: 

dance, -le* 15 fit. -Zefto (-Zo, dance)], 

m.: =. 

ballier 18 [2.-ZZe], m.: chaff-pile. 
i. ballon 16 [?], m.: Siamese row-boat. 
2.bal~lg 14 [2.4e, infl. by It. pallone, 

large ball], m.: BALLOON; foot-ball; globe 

(of lamp), -lonnemen/ 18 [-lonner], m: 

swelling, distention. -lonner 18 , tr.: in- 
flate, swell, -lonnier 16 , m.: balloon- 
maker, or -seller, 
bal~lot 15 [-le], m.: small BALE of goods. 

-lotin 17 , m.: dim. of -lot. -lottaRe 15 , 

m.: re-balloting, -lotte 15 [-Ze],/.:>little 

ball; ballot, I, -Jotter 15 [-lotte], intr., 


tr. : ftoss (a ball) ; vote ; re-vote upon. 
2.-lotter 16 , tr.: bale. 
fbalme rr baume. 

balneaire 18 [L. -nearis (-neum, bath)], 
adj.: bathing. 
baloise 17 [Bale],/.: three-colored tulip. 

ba-lonrd 16 [It. -lordo], m., /.: dullard, 
numskull, -lourdise 16 , /.: stupidity; 

balsa~mier 17 [L. -mum (Gr. -mos, bal- 
sam-tree)], m.: balsam-tree, -shrub. 
-mine 15 [L. -mum], /.: balsam-plant, 
-minees 18 [-mine], f. pi.: balsam-plant 
family. -mique 16 \L. -mum], adj.: 
BALMY, balsamous. -mite 13 [L. -mum], 
f. : costmary plant. 

Baltftasar, m.: Belshazzar (king of 

Baltiqite, /. : Baltic sea. 

baluette 17 [?],/.: float, bob 

balus-trade 16 , /. : = ; railing, ll-tre 15 
pt. balaustro], m.: BALUSTER, railing. 
-trer 15 , tr.: rail in. 

bal^zan 16 [It. (OHG. bah, BELT)], 
adj. : white-footed (of a horse), -zane 15 , 
/. : white spot above hoof. 

bam-bin 17 , =ine [It. -lino (Gr. baiein, 
babble)], m.,/.: small child. 

bambo-ehade 17 [It. -bocciata (Bamboccio, 
'doll,' nickname of the painter De Laar)], 
/. : rural painting (in the style of B.) ; spree. 

i.bambo-ch.e 16 [It. -boccio (cf. -bin)], f.: 
puppet, doll ; deformed person ; spree. 

2,bambo-eh.e 16 [old -bouc, BAMBOO], /.: 
BAMBOO cane. 

bambo-elier 18 [i.-cAe], intr.: become 
drunk. -eheur 18 , =ejjse, m., /. : 

bambou 10 [Malay], m.: bamboo. 

tb$,me baume. 

i. ban 16 [Croatian], m.: (Slavonic) com- 
mander of a district. 

2-ban 11 [bannir], m.: ban; bans; exile. 
banal 12 , adj. (no masc. pi.) : feudal ; mer- 
cenary; ordinary; trite, banalite 16 
[banal], f. : feudal duty ; triteness ; com- 

bana~ne 16 [Bastlnd.],/.: banana (fruit). 
-nier 16 , m. : banana tree. 

ban~c 10 , pi. often bans [Ger. bank], m.: 
BENCH, seat; pew. -oal 17 , adj. : hav'g 
bench-legs, bandylegged, -casse 17 [Prov. 
-casso], f.: sea-chest (used as bench and 
bed), --eelle 16 ,/.: seat or box (of cab). 
-clxe 16 [dial, form of bane],/.: marl or 
chalk bank : planking (of pounding, or 
stamping box), 17 [~che],f.: ma- 
sonry supporting a wall. -09 17 [It.], m.: 
=, bank value. 

banoro-ehe 17 [? cf . bancal], adj. : crooked- 
legged, bandy-, bow-legged. 

[-der], m,; == ; BANDAGing; 


tire; BINDING; truss, -dagiste 17 , m..' 
maker of bandages or trusses.* 

i.bande 13 [It. banda, Goth, bandi, bond, 
all ak. to 2.bande],f.: fband (of soldiers 
under one BANner) : troop, gang, crew. 

2.han~de 12 [old bende, OHG. binda], 
f. r BAND, strip ; girth ; badge ; cushion 
(of billiard table), -de 11 , adj.: banded, 
striped, -deau n , m. : headband ; blind- 
fold ; wreath ; loop (of curtains) ; small 
girth ; truss, -delette 13 [old -delle, f r. 
-deau], f.: little band, ribbon, bandage. 
-der n , tr., intr. : bind up, tie up ; brace 
up, stiffen ; stretch ; be tight ; touch 
(cushion at billiards), -dereau 14 , m.: 
trumpet string, -derole 15 [-diere], f. : 
pennant, BANDROL ; strap (of knapsack). 
f-diere 18 [It. -diera], f.: army banner. 
-djngite 17 [Prpv. -dengo, ak. to -der],f.: 
guy-rope (of seine), brail. 

"bandins 16 [It. -dini], m. pL: taffrail. 

bandit 16 [It. -dito (-dire, BANish) outlaw], 
m.: =. 

bandoir* 17 [-der], m. : spring (that binds, 
holds in place). 

{"bandolier 16 or t-doulier [Sp. -dolero 
(-da, BAND, faction)], m.: 'factioner' (one 
set against law and order) ; BANDit (robber, 

bandouliere 15 [Sp. -dolera (-da, BAND)], 
/. : bandoleer (shoulder belt) ; certain fish, 

bandure 17 [Sanskr.-d/mra],/.: BANDURA, 

"banian 16 [Hindu, -niyan, merchant], m.: 
=, non-flesh-eating Hindu. 

bank-note 18 [Eng.],/.: =. 

banlieue 12 , /. : jurisdiction (under ' ban ' 
for about a ' league ' around a village) ; 
suburbs, environs. 

ban~xie [L. benna, chariot],/..* wagon 
(for coal, etc.) ; wooden vessel (to transport 
vintage) ; large basket ; awning, -neau 12 , 
m. : cart ; grain-, or vintage-vessel ; vinegar 
cask, -ner* 17 , tr.: cover (with an awning). 

"banneret 18 [-nnie're], adj., m.: =. 

ban-neton 12 [banne], m.: bread-basket; 
fish-box, cauf. -nette 12 [banne], f.: 

banni 12 [-nnir], m.: exile. 

banniere 11 [ak. to 2.bande], f.: banner, 
standard, flag. 

ban~nir 12 [Frank, -njan, proclaim], tr.: 
banish, -nissable 10 , adj.: banishable. 
-nissemenZ 12 ," m. : BANISHMENT. 

ban-^gue 16 [It. -ca'f. of -co (Ger. bank), 
BENCH, counter], /.: fcounter (counting 
office ; hawkers' shop) ; now bank (banking 
house or business ; bank at gambling) ; 
BENCH (of artisans), -quero-ate 15 [It. 
-ca-rotta, 'bane rompu '],/.: bankruptcy. 
e [-queroute], m.,/. ; 



bankrupt. -quet u [It. -chetto (dim. of 
co)], m.: =. -queter 14 [-quet], intr.: 
BANQUET, feast, -quetenr [~ter], m.: 
reveler, -quette lf [Prov. -queta (dim. 
of banc)],f.: =; (covered) bench ; foot- 
way, rampart-walk ; sidewalk ; stone sup- 
port (of window). -qwier 15 , m.: banker. 
-quise 1 * [bane, fEng. ice?],/.: iceberg. 
-quiste 18 , m.: mountebank, quack. 

fbans == banes, m. pi. of bane. 

i>anse 17 [Ger. banse, basket], /.: hamper. 

"ban-vin 12 , m.: proclamation (of the day 
for selling new wine) ; privilege of lord to 
sell wine a certain time to the exclusion 
of others, wine-law. 

tbapajame 17 PL m.: complete becalming 
(of ship). 

"ba^teme [L. -tisma, Gr. -tizein, dip], 
m.: BAPTISM, -tiser 10 [L. -tizare], tr.: 
baptise ; christen ; name, -tismal 15 , pi. 
aux [L. -tisma], adj.: =. -tistaire 16 
[tiser], adj.: pertaining to baptism, -tis- 
tere 10 [L. -terium], m.: baptistry. 

"ba~que la [bae] } m. : BUCKET ; tub ; trough. 
-queter 14 , tr. : dip, scoop, bail out (water). 

Tbaqttettes 17 [for bequettesl], f. pi. : tongs 
(for drawing wire). 

baqiieture 17 [-quet], f.: drippings (of 

i.fbar = bard. 

2/bar 18 [Eng.], m.: = (drinking place). 

3-Iiar 18 or bars [Ger. bars(ck)], m.: 

baragou-i?? 1G [Bret, bara, bread, gwin, 
wine, not understood by the French, hence 
' gibberish '], m. : gibberish, -inage 16 , m. ; 
jabbering, -iner 16 , tr.: jabber; pro- 
nounce badly. -ineur 1G , [-iner], 
m.,/.: jabberer. 

"baralipton 16 [coined by logicians], m.: 
= (certain syllogism.) 

barandag;e 16 [? Prov. -randa : closure 
(-rrar, BAR)], m.; reserved fishing (indi- 
cated by a net stretched across the stream). 

"barange 17 [-rrer], f.: wall (to keep the 
wood from the live coals, in salt-works). 

"bara~que 14 [It. -cca (L. barra, bar)], /.: 
BARRACK in sense of 'hut'; hovel; shed 
(of boards answering for tent) ; locker 
(for books) ; temple. -quem$nt 18 [-quer] , 
m. : hutting, soldier-quarters; encampment. 
-quer 1Q , tr.: hut. 

barat 12 [?], m.: fraud. 

"barate 17 [?],/.' sail band crope stretched 
across the convex side of a sail to 
strengthen the sail). 

"bara~ter 12 [-rat], tr. : deceive, -terie 12 , 
/.: fraud (esp. against ship-insurers). 

barat~te 16 [?], /.; churn, -t^r 16 , tr.: 

Barbade,,/.: Barbadoes (island in"We,st 


barb a cane 

barbacane 11 [Ar.], /,: BARBICAN; loop- 
hole ; scupper. 

fbarbacole 15 [name in a play], m. : school- 

barbara 16 [coined by logicians], m.: = 
(a certain syllogism). 

barbarasse 18 [?],/. : roping (to strengthen 

barba~re 13 [L. -rus, orig. 'stammerer')], 
adj.: BARBARIAN ; harbarous (rude ; cruel). 
-reme^fc 15 , adv.: like a barbarian. 
-rescme 17 [It. -resco], adj.: of Barbary. 
-rie^ [L. -Ha],/,: barbarity; barbarism; 
cruelty, -risme 12 [L. -ismus] t m.: bar- 
barism (of grammar, or culture). 

i. bar-be 15 [It. -hero], m.: BARBARY 
horse ; adj. : of Barbary. [L.-ba],f.: beard (of man, of 
animals ; whiskers ; BARB ; filament ; awn 
of grain ; beardlike appendage) ; fuzzy 
mold ; fringe ; jagged edge (as teeth of a 
saw); bit (of a key). 3-fce 16 [Pied. 
barba, beard; venerable person], m.: 
preacher, priest (among Vaudois). -be 10 
adj.: bearded, barbate, i.-beau 11 [L. 
-bellum (barba, beard)], m.: BARBEL 
(fish). 2.-beau 10 , m.: blue-bottle 
(plant). -bEle 12 [OPr. -bel, little barbel 
adj.: -barbed (as an arrow), -belle 15 , 
/.: little beard; pappus. -bErie 14 
[-bier],/.: tbarber-shop ; barber's art. 
-bEro.n 18 , m.: plant goat's beard, salsify. 
-bErot 16 , m.: fbarber's assistant; poor 
barber. Barberousse, ra. : Barbarossa 
(lit. 'red-beard'). i.-bet 16 , i.-bette, 
m.,/.: water-spaniel (cf. eaniche)', (com- 
mon name of several fish) mullet, BARBEL, 
etc. 2.-be* 16 [3-be], m.: Vaudois re- 
fugee; smuggler (in the Alps). 2.-bette 15 , 
/. ; ; nun's head-dress : coucker a la , 
'lie down flat/ -beyer 10 [? if fr. -ba, 
'beard' it is like Eng. ' whisk ; and 'whis- 
kers'], intr.: shake, flap (as a sail). 
-bi-clie 16 , /.: weak beard; goatee, im- 
perial. -Tji-ehon 17 or -bi-eliefc [-biche], 
m.: little water-spaniel, ,-bie^ 12 , m.: 
barber, -bifler 1{f , tr. : shave, -bille 17 , 
/.: little beard; wire-edge of coins. i.-bi- 
lon 18 [-lie], m.: barbel; gills; wattle. 
z^billon [-beau], m.: little barbel 
(fish), "-bon 16 [It. -bone, large beard], ra.: 
old codger ,"gray-beard ; sweet rush (plant) ; 
adj.: peevish. 

"barbo-tage 15 , m.: dabbling, paddling; 

, muttering.' -te 12 ,/.: (common name for) 
eel-pout and loach, -tean 18 [-bote], m.: 
(common name for) chub, see chevanne. 
\\~ter 12 [?], intr.: dabble, splatter, splash 
(in mud, in water) ; beat against wind 
(as a ship) without advancing, toil; tr.: 
splatter, garble (a language), -teur 15 , 
e, wi., /,; splatterer, dabbler; tame 


duck ; /. : prostitute, -ticire 18 , /. : paddle, 
duck - pond ; duck - trough, -tine 17 , /. : 
semen-contra (vermifuge), wormwood; pot- 
tery glue (for sticking decorations); 
pottery with relief decorations. 

barbouit-lage 16 , m.: daubing; daub; 
scrawl ; jabbering, \\~ler 14 [?], tr. : daub, 
smear ; blot ; muss ; mar ; scrawl ; stam- 
mer. -leur 15 , =e^se, m., /.: poor 
painter, dauber ; poor writer or talker. 

barbouquei 1T [bar (L. bis, twice), bou- 
quet], m.: sore, slight wound (on lips); 
eruption (on sheep). 

barboute 17 [?],/.: sugar (with too much 
syrup in it, after one refining). 

barbn. 12 [-rbe], adj.: bearded; /.: brill, 
dab (fish). 

tbarbuq?,. = -bouquet. 

barbure 17 [-rbe], /.: roughness, wire- 
edge (of coins). 

barcarolle 17 [Venetian -rola,f. of -rolo, 
gondolier],/.: Venetian boat song. 

fbar-eelonnette bercelonnette. 

barrel [for beard = bayart],m.: barrow; 
truck, f-da-cbe 15 [It. -scm], m.: sodo- 
mite. -dage 18 , m.: moving, carrying, 
loading (with* a barrow). 

bardane 14 [1. L. -dana [L. -da, cover)], 

/.: burdock (plant). 

i.barde 15 [L. -dus (Gall.)], m.: BARD, poet, 12 [It. -da (from Arab.)],/.: barb, 
horse-armour; saddle-blanket; slice o 
bacon (used to baste meat), -deau 15 , 
m, : shingle ; lath ; tboard-dam. 

i.bardee 16 [i.-der],f.: barrow-load. 

2.bardee 18 [a.-der], /.: slices of fat 
(in basting fowl). 

bardelle 15 [2.barde],f.: saddle-blanket. 

i.barder 17 [bard], tr.: load, carry on a 

2.barde ( r 14 [2.barde], tr.: cover (a 
horse) with armour (" barde ") ; baste (fowl). 

bardeur 16 [bard], m.: hod-carrier; bar- 

bardis 15 [-rde], m.: partition (in hold of 
ship); water-tight planking. 

bardit 16 [1. L. -tus (L. baritus)], m.: 
battle-cry (of the anc. Germans). 

bardo lfi; [It. -dotto ak. to z.barde], m.: 
beast of burden ; drudge ; refuse paper ; 
butt (of ridicule) ; lead-mule ; hinny. 

barege 18 [valley Bartyes], m.: = (a wool 

bareme 16 [mathematician Barreme],m.: 
ready-reckoner, interest-book. 

i. barge 15 [?],/.: god-wit (bird). 

2.barge 10 [L L. -ga (? Celt. ; cf. barque)], 

bargidL-^n-age 15 , m.: haggling; hesitat- 
ing; H~0net' n [?], tr., intr.: f cheapen 
(cf. BARGAIN); hesitate. 
=ejjLse, m.,/.: hesitater; haggler. 


barigel 15 [It. -gelid], m.: chief of sbirros 

(Italian detectives). 
barigoule 18 [Prov. -gould], /.: certain 

mushroom ; way of preparing artichokes. 
bari~fc n [?], m.: BARREL (keg; tub); 

door spring, -llet 12 , m.: little barrel; 

cylinder (of revolver) ; ink-stand ; jewel- 
case ; box (for tape-line) ; drum ; tube ; 

roller, -lion 11 , m.: little barrel ; cylin- 
der (of pump). 
bario-lage 1G , m.: mixture of colours, 

motley."" Mer 16 [?], tr.: variegate; 


fbarisel = barigel. 
fbarite = baryte. 
fbarium = baryum. 
barle 18 [?],/.: fault, break, fracture of 


barlin 17 [?], m.: knot (for twisting silk). 
barlongr 12 , ~o/*igi*e [bar (L. bis), twice, 

etc., long], adj.: of unequal length; longer 

on one side than the other. 
barlotiere 17 [? barreau], /.; rabbeted 

bar (in a window sash). 
barnaone 16 [Ir.], /.: (vulg.) barnacle; 
certain wild goose. 

baro-eentrique 18 [Gr. bdros, weight, L. 
centrum, center], adj.: courbe , curve 
measured by the intersection of two lines 
vertical to each other on same meridian. 

baroco 15 [coined by logicians], m.: = 

baro~metre 1G [Gr. bdros, weight, metron, 
measure]" m.: BAROMETER, -metriqtte 17 , 
adj.: barometrical. 

ba~rort 10 [? L. baro (sense of 'soldier')], 
m. : ==. -roimage 14 , m. : rank of baron ; 
body of the barons, -ronne,/.: baron- 
ess. ronnet 17 [Eng.], m.: baronet. 
-ronnial 18 , pi. -SLTLX [-nnie], adj.: bar- 
onial. -ronnie 11 ,/.: barony ; baronage. 

baroque 10 [Sp. barrueco, ill-shaped pearl], 
adj.: = (odd-shaped; queer, grotesque). 

baroscope 16 [Gr. bdros, weight, skopein, 
examine], m.: =. 

bar-que 15 [It. -rca],/.: boat; bark (cf. 
barge). -q_uee 18 ,/.: boat-load. -quE- 
rolle 15 ,/.: small boat ; (Adriatic) barge. 
-quette' 15 ,/.: little boat. 

bar-rage u , m. : barring up; closure (of 
road)] 'dam. -ragef 14 [-rage], m.: toll- 
taker. flbar-re ir [?],/.; BAR (at court) ; 
tiller; helm; hyphen; lever; obstacle; 
stripe, -tfeau 1 ^, m.: rail, bar (of wood, 
of iron) : court, bar ; body of lawyers. 
-re-for t 18 [ffort = forte], m. : pine 
beam, bar-rer 11 , tr., intr.: bar up; ob- 
struct; cancel; stripe; turn the tiller, steer. 17 ,/.; little bar; axle, pin. 

z.barrette 18 [It. -tta], /.: bonnet, officia' 
cap, = : parler tila de qudqu'un, sa} 
it to one's face. 



barreur 16 [-rrer], m.: header, dog 
trained to prevent the escape of game; 
tiller-holder, helmsman. 

barricade 15 [It. -cata (-ca, cask)], /.: 
=. -cader 15 , tr. : barricade (orig'ly with 
casks) : se , screen one's self. 

barriers 13 [barre],f. : BARRIER, obstacle.; 
gate ; tilting place. 

' 15 [Prov. -rriea (cf. baril)], /.; 

BARREL with capacity of 200 litres or more; 

barr-ir 18 [L. -ire], intr.: trumpet (of ele- 
phant), -it 16 [L. -itus], m. : trumpeting 
(of elephant). 

barroir 13 [-rre], m.: cooper's auger. 

i.barrot 16 [ak. to baril], m.: kit (for 

2. bar --rot 15 [-rre], m.: beam (supporting 
deck of ship), -roter 16 , tr.: fill, load to 
the barrot. 

barrure 12 [-rrer],/.: cross bars of lute. 

fbars = 3-6ar. 

bartavelle 17 [Prov. -vela], /.; red or 
Greek partridge. f 

baryte 17 [Gr. bartis, heavy], /.: barytes, 
oxide of BARIUM. 

barytou 17 [Gr. bartis, heavy, tonos, tone], 
m. anS adj.: barytone. 

baryum 18 [ak. to -yte], m.: barium (chem. 

bas, basse [p. L. bassus, 'thick' and 
'short'], adj.: low (short; heavy-set; 
BASE, coarse ; vile ; vulgar ; cheap ; BASS, 
heavy ; subaltern) ; lower (part of towns, 
rivers, mountains) ; common, not literary ; 
m.: subaltern (officer); BASE, bottom; 
stocking; low or lower part (of dress, 
house, stairway, etc.) ; commonplace ; 
coarseness ; adv. : below, low, deep, down j 
in humble condition, at low ebb ; in secret : 
bas~bleu, bluestocking, literary woman; 
en , below, downstairs ; trailer de haut 
en , treat contemptuously; a /down 
with him Id les traitres I down with the 
traitors ! mettre , put down, overturn ; 
drop young. 

basal~te 15 [L. -tes], m.: BASALT (rock). 
-tiqwe 18 , adj.: basaltic. 

basa~ne 12 [Prov. -na (fr. Ar.)],/. : sheep- 
skin (for benches, chairs, etc), -ne 16 , 
tr. : fftiake like sheep-skin ; render tawny, 
adj.: tawny, tan. -ner 15 , tr.: tan. 
fbas-bleu see bas, m. 
bascu~le' 14 [for bacule (old -ler, spank: 
battre cut)], /.: see-saw; scales; lever. 
-ler 18 , intr. : see-saw ; rock. 
ba-se 11 [L. (Gr.) bdsis], /.: =, bottom; 
BASIS, -ser 17 , tr. : base, found. -s-fnd, 
m.: low "place; shallows. -sila|re 18 , 
adj.: basilary, principal. 

17 p], m.; stot (of Ifee blade of a 



i.basi-Hc 11 [L. -liscus, Gr. -liskos (dim. 
of -leus, king)], m.: BASILISK (myth, mon- 
ster ; certain harmless arboreal reptile). 
2.-lic 14 [L. -licon],m. : sweet BASIL (plant). 
-lie o?i 16 or -licum [L. f r. Gr. -likon, roy- 
al], m.: (ointment). i.-lique 15 [L. 
. -lica], /. : basilica (Roman edifice), temple 
(later) church, 2.-lique li [Gr. ~liko& r 
kingly], adj.: basilic, basilical (of blood 
vessels), principal. 

"basin 13 [fr. It.], m.: dimity (a cotton 
cloth ; fEng. BOMBACE). 
basiqtte 18 [base], adj.: basic. 
ba^-so-ehe [L. -silica (cf. i.-silique) 
tribunal], /.: body of clerks (of court) 
hav'g certain privileges ; body of lawyers. 
-soehieti, 15 , m.: clerk or lawyer (as be- 
longing 1o the basoche). 
"basque 16 [fr. baste (?) infl. by -quine], 
f. : = (part of woman's dress) ; skirt (of 
a man's coat) ; lead (so shaped for roof- 
basqitine 16 [Sp. -quina],f.: certain skirt 

(used among the Basques). 
fbas-relief = relief. 
fbassage = passage. 
i .bas~se [fern, of bas, low, etc. ; (infl. by 
It. -so)], /.: BASS (in music) ; bass voice; 
violoncello : de viole, (formerly violon- 
cello) ; shoal (shallow water). 2.-se 16 
pt. -sa (-sare, lower)], /.: slope (used 
for galloping), -se-contre 15 , pi. s , 
/.: (formerly 'bass-voice') bass-singer. 
-se-cour 15 , pi. s s, /. : t m &er court 
or yard (for the querry) ; farm-yard ; 
poultry-yard, -se-fpsse 17 , pi. s s, /. : 
underground or deep prison, dungeon. 
-se-mar-eue, pi. , /.: treadle, -se- 
men* 11 , adv.: humbly; BASEly, coarsely ; 
fsoftly (of voice), -ser 18 [?], tr.: dress 
(the warp in weaving). -sesse 11 , /.: 
BASEness, meanness ; base action or deed ; 
servility ; depravity, -set ll , =tte, adj. : 
rather low; m.: = (low-set dog), -se- 
taiUe 15 , pi. 5 s,/.: (formerly 'bary- 
tone' between bass and tenor) ; basso- 
prof ondo; fbas-relief. -sette 16 [It. 
-8etta],f.: BASSet (game at cards). 
fbassile = bacile. 

bas~sin Q. L. bacchinon (? ak. to bac)], 
m. : BASIN (hollow vessel, bowl ; reservoir 
dock for ships ; river-system) ; dessert- 
plate; pi ate (of balance); pit; pelvis. 
-sina^e 18 [-ner], m.: sprinkling (plants) ; 
wetting up (bread), -sine 15 ,/.: pan (for 
confectionery), -sinee 15 , /.: basinful, 
panful. -siner 18 , tr.: moisten, wet; 
soak (willows); warm (as a bed with a 
BASIN of coals), -sinet u , m. : little basin ; 
fire-pan (of old flint-lock gun) ; fmetallic 
hood (of helmet) ; drip-cup (under a light) ; 
crowfoot (plant), -sinoire 14 [-siner], \ 


/. : warming-pan, -sinof , m. : tub (of a 

bassou 16 [basse], m.: bassoon (musical 

instrument) ; bassoonist. 
fbas^ta^it 15 [-ter], adj.: suffiicient. 

i.-te 15t "[3 sing. Pr. Ind. -ter], interj.: 

enough ! nonsense ! hold ! 
2.baste 15 [It. -to], /.: fold, plait (of 

3-baste 16 [Sp. -to, clubs at cards], m.: 

ace of clubs (at ombre). 
baster 15 [It. -tare], intr.: fsuffice; be 

basterne 17 [1. L. -terna], f.: (Roman) 

litter ; ox-chariot (of early French kings). 
bas-tide 13 [Prov. -tida (-tir~Yr. bdtir)], 
f. : fortification, redoubt ; = ; (dial.) 

country-house, -title 13 , /.; f fortress; 

bastile (fort in Paris, used as a prison). 
bas-tingage 17 [-tinffuer], m.: protective 

roping (about a fighting ship). ||~4j,u- 

qite 16 [It. -ting a], f.: (ship's) quarter- 
netting. -tingu-er 16 , tr.: furnish with 

protective roping ; arrange, stow (in the 

bastingage, rope barricade). 
bas~tion 14 [It. -tione], m.: =, mass of 

protective earth. -tionner 16 , tr.: 

furnish with a bastion; -tionne, adj.: 

bastonuade 15 [Sp. -tonada (-ton =Fr. 

baton, cane)],/.: bastinado, caning. 
bastrpigite 18 [?], m.: noisy public 


fbastude = battude. 
bas-ventre, m.: hypogastric region. 
i.bat lS [battre], m. : treating (of pulse) ; 

beater, tail (of fish), tip (of wing). 
2.bat [? ak. to b&tir], m.: covering 

board, plank-sheer (of ship-planking). 
bat 13 [1. L. bastum, ak. to Gr. bastdzein 

(?), carry], m.: pack-saddle. 
bataclan 18 [?], m.: traps, luggage. 
ba~tal 14 [-ttre], m.: hammer, striker (of 
clocks), -taifcle [p. L. -ttalia (L. -ttuere, 
beat)],/.: BATTLE; card game; line of 
battle; infantry (forming centre of 
army) : c'est son cheval de , it is his 
hobby, -taitle 16 , adj.: hav'g a batail, 
striker. -taUler 11 [-taille], intr.: bat- 
tle, give battle (not used of armies). 
-taUleur 12 , =ej}se [-tailler], adj.: con- 
tentious, fond of fighting, -taill^n 16 
[It. -ttaglione], m.: battalion, 

Atar-ci 11 [Ut: ref. to the use of saddles 
as beds by muleteers], adj. : BASTARD (of 
impure race, or stock) ; feigned ; m. (/. 
-de): illegitimate child, i.-deau 16 , m,: 
dim. of b&tard. 

2.batardeau 16 [OFr. Mfard (bdtir), 

structure, dike], m. : dam or embankment ; 

planking (aboard ship to keep out water), 

b&tar-dire ls [-d], f.: nursery (of bud- 


ded or grafted trees), -dise 15 [-d], /.: 

Bat a vie, /.; Batavia (poetic for Hol- 
land). -viq^we 18 , adj.: Dutch: larme 
, Prince Rupert's drop (a glass globule 
that breaks up fine if it is broken at all). 

tbate = z.bat. 

t>$te 13 [1. L. basta ak. to batir, baton], f.: 
fsupport ; setting (of ring) ; case (of 
watch, snuff-box). 

"bate 15 [-ter], adj.: hav'g a pack-saddle 
on, saddled. 

"bateau 11 [OEng. bat],m.: BOAT: boatload; 
(boat-like) bed ; body (of carnage) ; dish : 
a* vapeur, steamboat. 

i.batelage 15 [-leur], m.: sleight-of- 
hand. 14 , m.: loading, unloading 
of ships, 'lighterage, -telee 12 [-teau], 
/.: boat-load. ||~tele?* 13 [-teau], intr.: 
load or unload (ship), -telet 12 [-teau], 
m.: little boat. 

"bateleur 12 , =ejise [OFr. basteler, jug- 
gle], m., /.: juggler, magician; mounte- 

'ba-'tElier' 12 , =iere [-teler], m.,/.: boat- 
man. -tellerie 18 , [-teau], /.: transfer 
(by boats). 

fbateme, etc. = bapteme, etc. 

"bater 15 [bat], tr;: saddle (with a pack- 

"batfoometre 18 [Gr. bathus, deep, metron, 
measure^ m.: BATHYMETER. 

i.bati 17 [-tir, build], m.: scaffolding, 
lattice, trellis-work. 

2.TiS,ti 17 [-tir, baste], m.: BASTing. 

"ba-tier 12 [btit], m.: maker of pack- 
saddles, -tiere 12 [b&t], f. : pack-saddle ; 
roof (resembling pack-saddle). 

batifo-lage 16 , m.: romping, -Ian* 16 , 
adj.: playful, romping. H^ler 35 [It. 
battifolle, 'rampart' as a place for play], 
intr. : play, have sport ; esp. play games 
with the hands, -leur 18 , =ejj,se, m.,/.: 

"batiment 18 [-tir, build], m.: fconstruc- 
tion (o"*f building) ; structure ; ship, ves- 
sel: tre du , be participant in an 

"b&tine 15 [b$t],f.: cushioned pack-saddle. 
i/b&tir 16 [OHG. bastjan, sew], tr.: BASTE, 

2.fb&~tir [p. L. bastlre (?)], tr.: build 
(construct, erect; frame, shape, form). 
f-tissage 15 , m. : constructing (of house, 
etc.) ;" shaping (of hats), -tisse 17 , /.: 
heavy part (of building) ; walls, -tis- 
seur 1 ^, =use, m.,/.: builder; one fond 
of building, -tlssolr 17 , m.: stave-setter 
(cooper's machine). 

"batiste 16 [name of first maker], /.; 
cambric (cloth). 



"ba-ton 10 D- L. ^basto (?)], m.: =; 
stick, rod ; cane ; support ; pole (for 
banners, etc.) ; round, rung (of a chair) ; 
whip ; staff, rod (of authority) ; pump- 
handle ; wand ; stroke (in writing) ; bar 
(music) ; crook ; crosier (of bishops) ; 
perch; spoke (of wheel): battre I'eau 
avec un , try in vain ; mettre des s 
dans les roues, put on brakes ; d 3 
rompus, piecemeal ; tour de dishonest 
gain ; s flottants, driftwood ; what ap- 
pears important but proves of no con- 
sequence; t blanc, bare branch, i.e. 
empty -handedness, poverty ; Martin 
Baton, proverbial name for a valet who 
cudgels, -tonnage 18 , m.: tickling (a 
brute's palate to cause eructation). 
-tonnat 18 [-tonnier], m.: functions or 
term of a bdtonnier. -tonnee 16 , /.: 
pumpage, spurt (of one stroke of ship's 
pump), -tonner 13 , tr.: cudgel, flog, 
whip ; cross out (what is written), -ton- 
net 12 , m.: little btiton; tip-cat (children's 
game with stick sharpened at both ends) ; 
straight part of a cup-and-ball ; four- 
edged ruler ; veterinary^ instrument (for 
bleeding) ; minute cylindrical body in the 
retina ; name of certain infusoria, -ton- 
nier* 13 , m.: fstandard-bearer ; chief of 
the" lawyer's association; annual president 
(of lawyer's association in France), -ton- 
niste, m.: cudgel-player; stick-trick- 
ster (with a magic wand). 

batoude 18 [? It. battuto (ak. to battre), 
flooring] , /. : spring-board. 

batra<jien ls [Gr. -chos, frog], m.: BA- 


"bat-tage 13 , m.: beating, hammering; 
threshing (of grain) ; churning (of but- 
ter) ; pulverizing, -tan* 12 , adj.: beat- 
ing, pelting : porte battante, two-leafed 
door; self-acting door; m,: clapper (of 
bell) ; each leaf (of a door, table) ; latch 
(of door) ; flap, fly. t-tant-roa*! 17 , pi 
, m.; morning cap. i.-te 16 [?], /- 
cantle of a saddle. 2.-te 18 , /.: ham- 
mering ; striker (flat stick for smoothing 
down plaster, etc.) ; paving-rammer ; 
dasher (of churn) ; ball-BAT ; wooden 
sword ; meat-mallet ; wash-board, -tee 16 , 
/.: what a workman can beat at one stroke ; 
jamb (of door), -tellemetit 16 [? OFr. 
-teiller, indent], m. : lowest layer (of roof- 
tiling). -temenfc 11 , m.; beating (of 
drum, feet, oars) ; repeated beating, flut- 
tering; palpitation; jamb (of door, or 
anything on which a movable piece 
closes); shake (in music). -terie n ,/.: 
battery ; fight ; beat (of drum) ; striking 
strings (of guitar, instead of * picking 
them); (electric) battery; apparatus or 
place for beating in manufacturing; 

62 ban 

kitchen utensils (as of metal battu). 
-tejur 11 , =ej&se, TO., /.: 'beater ; (flail; 
thresher, gold-worker ; beater who scares 
up game) ; scout ; marauder ; /. : 18 thresh- 
ing machine, separator, -titure 15 [It. 
-titura], f.: spark, scale (from forged 
iron). -toir 13 , m.: bat; beetle (in 
washing) ; tennis-racket. f-toire, /. : 
(dial.) churn. ||bat~tre [L. bdttuere], 
irr. ; tr.: beat (strike, BATTER, pound; 
defeat; thresh; hammer; search as 
though beating up game ; clap hands) ; 
beat, mark time) ; flap (wings) ; shuffle 
(cards) : se , fight, COHIBAT, scuffle ; 
scramble; I'air, Veau, have one's 
trouble for nothing; le pave, run 
the streets ; se a la perche, struggle 
in vain ; il ne bat plus que d'une aile, he 
hasn't all his resources. -tu, adj.: 
beaten : fer , sheet iron ; m. : un 
(for, gold-foil, gold-leaf, -tude 16 [Prov. 
batuda],f.: seine -tue 14 ,/.: beating up 
(wild game), hunt; beating (of silk co- 
coons in hot water) ; hoof-beat (of a 
horse), -tnre 11 , /. : fbeating; batter, 
mixture ; gold-lackering ; shoals, reef 
(where waves beat). 

Ind. : Pr. bats, bats, bat. I've bats. 
Otherwise regular. 

ban 12 [OHG. balcho (= Ger. Balken), 

beam], m. : beam (of ship) ; maitre , 

mid-ship beam. 
baubi 1 ^ [?], m.: certain stocky dog (for 

hunting fox, boar, etc). 
bsCB-ehe 13 [also bauge, ak. to bauque],f.: 

mortar (of dirt and straw) ; mud (for 

building rude houses). 
bau-d 13 [? OHG. bald, BALD], m.: (Bar- 

bary) deer-hound, -det 15 , m.: jack-ass; 

block-head; saw-buck, -dir 13 , tr.: set 

(dogs) on, excite, incite. 
Baudouin, m.: Baldwin. 
baudrieV 11 [OHG. balderich, (? L. balteus, 

belt)], m.: BELT. 

baudru-clie 16 [?],/.: an intestinal mem- 
brane (used to make toy-balloons, and by 

gold-beaters to enclose gold-leaf). 
bajafe 17 [Prov. -fo], f. : trot-line. 
baj&~ge 15 [?],/.: lair (of wild animals); 

see bauche. bau-ger 15 , refl.: betake 

itself to its lair. 
tbaugote =: bauque. 
i.bajpne 12 [1. L. balma (? Celt.)], /.: 

2.bajj~me [L. balsamum (fr. Gr.-Heb,)], 

m.: BALSAM, BALM; mint: tfacier 

(facet.), dentist's forceps, bau-mier 12 , 

fn. : balsam tree. 
bajque 17 [Prov. bauco, ak. to bauche], f.: 

(grass, etc. used aa) bedding, packing. 
baiuiiiigre 15 [bauc, old for bau],f.: (nav.) 

oeam support. 


batacmin 15 [= i.bouquin], m.: mouth 
end (of glassblower's tube). 

baux, see bail. 

bavar~d 15 [bave], adj.: talkative; m., 
/.: talker, prattler ; busybody, -dage 17 , 
m.: prattle, talk, bosh, -der 15 , ihtr.: 
prate; blab. f-dEri<3 15 [~der],f.: talka- 
tiveness. -diner 16 , intr.: (humor.) 
prattle, f-dise 1 ' 5 [-der],f.: talk, trifles. 

bavarois, =oise, m.,/.: Bavarian; m.: 
Bavarian language; /.: drink (made of 
tea, syrup and milk) ; adj. : Bavarian. 

ba-ve 13 [echoic; cf. babiller],f.: (OFr.) 
babJ3ling, prattling ; slobbering ; slime (of 
snail) ; first threads secreted by silk-worm. 
-ver 13 , intr.: slobber; flow steady (as 
blood fr. a vein, not an artery), -vette 12 , 
/. : bib ; piece of flesh under the sirloin 
(fr. its shape) ; lid, cover (in certain 
constructions) : tailler une , prattle. 
-veisse 15 [-veux], f.: blenny (fish). 
-veui 11 , =ejiise, adj.: slobbering; run- 
ning (of wound) ; scrawling (writing) : 
not cooked enough (of omelette), -vo- 
^her 16 [-ver], tr.: mar (in printing, etc.); 
make uneven. -vo-cKure " [-vocher],/.: 
blurred work ; unevenness. 

Baviera,/.: Bavaria. 

bavqis 10 [?], m,; table of rates of coinage 

bavo~let 15 [bas, volet], m.: rustic head- 
dress. -lette 15 , /. : girl wearing a peasant 

bavure 13 [-ver], f.: mark, monk's seam 
(left by the joint in the mould). 

bayadere 18 [Port, bailadeira, ak. to bal] f 
f. : Bast Indian dancing girl. 

bayar* 12 [?], m.: kind of barrow truck; 
(cf. bard). 

ba~yer [p. L. *batare (?)], intr.: yawn, 
gape ; gaze ; Proverb : f beer contre un 
four, be overmatched ; aux corneilles, 
lose one's time in gazing ; gaze with eager 
desire, -yejjx 16 ,, m., /.: curious 
or idle gaper. 

fbayonnette = bawnnette. 

bazar 16 [Pers.], m.: = (market). 

bdellaire 18 [Gr. bdfilla, leech], m.: animal 
of leech type. 

bdellium 14 [L. (fr.Heb.)], m.; =. 

beant 1 * 5 [p'le of b&er, old for bayer], adj.: 
gaping, yawning. 

^ 15 -te [L. beatus, happy], adj.: 

fhappy; beautified by the church; sanc- 
timonious ; hypocritically pious ; m., f. : 
fsilent beneficiary; hypocrite; Mates, f. 
pi.: women who keep the rules of an 
order though not members of it. -tifl- 
catipn 13 [4ifier],f.: ==. -tifler 18 [1. 
L. -tfficare], tr.: fnia-ke happy; beatify. 
D- L. -t$cus], adj.: beatific. 
*, f. pi.: work of btates, miscel- 


laneous things ; tid-bits, dainties, -ti- 
tude 12 [L. -titudo], /.: = ; title of sov- 
ereign pontiff. 

beau (or liel bef. vowel-sound), pi. x,f> 
belle [p. L. bellus], adj.: BEAUtiful (hand- 
some, fair, fine); exact; m.: (the) beautiful; 
beauty; beau; belle; adv.: finely, well: 
fai (elipt. for ' it is all very well for 
me/ hence) it is useless for me, I ... in 
vain ; e.g. fai (tu as, il a, etc.) dire, 
it is useless for me (thee, him) to speak, 
I (thou, he) speak in vain ; vous avez 
faire, you try in vain ; le sexe, fair sex ; 
mangeur, great eater; les x arts, 
fine arts; un bel esprit, person of fine 
taste ; les belles, the fair sex, women ; le 
temps est au , the weather is fine ; cela 
vous fait une belle jambe, what good will 
that do you? porter , carry himself well 
(of horse, or dog) ; acheter du , buy 
things of good quality ; les x esprits se 
rencontrent, great minds run in same 
channel (said when two have same idea at 
once) ; une belle affaire, fine affair (fine 
muss) ; faire un coup, make a lucky 
hit ; tout , be still ! (expression to quiet 
a cross dog) ; il est arrive premier, 
far ahead (of race horse) ; au milieu 
de la rue, exactly in the middle; bel et 
bon, perfectly, -coup la [lit. ' fine piece'], 
m.: great deal, much; (with de) much, 
many; a great deal; adv.: much, consid- 
erably : d pr$s, by a great deal, near ; 
de , by far ; a good deal ; il s'en faut 
de , it is very far from. 

beaucui* 18 [pop. etym. Eng. buckwheat], 


beau-fife 10 , pi. oo , m. : step-son ; 
(rarely) son-in-law, -frere 15 , pi. x s, 
m. : brother-in-law, -pere 15 , pi. x s, 
step-father ; father-in-law. 

beaupre 15 [pop. for Eng. bowsprit], m.: 


beaute [p. L. *bellitas (cf. beau)], /.: 


fbeauveau = biveau. 

beaiivotte 14 [? L. belua, beast],/.: (dial.) 
grain, insect. 

bebe 18 [Eng. baby], m.: BABY; doll. 

beo* [p. L. beccus], m.: BEAK (of birds, 
turtles, fish, certain insects, etc.) ; mouth ; 
PEAK, point (as of pen, anchor, ship) : 
tenir quelqu'un le dans I'eau, keep one 
waiting in vain (f r. the figure of a water 
bird waiting) ; faire le petit , mince 
matters; Marie bon bee, great talker; 
$tre pris par le , convicted by his own 
words ; avoir le bien offiU, be talkative ; 
blanc , mouth with no moustache, green- 
horn. fbeoard 16 , m.: (vulg.) merganser; 
(vulg.) salmon. Wcarde 18 , /,: magpie 
(of Cayenne). 



becarre 15 [It. be-quadro ' B-SQUARED '],/.: 
natural (in music). 

becas^se 11 [bee], f.: wood-cock; dupe, 
fool ; basket-maker's machine : brider 
la , catch the dupe ; d'arbre, owl. 
-seau 15 , m.: young wood-cock; sand- 
piper, -sin 15 , -son, m.: small snipe. 
-sine 15 /.: snipe. 

fbeccard. = becard. 

tbec-cornu = becque-cornu. 

bec-d'aue = bedane. -du-cane 15 , pi. 
s 1 m. : " duck bill," surgeon's nip- 
pers ; lock (haVg a beveled bolt) ; knob 
or handle (of a door). -dE-corbin, M , pi. 
s , m. : ship-calker's nippers ; hal- 
berd (of king's guards) : Us becs-de-corbin t 

gentlemen. -dE-grue, pi. s , m. : 

crane's-bill (geranium). -dE-lievre 16 , 
pi. s , m. : hare-lip. 

becfigwe 15 [bee (bequer), figue], m.: fig- 
pecker (bird). 

bechamel 18 [the gourmand Bechamel], 
/.: cream sauce. 

be<enarcl 18 [bdche], m. : sort of hoe. 

be-eharu 17 [Prov. becharut], m.: (vulg.) 

r.fbe-ehe = bechevet. 

be~-ehe 10 [L L. besca], f. : spade ; insect. 
-chelort 18 , m. : small grubbing hoe. 
-eher 11 tr.: dig, spade. -eheton 18 
[-chette], m. : garden spade. -cKette 18 , 
/.: spade. 

be-ene^vet 13 [L. bis, doubly, chevet], m.: 
fbolster (pillow) : couchera ft , lie, one's 
feet at other's head. -vEter I8 , tr. : place 
end for end. 

be-ehique 15 [L. -chicus (Gr. bex, cough)], 
adj.: BECHIC (cough-relieving), cough; 
77i.: cough-medicine. 

be-ehour 18 [-cher], m.: large hoe. 
-ehon 18 [che], m.: little hoe. 

becoi 16 [bee], m.: little snipe, "bec^tie- 
cornu 16 [I. becco-cornuto, horned buck], 
m. : cuckold ; fool, f bec#uee = bequee, 
etc. fbecune 16 [bee], f. : sea-pike (fish). 

bEdaiiie 12 [OFr. boudaine (boude, big 
belly)], /.: (very f am..) big belly; belly, 
paunch; globular vase; rock (as pro- 

bedane 16 [for bec-d'dne], m.: chisel. 

bE^deau 11 [L. -dellus (Ger. root bid-, 
cry out)], m.: BEADLE (old, lower court 
officer ; university sergeant ; now, church 
or parish officer), -dea-ude 18 , adj.: f.: 
of mixed colour (in allusion to robe of 

bedegar 14 [fr. Pers.], m.: rose-gall. 

bEdo~n ls [ak. to bedaine], m.: big belly; 
fdrum : de Suisse, double-headed drum. 
-ndaine 15 [bedon, bedaine], /.: Jhig 
belly ; bag-pipe ; rock (as projectile) ; 
hurling machine. * * 



"bee 11 [for&ee (beer)], adj.: open, gaping; 

/..* [same word as baie, gap], opening, 
lower end of mill-race. 

fbeefsteak bif- bifteck. 

tbeer bayer. 

beffler 14 , [ak. to Eng. baffle], tr.: tridi- 
cule; mystify. 

befftroi 11 [OHG. berc-vrit (bergen, protect, 
vride, peace), protecting tower], m.: 
movable tower (used in sieges) ; alarm- 
bell tower, BELFRY, bell. 

be-gaiement 1& -^e-, m.: stammering, im- 
pediment (in speech), -gayant 16 -gai-, 
adj. : stammering, f -gayement -gai- = 
-gaiement. ll-'gayet* 14 [-gue], intr.: 
stammer, hesitate ; champ, shake the bit 
(said of horse). 

begonia 17 [Gen. Begon\, m.: = (plant). 

begu 13 , =gne [?], adj.: having age marks 
(on teeth after time for marks to disap- 
pear, said of horses). 

begue 15 [t],adj.: stammering; m.,/.: 

begueu~le 14 [bee (beer), gueule], /.: 
gaper; one who makes much ado about 
nothing ; adj. : affectedly scrupulous, pru- 
dish, -lerie 1T , /. : affected nicety. 

begu-in 18 , m.: BIGGIN, Beguine' s cap; 
cap that ties under the chin; (very f am.) 
avoir un pour quelqu'un, pour quelque 
chose, have a passion for. -inage 12 , m. : 
community of Beguine nuns ; exaggerated 
piety. H^ine 11 [Begue, founder of the 
order],/.: Beguine (relig. sister) ; sister of 
third order of St Franc, ois; affected devotee. 

beige 12 [bis, brown], adj.: (dial.) yellow- 
whi'te (as wool). 

beigrnet 13 [bigne], m.: little lump ; fruit 

fbeiram = bairam. 

beja^jne 18 [bee, jaune], m.: yellow BEAK 
(of young birds) ; young bird ; eyas (young 
hawk) ; s, new-comers : payer son , 
pay initiation. 

bel = beau. 

beZandre 16 [Dutch -der (by, 'near,' land)], 

f.: bilander (flat bottomed boat with 

be-lant 12 , adj.: bleating, -lement 15 , 
m.:" bleating. ||~ler* [baldre], intr.: 

bElette 12 [bel, as though 'little beauty'], 

/. : weasel 

Belgiqwe,/.: Belgium (the kingdom). 

be~iier 14 [Flem. bell, bell], m.: BELL- 
wether ; Aries ; battering-ram ; pile 
driver; (hydraulic) ram. -Here 14 , /.: 
clapper-ring; watch-ring; leather ring 
supporting cavalry sabre. bE-lin 12 , m.: 
(dial.) sheep. 

belltre 14 , [Ger. bettler, beggar], m,: 
sfbeggar ; good-for-nothing. 


belladone 18 [It. bella donna, 'fair lady'], 
/.; belladonna (plant, medicine). 

bellatre 15 [bel], adj.: of insipid beauty; 
m. : insipid beauty. 

belle (see beau): -a-vgir 18 ,^. s -- , 
/. ; summer cypress, -dame 16 , pi. s s, 
f. : BELLADONNA, garden spinage ; notch- 
weed; butterfly. -dE-jour 16 , pi. s 

,/.; asphodel, day-lily. -d.E-nnit 16 , 
pi. s -- , /. : jalap (blooms at night) ; 
sedge-warbler; (very /am.) "night bird" 
(gay woman). -d'onze-7ieixres 18 , pi. 

s -- , /.: star of Bethlehem (flower). 
-d'un-jour 18 , pi. s -- , /.: (yellow) 
asphodel, -fifle 16 , pl.s s, f.: step- 
daughter ; daughter-in-law. -men* 10 , 
adv.: steady! easy! (to quiet a horse, 
etc.). -mere 14 , pi. s s, f.: step- 
mother ; mother-in-law. s-lettres, 
/ pi.: = (polite literature). -sceur 14 
03U eu, /.: step -sister; sister-in- 

belli-geranfl 17 [L. -gerans (bellum, war, 
gerere', wage)], adj.: belligerent. 
-qiieux 14 , [L. -cosus], adj.: belli- 
cose, martial. 

bellis 18 [L.],/.: daisy. 

bellissime 16 [It. -mo (L. bellus, pretty)], 

adj.: (fam.) most beautiful. 

=otte [bel], adj.: pretty (as a child) ; m., 

/.: pretty one (term of endearment). 
bElo^-ee 12 [?], /.: (dial.) wild plum. 

-eier 13 , m. ; wild plum-tree. 
bElone 18 [L.],/.: sea-pike, gar-fish. 
bxilojase, see blouse. 
bel-outil, m.: jeweler's anvil, -ve 1 - 

dere 15 [It./ beautiful view'], m.: belve- 

dere (place commanding a fine view ; bel- 

vedere pavilion). 
bembex 18 [Gr., spinning top], m.: digger- 

bemol 16 [be (lettre b), mol], m.: b-flat (in 

music) ; sign for b-flat. 
ben 14 [Ar. btin], m.: BEN (-tree-nut, -oil). 
b^narde 14 [Bernard], f.: kind of lock, 

benedi-eite u [L. bene-dicite, 'bless ye/ 

first word of the prayer], m.: prayer (said 

before a meal), blessing. 
benedictiu 15 , =ine P. L, -tinus (Bene- 

dictus)], m,,/.: monk, nun (order of St. 

benediction 12 [L- -dictio (-dicere, bless)], 

/. : =, blessing ; consecration, 
be'nefl^-ee 12 [L, -eium (bene, well, fa- 

cere, do), BENEFIT], m.: benefit; bene- 

fice; advantage, -eiaire 16 [L. -ciarius], 

adj.: of a benefice (law, person), bene- 

ficiary; of legally limited liability for 

debts; m.: beneficiary, -eial 18 , adj.: 

of a church-benefice. i.-eier 1 * Q. 

IA -darius], m,; holder of 


2.eier 17 , intr. : make a profit (in business, 
etc.) ; enjoy an advantage. 

bisnet 15 [Norm, -neeit (L. -ne-dictus, 
blessed)], adj.: kindly; silly; m.: silly 

be'ne^vole 18 [L. -uo^s (bene, well, w>Z0, I 
WILL)], adj.: benevolent (kind, well-wishing, 
charitable), -volement 18 , adv.: benevo- 

be-nifirnement 11 , adv.: benignly, -ni- 
firmte 11 [L. -nignitas], /.: benignity, 
kindness; non-malignity (of disease). 
H^nin 11 , =igne [L. benignus, kind], adj.: 
benign, kind. 

be~nir [1. L. bene-dicere ('well-say'), 
bless], tr. : bless ; consecrate. -ni, =ite, 
adj. : blessed; fdevoted (consecrated, holy) : 
eau benite, holy water ; insincere prom- 
ises. -nitier 1 12 [OFr. eau-benoitier (fr. 
eau-benoite, -benite, holy water)], m.: 
aspersorium, basin (for holy water), =; 
large shell (to use as basin). 

Benjamin [Jacob's youngest son], m.: 
favorite child. 

benjoirt 15 [1. L. benzoe (fr. Ar.)], m.: 

fbenne [L -nna (fr. Gall.)], /.: (dial.) 
cart ; hutch ; lift (of mines) ; hurdle (in 
water to keep fish back). 

BEnoi-t, m.: Benedict (the saint), -te, 
/.: Benedicta. , 

bz;no, =oite, [L. -nedictus (bene, well, 
dicer e, say) blessed], adj.: fgood; (fam.) 
sanctimonious, affectedly religious. 
-noite 15 , [L.-nedicta (sc. herba, 'herb')], 
/.: BENNET (plant). 

ben-zinc 18 [1. L. benzie],f. : =. -zoate 17 , 
m.: =. -zo'ique 17 , adj.: benzoic. 

beetle^ 17 [Beotie, Beotia], m.: dullard. 

b6~iu6 15 [bee], adj.: beaked, -que- 
bois, m.: woodpECKER. -qitee , /.: 
BEAK-ful ; food (in the beak), -quer 14 , 
ir.: pick or peck (with beak), -que- 
rolle, /.: (rfiaZ.) snipe, -qitet 12 , m.: 
uuty.) salmon (cf. Ucard); triangular 
patch (of leather or cloth) ; pad (in print- 
ing) ; tag (to a proof -sheet), -queter 14 , 
tr.: pick (with beak) ; caress, -alette 17 , 
/.: forceps (of wire-worker, etc.) ; helm- 
post (to which the tiller is fastened). 
-crwiUard 17 [-quille, crutch], m. : cripple ; 
(jam.) codger, -quille 16 , /.: crutch; 
s^ade-like hoe ; helm-post (cf . lequette) : 
couteau CL , two-bladed spud-knife ; door- 
handle. -qiiiZler 17 [-quille], intr.: go 
on crutches ; tr.: prop up, stay (a ship) ; 
cultivate (with a Uquille). i . -qntllon 17 
[-quille], m. ; short crutch, prop ; little 
b&quille, z.-quUlxm 16 , m.: beak (of 
young hawk, etc.) ; beak-shaped leaf (of 
certain plants), f-qw^t = 



Berber, =ere, m.,/.: Berber; /.: Bar- 
bery (in Africa). 

bercail [p. L. *berbicalius (L. berbex, 
sheep)], m.: sheep-cot, -fold ; fold (church). 

ber-ee 16 [?],/..* cow-parsnip. 

ber-eean 16 [bers], m.: cradle; bower, 
arbor-walk ; vault ; printer's plank, bank ; 
(engraver's) scraper. 

ber^elle 16 [cf . lrucelle\,f. :(glassworker's) 

ber-cElonnette 18 [-ceau],f.: little cradle. 

ber-eer 11 [bers], tr.: cradle, rock ; quiet ; 
pace (of horse); lull, -ee^se 14 , /.: 
rocker, she who rocks ; cradle-song. 

beret 18 [Prov. (L. birrus, red)], m.: 
Basque cap ; head-dress. 

bergame 16 [Bergame, Ital. city], /.: 
coarse tapestry (superseded by wall-paper). 

bergamo-te ly [It. -motta (fr. Turk.)],/.: 
bergamot (pear) ; confection (made of its 
essence), -tier 18 , m.: bergamot (tree). 

i.fberge 13 [? Celt.],/.: walls (along ditch, 
river) ;" sidewalk (along river-bank). 

s.fberge = i .barge. 

3-fberge = z.barge. 

ber^ger , -gere [p. L. *-bicarius (L. -lex, 
sheep')"], m.. : shepherd; swain, lover; /.: 
shepherdess ; lass, nymph ; wagtail (bird) ; 
head-dress (of 18th C.) ; easy-chair ; adj. : 
amorous : I'heure du , the lucky mo- 
ment, -gipette 14 , /. : little shepherdess ; 
wagtail; shepherd's Easter-song; Easter- 
wine. -gErie 12 , /.: sheep-fold, -cot; 
pastoral poetry. -gEPonnette 12 ,/. : little 
shepherdess ; wagtail. 

fbergin = bourgin. 

beri^hot 16 [?], m.: (dial.) wren. 

fberil = Uryl. 

berle [L. -rula],f.: water-parsley. 

ber-'line 17 [Berlin], /.: berlin (four- 
wheeled carriage). i. -lingo t 17 , m.: 
single-seated berlin ; poor carriage. 

2.berlingot 18 [ft. -gozzo (?), macaroon], 
m.: caramel. 

Berlioz, m.: B., the music composer 

fberloque = breloque. 

berlne 14 [bis-, OFr. *lue (ak. to L. lux, 
LIGHT)], m.: visual defect, dimsightedness. 

i.berme 16 [Dutch breme, BEIM],/.; BEEM, 
walking space by a ditch., 

2.ber~me 17 [?],/.: tub, vat. -mier 17 , 
=re, m.,/.: laborer at the vat. 

bermudieime 17 [Bermuda], /.: Bermuda 

bernable 17 [-ner], adj.: hazable; to be 
tossed (in blanket). 

fberna-elie or bernaole = barnache. 

bernage 13 [bren, old for 6ra?i], m.: feed- 
or forage-crop. 

bemard-I'T^ermit^ 16 , m.: hermit-crab. 

bernandoir 17 [?], m,: fluff-, or 



basket (in wool -mills to gather up 

i. berne 16 [?], /.: waft, distress-signal 

(doubling of flag at half -mast as distress- 
signal, etc., at sea) : en , awaft, on 

2,ber~ne 15 [gp. hernia, rug, blanket],/. : 

fbed-cover ; blanket (to toss with) ; ftoss- 

ing; banter, -neme^t 16 [-ner], m.: 

tossing; hazing, -nor-, tr.: toss, blanket, 

haze; ridicule, -neur 17 [-Tier], ra.: 


fbernicle = barnache. 
bernique 17 [?], inte~j.: (fam.) fooled 

again ! 
bernictwet 14 [?], m. and inter j.: etre au 

, be at his wits' end ; (/am.) pour 

sansonnet, you can't make it ! 
berort 17 [?], m.: spout, outlet (for cider, 

oil in a press). 
berqninade ls [Berquin, author of moral 

books for children],/.: work in Berquin's 


ferret beret. 
bers 11 [?], m.: fcradle ; ways (over which 

to launch ship) ; hurdle. 
bertavelle 18 [It. -llo],f.: bow-net (of 

reeds, willow). 
^bertEler = bretteler. 
berime 1& [fr. modest Queen Berthe],f.: 

bertha (cape worn with decollete" dress). 
berubleau 17 [Ger. berg-blau, mountain 

blue], m.: carbonate of copper. 
beryl 11 [fr. L. -ryllus], m,: =, kind of 

bsa*-"ee [p. L. *bissaccia (L. bis, twice, 

sdccus, sack)],/.: beggar's C two-bagged 

sack (hung across the shoulder), wallet, 

bag; (fig.) beggary, -eier, m.: beggar. 
bEsaigre 17 [L. pejorat. bis, Fr. aigre], 

adj.: half-sour, sourish. 
bEsaigue 11 [L. bis, twice, Fr. aigue],f.: 

battle-ax; twibil. 
bEsan [L. byzantius (B'm)], m. : byzant 

(coin), bezant. 
fbEsas 16 [L. bis, twice, as, ace], m.: (throw 

of) two aces. 

began 18 [Prov. (ak. to Eng. bed)], m.: irri- 
gation ditch. 
tbeseau = biseau. 
bEset 1 ^ [L. bis, twice], m.: two aces (at 

bEsi 16 [Dutch -sie (ak. to berry)], m. : kind 

of pear. 
tbEsicles 13 [for -rides (Uryl)], f. pi.: 


bEsier* 15 [besi] f m : pear-tree. 
besigue 18 [?], m.: card game. 
tbuso-ehe 16 [Gasc, -soch (ak. to vouge, 

spade)], /. " (dial.) grubbing hoe. 
bE-sogne 11 [/. form of -sow], /.: (fam.) 

business ; calling ; affairs ; baggage: tailler 


de la a qqn., make trouble ; aimer - 
faite, not fond of work, -sooner 12 [-gne], 
intr.: work. -so[/n.eua? n , =ejase, adj. : 
always hard-up, necessitous. ||*soi>i 10 [?], 
m. : need ; want ; wants ; necessity : 
faire , become necessary ; payer au , 
pay as security because principal on note 

fails to pay. 


[? ak. to biset], m.: tern (sea- 

besscm 12 , =onne [L. bis, twice], adj., m., 
/.: twin. 

i.bes^tiaire 15 [L. -tiarius (-tia, animal)], 
m.: BEAST fighter, gladiator. 2,-tiaire 11 , 
m.: bestiary (book of tales of animals). 
-tial 11 , pL ~als or =a,ux [L. -tialis], 
adj.: =. -tialemenfc 12 [-tial], adv.: 
beastly, ^-tialite 13 [-tial],f.: bestiality. 
-tiasse 15 [It. -tiaceia],f.: (fam.) brute; 
fool, -tiaux 11 [-tial], : live-stock 
-tiole 11 [L. -tiola], /.: little animal 
-tiou 15 [L. -tia], m.: little beast ; fanimal 

beta 17 [for betail], m.: brute; dolt. 

betail 13 ,#Z. bestiaux [OFr. bestail for 
betial, hence the pi.], m.: cattle. 

b|te 10 [L. bestia], /.: BEAST (animal, 
brute ; filthy or brutal person ; loo at 
cards) : remonter sur sa , remount (on) 
his beast (after being unsaddled, e.g. in 
debate) ; noire, wild boar ; cock-roach ; 
(fig.) bugaboo; brute, brute beast 
(brutal person) ; une bonne , good beast 
(good person of ordinary mind) ; une 
du bon Dieu, a beast of the good Lord 
(too benevolent) ; faire la , act the an- 
imal (stupidly). 

betel 15 [E.Ind.], m.: betel (pepper, masti- 

be-temeit ls [-te], adv. : stupidly. -tis<3 lfi 
[-te],f.: stupidity; stupid act. 

Bet/tsabe,/.: Bathsheba (mother of Solo- 

betoine [L. -ttonica],f.: BETONY (plant). 

i.betoii lt5 [OFr. bet (?)], m.: (vulg.) first 
milk (after child-birth).^ton 13 [L. bitumen, pitch], m:beton; 
concrete, -tonnage 18 , m.: work (in 
beton). -tenner 18 ,' tr. : pave, etc. (with 

bette 12 [L. beta], /.: BEET, -rave 15 , /.: 

beet, beet-root ; mangel-wurzel. 
betuline 18 [L. -tula, birch], /.: BETULIN. 
betuse [?],/.: cauf (barrel for live fish) ; 

betyl0 17 [L. batulus], m.: BAETYLUS (sa- 

cred stone). 
beii-glEmeYit 1B , m. : bellowing. H^gler l * 

[OFr. gle (L. buculus, dim. of bos, ox)], 

intr.: bellow; low. 
bejBr~re [L. butyrum, Gr. boutyron (? bofis, 

cow, turds, cheese)J, m.: BUTTER; 


brown butter ; et noir, black and blue ; 
promettre plus de que de pain, promise 
more than one can do ; tour de , " butter- 
tower " (church-tower built f r. money gotten 
during Lent), -re 16 , m.: butter pear. 
-ree 1G [-rer], f. : (buttered) piece of bread. 
-re i" n , tr. : butter. -TCTie 18 , /. : butter- 
dairy. -Tier 1 ' J , =iere, m., f. : butter- 
seller ; butter-vessel (-dish, -churn, -cloth). 17 [buse],f. : scrap-box (to save brass 

beuvaivte 17 [for buvaude],/.: privilege 
(reserved by ship-owner of shipping so 
much wine). 

fbeuveau = biveau. 

bevue 10 * [L. bi- } Fr. vue], f.: blunder; 
double-vision, (med.) diplopy. 

bei/ 17 [Turk, beg, lord], m.: . 

bey~lier' [?], m. : slubbing-billy. -lieur , 
m.: slubber. 

bEzestan 17 [Turk. ' wool-market'], m.: 
public market (in Syria). 

fbuzet beset. 

bezoarcl 15 [Port, -zuar (fr Pers.)], m.: 
BEZOAR, concretion (in stomach) ; amulet 

tbEzo-eh.0 = besoche. 

fb-fa-si 17 be-, m.: si (musical note). 

bi- [L. bis], pref. : bi-, Twice ; or disparag- 
ing. - 

biai=s [L. bi-fax, double PACE], adj.: ob- 
lique, slanting ; BIAS ; ( fig.) tbiased ; m. ; 
slope, diagonal ; bias, -sement 15 [-ser], 
m. : indirection, -ser 1G , intr. ; cut across, 
go obliquely ; (fig.) go round-about way : 
?ie prendre qu'en biaisant, approach only 

bibasiqne 18 [L. bi-, base], adj.: hav'g 
double base. 

bibelot 11 [? (cf. bimbelot)], m.: curio. 

i.bibe-r^n 15 , =onne [L. -re, drink], m., 
/.;( wine-)BiBBER, tippler, s.-ron 18 [1. L. 
*-rare, make drink], m.: drink ; long-lipped 
cruet ; nursing bottle, 

bibltf 11 [L L. ~blfa* Gr. -Ilia (pi. of -btiori) 
books],/.: Bible. 

biblio- [Gr. bibtion, book]: -graphe 17 
[Gr. grdphein, write], m.: bibliographer. 
-graphic 10 [L. -graphia (cf. -graphe)], 
/.: bibliography, -mantf 17 [cf. -manie], 
m.: =, bibliomaniac, -manie 17 [Gr. raa- 
-nia],/.: bibliomania, -phile 17 [Gr. phi- 
los, friend], m.: ~, book-fancier, -the- 
oajre 15 [L. -thecarius (cf. next)], m.: 
librarian, -theque 1 * [L. -theca (Gr. 
th$ka, case)],/.: library: bleue, blue 
library (collection of stories of the middle 
ages, bound in blue). 

biblique 18 [bible], adj.: biblical. 

bibus le [?] m.: trifle. 

bicar-bonate 18 [bi-, carbonate], m.: 
=. ~bon [carbone], adj.: hav'g bi- 



carbonate, -bure 18 [carbure], m.: bi j 

bicarre 18 [L. bi-, Fr. carre, SQUARED], 

adj.: (algebra) BIQUADRATIC. 
bleeps 15 [L. (bis, twice, caput, head)], 11 [?],/.: hind, doe: ma , my 
doe (darling). 

2.fbi-eh.e = bisse. 

T.bielie 18 [?], m.: rocou, annatto (dye- 

2. < bieliet 12 p],m.: ancient grain measure. 17 [?]/.: fishnet. 11 [biche, hind], /.: little hind; 
little dear, love. 

bi^hof 18 [Ger. bischof], m. : BISHOP (wine). 

bi~lum 16 , -oTLiie [for barbichon ?], m., 
/. : littfe curly dog ; little darling, -ebon- 
ner 18 , tr. : curl, friz ; primp. 

bicoq [for bieot], m.: arm (of hoisting 
crane or derrick). 

15 [It. -cocea],f.: poorly fortified 

bicorne 13 [L. bicornis] , adj. : TWO-HORNED. 

bi^-eycla 18 [bi-, Gr. kuklos. circle], m.: 
. -eyclette 18 , /.: bicycle (with two 
equal wheels), safety. 

bidauct 10 [?], m.: brown paint. 

biden~t 17 [L. -dens, TWO-TOOTHED], m.: 
two-tined fork; plant, =. -te [L. bis, 
two, dens, tooth], adj.: hav'g two teeth, 
two tines. 

bide* 15 [It. -detto (Celt.)], m.: = (nag, 
pony; sitz-bath) ; work-bench ; spindle ; 

bidgn 1 ^ [?], m.: measure (five pints); 
wooden drinking vessel ; canteen ; tin-can. 

bief 10 [OHG. bed, bed], m.: basin, BED (of 
stream): lock, lift (of canal); mill-race. 

bielle 17 [?],/.: motion-rod; crank. 

bien [L. bene], adv.: well; comfortably; 
ve"ry; much, plenty or many (with de Ze); 
really; good-looking; m. 10 : good (benefit, 
welfare); boon, gift, mercy; goods (prop- 
erty, estate, fortune): vu, he is well 
liked ; un homme comme il faut, a man 
just as is proper (right kind of a man); 
croit-il de ce qu'il dit? does he really 
believe what he says ? que, although ; 
moins, much less, -aime(e) u riaime, 
adj.: well-beloved; m., /.: well-beloved, 
love, darling, -dire 16 , m.: fine speaking. 
-disarit 16 [dire], "adj. : well-spoken; tcom- 
plimentary. -dtre 16 -n'etr, m.: well- 
being, welfare, "-faire 12 , intr.: do well 
(to others). -faisan<ee 13 or /E- [fai- 
sant], /.: BENEFICENCE, charity, -fai- 
8&nt l % or /E- [pr. part, of fair e], adj.: 
BENEFICENT, kind; charitable, -fait 11 
[L. -factum], m.: BENEFIT, kindness, favour. 
-faiteur 16 , =tri-ee [-fait], m.f.: BENE- 
FACTOR, benefactress, -f^nds , pi. ^- 



[bien, property], m.: real-estate. -Tieu- 
reua? 11 , =egsse -n'neu-, adj.: very happy; 
lucky (time, money); blessed; beatified 
(by the church). 

bieimal 15 , pL =&ux [L. -nalis], adj.: 

bicm^ [bien] : -seane 15 [-seant], f. : 
comfortableness ; propriety ; decency. 
-seant 12 , adj.: fitting, decent, proper, 
decorous, -tenant 14 , =ante, m., /.: 
property-owner. -tot 13 , adv.: soon; d 
, ("till soon") good-bye (for a while); 
cela est dit, that is soon said (but not 
so easily done), -veifclan-ee n [-veillant] , 
/. : BENEVOLENCE, -veiilant u [old part. 
adj. fr. vouloir], adj.: BENEVOLENT. 
-vEnir 18 [only in Inf.; fr. -venu], tr.: 
welcome. -vEnu - 12 , adj. : welcome. -VE- 
ima 13 [-venu], f.: welcome, favorable 
reception : payer $a , buy one's welcome 
(treat those who welcome one), f-voulu 14 , 
adj.: hav*g the good wishes of others, 

i.biere 10 [OHG. vera],f.: coffin, BIER.|re 16 [Ger. bier],f.: BEER. 

bievre [L. bebrum (biber)], m.: (old 
name for castor) BEAVER. 

tbiez = bief. 

2.fbiffe 15 [?], /.: false diamond, false ap- 

2.biflte 18 , /.: mark of cancellation; 
marker. |[~fer 15 [?], tr.: cancel, 

biftecte 18 [for EngJ, m. : BEEFSTEAK. 

bifar-cation 15 , /.: =. Ikquer- 16 [L. 
-cus, TWO-FORKED], tr.: make forked. 

biga~me 12 [L. -mus (bi, Gr. gdmos) mar- 
riage], adj.: married the second time; 
married to a widow; bigamous, -mie 14 , 
/.: second wedlock ; BIGAMY. 

biga-rade 16 [Prov. -rrado (= Fr. -rre)], 
/.: =:, bitter orange. -radier 17 , m.: 
bigarade-tree. -rre 15 [p. part.], adj.: 
variegated, -rreau 16 ,- m.: white-heart 
cherry (of two colours), -rreautier 16 
[-reau], m.: white-heart cherry-tree. 
H^rrer- 15 [?], tr.: variegate, streak. 
-rrure 15 ,/.: motley; medley. 

bige 18 [L. -ga\j m.: two-horse chariot. 

bigemine 17 [L. bi-, geminus, twin], adj.: 
(bbt.) bigeminous. 

1-bigle 1 ^ [fr. EngJ, m.: BEAGLE (dog), 

2.tbi~gle 16 [?], adj.: squint-eyed. 
t-gler 16 , intr.: squint. 

tbigrne 14 [OHG. bungo, tumor],/.: lump 
(on head from a blow). 

bigor~ne 18 [Prov. -na (L. bi-cornis, TWO- 
HORNED)],/.: BICKERN, (two-pointed) anvil; 
iron wedge; currier's wood, -neau 14 , 
m.: small bickern; sort of snail. -neV 16 , 
tr.: weld, forge (on an anvil). 

bigot 11 [?], adj.: bigoted; m.,f.: bigot. 


fbigotere 16 [Sp. -tera (~te, moustache)], 
/.: moustache-curler. 

bigo^terie 15 [-got], f.: bigotry, punc- 
tilious devotion. -tisme 16 [-got], m.: 

bigondi 18 [?], m.: hair-curler. 

i.bigr^ 14 [1. L. -garus], m.: BEE- WARDEN. 

2.f bigre, -ment = bougre, etc. 

bigue 14 [Prov. biga], /.: sheers (tempo- 
rary derrick). 

fbigiter 16 [?], tr.: exchange (at cards). 

bi/toreau 13 [?], m.: night-heron. 

bijoti 15 "[?], m.: pine-resin. 

bijou 14 , pi. x [Bret, bizou, finger-ring], 
m. : jewel, =. -terie 17 [-tier],f. : jewelry- 
trade, jewelry. -tier 16 , =iere, adj., 
m.,f.: fjewel-f ancier ; jeweler. 

bijugue 17 [bi-, L. jugum, yoke], adj.: 
bijugate, hav'g two pairs (of leaves, etc.). 

bilan 16 [It. -ncio (L. bi-, lans, scale)], 
m. 7 BALANCE : deposer son , put down 
his balance (declare himself bankrupt). 

bilateral 18 pi. =aua; [bi-, lateral], adj.: 

bilb qitet 15 [bitte, boquet], m.: =; cup- 
and-ball ; planchet (in minting) ; hair- 
curler; balancing toy; job (in printing); 
stone chips. 

bi~le 16 [L- -Us], f.: BILE, -liaire 17 , 
adj. : biliary, -lieuo? 16 , =e^se [L. -liosus], 
adj.: bilious; irascible. 

bil$ngue 12 [L. -guis], adj.: bilingual. 

bill 16 [EngJ, m.: act (of parliament, con- 

biZlage 18 [-Her], m.: haulage, drawing 
(of boats). 

i. bit-lard 18 , m.: staff (with crook at 
the end) ; tbiHiard-cue J billiard-table ; 
iron-lever (for setting mast-hoops); iron 
form (for tennis-rackets. 2. -lard 16 , 
adj.: (dial.) very divergent (horns). 
-larder* 17 [-lard], tr.: set mast-hoops; 
intr. : fstrike a billiard ball twice ; curve 
outward (as horns) ; swing (front feet) 
out (in trotting). i.|[bil~l? w B Celt * -t 
stem],/.; log, bar ; (tip-cat) bat ; wringer, 
stick; rolling-pin shoot; moulding rod; 
little boat. 

2.biae 12 [?], /.: (billiard) ball; marble; 
ball (of bicycle bearings). 

biilebarrer 16 [iMlle, bar, barrer], tr.: 
(fam.) stripe. 

tbiUebaoft-de 16 [i.bille, OFr. baud, 
BOLD], /.: random, confusion, -def 18 , 
intr.: do a thing (esp. hunt) at random 
or confusedly (as dogs). 

biUer 14 [i.bille], tr.: flatten (with 
roller), roll ; wring (skins, wool, etc.) ; 
haul (a boat by bille, 'single-tree'): 
une pidce de bois, pivot a piece ol 
wood (on end, as centerpost in merry-go* 


bil~le 15 [for bullet fr. bulle, scroll], 
m.: =, short letter, note; ticket, bank- 
note : doux, sweet letter (love-letter). 
-10te 15 [-lette, ticket], adj.: BILLET Y 
(as a shield), -leter 15 , tr.: =, ticket. 
-lette 13 [for bullette], /.: little note, 
o'fficial notice (to pay, of having paid toll). 

bUlette 13 [i.bille], /.: stick of wood); 
(cut) firewood ; roller ; prop ; fbar (of 
metal (certain moulding ; band (of colour) ; 
strap; m.: monk wearing shoulderstrap, 

biilevEsee 15 [OFr. -veze (?), bagpipe], /.: 
(fam.) nonsense ; foolish trash. 

"billion 15 [bi-, -llion of million], m.: = 
(as in Am., i.e. a thousand millions). 

"billon 14 [iMlle], m.: squared pine; 
(pruned) vine ; ridge ; fbar of metal ; = 
alloy of gold or silver with copper; de- 
based coin; copper coin; ~f= mint. 
-lonnage 18 [-lonner], m.: ^comagQ (of 
debased money) ; ploughing ridges. -lonne- 
ment 16 [-lonner], m.: coining (of debased 
money), -lonner 18 , tr.: prune close; 
castrate ; ridge ; fdebase coin ; sort (coin 
for recoinage). t-lonnenr [-lonner], 
m.: debaser (of coin). 

billot 18 [iMlle], m.: (smoothed) block; 
(chopping-, anvil-, executioner's) block ; 
clog; rod; crowding-stick. 

bilobe" 17 [hi-, lobe], adj.: bilobate, hav'g 
two lobes, two-lobed. 

biloculaire [bi-, L, loculus, cell], adj.: 
bilocular, two-celled. 

biloqiier 18 [? for binoquer (biner)], tr.: 

bimane 17 bi-, [L. manus, hand], adj.: 
two-handed, of the order BIMANA. 

bimbe~J.ot 15 [= bibelot]*, m. : toy; trinket. 
-loterie 17 [-tier], /.: toy-trade, -lo- 
tier 14 , =iere, m.,/.: toy-merchant. 

[-Tier, L. bini, double], m.: 



second hoeing ; saying mass second time 
(same day), -naire 1 * [L. -narius], adj.: 

binard 10 [?], m.: mason's truck. 

bi-n"e 18 ,/.: hoe. ||~ner 15 p. L. *-nare 
(L. bini, double)], tr. : cultivate second 
time ; say two masses (same day) ; hitch 
on an extra team (to pull uphill), -net 1 *, 
m. : tsecond tillage, dressing ; light plow 
(cf . binot) ; save-all : faire , make sec- 
ond dressing (take candle out of the stick 
so it can burn clear down, use the save- 
all); i.-nette 17 ,/.; prong-hoe. 

tf.binette 17 [Binet, barber to Louis XIV], 
/.; fwig (like that of Louis XIV). 

binion 18 0. Bret.], m.: (Breton) bagpipe. 

Monocle 16 [L. bini, two, oculus, eye], m.: 
fsort" of telescope ; spectacles ; bandage 
(over eyes, in surgery), -nooulaire, 
adj.: binocular. 

binoir 18 [-ner], m.: light plow. 

bindme 15 [L. bis, twice, Gr. nome, divi- 
sion], m.: binomial (in Alg.). 

bi-no 17 , m. : light plough, -notage 15 , m. : 
ploughing. ||~noter 1S [-ner], tr. : plough 
second time ; plough lightly, -notis 15 , m. : 
(dial.) ground ploughed second time. 

binube 18 [L. -nubus (bi-,nubere, marry)], 
adj.: second time married. 

bio~ [Gr. bios, life] : -grapne 17 [Gr. 

' grdphein, write], m.; biographer, -gra- 
phie 17 [-graphe], /.: biography, -gra- 
phiqt(,e 17 [-graphic], adj.: biographical. 
-logie 18 [Gr. logos, discourse],/.: biology. 
-logiqite 18 [-logie], adj.: biologic(al). 

bioti 17 [?], m.: shears (of glass blower). 

biozide 18 [bi-, oxyde], m.: dioxide. 

i.bipede 15 [L. bipes, TWO-FOOT], adj.: 
biped. 2.bipede 18 , m.: biped (the 
fore feet or the hind feet of a horse). 

bipenne 17 , or -penne or -pinne [bi-, L. 
penna, feather], adj.: two-winged, dip- 

bi~que 16 [?],/.: she-goat, -quet 15 , m. : 
kid ; (dial.) beam (of balance) ; money 
scales, -aueter I2 , intr., tr. : kid ; weigh. 
qteette 15 ,/.: kid. 

fbirambrofc 16 [fr. Hoi. : meaning, 'beer 
and bread 7 ], m.: BEER-soup. 

bire 16 [for buire],f.: bow-net. 

bir^me 15 [L.-remis (bi-, remus, oar)], /.: 
(two-banked galley). 

birefringent 18 [bi-, refringent], adj.: 
=, doubly refractive. 

birette 18 [?],/.; wooden rake. 

biribi 17 [It. -bisso], m.: game (like loto). 

birloir 10 [?], m.; sash-fastener, bolt. 

birette 13 [1. L. *-ttum, cf. barrette], /.; 
biretta, (hat). 

i. bis 10 , =ise [?], adj.: brown. 16 "[L.], adv.: TWICE; bravo! (to 
an actor); m.: encore, -sage 17 [-ser, 
re-dye], m.: dyeing over, -saienl 15 , 
-saieule [aieul], m., /.: great-grand- 
father, -mother, -saigue 17 [? ak. to L. 
aequare, equalise], m.: polishing stick (of 

bis- [L. bis], pref.: bis-, Twice; or dis- 

bisaaie 17 [bis, brown],/.: coarse flour; 
chicken feed (of peas and vetches). 

bisannuel 17 , =elle [bis-, annuet], adj.: 


bisbille ie [It. -biglio, murmur], /. : teasing, 


bis-blanc 16 , adj.: m.: brownish-white. 
biscaien 18 [Biscaie (Spanish province)], 

m. : BISCAYAN (gun) ; ball (size of hen's 

e g)- 

fbis-enof = bickof. 
bisoornu 15 [bis-, cornu], adj. : (fam.) odd, 

extravagant. , , ; *^> 



bis-cotin 17 [It. -cottino], m.: sweet deli- 
cate BISCUIT; . -cotte 38 [after It. 
-cotto, biscuit], /.: rusk. H^cuit 11 [bis-, 
L. coctus, cooked], m.: =, cracker; cuttle 
bone ; clinker ; bisque (pottery). 

bise 10 [?], /. : north wind; winter 

biseau 12 [?], TO. : chamfer, bevel, -tage 18 
[-ter], m.: beveling, -te?% tr.: bevel. 

bisel 18 [bi-, sel], m.: BI-SALT. 

i,biser 16 [bis, brown], intr.: turn brown, 
spoil (as grain). 

z.biser 17 [L. bis, twice], tr.: re-dye. 

biset 16 [bis, brown], m.: rock-pigeon ; cer- 
tain coarse cloth, 

i.bisette 13 p], /.: formerly 'gold lace'; 
coarse lace, footing. 

2.bisette 18 [bis, brown],/.: (vulg.) scoter 

bismuth 15 [Eng.], m,: . 

bison 15 [L. wild ox], m.: (buffalo). 

bisoime 18 [bis, brown], /.; (cloth for) 

bisquai-n, 17 [?], TO.: sheep-pelt. 

i. bisque 15 [?],/.: odds; advantage, =. 

2 .bisque 1 ^ [?],/.: strong soup, BISK. 

bisquer 17 [? ak. to OEng. baisk, sour], 
intr.: (pop.) rage. 

bissac 14 [bis, sac], m.: beggar's C two- 
bagged') sack (hung across the shoulder), 
wallet ; bag ; (fig.) beggary. 

bisse 16 [It. -scia (L. bestia, beast)], /.: 
(her.) =, snake. 

Ms~ [L., twice] : -secteur 18 , =tri-ee [Fr. 
secies?*], a^/.: bisecting; /.: bisectrix. 
-section 17 [Fr. section],/.: bi-section. 
-set* 18 , tr.: repeat. -setre 10 [for 
-sexte, leap-year day, considered unlucky], 
m.: fnrisf ortune ; harm, -ceace 18 [Fr. 
seze], adj.: bisexual, -sexte 1 - 1 [L. -sexto 
(sextus, sixth: 6th of the calends of 
March, 24th Feb., by the Romans counted 
'twice' every fourth year), intercalary 
day, 24th Feb.], ?i,: leap-year day, 29th 
Feb. -sextil 16 [L. -sextilio], adj.: bis- 
sextile: annee e, leap-year, -soc 18 
[Fr. soc], m.: double-shovel (plough), -to- 
quet 17 [Fr. toquer], m.: billiard-cue; 
stick (in game called bistoguet). f-torci 
= bitord. -torte 12 [I L. -torta (L. tor- 
quere, twist)],/.: snake- weed, polygonum 
bistorta. -tier 15 [-tort, twisted], m.: 

bistou-ri [?], m.: BISTOURY (surgeon's 
knife), f-riser, tr.: (fam.) treat with 

bistour-nage 18 , m. ; distortion. ||~ner n 
[L. bis-, tourner], tr.: distort; deform 
(by turning) ; castrate. 

bis~tre 15 [?], m.: BISTER (soot pigment) ; 
adj.; swarthy, -tre" 18 , adj.: bister, 
-tier 18 , tr.: coftwr bister. 


bisulqwe 15 [L. -sulcus, two-furrowed], 

adj.: cloven-footed. 
bitord 16 [-bis, L. tortus, twisted], m.: 

rope (of two strands). 
bi-tte 16 [0. Norse biti t beam], /.: BITT 

(for cable), -tter 16 , tr.: bitt, make fast 

on the bitts. 

bitter 18 [Holl., bitter], m.: bitters. 
bittmt 15 [-tie], m.: small BITT. 
bitture 16 [-tter],f.: turn (of rope around 

bitu~me 16 [L. -men], m.: BITUMEN; as- 

phalt; (artist's) colour, -mer 18 , tr,: 

pave ; colour (with bitumen). -mineux 15 , 

=ense [L. -minosus], adj.: bituminous. 
tbivac = bivouac. 
bivalve 17 [bis-, valve], adj. : =. 
fbivaqii-ef = bivouaquer. 
biveau 15 *[ak. to OFr. -ver, 'bias'], TO.: 


tbiviaire 16 [L. -vium, parting of road], 

adj.: bivial. 

bivoie 16 [bis,-, voie],f.: fork of roads. 
bivoua^c 16 [Ger. bei-wache, by-WATCH], 

m.: =, (night-watch ; open air camp). 

-quer 17 , intr.: bivouac, camp without 

bizar~re 15 [Sp. -ro, gallant], adj.: =, 

odd, whimsical, funny, -rement 10 , adv. : 

fantastically, -rerie 16 , /.: queerness. 
blackbouler 1S [Eng. infl. by Fr. boule, 

ball], tr.: BLACKBALL. 
blafarcl ls [OHG. bleihvaro, pale], adj.: 

pale (wan, pallid) ; lurid. 
bla~gue 18 [Ger. bale/, bellows],/.: tobacco- 

pouch; humbug, hoax. -gue? >18 , tr.: 

humbug, -gueur 18 , =ejjs<? [-guer], m., 

/.: humbug. 
blairean^ [? ble], m.: badger. 

reprimand (at law). ||^mef [L. 
blasphemare, blaspheme], tr.: censure; 

blan~c 10 , blan-ehf [OHG. blanch], adj.: 
= ; BLANK, white, argent ; clean ; bare ; 
TO. : white (the colour) ; purity ; bareness ; 
small silver coin ; white material (cloth) : 
bonnet et bonnet, six of one and 
half-a-dozen of the other ; un , a white 
man; fer -*-, tin; une che, half-note 
(in music) ; nuit che, sleepless night ; 
voix che, clear voice; il n'est pas f 
he isn't clear ; there's a crow to pick with 
him; coup , missing blow; bois, 
useless wood (as thorn, etc.) ; vouer un 
enfant au , consecrate a child to the 
Virgin (f r. custom of then dressing children 
in white) ; chauffer d , heat to white 
heat ; r^duire quelqu'un au , reduce one 
to poverty (to small silver coin) ; tirer de 
but (or "fbutte) en , shoot point-blank ; 
right at the Jmll' f s-eye (go straight to the 


point) ; saigner & , bleed to whiteness 
(Jig. exhaust), -card 17 , m.: =, see 
blanchard. f-c-ajane 18 , pi. s s, m. : 
(vulg.) lotus. -obec, pi. s s, m.: 
greenhorn, smart Aleck, t-ocul , pi. 
s s, m. : (vulg.) bullfinch, ^-c-culet 15 , 
pi. s s, m.: (vulg.) white-tail (finch). 
-ehafUe 17 , pi. s -s, /.: small fish (fry 
or bait), -chard la , m. ; Normandy cloth, 
BLANCARD. -eb.$tre 13 adj.: whitish. 
-ehe-coiffe 18 , jpZ. s s [lit. white- 
hood], /.: kind of magpie. -ehe- 
me>i 16 , adv. : cleanly. *~ehe-queu.e 15 , 
jpZ. s s, m.: (vulg.) eagle (Zi. white 
tail), -eher 15 , m.: (SiaZ.) leather-worker. 
f-che-raie ,^>Z. s s, m.: (vulg.) star- 
ling. -eherie 16 , /.: bleaching place. 
-chef 13 , m.: BLANKET (of printing, paper- 
making, bed) ; coarse strainer (for syrup) ; 
(vulg.) thrush (disease) ; (vulg.) corn- 
salad. -ehette , /. : (vulg.) corn-salad ; 
goose-foot (plant), chenopod. -elienr 11 , 
/..whiteness, -eliiment 15 [-cMr], m.: 
BLEACHing, washing (of metals), -ehi* 12 * 
tr. : whiten, bleach, blanch, whitewash ; 
wash; prepare ; clean ; plane ; acquit ; intr. : 
turn white : une page, whiten a page 
(make more space between lines) : un 
arbre, whiten a tree (chipping off bark, or 
blazing), -eliis 18 , m.: blaze (on tree). 
-eMssage 15 [-chir\,m.: washing; clari- 
fying, refining. -enissaitt 16 [-chir], 
adj.: bleaching, -ehisserie 17 [-ehis- 
seur] t /.: place of bleaching, -ehis- 
seur 13 , =e^se [-chir], m., /.: bleacher; 
launderer. -eh.ceuvrier' oeu eu 
[blanche ceuvre, formerly 'cutlery'], m.: 
edged-tool dealer (cf. Ger. weiss-schmied, 
white-smith). f-ehQyet* 10 , intr. : gleam 
white, -oma^ger 12 , pi. s s, m.: 
blanc-mange(r). " -c-matvteau 12 , pi. 
s s, m.: guillemite, monk. -open- 
darcl 18 pi. s s, m. : (vulg.) butcher- 
bird. -c-ployatU 17 , pi. s s, m. : brittle 
place (in iron). -<?-pondre 17 , adj. : white 
with powder, -or/tasis 15 [the physician 
Rhasis], m.: white ointment (for burns). 
-c-selng 16 or sigrne, pi. s s, m.: 
SIGNATURE in BLANK, -c-soudant 18 , m.: 
welding heat, fusion heat. 
pi. s , m. : gambling house. 
fblandi-ee 18 [L. -ditia], f. : flattery. 
"blan-que 15 [It. bianca, white],/.: lottery 
(of BLANKS and prizes) : d la , at all 
hazards, -quet [blanc], m.: whitefish 
(= blanchaille) ; parasitic plant on the 
olive-tree ; pear, -quette 10 [blanc], /. .* = 
(veal with white sauce; blanket pear; 
crude soda - ash made from lamb's let- 
tuca); lamb's lettuce; goose-foot (plant); 
white grape, or its wine, f-qwenr 16 
[blanque], m.: keeper, banker of a lottery. 



-qn ier 18 [blanc], m.: blank-maker (of 

blaser 16 [t],tr.: fuse; sate with pleasures, 
render BLASE*. 

bla-^son 11 [?], m.: blazon, coat of arms; 
device ; heraldry, -sonner- 14 , tr. : blason, 
describe heraldically. ' f-sonneur 15 
[-sonner], m.: railer, mocker. " 

blas-phemateur 13 , =trice, m., /.; 
blasphemer. -phematoire 15 , adj.: 
blasphemous. i.-pheme 11 [L- -mia], 
m.: blasphemy. 2.-pheme 14 [L. -mus], 
adj.: blasphemous; m., /.: blasphemer. 
H^phemer 15 [1. L. -mare (Gr. bldptein, 
hurt, phemi, speak)], intr.: blaspheme, 
curse, swear. 

"blas^te 18 [Gr. -stos, germ], m.: blastus, 
plumule, -teme 18 [Gr. bldstema, sprout], 
m.: blastema. 

blatier 12 [ak. to ble], m.: grain-dealer. 

blatte 15 |L.-ttffl], /.: cockroach; blatta. 

fbla/ade 15 [forbliaud],/.: (dial.) blouse. 

fbla~velle 15 or -veole [blave (dial.) form 
of bleu],f. : corn-flower, -vet 16 , m.: corn- 
flower, centaury ; (dial.) edible mushroom. 

ble 10 [L L. bladum (? L. ab-latum f cf. Ger. 
getreide = *getregede, root trag-, bear)], 
m.: corn ; grain ; grain crop ; field 
of grain: manger son en herbe, eat 
one's corn on the stalk (spend income in 

ble~elie 16 [? Ger. bleich, soft], adj.: 
tweak; hypocritical. t-e^-i^ 17 intr.: 

become fickle or weak. 
bleime 10 [? bleme], /.: corn, sand- 

crack (of horse's hoof). 
bl6~me 15 [OFr. blesmir, wound blue, 

BLEMISH], adj.: pallid, deathly pale. 

-mlr 15 , intr.: become pallid. 
blgnde 17 [Ger.],/.: =, false gelena. 
blen~nie 18 [Gr. blenna, mucus],/. : blenny. 

-norr7iagie 17 [Gr.rAeem,flow],/.: blen- 

norrhagia,* gonorrhea. 
bleptarite 18 [Gi.bUpharon, eye-lid],/.: 

blepharitis, inflammation of eye-lid. 
"ble-semenf 18 , m.: lisping, stammering. 

il^iser tL. blaesus, lisper], intr.: lisp. 

-site 18 , /. : pronouncing 5, z, t for ch, j, 

k, etc. 
bles-sant 11 , adj.: wounding. H^ser 10 

[? blet], tr.: wound; damage; hurt, 

injure. -sure n , /. : wound, lesion ; 

blet 15 , =tte [Germ'c blet } discoloured], adj. : 

blette 18 or blete [L. blitum],/.: ELITE 


blettir 14 [blet], intr.: become too ripe. 
bleu [Ger, blau], adj.: BLUE; m.: blue; 

sky : un petit , a little blue (telegram in 

blue envelope) ; le cordon , the blue 

ribbon (order of knighthood) ; member of 



the order ; good cook ; le , imaginary 
space ; une chose pass&e au , a thing 
gone to the blue (utterly disappeared). 
-$.tre 14 , adj.: BLUISH. -&t 15 , m.: corn- 
flower; kingfisher; dogfish. f-ette = 
Uuette. -eur 18 , m.: BLUER (of needles). 
-ir 16 , tr.: make blue; intr.: turn blue. 
-issage 18 [-ir], m.: making blue, -isse- 
meni 18 [-ir], m. : turning blue, -issoir 17 , 
m. : (watchmaker's) bluing-instrument. 
-man,tean 18 , m.: bluish gull. 

bliaucl 10 [?], m.: ancient blouse. 

"bli^ 16 [for belin], m.: boom iron (of ship) ; 

"blin-dage 1T , m. : sheeting (with iron) ; 
armor -plating. bln~de 16 [Ger. blende, 
blind, cover], /. : BLIND, heavy shutter to 
protect gunners in a fortification, -der 16 
[Ger. blende, BLIND, cover], tr.: plate, 
encase, sheet (with steel, iron) ; protect ; 
put blinds to. 

bliner 18 [blin], tr.: ram (wedge, mast- 

blo~c 12 [Ger. block], m.: BLOCK; lot (of 
merchandise) : en , in a lump (whole- 
sale; entirely). -cage 16 [-quer], m.: 
filling of rubble-stone; "blocking. -ca- 
le 15 ,/.: rubble-stone. -ehet 13 , m.: tie- 
piece (of sleeper), -ckftajis 18 [Ger.], 
m.: = (small fort of logs), -cus 13 [Ger. 
block-haus], m.: fsmall fort (to cut off 
communication) ; BLOCADE ; investment. 

blo~d 10 [?], adj.: =; m.: =. -dasse 16 
adj.: (fam.) dull blond, blon-de 17 
[? -d, adj.\f.: blond-lace. f-^Elet 14 , 
=ette, adj.: slightly blond, -dm 16 , 
=ine, m.,/.; (fam.) youngster; lass": un 
, young beau, -dinefc 18 , =ette [-din], 
m., /.: (very fam.} little white-head' 
-dir 11 , intr.: turn blond, -dissant 15 
[-dir] t adj.: becoming blond, ^-dqyer 11 , 
intr.: look, be somewhat blond. 

i.blo^qite^ 14 [bloc], tr.: BLOCK up, fill 
up ; sell by the lump ; turn (a type). 
2.-quei* 14 [bloc, in blocus], tr.: blockade, 
invest; pocket(billiard ball), -quette 18 , 

/.: children's game, blo-t 16 \bloc], m.: 
perch for a falcon ; ship's log. 

blottir 15 (se) [? ak. to Eng. blot], refl.: 
crouch down, cower. 

i. blouse 17 [?], /.; =, coarse loose gar- 

2.blou~se 16 [?],/.: pocket (of billiard 

table) ; mould ; (tennis) fball-rack, ball- 
holder. -ser 16 , tr.: pocket (ball) : se , 

pocket one's self (one's own ball, i.e. lose) ; 

(fam.) make a blunder. 
blousse 17 [?],/.: combings (of wool). 
fbluet = bleuet. 
bluette 16 [OFr. belue], /.: fspark; light 

flash, bagatelle, light literary eifort. 

15 ; m. : BOLTing, sifting, -tant 18 , 


adj.: bolting, -teau 12 , m.: sieve, bolt 
lifter 11 [old bure, coarse cloth, L. birrus, 
rain-cloak], tr.: BOLT, -terie 13 ,/.: bolt- 
ing place, -toir 16 , m.: bolting place; 

boa [L. bo(v)a (bos), cow-snake (i.e. 
milker)], m.: =. 

i.bobi-ehe 14 [?], /.: socket (of candle- 
stick) ; drip-dish (under light) ; steel 

2.bobe-ehe 18 [proper name], m.: merry 

bobe~lm 13 [?], m.: fcoarse shoes; 
patched shoes; patch, -liner- 13 , tr.: 
botch, patch, -lineur 15 , /.:* patcher, 

bobille 17 [ak. to bobine],f.: cylinder for 
brass wire (in making pins). 

bobi-nage 18 [-ner], m.: winding, filling 
(the bobbins). ||~ne 15 [?], /.: BOBBIN, 
spool, -neau 18 , little bobbin, -ner 18 , 
tr.: wind on a bobbin, -nette 10 ', /.: 
(dial.) latch, -nojjse 17 [-ner], /.: bob- 
bin-winder; or -noir 18 [-Tier], m.: wind- 
ing machine. 

bobo 14 [echoic], m.: (baby-talk) hurt. 

i.bocage 18 [ak. to bocard], m.: crushed, 
stamped ore. 

2-boca^ge 11 [ak. to bois], m.: =, wood- 
land. -ger 15 , =ere, adj: silvan. 

bpca! 15 ,>Z. =aui [It. -le, fr. Gr. kdlion, 
jug], m.: jar; globe (for fish); mouth-piece 
(of cornet), etc. 

bocg,7nbre 17 [Ger. poch-hammer, pound- 
ing hammer], m.: ore-crusher. 

bocane 16 [dancing-master Bocan], /.; 

bocar~d 17 [Ger. pochen, pound], m.: ore- 
stamper or crusher. -dage 18 , m.: crush- 
ing. -der 17 , tr.: crush, stamp. 

Booca-ee, m.: Boccaccio (Ital. author). 

bo<jhette 10 lit. boccietta (6occm,ball)],/.: 
ocfc 18 [Ger. bock-bier], m.: glass of beer. 

bodee 17 [?],/..* stove-bench (glass-works). 

bodinure 17 [?], /.: protective wrapping 
of anchor. 

bodni-ehe = baudruche. 

boes-se 11 bwes [form of bro8se],f.: trim- 
ming-chisel. -ser, tr.: trim. 

fboete = bouette. 

boeuf 6ez/pl. 6eu [ace. L. 605, bov~, ox], 
m. : ox ; BEEF ; hard-worker : de mer f 
hippopotamus; sea-cow; musque', musk- 
ox ; des marais, bittern ; (pr. beu) 
gras, fat ox (of processions) ; pied de , 
ox-foot (children's game). 

bog 18 [?], m.: card game ; two equal cards 
in same hand at the game. 
ogfoei 18 [for Eng. buggy], m.: light car- 

16 [Prov. -ga\,f.: = (fish). 


z.bogue 18 [? ak. to OHG. bang, ring], 

/.; iron ring (on handle of forge ham- 

3-bogue 15 [? ak. to Ger. balg, BAG],/.; burr 
(of chestnuts). 

Bo~freme [1. L. Bohemia], f. BOHEMIA ; 
gipsydom. -kerne 34 (or -Ttexnien, 
=ienne) [1. L.-hemus], m.,f.: Bohemian ; 
gipsy; rover. 

fbqiard. = boyard. 

i.boire [L. bibere, drink], irr.; tr.: 
drink ; imeiBE ; absorb ; m. : drink- 
ing drink; sec, drain dry (a glass 
of liquor) ; donner pour , tip, give a 
small present ; tenir a , keep a saloon ; 
(Jam.) of a swimmer who swallows much 
water ; ce riest pas la mer a , not so 
difficult ; croyez cela et buvez de Veau, 
believe it and drink, to wash it down; 
faire une etoffe, make extra length 
disappear by loosely sewing; ttoffe boit, 
cloth puckers. 

Ind. : Pr. boi-s, -s, -t ; bu-vons, -vez, 
borvent, Ipf. buvais. Pret. bus. Fut. (Cond.) 
boirai(s). Subj. : Pr. boi-ve, -ves> -ve ; bu- 
vions, -viez, hoi-vent. Ipf. bitsse, I've bois. 
Part. : Pr. buvant ; P. he. 

2.boire 13 [ak. to Prov. bouiro, mill-race], 
/.: (dial.) wash-out; excavation, hollow; 

boirin 17 [? irr. fr. bouGe], m.: roping (of 
a buoy). 

boi~s 10 Q. L. *boscus (? ak. to Eng. bush)], 
m. : forest ; tree ; timber ; lumber ; wood ; 
(ship's) hull: I'homme des , orang-ou- 
tang ; <J colon, Virginia poplar ; il riest 
feu que de vert, only youth has enthu- 
siasm ; floUS, rafted wood ; visage de 
flotte, changed face, -sage 17 [-ser], m.: 
wood-work ; planking ; timbering, -se 16 , 
adj.: wooded; timbered, -semen* 18 , 
m. : wooding (converting into timberland). 
-ser 16 , r,: add wood-work, do wood- 
work. -aerie 16 [-ser], /.: wainscot- 
ing. -seua? 16 , =oj}se, adj.: ligneous; 

bois~seau 12 [alj. to boite], m.: BUSHEL, 
measure ; cylinder ; section (of cylindrical 
conductor, such as a pipe, smoke-stack) ; 
key-hole, -sel^e 11 , /.: bushelful: 
de terre, what a bushel of grain will 
sow. -seller 16 , m.: bushel-maker. 
-seli^re 18 , '/.: great shrike (bird). 
-sellerie 17 [-Her], /.: bushel-busi- 

boissem [L. bibitio, drinking],/.: BEVER- 
age, (strong-) drink; drunkenness. 

boitard 18 [boite, box], m.: botillion. 

boite fyart. of L. bibere, drink], /.: 
t drinking; (dial) wine (made from 

bftj-te* [p, L. *buxta (Gr. puxis, f r. ptixos, 
Box-tree)], /,: BOX; case; fbone-socket ; 



mortise : la d Perrette, a savings-box 
for some secret purpose. 

boi-tement 15 , m.: limping. ||~ter 15 
[boite, 'bone-socket'], intr.: limp. 
-terie 18 , /.: lameness; basse, great 
lameness, -teux 12 ,, adj: lame ; 
/. : certain old dance : il ne faut clocher 
devant Us , no need of calling attention 
to one's faults ; attendre le , await 
Time (await news which is slow coming). 

boi~tier 16 (-te], m: chest, case (for med- 
icine, instruments, etc.) ; watchcase. 
-tiZlcm 17 , m.: socket (of millstone). 

fboitte = bouette. 

bolt-tout 17 [boire], m.: (lit. 'drink-all') 
glass without foot; great drinker; cess- 

i.bol 18 [Eng. bowl], m.: BOWL. 13 [1. L. -lus, morsel clod], m.: 
lump, large pill ; BOLE (clay) ; BOLUS 
(drug), -laire 17 , adj.: argillous, clayey. 

bolduc 18 [town Sois-le-Duc], m.: coloured 

bolero 18 [Sp.], m.: dance-song; dance. 

bolet 15 [L. -tus], m.: BOLETUS (mushroom). 

fboli-elie = boulieche. 

bo-lide 18 [L. -Us, meteor (Gr. bdllein, 
hurl)], m. : = (exploding meteor). 

bolivar 17 [Bolivar, liberator of S. Am.], 
m.: high hat. 

fbolns = 2.bol. 

bom-bage 18 [-ber], m. : bulging, -bance 15 
[? L. bombus, noise], /.: high-time, feasting. 
||~barde 18 [L. bombus, noise], /.: hurl- 
ing-machine ; bombard (earliest cannon) ; 
mortar (gun) ; bomb-ketch (ship) ; mouth 
(of furnace) ; certain sleeve ; trumpet ; 
largest pipe (in reed-organ). -bardB- 
ment 17 [-barder], m.: bombardment. 
-barder 10 , tr.: bombard, -bardier 14 , 
m.: = (artilleryman; beetle). 

bombardon, 18 [It. -done"], m.: trombone. 

tbowbasin, = basin. 

bo-m/^be 1 ^ [It. -ba (L. -bus, din ; Gr. bom- 
bos, din)],/.: bomb; (bomb-like) bottle; 
ball (as signal at sea). -bEmenfc 16 [-ber], 
m.: bulging; convexity, -ber 17 , tr.: 
make convex; barrel (a road), -bejar 18 
[-ber], m.: dealer in convex glasses or 
lenses, -bonne 18 [Prov.],/.: jug. 

bawbvx 16 [Gr.], m.: = (silk-worm). 

bgme 18 [HolL boom, tree, mast], m.: 
spanker BOOM. 

bomerie 16 poll, bodemery],/*: BOTTOMRY 
(ship mortgage). 

b*on, -onne [L. bonus], adj.: good; 
kind; BOON; complete; m.: (abstract) 
good ; check ; /. : nurse : dire la ne 
aventure, tell fortune; # la ne keure! 
very well ! de matin, early ; de ne 
heure, early, soon ; a marche r cheap : 
sentir , smell good ; cela esi d d^n 

74 bonard 

easier said than done ; son ami, or sa 
ne amie, lover ; & vin, pas d'en- 
seigne, good wine needs no bush; tenir 
, hold firm ; pour de , for goo " 
seriously; homme, simple soul, -on- 
na-ee 11 [It. bondccia (cf. -onnasse)], /.: 
lull (at sea). 

bonard 17 [?], m.: hood (for smoke to 
escape, in glass works). 

bonase 18 [Gr. -sos], m.: BONASUS (au- 
rochs). ' 

bonasse 15 [bon in anal, with It. -accia, 
simplicity], adj.: good, simple. 

b^n-bane 16 , m.: quarrystone (fr. near 
Paris), -bee see bee. -bon 16 , m.: 
(child's word for) cookies ; candy. 

tbonbonne bombonne. 

bonbonniere 17 [bonbon],/.: candy-box; 
neat dwelling. 

"bon-cfrretien 14 , pi. s s, m.: = 

bond 18 [-dir], m.: BOUND, leap; bounce. 

bon^de 14 [ak. to Ger. spund (? L. punctum, 
pierced)], /.: bung, sluice; bung-hole. 
-der 18 , tr.: fill (to the bung); crowd 

bondieu 18 [?], m.: wedge. 

bon-'dir [p. L. *bombitire, be noisy (L. 
bombus, din)], intr.: reverberate; re- 
bound; leap, -dissant 16 , adj.: leaping. 
-dissement 18 , m.: rebounding; rever- 

bon-^don 12 [bonde], m.: BUNG; cheese 
(in shape of bung), -donner 15 , ir.: 
make bunghole ; bung up. -donniere 17 
[nner], f. : bung-auger. 

bondree 16 [? Ger. bunt, variegated],/.: 
kind of hawk. 

bonduc 17 [Ar.], m.: = (shrub). 

bongare 18 [E.Ind.], m.: = (rock-snake). 

bongeau 17 [OFr. bonge (Ger.), BUNCH], 
m.:*two bundles of flax (retting), 

bon-*' pron. bo-n [bon] : f-^enri [Henri] 15 , 
m. : wild spinach. -Tiejar ** [heur (L. augu- 
rium, omen)], m. : good fortune, good luck ; 
success ; happiness, -Tiomie 17 [-homme], 

/.: =, companionableness ; credulity. 
-Ttomme 12 , pL s s [homme], m.: 
amiable man ; simple-hearted man ; 
plebeian ; old codger ; good fellow ; toy- 
man, pi. : St. Augustine friars, Albigenses, 
and other orders. -ftommeau 14 
[-homme], m. : poor good-fellow. 

boni 15 pL phrase aliquid boni, some 
good], m.: proceeds (from a pawned ob- 
ject), BONUS. 

tboni-ehgn = bonard. 

i.boni-flcati^n 18 [2<-fier],f.: =; allow- 
ance. 2.-fication 15 , /.; improvement. 
i.H^fier 15 [bon, -fier = faire], tr.: im- 
prove ; bonify ; fcut up (whole). 2.-ner 18 , 
tr. : pay proceeds ; make up, make good. 


[bon], m.: (/am.) street-crying, 
humbuggery (of tricksters, quacks). 

bonite 15 [1. L. -ton (?)], /,: BONITO (fish). 

fbonjeau = bongeau. 

boujour 17 [bon, jour], m.: good-day (sal- 
utation) ; donner le , bid one good-day ; 
wl au , where supposed absentee sur- 
prises the thief. 

bonne , cf. bon; f.: servant-girl; bonne 

bonneau 15 [? ak. to borne], m.: buoy. 

bonne-dame 15 , pi. s s, /. : orach 
(plant). -gr$-ee /. : fcurtain orna- 
ment ; tailor's wrapping cloth, -ment u , 
adv.: simply; exactly, ^-pon-elie = 

bon~net n [? cf. Hindu banat, broad- 
cloth], m.: =, hood, cap; boot-top; 
reticulum, honeycomb (second stomach of 
ruminants) : d'Hippocrate, bandage ; 
vert, long-term prisoner ; opiner de , 
assent without giving a reason ; un 
carre, a doctor ; new horns (of deer) ; un 
gros , a big man (in an organisation) ; 
un rouge, revolutionist. t- ne * a 4 e 15 > 
/.: removal of hat (in honour, in saluting). 
-netage 18 , m.: capping (of guns) 
-neteau 18 [-neteur], m.: card game. 
-eter 1 ^, tr.: load with attentions 
servilely; cap (a gun). -neterie 15 
[-etier], /.; hosiery; hosiery traders. 
-neteur 17 [-neter], m.: f fawner, sharper. 
-netief 16 , m.: hosier, -nette 16 , /.: 
bonnet (of fort) ; bonnet-sail. 

bonne-vo^Ke 16 [Li. buona-voglia, good 
will], m,: hired galley-oarsman. 

bgnsoir 15 [bon, soir], m.: good-night; 

bonte [L. bonitas],/.: goodness, kindness. 

bonze [Jap. bozu], m.: = (Buddhist 

boque[?], m.: (dial) mudscoop or 

boquette [? bequette],/.: (box-maker's) 

boqtdllott 11 [ak. to bois], m.; (dial.) 

fbora^-eiqLue = borique. -cite 18 [60- 
rax],f.: = (mineral). 

bo-rate 17 , m.: =. H-raac 15 [fr. Ar.], 
m.: =. 

borborygme 15 [Gr. -m6$], m.: bor- 
borygmus (rumbling of intestines). 

bor^d [1. Ger.], m.: border, edge; brim; 
strip ; bank ; tack ; side (of ship) ; ship : 
etre du , be on the side (of some one). 
-dage 14 , m.: fborder; siding, planking* 
-daiUe 17 , /.: plank of the ship's side); 
side, -dant 17 , m.: foot-rope (of sail). 
-de [formerly 'hut', ak. to bord], f.: 
farm, -de 17 [-der], m.: lace; hem. 
-dee 16 ,/.; cannon (on one side); broad- 


side; tack, -del 11 [-de], m.: brothel 
(house of ill-fame, bawdyhouse, fEng. 
BORDEL, -dello). -dEment 16 [-der], m.: 
flange ; enameling, -der 15 , tr. : border ; 
line ; bound ; bind (a coat, etc.) : la 
cote, sail near the coast ; le lit, tuck in 
the bed-clothes, -dereau 14 , m.: itemized 
statement, memorandum. -deie 13 [-de], 
/.: (dial.} little farm, -deyer 16 , intr.: 
tack; beat about, i.-dier 11 [-de], m.: 
farm-tenant (on shares). 2.-dier 16 , adj.: 
lop-sided ; m. : poorly balanced ship. 

bordigue 16 [Prov. -go], /.: fish-crawl 

bor-doyer 16 [-d], intr.: show dark (as 
enamel on poor gold), -dure 12 [-der],f.: 
=, BORDER ; ff rentier. 

"bore 18 [-rax], m.: boron (simple chemical 

boreal 14 , pi. =eau# [L. -Us], adj.: =, 

bor^r/ne 11 [?], adj.: blind in one eye 
(one-eyed) ; (fig.) blind ; dark ; hav'g one 
opening or one part; m., /.: one-eyed 
person : ancre , anchor with one fluke ; 
maison , of bad appearance, -f/nesse, 
/. : (rare) one-eyed woman. 

bor^ne 11 [1. L. bodina], /.: landmark, 
.boundary store, BOURN; (natural) bar- 
riers ; goal ; curb-stone, -ner- 12 , tr. : 
set landmarks; hedge in; ditch about; 
bound ; limit : un homme borne, dull man. 

boraoyer 12 [borgne], intr.: fbe one-eyed ; 
tr. : sight (observe line) with one eye. 

borragine 18 0. L. -go], adj.: like 
borage' ; /. pi. : borage family of plants. 

bor(r)ure 18 [bore], m.: boruret. 

bosa'H, 17 [fr. Ar.], m.: boza (beverage). 

bosel 15 [?], m.: torus (round moulding). 

bosquet 15 [It. -schetto (-sco, wood)], m.: 

bos-sage 16 , m.: = (stone left to be 
worked) ; EMBOSSAGE. i.ll^se 11 [?], /.: 
hump ; knob ; dent ; (phrenological) bump ; 
bas-relief; swelling, tumor; lump (dis- 
ease on jaw) ; blight (of corn) ; BOSS ; 
BOSSET ; hummock ; knot (at end of rope) : 
se donner une , live high ; la de 
cerfj sprouting young horn (of a deer). 

2/bosse 17 [Flem. bos, bundle], /.; fuller's 
brush (of thistle-heads). 

3.bosse 16 [for botte, cask, BUTT],/.: large 
vessel : d feu, powder shell ; a sel, 
salt hogshead. 

bosse-lage 17 , m,: relief work (of gold- 
smith). "ll^ler 12 [bosse, lump], tr.: em- 
boss, do relief work; dent (metal). 
-lure 16 ,/.: embossing; indentation. 

fbosseman 15 [for Flem. bootsman], m.: 
boatswain's mate, quarter-master. 

bos~ser 16 [bosse, lump]', tr.: fasten (with 
knotted rope), i.- setier 14 [-sette], m.: 



stud-rowel-maker. 3.-setier 17 , m.: 
glass-blower, -sette 12 ,/.: rowel, stud 
(of bridle). -sier* 17 [-se, box], m.: 
salt-boxer, packer. -sijir 16 , m.: cat- 
head, anchorbeam. f-so^ 16 [-sse, hump], 
m.: outwork (of ships), projection. 
-su 11 , adj.: hunchbacked; humped; 
embossed. -suelle 17 [? -su],f.: tulip. 

bostangi 15 [Turk.], m.: sultan's house- 
hold guard. 

bostoit 17 [city Boston], m.: =, card game. 

bo 16> "[Flem. bot, blunt], indecL adj.: club- 
footed; deformed. 

bota~nique 16 [Gr. -tdne, plant], adj.: 
botanical; /.: botany, -niste 16 , m.: 

fbotargue = boutargue. 

botftritm 16 [Gr. (bothros, cavity)], m.: 
ulceration of the cornea. 

i. botte 11 [?], /.: BOOT; step (of car- 
riage) ; pipe (for sewerage) : serrer la , 
press foot against flank of horse ; le 
cheval va d la , the horse bites at his 
rider' g" leg ; mettre du foin dans les s, 
make one's self comfortable. 

a.botte 14 [It.],/.: BUTT, cask; twine-skin. 

S.botte 15 [It. -tta],f.: blow (with sword), 
pass ; sudden attack. 

4-bo-tte 13 [?],/.: bunch (of vegetables, 
etc.) ; bundle ; hank, -ttelage 18 , m. : 
bundling. ||~ttelet 14 [OFr. -tt'el, dim. of 
-tte\, tr.: bind together, bunch, -tte- 
leur 18 , m.: binder. -ttelofcr 18 , m.: 
stick (to draw a band tight) ; block with 
a peg (to tie and top vegetables). 

bot~ter 15 [-tte, shoe], tr.: shoe, furnish 
with BOOTS : se , prepare to leave ; get 
the feet very muddy ; (very fam.) cela me 
botte lien, that suits me exactly, -tier 17 
[-tte\ t m.: boot-maker. i.-tiZlou 18 
[-tie], m.: leather-guard (over shoe-tops 
to keep out mud), gaiter. 

2.bottmoV 8 [4.-tte, bunch], m.: little 
bunch (of vegetables). 

bottine 13 [-tie, boot],/.: =r ; buskin, half- 
boot ; gaiter. 

fbouard = bouvard. 

boubouler 15 , [echoic], intr.: tee-whit- 
tee-whoo (hoot as an owl). 

bou^c 11 [fr. root of Ger. bock], m.: he- 
goat ; goat-skin ; hoisting machine (salt 
works) : Gmissaire, scapegoat, -cage 17 , 
m.: saxifrage, burnet. Lean 14 [?"ak. to 
bouc], m.: drinking place; rumpus. 

s.Tboucan 16 [Carib.], m.: =; smoked 
turtle ^gridiron. 

boucanage 18 [-ner, cure meat], m.: cur- 
ing, smoking (of meat). 

i^boucaneT 17 ^-can, bad place], intr.: 
frequent low plac.,^. 

2.'bouca*'iier 15 [-can, smoked meat], tr.: 
smoke, cure (meat); intr.: live like a 

76 bouoaro 

buccaneer; fbe cruel, -nier 16 
buccaneer (hiuiter ; freebooter).' 

bouoaro 17 [Sp. Mcaro], m.: porous, red 
clay (for water jais). 

boucassta, 14 [?], m.: fustian. 

boucau 16 [Prov. (ak. to Fr. bouche)], m.: 
entrance to harbor. 

boucaufc 16 [bouc], m.: goat-skin; rude 
hogshead (for sugar, etc.). 

bou-ebage 18 [boucher, stop up], m.: stop- 
ping up.' 

bou-ebarde 16 [?],/.: stonemason's ham- 
mer ; matting - chisel (with jagged 

i.fbou-ebe = bouge. 

2.bou~-ebe [L. bucca, cheek],/: mouth; 
opening; tongue; eating; food: prendre 
sur sa , economise in food ; etre sur sa 
, be a gourmand ; etre a que veux-tu, 
be in affluence ; faire la petite , mince 
matters, not be frank; officier de , 
provisioner, steward; d'or, eloquent 
tongue. -ehe [-cher, stop up], adj.: 
smothered, dull. --ehee 11 , /.: mouthful. 
-ebelle 18 ,/.: division (of a fishtrap or 

i.bou-eber 12 [OFr. bousche, bundle (of 
brushwood)], r.: stop up; cork; cover. 

2.bou~-eber 11 , =ere [bouc], m., /.: 
BUTCHER ; bungler, -eberie 11 ,/.: slaugh- 
ter-house; meat-shop; butchery. 

i.bou-ebet 18 [? another form of bouquet], 
m. : drink ; kind of pear. 

2.bouebet 18 [?], m.: rope (of a dragnet). 

bou~-ebe-trou 18 ,_p/. s [-cher, trou], m. : 
gap-filler, makeshift, -choir 16 [-cher, 
close up], m.: door (of furnace). 

bou~"eli<m 12 [ak. to bois], m.: BUSH (sign 
of tavern) ; inn, drinking place : stopper 
(of glass) ; float (of fiah-line) ; stove-door ; 
darling : a bon vin ne faut point de , 
good wine needs no bush; de foin, 
wisp of hay; jouer au , game where 
one tries to knock coin off a cork. 
-chonner 15 , tr.: rub (with a wisp), 
curry ; rub (as a pig) ; fondle ; cork up, 
close, -ebonnier 17 , m.: cork-maker, 
or -dealer. 

bouebot 16 [OFr. bousche, bundle, brush- 
wood], m.: fish-crawl; (artificial) oyster- 

bou~ole [L. buccula (dim. of bucca, 
check)],/.: BUCKLE; ring; ringlet; ear- 
ring; jewel; door-knocker; fish-scale; 

sort of spade; stomatitis (disease of 

mouth of stock), f-de-gibe-eiere, pi. 

., 8f m. : ornamental knocker, -cler 14 

tr., intr.: buckle; ring (a pig's nose); 
ringle (a mare): chain (shut); imprison; 
kink, -clette 1 *,/.: little ring; mesh (of 
lace). -eHer 15 , m.: BUCKLER, shield; 
shell,* carrion-beetle; lump-fish: lev$e de 


s, raising of shields (by Romans as sign 
of displeasure). 

fboucon 14 [It. boccone (L. bucca, mouth), 
mouthful], m. : poisoned drink or food. 

bounder* 18 [? ak. to Prov. pot, lip], intr.: 
POUT, sulk; be annoyed; tr.: glower at, 
be sulky towards : contre son venire, 
from ill humor abstain from eating ; il ne 
boude pas & table, he eats heartily. 
-derie^ 6 ,/.: sulkiness. -deur 16 , =ejjse, 
adj.: pouting; surly. 

bou~din 12 [?], m.: sausage; pudding; 
mud ; twist (of tobacco) ; spring ; fuse ; 
saddle portmanteau ; sandbag ; pad, cush- 
ion ; torus, (swelling) base of a column ; 
swelling, -dinade 18 , /.: lamb-roast 
(with boudin stuffing), -dinage 18 [-Tier], 
m.: roving (slubbing of thread before 
winding on bobbins). 

boudine 12 [?],/.: navel; bulge (of crown 

boudiner 18 [-din], tr.: slub (slightly 
twist wool, etc.). 

boudoir 17 [-der], m.: (lit. where one may 
sulk when annoyed) = (lady's private 
room) ; un homme qui a de sucees de , 
a fortunate man. 

boue 11 [?],/: mud; daub, stucco, plaster ; 
slime; pus; settlings; lees. 

bouee 14 [?], /.: BUOY, sign, mark: de 
sauvetage, life-preserver ; de bers, ap- 
paratus to float a launched ship. 

boner 16 [?], tr.: stamp (coin with a ham- 

bouette 16 [?],/.: bait (for codfish). 

bou-eur 16 [-e], m.: mud-man, street- 
cleaner. -euse 11 , =ouse [-e], adj.: 

bouf-fant 15 , adj.: swollen, puffy; wi.: 
puff (of sleeve, etc.) ; sort of chemisette ; 
hoop-skirt, -farde 18 [fee], /: (vulff.) 
short-stemmed pipe, i.-fe 10 , /.: puffing 
(of cheeks). 2.-fe 17 [It. buffa, joke], 
adj.: comic, funny; m.,f.: comic actor. 
-fee 11 , f.: breath, whiff; breeze; warm 
wave; spell, liefer* 11 [echoic], intr.: 
puff up or inflate the cheeks (gesture of 
anger); be angry; (pop.) drink by big 
mouthfuls; eat heartily; tr.: inflate; 
swell, -fette 14 ,/.: tassel, bow; certain 
sail, -fi 15 [-fir], adj.: swollen; turgid 
(style), -fir 12 [ak. to -/er], tr.: inflate; 
bloat; intr.: swell (from a blow; with 
anger), -fissure 16 [fir], /.: bloating; 
bombast. -foir 18 ,m.: (butcher's) bellows. 
-fgn 18 =onne [It* bu/one (buffa f jest), 
m. : BUFFOON ; adj. : comic, -fonne/r 1 * 
[-fon], intr.: make fun. -fonnerie 15 
[ffon], /. : buffoonery, t-fonneinr 16 
[fon], m.: buffoon. 

bouganese 18 [?]; m., /.: mestizo, cross 
between -an Indian and a negro woman. 


i.bouge [L. bulga], /.: BAG; BEL- 

2. bouge 13 [? L. bulla, bubble], m.: 
BULGE; top (of loaf); side-room, closet; 
hut; hollow; rounded hammer; tub (for 
grapes), -geage 18 [z--ger], m.: cover- 
ing wood (preparatory to charring). 

bougeoir 15 [-gie], m.: short candle-stick. 

Lbouger [p.L. bullicdre(L. bulllre, BOIL)], 
intr.,'tr.: stir (move a little, budge). 

2.bouger 17 [z-ge], tr.: cover with a mound 
(wood'to be charred). 

fbougette 11 [2.-#e],/.: wallet, BUDGET. 

bou-gie 13 [the town B.], /.: candle (of 
wax,* tallow, etc.); taper; (for the 
urethra) : pain de , taper (for lighting). 
-gier* 16 , tr.: wax (to prevent raveling); 
treat (with medicated bougie). 

bougitlcm 18 [i'-ger], m.: (vulg.) fidgety 

bou-g<m 18 , =onne, adj.: (/am.) grumbler. 
H^gonner 18 [?], intr.: (fam.) grumble; 
tr.: find fault with. 

fbongraine = bugrane. 

bougrati 11 [town Boukhara], m.: BUCK- 

fbougrane = bugrane. 

bcm~gre [L. bulgarus, Bulgarian heretic], 
m.: BUGGER, sodomist. -grEme/it 15 , 
adv.: (vulg.) extremely, awfully. -grs- 
rie 12 ,/.: sodomy. 

bougtciere 18 [Prov. -ro (boga, certain 
fish)],/.: seine (for bogue-catching). 

boui-boui 18 [?], m.: (slang) bad resort. 

bouillabaisse 18 [Prov. -sso], /.; fish- 
stew (flavoured with wine, served on bread) ; 

[-llir], adj.: boiling. 
[-Her], /.: pole (to scare up 

z.boutfcle 17 [Sp. bolla (L. bolla, seal)],/.: 
lead seal. 

3-boa.ille 14 [?], /.: (dial.) coal-measure; 
hod (for grapes). 

bouillea.u 16 [It. bugliuolo, bucket], m.: 
convicts' soup-platter. 

i.boutller* 16 [? ak. to -llir], tr.: scare 
up, stir up (fish, with pole in deep water). 

2.bouiUer 17 [2--lle], tr.: seal (as with 

bouil-lerie 18 , /. : distillery, -lenr ir , m. : 
distiller ; BOILER : de cru, private dis- 
tiller. -11 12 , -lie [part. -lir } ], adj. : haVg 
been boiled: m.: boiled beef; /.: (pap 
for infants); pulp (paper); chicken- 
feed. ll~lir [L. bultire (4la, bubble)], 
irr.; tr., intr.: boil. -H ssa S el8 > m.: 
pulp-boiling. -U*i rel6 > m - : blanching 
coin). -iQi* 18 * m.: boiler (for whitening 
coin), -lolre 3 ' 7 ,/.: kettle. -Iqn 11 , m.: 
= (soup) ; bubble ; froth ; drainings ; puff 



m.: mullen. -lonnement 15 [-lonner], 
m.: boiling; excitement. -lonner 18 
[-Ion], tr.: puff, flounce; intr'.: bubble. 
-lotte 18 , /. : little boiler ; card game. 

JInd. : Pr. 6ou-s, -s, -t ; boui-llons, -llez, 
nt. Ipf. bouillais. Pret. bouitlis. Fut. 
(Cond.) bouillirai(s\ Subj. : Pr. domlle, 
etc. \$l.bouillisse. I've: bous. Part. : Pr. 
bouillant ; P. bouilli. 

bouin 18 [Prov], m.: hank of silk (ready 
for dyeing). 

fbouis = buis. 

fbouisse = buL^. 

botgaroti, 18 [? Sp. bucaro, vessel made of 
clay of same name], m.: gill cup (on 

bouknliau 16 [Eng. Buckingham], m.: 
English bonnet. 

boulage 18 [bouillir], m.: boiling (in 
bleaching) ; pressing (of beets to make 
sugar) ; batch (of linen, or of beets). 

boulaie 12 [OFr. boul\,f.: birch nursery. 

bou-lange 18 ,/.: baking; material (to be 
baked). ' i-lklanger 12 , =ere [? L. 
polenta, barley], m.,'f.: baker. 2.-lari- 
ger- 14 , tr.: knead, make (bread), -lan- 
gerie 13 ,/.: bread-making; bakery. 

bbular [?], m.: (vulg.) long-tailed tit- 

bouldure 15 [?], /.: pit (under water- 

i.boule [L- bulla], f.: ball, sphere, BOWL : 
tenir pied < , be indefatigable, firm ; 
d la vue, hastily ; rashly. 

2.boule 16 [merchant Boule], m.: BUHL, 
buhlwork (furniture). 

bonleaii 15 [OFr. boul\, m.: birch. 

boule-dc-nei^e 18 ,/.: snow-ball (flower). 

bouledogue 11 [f or Eng.], m. : BULL-DOG. 

boullee 7 [? ak. to Prov. boli, sediment], 
/.: (solid) residue (of tallow). 

boulejon 18 [Prov. -joun], m.: seine (for 

bou~le-pcmlie 17 [for Eng. bowl-punch 
(Fr. 6owZe)],/.: PUNCH, -ler 1S [-Ze, ball], 
tr. : roll, whirl ; intr. : swell, -lerot 15 
[-Ze], m.: (vulg.) goby (fish), -let 18 
[-le], m.: cannon ball; f etlock- joint ; = 
(disease) : rame, cross-bar shot ; 
rouge, red, i.e. hot ball (to set fire) ; 
creux, bomb, -lete 16 [-let], adj. : crowned, 
hav'g fetlock bent forward, -lette 15 
[-le],f, : little ball (esp. of soft material, 
food) ; poisoned food. -leux 17 [-le] r 
=ejjse, adj. or m., /.: tough (horse); 

boulevard 14 [Ger. bohlwerk, (lit.) log- 
structure], m.: BULWARK; = (first so 
called when made of old breastworks). 

boulevari 18 [? for hourvari], m.: (fam.) 
noisy disorder. 

boulever-sem,n 15 , m. : overthrow j fi 



t r. : fupset ; disturb, confuse ; turn topsy- 

boulevue, see under boule, ball. 

bou~lie-ebe 16 [Prov. -liecfio], /.: large 
drag-net. i.-lier 13 [L. Prov. -liech], 

2.boulier >18 [-le, ball], m.: kind of abacus 

boulimie 15 [Gr. -mia (bous, ox, limos, 
hunger)],/.: bulimia, abnormal appetite 
(as from tapeworm). 

boulin 15 [? -le, ball], m.: crock (for 
pigeon nest) ; pigeon-hole ; scaffolding- 
hole, putlog hole. 

bouli~ne n [Bng. bow-line], f. : BOWLINE: 
vent de , a wind that one sails close to ; 
courir la , run the gauntlet (the ends of 
bowlines being used as knouts), -ner"' 
tr. : haul close to the wind ; intr. : sail 
close to the wind ; reel. -nette 18 , /. : 
top-sail bowline. 

boulingrin. 16 [Eng. bowling-green], m.: 
bowling-green ; lawn. 

boulinque 15 [?],/.: sky-sail. 

boulinier 16 [?] m.: ship (that can sail 
close to the wind). 

bouloir 17 [-ler], m.: pole (to scare up 
fish) ; stirring pole (to mix mortar ; to stir 
hides in tanning). 

boulqis 12 [?], m.: fuse (for blasting). 

bou-lcm, 12 [-le, ball, bubble], m.: iron pin, 
bolt, boss (of book-cover) ; fsteelyard. 

boulorigeon [?], m.: rags (for low-grade 
paper). * 

bou^-lonner 16 [-Ion], tr.: bolt, secure by 
pins. -lonnerie 18 , /.: bolt factory. 
-lonnieT 18 , m.: bolt-maker. -lon- 
niere 18 ,/.: auger (to make bolt holes). 
-lot 18 , =otte [-le, ball, bubble], adj.: 
(Jam.) heavy-set, fat. -letter 18 [-lot], 
intr.: (vulg.) get along so-so, -lue 18 
[part of bouiUir], f.: kind of bottle. 
-lure 18 [-ler],f. : warty growth (on plants). 

bou~que ls [Prov. -buco, mouth (L. -cca)], 

/. : strait, channel ; entrance way (of funnel 
fishnet). -quer 15 [Prov. bouca], tr.: 
make kiss, force to kiss ; force. 

i.bou~quet 13 [variant of bosquet], m.: 
fclump of trees, bunch ; = (nosegay) ; 
aroma; choice; cream; verses, sonnet; 
-qitetier" 16 , m.: bouquet-maker; flower- 
vase. -quetiere 15 ,/.: flower-girl. 

2. bouquet 18 [-que, dial, form for bouche], 
m.: tetter (disease of sheep). 

S.bouquet 12 [bouc], m.: little buck (goat, 
rabbit) ; kind of crayfish. 

bou~qitetin la [Prov. boc-estain (Fr. bouc) 
= solid-hoofed (?) buck],/.: wild goat. 
-quetqn 17 [-quet, sense of 'crab'], m.: 

bouquette 16 [Flem. bockweit "beech- 

v wheat"],/,; (tfM) UCKTOEAT. 


i.bouqtiitt 15 [-que, dial, for bouche], m.: 
mouthpiece (of trumpet, of pipe) ; tetter 
(sheep disease). 

2.bouqum 15 [bouc], m.: old he-goat; 
buck-rabbit ; fsatyr ; adj. lQ : fgoat-like. 

3.bou^qttiii, 1G [Plem. boeckin, little 
BOOK], m.: (fam.) old book (rather con- 
temptuously) : U est toujours dans ses s, 
he always has his nose in a book. 
i.-quiner- 16 , intr.: (fam.) thumb books; 
examine (books before buying). 

2.bouqitinej' 16 [-gwm,buck], intr.: cover 
the female (said of rabbits). 

bouqiti-nerie 17 [-neur], f.: (fam.) old 
books, old book trade. ||~neur 1G [i .-Tier], 
m.: hunter after old books, -iiiste 17 
[bouquin, old book], m.: dealer in old 

bouractm 15 [Ar. barrakan (Pers. barak f 
camel's-hair cloth)], m.: barracan (cloth). 

boura-eher 18 [-rras], m.: silk-worker, 

bourbe 11 [?], /*.: mud (of pond; inkwell). 

bourbulier 13 [?], m.: breast (of wild 

bour~beu# 15 , =ejase [-be], adj.: muddy; 
/.: (fresh-water) turtle, -bier 12 [-be], 
m.: mire; scrape. -bUlcm 1 ^ [-be], n 
core (of an abscess), -botte 17 [-&e], fc 
(vulg.) eel-pout (fish). 

bourbouUle 18 [?], /.: (vulg.) prickly 

tbour-eer, ~eet, --cette = bourser, etc. 

bour^d^ [Prov. = bastard, fr. L. bur- 
dus, mule], m., adj.: alder (bush). 
bour-daiue 12 -den [?],/.: black alder. 

bourdalou 17 [? fr. prop, name], m.: hat- 
band ; chamber-pot. 

bourdaloue 16 [preacher #.], /.: cheap 
cloth (worn by women after B.'s sermon on 

i.bourde 12 [1. L. bur dus, mule], /.: 
fcrutch ; shore, prop (of ship). 

2.bourde 17 [?],/.: inferior sal soda. 

3-bour^de 12 [ak. to OHoll. boerde, prac- 
tical joke], /.: fib. -der 12 , Mr.: fib. 
t-deur* 11 [-der], m.: fibber. 

fbourdigwe = bordigue. 

bourdiZ-l^rt 17 [bourde, prop], m,: barrel 

i. bourdon- [L.-do, mule],m.: pole ; staff ; 
jousting lance ; brail (of seine) : de 
St. Jacques, (vulg.) marshmallow (plant). 

2.bourdon 15 [?], m.: f humming; droning 
(of bass, of bagpipe); =; great bell; 

3-bourdon 16 [bourde, fib], m.: (printer's) 
out, omission ; flaw (in pin). 

bourdonnant I6 [-nner], adj. : humming. 

bourdonne 16 [-don, staff], adj.: =,cros 
pomm^e (device on coat-of-arms), 

16 , m>; humming, 


ing sound. (|~ner 12 [?], intr. : buzz, hum ; 
tr.: yodle (a tune), hum; tinkle. 

"bourdon-net 17 [-don, t staff' in sense of 
knob on the staff], m,: pellet (of lint), 
pledget (for a wound), -nier* 16 , m.: 
pintle (of door) ; shaft (of wind-mill). 
-niere 14 , /.: step, socket (to receive 
pivot or pintle). 

i.bourg [1. L. lurgus, 'stronghold,' fr. 
Ger. burg] m. : market-town ; BOROUGH. 

2.fbour/ = bourd. 

bourgade 14 [It. borgata],f.: village. 

tbourgene = bourdaine. 

bourgeois 10 , =oise [bourg], m., /.: 
burgHer, tradesman ; free-holder ; civilian, 
common citizen ; townsman ; owner ; hack- 
man; plebeian; adj.: private; homely; 
common, vulgar, -semen* 1G , adv.: plain- 
ly; modestly; privately, -sie 12 ,/.: citi- 
zenship ; middle class. 

bour~ge<m n [?], m.: bud (of plants, in- 
vertebrates) ; granulation ; proud-flesh ; 
(/am.) rum-blossom ; pimple, -geonne ls , 
adj.: pimply, pimpled, -geon.riemen 15 , 
[-geonner], adv.: budding, -geonner 11 , 
intr.: bud; (/am.) begin to show rum- 
blossom, -geonnier 18 , m.': (vulg.) bull- 
finch (bud favager). 

bourg-epiue 1 * [? bouc, epine in anal, 
with L. spina cervina, 'buck-thorn'], /.: 

bourgEron 18 [? p. L. burr a, shaggy gar- 
ment], mi": blouse. 

bourgEteur 15 [OFr. -gette, Flemish wool- 
en cloth], m.: wool-worker. 

bourgin 12 [Prov.], m.: seine (on Mediter- 
ranea'n sea). 

bourgmestre 18 [for Ger. burgmeister], 


bourgne [ 14 [Prov. -gno, (lit.) 'cavity'], 

/.: bow-net (used as tide ebbs). 
Bour^go^ne [L. Burgundia], s.: Bur- 
gundy (the country). bour-go0ne, /.; 

Burgundy wine; (dial.) sainfoin (forage 

plant). -gttigrnotte 15 ,/.: sort of helmet ; 

tsailor cap ; (fam.) head. 
bourjassotte 16 [Prov. -ssoto (Sp. town 

Burjazot1)~\.f.: (dial.) variety of fig. 
bourle 15 pt. burla (L. burrae, jokes)],/.; 

trick, practical joke. 
fbourlefl = bourrelet. 
bourlinguer 17 [boulingue], intr.: toil; 

labor (as a ship against wind and water). 
tbournons = burnous. 
i.bourra-ehe 12 [1. L. borrago (Ar. abou 

rack, 'father of sweat')], /.: BORAGE 


2/bourra-ehe 18 [?],/: bow-net. 
bonr~rade 1G [-rer],f.: tsnap, bite (of a 

dog) ; cuff (with fist, with butt of gun). 

-rage 16 [-rer], m.: tamping. 
bourras 12 [-rre], f f : BARRAS (Dutch-cloth). 




"bourrasqwe 15 [It. borrasca], /.; 
squall (of wind). 

bour~re [p. L. burra], /.'; hair (of an- 
imals), coarse wool; wool-fluff, silk-fluff; 
down (of buds) ; gun-wad ; abuse, i .-reau 12 , 
m. : fcushion ; shoulder-pad (for carrying 

s.bourreau 13 [?], m. : executioner (heads- 
man, hangman) j (fig.) torturer, assassin ; 
brute, wretch. 

i.bourree 13 [-rrer],f.: fagot ; quailtrap. 

2.bourree 1G [?], /.; dance (in Auvergne. 

bourreler 15 [2.-reau], tr.: harrass, tor-, 

fbourrelerie = bourrellerie. 

bour~rele 13 or tbourlet [-reau, pad], 
m. : = ; cushion pad ; padding (about win- 
dows) ; puddening (fender, wreath of rope) ; 
swelling (on trees) ; tumor ; packing, -re- 
lier* 12 [-reau], m.: harness-dealer. 

bourelle 15 [-rreau, hangman],/. : woman- 
executioner, fwife of hangman. 

bourrellerie 12 , /. : harness-trade. 

bour*re-noio? 18 , pi. , m.: (gunsmith's) 
punch. ||~rer 15 [bourre, hair], tr. : stuff ; 
cram ; ram ; wad, mistreat ; snap, bite out 
(a bunch of hair) : de latin, fill (one) 
with Latin. -rette 15 [-re],/.: silk (next 
the cocoon). 

bourri-ebe 16 [? for -rrache], /.: hamper 
(for oysters, game). 

nvn -Pf-i fti* 15 f 

bonrrier 15 [-rre], m.: fpile (of straw, 
manure) ; parings (of leather) ; chaff. 

bourri^gue 15 [Prov. -GO (L. burricus, 
small horse)], /.: she-ass; ignoramus. 
-qttet 15 , m.: young ass; hand-barrow; 
windlass ; saw-horse, -qiiie?" 18 , m. : ass- 

bourrir 15 [?], intr.: whir, whiz (as quail 

bour^roir 18 [-rer], m.: tamping bar; 
-ron, 18 [-re], m.: wool (for padding). 
-ru 15 [-re], adj. : downy (as buds) ; rough ; 
rude; new (wine); crabbed: moine , 
bugbear ; un bienfaisant, kindhearted 
but roughspoken man. 

boursal 17 [Prov. f r . -so, purse] , m. : fishnet. 

boursaut 16 [bour (?), saut, willow], m.: 
certain willow. 

bour^se [p. L. bursu (Gr. bursa, leather)], 
/. ; =, exchange ; PURSE ; money (in 
Orient) ; cell ; pocket ; wallet : pod ; schol- 
arship, fellowship ; pi. scrotum, -sea.u w , 
m. : fwelt ; leaden ridge (of slate roof) ; 
(plumber's) hammer, -ser 16 , tr.: clew 
up (a sail) ; cure (hides). 

bourse*; ^ [Holl. boeg-zeil, (lit.) BOW-SAIL], 
m. : certain sail. 

bour~sette 18 [-se],f. : flittle purse ; (vulg.) 
shepherd's-purse (plant); lamb's-lettuce. 
-sioaut 12 or -cot [-se], m.; (/am.) sav- 
ings. * -siooter 15 , intr.: lay up money; 



speculate (on small scale), -sicotier 18 
[-sicot], m.: (fain.) small speculator. 
-sier 12 , =iere 12 [-se], adj'.: or m. /.: 
purse-maker ; fellow (in college) ; specu- 
lator. -siller 16 [-se], wir,: fpay quota 
(of club, etc.) ; club in together, -son 16 
[-se], m.: trousers-pocket. 

bourson-flage 17 , m.: bombast, -fle 15 , 
a(Z?.: turgid; bombastic. -fl.Em.ent 15 , 
m.: inflation; swelling, ll^fler-^ [for 
\boud (cf. bonder), sovffler], tr.: swell, 
bloat: Za mal&die lui a boursoufflt Us 
chairs, he is swollen fr. his disease. 
-soufture, /. : swelling; puffiness. 

bou-sage 18 [bouse], m. : dunging, -sard 17 , 
m.: deer-dung. 

bousculer* 17 [for boute-ciiler (bouter, cul)], 
tr. : upset (turn topsy-turvy) push roughly 
(jostle, hustle). 

"hoarse 11 [?], /.: cow-dung, -ser 18 , tr.: 
dung (i.e. mix dung with earth in plastering, 
leveling a threshing floor ; as a process in 
dyeing cloth), -sier 18 , m.: dung-beetle, 
tumble-bug. -siliage 15 [-siZZer], m.: plas- 
ter, mud-mortar, m'ud-and-straw ; adobe- 
work ; botch, -si tier 15 , tr.: build with mud- 
mortar or adobe; botch. -siileur 14 ,, 
m.,f. : mud-builder ; botcher, i .-sin 16 , m. : 
peat ; dirty ice ; sand vent (rotten stone). 

2. boix-sin 16 [for sailor-slang Eng. boozing- 
Jcen], m.: low drinking-house ; disorder. 
-singo* 18 , m.: sailor-cap; young ultra- 
democrat (after 1830 in France). 

boussole 16 [It. bussola, little box],/. : com- 
pass; guide. 

boustrophedon 15 [Gr., fr. bous, ox, str$- 
phein, turn)], m. : = (early Greek way of 
writing alternately right to left, and left 
to right). 

i. bout 11 [-ter], m.: butt, end; extreme; 
nipple ; prow ; bit, piece. 

2.bout 15 [?], m.: (vulg.) sunfish. 

bou~tade 16 [-ter, sense of * pierce'], /.: 
caprice (whim, Eng. boutade) ; ballad ; 
freak : par s, by spells, by fits and starts. 
-tage u [-ter], m.: sticking {of pins in 
orde'r into paper or card). 

boutargue 15 [Prov. -argo (fr. Ar.)], /.: 
BOTARG-O (Mediterranean dish of salted roe). 

tbout-defrors = boute-hors. 

bont-de-ran 16 , m.: funeral service (at 
the end of one year after bereavement). 

boute 16 [Prov. -to (?)],/.: BUTT, hogshead 
(for wine, water, tobacco) ; box of cards 
(in packs). 

boute 12 [-fer], adj.: thick (wine); hav'g 
crowned joint (horse). 

boute-a-por* 17 , m.: wharf -master. 

tbouteau = bouteux. 

ijonte-eharge 18 [bouter, put], m. : signal 
(to cavalry to* put load on their horses). 

fboute-dehgrs ~ boute-hors. 

i.boutee 12 [-ter, push], /.: boutade; 
ABUtment; pier. 

2.boutee 18 [-te] f /.; quantity of cards in 
one boute, pack. 

bou~t-en-troln 18 , pi. [-te (-ter, put)], m. : 
inciter, merry-maker, life of the party; 
bird used to teach birds to sing; 
stallion, -tefeu 16 , m.: linstock; incen- 
diary. -te-hors 13 , m.: (ancient game 
like) prisoner's base ; boom ; out-rigger ; 
fire-hook ; knack (of pleasing in society). 

bouteiHk te- [ak. to boute],f.: BOTTLE ; 
bottlef ul j'fbubble ; tumor ; quarter gallery 
(of ship) : etre dans la , be in the secret. 
i.-ler 11 , m.: BUTLER, s.-ler- 18 , intr.: 
have bubbles (said of glass), i.-lerie 11 
[-ler], /.: buttler's office. 2.-lerie 18 ,/.: 
bottle-factory ; bottle-trade. 

boute-lof [bouter], m.: fore-tack boom. 

bouter 10 [Teut. botan, knock], intr.: put 
to sea, stand out ; sprout ; grow ; thicken 
(of wine) ^tr. : start up (wild game) ; put ; 
paper (pins) : dessus, put on one's 

bouterame 11 [Flem. boterham], m.: but- 
tered piece of bread. 

bou-tereau 17 , pi. x, [-ter], m. : chisel (of 
nailmaker). -terolle 18 [-ter], /.: chape 
(of scabbard); chamber; fishnet (with 
handle) ; key-hole, -teroue 16 [-ter, roue], 
/.: fcurb-stone, curbing; iron footing (on 
bridges, or flooring, to prevent wear by 
wheels). -te-selle 16 [-iter],m..* trumpet- 
signal to prepare to mount, saddling signal. 
t-te-tout-c-uire 16 , pi. [-ter], m.: 
(fam.) dissipater. -teur 17 , =ense [-ter], 
m., /.: pin-sticker (who puts into papers). 
-teux 16 , m.; fishnet (with handle). 

boutielard 17 [-tique], "m.: (dial.) fish 
booth; fish vessel (to keep fish alive in). 

tboutillier = bouteiller. 

bouti~qu0 13 [L. apotheca, store (Gr. ap6, 
away, theke, box)],/.: shop, store; fish- 
box (for live fish); box (of a peddler). 
-quier 18 , =iere, m.,/.: store-keeper. 

bou-tis 18 [-ter], m.: rooting (of hogs); 
place of rooting, -tisse 16 [-ter],f. : header, 
bond-stone, binding-stone, -toi, or-toir 1 ^ 
[-ter], m. : snout (of hog) ; horse-shoer's 
tool. H^ton 11 [-ter], m.: BUTTON; bud; 
pimple; key (of violin); knob: d'Alep, 
carbuncle (common in Syria), -tonne' - 11 
[-tonner], adj.: budding; pimply; BUT- 
TONED, -tonner n , intr.: bud; tr.: 
button up. -tonnerie 12 [-tonnier], /.; 
button business, -tonneuo) 18 ,, 
adj.: pimpled, -tonnier^, m.: button- 
dealer. -tonniere 18 , /.: button-hole; 
uterine surgical operation, ^-triot = 

bout-rime's 16 , bouts-rime's (end- 
rhymes for verses to be filled out, crambo, 

a game) ; hence sing, (=e) stanza made 
with given rhymes. 

bon~turage 18 [-turer], m.: propagating 
(by cuttings, slips), i.-ture 14 [-ter],f.: 
shoot, sprout, cutting. 

2.bouture 16 [bouillir], /.: water for 
cleansing silver or gold. 

bouturer 18 [i*-ture], intr.: sprout, bud; 
tr.: make cuttings. 

i.bouvard 18 [bceuf], m.: (dial.) bullock. 

2.bouvard 16 [bouer],m.: coining hammer. 

i.bouveau 12 [OFr. bove, cave], m.: fcave ; 
gallery (in a mine). 

2.bou~vea. < tt 18 [bceuf], m.: young steer. 
-vele* 13 , m.: young ox. -vemenfc 16 
[bov (for Sam/)], m.: certain grooving 
plane. f" v ^ re * -we. -verie 11 [60?; 
(for faett/)], m.: cow-stable, ox-stable. 
f-ver<m == -WOTI. -vet 13 [bov- (for 
jffiw/)], m.: tyung ox.; grooving plane. 
-veter 18 [-vet], tr.: plane. -vier 11 , 
=ere, m., /.: cowherder; (vulg.) wag- 
tail, fly-catcher; Bootes (constellation). 
-vifclcm 12 [bov (for ftflm/)], m.: young 
ox. -vret 18 [-wer], m.: African sparrow. 
-vrette 18 [-vret],f.: bird-organ (to teach 
birds to sing), -vreml 17 [-wer], m.: 
bull-finch, -vr<w 18 [wer], m.: kind of 



vid^s 18 PJ. 60s, gen. bov-is, ox], m. 
; bovidae. -vine 1 * [L. -vinus], adj.: 

fbotcl = 

box~e 18 ,/.; fist-fight, boxing match; box, 
slap. ||~er 18 [Eng. box], intr.: box, spar 
(with fists), -eur 18 , m.: boxer. 

bayard 16 [Russ. 6oiar, lord (OSlav. bol, 
great)], m.: BOYAR, nobleman. 

boyart 12 [for bay art], m.: fkarrow; 
certain part of a sluice. 

bQyau pj. botellus, sausage], m.: gut, 
BOWEL; sausage; (water) hose; branch 
(trench) ; long gallery ; narrow way : le 
cheval n'a pas de , is thin flanked ; des- 
cente de , hernia, rupture ; corde d , 
catgut, string (of violin, etc.). -derie 18 , 
/.: catgut .establishment, -dier 16 , m.; 
gut-worker. b$yer [for Holl. boeijer 
(boey, buoy)], m.; (old type of) Flemish 

bra-eelet 18 [bras], m.: =; armlet; ring, 
band (of one color, or material). 
'bra-eke* 11 [OHG. braccho], m.: BRACK 

bracMal 15 , pL =aua? [L. -Us], adj.: = 
(of the arm). 

brachiopodes 18 [Gr. brachion, arm,po^, 
foot], m. pL: brachiopoda (bivalve mol- 

brac7tistoc7irone 17 [Gr. brachistos, 
shortest, chrdnos, time], adj.: cycloidal; 

'/,;=: (curve of swiftest descent). 

fbracftmane = brahmane. 
brac/ty-eepliale 18 [Gr. brachus, short, 

kephale, head], adj.: brachistocephalic, 

short-headed (as Mongolians). 
bracfcyne 18 [Gr. brachus, short], m.: 

bra-e/iys-eie^ 18 , =nne [Gr. brachus f short, 

skia, shadow], adj.: equatorial. 
brac/tyure 18 [Gr. brachus, short, ourd, 

tail], adj.: short-tailed; m.: crablike 

braccm 12 [?], m.: beam (of engine, or 


bracon-nage 12 , m.: trespassing, poach- 
ing. jl^ner* 11 [ak. to braque, hunting 

dog], intr.: poach, infringe. -nier 11 

[~n],m.: poacher; intruder. 
braconniere ls [ak. to braie], f.: mailed 

brac~teate 17 [L. -tea, metallic leaf], 

adj: showing the stamp on both sides (as 

a medal), -tee 17 [L. -tea], f.: bract. 

-teole 17 [L. -la (dim. of bractea)], 

bradypepsie 16 [Gr. -psia (bradus, slow, 
pepsis, digestion)],/.: bradypepsy. 

bra~gtte 15 [Prov. -ga, ak. to braie], f.: 
fbreeches, crib (for children) ; breeching 
(of guns), -gitet 17 , m.: heel-rope (to a 
mast), -guette 15 , /.: opening, flap (of 

braTima^ne 15 [Skt. -n], m.: BRAH- 
MIN priest, -jiique 1 *, adj.: Brahminic. 
-nisme 18 , m.: Hindu religion. 

i.brai 18 [?],m.: mud; mortar; rosin, pitch. 

2.fbrai = brais. 

3-brai 11 [OFr. broi f ak. to Ger. Irett ?], 
m.: bird-trap. 

braie [L. braca, clout], /. pi.: clout; 
breeches, drawers; outer-wall; fat (of 
cow's udder); matting (to keep out water); 
collar (of hammer). 

fbraifc = 3*brai. 

brait-larcZ 16 [i.-ler], adj.: blatant; m.: 
speaking-trumpet (on ships). 

i. braille 17 [z-ler],f.: shovel (to stir her- 

2.brale 17 [?],/.: (dial.) chaff. 

brai^-lemgrit 18 , 771.: brawling, howling. 
i.-ler [p. L. *bragulare (ak. to frraire)], 
intr. : (/am.) cry, squall ; whine. 

2.braiUer 16 [?], tr.: stir (herrings with 
wooden shovel) in curing. 

braitleur 15 , =ej|.se [i.-Zer], adj.: brayer ; 
brawler ; whinnying horse. 

br-aimerfcfc 11 , m.: braying. ||^aire 
[p. L. *bragere (?)], irr.; intr.: (old) 
make a noise; (now) BRAY; m.: 

Defective verb. Ind. : Pr. & brait. 
Ipf . brctryait, -yaient. Fut^ &ra*-ra, ront. 
Cond. brai-rait, -raunt. Part ; Pr. bra*- 



fbrairette = brayette. \ 

brais [L. brace, white corn], m.: crushed 
barley (in brewing). 

brajHse 11 [OHG. brasa], /.: live coals (em- 
bers) ; roast meat; charcoal; (/am,) money. 
-ser 17 , tr.: roast, BRAIZE, -sette 18 ,/.: 
(small amount of) charcoal, -sier 16 , 
m.: (baker's) charcoal-bin. -sire 17 ,/.: 
BRAisiNG-pan, BRAZIER (open pan for live 

braisine 17 [? brai, mud],/.: clay-mortar 
(used in cementing steel). 

tbrame = brakmane. 

bra-memenfc 17 , m.: belling, cry (of deer). 
||~mer 15 "[OHG. breman, bellow], intr.: 
fbello'w, roar ; bell (as deer). 

fbramine = brahmane. 

"bran [p. L.*brennum (Celt.)], m.: fbran 
(husk) ; fsawdust ; (low) refuse, excre- 
ment, dung. 

"brat? cade 16 [Prov. -cado, (lit.) branch 
with fruit], /.: f chain-gang; chain (of 

bran~carcl 16 [Prov. -cal (branco, branch)], 
trC: t-Bng. brancard, horse-litter ; arms ; 
handles (of barrow); thills, shafts (of 
vehicles); barrow, -cardier* 16 , m.: thill- 
horse ; ambulance man. 

bran~eh.age 14 [-che], m.: top (branches, 
not trunk of tree), bran~<eh.e [p. L. 
-ca, claw (cf. bracchium)], /.: branch; 
s'accrocher aux s, grasp at straws. 
-element 15 [-cher], m.: branching, at- 
taching (as one pipe to another pipe). 
-eher 15 , intr.: BRANCH out; alight on 
a limb; tr.: hang up; solder (pipes). 
-ebette 18 , /.: little branch. --ehe- 
ursiae 14 , pi. s s [(for 1. L. branca 
ursina ursus, bear), bear claw], /.: 
BRANK-URSINE, bear's-breech (plant). 

branchial 18 , pi. =iauos [-ehies], adj.: =. 

bran-chic r 13 [-che], adj.: not able to 
leave the branches, brancher (as young 

bran-ehies 16 [L., Gr. -chia]*, f. pi: 
branchia, gills, -chio-pode 18 [Gr. ports, 
foot], adj. or m. : branchiopod (with gills 
on feet), -ehio-stege 18 [Gr. stegein, 
cover], adj.: branchiostegal (covering the 

branelm 11 [-che], adj.: (well) branched. 

tbrano-ursiiie = tranche-, etc. 

brand 10 [OHG. fire-brand], m.: (heavy) 

brandade 17 [Prov. -dado, (lit.) stirred], 
/.: = (dish of codfish, oil and garlic). 

brande 1 * [?],/.; heather (plant); heath; 
fagot (to spread fire on ship). 

hrandeboi|r0 :L6 [prop, name], m., /.: 
brandenburg (certain ornaments on mili- 
tary clothing) ; summer-house. 

17 [for Flem. -dewyn, (lit.) 


burnt wine], m.: brandy, -vinier 17 , 
=iere, m., f.: brandy-maker, or seller 

fbrandi 15 [OFr. braidif, 'quick* of unc. 
orig.], adj.: alive. 

randlUe 18 [L. -dir, pin],/.: hole (for 
wooden peg). 

"bran-dillement 15 [-diller], m.: dang- 
ling, swinging, -diiler 12 , tr., intr.: 
swing, dangle, -didoire 15 [-diller], 

/.: swing, see-saw; (vulg.) poor plough, 
i.||~dir 10 [brand, sword], tr.: brandish. 

2.brfmdir 16 [?], tr.: pin (beams, etc.). 

i.brandon 1:a [Ger. brand], m.: fire- 
BRAND, torch ; burning debris (after con- 

2.brjm~don 13 [?], m.: twist of straw 
(on a stake, as sign that sheriff has seized 
the crop), -donner 18 , tr.: mark (field 
as sign of seizure). 

"branee 18 [bran],/.: (dial.) bran-slop (for 

bran-law-* 13 , adj.: tottering, shaky. 
bran-le 11 , m.: impulse; swing; whirl, 
turn; start; pendulum; hammock; jaw (of 
vise), -le-bas 17 , pi. , m. : the cry: " all 
hammocks down" ; clearing (of the deck); 
commotion, -lenient 13 , m.: swinging, 
reeling, wagging. -le-queue 15 , m.: 
(vulg 3 wag-tail (bird), filler 10 [ak. to 
brandir, BRANDISH], tr.: swing, shake; 
intr. : vibrate ; reel ; be loose (as blade in 
a handle), rattle; waver, -lette 18 , /.: 
piece of fishing line, -lolre 15 ,/.: see- 
saw; distaff. 

bransquEter 16 [for Flem. brandschat- 
ten], tr.: lay under contribution ; extort. 

braqwe 11 [OHG. braccho], m.: Dalmatian 
dog ; BRACK ; daredevil. , 

braqwemarfc 14 [? Gr. bracheta mdchaira, 
short sword], m.: broadsword. 

bra-<iuemen 16 , m.: aiming, sighting. 
\\~quer 16 "[?], tr.: Lm, point (gun, tele- 
scope) ; fix (eyes on one). 

fbraqwes 16 [L. brackia, arms], /. pi: 
claws (of crab). 

fbraqwe^ 16 [? fam. for -guemenf], m.: 
short sword ; shoe-peg. 

bras [L. brachium], m.: arm; sleeve; 
fin ; front leg ; handle ; branch ; BRACE 
(of a yard); bay; avoir BUT les , on 
one's hands ; a, force de , by (work of) . 
one's hands, by hand ; dessus, des- 
sou8 r arm-in-arm, confidentially ; long, 
great power, influence ; faire les grands 
, act big, put on airs; beaux , fine 
manners ; & ouverts, with open arms. 

bra-sage 18 , m.: brazing, bra-fe 18 , /.: 
live coals, -sement 18 , m,: brazing, 
soldering, ll^ser^ 6 [braise, sense of 
* embers'], tr.: braze, hard-solder; intr.: 
crack (as crust). -s$r$ 18 [Sp., fr. Fr, 


-sier], m.: brazier. -sier 11 [-se], m.: 
brazier (coal-pan); fire-place ; sa tete est 
un , lias strong imagination, -si lie- 
men* 11 [-siller], m.: glistering (as of 
sea), -siller 12 [-se], tr.: roast, broil; 
intr. : sparkle, glisten. 

bras^que 17 [?], /.: = (clay and charcoal 
mortar), -quer 18 , tr.: line,with brasque. 

brassadelle 18 [? for brasa- (braser)], f. : 
muzzle (of gun). 

i. brassage 13 [i.-sser], m.: mashing (in 
brewing 'beer) ; mix (coin metal) ; seign- 

2.brassage 17 [2.-sser], m.: BRACINGS (of 

bras-sard 15 [bras], m.: =, armlet; badge 
(on the arm) ; leather sleeve. ||~se [L. 
brachium (in pi.), arm], /.: length of two 
arms, fathom, BRACE, =, stroke (of swim- 
mer) : le navire est sur les s, the ship 
is in fathomable water, -s^e 11 [bras],f.: 
armload; stroke (of swimmer), i.-ser- 16 
[bras, brace of a yard], tr.: brace (a sail): 
au vent, haul weather brace ; sous 
le vent, haul lee brace. 

2.bras~ser n [ak. to brais], tr.: stir 
(malt, soaking hides); brew, -serie 14 , 
/. : brewery, beer-saloon. -seur 12 , 
=ejjse, m., /.: brewer, beer-seller; 

fbrasseyer = brasser. 

brassiage 11 [ 2.-sser], m.: sounding. 

brassicaire 18 [L. -ca, cabbage], adj.: 

bras~si-cgurt 16 [for bras-], adj., m.: 
knee-sprung (horse), -siere 13 [bras],f.: 
BRACE, strap; garment (with straps), 
chemise,' flannels ; breast of pigeon. 

bras-'sin 13 [2.-ser], m.: mash-tub, tub- 
ful; soap-kettle; kettleful. -soir 16 
[2.-ser], m.: stirring (stick). 

Tbrassoure 17 [?], /.: water-pipe (leading 
to saltworks). 

brasure 14 [-ser],f.: brasing; soldering. 

brava^-ehe 15 [It. -ccio (bravo, brave)], 



m.: braggart, bully, 

boasting, swaggering. 
bra-vade 15 [It. -vata],f.: bravado. 
bra^ve 15 [It. -vo [L, barbarum, barba- 

rous)], adj.: =, bold ; honest (in this sense 

precedes the noun); (/am.) good; fsmartly 

dressed, -vemewft 15 , adv.: bravely. 

-ver 15 , tr.: brave, face; f^ress fine. 

t-verie 16 , /.: finery. i.-vo 17 [It.], 

inter j.: =. 2.-vo 18 [It.], m.: =, hired 
, assassin. -vQsre' 16 pt. -vura], f.: = ; 

bravery; gallantry. 

i.brayer^ [brai], tr.: cover with pitch. 
2.bra-yer 18 br$-ye \braie], tr.: set (a 

stone). 3--y9f", m,: f^ouser-band ; 

truss ; axis (of scales) ; rump (of falcon, 


brayere 18 [naturalist Brayer],f.: Abys- 
sinian plant (used against tapeworm). 

brayette 13 [braie], f.: little clout; cow- 
slip ; tflap (of trousers). 

brayou 11 [brayer], m.: trap (for skunk, 
fox, etc.). 

break 18 [Eng.], m.: = (wagonette). 

fbreant = bruant. 

brEbis [L. vervex, wether], /.; ewe; 

breche 11 [OHG. breeha], f.: BREACH; 

gap; flaw, -dent 11 , pi. *-, adj.: gap- 

brE-ehet 13 [ak. to Eng. brisket], m. : breast- 

bone (of animals). 
fbre-ehet 16 [breche], m.: little breehe, 


fbre-ein = bressin. 
breda 17 [?], m.: certain short rope with 

iron hook at one end. 
bredaler 17 [? OFr. bredeler, jabber], 

intr.: rattle (as spinning wheel). 
brcdi-brEda 15 [echoic], adv.: (/am.) 

brsdindm 16 [?], m.: stay-tackle; 

bre~dir 19 [?], tr.: join, stitch (with 

leather strings). -dissnre 18 , /.: ad- 

herence (of gums to cheek, caused by 

ulceration). -dissage, m.; stitching 

(with leather). 
bredouiZ-lage 16 , m.: jabbering, sputter- 

ing. -le 15 ou long,/. : trick-track (game) ; 

adj.: haVg done nothing; hav'g shot no 

game; left in the lurch, -lemenfc 16 , 

m.: sputtering. ||~ler 15 [?], tr.,~intr.: 

jabber unintelligibly, -lenr 16 , =ejgise, 

m.,/.; jabberer. 
fbree = braie. 
bref (or brief), ^eve (or =ieve) CL. 

brevis], adj.: short; m.: brief (official 

document); (ship's) papers;/.: short (note, 

syllable, etc.). 
fbrEgiii. = bourgin. 
bregina 15 [Gr.], m.: = (point on cranium. 

where sutures meet), 
brefoai^ne 11 [?], adj.: sterile, BARREN; 

/.: sterile female. 

brewer 11 [?], tr,: nail on (a horseshoe). 
11 [OHG. 

. bretlenc (dim. of brett, 
board)], m. : -(table (to dice on) ; = (card 
game) ; gambling house, -lader 16 , intr. , 
frequent low resorts ; be addicted to card- 
playing. -Iadier 18 ,=iere, m.,f.: keeper 
of gaming house; inveterate cardplayer. 
-ladinier 17 , =iere, m.,/: stall-keeper, 

brslauder 18 [? -lander], intr.: 
fritter ajway time. 

brEl^e 17 [? Eng. barley],/.: 
feed (of oats and barley), 


3 16 [? (cf. breloque)], 
adv.:~(fam.) helter-skelter, topsy-turvy. 

brel~le 17 [?],/.: small raft, -ler 18 , tr.: 
bind fast (beams, etc., as in flooring pon- 
toon bridges) ; woold. 

brElo~que 16 [?], /.: watch-charm or 
trinket, locket; signal to break ranks 
il bat la , wanders from the point. 
-quet 18 , m.: trinkets (on a chain). 

fbrElu-ehe 17 [?],/.: drugget (Normandy 

brdme 12 [OHG. brahsema], /.: BREAM 

brEneno; 14 , =ejjse [bren, old for oran\, 
adj.: '(low) dirty (with dung). 

brEqitin 17 [Flem. borkin (boor)], m.: 
BORING instrument, drill, bit. 

bre-sil 11 [?], m.: BRAZiL-wood; Bre-sil, 
m.: Brazil, -si tier 13 , tr.: dye red (with 
Brazil-wood) ; intr. : crumble (like Brazil 
wood). -siHet 17 , m.: inferior Brazil 
wood; dye "woods of Europe: noix de , 

bresoles 17 [It. braciuola (lit. cut of meat 
cooked on a BRAZIER)], /. pi: collops of 
veal, etc. 

bressitt 16 [bras], m.: hoisting rope (with 
hook at the end) ; fbrace 0*op e to a yard- 

breste 11 [? ak. to brai, bird trap],/.: snar- 
ing (with lime). 

BrEtagrne, /. : Brittany (old province in 

bretai~ler 17 [brette], intr.: (/am.) be 
full of fight, -leur 17 , m.: fighter, chal- 
lenger; fencer. 

brEtauder* 15 [bis-, disp., tondre], tr.: 
shear, clip unevenly, or too close (dogs, 
horses, etc.); crop ears of; castrate. 

brE-te-elie 11 [? ak. to Breton; or OHG. 
bret, board], /.: BRETESSE, ==, mova- 
ble wooden, battlement; wooden tower. 
-teoher 13 , tr.: fembattle, fortify with 
high towers ; proclaim (from a tower). 

brEtel~le 12 [?],/.: strap; suspender (of 
trousers) ; net (for catching sea-dog). 
-lerie ,/. : suspender factory. -liere 18 , 

/.: leaded net (for sea-dogs). 

tbru-tesse, ^-tesser = -tfche, etc. 

fbrette 16 [? ak. to Bretagne], f. : flong- 

sword, fleuret. 

bret-teler 16 , tr.: indent (as head of a 

lath-hammer), hatch, -telure 18 , /.: 

hatchings; indentation. ||~t?r 16 , tr.: 

indent, nig, dress with boasting-chisel. 
fbrettenr 16 [-tte] t m.: rowdy, fighter, 

brettore 16 [-tier], m.: rough-dressing (of 

stone) ; tooth (on boasting-chisel). 
i.breuil 10 EL L. brogil (? ak. to Bret. 

bro< country)], m. : enclosed thicket. 

~/liJ [braie, girdJeJ, m.; breeck-, 


ing (of sail), -iiler 16 , tr.: breech, truss 
up (a sail). = brouailles. 

breuvage [p. L. *biberaticum (L. bibere, 
drink)]" 'm.: drink; wine and water (for 
sailors) ; drench (for horses, etc.). 

br~Eve* 12 [dim. of bref, brief document], 
m.: = (fletter patent; grant, warrant, 
commission) ; agreement (contract) ; 
fcharm (against bad luck) ; prescription. 
-evetage 18 , m. : certain chemical process 
in preparing alum. -evetaire , m.: 

patentee, f-evete = -ievete. -eveter 17 , 
tr. : patent ; grant patent to. 

brEveuse 17 [?], m.: hook, gaff (to catch 
lobsters, etc.). 

bre-viaire 12 [L. -viarium (-vis, short)], 
m. : BREVIARY (prayer book) ; epitome, -vi- 
penne 17 [L. -vis, short, penna, PINION], 
adj. : short-winged ; m. pi. : ostrich class 
(of birds). 

bribe 13 [OFr. -ber, beg (? ak. to Bret, -va, 
break)],/, usually^.: fpiece (of bread, 
meat) for a beggar; fragment (never in 
sense of Eng. BRIBE). 

bribri [echoic], m.: bunting (bird). 

brie 15 [echoic], adv.: de et de brae, 
from here and there, right and left ; t<$ 
et a brae, right or wrong, -a-brac, 
m.: =. 

bri-ehe 11 [?],/.: t ann y m S situation; in- 
ter j,: pshaw! 

bricTc 17 or fbrig [Eng.], m.: brig (two- 
masted ship). 

brico~le 1[ * [It. briccola, catapult (? 
Ger. brechen, break)],/. : = (strap ; breast 
strap ; harness ; glance shot ; back stroke 
at billiards) ; rocking (of a vessel), -ler 15 , 
intr. : make a glance shot ; clear fences or 
bushes, etc. (as a horse) ; track poorly (as 
a dog); use indirections, be tricky; tr.: 
trifle with, -leur 17 , =ejjse, adj.: poor 
at keeping the scent, -lier-' 17 , m. : (/am), 
tricky man ; coach-fellow, side horse. 

bri~cot 15 = -gaut. -coteau 15 , m. : fstone- 
quoit; tread-board. 

bri~de 12 [Germ'c -da],f.: reins ; BRIDLE ; 
bands ; Alengon lace ; strings (of bonnet) : 
aller d toute , or & abattue, go with 
loose reins, go at full speed ; aller en 
main, go carefully; avoir la sur le 
cou, be one's own master ; & cheval donne 
on ne regards pas la , one doesn't look 
a gift horse in the mouth, -der 14 , tr.: 
bridle; check, -dejjse 18 , /.:' (woman) 
maker of Alengon lace, -doir 14 [-der], 
m.: f bonnet-strings ; chin-piece (of bridle), 
-dole 17 [Prov. -dolo (brido, bridle)],/.: 
wringstaff. -don 16 , m.: bridle with 
snaflle bit. -dure 14 [-der] , f. : 

(for tightening ropes). 
i,brie ra [broyer],/.; p 



2.brie 16 [Brie (region in France)],/.: wine 
(from Brie) ; m. : cheese (from Brie). 

fbr^ief, =ieve = brtf, etc. -ieve- 
me^t 11 [-ve],adv.: briefly. -ievete 12 
[-/],/.: briefness; brevity. 

bri-fable 16 [~fer], adj.: (faro.) eatable. 
-fatul 12 [-/er], m.: glutton. 

fbrifaud- brisaud-. 

bri-fe i6 ,/.: ravenous eating. t-fe 16 ,/ 
gulp. H^fer 16 [?], fr.: gulp down; 
crumple (linen), -feur 16 , =ejjse, m.,/.: 
(pop.) glutton. 

brifier 17 [?],m.; leaden-seaming, leading 
(on tile roofs). 

fbrig = brick. 

bri-gade 13 [It. -gata (1. L. briga, strife; 
troop)], /.: . -gadier 16 , m.: = ; 
police-sergeant, captain; chief (of for- 
esters, custom-house officials). ||~gand ls 
[It. -gante (-gare f go in troops, briga, 
troop)], m.: = (robber; rascal), -gan- 
dage 14 , m.: (highway-robbery, plun- 
der/; rascality, -gandeaja 15 , m.: (/am.) 
little brigand, robber, -gander 15 , wr. : 
act the brigand ; tr. : plunder. t-g%n- 
deur 15 [-gander], m,: robber, gan- 
dine 14 , /.: = (mailed coat), -gan- 
tin 13 [It. -gantino], m.: pirate vessel 
(Eng. brigantine, sort of two-masted ves- 
sel) ; ship or camp bedstead, -gatttine 18 
[-0aftZm],/.; ==; spanker (sail). 

bri-gau* 1 * [for OFr. -cot (-que, chip)], m.: 
limbs lopped (off from forest trees). 

brigrnole 15 [town .], /.: kind of prune. 

bri~gue 12 [It. -ga, strife] ,/. : = (election 
trick) ; intrigue, -gieer 15 , intr.: scheme ; 
tr.: scheme for (office, etc.); tsolicit. 
t-guejur 13 [-guer], m.: schemer. 

brifc-lammetit 17 [-lant], adv.: brilliantly. 
-JaWt 15 , adj.: bright; m.: brilliancy; 
diamond (of finest cut) ; certain varnish. 
-lante 18 [-lanter], m. : brilliant (cot- 
ton fabric with raised woven figure). 
Jatiter 17 [-lant], tr.: cut (into a bril- 
liant diamond) ; make sparkle (as a dress 
with stones); render florid, -lati/tine 18 
[-lant], /.: figured silk; shiny pomade. 
ll-ler* 15 [It. -lore (L. beryllus, beryl], 
intr. : be brilliant, shine ; sparkle ; blaze ; 
be ardent ; track well (as a hound). 

brimade 18 [-mer],f.: hazing. 

brimba-lant 16 , adj.: oscillating, -le 15 , 
/. : pump handle ; "\\iitle bell (on harness, 
etc.). H^ler 15 [? ak. to bringuebale], tr.: 
make oscillate; intr.: oscillate. 

briwborieu 14 [? student slang for bre- 
v{arium], m.: tstammering prayer; trifle, 


fbrlmer 18 [dial. for brumer], tr.: flight; 
haze ; le soleil brime les raisins, sun spots 



ba>4n a5 [?] 

,; sprout, sprig; blade (of 

grass) ; ray, rib (of fan) ; bit, small piece ; 
beau de fille, fine girl, -inasse 18 
[Prov. -sso],f. coarse tow. 

brjnde 15 [Ger. (ich) bringe dir*s, here^s to 
your health],/.; {health; (fam.): etre 
dans les s, be drunk. 

fbrindestoc 15 [Holl. spring-stock 'jump 
stick'], m.: pole (with both ends shod). 

brinditle 15 [brin] f f.: twig; braflchwith 
its fruit. 

brjn-gue 17 [? brique], /.; (fam.) piece: 
grande de femme, a clumsy woman. 
-gttebale 16 [Prov. bringa, leap,Fr. bailer, 
dance],/.: pump-handle. 

brio 18 [It], m.: animation (in music). 

brio-elie ^ [? brie],f.: = (cake; cushion; 

i.fbrion = bryon. 

2-briqti- 16 [?], m.: forefoot, cutwater (of 
a ve'ssel). 

briotte 17 [?],/. : kind of anemone (flower). 

bri-quaitlon 17 , m.: BRlGK-bat. \\~que 11 
[Eng. brickf (OEng. brice, fragment)], /. ; 
brick, i.-qttet 17 [?], m.: BRIQUETTE 
(steel, to strike fire) ; tinder ; hinge (to 
a table leaf). 

2.briq_^et li [? braque], m.: BRACH (fox 

3.briq.ti-et 18 [? braquet], m. : sabre. 

brique~tage 13 [brique], m.: brickwork; 
painting to* imitate brickwork, -te 16 
[brique], adj.: brick-red, -tor 14 [brique], 
tr. :> f build of brick ; imitate brickwork. 
-terie 15 [brique], /.: -tief 15 [brique], 
m.: brick-dealer, or maker, -ttc 18 , -ket 
[brique], f.: block (of cheap fuel). 
ri~s 14 [-ser], m.: breakmg (of seals, 
doors, prison) ; wreck, wreckage (of ship). 
-sage [-ser], m.: carding (of wool). 
-sanfc 16 [-ser], m.: breaker (wave); 
breakwater, -saudage 18 , m. : first card- 
ing, -sander 18 [-ser], tr. : give the first 
carding to. -s-d'huis, pL , m. : pattee 
or claw-hinge (on a shield). 

fbriscambHle ^ brusquembille. 

i. brise 18 [?],/. .-breeze. 

2.bri-se 15 , /.: sliver, splinter; beam (under 
the king-posts), -se-bise 18 , m.: listing 
(around a window to keep draft out). 
t-se-cou 16 .pZ. , m.: break-neck (place). 
-s^es 13 ,/. pL: branches broken (or cut) 
off (as mark, sign where game was). 
-se-gla-ee 17 , m.: ice-breaker, starling 
(piles to protect a bridge), -se-lamas 18 , 
m.: break-water (before harbor), -se- 
lunettes 18 pi , n. : eye-bright (flower). 
-semgnt 13 , m. : breaking. -se-motte 18 , 
m.; roller, clod-crusher, -se-os 18 , m.: 
sea-eagle, -se-pierre 18 , m.: (bladder) 
stonb-crusher. H^s^'T 10 [? ak. to Eng. 
bruise], tr.: break; mark (by breaking 
branches, a place one wishes to find again) ; 



card (wool) ; interrupt ; jar (metal) : rimes 
brisges, lines purposely made to make sense 
read alternately. -se-rais<m 17 , m.: 
(fam.) silly talker, '-se-soelle 17 , m.: 
seal-breaker (thief), -se-tout 18 , m.: awk- 
ward lout. -seur 12 , =ejise, m.,/.: breaker 
(person), -se-vetit 17 , m.: wind-break, 
screen, -sis 11 , m. : angle (of a hip-roof). 
briska 18 [Russ.],m.: BRITZSKA (carriage). 
brisoir 16 [-ser], m.: brake (for hemp). 
brisque 17 [?],/.: (card game) ; (pop.) 
stripe of reenlisted soldier : une vieille , 
an old soldier. 
bris-are 12 [-ser], f. : fissure, break ; joint. 
brize 18 [Gr. briza, certain cereal], /.: = 

(quaking grass). 
i.broc [p. L. -cchus, man with prominent 
teeth], m.: jug; quart (measure). 
2-broc 11 [dial, form for broche, 'spit'], 
/.: de en louche, hot from the spit, 

3-fbroc brie. 

brocaiZle 18 [for blocaille (dim. of bloc)],f. : 
macadam, rubble stone (for paving roads). 
brocan-tage 18 , m.: second-hand business, 
curio-busine'ss. -te 18 -a-,/.: (fam.) sell- 
ing of rarities, curios ; extra-work, side- 
work (outside of regular hours), lifter 16 
[? ak. to Eng. BROKER, Ger. brauchen, use], 
tr.: deal in, handle (second-hand wares). 
-teur 17 , =ejjse, m., f.: second-hand 

i.bro-card 14 [-quer, dial, form of -cher, 
f scoff], m.: (gibe, jeer). 2.-card 15 
[-che], m. : yearling (male deer, goat, etc.) ; 
BROCKET, -carder* 15 , tr.: scoff at, taunt. 
-cardenr 15 , =opse, m., f.: scoffer. 
-cart 15 pt. -ccato (lit., stitched)], m.: 
BROCADE (silken fabric woven with raised 
figures), -catelle 15 [It. -ccatello (dim. 
of -ccato, brocaded)], /. : coarser brocade, 
brocatel. f-ccoli = -coli. -eliage 1S 
[-cher], m. : brocading ; stitching. || ~-ehe 
[p. L. *-cca (? L. -ecus, projecting) prick], 
/.: BROOCH; spit, skewer; knitting- 
needle; spigot; pin, peg; tusk (of boar); 
young horn (of deer) ; spindle ; tooth (of 
a comb); rod; bolt (of door) : couperla 
d V affaire, make the affair cease (sense of 
cutting off spigot or bung close to the bar- 
rel). -ohee 16 [-che], f. : spitful (of meat) ; 
rodful (of candles). [p. L. *-ccare], 
tr.: BROCADE (embroider with raised needle- 
work), emboss; stitch, bind loosely (books); 
shoe (horse, etc.); give a slight dressing to 
(vines) ; intr.: sprout (shoot, bud): un 
travail, do a work carelessly (sense of 
stitching a book), ~elie 17 [-che], m.: =, 
pike (fish). -^hetaiUe 17 [-chet],f. : pike- 
fry, young pike, --elietet* 17 [-chette] , tr. : 
skewer ; measure (with compasses), -ehe- 
teur 18 [-cheter], m, ;* measurer, .che* 


ton 13 [-chet], m. : young pike, -chette 12 
[-che], f.: =, little spit (skewer); pin; 
brooch; peg; little rod (to poke food 
down a bird's throat) : clever un enfant d 
la , rear a child too delicately, -eheur 16 , 
=ejjse, [-eher], m.,f.: stitcher (of books) ; 
embroiderer; fknitter. -elioir 14 [-cAer], 
m.: (horse-shoer's) hammer, -^kure 13 
[-eher], f f : = (pamphlet); embroidery. 
-coli 15 [It. -ccoli (-ceo, peg)],m.: borecole 
(kind of cabbage) ; cabbage sprouts. 

brocotte 17 [?],/.: clabber. 

i.fbrode 16 [?], /' dark-skinned, tanned 

[-der],f.: embroidery; filling in 

(of point-lace pattern). 
brodeqtxm 13 [Holl. brosekin], m.: certain 

material f BRODEKIN, BUSKIN ; comedy. 
"broader 11 [OFr. brosd-er, root brosd-, 

'point,' cf. Eng. brist-le, etc.], tr.: em- 

BRoroER; fill in (the pattern of point-lace); 

(fig.) adorn, embellish, -derie 13 , /. : em- 

broidery; embellishment, -deur 12 , =jjse, 

m.,/.: fancy needle worker; adorner. 

-dolr 17 , m.: bobbin (for silk) ; frame (for 

lace-work), t-dure 16 ,/.: broidery. 
"brogue 18 [Eng.],/.: =, BROGAN (coarse 

i.broie 14 [for braie in sense 'cavezon, 

nose-band'], /.; cavezon (in a coat-of- 

2."broi~e 14 [broyer], f. : brake (for hemp, 

etc.). -ement 13 , m.: braying, pulver- 

bro-mate 18 , m.: = (bromos). i.||~me 18 

[Gr. bromos, stench], m.: BROMINE. 
2/brome 17 [L., Gr. -mos, oats],m.: BROME- 

grass, cheat. 
brome-Iia-ee 18 , adj. : of pineapple family. 

||~lie 18 [botanist Bromet], /.: pineapple 

bro-mlque 18 [-me, bromine], adj.: bromic. 

-mure 18 [-me], m.: bromide. 
fbromsliade 16 [~cher],f.: stumbling. 
bronohe 15 [L. and Gr. -chia (-chos, wind- 

pipe)],/. : BRONCHUS, each of the bronchial 

tubes, larger air passages. 

rgn^her 11 [? ak. to L. pronus, prone], 

intr.: stumble; make mistakes. 

ron^-ehial 17 [-che], adj.: =. f-eliie& 

= branchies. -ehiqiie 15 [-che], adj.: 

bronchic, bronchial, -ehite 18 [-che], f.: 

bronchitis, -c/to-eele 15 [Gr. -chos, throat, 

kele, tumour], /. : =, goiter. 
bronh.glr 17 [? -cher], m.: crossbar (over 
which to measure off yard lengths of cloth). 
broncTiotomie 17 [Gr. brdnchoi, windpipe, 

temno, cut], /.: bronchotomy (surgical 


brondissage 13 [? ak. to Flem. breeuwen, 
calk a vessel], m, ; stopping up (of chinks 
in mines), 


bron-zage 18 [-zer], m.: bluing (of nee- 
dles) ; bronzing, bron-ze 15 pt. -zo (L. town 
Brundusium)],m.: (the metal; statue). 
-zer 15 , r.: BRONZE; blue (needles); tan; 
make brazen, harden, -zier 18 , m. : maker 
or dealer in bronze. 

fbroquart = brocart. 

bro-nwe 16 pt. -ceo],/.: cabbage sprout. 

broquelin 18 [Flem. brokkelen, break fine], 
m. : tobacco rubbish. 

bro~quer [diaZ. for-cAer], 2r.: fix on the 
hook (small fish for bait), -quette 15 
[dial, for -chette],/.: tack, brad, carpet- 
tack. l-q^illo^ 16 [-<?^e> dial, for -c&e], 
m.: tack. 

br os-sage 18 [-ser], m. : brushing. 



-saille' = broussaille. 


fcorste, BRISTLE], /.: BRUSH (made of hair, 
feathers, broom-corn, etc.) ; tuft ; thrush- 
wood; thicket, -see 18 [-ser], /.: (/am.) 
brushing (= whipping). -ser 13 , tr.: 
brush (clothes, hair, teeth, etc.) ; paint ; 
(/am.) whip, brush ; intr. : brush along or 
past, hurry ; rush through the woods (as 
game, or a hunter), -serie 18 [-sier], /.: 
brush-business, -senr 14 [-ser] , m. : brusher 
(servant of an officer), -sier 16 , m. : brush- 
dealer, -sure 17 ,/. ; colouring (of leather, 
applied with a brush). 

brou 15 [for brout], m. : hull, outer covering 
(esp. of walnuts) ; walnut dye ; pi., curds. 

brouaitles [p. L. *botula (L. botulus, 
BOWEL)], /. pi: entrails (of fish, game, 

fbron-ee 12 [ak. to Ger. brodeln, bubble], 
/.; vapor, fog. -et 12 [ak. to Ger. brot, 
BREAD], m.: fBROTH; caudle (soup). 

broiiet~te 12 [L. bis, twice, Pr. roue, 
wheel],/.: rolling-chair (on two wheels); 
wheelbarrow, -tee 18 , /.: wheelbarrow- 
ful. -ter 13 , tr.: carry, wheel (in a 
wheelbarrow), -tear 12 , =ejjse [-tier], 
m., /..* wheeler, -tier 14 , tr.: barrow- 

broiiTtafoa 16 [echoic], m.: hullabaloo; 
uproar ; din (of applause). 

broui 17 [?], m.: (enameler's) blow-pipe. 

broniila|;e 18 [-Her], m.: mulching (with 
dead weeds and rubbish) ; slaty streak, 
stony interruption (in a vein of coal). 

brouillaxnini 16 [pop. etym. for L. pre- 
script-formula boli armenii, of clay of 
Armenia], m.: f Armenian BOLE, or clay; 
mish-mash (of medicine) ; jumble, confu- 

brouifc-Jard 12 , m.: fog; day-book: pa- 
pier ,* blotting paper, filter paper ; etre 
dans les s, be in the fumes of wine. 
-Jasse 18 [Zasser], /.: (/am.) wet fog. 
-lasser 1^ impers. : drizzle. broni-le ", 
/.: misunderstanding, quarrel; panic-grass. 
m.: confusion, jumble. 

||~ler 14 [? ak. to Ger. brodeln, bubble], tr. : 
roil, rile ; agitate ; EMBROIL ; mix, confuse 
with ; roehe brouillee, irregularly veined 
rock ; etre brouille avec la verite, be at 
variance (habitually) with truth, -lerie 14 , 
/.: misunderstanding, falling-out; incon- 
sistency, variation; discord; jumble. 
-Ion 15 , m.: marplot; blunderhead; rough- 
draft ; muss ; ao;. : blundering, -lonner 18 
[-Ion], tr.: scratch down, jot down (a 

brou^ir 11 [OHG. bruejen, cook], tr.: 
blight (as the sun), -issure 11 ,/.: blight. 

brous~sa/aie 16 [brosse],f.: thicket, brush, 
briar-bushes. -saitler 16 , tr.: browse. 

fbrousse 16 [Prov. -ss'o], /.: (dial.) curd 
(of goat milk). 

tbronsser = brosser. 

broussiii [p. L. *bruscinum, L. bruscum, 
knot on maple], m.: excrescence, gnarled 
wood, curl-wood (valuable for cabinet- 

fbroussure 18 [? for brouissure], /.: rust 
(of wheat). 

brou-t n m. : fbrowsage ; browsing, browse- 
wood; sprouts, -tage 18 , m.: jar, jolt 
(making a flaw in lathe-work, pottery, etc.). 
-tartt 15 , adj.: browsing, -tement 16 , m.: 
browsing; jolt. ||~ter n [MHG. broz, 
shoot, sprout], tr.: BROWSE ; mar (in lathe- 
work, or turning), -tier , =iere, adj.: 
(old enough to browse) browsing, -tifcle w , 
[-tf],/.: sprout, stick ; knick-knacks (jew- 
elry, etc.); trifle. -ture, /.: browsed, 
cropped branch. 

brg-yage 18 , m.: crushing, crush, -ye 
broie. ' H^yer 12 [ak. to Ger. brechen, 
BREAK], tr.: BREAK fine, BRAY, pulverise; 
crush; grind, -yejur 14 , m.: breaker, 
pounder, -yort 11 , m.: (printer's) brayer; 
roller (for crushing lime, etc.) ; trap (for 
skunks, etc.). 

bru 11 [Goth, bruths], /.: daughter-in-law 
(cf. Eng. BRIDE). 

bruanfc 15 , or fbreaut [for bruyant 
(bruire)], m.: bunting (bird); yellow- 

bru-eelles 17 [for bercelle],f. pi.: tweezers. 

bru-ehe 18 [L. -chus, Gr. broftchos, wingless 
locust], m.: BRUCHUS (weevil-like bug). 

brufirnon/ 15 [Prov. -gnoun (L. prunum, 
plum)], m.: nectarine. 

brui^ne 11 [ak. to Irouee (cf. L. pruina, 
hoar frost)],/.: cold drizzling rain, mizzle. 
-ne 11 , adj.' spoiled (by drizzle), -ner 11 , 
impers.: drizzle. 

bruir 17 [old form of brouir], tr.: steam, 
dampen (with steam and so make pliant.) 

bruire [? p. L. *brugere (L. rugire, 
*roar/ by Celt, influence)], irr.; Mr.: 
froar (as thunder); make a noise, be 

88 bruiriner 

f Ind. : Pr. brui-s, -s, -/. Ipf. brttyais, etc t 
Fut. (Cond.) bruirai(s\ etc. Part. : P. bruit. 

bmiriiier 17 [old -sier (= briser) break 
BRUISE], tr.: grind (malt). 

brui-ssemenfc 16 [-re], m.: rustling; hum- 
ming; rattling. brui~t [-re], m.: 
noise, din ; roar ; peal ; uproar ; report . 
fame ; sound (auscultation) : qui a de 
se lever matin peut dormir jusqu'au soir, 
one who has the name of rising early, 
can sleep till evening (i.e. a reputation is 
not so easily changed). 

bru-lable 15 , almost bru- in bruler and 
deriv. (not comp.), adj.: burnable, fit to 
burn, -lage 15 , m.: burning, combustion. 
-lant 15 , a'dj.: burning, hot, in flames; 
fiery: une question e, delicate question. 
-le n , adj. : burnt, scorched ; m. : burnt 
thing; scorched smell or taste;/.: certain 
mollusk (with scorched-looking shell) 
disease (of silkworms). -le-amor-ee lc 
m. : primer, percussion cap (for firing the 
powder of a gun as signal at sea), -le- 
bout 18 , m.: save-all (to BURN the BUTT of 
a candle). -le-gueule 18 , m.: short- 
stemmed pipe, -m$nt n , m.: burning. 
-le-pourpoint 16 , adv.: a , at short 
range; face to face, -le-qweiie 17 , m.: 
hot-iron (to sear a horse's tail when 
docked). ~ler [p. L. *brustuldre, L. 
ustulare, burn, affected by Germ'c bren-, 
BURN], tr., intr. : burn : la politesse a 
quelqu'un, go without leave-taking ; creme 
brulee, caramel; il brule d* amour, is 
ardently in love ; la gelee a brule la vigne, 
frost has nipped the vine, -lerie 14 , 
/.: (Jam.) burning; distillery. -le- 
tout 18 , m.: save-all, -leur 13 , =ejjse, 
m., f.: burner; distiller. -lis 14 , m.: 
burnt tract (of a forest), -loir 18 bru-, 
m.: roaster (for coffee). -Iot 16 ,m.: fire- 
ship ; incendiary ; whiskey, rum ; fhighly 
seasoned food. -lotier 16 [-lot], m.: 
sailor (of afire-ship)." -inre 12 ,/.: f con- 
flagration ; burn (from fire,"or acid) ; blight 
(from frost) ; inflammation. 

bru-male 17 [-me], f.: slight fog. 
-maire 17 [-me], m.: = (second month in 
the calendar of the first French republic, 
from Oct. 23 to Nov. 21). -mal 13 [L. 
-malis], adj. : brumal. 

fbruman 15 , or fbrunxen [bru, Ger. 
mann, man], m. : son-in-law ; bridegroom. 

bru-masse 18 [-me],/: little fog. -mas- 
se r 18 [-masse], intr. impers.: be misty, 
hazy. ||~me 12 [L. -ma, winter],/: fog; 
dense fog (esp. at sea), -mer 18 , intr. 
impers.: be foggy, -meux 17 *, =. 
adj.: brumous; gloomy. 

br^urt 10 [Germ'c brun, brown ; brilliant], 
adj. : BROWN ; m. : brown (the colour) ; 
brown-haired, brown-faced man; /: 


twilight. -un4tre 18 , adj.: brownish. 
-unelle 16 , /.: heal-all (plant), self-heal. 
-nnet 12 , =tte, adj.: somewhat dark; m., 
f. : persons, plants, objects so-called from 
their hue. -uni 10 , m.: burnish (polish), 
-nnir 10 , tr. : turn brown; tr. : make 
brown, tan; BURNISH, polish, -unissage 18 
[-unir], m.: polishing, -nnissetir 14 , 
=eigse [-unir], m., /.: polisher, -unis- 
soir 15 [-unir], m.: burnisher (of tem- 
pered steel, etc.). -unissure 15 [-unir], 
/.: browning, polish, burnish. 

brusc 14 [Prov. (? L. ruscum)], m: butch- 
er's broom (plant). 

brusque 15 [It. -sco (?)], adj.: =, blunt. 

fbmsqt^ewi/bitle 16 [comedian Bruscam- 
bille], /.: certain card game. 

brus^qt/EMient 15 [-que], adv.: rudely; 
abruptly, i.-quer 1 ^ [-que], tr.: treat 

rudely, roughly ; do suddenly, abruptly. 

2.brus-qtier 16 [Prov. -co, heather], tr.: 
bream, clean (a ship's bottom). 

3.brusqt,er 16 [for busquer], tr.: seek 
(one's fortune). 

brus^quErie 16 [-que], /.: abruptness, 
bluntness. -quet 1 *, =ette [-que], adj.: 
(/am.) rather gruff : ft brusquin , to a 
gruff person (be) gruff, -cpiiu 17 [-que], 
adj. : (in that expression only). 

brussoles 17 [for bresoles], f. pi.: (dish) 
filets with vegetables. 

bru~t(e) 13 [L. -tus], adj.: = (stupid; 
animal ; crude) ; gross (weight), -tage 18 , 
m.: cutting, finishing (of diamonds). 
-tal 14 [-talis], adj.: = (sensual, savage) ; 
m.: brute, -talemeut 15 [-tale], adv.: 
brutally, -taliser^ [-tal], intr.: fact 
the brute; tr.: treat brutally, -lite 16 , 
/: brutality. 

Bruxelles -zel,f.: Brussels (capital of 

bru-yamment 12 or -ui-y- [-yant], adv.: 
noisily, -yant 11 [bruire], adj.: noisy. 

bru-yere 11 or -ui-y- p. L. -garia], f.: 
heath, erica (plant); open sterile tract 
(where heather grows), heath. 

br-ya-eees 18 , / pi.; BRYONY family 
(plants) ; br^ycm 16 [L. (Gr. brtio, swell) ], 
m.: tree-moss, " BRYUM. -yone 18 or 
f-yoine [L. -yonia (Gr. brtio, swell)], 
/: bryony. -yophylle 18 [1. L. -yophyl- 
lum (Gr. phullon, leaf)], /.: plant (of 
houseleek kind), -yozaire 18 [Gr, bruon, 
moss, zoe, life], m. : BRYOZOAN. 

buade 17 [?],/.: certain bridle-bit. 

buan-derie 14 [-dier], /.: wash-house j 
laundry, -dier 14 , f=iere [buer], m., /.: 
washer, launderer. 

buba-le 17 [L. -lus], m.: BUBAUS (African 

fbu-be 12 [1. L. *-6a (Gr. boubdn, groin)], 

/.: pimple, -bou 14 [Gr. boub6n], m,; 


bubo \sore); stone-celery (used to cure 
buboes), -bono-eele 17 [Gr. boubonoMle 
(kele, tumour)],/.: (inguinal hernia). 

tbucai-1 15 , ~\e [Holl. bockweit, lit. BEECH- 
WHEAT],/.: (vulg.) buckwheat. 

bucarde 18 [Gr. bous, ox, kardia, heart], 

/.: heart-shell (mollusk). 

buc-cal 17 [L. -Us (bucca, mouth)], adj.: 

buo^-ein 17 [L. -num, horn, trumpet], m.: 
certain mollusk, BUCCINUM. --einateur 15 
[L. -cinator, trumpet-blower], m.: buc- 
cinator (muscle in the cheek). 

btwsen-tacsre 16 [It. -toro (Gr. bous, ox, 
kentauros, centaur), so called from its 
figure-head], m,: BUCENTAUK, (state barge 
of Venice). 

Bu-eepha-le 15 [L. -lus, Gr. Boukephalos 
(bous, ox, kephale, head)], m.: name of 
Alexander's horse ; (/am.) horse. 

bu^ene 11 [1. L. *busca (buscus)], /.: 
stove-wood ; stick of wood ; perch ; work- 
block; certain musical instrument ; block- 
head: a s perdues, not rafted, loose 
(wood), i. -clier 11 , m.: wood-box or 
bin; (funeral) pile; stake, z.-eher 1 *, 
tr. : chop, hew ; whack ; knock (at a door) ; 
put to roost, -eherou 12 , =onne, m., 
/.: woodchopper, hewer. -ehette 11 , 
/. : chips ; fcuts (in sense " draw cuts," or 
"straws"). -ehifcle 12 , /.; metal filings 
or shavings. 

bu-colique 12 [L. -colicus, Gr. boukolikos 
(bou-kolos, cow -herd)], adj.: bucolic, 
pastoral ; /. : rustic poetry ; /. pi. : (Jam.) 

bucr&ne 18 , kran [Gr. lous, ox, kranion, 
CRANIUM], m,: BUCEANIUM (sculptured ox- 

bud^get 17 [Eng., itself from Fr. bougette, 
bag], m.: = (statement of probable reve- 
nue and proposed expenditures for en- 
suing year), -getalro 18 , adj.: of the 

bu-ee 11 ,/.: flye ; steam. Iker 11 [ak. to 
Ger. bauchen], tr.: fBUCK (with lye); 
intr.: steam, give off steam. 

I. buffet 18 [It. -ffa], m.: chin-piece (of a 

2.buffe~fc n [? bouffer], m.: == (sideboard, 
cupboard for chinaware ; table for refresh- 
ments) ; cabinet (of an organ) ; f office ; 
shop, i.-ter 15 , tr.: tchange (wine in 
the shop before retailing); steal (from 
the barrel). 

2.buf-feter n [OFr, -fet, slap], tr.: slap, 
cuff. * ' 

fbuffefceur 18 [-ter, steal wine en route], 

' 771.; (drayman) wine-thief. 

buf-fle 1 * [It. bufalo (Gr. bolls, ox)], m.: 
buffalo ; buff , -fleterie 18 , /. : strappings, 
belts (of soldier's outfit). -flEtin 1 *, m.: 



young buffalo, -fl^m, 18 , =onne, m,, /.: 

young buffalo ; /. : buffalo cow. 
bufonie 18 [L. bufo, toad],/.: toad-grass. 
buga~dier* 18 [Prov. (-da, lye)], m. : kettle 

(for making ointment), -diere 18 , /.: 

vat (for making soap). 
bugalet 17 [?], m.: coasting vessel (in 


1. bugle 12 [Eng., that from OFr. (L. 
buculus, bullock)], m.: BUGLE (horn with 

2. bungle 15 , [1. L. bugula, certain plant], 
/. : = (plant of the mint family), -glosse 17 

[L. -ssa, Gr. bouglossos (bous t ox, glosso,, 

tongue)], /.: bugloss (borage plant). 

-grane 15 [see -crane], /.: rest-harrow 


"bv.JioTea.TL = bihoreau. 

buWiot 1 ^ [? ak. to It. buco, hole], m.: 
fbobbin, shuttle; small needle (for fancy- 
work) ; feather-dresser's sign ; (dial) 
schrimp. -hotier 17 , m.: schrimp-net. 

fbuie 11 or "buire [ak. to Ger. bauch, belly], 
/. : fraud-hole ; BUIRE (claret flagon). 

bui^s [L. buxus], m.: box (shrub); box- 
wood. -ssaie 18 ,/.: box nursery, -sse 17 , 
/. : piece of box-wood ; (tailor's) goose. 

fbuisserie = busserie. 

buis-siere 16 [6ms],/.: place or walk set 
with box. l|~-sgti 10 [? buis, or ak. to 
Ger. busch], m. : thicket ; BUSH ; trim- 
ming, cut: trouver creux, find the 
birds flown ; se sauver d travers les s, 
beat about the bush, make excuses. 
-sonnaie I8 ,/. : large thicket. -sonneT 18 , 
intr.: sprout thick; take to the thicket 
(as a deer), -sonnet 11 , m.: little thicket. 
-sonnejaac 11 , =ej9se, adj.: bushy, -son- 
nier 15 , =ier<?, adj.: of thickets: foole 
e, school kept outside of a parish to 
avoid rent ; faire I'ecole buissonniere, play 
truant ; un , tree made bushy by 'trim- 
ming; place set with bushy trees or 

buissure 17 [for bruissure (bruire)], /.: 
coating (put on, preparatory to gilding). 

bulVbe 1 ^ [L. -bus],f.: BULB ; bud, cullion; 
bulge ; m. : lobe, medulla oblongata ; pupil 
(of eye), -beno? 15 , =ese [L. -bosus], 
adj.: bulbous." -bUle 11 ;/.: little bulb. 

buli-me ls [1. L. -mm (? bulla, bubble)], 
m.: bulimid (mollusk). 

bu-llalre 17 [-lie], adj.: of papal bulls; 
m.: BULLARY (collection of papal edicts). 
||~Ue 12 [L, -lla, bubble; ball],/.: bulla 
(locket of noble Roman children); bull 
(from pope) ; seal ; BULLEN-nail (with large 
head); bubble; boil (sore), -lie 18 , adj. : 
sealed; seal-like (in shape). -Uetln 16 
[It. -lletino], m.: = ; ballot ; (baggage) 
check, -lletiniste 17 [-lletin], TO. : writer 
(of bulletins, etc.). -lleuo; 18 , =ese, adj.: 



full of boils. -Iteau 17 [for bulleteau] 
m. : tree trimmed bushy. 
Inme 17 [?], /.: smokestack, mantle (of 

bunette 17 [?],/.: certain (winter) warbler. 

buniade 15 [L -nias (in ace. -niadem)], 

f. : Swedish wild turnip. 

bunicm 15 [LJ, m.: Swedish turnip. 

buphtTial^ine 17 [L. -mum], m.: ox-eye 

(plant), -mie 18 [Gr. bous, ox, ophthalmos, 

eye],/. : BUPHTHALMIA (dropsy of the eye). 

bu~plevre 16 [L. -pleuron, Gr. boupleuron 

(Sous, "ox, pleuron, side)], m.: hare's-ear 

(plant), -preste 15 [L. -press's (Gr. pre- 

2Aexw, swell)], m.: buprestis (serricorn 

beetle), stink-bug. 

fbuquer ls [dial. for bueher], intr.: knock 

(at a door). 

buque^* 17 [buehe], m.: ladle (to stir 
indigo), -tte 17 [dial, for buchette], f. : 
measuring stick (gauged to several dimen- 
sions of a mast). 
burail 15 [It. -ratio], m.: silk poplin 


bu-raliste 17 [-ream], m., /.: stall-, or 
stand-keeper ; postmaster. 
bura~t 15 [It. -tto], m.; drugget (cloth). 
-tin 16 , -tine [It. -ttino], m., f.: silk 
poplin, -te 16 , adj. : like drugget. 
i.bure 11 [buire],f.: kind of vase ; kind of 
2.fbure 17 [Plem. booren, BORE], /.: shaft 

(of a mine) ; = bune (smoke-stack). 
3.bu~re [L. burra, certain shaggy 
cloth] , /. ; drugget (cloth) . -reau u , m. : 
coarse wool cloth; tablecloth; table; = 
(chest of drawers; office; men of an 
office) : restant t hold (letter) till called 
for ; prendre I'air du , try to find out 
something from the knowing ones, -reau- 
crate 18 , m,: bureaucrat (arbitrary 
officeholder), -reaucratie 17 [Gr. kra- 
tein, rule],/.; bureaucracy, -reaucra- 
tiqwe 17 , adj.: bureaucratic, -rele 12 
[-reau], adj. : barry (escutcheon), -relle 16 
[-rele],f: barry stripe, barulet. 
burette 18 [buire],f.: = (cruet ; graduated 
tube); oil-can. 

bur~gau 15 [?], m. : = (univalve nacreous 
shell), -gaudine 17 ,/.: mother-of-pearl. 
burgea-ge 17 , m.: bubbling, causing bub- 
bles". linger 17 [?], make (glass) bubble 
(by plunging a stick of green wood into 
the molten glass). 

burgra~ve 14 [Ger. lurggraf, castle- 
count], m.: . -via* 15 , m.: title or 
domain of a burgrave, burgraviate. 
bu^rin 15 [Ger. bohren, BORE], m.: = 
(graver's tool); pick; crowbar; rammer. 
-riner 15 , tr.: engrave; hollow out 
(horse's teeth, showing false age) ; ram 
(oakum, etc.). 


bur~le 15 [It. -la];f.: jest. -l 
[It. -lesco], adj.: =. -lesq_UEinent 16 , 
adv. : in a burlesque manner ; ludicrously. 

burnous 17 [Ar. burnus], m.: BURNOOSE 
(hooded cloak). 

buron 11 [Germ'c bur, dwelling], m.: 
fcabin; cheese-house. 

bur^saire 18 [1. L. -sa, purse], adj.: 
purse-shaped ; /. : certain plants, or infu- 
soria. -sal 15 [1. L. -sa], adj.: impost, 
tax (measure). 

bus 16 [buste], m. : BUST (on an escutcheon). 

bus-aigle 18 [buse, aigle], m.: EAGLE- 
hawk. -ard 11 [buse], m.: hen-hawk, 
European BUZZARD. 

buse 15 [It. -co, sprig], m.: BUSK (of corset 
stays) ; trigger-guard (of a gun). 

i. buse 13 [Flem. buis, canal], /.; tube, 
channel, pipe. 

2.bu~se [p. L. *butia (L. buteo, hawk)], 
/.; European BUZZARD; hawk; lout. 
-ser 14 , intr. : hunt slow or indifferently 
(as a dog), -sette 15 ,/.: certain winter 
warbler. -s<m 14 , m.; (Guinea) buzzard; 
stupid man. " 

fbus-que = buse. -qite 17 , adj. : con- 
vexed ; aquiline, i .\\~quer 15 [buse], tr. : 
supply with BUSK ;, make convex. 

2.fbus-^uer >15 [Sp. -car, seek], tr.: |bunt 

fbusquiere 16 [buse], /.: sheath, pocket 
(for a stay, or BUSK). 

f bus-sard 14 , m.: cask, hogshead. [|^se 12 
[for boite], /.: kind of barrel, -serie 17 , 
/.: barrelstave. 

busserole 17 [Prov. -lo (ak. to buis)],f.: 
barberry, bear's grape. 

i.buste 17 [Jt. -ta, ak. to Fr. botte], m.: 
BOX (for raisins). 

2.buste 14 [It. -to], m.: BUST (head and 

bu~ 12 , m.: butt, goal, end : & , nip 
and tuck. t-t%^* [-^r], adj. : abutting. 
-te 16 [-ter], /: BUTTERIS (hoof -par ing 
tool), -tee 16 [-ter], /.: aBUTment-pier 
(of a bridge). -ter 14 , intr.: abut; 
stumble ; take aim ; tr. : prop ; induce : 
se , resist. t-t*e*e 16 , /' target- 

bu-tin 18 [Goth. *but = Ger. beute, prey], 
m.: BOOTY, spoils, -tiner- 18 , tr.: plun- 
der ; intr. : get booty, -neur 15 , =Qnse 
[-tiner], adj.: plundering, -toir 17 [-ter], 
m. : leather-scraper, parer (tool) ; door- 
stop, bumper. 

butome 17 [Gr. boutomos], m.: flowering- 

buto^t* ^ [? L. butio], m.: mire-drum, 
bittern; dolt, -rde, /.: silly goose 
(woman), -rderie 18 ,/.: stupidity. 

but-taaje 18 [-ter], m.: banking up, earth- 
ing up, ||~te 18 [but],f.; =; hillock, 


hummock ; target stand ; ftarget-practice. 
-te 16 , adj.: chien , dog with swollen 
foot. t-tee ~ butee. -ter 17 , tr.: 
ridge up ; bank up ; intr. : stumble (as a 
horse), -toir 18 [-ter], m.: shovel-plough, 
cultivator, -tare 16 ,/.: swelling (on a 
dog's foot). 

bnty^reuoc 15 , =ej&se [L. -rum, BUTTER], 
adj.: butyrous, like butter, -rique 18 
[L. -rum], adj.: butyric. 

bu~vable 12 [boire], adj^.: drinkable. 
f-van/de \L. bibenda, things to drink], 
/.: (2iaZ.) light drinks, -vatit 16 [boire], 
adj.: drinking, -vard 18 [boire], adj.: 
absorbing: papier , blotting paper; 
un , book of blotting paper. 

tbuveaii = biveau. 

fbn-vee poire], /.: bran-water (for 
stock), -vetier 16 bvf-tye [-vette], m.: 
BUFFET keeper, -vette 15 [boire], f.: 
drinking place, refreshment room ; (fan.) 
drinking, -veur n , =ejjse [boire], m., f. : 
drinker, -voter 15 [boire], intr.: sip. 

fby 13 K r buis], m.: (dial.) trench, ditch 
(to drain a pond). 

byssus 15 [L. (Gr. bussos, yellow flax)], m.: 
= (fine linen; filaments of certain 
bivalves; fungus). 

By~zn-ee (L. -zantium], f.: Constan- 
tinople, by-zawtiw n [L. -zantinus] , adj. : 

o 9e or mod. SE [L.], m. : c (the letter) ; c. 
(C.) abbreviation for cent(ime), contre, 
compte, carbone, carre, Christus, etc. ; 5, c 
with cedilla = s; c.-d-d. = c'est a dire, 
that is to say. c' = ce. 

-e' for ce. 

ca 16 [cela], pron.: (fam.) this, that: 
comme ', like that ; c'est , that's it ; 
ga ira, 'it will go' or succeed (title of a 
revolutionary song). 

9a [p, L. *iga (L. ecce hac, behold)], adv. : 
hither; "fnw, inter j.: here! 

cab 18 [Bng. (Fr. cabriolet)], m.: cab. 

.oaba-le 1 ^ |J[eb. kabbalah, tradition],/.: 
CABALA (occult system of doctrine) ; CABAL 
(scheme, intrigue; factious league). 
-ler 16 , intr.: cabal. 

cab alette 18 [It. -tta],f.: cabaletta (gal- 
loping final aria in an operetta). 

oaba-leur 16 , =jDLse [-ler], m., f.: 
schemer, intriguer, -liste 15 [-/e], m.: 
cabalist, occultist ; ff action maker, -lis- 
tique 15 [-liste], adj.: mysterious. 

tcaballin 1 * [L. -llus, horse], adj.: CA- 
BALLINE^ equine. 

cab an 14 [Sp. gaban], m.: heavy blouse 
(with hood and close sleeves). 



caba-nage 18 [-ner], m. : lodging. ||~ne u 
[Prov. -no], f. : booth, hut, CABIN ; tent ; 
warren (for rabbits) ; breeding-cage ; 
cocoon twigs (for silkworms) ; 

(aboard ship), -neau 18 , m.: shelter, 
awning (on shore for cod fishers), -ner 16 , 
tr. : flodge in a hut ; fix twigs (for silk- 
worms to form cocoons on) ; capsize (a 
boat), -non 17 , m.: (dial.) little hut; 
villa; dungeon, f-not 16 , m.: little hut. 

cabarer 17 [?], intr.: (in brewing) run 
the contents of the hop back into the 

i. cabaret 17 [?], m.: certain linnet. 

2.cabare~ 14 [?], m.: dram-shop (saloon, 
tavern, fEng. cabaret) ; certain plant that 
catches water ; tea-set, -tier* 3 , -iere, 
wiv/ ; grog-seller. 

cabals 12 [Prov. (? L. capax, holder)], m.: 
= (rush-basket for figs, grapes, etc. ; 
woman's work-basket). -sser 14 , tr.: 
put into a basket; filch, -ssefc 18 , m.: 
kind of helmet. 

tcabeliau = cabillaud. 

cabestan 15 [Prov. (L. capistrare, halter, 
bind)], m. : CAPSTAN. 

cabiai 17 [SAmJ, m.: capybara, water- 

cabmajud 12 [Holl. kabeljau], m.: fresh- 
water COd, KEELING. 

cabU~let 17 [Prov. -lha, peg], n.: side 
(of the" form for shaping tennis rackets). 
-lot 16 [Prov. -hot], m.: belaying-pin. 

carbine 17 [Eng. -bin (Fr. -bane)], f.: 
cabin (of ship) ; room (in bath-house). 
-binet 15 [It. -binetto], m.: = (small 
apartment, closet; set of drawers; fine 
piece of furniture) ; office : by ellipsis 
office patronage, clientele ; summer-house : 
homme de , close student ; d'aisances, 
water-closet; noir, secret closet 
(where suspicious letters were opened). 

cabiou 18 [?], m.: certain confection. 

fcabirotade = capilotade. 

c$~ble n [Prov. (L. capulum, halter)], m.: 

t CABLE, -ble 17 [-bier], m.: cord (of four 
or six strands), -bleau 15 , or -blot, m.; 
cable (to smaller anchors), -bier 17 , tr.: 
make cable of ; twist into rope. 

tcabliau = cabillaud. 

c4bliere 17 [~ble], f.: anchorstone (used 
for anchor). 

fo4blot = c&bleau. 

ca^bo-che 11 \L. -put, head], /.: (fam.) 
pate, noddle; sparrow-owl; hobnail. 
-bo-eno-w/ 13 , m.: = (precious stone uncut, 
but polished) ; hobnail ; certain mollusk. 
-bosse 17 ,/.: (vulg.) cocoanut. 

cabosser 18 [pejorative ca, bosse], tr.: 
stave in (a hat, box, etc.). 

cabo-tage 17 , m.: = (coast navigation, 
trading), jitter 15 [Sp, wbo, CAPE, 



headland], Mr.: sail along coast, coast 
-teur 16 , =ejse, adj.: coasting; m. 
coaster, -tier 16 , =iere, adj,: coasting 
/.: coasting-ship, -tin 18 , =ine [?], m. 
/.: (Jam,.} travelling comedian. -tinage ie 
[-tiner], m.: (/aw.) life, or ways of a 
roving actor, -tiner 18 [-tin], Mr.. 
(/am.) rove about (as an actor). 

cabomlle 18 [Sp. -buya],f.: (vulg.) agave 
(plant used to make rope). 

caboulot 18 [?], 771.; whisky shop. 

ca~bre i6 [Prov. -bra (L. capra) goat] : 
/. : derrick, sheers. -brer 16 [Prov. 
-frrar], reft. : rear (on the hind legs) ; 
frage. -bri 13 [Prov. -brit], m.: kid. 
-briole 13 [It. -priola], f.: CAPRIOLE 
(leap and a kick), -briolet* 15 [-briole], 
intr.: leap and kick, -briolet 17 [-brio- 
ler], m.: =, CAB, carriage; gun- 
truck ; shoe-last ; laminated knif e>handle ; 
(French) handcuffs, -brioleur 17 , =ejjse 
[-brioler], m., f.: leaper, CAPERER. 
-bri<m 16 [Prov. -brioun], m.: chock, 
block, wedge; -bron 16 [Prov.], m.: kid- 
skin; buff-tool. 

cabus 12 [Prov. (cap, head)], adj. m.: chou 
, CABBAGE (with head). 

ca~ca 15 [L. -care], m.: CACK. f-cade 16 
[It. -cata],f.: cacking; fizzle. 

caoa-o 16 [Sp. (fr. Hex.)], m.: . 
-oyer 16 , or -otier, m.: cacao-tree. 
-oyere 17 oiyer, or -otiere, /.: cacao 

cacarder 16 [echoic], intr.: honk, gaggle 

fcacatoes or -tqis 17 [echoic, Hindu ka- 
katua], m.: cockatoo; royal (sail or 

ca-ebalot 17 [? Catal. quichal, tooth], m. : 
= (sperm-whale). 17 [dial, for chasse], f.: kind of 
staked fishnet, seine. 
z.fca-ehe = caiche. 

3.oa~-eli.e 15 [-cher], /.; (/am.) , hiding 
place; (in comp., I've of -cher). -ebe- 
oa-clie 18 , m.: hide-and-seek. t~ek0- 
(oa-eh.e-)mitoulas 15 [-che, mie tu ne 
Fas (thou hast it not)], m,: children's 
game =jeu du furet. -ehe-coyset 18 , 
pl. , m.: corset cover. 
oa-ebeotique 15 [L. -ticus (Gr. kakos, 
bad, hexis, state)], adj.: CACHECTIC (of 
general bad health). 

oa-ehe-eiitree 17 ,_pZ. , m. ; drop, escutch- 
eon, key-hole guard, -epoutis 18 , pl. , 
m.: dye (put on with brush, to touch up 
colour of wool imperfectly dyed), -lu- 
miere 18 , pL , m. : vent cover (of cannon). 
= chasse-maree. 
8 , pl. , m.: match-tub 
m.: con- 


ca-ehemi-re 18 [(7., state of India], m.: 
cashmere, -rette 18 ,/; cashmerette. 
f ca-eb.e*>xnitoula$ = cache-cache-mitou- 
las. 1f-m.-u.setin==casse-museau. -nes 15 , 
pl., m.: muffler, -pei^ne 18 , m.: curl, 
ribbon (covering a comb), -poi 18 , pl. , 
m.: = (ornamental covering for flower- 
pot): d , clandestinely, like a smuggler. 
-poussiere 18 , m.: duster (light over- 

ea~-eher [p. L. *cp-actie<ire (L. cogere, 
compress)], tr.: hide, secrete, conceal. 
-ehere 17 , /.; annealing bin (in glass- 
makfng). -ehcpie 16 ,/.: secrecy. 
ca-eherort 13 [?], m.: string. 
ca--ehet 15 [-cher], m.: = (seal, stamp); 
(stamped) ticket : Ze#re de , = (letter 
with royal stamp sentencing to prison or 
exile without trial), -eh.e-tamp<m 18 , 
m.: "hide-stick" (game), --ehete?" 15 , 
tr.: seal, -ehette 15 [-che], /.: hiding 
place, -cheur 15 , =ejrise [-cher], m., f,: 
secreter, concealer. 

ca-eheacie 15 [L. -xia, fr. Gr. kachexia 
(kakos, bad, h$xia, state)],/.: CACHEXY 
(general ill-health) : aqueuse, dropsy. 
ca-ehi~men 17 [Creole], m.: custard 
apple, papaw (fruit or tree) : - de marais, 
alligator-apple, -mentier 1T , m. : papaw- 

ca-ctolong 17 [?], m; = (certain opal). 
ca-ehot^ 5 [cache], m.: secret place; dun- 

tca-eh.otte = cageotte. 
ca-ehot^ter 1 1G [cacher], tr.: hide un- 
necessarily. -terie 16 , /.: silly conceal- 
ment. -tier 18 , =iere, m., /.: lover of 

oa-ehou 16 [EInd.], m.: = (aromatic drug). 
cacKucba 18 ka-tchou-tcha [Sp.], /.: cer- 
tain dance. 

ca-eiqwe 16 [Sp. (Central Am.)], m.: = 
(Indian chief). 
^ca-eis = cassis. 

aco-^ebyme 15 [Gr. -chumos (kakos, bad, 
chumds, tumour)], adj.: debilitated, -cby- 
mie 15 [Gr. -chumia], /.; cacochymia 
(weakened condition), -graphic 15 [Gr. 
grdphein, write], /.: poor spelling, cacog- 

cacolet 18 [Beam], m.: =, bat, pack- 

caco^logie 16 [Gr. kakds, bad, Idgos, 
speech] , /. : faulty expression, -phonic 16 
[Gr. phonfa (phone, sound)],/.; CACOPH- 

cacou.s, =onse = cagou. 
cac-tee 18 , /.: plant of cactus family. 
-tier 17 or Iktus 17 [Gr. kdktos, thorny 
plant], m. : cactus. 

cadas-tral 18 , pl. =auoc, adj. : =. H^tre 16 
[Prov, (? JL JLi, capitastrum, L caput, 


head)], m. : = (survey or registry as 
basis for land tax valuation), -trer 17 , 
tr.: put into the cadaster; intr.: make 
the cadaster. 

ca-davereusc 15 , =eja.&e [L. -daverosus], 
adj.: cadaverous, corpselike. -daveri- 
que 18 , adj.: of the corpse. H~davre 15 
[L. -daver (-dere, fall)], m.: CADAVER, 
carcass, corpse (of larger animals). 

i. cade 13 [Prov.], m.: = (juniper). 

2. cade 17 [L. -dus], m.: = (measure of 
1000 litres) ; barrel. 

ca-deau 15 [Prov. -pdel (L. -put, head)], 
m.: fcapital letter with flourish; fflourish; 
fdiversion; complimentary present, gift. 
-dediou 10 , or -dedis [Gascon for cap- 
de-dious, head of God], interj. or dis- 
guised oath: God's head, zounds ! t-de- 
ler 15 , Zr.: ornament (with pen). 

cade-nas 15 [Prov. -nat (L. catena, CHAIN)], 
m.; padlock; lock; case (with lock). 
-nasser 15 , tr.: padlock. 

ca-dfjn-ee 15 [It. -denza (L. -dere, fall)], 

/. : = (rhythm, harmony, gliding, beating 
of time), -den-eer 17 , tr. : time ; render 

cadene 15 [It. -na (L. catena)],/.: CHAIN 
(for rigging ; for convicts). 

cadenette 16 [marshal Cadenet], /.: = 
(lovelock'of men). 

cade~t, -tie [Gascon capdet (L. co/pui, 
head) CAPtain (us'ly younger son of a 
noble)], m., /.: younger, next oldest, or 
youngest person (esp. child, brother or 
sister, fEng. CADET) ; junior ; pi. : company 
of volunteers (of younger sons, fEng. 
cadets); /.: short cue (at billards) ; small 
cut paving stone; adj.: younger, next 
oldest : c'est mon , that is my youngest 
child ; il est mon , he is my youngest 
boy; he is my junior (younger than I); 
un de famille, a younger (youngest) 
son; c'est le de mes soucis, it is the 
least of my cares ; un de haut appetit, 
a fellow with extravagant tastes, -tter 16 , 
tr.: pave. 

cadi 13 [Ar. gddhi, judge], m.: =. 

cadi-clipn^Wefl, m.: little CADET. 

cadil 17 [cade, cask], m.: litre measure. 

cadis 13 [Prov.], m.: CADDIS (cloth). 

Cadix -dis, m.: Cadiz (the city in Spain). 

cad~mie 15 [L. -mia (cadmus)],/.: cadmia 
(zincoxide). -mium 18 , m.: =. 

cadogan 18 [Count C.], m.: tress (of hair, 
held by a knot). 

cadole 16 [Prov. -daulo (Gr. kata-bole, 
'down-throw')],/-' bolt (of a lock). 

ca^dran 12 [L. quadram, QUARTER-circle], 
m.: CADEANS; plate (of [sun-]dial); face 
(of watch), dial; certain mollusk: dor- 
mir le tour du , sleep twelve hours. 
-drannerie 17 , /.; factory (for marine 

cagnard 93 

instruments). -dranDtier 17 , m.: em- 
ployee (of factory for ship's instruments). 
-drannure 17 , /.: windshake, anemosis. 
f-drimt = -dran. -drat 17 or -dratin [L. 
quadratus, SQUARED], m.: QUADRAT, -dra- 
ture 17 [~dre],f.: clock-work, ca-dre 15 
[It. quadro, square], m. : frame ; out- 
line; limit =, list (as of officers); 
corps; props, shores (in a mine); berth, 
bunk (aboard ship): de reserve, retired 
list, -drer 15 [-dre, L, quadrare, square], 
intr. : suit, conform ; fit ; tr. : stretch 
(skins on a frame) : les livres cadrent mal 
avec le mariage, books (authorship) do 
not go well with matrimony, f-dril- 
l^ge? -driller = quad-rillage, etc. 

cadu~c 13 , -qate [L. -cus (cadere, fall)], 
adj.: CADUCOUS, tottering, falling; de- 
ciduous ; lapsed : mal , falling sickness, 

cadu-eee 14 [L. -ceum, ak. to Gr.kerukeion 
(kerux, herald)], m.: CADUCEUS, the wand 
of Mercury. 

cadu-eite [-due], f. : CADUCITY (liability 
to fall, or lapse). 

ese-cal 16 se-, adj.: =, blind, hav'g one 
end closed. H^ciun, 15 [L., blind], m.: 
blind gut, vermiform appendix. 

Ca$n [L. Cadomum], m. : Caen (the town 
in France). * 

^aesiuni. 18 se- [L., bluish], m.: = (silver- 
white metallic element). 

ca-fard 15 , =farde [?], m., f.: =, im- 
postor; sly backbiter, hypocrite, -far- 
dage 17 , m.; cant, -farde-r 15 , intr.: 
cant, play the hypocrite, -farderie 1 *, 

/.: cant, -fardise 16 ,/.: hypocrisy. 

ca^fe 16 [It. caffe (fr. Ar.)], m.: COFFEE; 
cafe (coffee-room, light restaurant): 
noir } strong coffee ; en poudre, 

ground coffee ; concert, chantant, 

music hall with refreshments, -feier* 17 
or t-fi-^ w-' coffee-shrub; coffee-planter. 
-fei^re 18 [-feier], /.: coffee-plantation. 
-feine 18 ,/.: caffeine (drug). 

cafetan 15 [Turk.], m.: CAFTAN (garment 
of honour). 

ca~fetier 16 , =i|re [cafe\, m.,/.: keeper 
of cafe ;"/ : coffee pot. i-Rer = -feier. 

caftan = cafetan. 

ca~ge [L. cavea (cavus, hollow)], /.: 
= ;' trellis-work; case (as of time-piece); 
staircase, -gee 15 ,/.: cageful, birds in 
a cage, -geot 14 , m.: flittle cage; tub 
(to drain oil* fr. cod livers); -geotte 17 , 
/.: tobacco-pipe (with no heel), -ge- 
rotte 15 ,/.: draining-basket (for cheese). 
-gette 13 ,/.: little cage, -gier 15 , =iere, 
771., /. ; fbird-seller ; cage-maker or seller. 

i.cafifjiard 15 [com], m.: fnook ; tramp's 
camp" "(under a bridge); weather-cloth, 
awning (at sea). 


cagnard 16 [-cagne], adj.: lazy-bones. 
-grnarder 15 [-guard], Mr.: lie around, 
be~ lazy. -^saardise 15 /.: laziness. 
ca~03o.e 14 [lt.~-gna, L. eanis, dog], /.: 
fbitch; slattern. ~gn.&jjLOc 16 , =^, 
adj.: knock-kneed, -sraot 15 [Prov.], m.: 

cagnotte 18 PL/: P* ( a ^ car(1 table). 

ca~go 1& , =ote [dial.], m., /.: (formerly 
in Beam) leper; bigot, -goterie 16 ,/.: 
-goterie 16 , /.: bigotry, -gotisme 1 ^, 
TO..- bigotry. H^gou 14 [Breton cacou], 
m. ; (formerly in Bretagne) leper ; twretch, 

ca~gomaie 16 [Sp. -gotto (L. cucullus, 
hood)], /.: volute, scroll (on prow of a 
ship), -gonle 12 [coule] f f.: monk's cloak 
(enveloping the whole body), COWL. 

cague 17 |HolL kaag}, f.: sloop; keg (of 
about four gallons). 

caMer [L. quaternio, number four], m. : 
note-lbook ; = (quarter of a quire ; official 
instructions to delegates; memorial to 

cafoin-caTta 14 [? L. qua hie, qua hac, 
now there, now here], adv.: so so. 

cafto~t 14 PLm.: jolt (of vehicle), -tage 11 
[-ter], m.; jolts, -tawt 17 [-ter], adj.: 
jolting. -tem.ent lB [-ter], m.: jolting, 
shaking up. -ter 16 , Jr.: jolt. 

cafcnte ^ [?] , /- :" shanty. 

foaic = caique. 

f cai-elie = quaiche. 

caid 18 [Ar.], m.: =, alcaide (leader; 

oaien 16 [?], m.: small bulb, clove. 

caiHasse 18 [ak. to caittou],/.: gravelly 

caiile 11 [Germ'c (1. L. quaquila)], /.: 
QUAIL : le roi des s, meadow crake. 

[?],. m.: (dial.) guelder- 

a.fcail-leliot = 

caiilebo-te 17 p], /.: cleat, brace (on 
ship's rib), dutehman. -tis 16 , m. : hatches. 

cail-lebotte 15 [-UMter], f. : clot; curd. 
t-l^botter 12 [cai//e-, (cailler), bolter 
(bouter)], tr.: COAGULATE, clot, ^-lebo^- 
ti<n,= calebottin. -Ie-Iait 17 ,m.: cheese- 
rennet, bed-straw (plant). -lem.$nt u , 
m.: curdling, coagulation. i.||~ler [L. 
coagulare], tr. : eoagulate, clot, curdle. 

2.oaillef M [caiZZ], m.: QUAJL-trap. 

caiilet'age 17 [-iie, clown], m.; silly 

caiUeteaia 18 [caiZZe], m.: young QUAIL. 

caifc-leter 17 , t^r.: chat, nonsense, gossip, 
i. H^iette [famous clown C.],/.: gossip. 

2.catilette 18 [-Ze],/.: QUAiL-like petrel. 

3.caidet*^ 18 t-M /.: rennet, fourth 
stomach (of calf); (sZa^) pudenda. 
[-ler], m,; clot. 

caillot-rosat 15 [? Caittouel, name of 
place], m. : 'certain pear. 

caitlou 11 , pi. -~x [ehail], m.: gravel; 
pebble, flint. -tage 15 [-ier],m.: graveling; 
pebble-work; flint pottery, -te 18 , m.; 
macadam road; fine pottery, -te-r 18 , ^r.: 
gravel; set with stones, -tern* 18 t-^r], 
m.; macadamizer; flint worker, -teiio? 16 , 
=^se, adj.: stony, gravelly, -tis 16 , m.; 

caimacan 16 [Ar. = place-holder], m. : =, 
lieutenant of the grand vizir. 

caiman, 16 [Sp. fr. Carib.], m. : =, alligator 
(of S."Am.). 

tcaima>id, etc. quemand, etc. 

caigue 16 pt. eaicco (fr. Turk.)], m.: =, 
launch ; small sailing vessel. 

a ira 17 [lit. 'it will go,' i.e. succeed], m.: 
title of a revolutionary song. 

caire 17 [? Malay kayar, twist, rope], m.: 
COIR (fiber or rope of cocoanut-husk). 

cairon 15 [Prov. (L. quadrum, SQUARE)], 
m.: "stone (for banking up a caldron, 

cais-se 15 [Prov. -sa (L. capsa, box)], /.; 
CHEST; CASE; crate; office; CASH; counter; 
public coffer, treasury; drum: sauver la 
, abscond with the money; grosse , 
bass-drum; much ado about nothing; 
battre la grosse , play the scamp. 
-setiii/ 17 [Prov.], m.: raisin-box; work- 
box." -sier 15 , =iere, m., /.: CASHIER. 
-sow, 15 [It. cassone], m.: = (large or 
heavy box for ammunition, etc.; water- 
tight box, for workmen below in riverbed, 

cajeput 18 kash- [Malay], m.: cajuput (oil). 

cajo~ler 15 [? cage], Mr.: chatter (as 
magpie) ; drift (down stream against 
wind); tr, : cajole, dupe, flatter, -lerie 15 , 

/.: flattery. -leur 15 , =ejsse, m., /.; 

tcajot, etc. = cageot, etc. 

cajute 16 [Holl. kajuit], /.: state-room; 
berth (on ship). 

cal 15 DL. -ZZws], m.: hardened skin, callus. 

calade 16 [It. -lota], f.: = (slope to train 
horses on). 

i.oalage 18 [-ler, lower], m.: lowering 
(topma'st), sinking. 

2.calage 18 [-ler, tighten], m,: tightening, 

foalaide = callaide. 

Calais 18 [? Gr. kdlathos, basket], m.: 
market basket. 

Calais, m. : = (French port) : Pas-de- 
-, straits of Dover. 

calai$cm 17 [4er, lower],/.: draft, gauge. 

cal^'Wt-'bour 16 , or -liafo), or -"barfl, or 
-"bou(o), -bourfir [Malay], m. : aloes-wood. 

calame 15 [L. -mw, reed], m.: reed pen, 


calament 12 [L. -minthe (Gr. kalos, beauti- 
ful, mintha, mint)], m.: CALAMINT. 

calami-naire 16 , adj.: of calamine. 
||~ne 12 [L L. -na (L. cadmia)], /.: =, 
calamin (ore of zinc). 

cala-mistrer 13 [1. L. -mistrare (L. -mis- 
trum, curling iron, ak. to -mus, reed)], tr.: 
frizzle, curl with an iron, i.-mite 15 [It. 
-mita (-mo, reed), i.e. reed-stone (for 
magnet of compass used to be floated in 
a reed)], /. : tl a( i-stone ; certain clay. 
2. -mite 12 [L. -mus, reed], /.: f rosin 
(collected in reeds); = (fossil plant). 
3. -mite 18 [L. -mites (Gr. -mites, green 
frog)],/.: toad. 

calami~te 13 [L. -tas], f.: calamity. 
-tense 15 , =ense [L. -tosus], adj.: calami- 

oa-landrage 18 [-landrer], m. : smoothing 
(with calender or mangle). i-ll^lan- 
dre 15 [? -landrer ', or L. cylindrum, 
cylinder],/.: CALENDER, mangle (for linen). 
2.-landre 15 [Holl. kalender (? ak. to i.)], 
/.: weevil. 

3-calandre 11 [Prov. -dra (Gr. kdlan- 
dros)], f. : calandra (kind of lark). 

calan-drer 14 [-dre, CALENDER], tr.: 
smooth (with mangle), mangle, -dreur 13 , 
e, m.,f.: mangier. 

16 or -gue [Prov. -co (ak. to 

calcaire 17 [L, -carius (calx, lime)], adj.: 
calcareous, limy. 

calcanenm 15 [L.], m.: heel-bone. 

cal-ce^doine 11 [L. -donius (town Chalce- 
dori)], /.: CHALCEDONY (kind of agate). 
-donieua? 16 , =epse, adj.: like chalced- 
ony, milky white. 

cal-eeolaire 17 [L. calceolus, little shoe], 
/.: ladys-slipper (plant). 

oal-eet 16 [It. -cese (L. carchesium, drink- 
ing cup)], m. : mast-head (shaped to attach 
a lateen sail, or a pulley).^-ein 18 [L. calx, lime], m.: limy crust 
(on stones fr. exposure to air). 2.-eiw, 17 , 
m.: glass rubbish (to be remelted). -ei- 
natigw, 12 , /.: =. -<siner 13 |L. calx, 
lime], tr.: calcine, reduce to lime; roast 
(by dry heat), --eium 18 -om [L. calx], 
77i.: = (chemical element). 

i. calculi 16 [L. -lus, pebble], m.: CALCU- 
LUS, stone (in the bladder, gall, etc.). 
2.-1 14 [~ler], m.: calculation; calculus 
(mathematics), -lable 17 [-ler], adj.: =. 
-lateur 15 , -latrie [L. -later], m., f.: 
calculator : arithm&tique, calculating 
machine, -ler 18 [L. -lare], tr. : calculate ; 
manage^ well, plan, -leno; 15 , =eu?e, 
adj.: calculous (gritty; afflicted with 

i.oale 12 [It. (-/are, descend)], /.: low part, 
(of ship) - r slip, d<?ck j cr^ek ; lead (of 



fishline), sinker; ducking, keel-hauling 
(punishment) : il est d, fond de , he is 
ruined ; flottante, floating dock (for 
graving) ; donner la , keel-haul (a cul- 

2.cale 15 [?],/.: hood, cap; grisette, lackey, 

3-cale 16 [ak. to Ger. keil, wedge], /,: 
block, wedge. 

calebas~se 15 [Sp. calabaza (fr. Pers,)], 
/.: CALABASH, drinking gourd; crucible; 
furnace. -sier* 17 , m.: gourd plant; 
gourd tree. 

calebotin 16 [?], m.: cobbler's basket (for 
thread, etc.). 

cale<5he 16 [Ger. kalesch (fr. Pol.)], f.: 
CALASH (buggy; hood in anal, with calash- 

cale^cm 15 [It. -Izone (-Iza, stocking, L. 
calx, heel)], m.: drawers (garment). 

calefactiora, 13 [L. cale-factio, 'hot- 
making'],/.: , warming, heating. 

foaleidoscope = kaleidoscope. 

foalemande, -mar = calmande, etc. 
algtn^'baar 14 [f], m.: pun, play on 
words. -brEdaine 17 , /.: humbug; wild 
scheme; fib. 

calencar 15 [Pers.], m. : painted calioo* 

ca-lendaire 16 [L. -leniarium, account 
book], m.: church register, calendar, 
record. Ihlgndes 11 [L. -lendae], f. pi : 
first day of the month, calends, CALLING 
days; fconference (on first of each month). 
-lendrier 11 \\. L. -lendariuni], m.: 
calendar ; almanac : perpGtuel, running 
thirty-five years ; de Flore, giving 
flowers for different months of the year. 

calewtnre 17 [Sp. -tura OL- calere, be hot) 
fever], /. : ==, delirious fever. 

i.calepin, 15 [author Calepino], m.: =, 
fdictionary ; memorandum-book, pocket 

2.fcalepin = canepin. 

i.caler 13 - [It. -lare (Gr. chalan, relax)], 
tr, : let down ; drop ; strike (mast or sail) ; 
intr.: sink, settle. 

2.caler 1G [-Ze, wedge], tr.: wedge true, 
straighten up (with wedge) : c'est un 
homme cale, he is a man in a good place. 

calere 18 [Prov. caret], f. : certain fishnet. 

calejir 16 [2.-ler], m.: idle workman. 

cal-fai, m.: calking iron. ||*fat 18 
[Prov. -afat,fr. AT.], m.: CALKer; calking 
iron; f calking, -fatage 15 [-fater], m.: 
calking. -fater 12 , fr. : CALK (drive 
tarred oakum into the seams of), -fa- 
tenr 13 [-fater], m.: calker. -feu-trage 16 
[-feutrer], m. : stopping up of chinks. 
-feutrer 16 [= -fater], tr. : calk ; stop up 
(air cracks), chinse. 

ca-librage 18 [-librer], m.; gauging-; 
moulding." H^lilire 14 ftt. -libro (fr. Ar.)], 
m,: =! (bore of a gun; gauge, size, o^- 



pacity). -llbrer 15 , tr.: bore, mold, 

gauge or measure to a calibre. 
Lca-li-ee 14 \L. -lyx (Sr.kdlux, bud)], m.: 

CAUX (of flower). 2,-li-ee 11 [L. -lix (Gr. 

kulix, cup)], m.: CHALICE (cup). 
called 8 [S. Am. Sp.], m.: =, Chile salt- 

calicot 18 [town Calicut], m.: CALICO 

calicule 15 [L. -lyculus (calyx, cup)], m.: 

calicula, calycle. 
cali-fat 16 , TO.: calif ate (reign, office or 

dignity of calif). ||~fe 10 [Ar. khalifa, lit. 

* successor'], m.: calif (head of the Mo- 

califour-ehon 11 [pejorative call ,f our che\, 

in a , astride, straddle. 
calige 18 CU -go], /.: Roman (soldier's) 

caliw, 17 [Port, -laim], m.: Chinese tin, 

Banca tin (used to line tea-chests). 
call 15 , =ine [?], m.,/.: fsluggard, fbeg- 

gar; wheedler, cajoler; adj.: wheedling, 

caUnage 18 [-lin], m.: manufacture of 

tea boxes. 
ca~liner 15 [-tin], tr.: fondle, pet : f*e , 

idle about, loaf, -linerie 18 ,/.: cajolery. 
caliorne 16 [Prov. -liourno (? Gr. kdlos, 

rope)], /.: stock-tackle (used in stowing 

the anchor). 
callissort 18 [Prov. -ssoun], m.: kind of 

almond cake. 
oallaide 17 [L. -llais], /.: CALLAINITE 

(greenish wax-like mineral). 
calleiia5 18 ,=ej|se[[L. -llosus (callus, hard 
place)], adj. : callous, hardened. 
calli~carpe 17 [Gr. -karpos (kdllos, beau- 
ty, karpos, fruit)], m. : ornamental shrub. 
-graphs 17 [Gr. -grdphos (grdphein, 
write)], m.: fine penman, -graphie 18 
[Gr. -grapMa], /.: caligraphy, fine pen- 
manship. -pyge 17 [Gr. puffe, buttocks], 
adj.: callipygian. 

callosite 13 [L. -fa* (callus, hard)], /.: 
CALLUS,, hardened place, callosity (on 
plants ; on a wound). 

calmande 17 [?], /.: CALAMANCO (wool 

caiman^ 17 [-mer], adj.: sedative. 
calmar 15 , or calemar [L. calamarium, 
case for 'reed' pens], m.: tpen-case; 
calamar(y), ink-fish. 

i.oal-me 15 pt. -ma (? Gr. kauma, heat)], 
m.: calm, stillness: plat, perfect calm. 
2.-me H [It. -mo], adj.: quiet, at rest. 
14 - 

[fr. 2.-me], tr.: quiet, calm. 
calomel 18 or calomelas [Gr. kalds, 

beautiful, melas, black], m. : = (chloride 

of mercury). 
oaloza-niatenr 12 , =triee [L. calumnia- 

tor], m., /.; calumniator. ||^nle u [L. 


calumnia (calm, deceive)],/.: calumny. 
-nier 15 [L. calumniari], tr.: calumniate, 
slander : se , pretend to be worse than 
one is ; f guelqu'un de quelque chose, 
asperse one with. -meusenimit 13 
[-nieux], adv. : with calumny, slanderously. 
-nienx 13 , =^ [L. calumniosus], adj.: 
calumnious, slanderous. 

calonniere 16 [cf. canonniere], f.; pop- 
gun ; spindle (of lathe). 

calo~rie 18 [L. -r, heat], /.: calory, heat 
unit in physics, -rifere 18 [L. -r, ferre, 
bear], m.: =, heating apparatus, -rifi- 11 [L. riftcus], adj.: calorific, heat- 
bearing. -rimetre 17 [L. -r, Gr. matron, 
measure], m.: calorimeter. -riqite 17 
[L. -r], m. : caloric, heat. 

i.calot 17 [?], m.: piece of wood; piece of 
(unworked) slate. 

2.calot 17 [cale, wedge], m.: little wedge. 

S.fcaiot 16 [ecale], m.: nut. 

4-ca-lot 17 , m.: crown (of cap), -lotin 17 , 
m. : cap-wearer ; squib writer ; (jfara.) 
priest; priest-haunter: un transport , 
a satirical outburst, f-lotine 17 [-lotin], 
f.: satirical epigram, -lotte 13 [caZe,cap], 
/. : =, cap, skull-cap, fez ; skull ; member 
of a literary club whose emblem was a 
cap and bells, hence: a satirical squib; 
vault; case (of watch), -letter 18 , tr.: 
slap, cuff, box. 

caloyer 13 , =ere [mod. Gr. kaldgeros 
(Gr. kalos, beautiful, geron, old man)], m., 
/. : = (monk or nun of order of St. Basil). 

cal-que 17 [It. -co], m. : CHALK, ll^quer 10 
[It., L. care (L. calx, lime)], tr.: chalk, 
trace, copy; imitate. -q^oir 17 , m.: 
tracer (tool). 

calumet 17 [chalumet], m.: , pipe. 

f calus = cal. 

calvaire 17 [L. -varia, skull; sense fr. 
Heb. golgotha (skull), 'place of a skull'], 
m.: CALVARY, hill of the crucifixion (also 
proper name). 

calville 16 [town <7J, m.; = (apple). 

calvitie 18 [L. -vities (-vus, bald)], /.; 
CALVITIBS, baldness. 

camaieu 12 [1. L.*-mateum, Gr. kamateuein, 
work], m.: = (cameo; picture in one 

camail 13 [Prov. capmalh, 'head-mail'], 
m. : = (mail covering for neck ; kind of 
hood ; garment or robe). 

camara-de 15 [Sp. -da (cdmara, room)], 
w. or/.: COMRADE, intimate friend, -de- 
rie 16 , /.: comradeship, comradery; mu- 
tual support among friends. 

camar<J 16 , =arde [l.L. camus ((jr. kemds) 
muzzle for horse], adj. : snub-nosed, pug- 
nosed, flat-nosed. 

camarilla 18 [Sp., dim. of cdmara, room], 

/. : =, group, clique of advisers of a king. 


caw-biste 16 [It. -bista (-610, CHANGE)], 
7?i.: cambist (one versed in exchange 
values), speculator. ||~biuni 15 [1. L. (L. 
-bire, CHANGE)], m. : = (zone of cells be- 
tween wood and bark). 

cambouis 14 [?], m.: coom (dirt from 
grease on wheels ; dirt in a horse's 

cambre 1G , adj. : cambered, curved, arched : 
pied , foot strongly arched ; tattle e, 
waspish body. ||~brer [p. L. *camerare 
(camera, vault)], tr. : camber, make slightly 
convex, curve, -breur 18 , m.: camberer. 
-briilon 17 , m.: stiff ener (of shoe-heel). 
-brioleur 18 [fr. slang cambriole, room], 
m.: flash-man, porch-climber, burglar (of 
upper chambers), -brure 15 , /.: convex- 
ity, arch ; pigeon-breast. 

cambiise 17 [Holl. kabuys (ak. to Eng. 
cabin}},'/.: CABOOSE, cook's galley^ stew- 
art's room (on ship) ; (/am.) drinking place. 

tcambuser = combuger. 

cambusier- 18 [-se], m.: steward, purser. 

i. came * 7 [Ger. kamm, COMB], /.: CAM, 
camwheel; cog. 

2.fcame = chame. 

camee 17 [It. -meo, ak. to -maieu], m.: 

camelee 17 [L. -laea], /.: widow-wail, 
spurge-flax (shrub). 

camelegn 11 [Gr. chamai-leon, * ground- 
lion'], m.: chameleon; fickle person. 

fcameleopard = camelopard. 

camelia 18 [botanist Camelli], m. CAMEL- 
LIA, Japan rose. 

cameline 15 [Gr. chaimai-melinos 'like 
earth-apple'],/.: camomile, aster. 

ca-melle 18 [Prov. -melo, camel], /.: salt 
pile (heaped up to evaporate), -melo- 
pard 18 [1. L. -melopardus, Gr. kamelo- 
pdrdalis, 'camel-leopard'], m.: giraffe. 
H^melot 12 [chameau], m.: coarse cloth, 
CAMLET; slop-goods; slop-peddler, -me- 
lote 17 ,/.: shoddy article, -meloter 15 , 
tr.: make roughly. -melotier 17 , m.: 
fsmuggler; slop-goods maker, coarse 

came-rier 16 [It.-riere (L. earner a, room)], 
m.: CHAMBERlain (of the pope), -riste 16 
[Sp. camarista], /. : lady-in-waiting (of 

camer-lingat 15 , m.: CAMEKLINGATE, 
office of "pope's chamberlain, camera 
IJngue 14 [It. -lingo (L. camera, room)], 
m,: cardinal CAMERLINGO. 
i.eami^n 16 [?], m: pin, minikin, small 
teasle ; child's shoe. 15 [?], m.: =, gun-carriage; 
truck, dray; paint pot. -mionna^e 18 , 
77i.: trucking, drayage. -mionner 18 3 
tr. : move, transport with trucks. 

S-tcamionner 16 [-mion, pin], tr.; pin. 

camns 9T 

camionneur 18 [-mion, dray], m.: dray- 

tcami~sade 15 [It. -ciato (-cm, shirt, 
worn over armour at night-attacks)], /.: 
= (night attack), -sole 15 [It. -cioa],f.: 
(overblouse ; straight jacket). 

tcamme =z came. 

camomile 18 [L. -lla (Gr. chamai-melon t 
earth-apple)],/.: camomile, aster. 

9a mem, see 2.mon, 

camouflet 14 [?], m.: whiff of smoke 
(blown purposely into one's face) ; affront ; 
= (powder mine to stifle or shut off under- 

camourlot 17 [?], m.: kind of mastich, 

.'fca/nip = khan. 15 [It. -po, it. -pus, field], m.: 
camp; fight; side; tarena: prendre le 
, accept combat; decamp, -pagrnarci 16 , 
=arde [-pagne], m., /.; rustic, country- 
man, -pa^ne 15 [It. -pagna], f. : country ; 
plain ; field (of battle) ; CAMPAIGN, -pa- 
gnol 17 [-pagne], m.: field-mouse, vole. 

campa*ne 13 [1. L. -na (?), bell],/.: fbell 
(campana) ; bell-shaped ornament ; head 
(of Corinthian column); ornament of 
tassel or fringe; tuft; drop; (arch.) 
campana (drop) ; bell-shaped soap-kettle ; 
tumour (on a horse). If-nelle 15 or 
-nette, /.: (dial.) bindweed, -nile 17 
[It.], m.: = (bell-tower). -nulae 18 
[1. L. -nula, little bell], adj.: of bell-wort 
family. -nule 17 Q. L. -nula], f.: cam- 
panula (plant), bell-flower, bell- wort. 
-nnle 17 \\. L. -nula, little bell], adj.: 
campanulate, bell-shaped. 
ia/m,pe 16 [?], m.: corded drugget (cloth). 

campe-elie 16 [Campeachy in Mex.], m.: 
bois de , log-wood. 

cam-peinen 15 , m.: camping. H^per 15 
[carp], intr.: camp; tr.: put in camp, 
encamp (an army) ; set, place ; leave in 
the lurch, desert : cheval campe", spradling 

camper-eke 17 [chant, side, perche], f.: 
certain cross-piece (in weaving frame or 

cam-phre 14 [1. L. -phora], m.: camphor. 
-phr e 15 , adj. : camphorated, -phrer 16 ,- 
tr. : treat with camphor, camphorate. 
-phrier 17 , m.: camphor tree. 

campine 17 [C., in Belgium],/.: = (fat 

campos 15 [students' L. habere , 'get 
leave to go into the country'], m.: holi- 
day, vacation. 

oakums 12 , =nse P ak. to L. -murus, 
curved], adj.: snub-nosed, flat-nosed, ] 
nosed; sheepish, bashful. 
=ette, adj.: somewhat 
-jnusoti 16 ,/.: flat-nosed woman. 



canai~le 15 [It. canaglia (L. cams) 
'pack of dogs'],/.: = (gang; rabble) 
brats (children) ; rascal ; adj. : rascally 
1 low. -lerie 18 ,/. : blackguardism. 
cana~l* n [L. -Us], m. : =, CHANNEL, -lisa 
ble 18 [-Ziser], adj?*-' that ma 7 ^ e canalized 
-liser 18 , r.: canalize. 
canamelle = cannamelle. 
canape 11 [L. -nopeum (Gr. konopeion, 
mosquito-curtain)], m. : sofa, divan ; bend 
(of syrup refiner) : d'anchois, breac 
spread with anchovies. 
canapsa 15 [Ger. knappsack], m.: KNAP- 
SACK; foot-soldier. 

canar^d 12 [cane], m.: duck; = (fabri- 
cated story, hoax) : prendre un , dip 
lump of sugar in rum, or tea, etc. ; 
faire un , make a false sound in 
music; donner un & moiti$, catch, 
trap one; chien , water spaniel. 
-dean 15 , m.: duckling, -der 1 ^ tr.: 
shoot (fr. a blind, as in duck-hunting), 
ambush; Mr.: quack (like a duck), make 
false notes (in music) ; ship water for- 
wards. -diere 16 , /.: duck-pond; blind 
(for duck-shooting) ; gun for duck- 

cana-ri 16 [Sp. -no], m.: CANARY-bird. 
-rie 16 or -Ties [Canary Islands], m.: cer- 
tain dance. 

eanas-se 17 or -tre [Sp. -tro (L. canistro, 
"basket)], m.: box (for tea, tobacco, etc.) ; 
kind of tobacco. 

oan^can 15 or quatiqt*att [L. quam- 
quam, ' although' (university harangues 
usually began so)], m. : (formerly) univer- 
sity speech; hubbub, great ado; cancan 
(vulgar dance), -caner 18 , intr.: make 
much ado ; dance the cancan, -canier 18 , 
adj.: noisy; m.,/.; noise-maker. 
ean-*eel u [L. -cellus, balustrade, lattice 
work], m.: chancel; seal case, or room. 
-eeller 12 [L. -cellar e], tr.: cancel, annul. 
can~er [L.], m. : =. -eere.uo? 17 , =ejQLse, 
adj.: cancerous. 

ca-H^ehe 17 [?], /.: hairgrass, bent grass, 

cancre 12 [L. -cer], m.: crab, crawfish; 
slow student ; grasping man. 
eancrElat 18 [Holl. kakerlak], m.: Amer- 
ican cockroach. 

can-delabre 10 [L. -delabrum], m.: can- 
delabrum (chandelier; group of street 
lamps on one post; ornament in archi- 
tecture). -dElette 16 [Prov. -deleto, 
'small candle'],/.: fish-tackle (on ships 
for raising anchor to gunwale). 
oandenr 15 [L. -dor], f. : candour, frank- 

carfcdi 15 [Ar. qandi, cane sugar], adj.: 
sucre , candied sugar, candy. 

[L, -datu$ (-dus, white, 


Rom. candidates dressing in white)], m.: 
candidate, -dature 18 [-de], /.: candi- 
dacy. ||de 16 [L. -dus, white], adj.: can- 
did (sincere, frank, ingenuous), -de- 
men* 15 , adv.: frankly. 

candir 15 [-di], intr. : CANDY ; crystallise. 

cane 13 [ak. to canard],/.: duck: faire la 
, escape danger (fr. duck's habit of 
avoiding an enemy). 

cane~fic<? 17 [Sp. canafistola], /. : cassia, 
guava (shrub), --eier- 17 , m.: (vulg.) cas- 
sia shrub. 

canepEtiere 15 [cane, petiere], /.: little 

canephore 15 [L. -ra (Gr. kdne, basket, 
pherein, carry)], /. : canephore (maiden 
that bore the sacred utensils among the 

canepm 18 [?], m.: fine lamb or kid-skin. 

ca-nef 15 [ne], intr.: fquack; funk; 
foacare. -neter* 16 [-ne], intr.: quack; 
waddle (like a duck). 

canetiere 18 [z.-nette],f.: spooler (woman 
or machine that winds thread on bobbins), 

ca-net<m 16 [-ne], m.: duckling, i.-net* 
te 14 , /.: young duck, young teal ; cannev 
(duck on escutcheon). 

s.fcanette = cannette. 

canevas M [ak. to chanvre], m. : CANyAS 1 
plot ; design. 

canevette 18 [It. -navetta (dim. of -nova, 
cave)],/.: liquor-case (on ship). 

canezou 18 [?], m.: bodice, corsage. 
fcatigrene gangrene. 
cangue 17 [Chinese kang, carry, kia, col- 
lar], /. : = (portable wooden stocks for 

the neck, as punishment). 
cani 17 [Prov., ' canine'], m.: rotting tim- 
ber (of ship). 
canine 17 [cane], m., /.: water spaniel, 

poodle. i.-eHon 18 , m.: poodle-pup. 

2. -ebon- 16 [cane], m.: duckling. 
canicu-laire 18 [L. -laris], adj. : canicular. 

||~le [L. -la (canis, dog)], /. : Sirius (the 

* dog-star') ; dog days (July 24 Aug. 24). 
caniere 18 [ak. to Men], /.: large- 
meshed seine (for porpoises = chiens de 

canif 14 [Norse knifr], m. : KNIFE, pocket 

knife : (fam.) donner un coup de dans 

le contrat, stab the contract (of marriage), 

i.e. be slightly untrue. 
canin 13 [L. -ninus (-nis, dog)], adj.: ca- 
nine; /. pL: canine teeth: muscle , 

snarling muscles. 
canitie 12 [L. -ties], /.: CANITIES, hoari- 

caniveau 16 [? ak. canal], m.: KBNNEL- 

stone, gutter-stone. 

canlvet 11 [ak. to canif], m.: knife. 
can-nage 17 [-Tier], m.: teasurement 

(with "yurj-stiokj; caning 


-naie 16 , /.: cane-brake, -nantelle 16 

[1. L. -namella (L. -na, cane, mel, honey)], 
/.: sugar-CANE. ||~ne 1:i [L. -m, reed], 
/.: CANE (plant; walking-stick; bamboo; 
rattan) : d'lnde, Indian shot ; de 
jonc, Malacca cane ; a peche, fishing 

eanneberge 17 f?], /. : cranberry. 

can-nelad'e 10 , /.: falcon cake (for fal- 
con). -las 15 [Prov. -nelat], m.: sugar- 
plum (with cinnamon flavour), -neler 15 , 
tr.; groove; flute; striate. -nelier 17 , 
m.: cinnamon tree. H~nelle 10 [canne], 

f. : little tube, hence : cinnamon ; faucet ; 
groove, CHANNEL, -nelnre 11 [-neler],f.: 
=, chamfer, flute ; ribbing ; fluting ; rifling 
(of gun). 

cannequin 11 [Chinese], m.: = (cloth). 

can~ner 17 [-Tie], tr.: measure (with a 
yard-stick); cane (chairs). -netUle 11 
[It. -utiglia], /. ; ribbon-wire ; gold or' sil- 
ver-thread. -nette 14 [-Tie], /.: little 
tube; faucet; fuse (for blasting); bob- 
bin; mug. 

eanniba^le 11 [Sp. canibal (Carib.)], m.: 
cannibal. -lisme 18 , m.: cannibalism; 

cannier 18 [-TiTie], m. : CANER (of chairs) ; 

canole 17 [Prov. -naulo], /.: kind of 

i.oa-non 12 [It. -nnone (-nna, tube)], m.: 
cannon (gun) ; barrel (of firearms) ; nose 
(of bellows) ; trouser-leg; pipe (of liquid); 
stick, bar, tube, stalk : raye, rifle-bore 
gun. 2.|j~no?fc 12 [L. (Gr. kanon, rule, 
kdne, reed)], m.: == (church law; rule; 
decree ; list of saints ; size of type equal 
to four-line pica ; books of the Bible ; an- 
nual rent) : de la messe, canonical law 
that tells of the mass ; tablet containing 
the law on the altar of Catholic church ; 
emphytheotique, ground-rent (on an 
emphyteutic tenure or perpetual lease). 
-nonial 11 , pi. -&ux [chanoine and L. 
-nonicalis], adj. : canonical -nonica 16 
Q. L. -nonicatus], m.: canonship. -noni- 
eite 16 [-nonique], f. : canonicity. -noni- 
que 12 [L. -nonicus], adj.: according to 
the canons, canonical : tge , age of forty 
years (minimum age of female servants of 
an ecclesiastic) : die a, I'&ge , she will 
n'ever see forty again, -noniqitement u 
[-nonioue], adj.: canonically. -nonisa- 
tign 3 ^,/.: canonizing, -noniser 12 [J,*L. 
-nonizare}^ tr.: canonize, -noniste 13 , 
m. : canonist j[one versed in canon law). 

oanon-nade 15 ,/.: cannonade, -nage 17 , 
TO.: gunnery H^ner 14 [canon], ^r.Vcan- 
nonade, fire upon: tiTie voile, reef a 
sail (lit. put it into roll), -nerie 16 
[canon], f. : foundry (for big guns) ; attack 

cap 99 

(with ordnance), -nier 14 [canon], m.: 
cannoneer, -niere 14 [canon], f.: ftent 
(for cannoneers) ; loophole (in & wall) ; 
gunboat ; popgun ; certain graver's tool. 

ca~no 15 [Sp. -noa (fr. West Ind.)], m.: 
(t/): CANOE; cutter, -notage 18 , m.: 
boating, -noter 18 , intr.: row a boat. 
-notie-r 17 , m.: boatman (of barge or 

i.fcan~ = 2. chant. 2.can- 18 [EngJ, 
m. : = (formalism, perfunctory talk, insin- 
cerity). -tabile 17 [It.], m.: = (music 
or words easy to sing). 

cantal 16 [mount CJ, m.: = (Auvergne 

cantaloup 17 [Cantalupo, near Rome], m. : 
= (muskmelon). 

canta-nette 16 [It. -retta],/.: stern post 
(of ship) ; small locker. 

canta~te 17 [It. -to], /.: CANTATA. 
-tille 17 , /. : little cantata, -tri-ee 18 [ft. 
f r. L. -ino;], /. ; professional songstress. 

cantftaride 13 [L. -ris],f.: blister-beetle, 
Spanish fly, CANTHARIS. 

can-tfoere 18 [L. -iAarws], m.: black 
bream (fish). -t7ms 15 D. L., fr. Gr. 
kanthds], m. : = (corner of eye where lids 

cantile-ne 15 [It., L. -na] f f.: cantilena, 
CHANT, ballad, twang. 

canti~ne 16 [It. -na (? ak, to L. canaba, 
hut)],/.: CANTEEN (guttler's shop; mili- 
tary provision-chest) ; dram-shop ; bottle 
case, -nier 17 , =iere, m., /.: canteen- 

catttique 11 [1. L. -fo'cttm], m.: CANTICLE. 

^tm~t<m 12 |lt. -ioTie (L. cantus, corner)], 
m.: = (district, division). -tonade 1( * 
[It. -tonata], f.: place behind ^he scenes, 
slides, slips, -tonal 18 , pi. -anx, o^?-** 
= (of the cantons), -tonneme-nt 16 
[-tonner], m.: cantonment (quarters, 
housing, stationing; game preserves; 
portion under one's control), -tonner 18 , 
tfr.: canton, station; adorn (a church). 
-tonnier 18 , m.: road-mender, -ton- 
niere lS , /.: valance, drapery; anchor 
ropes ; sheet-iron trimmings. 

cantre 17 [?], m.: (weave?s) bank, creel 
(for holding bobbins or spools). 

ca-nnle 13 [L- -nula (canna, tube, reed)], 
/.: canula, tube (in surgery); clyster- 
pipe. -nnt, =use [-nnette], m., /. : (dial.) 

fcaolin = Icaolin. 

caouane 16 [?],/" loggerhead (sea-turtle). 

caoutelipuc 17 [So. Am.], m.: =, rubber. 

cap 12 {L.'caput } head], m.: t^ a( i; knob, 
block; knot; head (of a ship) ; end; cape 
(of land) : de mouton, dead-eye, sheave- 
less block (on, ship); -de-more (Ji^ad 
of a moor), a roan horse with black head. 



capable 15 [L. -bills], adj.: fholding 
able to contain; efficient, able, -cite** 
[L. -citas],f.: capacity. 
ca~pade [Prov. -pado (lit. a CAPE-f ul)], /. 
=, bat (certain quantity of wool or hair 
in hat-making). -para<m 14 [Sp. -para- 
zon (capa, cape)], m.: caparison, housing 
(of a horse), -paraconner 15 [-para- 
gon], tr.: caparison, -para-eoxrnier 18 
[-paragon], m.: maker of trimmings or 
trappings for a horse. ||~pe 14 [form of 
chape f r. It. cappa], f, : , mantle ; monk ; 
outer fold of a cigar : ri avoir que la et 
V&pee, be without fortune, have nothing 
but a name, or nobility; rire sous , 
laugh in one's sleeve, -peer 16 or -peyer 
[Prov. -peiar], intr.: try, lie to n a gale, 
be under storm sails, -pelage 1T [-peler], 
m. : rigging (of ship) ; crew.' -pelan 15 
[Prov.], m.: tweedy priest; =, kind of 
codfish, -peler 16 [Prov. -pelar], tr.: 
rig (a mast)." -pelet 16 [Prov.], m.: 
capellet (wenlike lump on a horse's leg). 
-peline 18 [Prov. (capel, hat)], /.: = 
(f skull-cap of iron; lady's riding cap; 
bandage as for amputated limb). 
capendu. 14 [?], m: court-pendu (apple). 
oaperon = capron. 

capharnaum la [town C., Capernaum], 
m. : lumber-room ; rubbish-room. 
ca~pie 17 or [? cap], f. : end (of 
yarn passed around a skein), -pier 17 , 
tr. : fasten (thread or yarn by passing it 
around the skein). 

capil~laire 13 [L. -laris (-lus, hair)], 
adj.: capillary, hair-like; m.: maiden's 
hair, (fern) ; hair-line, -larite 18 , /. : 
capillarity, capillary attraction; hairlike 

capilotaie 16 [for Sp. -pirotada (-pirote, 
hood), lit., sauce covering food like a 
hood], /. : hash. 

capi<m 16 [Prov. capiouri], m.: stern (of 
ship); sternpost. 

capiscol 16 [Prov. (1. L. capi-scholus, head 
of school)], m. : head of chapter of canons. 
capi^taine 12 [L L. -taneus (L. caput, 
head)], m.: captain, -tainerie 13 , /.: 
captaincy, -tal 18 , pi. =auic [L. -talis], 
adj.: = ; m.: = (letter; chief town; 
head of a column; money), -tale- 
menfc 18 , adv.: excellently, -talisa- 
tion 18 [-taliser], f.: =. -taliser 18 
[-tal], tr.: capitalise, change into funds. 
-taliste 17 [-tal], m.: capitalist, -tan, 16 
[It. -tano], m.: bully (in the old plays). 
-tane 16 ,/.; the captain's galley, -tan- 
pa-elia [It. -tanpascia], m.: admiral; 
admiral's vessel (among the Turks), -ta- 
tion lfi [L. -tatiolf.: poll-tax, -t^ 18 [L. 
-tatus], adj.: capitate, ending in heads. 
-teua? 17 . =ej}$e [L. caput, head], adj.. 


heady, strong : un boisson , drink 
that goes to the head quick. -ton 15 
[It. -tone], m.: CAPPADINE (waste silk- 
flock); tuft (in upholstering). -ton- 
ner 18 [-ton], tr.: tuft, quilt (furniture). 
-toul 16 [Prov.], m.: =, any one of 
the earliest magistrates of Toulouse.' 
-toulat 15 [-toul], m.: office of capitoul. 
-tulaire 12 [L. -tularis (-tulum, assem- 
bly)], adj., m.: capitulary, capitular. 
-tulairemetit 12 [-tulaire], adv. : in ses- 
sion. -tulant 15 [1. L. (-tulum, chapter)], 
adj., m.: hav'g a vote (in a chapter). 
-tulatioft 14 [-tuler],f.: = (agreement, 
convention, condition), -tule [L. -tulum, 
chapter (lit. 'a little head')], m.: =, les- 
son (in church) ; capitulum (in botany). 
-tuler 16 p. L. -tulare (-tulum, article, 
clause)], intr. : make terms, capitulate. 
fcaplati = capelan. 
capnoman-eie 15 [Gr. kapnomanteia (kap- 
n6s, smoke, manteia, divination)], /. : cap- 
nomancy, prophesying by smoke. 
i. capon 16 [Prov. (cap, head)], m.: cot, 
stock-tackle (on ship).'p<m 16 [for chapon, under infl. of L. 
capo], m. : coward ; tell-tale, tattler ; cheat 
(at play) ; adj. : charge caponne, empty 
office, i.-ponner 17 , tr.: wheedle, fawn 
on ; intr. : cheat ; tattle (esp. at school). 
2.caponner 15 , tr.: hoist, cat (anchor). 
caponniere 16 [It. capponiera (lit. COOP, 
i.e. place to fatten capons, cf. Sp. capo- 
nera, coop ; tunnel)], /. : caponiere (pas- 
sage, gallery in fortifications). 
capora~l lf >, pL =a,uoc [It. -le (L. caput, 
head)], m.: CORPORAL; shag (tobacco) ; 
chieftain (in Corsica) : faire venir guatre 
hommes et un , use force (as though 
summoning four soldiers led by a corporal). 
-lisme 18 , m.: military influence.^pot 16 [cape], m.: f m onk's cloak; 
mantle ; seaman's overcoat ; hood (over a 
stairway on ship) ; hot-bed. 2.-po* 17 
[perhaps extension of meaning in sense of 
faire ], m. : =; adj. indecl. : etre , 
fail to score (in a game) ; faire quelgu'un 
, slam, keep one from scoring, t-po- 
tage 17 [cap, head of a ship], m. : sighting 
(of "course by the pilot). i,-pote 17 , /.; 
cloak with hood ; soldier's cloak ; hood (for 
head; of carriage; bandage). 2.-pote 17 
[3--pot], f. : play that makes capot for an 
opponent, -poter 18 [? cap; cf. chavirer 
= cap virer], intr. : capsize. 
capouli|re 17 [Prov. -ro (lit. 'header')], 
/.: net (to prevent fish escaping from a 

3appado-ee, /.; Cappadocia (in Asia 

;cappe = cape. 
capre ie [Holl. kaaper], m.: corsair; ct 


la part, sailor who goes on shares of 

c$pre 14 [It. capper o (L. capparis)], f. : 
caper (plant) ; capucine, pickled nas- 

capri-ca/nt 16 or f-sant [L. caper, goat], 
adj.: caprizant, jumping, ~ee 15 [It. -ccio], 
m. : ~, whim ; capriccio (in music) ; ir- 
regular mine, -eieusemenfc 16 [-cieuse], 
adv.: capriciously, -deiias 15 , =ewse [It. 
-ccioso], adj.: capricious, -come 12 [L. 
-cornus], m.: Capricorn (constellation; 

caprier 15 [capre], m.: caperbush. 

capri-ficatiori 17 [L. -ficus, goat-fig, wild 
figtree], /.: = (forcing the maturity of 
figs). -figuier*. 17 [L. -ficus], m.: wild 
fig. capri-n 13 -[L. -nus, caper, goat)], 
adj.: goatlike, goatish. f-ole, etc. 
cabriole, etc. ^-sa,nt or "f-zsint = -cant. 

ca~pr<w 16 [cdpre (from its flavour)], m.: 
pineapple strawberry. -pronnier 17 , 
m. : the plant. 

cap-selle 18 [L. -aeZZa],/.: capsella, shep- 
herd's-purse (plant). -sulaire 16 , adj.: 
capsular, hav'g a pod. ||~sule 15 [L. -sula, 
dim. of capsa, box],/.: = (seed case; 
shallow dish; little box; envelope; per- 
cussion cap ; cap of a bottle), -sulerie 18 , 
/. : factory of percussion caps. 

cap--fcage 18 [-ter], m.: piping (of a spring 
at its source), -tateur 16 , -tatri-ee [L. 
-tator, -tatrix], m.,f.: user of undue in- 
fluence, briber. -tatiou 15 [L. -tatio], 
/.: use of undue influence, bribery. 
-tatoire 18 , adj.: of undue influence. 
H^ter 13 [L. -tar t e, reach after (capere, 
seize)], tr.: influence unduly; CAPTIVATE; 
pipe (an entire spring at its source). 
-tiensement 18 [-tieuse], adv. : captiously. 
-tieuos 14 , =Q&ae \L. -tiosus], adj.: cap- 
tious, specious, -tif 15 , =ive [L. -tivus], 
adj. : captive, -tiver H [L. -tivare], tr. : 
fcapture; hold captive, captivate; fse 
, submit. -tivite 14 [L. -tivitas], f. : 
captivity. -ture 14 [L. -tura], f.: =. 
-turer 15 \twre\, tr. : capture. 

apu^-ce 16 [It. -ccio (cappa, CAP, CHAPE)], 
m.: monk's hood, -ehe 18 , /.: (lady's) 
hood or bonnet. 11-ch.on 15 [It. -ccio], 
m. : hood (on a cloak), cowl, -clionne 17 , 
adj.: hood-shaped. -chonner 15 , tr.: 
cover with a hood, -ein 15 , -eine [It. 
-ccino (lit. ' hooded')], w., /.: capuchin 
(monk, nun) : barbe de , long beard ; 
des s de carte, cards in a row, ready to 
fall. -inade 17 [-cin],f.: (/am.) monk- 
ish talk, ox action. -eine 16 [-eel, /. : 
nasturtium (plant) ; band, strap (of iron, 
as on a gun) ; drip-stone ; earthen 14 dish 
with handle. ~eiier0* 7 [-c^ ; /.; 



capulet 18 [dim. of cape}, m.: (dial.) sort 

of hood. 
ca-qu age 1T , m. : barreling, packing. 

-qiie,f': keg, barrel; furnace (of wax- 

workers). H^q'w.e'r 13 [Flem. kaaken (lit., 

clean the jaws)], tr. : cure (fish) ; pack, 

barrel- up. 

tcaquerolle casserole. 
caque-satigue 15 [It. caca-sangue (L. 

cacare, It. sangue, blood)],/.: dysentery. 
ca-qatefc 14 [-queter], m.: cackling (of hen); 

chatter, -quetage 15 [-queter], m.: cack- 


fcaquete = -quette. 
csi^ueter 14 [echoic], intr. : cackle ; 

chatter. -queterie 14 , /. : palaver. 

-qweteur 15 , =ejBse, m., /.: chatterer. 

-qruetoir 16 , m.: gossips' den. -que- 

toire 15 ,/.: fhighbacked chair; causeuse; 

rung (of plough tail). 
ca-qitette 17 [caque~],f.: fish-basket (keep- 

ing fish in water). -queur 17 , =nse 

[-quer], m., /. : herring cleaner, packer ; 

knife (for cleaning fish). 

= cagou. 

car [L. qua-re, by which thing], conj.: 
for, because ; m. : why, wherefore,, reason. 

caratia 17 [?], m.: kind of oil. 

carabas 16 [Marquis (7., in a tale by Per- 
rault], m. : kind of heavy carriage. 

i.carabe 16 [Sp. -ba], /.: kind of skiff; 
chair for carrying. 

2.carab<? 17 [L. -bus, crayfish], m.: beetle, 

carabe 15 [Port. (fr. Ar.)], m.: yellow 

cara~bin 16 [?], m.: fscout, skirmisher; 
player who quits ; sawbones (medical 
student). f-bijmcle 15 , f. : skirmish. 
-binage 18 [-bine], m.: rifling (of guns). 
-bine i5 , /.: carbine, rifle; flight n ^r- 
quebus. -bine 17 , adj.: stiff (said of a 
gale not contrary), i.t-biner 16 , intr.: 
skirmish. 2. -bluer 17 [-bine], tr.: rule 
(a gun). -binier 1& [-bine], m.: carbineer 
(formerly select foot-soldier ; now cavalry- 

caracal 17 [Sp.], m.: =, lynx. 

caracara 17 [echoic], m.: , carrion- 
buzzard or vulture hawk. 

caraco 18 [? Sp.], m.: loose corsage. 

caraco~le 16 or fcaracol [Sp. -I, snail], 
/. : spiral, helix ; corkscrew ; certain 
plant ; figure (in training horses ; in drill- 
ing soldiers, caracole) ; escalier en , 
spiral stairs, -ler 16 , intr.: make cara- 
coles, wheel right and left in sudden. 

carao^t^re 12 [L.-Gr. character (Gr. cha- 
rdseein, cut, engrave)], m. : character (dis- 
tinctive mark, sign ; trait, disposition ; 
mpr#l excellence), -t4riser 15 ; tr 



acterise (mark; distinguish), -terisme 17 
77i.: specific power of plants to heal by 
virtue of analogy of parts). -teris 
tique 15 [Gr. charakteristikos], adj.: char 

cara-fe 16 [It. -/a, fr. Ar.],/.: =, water 
bottle, decanter. i.-fon, 16 , m.: little 
carafe (esp. of fixed size). 2.f-fow, 16 
pt. -ffone, big bottle], m.: big carafe (to 
be placed in ice). 

caragne 16 [Sp. -raw],f. : CARANNA (gum) 
Caraibes, /. pL : Caribbean Islands. 
carambo-lage 18 [~ler], m.: CAROM, can- 
non (at billiards). i.f-le 18 [Sp. -la 
(? bola, ball)],/.: red billiard ball. 
2.carambole 17 [Sp. -la], /.: CARAMBOLA 


carambo-ler 18 [i-le], intr.: make a 
cannon (at billiards). 

caramboliet* 17 [Sp. -Za], m.: CARAMBOLA 
tree (of India). 

cara~mel 16 [Sp. -lo (fr. Ar.)], m.: = 
(candy). -meliser 18 , tr.: make into 
caramels or burnt sugar; mix with car- 

i.carangue 16 [?],/.: CARANX (flat fish). 
2.f cara/igrte = calangue. 
carapace 17 [Sp. -pacho], /.: = (upper 
part of turtle shell, of armadillo, etc.). 
caraque 12 [It. -racco, ak. to L. carrus, 
car],/.: CARACK (large merchantman). 
carat 13 pt. -to (Ar., fr. GrT.kerdtion, 'little 
horn,' a seed)], w. : = (four grains, jew- 
eller's measure of weight ; ^ part); little 

cara-fceb. 16 [Turk. Ar. tribute], m. : poll- 
tax on foreigners in Turkey. 
carature 17 [-rat],/.: alloying (of gold or 

cara^vane 12 [Pers. karwan, group of 
travelers], /.; CARAVAN; cruise, -va- 
nier 17 , m. : driver (of a caravan), -vtm- 
scrail 15 [Pers. karwan-serai, house^of 
the caravan], m. : caravansary. 
i.caravelle 14 pt. -Half.: flarge Turk- 
ish warship ; Portuguese caravel ; herring 

2.f oaravelle = carvelle. 

carbatine 16 \L. -tina, Gr. karbatine], 
/. ; green hide, pelt. 

carbet 16 [Carib.], m.: big hut; shed (for 

carbona-risme 18 [-ro], m. : carbonarism. 
U~ro 18 , pi. -ri pt., 'charcpalman 7 ], m.: 
= (member of a revolutionary secret 

carbo-nate 17 [-Tie], m.: =. -nate 18 
[-nafe], arf/.: reduced to a carbonate. 
II ~ne 17 [L. car&o], m.: carbon, -ne 17 , 
adj.: carbonated, -nifere 18 [L. ferre, 
carry], adj.: containing carbon, -ni- 
e 17 , adj.; cartonic. 


[-niser],f.: carbonisation, -niser 18 [L 
carbo, carbon], tr. : reduce to carbon, coal. 
-n(n)ade 15 [It. -nata, coal, carbon], /.: 
carbonate (fish, etc., scored and broiled). 
car-T)omn.e [L. -bunculus, little char- 
coal],/: (dial.} rust (of grain), -bura- 
tion 18 [-burer],f.: carburisation (combin- 
ing of carbon and an element). ||~hure 17 
[L. -bo, carbon], m.: carbide (compound 
of carbon and an element), -"bure 18 , adj. : 

fcarcailler = courcailler. 
carcaise' 17 [form of carquois, quiver],/.: 
furnace (in glass works). 
carcajou 17 [?], m.: Labrador badger, 

carcan 11 [OHG. guerca, neck], = (iron 
collar for punishment) ; yoke (on a breechy 
hog) ; necklace. 

carcasse 15 pt. -ssa],/: (/am.) skeleton; 
CARCASS, body ; framework ; coarse basket 
or crate. 

car-eerule [dim. of L. career, prison], / : 
= (dry many-celled fruit). 
car-eiw, 18 [Gr. karkinos], m.: crawfish. 
-einomateuo? 16 , =ese [-cinome], adj.: 
cancerous. -einome 1& [Gr. karkindma] t 
m.: carcinoma, cancer. 
cardage 17 [-der], m.: carding (of wool). 
cardaznine 15 [L. -na],f.: = (plant). 
cardamome 11 [L. -momum], m.: carda- 
mom (India plant of ginger family). 
cardasse 16 pt. -sso], f. : cardass, card (for 
waste silk) ; nopal (cactus called "Indian 
fig" on which cochineal bugs feed). 
car~de 13 [Prov. -da (L. -duus)],f.: edible 
rib (of artichoke leaves) ; teasel ; card ; 
carding board, -dee 16 [-der], /.: card- 
ful (of wool), -der 16 , tr.: comb, card. 
-dere 17 [-der], /.: teasel. -deur 13 , 
=fi?^ [-der], m.,/: carder. 
cardi-a 17 [Gr. kardia, heart], m.: = 
(opening fr. the throat to the stomach). 
-a-ee 18 [Gr. kardia], adj.: heart-shaped 
(said of certain mollusks. -algie 16 [Gr. 
kardialgia (dlgos, pain)], /.: pain about 
the cardia. -aque 18 [L. -cus], adj.: car- 
diac; of the heart; of the cardia; m.: 
CORDIAL (medicine). 

cardier 15 , =i|re [-de], m.,/.: seller of 

cardinal 11 , pi. =auos [L. -Us (cardo, 
hinge, pivot)], adj.: = (pivotal; principal); 
m.: = (any one of the seventy electors of 
the pope, who wear red cloaks and caps, 
hence : red-bird, red-shelled mollusks, cer- 
tain red butterflies, flower, etc.). -la 15 
[1. L. -latus], m.: cardinalate. -liiee 18 
Pt. -lizio], adj,: of cardinals. 
>ardite 17 [Gr. kardfa, heart], /.: = (bi- 
valve mollusk) : CARDITIB (inflammation of 
the heart). 


car-d<m 16 [Prov.], m.: cardoon, prickly 
artichoke (with edible leafstalks), f-don- 
nette = chardonnette. -dna-ee 18 [L. 

-duus, teasel], adj.: thistle-like. 

oareme [p. L. *quaresima, L. quadra- 
gesima (sc. dies), fortieth (day before 
Easter)], m. : Lent ; faire le , keep Lent ; 
provisions de , fish and vegetables ; ar- 
river comme mars (or maree, for 'fish') 
en , come apropos, come in the nick of 
time ; face de , wan-face, -prsnant n , 
m.: (lit. 'Lent beginning,' hence:) the 
three days before Ash-Wednesday, shrove- 
tide; carnival; masquerader. 

carenage 16 [-Tier], m. : careening: gril 
de , grounding place, H [1. L. -ntia (L. carens, lacking)], 
/. : absence of assets (law term). 

ca~rene 15 [It. (L. -rina, keel)],/.: 
keel ; petal, etc., of certain plants, -re- 
ne 17 , adj.: keel-shaped, -rener 16 , tr: 
careen, repair (a boat). 

cares-sant 16 , adj.: caressing; affec- 
tionate. -se 15 [It. carezza], /. : caress. 
\\~ser 14: [It. carezzare (L. earns, dear)], 
tr.: caress, fondle; stroke; entertain, 

i. caret 13 [dial. dim. of char], m.: roller, 
reel (for rope-making). 

2. caret 16 [Sp. carey fr. Malay], m.: hawk's 
bill sea-turtle. 

oareac 18 [L.], m.: sedge, reed-grass. 

car-gaison 16 [Prov. -gazon (-gar, CHARGE, 



load)], /.: cargo. 

_rt"lJ >. 16 

/.: brail. 

||~guer 16 [Prov. -gar, load], tr.: clew up 
(sail). ' 

cari 18 [Malabar], m.: CURRY (a food). 

caria 18 [?], m. : white ant (of the Antilles.) 

cariatide 15 [It. (Gr. karudtis, priestess 
of Caryae, in Laconia)], /. : caryatid (fe- 
male figure as column). 

floaribou 17 [Indian], m. : =, No. Am. rein- 

carica-tnre 17 [It. -tura], /.; picture in- 
tended to ridicule ; poor image, -ture^ 18 , 
tr.: caricature; misrepresent, -tu- 
riste 18 , m.: caricaturist 

ca~rie 15 [L. -ries, waste], /. : caries, wast- 
ing away (of teeth) ; blight, rust (of plants). 
-Tier ", tr. : rot ; smut. 

carU~l<m [p. L. *quatrlnio, union of 
POUR], m. : =, chime (of varied notes) ; 
tone, music, ringing; clinking; squared 
bar (of iron, etc.). -lonne 18 , adj. : (font.} 
ftte e, f e"te announced by chimes, -lon- 
ner 15 , tr.: ring a chime from; make 
peal, -lonnejar 16 [-lonner], m. : chimer, 

fcariopse = caryopse. 

carisel 14 or cregeau [Eng. kersey], m.: 
f coarse serge ; coars'e canvas. 

J.carlj.n 18 [It. -Tio, dim. of Carlo (king 

of Naples)], m. : carline (old coin worth 
seven cents). 

2.carlin 17 [Carlo Bertinazzi, actor with 
black mask], m. : black-nosed pug dog. 

carline 15 fit. -na (?ak. to carde, thistle)], 

/. : = (sudorific thistle). 

Darl^gue 16 [?],/. : carline, keelson ; mast 
socket (in the carline), 

carmagnole 16 [city C.], /, m.: = (jack- 
et ; revolutionary song, or dance ; violent 

carme 12 [L. quaternum (quatuor, four)], 
m. : cast in trictrac where two dice count 
four each. 

sarniEline 17 [Sp. -na], adj.: laine , 
carmeline-wool (second grade). 

carmin 11 [1. L. -minium (? kermes, mi- 
nium)], m. : carmine (purple ; rouge) ; adj. 
indecL: carmine., 

carminatif M , =ive [L. -nare, card, clean 
(wool)], adj.: carminative. 

carmine 18 [-mm], adj.: carmine red. 

car-nage 15 [It. -naggio (L. caro, flesh)], 
m.: carnage (flesh for beasts of prey; 
slaughter, butchery). 

carnal 16 , or -nan, pi. =ance [Prov., cf. 
i. came], m.: tackle (to raise galley- 
awning), end of yardarm ; corner of sail, 

car-nassier 15 , =iere [Prov. earn, flesh)], 
adj: CARNivorous (as lion, tiger ; insect). 
-nassiere 17 [Prov. -ssiera], f.: game- 
bag. -naticm 14 [L. caro, flesh],/: flesh- 
colour, f-nan = carnal, -naval 11 , pi. 
=als or =ana? [It. carnevale, 'meat-fare- 
well'], m. : carnival (last three days before 
Lent) : costume de , fantastic dress ; 
c'est une vrai , a true masquerader. 
-navalesque 18 [It. -valesco], adj: car- 

i.carne [L. cardo, hinge], /.; CORNER, 
angle. 18 [It. (L. caro, flesh)], /.: (low) 
' bad meat/ cagmag ; ;grub ; carrion, (as 
low insult) lump of carrion, trull, hag, 
jade, -ne 16 [L. cafo } flesh], adj.: flesh- 

car-neatL 11 [for cr&neau], m.: flue hole 
(of pottery furnace). H^naler- 16 [form of 
creneler], tr. : mill (coin) ; embattle, en- 
circle. -nelle 16 ,/.: milled circle, border 
(of coin). 

carnet 1 * [dim. of L. quaternum (cf. ca- 
hicr)], m.: note-book, memorandum: 
d'echeance, book of bills payable or receiv- 
able ; de visite, pocket case for visiting 

car-nier 17 [It. -niere (carne, meat)], m.: 
gamebag, -niflcatioti 17 [1. L. -nfficatio 
(caro, flesh, facer e, make)],/; = (morbid 
change in tissue, as of the lungs), -ni- 
fler 17 [L. caro, flesh], tr.: carnify. 
-nivore 15 [L. -nivorus (vorare, eat)], 



adj. : carnivorous, flesh-eating, -nosite 1S 
fl. L. -nositas], f. : fleshy growth, carnos- 

carogne ls [dial, for charogne], f. : (low) 

tcarolus 16 [Charles VTO], m.: an old 
coin (legend Karolus Francorum rex, 
Charles king of the French), worth one 

caronade 17 [Eng. carronade fr. town 
Carrori], f.: short-chambered ordnance- 

caroncule 18 [L. -la, dim. of caro, 

/. : caruncle (little fleshy prominence). 

caroti-de 15 [Gr. karotides], f.: carotid 
(artery of the neck), -dien, 17 , =enne 
adj.: carotid, -qiie 17 [Gr. karotikos], 
adj.: carotic, stupefying. 

carot-te 13 [L. carota], /.: carrot: vivre 
de s, live niggardly : jouer la , stake 
small sums ; (fam.) tirer une a quel- 
qu'un, 'bleed' one a little, get money out 
of him by fraud, -ter 17 , Mr.: (fam.) 
stake little ; tr. : de I' 'argent a quel- 
qu'un, quelqu'un, wheedle money from 
one, wheedle one. -teur 18 , [-ter], 
m., /.: (fam.) small bettor; sharper. 
-tier 17 , =iere, m., f.: (fam.) small 
bettor, penny-player. 

carotL'-'be 11 [1. L. carrubia (Ar.)], m.,/.: 
CAROB, locust (fruit). -"bier- 15 , m.: 
carob-tree. f-ge = -6e. 

i.carpe 16 [Gr. karpos], m.: wrist. 

2.carpe 12 [L. -pa], /.; CAEP (fish). 

-peau 12 , m.: little carp. 

carpelle 18 [Gr. karpos, fruit], m.: carpel 

(seed vessel, pistil ; part of pistil). 
tcarpendu ~ capendu. 
carpette 16 [Eng. -pet fl. L. -pita)], /.: 

carpet; rug. 
car-pier 18 , t=i?re [?-pe] t m., /.: carp 

pond. -piilon 15 , m.: young carp. 

-picm 15 [It. -pione], m.: speckled Alpine 

carpologie 17 [Gr. karp6s t fruit, I6gos, 

speech], 'f. : science of fruits. 
fcarquaise = carcaise. 
carquurcm 17 [? ak. to L. calcare, press], 

m. : lever, cross-lathe (in weaving). 
carquois 14 [1. Gr. tarkdsion], m.: quiver 

(for arrows). 
carrare 18 [town C. in Tuscany], m.: 

marble. , 

toarrassiw, 18 [?], m.: kind of carp. 
car~re 14 [-rer], /.: SQUARE; crown (of 

hat); shape (back and shoulders of a 

man) ; toe (of shoes) ; side (of a sword) : 

d'une bonne , broad-shouldered. -re 

[L. quadratus, squared], adj.: square; 

rectangular ; quadratic ; haVg four sides, 

full (as a phrase) ; m. : square ; quadri- 
lateral ; quarter ; die (for striking medals, 


etc.) ; key-post (of clocks). -reau [1. L. 
*quadrellum (L. quadrum, square)], m.; 
little square (of chessboard, carpet, flooring 
tile) ; floor ; pane (of glass) ; tailor's goose ; 
diamonds or knave of diamonds (at cards) : 
cushion; square file; paving brick; 
square-mesh seine ; disease of the mesen- 
tery: avoir garde a , be looking out 
each direction, be ready for anything; 
sur le , in the floor, on the ground. 
-ree 12 [-re], f.: square-sail; cordage, 
roping (of a bed); slate; (old) music 
note ; fcanopy (of a bed), -refour [p. 
L. quadri-farcum, FOUR-PORK], m.: cross- 
roads; public place: poetes de , 
Grubstreet poets. 

carre-ger 17 [Prov. -jar, ak. to Fr. char- 
rier], ihir. : sail strong (with many sails 

carre-lage 16 , m.: paving: pavement. 
U^l er ,i3 [carreau], tr.: pave (with 
SQUARE tile); cobble (shoes), -let 13 
[carreau], m. : net (for fish, birds) ; 
filter (on crosspieces of wood) ; flat-fish ; 
shoe-awl; file; edged needle; sword; 
chisel, -lette 16 [-let],/.: flattened file, 
-leur 14 ,m. : paver; street-cobbler. -Her 13 
[carreau], m.: tiler, -lure 14 , /.: cob- 
bling. carre-ment 12 [carrfa], adv.: 
at right angles ; squarely ; (fam.) up and 
down, decidedly. carre-r [L. qua- 
drdre], tr. : SQUARE, make square : se , 
shape one's self ; take a good position. 

carrick 18 [? prop, name, C.], m.: kind of 

car-rier 12 , m. : quarry-man. || i .~riere n 
[p. L. quadraria (cf . carrer)], f. : stone- 

QUARRY. 15 [It. -riera (-ro, CAR)], /.: 
race course (for CHARiots) ; CAREER, 
course, -riole 15 [It. -riuola],f.: little 
tilt cart. 

carrcs-sable 18 , adj.: practicable, pas- 
sable (for vehicles), \\~se 15 [It. -za (carro, 
CAR)], m.: coach, carriage; (rope- 
maker's) truck; round-house (on ship). 
-see 16 ,/.; coachful. -ser 18 , tr.: (fam.) 
sefaire , go by coach, ride ; sail strong 
(carrying much sail). 

carrousel u [It. carosello (?)], m. : tourn- 
ament ; carousal (merry-go-round). 

fcarrousse 15 [Ger. gar-aus, end (of the 
night)],/.: carouse, debauch. 

carrure 11 [-rre], f.: shoulder-breadth, 
shape at the shoulders; distribution 
(musical term). 

cartable 16 [-te], m.: (dial) falbum; 

cartaftu 16 [?], m.: whip (on ship), rope. 

cartayer [? ak. to charrette], intr.: 
quarter (avoid ruts in driving). 

car-te 13 [L. -to],/.: CARD; pasteboard; 


map; bill of fare; ticket: lasses s, 
low cards (sixes and down) ; s hautes, 
ace and face cards: fausse , not ad- 
vantageous ; fau&se, false, marked card 
(to beat with) ; filer la , cheat with 
cards; wir le dessous des s, look at 
one's cards ; tours de , card tricks : 
muette, map with no names ; de visite, 
calling card ',fille en , ticketed (licensed) 
girl, i.e. prostitute, -tel 15 [It. -tello], 
m.: = (card of challenge; challenge; 
tagreement for exchange of prisoners) ; 
field of a shield; tablet; clock-case; 
clock : bailment , cartel ship, -telle 15 
[It. -tella"], / : fmusic parchment ; veneer 
wood ; plank (that holds the millstone). 

fcartErcm = quarteron. 

cart/tame 15 [L L. -mus], m.: carthamus 
(saffron thistle). 

cartier 16 [-te], m. : card maker or seller"; 
back layer (of playing card). 

carti-lage/ 5 [L. -lagd], m.: = (gristle). 
-lagineux 18 , [L. -laginosus], 
adj.': cartilaginous. 

car~tisane 16 [It. -teggiana (L. -ta, 
card)]//.: cardboard (covered with gold 
thread, etc., used in lacemaking and fancy- 
work). -tographie 18 [~te, Gr. grdphein, 
write],/.: art of map-making, -toman- 
-cie 18 [-te f Gr. manteia, divination], /.: 
cartomancy, fortune-telling (by cards). 
-toman-eien 18 , =deune, m., /. : card 
fortune-teller, -tori 16 [It. -tone], m.: = 
(pasteboard ; pasteboard box or case, etc., 
box) ; cartoon : chapeaux (rubans, 
etc.) hat box, bandbox, etc. ; de des- 
seins, portfolio of drawings; personnage 
de , person of no importance; battre 
le , play cards a great deal, -ton- 
nage 1 ^ [-tonner], m.: =, boarding 
(working with pasteboard as in bookbind- 
ing) ; pasteboard work. -tenner* l7 
[-ton], tr.: bind in boards; wrap (on 
boards for glossing). -tonnerie 17 
[-ton], /.: pasteboard factory; art of 
making pasteboard, -tonnier" 16 [-ton], 
m. : pasteboard maker or seller ; pigeon- 
holes of desk), -ton-pierre 18 , m.: 
(paper-pulp and plaster mixed), -touohe 15 
[It. -toccio], /., m, : = (scroll ; cartridge ; 
round case, etc.). -to-u-eherie 18 [-touche], 

/.: cartridge factory. -ton-ehier- 17 
[-touche], m. : box for cartridges ; shot 
belt (of sailors), -tulaire 13 [1. L. char- 
tularium], m.: archives, register. 

cams 17 [1. L. (Gr. kdros, heavy sleep)], 
m.: = (profound coma). 

carvelle 15 GJoll. karviel, frame nailed 
fast],/.: ship-nail (square-headed). 

oarvi 18 [L LJ, m.: CARAWAY (plant, 

fcaryatide = cariatide. 



caryo-phylle 17 [L. -phyllon (Gr. kdruon, 
nut, phullon, leaf)], adj.: of the clove- 
pink family, -pse 18 [Gr. opsis, likeness], 
m.: caryopsis (seed-like fruit such as 
wheat, rye, etc), -te 15 [Gr. karuotis, 
date], m. : palmtree. 

i-cas 1 ' 2 [L. -sus (-dere, fall)], m.: CASE; 
instance ; situation : pen de , little im- 

2.cas, =asse [L. quassus (part, of qua,- 
tere, quake)], adj. : cracked, hoarse. 

casanier 13 , =iere [It. -re (casa, house)], 
adj.: domestic, homekeeping. 

casa-que 16 pt. -oca], /.: sleeved-cloak; 
cassock; (livery) coat; (woman's) gown. 
-q^iin 15 , m.: jacket. 

casca-de [It. -ta (-re, fall)],/.: . 

cascariile 17 [Sp. -rilla, dim. of -ra, 
bark, rind], /. : cascarilla (aromatic bark 
of West-Indian shrub). 

cascatelle 18 [It. -tella (-ta, cascade)], /. : 
little cascade. 

c$se 12 [L. casa, house], /.: hut, cabin; 
space (stall; square on chess-board); 

caseeux 17 , =e^se [L. -seus, cheese], adj.: 

casern a-te 15 [It. easa-matta, t dim house '], 
/.: = (bomb-proof chamber); fprotected 
gun-platform ;funderground gallery; fmoat 
shelter ; cavern, den. -ter 17 , tr. : supply, 
with casemates. 

case?* 10 [-se], tr.: (fam.) place; adjust; 
make a point (at backgammon). 

caserette 17 [L. -seus, cheese], /. : cheese 

caser-ne 15 [? ak. to L. quaterna (qua- 
tuor, four) meaning place for four men], 
/.: barracks, -nem^nfc 18 , m.: quarter- 
ing, lodging (in barracks) ; boarding (at 
school), -nei" 17 , tr.: put, lodge; intr.: 
live in barracks; be subject to rules of 

caserne t 17 [Prov. -zernet (cazern, note- 
book)], m.: time-book; log-book (at 

casette 17 [case], /.: annealing pot (to 
protect delicate pottery from flame). 

caseum 18 [LJ, m.: =, casein (of milk). 

easier 17 [case], m.: bureau; police regis- 
ter ; bownet. 

casimir 18 [Eng. for prop, name of region 
in India], m.: CASHMERE (a cloth). 

casino 18 [It., dim. of casa, house], m. : = 
(pleasure resort). 

casoar 17 [Malay], m.: cassowary (bird). 

cas~qwe 16 [Sp. -co (lit., skull)], m.: =, 
helmet; tuft, top-knot. -qite 17 , adj.: 
helmeted. -qwette 18 ./.: cap. 

cassade 15 [It. -data, hunting], /.: pre- 
tence ; fib. . , . 

cas-saille 16 [-ser],f.: breaking up (first 

106 cassave 

ploughing). -san 15 [-ser], adj.: brittle; 
snappish, abrupt, -saticw 14 [-ser], /.." 
=, annulment ; appeal (law term). 

cassave 16 [Guarani], /. : cassava, tapioca. 

i.casse 13 [Prov. -ssa, ak. to L. catinus, 
bowl], /. : metal basin ; dipping spoon ; 
porcelain pot. 

2.casse 15 [It. -ssa], f.: (printer's) CASE: 
haut de , upper case (that contains 
capitals, figures, etc.). 

3-casse 14 |L. -ssia, Gr. kasia],f.: CASSIA 

4.casse 16 [-sser], /.: breakage, break; 
cashiering ; donner de la d quelqu'un, 
discharge one (in allusion to ^casse). 

casse [-sser], adj. : navire , ship with 
its keel out of true ; m.: sucre cuit au , 
sugar boiled to brittleness (when dropped 
in water). 

casseau 17 [z.-sse], m.: (printer's) half- 
case ; drawer ; spindle-box ; grooved cylin- 
der (used in^castration). 

casse-cou 17 [-sser], m.: (fam.) break- 
neck (e.g. rickety stairway); cry (of cau- 
tion in blindfold); daredevil, f"! 10 - 11 *- 
tes = brise - lunettes. -men* 12 , m.: 
breaking: de tete } anxiety. -mot- 
tes 16 , m.: clod-crusher, roller ; sparrow. 
-musean 14 , pL oc, m.: punch, blow (in 
face); cake, -noisettes 16 , pi. , m.: 
nut-cracker ; figure en , face with nose 
and chin meeting, -noia? 15 , pi. , m.: 
nut-cracker; crow, -pierre 15 , pi. , 
m.: saxifrage; stone-hammer. 

casser [L. quassare], tr. : break, shatter, 
crumble ; abrogate ; dismiss, discharge : 
se la ttte, make great effort ; se le 
nez & la porte, find one's self shut out ; se 
le cou, make a grave mistake. 

casserole 15 [i.-**e],/.: = (stew pan). 

casse-tete 16 [-sser], m.: club; weary 
work, worry; noise; heady wine; net 
overhead to prevent accidents fr. falling 
objects : ehinois, puzzle. 

cas-seti 15 [It. -settino], m.: drawer; 
pot (for molten metal): du didble, 
waste box (for old type). ||~sette 18 [It. 
-setta, dim. of cassa, box],/.: little box 
(as for jewels, treasure). 

cassenr 16 , =ense [-sser], m.,/.: breaker: 
un d'assiettes, blusterer ; un grand 
de raquettes, boaster of being strong (Le. 
he breaks tennis rackets). 

cassie 17 [Prov. cacio, L. acacia], f.: acacia 

i.cassieT 16 [3.-sse], m.: cassia tree. 

2.cassier 18 [i.-sse], m.: case-holder, 

cassine 15 [It. -na],f.: = (country house). 

i. cassia 17 [?], m.: black-currant; ratafia 
Qiquor made of black-currants). 

2 f cassis 18 [-8ser f break (fr. broken stone)], 


m.: water-bar (across a road on a hill- 
side, to prevent washing). 

cassiterite 18 [Gr. kassiteros, tin], /.: 
peroxide of tin. 

cassole 13 [2.-sse],/.: glue-pot (of paste- 
board makers). 

cassolette 15 [Sp. cazoleta, dim. of -zuela, 
vase],/. : (perfume dish, incense burner). 

cas~sort 13 [-ser], m.: broken glass (to 
be remelted); crushed cacao or sugar. 
-sonade 16 ,/: =, raw crushed sugar. 

cassot 17 [i.-sse], m.: sorting box (for 

cassure 13 [-sser], / ; break, fracture. 

casta^nette 16 [Sp. -taneta (-tana, L. 
-tanea, CHESTNUT)], /. : castanet. 

caste 17 [Port, -ta [(L.-tus, pure, CHASTE)], 
/.: caste. 

caste! 16 [Prov.], m.: fcastle; (humor.) 
lordly house. 

Castiile,/.: Castile (in Spain). 

castiile 14 [?],/.: (fam.) little quarrel. 

castine 15 [Ger. kalk-stein],f. : lime-stone. 

cas-tor 12 [L], m.: beaver; cloth or hat 
of beaver skin, -torerun [L.], m. : castor 
(secretion fr. the beaver, used in medi- 
cine). -torine lb ,/: = (cloth). 

castrame-tation 15 [L. -tari, lay out 
camp (castra, camp, metari, measure)], 
/.: ~ (planning or laying out camp). 

castra-t 17 [It. -to], m.: castrated male, 
gelding, eunuch; castrato (man castrated 
in boyhood to preserve his soprano). 
-tiot 13 [L. -tio (-trare, castrate)], =. 

casua-lite 15 Q. L. -litas (L. -Us, acci- 
dental)],/.: casualty, accident. 

casuarine 18 [casoar],f.: casuarine (hard 
wood tree of Australia). 

casue-1 14 , -lie [L. casualis], adj.: casual; 
m..' profit. -llement 15 , adv.: acci- 

casuis~te 16 DJ. casus, 'case' of con- 
science], m.: casuist, moraliser; sophist. 
-tique 18 ,f.: casuistry; sophistry. 

catacTtrese 16 [L. -sis, Gr. katdchresis, 
abuse (of words)], /. : catachresis (mixing 
of metaphors). 

cataclysms 15 [L. -mus, Gr. kataklusm6s 
(katd, down, kluzein, overflow)], m. : cata- 
clysm; deluge. 

tcatacqis = cacatois. 

catacotn/be 12 [It. -&a (? Gr. kata, down, 
kumbe, hole)], /.: catacombs (vault for 

catacoustiqne 17 [Gr. katakouein, listen], 
adj.: pertaining to sound-reflexion; /.: 

catadioptriquc 17 [arbitrary word fr. 
catoptrique and dioptrique], adj.: of 
light-reflection and refraction, catadiop- 
tric ; /. : catadioptrics. 

cata-doupes 16 or -dupe [L, -dupa, Gr, 


katddoupa, lit. rushing down],/. pi.: cata- 

catafalque 16 [I. -falco], m.: SCAFFOLD 
(cf. Fr. chafaud); stately bier. 

cataire 17 [1. L. cattaria (cattus, cat)], /.: 

catalec-tes 16 [L. -ta, Gr. katdlekta (Ugein, 
gather)], m. pi.: choice collection (fr. old 
authors), -tique 16 [L. -ticus (Gr. &o.ta- 
Ugein, cease], adj.: vers , catalectic 
line, classic line ending in an incomplete 

catalep-sie 15 [L. -sis, Gr. katdlepsis, 
seizure],/.: catalepsy, spasm, -tique 17 
[L. -ticus], cataleptic ; m., f. ; person sub- 
ject to fits. 

catalo~gue 13 [L. -ff^s, Gr. katd-logos 
(Ugein, gather)], m.: , list: un epoux 
du grand , a husband of the large list 
(of deceived ones), -giter 18 , tr.: list, 

catalpa 17 [?], m.: catalpa (tree). 

cata-lyse 18 [Gr. katdlusis (luein, loosen)], 

/.: catalysis, contract-action (in chem- 
istry). -lytique 18 [Gr. -lutikos], adj.: 

cataplasm*? 13 [L., Gr. katdplasma (plds- 
sein, form on)], m. : poultice, cataplasm. 

cataplexie 17 [Gr. katdplexis, stupor 
(kata, down, plessein, strike)], /.: cata- 
plexy, nervous shock causing paralysis. 

catapulte 18 [L. -to],/.: catapult, hurl- 
ing machine. 

catarac~te 15 [L. -ta, Gr. katardktes (kata- 
rdssein, tear down, ardssein, clatter), 
cataract, falls. The sense seems taken 
fr. 'falling-door, portcullis'],/.: cataract 
(water ; disease of the eye), -te 17 , adj. : 
haVg a cataract (of the eye). 

catar-r/i-al 17 , pi. =auce, adj.: =. ||ca- 
tar~rfoe 14 [L. -rhus', Gr. katdrrhoos (katd 
down, rhein, flow)], m.: catarrh (disease 
of the mucous membrane), -rheua? 15 , 
=e_use, adj. : afflicted with catarrh. 

catastrophe 16 [L. -pha, Gr. kata-strophe, 
return; end],/.: = (end; disaster; great 

catau [nickname for Catharine], /. : bar- 
maid ; girl of loose morals. 

cate-ehse 15 [L. -sis, Gr. katechesis 
(echein, ECHO, sound)], /. : catechism, oral 
instruction. catE-ehete 18 [Gr. kata- 
chetes], m.: catechiser. -eMser 13 [L. 
chizare], tr.: catechise. -eMsme 13 {L. 
-chismus], m. : catechism, oral instruction. 
-chlste 15 [L. -chista"], m.: catechist. 
-cTtumeiie 13 DJ. -chemenus], m.,/.: cate- 
chumen, new convert, -gorie 15 [L. -goria 
(Gr. kategoria (kategoretn, assert)], /.: 
category (class ; summum genus ; concept 
a priori). -gorlque 16 PJ. -icus\, adj^.: 
categorical : Pimptratif , absolute claim 



of moral law to our obedience. -gori- 
qitement 15 [-gorique], adv.: categori- 

fcaterole 16 [se catir, crouch],/.: rabbit- 

cat7tar-te 18 [Gr. kathartes, purifier], m.: 
vulture, -tique 16 [Gr. kathartikos (ka- 
tharos, pure], adj. : purging ; m. : purga- 
tive, cathartic. 

at/fce-dral 12 [1. L. -drolls (Gr. kathedra, 
seat)], adj. : =. t-drant 15 Q. L. -drans], 
m. : chairman (in judging a thesis). 

cat7teretique 15 [Gr. kathairetikos], adj.: 
catheretic (mildly caustic, as for warts). 

ca-t7iete 16 [L. -tus, Gr. kdthetos, lowered 
(katd, down, hienai, send)], /.: cathetus 
(imaginary line, axis) ; tperpendicular. 
-teeter 17 [L.], m.: = (tube, as for the 
urethra), -tfteterisme 17 [L. -theteris- 
mus], m.: application of the catheter. 
-tTietometre 18 [Gr. kdthetos, plumb, 
metron, measure], m. : cathetometer (meas- 
ure for vertical distances). 

catTio-lieisme 17 , m.: Catholicism. -11- 
eite 16 , /.: catholicity; body of Catholic 
nations, -licou 15 [1. L. (Gr. katholik6n, 
universal)], m.: = (panacea, cure-all medi- 
cine). U-liqite 12 D. L. -licus, Gr. katho- 
likos, universal], adj., m., f. : Catholic, of 
the Roman church; general, universal. 
-liqif.emmt 18 , adv.: like Catholics. 

cat! 16 [-tir], m.: gloss (on cloth), 
t-tieae 16 [se catir], /. : otter's hole. 

catilinaire [conspirator Catiline], /.: 
angry speech (like Cicero's orations against 

catifc-lac 17 or -lard [?], m.: =, pear. 

catimini 13 [Gr." katamenia, (katd, by, 
men, mouth)], m. : catamenia, menses ; 
adv. : en , stealthily. 

i.catitt 15 [nickname for Catherine', cf. 
catau], f. : (pop.} loose girl, whore. 

2.catin u [L. -nus, basin], m.: pot (for 
molten metal). 

ca~tir [*p. L. coactire (L. cogere, press)], 
tr.: glaze, gloss (cloth, etc., to give lustre) ; 
gild, -tissage 18 , m.: pressing; glossing. 
-tisseur 27 , 'm.: presser. -tissolr 17 
m. : gilder's knife. 

fcatogaTi = cadogan. 

i.catotv 15 [censor Cato], m.: stern man. 

2.catoti 17 [? -tir] 9 m.: triangular iron 
(ready to be drawn). 

catoptriqwe 16 [Gr. kaloptrik6s (kdtop- 
tron, mirror)], adj.: of reflection; /.: 
catoptrics, science of reflection of light. 

cau-ehemar 14 [OFr. chaucher (L. calcare, 
oppress) and Ger. mar, sprite], m.: night- 
MAEE. -ehef 1T [OFr. chaucher], m. : folio, 
mould (to press gold leaf, etc.). 

oau-dal 18 [L. -da, tail], adj.: =. -da- 
[L. -da], m.: train-bearer (of 



cardinal, pope, etc.). -de 16 [L. -da], adj.: 
tailed, CAUDATe. 

candebec [town C.], m. : hat. 

caiidex 18 [L.], m.: = (stem, trunk). 

caudrette 17 [ak. to chaudiere, CALDRON], 
/. : net for erabs. 

c aii-les<;en t 17 , =gnte \L. -Us, stem], adj. : 
==, hav*g"stem. -licole 15 [It. -licolo (L. 
-lieulus)], f. : =, leaf -stem (on a column). 
-licule 15 [fr. L. dim. of -Us], /.: little 
stem, caulicle. 

cauris 17 [Bengal, lit. 'shell'], m.: cowRy 

can-sal 16 [L. -Us], adj.: =. -salite 15 
[-sal],f.; causality, laws of cause and 
effect, i.-sanfc 16 , =a/n&e [z.-ser], a<~ 
effective. 2.-s*m, =ante [i--ser, talk], 
ad!/.; talkative, -satif 14 , =ive [L. -s 
tms (-sa, cause)], adj. : causative. |[~se n 
[L. -sa], f. : cause (reason ; lawsuit ; party, 
side) : grasse, mock cause (alluding to 
mardi or as: cf. Eng. grass widow!) 
i.-ser* 3 ^ [L. -sari, give reasons], ira 
chat; gossip; chatter. 2,-ser" 15 , . 
cause, make, -serie 16 [i.-ser],/.: chat 
gossip, -sette 18 [i.-ser],/.: (/am.) little 
chat. -sear 15 , =euse, a^/., m., /.: 
talker; tattler; /.: =, reverse seat or 
sofa for two. 

ca^Bsse 17 [Prov. (L. calx, lime)], m.: limy 

cans-ti-eite 17 , /.: sharpness, causticity. 
||~tiqie 15 [L. -ticus y Gr. kaustikos 
(kaiein, burn)], adj.: corrosive, caustic, 

cau-t 12 , =a/&te [L. -tus, CAUTIOUS], adj.: 
wary, f-tele 12 [L. -teZa], /.: caution: 
a , on condition, -teleiasenieiifc 12 
[-teleux], ^adv.: CAUTiOUSly,' cunningly. 
-teleua; 12 -, =e^se [-ieZe], ac?/.: wary, 

caja-tere 13 [L. -terium, Gr. kauttrion 
(kaiein, burn)], w.: CAUTERy; searing 
iron ; searing : sur une jambe de bois, 
useless act ; royal sur epaules, crimi- 
nal's brand. -terisation 15 [-teriser], 

f.: =. -teriser 13 '[L. "-terizare], tr.: 
cauterise, sear. 

caju^tioM, 12 [L. -tio (caver e, beware of)], 

/.: = (bond; pledge; bondsman), -tion- 
nemerit 16 [-tionner], m.: security. 
-tionner 13 , tr: secure, bail. 

cavagrnole 17 [It. -lo (cavagno, basket)], 
m.: gone. 

cava-lcade 14 pt. -lcata],f.: , ride (by 

several); cavalry on the march. -Ica- 
dcjur 15 [It. -Icatore], adj. m.: of the 

prince's horses: ecuyer , prince's master 

of horses. ||~le 15 [ft. .^ fl (f e f _^ , L. 

caballus, nag)], /.: mare (in poetry). 

-Icrie 15 [It. -lleria], f.: cavalry; stable 

of horses. -Her 10 , =iere pt. -Ziere], 


m., /. : = (horseman) ; knight (at chess) ; 
hill over a rampart ; spoil-bank ; gallant ; 
escort, partner; royal (paper). -liere- 
ment 1 * [-lidre], adv.: like a horse-man. 

cavatine 17 [It. -na],f.: cavatina, simple 
aria, song of one part. [L. -vus, hollow],/.: =; wine 
cellar. 2. cave 15 , adj.: hollow: ve'ines s, 
venae cavae (trunk artery) ; mois , 
lunar month, -veati 12 , m.: little cave, 
cavity ; little cellar, vault (for burial). 

3-cave [-ver, bet],/.: stake, pool. 

ca^ve-ee 16 [Sp. cabeza (L. caput)], f.: 
head : cheval -- de more, black-headed 
horse, -ve-ee 17 , adj. : de noir, de 
blanc, black-headed, white-headed (and 
body another colour). -ve$on 16 [It. 
-vezzone (L. capitium, hole for a head)], 
m.: CAVESSON (head-stall for unruly 

ca-vee 16 , /.: hollow way (in a woods). 
i .ll^ver 14: [L. vare (-vus, hollow)], tr. : fur- 

row, make hollow; undermine. 2. - 
[It. -vare, draw out (money fr. the 
pocket)], intr.: bet, stake money. 
-verne 11 [L. -verna], /.: cavern, cave, 
cavity, -verneuo? 13 , =ejjse [L. -verno- 
sus], adj.: full of caves, of cavities, 
spongy ; rale , hollow rattle (of diseased 
lungs), -vet 15 pt. -vetto, dim. of cavo], 
m.: = (grooved moulding). 

caviar 13 [It. -viale], m.: = (Russian dish 
of roe). 

tcavillation 12 [L. -tio], /.: caviling, 

[-?7e], m.: hollow-way, pass. 

^ , . 

-vite 12 [L. -vitas (cavus, hollow)], /,: 

-volr 17 -ver m.: tool for 
working glass). 

. , , , 

cavity, -volr 17 [-ver], m.: tool (for 

caye 16 [Sp. -ys], /.: KEY, low coral or 

rocky island. 
cayenne 17 [?], /.: waiting place (for 

sailors), vessel so used ; ship's kitchen set 

up on land. 
tcayeu = caieu. 

cazelle 17 [?],/.: spool (for gold thread). 
i.-eE [p.L.*ecceoc (L. ecce, behold, hoc, this)], 

pron. indecl. : this ; that ; it (expletive) : 

c'est-d-dire, that is to say; c'est vous, it 

is you; quelle heure est-ce? what time is 

it? qu'est-ce que c'est que cela? what is it? 

ce que je sais le mieux, c'est . . ., what I 

know best, is ... 
2.<?E,or (before a vowel, or h mute) -eet, 

m., -eette, /; pi. m., f. -ees [L. ecce, 

behold, istum, that], demons, adj.: this, 

eeans 10 [ga (cela), ens (L. intus, within)], 

adv. : inside ; in this house. 
eu-ei 18 [i.ce, ci (L. id, here)], demons. 
pron.: this (here), that: el cela, one 

thing and another. 


-ee-cite u [L. caecitas (caecus, blind)], /. : 

cedant 17 , =ante, adj. : yielding; m.,/.: 
ceder, yielder. -der 15 [L. -dere], tr.: 
give up, abandon, CEDE; intr.: yield, 
submit ; give way, give in. 

oediUe 16 [Sp. -lid, 'little c '],/' cedilla (5). 

-ee-drat 17 [It. -drafo (cedro, CITRON)], m.: 
=, citron. -dratier 18 [-drai], m. : 
citron tree, i.-eedre 16 [It. -dro, CITRON], 
m. : only in aigre de , an acid drink of 
green citrons. 

a.-ee-'dre 11 [L. -drus, Gr. kedros], m.: 
cedar, -ee-drel 17 [1. L. -drela, because 
of stately cedar-like size], m.: cedrela, 
Jamaica cedar, -ee-drie 15 [L. -dria],f.: 

-eedule 12 [L. schedula, leaf of paper 
(scheda, strip of bark, scindere, split, 
tear)],/.: document (in law), list; bill, 
warrant. Cf . Eng. cedula. 

i .eepfc~dre [L. eingere], irr. ; r.: gird; 
encircle ; enwreathe. -eei,n-e 12 , /. : girdle 
(of ship). 

Ind. : Pr. cezn-s, -s, -t ; ceignons, etc. 
Ipf. ceignais. Fut. (Cond.) ceindrai(s). Pret. 
ceignis. Subj. : Pr. ceigne. Ipf. ceignisse. 
Part. : Pr. ceignant ; P. ceint. 

-eei^-trage 16 [-trer], m.: f rapping, plank- 
ing over "the wales of a ship, -trer 16 
[1. L. cincturare (cinciura, belt)], 'tr.: 
girdle (a ship) ; intr. : sur son cdble, 
get foul of the anchor cable. -ture 
[L. -tura], f.: belt; zone; waist; sash; 
CINCTURE, -turelle n [L. -ture],f. : little 
belt; shroud (of ship), -turette 11 [-toe], 
/.: strap (of hunting horn), -fturier u 
(-ture], m. ; belt maker or seller, -turcm 11 
l-ture], m.: belt (for sword, etc.) -tur- 
ronnier 18 [turori], m.: belt maker or 

exda u [ce, that, la, there], indecl. demons, 
pron.: that, all that: comme , like that ; 
so so ; ceci et , one thing and another ; 
il ne manquait plus que , that was the 
last straw. 

celadou 16 Dover C., in a novel], m.: 
mawkish lover ; sea-green colour. 

eelation 18 [L. -tw\, /.: ==, conCEAL- 
ment (law term). 

eele-brant 11 [-6rer], adj. m.: le pretre 
, officiating priest (at mass), -bra- 
tion 11 \L.-ebratio],f.: =. Hcele-bre 11 
[L. -ebris, noted], adj.: celebrated, -brer n 
[L. -ebrare], tr.: celebrate; solemnise. 
-"brite 12 [L. -ebritas], f. : celebrity; fame. 

culer- [L. -lare], tr.: conceal, keep 

eeleri 16 pt. dial, selleri for It. seleni (L. 
selinum, parsley)] m.: CELERY (plant). 

Heeleriw, 12 [?] m.: sardine. 

JJ* -tas^f.; celerity, speed, 

cens 109 

celeste 10 [L. coelestis (coelum, heaven)], 
adj.: heavenly: le empire, China. 

eeliaque 11 [L. coeliacus, Gr. koiliakos 
(choilia, belly)], adj. : of the intestines : 
artere , CELIAC artery. 

eeliba** 11 [L. coelibatus, coelebs, unmar- 
ried], m.: celibacy, -taire 17 , m., /.: 
single, unmarried person. 

telle see celui. 

eel-lerier 12 , =iere, m., f.: cellarer, 
keeper of food and wine in a monastery ; 
butler. H~lier [L. -larium], m.: store- 
room, CELLAR. 

-eellu-laire 17 , adj.: cellular; hav*g cells, 
apartments, \\~le 15 [L. -la (dim. of cella, 
CELL)], /.: cell, -lenx 17 , =ense, adj.: 
having cells, -loid 18 " [Eng. (L. -la, cell, 
Gr. eidos, form)], m. : =, parkesine (imi- 
tation ivory, shell). -lose 18 ,/.: = (cell 
tissue in plants). 

-eElui , /. -celle, pi. m. -cense, /. -eelles 
[p. L. *ecc-illm, *-illa, *-illos, *-illas (L. 
ecce, behold, ille, that one)], demons, pron. : 
that, that one. ~ ei, -eelle-ei, etc., 
this one (near) ; the latter ; -ci, -la, 
this one and that one. -la, that one (re- 
mote) ; the former ; the one we spoke of. 

eeme'M^t 1G [L. caementum, block of stone 
(caedere, cut)], m.: =. -taticm 16 [-ter], 

/.: =. -tatoire 17 [-tation], adj.: ce- 
mentatory. -ter 16 , tr: cement, modify a 
metal by cementing, by packing and heat- 
ing in another metal : acier cemente, car- 
burised steel; cuivre cmente, bronzed, 
oxydised copper. 

eenaele 13 pL. c&naculumj dining room 
(coena, supper)], m.: room of the last 
supper ; society or coterie. 

ee,n~dre [L. cinis],f.: CINDERS; coals; 
embers ; ashes ; penitence : mercredi des 
s, ash-Wednesday ; le feu couve sous la 
, fire (revenge) lurks under the ashes ; 
de plomb, fine-shot, -dre 14 adj.: 
ashy gray, -dree 11 ,/.: very fine shot; 
oxide scum on molten lead ; mixture, ce- 
ment of coal and lime, -dre.nce 11 , =e^se, 
adj.: fall of ashes; fer , iron that 
doesn't polish clear, -drier 12 , m.: ash- 
catcher, ash-pan, -drillcm [girl C. of 
the fairy story], /. : a Cinderella, drudge. 
-drures 17 ,/. pi.: flaws (in metal). 

eene 11 [L. ccena, supper], /.: Lord's 

CEnelle 11 [? L. acinum, berry],/: haw. 

eeno"bi~te ls [L. ccenobita (Gr. koinobion: 
koinos, common, bios, life)], m.: monk. 
-tique lQ , adj.: cenobitic, monastic. 

cenotaplie 11 [L. -phium, Gr. (ken6$, 
empty, tdphos, tomb)], m. : cenotaph, mon- 
ument without a grave. 

ce/w^s 12 [L. -sus], m,.: census (estimatio'n 
for taxing); feu^aj yent; rating 



qualification tax), f-se 10 e long [1. L. -sa], 
/.: farm, -se 16 \_-ser (L. -sere, judge)], 
adj: fcounted; assumed: si le prince est 
prisonnier, il est etre mort, if the 
prince is a prisoner he is supposed to 
be dead, -semen* 18 [-see], adv.: sup- 
posedly, -seur** [L. -sor], m.: CENSOR, 
judge, critic, monitor, t-sier 12 , =iere, 
adj. : pertaining to the census, -sitaire 17 , 
m.: le d'unfief, holder of a fief ; voter 
(qualified by his property), -sive 12 Q. L. 
-sira (sc.) terra, taxable land],/.: land, 
farm; tax. -serial 17 , pi. =anos [L. 
-sorius], adj.: tribunal , censorship. 
t-suel 13 , f= elle [L- -sualis], adj.: feu- 
dal, under tax. -surable 16 [-surer], 
adj.: =, blameworthy. -sure 13 [L.-swa], 
/. ; (blame) ; censorship ; body of cen- 
sors; penalty, -surer 15 [-sure], tr.: 

-eert~t [L. -turn, HUNDred], num. adj. or 
in,., /.: =, hundred; hundredth part: 
pour , per cent ; un pesant, hundred 
pounds, -taine 11 , /.: group of a hun- 
dred, hundred of a kind ; thread that binds 
a skein. 

eentajire 11 [L. -rus, Gr. kentauros], m.: 
centaur, -ree 13 -to- [L. -rea], /.: cen- 
taury, star thistle. 

een-tenaire 18 [L. -tenarius (cf. cenQ], 
ad[7. : a hundred years old ; m., /. : cente- 
narian ; m. : hundredth anniversary, -te- 
nder 18 [L. -tenarius], m.: centurion, 
captain of a hundred. -tesimal 18 ,jpZ. 
=ana? [L. -tesimus, hundredth], adj.: =. 
-tiare 17 [L. -fztm, hundred, Fr. are], m.: 
=, centare, square meter (about 1 J square 
yards), -tieme 11 , adj.: hundredth: 
dernier, one per cent tax (on purchase of 
realty) ; m.: hundredth part, -tigrade 18 
[L. -turn, hundred, gradus, degree], adj. : 
(divided into 100 degrees). -ti- 
gramme 17 [L. -turn, hundred], m.: =, 
YSTJ- gram, -ti-litre 18 [L. -turn, hun- 
dred], m.: =, 3-^ litre, -time 17 , m.: 
=, rJir franc, -ti-metre 17 [L. -tarn, 
hundred], m.: =, T $-g- meter. 

eenton/ 15 [L. -^o, Gr. kentron, patchwork 
garment], m.: CENTO, patchwork (in poe- 
try, music, etc.), medley. 

een-tral 16 [L. -trails], adj. : ==. -trail- 
sat enr 18 , =tri-ee [-traliser], adj.: that 
brings to a centre, -tralisatio^t 17 [-tra- 
liser], /.: =. -traliser^- 7 , tr".: central- 
ise. -e^n^tre 18 [L. centrum (Gr. Mntron, 
point)], m. : = : l^re dafls SOTI , be in 
one's element, -trer 17 , tr.: adjust (as 
lenses), -trenr 18 , m.: wick-holder (of 
candle mould), -trifa^e 17 [L. fugere, 
flee], adj.: centrifugal. -tripete 17 
[L f peter e, seek], adj.; centripetal. 
[Gr, kentrfskot (Untro% t 

spur)], 77i.: centriscus (fish with tubular 
mouth), -trobarique 17 [Gr. 6<fros, 
weight], adj.: centrobaric (supposing all 
the weight to be at the centre). 

eent-suisse 17 [les cent Suisses de la 
garde, the hundred Swiss of the guard], 
?7i.: soldier of the French king's guard. 

eetitum-vir 16 [L.], m. : one of the cen- 
tumvirs, or hundred judges, -viral 16 , 
pi. =auo5 [L. -viralis], adj.: of the cen- 
tumvirs. -virafc 17 , m.: centumvirate. 

eentn'-'ple 15 [L. -plus (centum, hundred)], 
adj.: =, hundred-fold, -pier 15 , tr.: 
centuple, increase hundred times, or many 

centu-riatejar 1S , m.: centuriator (a 
writer of the Magdeburg Centuries). 
||~rie 14 [L. -ria],f.: century, hundred (of 
anything) : les s de Magdebourg, cer- 
tain work on church history (divided by 
centuries), -rion 11 [L. -Ho], m.: = 
(commander of cohort of one hundred 

-eep [L. eippus, stake (Gr. skepein, 
brace ak. to shaft)], m.: vine-stock; sole 
(of plough) ; rod ; tclog, fetters, -eepage 15 , 
m.: vines of one place, -eepe 18 [Gascon], 
m. : large mushroom, boletus, -eepau 12 , 
m.: matrix-holder (in stamping coin). 
cepee 11 , /.: sprouts (about a stump or 
tree) ; young wood. 

eEpendant 13 [ce, pendant], adv.: fdur- 
ingthis ; however (nevertheless). 

eepha-lalgie 13 \L. -lalgia (Gr. kephale, 
head, algeiii, pain], /. : headache, -lique 18 
[L. -liens], adj.: cephalic, of the head. 
-lopode 18 [Gr. kephale, head, pous,podds, 
foot, m.: cephalopod (mollusk). -lop- 
tere 18 [Gr. pter6n, wing], m.: Brazil fly- 
catcher, umbrella bird ; ox-ray (fish). 

f-eeps = ce*pe. 

c6ra^mie 18 p. L. -mium (Gr. kerdmion, 

far)],/.: ceramium, red algse. -mique 18 
Gr. keramikos (keramos, pottery)], adj. : 

ceramic, -miste 18 , m.: ceramist, expert 

in pottery. 
eerasine 18 [L. -sus, cherry],/.: gum (of 

cherry, peach, etc.). 
eeraste 12 [L. -tes (Gr. keras, horn)], m.: 

Egyptian viper (with horny scale over 

each eye). 
-eerat 16 [L. -turn (cera, wax)], m.: CERATE 

(unctuous compound). 
ee'raunite 18 [Gr. keraun6s, thunder], /.: 

= (meteoric stone). 
eerbere 16 [L -rus, Gr. kerberos], m.: 

dog Cerberus (the three-headed guardian 

of Hades). 
eereaire 17 [Gr. kfokos, tail], m.: CEB- 

CARIA, fluke, larval distome. 
eer-ee 12 [ak. to cercle],/.: hoop (of sieve, 

barrel) band ; curve of a vault, 


fp. L. circellum (circus, ring)], m. ; hoop ; 
part of a hoop ; arch ; pinion-quill. 

f-eer-eelle = sarcelle. 

eer-clage 18 [-cZer], m.: hooping (of bar- 
rels). ||~cle [L. circulus (dim. of circus, 
ring)], m. : circle ; (vulg.) circumference ; 
society ; series ; hoop, ring, -cler u , tr. : 
encircle, hoop, -clier ^ m. : hooper. 

-eerco-pe 17 [Gr. kerkope fr. its tail-like 
(kerkos, tail) egg-dropper], m.: frog-hop- 
per (insect), -pit7ieqwe 15 [Gr. pithekos, 
monkey], m. : long-tailed monkey. 

-cercueil -keriy [L. sarcophagus (Gr, 
sdrx, flesh, phagein, eat)], m.: coffin, 


cereale 15 PJ. -Us (Ceres, goddess of 
grain)], adj.f.: cereal. 

eere-belleux 10 , [L. cerebellum, 
little brain], ad!/.; of the cerebellum, 
-bral 15 , #Z. =SLiu3c [L. -brum, brain], adj.: 
=. -"bro-spinal 18 , j>Z. =aux [L. apiwa, 
thorn; backbone], adj.: =.' 

eeremo-nial 13 , pi. =auos [L. -razaZis], 
adj.: , ritual; m. (sm#. only): =, 
solemnities, rites, forms. ||~nie 12 [L. 
-nia (ak. to Skt. kar, make)],/.: cere- 
mony, rites : formalities, -niel f3 , =elle, 
adj.: ritual, formal, -niena? 14 , =ejjse, 
adj. : ceremonious, too formal. 

-eerf [L. cervus], deer, deer-kind. 

eerfeutl [L. ccerefolium (Gr. chdrein, 
rejoice, phullon, leaf)], m.: CHERVIL 

eer/-volaiit 18 , j?Z. s s, m.: (wZ#.) 
staghorn beetle ; kite (toy). 

eE-risaie 14 , /. ; cherry grove. ||~rise 
[p. L. *-resia, L. -rasws],/. ; CHERRY ; "adj. 
indecl. : cherry-coloured, -risette 18 , /. ; 
(dial) dried cherry; plum, -risier 11 , 
m.: cherry-tree. 

eerite [1. L. -thium, inexact for Gr. keru- 
kion, shell (kerux, herald)], m. or/.: = 
(univalve mollusk). 

eer-ne [L- cercinus (Gr. kirkinos, pair 
of compasses)],/.: circle, ring (about the 
eyes, moon, on end of log, etc.). -neau 15 
[-Tier], m.: kernel of green walnut. 
-ner 12 , tr.: envelope, inclose entirely; 
cut around (a tumor) ; deaden, girdle (a 
tree) ; ditch around. t-5i^ 18 m - ; knife 
(to open green walnuts). 

eer**taitt/ > , =ain0 [p. L. *-tanus (L. tus, 
sure)], adj.: = (fixed; sure, confident). 
-taiuement 11 , adv.: certainly, -tes 10 
[p. L. *-tas for L. certo], adv.: surely. 
-tiflcat 16 [L. -tfficatum], m.: certificate. 
-tifloateur 16 [L. -tificator], m. : certifier, 
voucher, receipter; giver of certificates. 
-tiflcr 11 [1. L. -tificare (L. cerium, cer- 
tain, facere, make)], tr. : certify ; guar- 
antee. -titude 16 [L. -titudo], /.: =, 



<eeru~mexi [1. L. (L. cera, wax)], m. : ear- 
wax. -mineuoc 17 , =se [I. L. -rnino- 
sus, waxy], adj.: of wax.* 

eeruse 13 [L. ~ssa],f.: white lead. 

eervaison 18 [cerf],f.: deer-season. 

cer^veau [p. L. -ebellum (L. -e 
m. : brain : rhume de , nasal catarrh 
(falsely thought to come from the brain) ; 

creux, hollow brain, cracked brain; 
un brule, an extremist. -vulas 16 [It. 
-llato], m.: fsort of bassoon; saveloy 
(sausage), -vzlet 16 , m.: cerebellum. 
-velle [L. -ebellum], /.: brain matter: 

rompue, tired mind. 
eervical 16 , pL =ane [L. -vix, neck], adj.: 

=, of the neck. 

eervier [L. -varius], adj.: attacking 
deer; loup , deer-killer (wolf). 

eervolse [L. cervisia (fr. Celt.), beer], /.: 
ancient beer (of grain and herbs). 

ees, see ce. 

eesa~r 15 [Caesar], m. : emperor, -rien 15 , 
=enn [L. Caesar, child cut from" the 
womb (caedere, cut)], adj.: operation 
ne, Csesarean operation (cutting a child 
from the mother, over the pelvis). 
-risme 18 , m.: empire like Caesar's. 

eesium. 18 [L. caesius, bluish], m.: white 
metal CAESIUM (named for its spectrum), 

ees-satiott 13 , /.: == -se 11 , /. : stop, 
CEASE. ||~ser [L. -sare (cedere, yield)], 
intr., tr.: cease, quit. -sible 16 |L. 
-sibilis], adj.: assignable, transferable. 
-slew 12 [L. -sio], /.: =, ceding, abandon- 
ment, (esp.) assignment, -sionaipc 15 , 
m.,/.: assignee. 

i.-eeste 15 [L. caestus (caedere, hew)], m.: 
CESTUS (ancient boxing glove). 

2.t-es-te 15 [L. -ii, Gr. kestos (lit. 
stitched)], m.: CESTUS, girdle (of Venus, 
etc.). -toide 18 [Gr. eidos, form], adj.: 
m.: vers s, cestoid worms (like adult 
tapeworms), -treaii 17 [L. -trum, Gr. 
kestron, pointed iron], m.: betony 

eesure 15 [L. caesura (caedere, cut)], /.; 
caesura (pause in a poetic line). 

-eet, see z.ce. 

eeta-ce 16 JL. cete], m.; any CETACEAN 
(whale, porpoise). 

eterac w [1. L. (1. Gr. kitarfa, fr. Ar.)], 
m.: ceterach (scaly fern). 

eetoine 17 [1. L. -tonia], f.: floral beetle. 

ertte, see ce. 

-eenx, see celui. 

eevadUle 17 [Sp. -ZZa (cebada, barley)],/.: 
insect-powder (of cevadilla plant). 

-ekabin [ak. to chevre, goat (dial, c&afire)], 
m.: (daaZ.) cross (of goat and sheep). 

^eka-blage 16 [i.-&Zer], m.: towing; pilot- 
ing (on rivers), fll-elia^'ble = cable. 
f-bleau, or -bl9t = cabUau. I .-bier ie , 

112 chafcler 

tr.: haul, pull, lift (by a cable); 
into a cable. 

2,-eIia'bler' [for chapeler], tr.: (dial.) 
shake nuts down. 

efcabl^sr 14 [i.-bler] r m.: water-bailiff. 

i.-elia'blis 15 [2. -bier], m.: windf alien tree 
or wood. 

2,-elia'blis 15 [town Ch. in France], m.: 
Chablis (wine). 

-eliabot 1 ' 2 [for *chevot (chef, head)], m.: 
miller's thumb (fish). 

ohabotte 17 [?],/: anvil-bed. 

t-cHabraqtte = schabraque. 

eliacal 17 [Turk.], m.: JACKAL (wolf). 

eHacoime 16 [Sp. -cona],f.: = (slow song, 
or dance); necktie (as worn by the 
dancer Pecourt). 

eha^cim , =une [p. L. *easc-unus (L. 
quisque, each, Drafts, one)], pron.: each 
one (distributively); everybody, -cu- 
niere 16 ,/.: (humor.) home. 

eha~fau~d [p. L. *eatafalicum (Gr. W<, 
sense of 'like/ L.fala, platform], m. : SCAF- 
FOLD, platform to dry codfish. -dier- 17 , 
w.: platform-maker. 

ehafouin 16 , =ine [c/iai, /ouw], ^., /.: 
(dial) skunk; sneak; wretch; adj.: sly; 

i. -chagrin 14 [?] adj.: (/am.) fretful; sad; 
m.: ==, vexation. 

2. -chagrin 16 [Turk, s^gr&n (form infl'd 
by 1 01 "w. : SHAGREEN (muleskin, horse- 

ekagri-nanit 15 , adj.: vexatious. i.|| 15 
[i .-TI], Jr. :"" CHAGRIN, vex. 

2-elfagriiier 17 [a.-ra], ir.: grain (leather). 

ehafc = scAdA. 

ehai 16 [? L. cavea, cave], m.: liquor ware- 

eh&i-l [L. calculus], m.: (<MaZO gravel; 
stone ': aigre, silex ; de moulin, mill- 
stone. -lie , /. : (dial.) broken stone (for 
roads) ; Jurassic flint. 

ehai-nage 18 [~ner], m. : survey, CHAINING ; 
iron of "a "house, chain-bond. ||-ehat~ne 
[L. catena], /.: CHAIN (linked iron; 
measure of 100 links; -warp; fetters; 
series) ; right and left (dance), -uer* 18 , 
tr.: survey (land): -netier 17 [-nette], 
m f : maker of necklaces, etc. -nette 11 , 
/. : little chain, chainlet ; CATENARY : ma- 
chine a, , sewing machine with chain- 
stitch. -nenr 18 [-ner], m.: land sur- 
veyor. -ni^r- 18 , or -niste, m.: maker 
of watch-chains, -non 15 , m. : link ; atlas, 
top-vertebra ; little range (of mountains). 

i. chair [L. caro],f.: flesh (of men, ani- 
mals y fruits, etc.) : de poule, goose 
skin or pimples ; baveuse, proud flesh ; 
Vaiguillon de la , the thorn in the flesh ; 
convoitises de la , lusts of the flesh. 

2.liair 18 [Eng., seat with a back], m.; 


= (iron support between the tie and the 
rail). ||-chai*-re [L. cathedra, (Gr. hedra f 
seat)],/.: fseat; stage, platform; pulpit, 
chair (professorship), -ehai-se 14 [for -re], 

/. : CHAIR ; frame ; chaise : tengue, 
lounge ; percee, night-stool, -sier 18 , 
=iere [-se], m., f.: chair-maker; renter 
of seats (in a church). 

f-ehako r^ schako. 

i.-ehaland 10 [1. Gr. eheldndion fr. ?], m.: 
barge, lighter. 

2.halan-<Z n , =ande [-loir], m., f.: 
customer; (fam.) wooer, t-dise 18 , /.: 

c7talasti-que 16 [L. -c^s, Gr. ~kos (chold- 
ein, yield)]; adj.: soothing, chalastic. 

cftalaze 17 [Gr. -za, hailstone],/.: chalaza 
(pullet-sperm; seam of the ovule where 
the coats join). 

fcJial-eite 15 [L. -citis, Gr. -kites (chalkos, 
copper)], /.: chaicites. -cographe 17 
[Gr. grdphein, write], m.: engraver (on 

Cftaldee,/.: Chaldea. 

eh$le l * [Eng. shawl, fr. Pers.], m.: 
SHAWL; scarf. 

tehalemie 18 D- L- calamaula (L. cala- 
mus, reed, Gr. aulos, flute)], /, : reed-pipe. 

ehale* 17 [ak. to chateau], m.: = (Swiss 

^ha^leur [L. calor], f. : heat ; fever ; 
passion, -leurensement 18 , adv. : warm- 
ly, -leureua; ^, "-ejjse, adj. : warm. 

t-ch^lit [p.* L.* catalectum (Gr. katd, 
L. lectum, bed)], m. : bedstead (of wood). 

^Haloir [L. calere, be warm], intr. im- 
pers. (used only in 3d pers. Pres. Ind., 
chaut and Pres. Subj., chaille) ; il nc m'en 
chaut, I don't care for it. 

ehalon 16 [?],m.: drag-net (for two boats). 

ehaloupe 16 [Sp. -lupa (Holl. sloep)], /.: 

<5halumeau [L. calamus, reed], m.: 

stalk ; tube', SHAWM, flute ; = (lowest re- 
gister of clarinette) ; blowpipe ; limed stick 
(to catch birds). 

ehalut 17 [ak. to -Ion], m.: drag-net (for 
one boat). 

cftaly-be 17 [L. -bs, Gr. cUlups, steel (fr. 
tribe Chdlybes)], adj. : hav*g iron, chalyb- 
eate (as mineral water). 

t-ch.a-m.ade 15 [It. chiamada],f.: = (signal 
for parley). ||^maiiler >0 [L. clamare, 
shout], intr. : squabble ; tr. : se , scuffle ; 
brawl. -maiUis 15 , m.: squabble, row; 

ehamar^rer 15 [ak. to simarre"], tr.: 
array, dress out ; f bedizen ; fheap ridicule 
upon. -rure 16 , /.: finery, rihbons; 

-ehamliellan 11 [OHG. chamarlinc (dim. 
of^chamar, chamber)], m.: CHAMBERLAIN. 




[?], m.: strass (white 
sand to make paste diamonds). 

ehambrawle 13 [?], m,; = (casing of 
doors, etc.). 

-ebam~bre [L. camera, Gr. kamdra, 
vaulted room (kdmptein, arch)], /. : CHAM- 
BER (room, space ; assembly hall) ; ship's 
cabin; association; story (of a house), 
deer's hiding place : ouvrier en , home 
worker (who keeps no shop) ; garder la 

, stay indoors (from sickness) ; haute, 
house of Lords, -bree 15 ,/.: occupants 
of a room ; (fam.) audience ; level, stage 
(in slate quarry). -brislau 16 , m.: 
flodger, roomer ; home worker" (hav'g no 
shop). -brer 16 , Mr. : room, lodge ; rest 
-(as a deer) ; tr. : closet, confine ; hollow, 
CHAMBER, -brette 11 , /.: (/am.) little 
room, -briere 11 ,/.: chambermaid, serv- 
ant ; (hence :) prop, rack ; hook ; stay (of 
rigging) ; poker ; horsewhip. -brJUlon 15 , 
/. : errand girl. 

-ebame 15 [L. -ma; Gr. cheme (chainein, 
yawn)],/.: chama, heart coccle (mollusk), 
giant clam. 

-eha~meau, pi. x [L. camelus, Gr. 
kdmelos, fr. Heb.], m.: camel (the ani- 
mal ; .float to help a ship in shallow water)]. 
-mslier 15 , m.: cameldriver. -melle 11 , 
/.: female camel. 

eha~mqi$ 13 [OHG. gamuz, cf . Ger. gemse 
(? Eng., GAME)], m. : SHAMMY, -rnoiser 13 , 
tr.: SHAMOY, dress (like chamois), -moi- 
s6rie 17 [-moiser], /.: shamoy leather 
business, -moiseur 17 [-moiser], m.: 
leatherdresser (who imitates chamois). 

i .^eh.&my) = 2. chant. 

2.-eha,mp [L. campus], m.: field (in all 
senses) ; pi. : country ; = (in architecture) : 
les s Ely sees, the Elysian fields, heaven ; 
avenue in Paris; de Mars, field, of 
battle; place in Paris; se mettre aux 

s, become angry ; prendre la clef des 

s, take to one's heels ; sur-le -- , on the 
spot, at once ; le tambour bat aux s, the 
drummer summons to march, -pagrne 
[p. L, -pdnia> of the field],/.: = (wine] ; 
fCHAMPAiGN (country, plain) ; CHAMP AIN 
(lower third of coat-of-arms). -par* 12 
[champ, part], m.: CHAMPART (land-rent 
in shares of the crop), -parter 1 * 2 
[~part\tr,: share (crops), -partxresse 15 
[-part], adj., /.: grange , barn for 
share-crops, -partetir 12 [-parter], m.: 
crop-renter (holder of rights to a crop, to 
field-rent), t-pe a .rac 15 > prairies. 
-p6tre [L. eampestris, of the fields], 
adj. : pf the country, rural. t~P^ == -pis. 
-pi#n<w 18 , m.: mushroom, toadstool ; 
hence : snuff, thief (of a candle) ; proud 

(in a wound) ; form (for peruke) ; 
(on sword point) : de 

hot-bed mushroom ; blanc de s , mush- 
room-spawn, -pigrnonniere 17 [-pignon], 
/.: mushroom-bed, -pion 10 , m.: =, 
defender; fighter. t-pis 13 , =isse, m., 
/.: (dial.) ffoundling. 

t-eha-wtpleure = chantepleure. 

champ-lEver 17 , tr.: groove (in enamel- 

i.-eliamplure 17 [?],/.: frost-blight. 

2.t-eh.ampiure 11 ~ chantepleure. 

clian-ee [p. L. *cadentia (cadere, fall)], 
/. : ; feast (of dice) ; game of dice : 
donner la ~, cast dice first; bonne , 
good luck (to you) ! 

f-ehan-eel = cancel. 

cha77.-eE-Za.nt 11 , adj. : tottering. ||~ler 10 
[1. L. -Hare (L. cancellus, bar)], intr.: 
(lit. cross legs in walking) stagger, totter ; 
vacillate. -Her 10 [L. -llarius, who stays 
at the bars, door-keeper], m. : CHANCELLOR. 
keeper of the seal. -Here 17 [-Here], /.; 
(fan.) chancellor's wife ; foot-muff. 

ctan^eel-lenient 12 [-er], m.: keeping 
the seal, -lerie 11 [-ier],f.: chancellery 
(house or office of chancellor). 

eiian-eencc 16 , =e^se [-nee], adj.: risky; 

efcan-eir 15 [?], intr., or reflex.: become 
mouldy, -eissnre 15 , /. ; mouldiness. 

e1iQn~cTe [L. cancer, crab], m.: =, 
syphilitic ulcer; CANKER, -cretirc 18 , 
=ense, adj. : chancrous ; cankerous. 

ehaft-dElenr n [p. L. *candelorum gen. 
pC: L. festum candelarum, FETE of CAN- 
DLES], /. : candlemas. -dElie r u , m. : = ; 
candlestick ; (candlemaker's) frame, rock : 
$tre sur le , be in full view. H~delle 
[L. candela], /. : candle ; light ; stanchion : 
moucher une a mngtpas, snuff a candle 
at twenty feet, (shoot accurately with 
pistol) ; excommunier a~ eteinte, give 
one time to recant till candle burns 
out. jtndre 14 ,or -frejndre [c ha/nt, 
side, fraindre (L. frangere, break)], irr. 
(cf . peindre] ; tr. : chamfer, groove ; edge. 
i.-f!rein 14 [past $axt.^-fraint], m.: bevel ; 

2.-eha,nfrein 11 [?], chamfrain (armour for 
horse's head). 

ehanfreiner* 16 [i.-frein], tr.: CHAMPER, 
rabbet; bevel. =: chinfreneau. 
lL^n-ge 11 , m.: =; exchange; trade; 
shift o'ff the scent: le cerf donne aux 
chiens, the deer shifts the scent for the 
dogs, lets another deer take his place. 
-geant 11 , adj.: changeable, -gement 11 , 
m. : change, alternation., ll^er [p. L. 
*cambiare, ]L. cambire], tr., intr: CHANGE; 
trade, -geur 11 , =ey^se, m.,f.: ex^iaiiger. 
12 [chant, side, latte],f.: CHAJ*T- 



LATE, eave-lath (projecting edge of a roof) ; 
pole (to support a dam) ; rack (to smoke 
fish on), 

ckanoi^ne 10 [LL. canonicus, lit., regular 
priest (Gr. kan6n, rule)], m. : canon ; preb- 
endary. -nesse 12 , /.: canoness. -nie 11 , 
/.: canonicate (office of canon). 
eha~soW [p. L. cantio (L. cantare, sing)], 
/. .-"song -"chorus ; nonsense, -soxmett^ 11 , 
/.: little song, -sonnier- ls , m.: song- 
collection; adj.: (/am.) muse e, muse 
of song, i.-t [L. cantus], m,: = (reci- 
tative rythmic or non-rythmic song ; air, 
melody ; psalm) ; CANTO, book. 
2,-elian* 11 [L. canthus, Gr. kanthos, corner], 
m. : "edge : de , on edge ; roue de , 
wheel with cogs perpendicular to its plane. 

.ehati-tag^ 17 [-ter], m.: shouting (to scare 
fish into" B "a net) ; hush-money ; blackmail, 
extortion, -tawt 13 , adj.: to be sung; 
drawling; (recent) cafe , concert, or 
singing caf 6. 

-elianteau 11 [chant, edge], m.: CANTLE, 
slice, cut, strip ; holy bread ; cut loaf ; 
piece of barrel-head; felly of wheels: 
couper du pain au , cut bread by the 
slice (i.e. to have influence). 

eJian-tepleure 11 [pleurer (in I've)], /.: 
big funnel, gully-hole; scupper (on for- 
tress) ; faucet ; sprinkler, watering-pot. 
H^ter [L. cantare], tr., intr.: sing; 
sound; celebrate :faire quelqu'un, make 
one pay hush-money ; uneporte malgrais- 
see chante, a door ill oiled creaks (i.e., one 
must be paid or he tells), i.-terelle 15 , 
/. ; = (highest string of violins, etc.) ; 
decoy-bird ; spindle (of gold-wire worker) ; 
musical-glass : appuyer sur la , press 
on the fifth string (insist on the main 
point) ; du bourreau, hangman's fifth 
'(the gallons rope). 

2.h.anterelle^ 8 [? chant, edge], /. : bevel. 

3.lumtrelle 17 [L L. cantharella (Gr. 
chdntharos), waterjar], /. ; = (mushroom), 

f-ehanterifcle = i.-relle. 

ehantenr 11 ^ =e^se [-ter], m.,f.: singer. 

eh&ntier [L. can-terms, gelding], m.: 
truss ; skid ; stool, gawn-tree (for barrels) ; 
block; stand; dock; ship-yard; timber- 
yard ; pile : etre sur le , be started. 

ehawfci^rxtole 16 [chant, edge], /. : bracket 
Supporting rafters of roof) ; small tile 
(for fire-places, etc.). 

etantonne?^ 15 [-ter], intr., tr.: hum. 

ekimtourner 16 {chant, edge, tourner], 
tr. : cut in profile, saw round or curved : 
iin chantourne, piece of a bedstead. 

eliaM,~tre [L. cantor], m.: chanter; 
singer, poet. -trErie 15 , or f-tErie, /.: 
chant ership ; chantry (chapel). j 

ehan/vre [L. canabis], m. : HEMP ; hang- 
man's rope. 


[L., GrJ, m.: =, confusion. 
, adj.: chaotic. 

eha~pe [p. L. cappa, of unc. orig.], /.: 
= ; t c ape, linantle ; cover ; lid ; CAP, 
COPE; sleeve (of metal), -pe 17 , adj.: 
cowled, clad in a COPE : ble , corn with 
its husk on. -peau 10 , m. : hat ; cardinal's 
hat ; upper part or piece (top crust ; top 
of mushroom ; top-timber, etc.) : enfoncer 
son , pull his hat down well, i.e. to 
show assurance ; mettre son de travers, 
put one's hat on sideways, be defiant; 
frere , monk who attends a priest ; verse 
made for the sake of the rhyme only, 
-pe-ehute 11 [chute (fr. choir) fallen], 
/.: (lit. dropped hat, hence:) good-luck 
(from some one's ill-luck), windfall. 

^chapelain 11 [-pelle], m.: CHAPLAIN; 
prebendary: = du pape, auditor at the 

ehapele^ [L. capulare, strike (capulus, 
sword-hilt)], tr.: cut off the top, CHIP: 
le pain, rasp the bread. 

-eha-pelet 12 [-peau], m.: flittl& hat; 
chaplet, string of beads ; reciter son , 
say one's beads ; defiler son , unstring 
one's beads (i.e. tell everything without 
reserve), -pelier 10 [-peau], m. : hatter. 
i. -pelle 16 [~peau], /.: faire , broach 
a ship to. 

2.^Hapel-lc 10 [-pe],f.: place where holy 
CAPES, relics, etc. were kept; CHAPEL; 
company (of officiating church-men, mu- 
sicians) ; t con > re g a tion ; church-plate ; 
objects domed like a chapel : mettre en , 
send to prayers (a criminal about to be 
executed, in Spain) ; place pottery for 
baking, -lenie 14 [-ain], /.: benefice. 
-lerie 12 [~ier],f.: hat factory, or business. 

ehapelnre 13 [-ler], f.: fine CHIPPED or 
crumbled crust. 

eha~per<m n [-pe], m.: = (matronly 
companion to a young woman in public ; 
head-dress worn in middle ages ; hood) ; 
pad ; shoulder-knot ; caul, -peroxmer n , 
tr.: hood (a falcon) ; top (a wall) ; act as 
chaperon (to young people). -pier 16 
[-pe], m.: fwearer of a COPE (robe); robe- 
maker ; wardrobe (for vestments). 

-eh.a-pi.teau xl [L. capitellum, little head 
(caput)], m. : CAPITAL (of a column) ; head, 
top, CAP. H^pitre 11 [1. L. capitulus (L. 
caput, head)], m.: (bible-) lesson ; CHAPTER 
(of a book ; assembly ; theme), -pitre?" 15 , 
tr.: reprimand (a priest in assembly); 
advise sternly. 

ha^pgn [L. capo], m. : CAPON (castrated 
cock) ; barren vine ; bread-sop : vol du , 
ground around a mansion (measured by the 
flight of a capon), -ponneau 16 , m.: 
young capon, -poxmer 13 , tr. : caponize. 
14 ,/,; fstew-pan; cooporrui> 


for fattening fowls, -poter 16 , tr. : trim, 
plane (wood) ; smooth up (unbaked pottery). 

t-eliappe, t-etappe, = chape, chape. 

eha-qite 12 [-cun\, adj.: each. 

har PL/, carrus, (of Gallic orig.)], ra. : 

ehar abia ls [Sp. Algarabia, Arabic], m.: 
(fam.) dialect of Auvergne ; jargon. 

eha-rade 17 [Prov. -rrado, talk (charra, 
'speak' of unc. orig.],/.: = (game with 

eharan-con 15 [?], m. : weevil, -^onne 16 , 
adj. : hav'g weevils. 

ehar~hon [L. carbo], m.: CARBON, char- 
coal ; coals, live coal ; CARBUNCLE ; smut 
(of grain) ; scab (of sheep) : de 
terre, pit-coal; de pierre, anthracite. 
i.f-bonnage 17 [-banner], m.: CHARRing, 
esp. smut (o'f crops). 2. -tonnage 18 , m.: 
coal-mining; pi.: mines. -bonnee 11 , 
/. : roast (of beef, etc.) ; bed of coals : 
charcoal sketch, -bonner 11 , tr. : CHAR ; 
become smutty (as crops) ; blacken ; 
sketch. -bonnerie 18 [-bonnier], f.: 
coal yard; secret political society (car- 
bonari) during the Restoration, -bon- 
nenoJ 16 , =egse, adj.: CARBUNCULAR. 
-bonnier 11 , =iere, m., /.: charcoal- 
seller ; coaler, fireman ; coal-bin ; coaling- 
vessel ; /. : charcoal-kiln, or pit ; deer- 
clay (place where a deer burnishes off his 
new horns) ; certain dark coloured animals. 
-boaiile [L. carbunculus], f.: (dial.) 
smut (of grain). -bouiUer* 17 [-bouille], 
tr.: char, smut, -bouiilou 17 [-bouille], 
m.: pituitary sore (of horse). 

eharcu-ter 15 [ak. to -tier], tr.: mince, 
cut up, chop, -terie 15 , /. : pork ; pork- 
business. ||~tier 15 , =iere [fcfozr (L. 
caro, meat), cuite, cooked], m.,/.: pork- 
dealer, pork-butcher. 

ehar~d<m [L. carduus], m.: thistle; 
spike (on gates, walls, etc.). -don- 
neret 15 , m.: goldfinch. 

ehardo~nne 14 [L. cardo, hinge], m.: 
door-post (on pivots), i.-nnette 18 , /.: 
wedge (on ship). 

2.~eliardonnette 15 [-don], /.: prickly 

har-ge 10 ,/.: = (load; expense; tax; 
position, office; indictment; condition; 
attack ; liability ; poultice) caricature ; 
(pop.) joke, jest: femme de , house- 
keeper ; cahier de s, book of conditions ; 
ligne de , load-line (of ships) ; <$ et 
d de , for and against (the accused). 
-gement 15 , m.: loading; registry (of 
le'tters). -geoir 1 *, m.: ladle (for can- 
non) ; loading-rack, holder (used in load- 
ing the hod), linger [p. L. *carricare (L. 
carrus, CART) cart], tr.: CHARGE (load; 
fell ; attack j commission ; accuse) ; en- 



cumber ; register (letters) ; exaggerate, 
caricature: charge d'affaires, diplomatic 
agent ; charge de cours, acting professor ; 
se de la dette, stand surety for a 
debt ; coiffure chargee, weighted head- 
gear, overdressed ; monnaie chargee, 
money with too much alloy ; une chose, 
carry a thing to extremes, overdo a thing ; 
en chargeant, ranting (of an actor). 
-gette 18 , /.: measure (for gun-load). 
-geur 13 , m.: loader; gunner, -genre 12 , 
/.': charge (on coat of arms).' -io 13 
[char], m.: wagon; CART; wain (constella- 
tion) ; go-cart ; cradle, slide. 

ehari-table n , adj. : =. -tablcmenf 12 
[-table],~adv.: charitably. ||~te n ~[l. L. 
and L. caritas],f.: CHARITY; love. 

charivari 13 [pref. chari-, -vari Ger. 
wirren, confuse, tangle], m. : = (SHIVEREE, 
mock serenade) ; loud quarrel ; clattering 
frame (in weaving) ; four queens (in one 
hand at ombre). 

eharla~tan 16 [It. ciarlatano (ciarlare, 
talk blatantly)], m.: =, mountebank; 
quack; pretender, -taner* 15 , intr.: be 
a charlatan; tr.: cheat, -tanerie 15 ,/.: 
charlatanry, quackery, -tanisme 17 , m. ; 
being a quack. 

jhar-lEmagne 7 [Emperor Ch.] f m.: king 
(at cards) : faire , win and quit, -lot 17 
[name Ch.], m.: curlew (bird), -lotte 18 
[name Ch.], f.: = : russe, =, whipped 
cream dessert, or custard. 

char-matt-* 16 [-mer], adj.: CHARMing. 
2.||~me 11 [L. carmen, magic word], m.: 
CHARM; mysterious power; attraction. 

2.-eharme [L. carpinus], m.: hornbeam, 
iron-wood, yoke-elm. 

ehar~mer 12 [i.-me], tr.: charm, bewitch ; 
captivate, -menr 12 , =&nse or f- 111 **- 
resse, m.,/.: charmer. 

char-mule 16 [z.-me],f.: young yoke-elm ; 
nursery, walk of yoke-elm; thicket; 
arbor, -moire 12 ,/..* yoke-elm grove. 

eharnage 12 [chair, flesh], m.: meat time 
(when Catholics may eat meat). 

eharnaigre 16 [?], m.: setter, cross be- 
tween harrier and greyhound. 

ehar~nel, =elle [1. L. carnalis], adj.: 
carnal (not spiritual). -nellemetit 11 , 
adv.: carnally. f-neuac , =o$.se [L. 
carnosus, of flesh], adj.: CARNOSE. 
i.-nier* 10 [chair], m.: meat-room, larder; 
fcemetery ; fCHARNEL-house. 

2.-eharnier ^ [p. L. *cardinarium (cardo, 
hinge)], m.: prop, -niere 11 [p. L. *car- 
dinaria],f.: hinge, -non 17 pL. cardo], 
m. : knuckle (of a hinge). 

ehar-nu 11 [chair], adj. : fleshy, -nure 18 
[chair], /.: (/am.) flesh, fleshiness. 
-ggne 11 [p. L. *caronia (L. caro, 

/,"; CAREION. 



-aharotte 12 [dial, for charrette], /.: cart; 
basket (to carry bird-traps). 

ehar-pnte 15 [-penter], /.: frame. 
-penter 11 [p. L. *carpentare] t tr.: cut, 
work (wood); form: un homme forte- 
ment charpente, well-built man. -pen- 
terie 11 , /.: carpentry; timberyard (for 
ship-building), -pentier , =iere [L. 
carpentarius (carpentum, chariot)], m.: 
carpenter; whale-cutter; /. : boring insect. 

-char-pi 15 , m.: CHARPIE; cooper's block. 
-pie % /. : lint (for wounds) : viande en 
, meat shredded by much cooking. 
H~pir [p. L. *carplre, L. carper e, pluck], 
tr.: "shred; cut, work (wood). 

eharree 12 [? L. cinerata], f. : buck-ashes. 

-eliar-retee u , /. : cart-load, -retier u , 
=iere or t-*i^ =iere, m.,/.: driver; 
adj. /: porte e, cart entrance; voie 
e, wheel-gauge (distance between wheels). 
[char], /.: cart; tumbrel. 

-riage 12 , m.: CARTAGE, i.-rier 10 or 

-royer [char], tr. : CARRY ; CART, haul. 

2.harrier 14 [-rrte], m.: bucking-cloth. 

-ehar-roi 11 [-royer], m.: cartage ; tfreight 
(of an army). ||~rq>? 12 [char]^m.: 
wagon-maker, -ronnage 15 , m.: business 
of wagon-making, -ronnerie 12 ,/.: art 
of making wagons. ^-Tgyer = -rier\ 

eharrue [L. carruca, wagon], /.: plough 
(with wheels) ; (fig.) agriculture ;ferme de 
deux s, farm of two CARUCATES, or 
tillage enough for two ploughs. 

charte [L. -to, paper],/.: record, deed; 
CHARTer : partie, charter-party (docu- 
ment divided so either half fits the other). 

char-tier = charretier. -til 12 [-rette], 
m.: fCART-bed ; hay-cart ; shed (for carts, 
etc.). -ton, 11 [-rette], m.: carter. 

i.-ehar-tre [L. -tula, (dim. of -to, paper)], 

2.-ehartre PJ. career, prison], /.: fdu- 
ress ; consumption of the mesentery. 

ehar^treuse 12 [name of a place],/.: = 
(Carthusian 'monastery; aromatic liquor, 
made by monks) ; perdreaux en , quails 
enclosed in vegetables, -treuse 14 , =euse, 
m.,/.: Carthusian; Chartreuse or Maltese 
cat; bluish-coloured mushroom, pink or 

char-trier* 13 [-te record], m.: archives, 
charter-chest; keeper .of charters. 

Cfrarybde 15 [L. -dis], m.: Charibdis 
(fabulous whirlpool near Sicily by the rock 
Seylla) : aller de Scylle en , escape one 
evil by running into another. 

i.-ehas 12 [ckfase], m.: eye of a needle; 
metal disk (pierced by mason's plumbrline. 

a.-efcas 16 .[?], (weaver's) starch; paste j 

eHasfie n [->8&er], f. : CHASE, hunt, hunting ; 
party of hunters; speed (of vehicles, 


water, etc.) ; chase (in tennis) ; play (of 
machinery) ; set (to be placed on wedges, 
circles, nails, etc., for driving them in) : 
donner , pursue ; soutenir , keep up 
a running fight ; prendre , sheer off (as 

eh$sse [L. capsa, box], /. : CASKET (for 
relics), shrine ; frame (of spectacles, jew- 
elry) ; handle (of a lance) ; knife-edged 
fulcrum (of scales). 

ehasse-avanfc 15 , pi [crasser, avant], 
m.: foreman, -bondieu 18 , pi. , m.: 
wedge-set. -"bosse 15 , 'pi tfbosse, 
pest], m.: lysimachia (plant), -ehien 16 , 
or -coqwm 16 , pi , m. : (humor.) beadle 
of a church, -cousin 16 , m. : bad wine 
(to drive away distant relatives) ; stiff- 
foil. -ehasse-croise 17 , pi s s, 
m.: = (zigzag figure in dancing). 
-fleurce 17 , pi , m.: scum ladle (of 
dyers). -goup|Zle 18 , pi , m.: pin- 
driver (conical instrument to clear holes 
in guns). 

hasselas 16 [? village CftJ, m.:= (white 

ehasse-maree 18 [chasser], m.: express 
coach (to carry fish, oysters, etc., rapidly 
to interior towns) ; lugger (coasting boat). 
-mou-ehes 16 , pi , m.: flybrush. 
-neige 18 , pi , m.: strong wind ; snow- 
storm'; snow-plough, -pierres 18 , pi , 
m.: guard-irons; cow-catcher; life-guard 
(of street-, or tramcars) ; piece set in 
front of car-wheels, -pojnte 17 , pi , 
m. : nail-set ; riveting hammer. 

chassepot 18 [inventor Ch.], m.: = (rifled 
needlegun, used by the French till 1871). 

ehasse-p-nnaise 17 , pi , m.:' bugbane 
(stinking plant). ||-ehassc~r [p. L. 
*captiare (L. captare, snatch at)], tr.: 
CHASE, pursue ; drive away, urge on ; im- 
pel; intr.: hurry, be driven; be spaced 
too far (type); dance the cha&se or zigzag. 
-rage 16 , /.: pepperwort (formerly used 
for'r'abies). f- resse see chasseur, -ri- 
vet 17 ,^. ,m.: RiVET-set. -rondelle 18 , 
pi , m.: ring-set (for wheel-hubs). 
-roue 18 , m.: spur-post, wheel-guard. 
chasseur 10 , m.: = (hunter, liveried 
servant, foot-man, light cavalry-man). 
ehasseuse or f-ehasseresse, /.: hun- 
tress: adj.: Diana chasseresse, Diana 
huntress; araignee chasseuse, jumping 
spider, -ehasse^ - de'-ehasseg , m. : 
across and back (in dancing chasse). 
ehasse^-Ttuie 18 , m.: execution of the 
chasse-croise, by four couples. 

ehas~sie 12 [?],/.: eye-wax, -sieua? 11 , 
=euse, adj.: blear-eyed. 

chassis 12 [-ste], m.: (printer's) CHASE; 
frame, CASing, sash ; matched cardboard 
(cut similar to another for secret 


ing) : dormant, sash-frame ; ti fiche, 

ehassolr 16 [-sser], m.: hoop-driver or set. 

efcas^te 11 [L. castus], adj.: =, pure: Us 
5 sceurs, the Muses, -tement 11 , adv.: 
chastely. -tete 11 [L. castitas], /: 

eliasii~'ble 11 [1. L.* casupula, casula 
(L. casa, house)], /.: = (priestly robe). 
-blurie 18 [-blier], f. : chasuble-business. 
-blier 12 , m.: chasuble-maker or seller. 

elvat , -ehatte [p. L. cattus (L. catus)], 
m., /. : CAT ; CATkin ; grapnel ; searcher 
(tool to test whether a gua is loaded) : 
appeler un un , call a spade a spade ; 
c'est le , it was the cat (to excuse one's 
self) ; d neuf queues, cat-o'-nine-tails ; 
a criniere, cheetah, hunting leopard 
of India ; musgue 1 , civet cat ; -cer- 
vier, lynx ; cetZ-de- , snap-dragon (plant); 
patte-de- , ground ivy ; emporter le , 
leave on the sly. 

ehai-'taifirne [L. castanea], /.; CHESTnut 
(nut; callosity on horse's leg; colour). 
-taigrneraie 15 [-taignier], /.: chestnut- 
grove, -taignier n , chestnut - tree. 
-tain 18 , m. adj.: chestnut -coloured, 

t-eliataire = cataire. 

ekat-'brule 17 , pi. s s, m.: pear. 
eervier 17 , pi. s s, m. : Asiatic lynx. 

cHa^teati [L. castellum (castrum, fort)], 
m.: CASTLE; court; elegant house; 
d'avant, fore-castle (on ship) ; de 
cartes, card-castle for children ; d'eau, 
large reservoir; or fountain (with dif- 
ferent levels). -teloin 11 , =aine, m.,/.: 
CASTELLAN (occupant or owner of a 
castle) ; lord, lady ; judge (in name of 
lord) : adj. : chaine chatelaine, string of 
keys, -tele 13 , adj.: turreted (coat of 
arms). -tele* 11 , m.: little castle; 
court; prison; stanchions (of loom). 
-tellenie 12 , /.: castelry (realm of a 

ehat-Tiuant 12 , pi. s s [huer], m.: 

eh&tier [L. castigare, whip], tr.: CASTI- 
GATE; chastise; correct. 

ehatiere^tcW],/.: cat-hole; draining- 
hole; peep-hole; cat-trap. 

eliatillcm 16 [Prov. -loun], m.: baby- 

eta-tim^tit 11 [-tier], m.: CHASTISEMENT. 

eha-toiemenf 18 or -torment [-toyer], 
m.: CHATOYMENT (play of colours, esp. in 
minerals), -tgn 15 [chat], m.: kitten; 
catkin (on trees). 

.eka^tQBiUe 15 [? ak. to -touiller], f. : 
baby-lamprey. -toni^lemgnt 12 , m.: 
tickling; prickling. Moniller 12 [? ak. 
to chat], tr,: tickle; prickle. -toui- 



leruc 12 , =e^se, adj. : ticklish ; sensitive ; 

ehato-y trnt 17 , adj. : =, lustrous, -yer 17 
[chat], intr.: changing lustre (like a 
cat's eye, according to the light). 

ehat-pard 16 , pi. s s, m.; European 

ehat-tre 16 , m .: (/am.) eunuch. ||~trer 
[L. castrare], tr.: castrate; spay; trim; 
mutilate : une truie, spay a sow ; 
une ruche, partly rob a hive ; une roue, 
shorten the felloes, -tiera 14 , m.: ex- 
pert gelder. 

-eliat-ro-eliier 15 > pi. s s, m. : dog-fish. 
-(t)ee 16 ,/.: fitter of kittens, -temite 12 
[? ak. to L. mitis, sweet],/.: hypocritical, 
treacherous. -ter 16 [chatte], intr.: 
kitten, -terie 15 [chat], f.: coquetry; 
dainty, -tigre 17 , pi. s s, m.: kind of 

ehan-ehe-br^n-ehe 17 , pi. [^chaucher, 
press],/., or m.: lever; "branch presser," 
whip-poor-will (which rests lengthwise on 
a branch), -poule 17 , pi. , m.: (dial.) 
'* hen-presser," hen-hawk. 

eh.aii.~d [L. calidus, hot], adj.: warm, 
hot; ardent; quick, lively; interesting; 
m.: heat, warmth; /.; fire; tempera- 
ture; heating: nouvelle chaude, fresh 
news; <J la chaude, quickly, at once; 
jeu de la main chaude, (game) hot-hand 
(where one guesses who slapped his hand) ; 
battre la chaude, hammer-heated gold, 
etc.; adv.: hot; quick, -dean 11 , m.: 
egg-nog, -dement 11 , adv.: warmly: 
etre vetu , be warmly dressed, -deret 17 
or -drefc [-diere], m.: folio for beating 
gold-leaf, -d-froid 18 , m.: delicacies to 
be eaten cooled, -diere \L. caldaria 
(calda, hot sc. aqua, water)],/.; CALDRON, 
boiler; boiler-house (where sailors have 
rations cooked) ; (from the shape), kind of 
fishnet; part of a lime-kiln, -dree 12 
[-diere],/.; fboilerful; batch of silk (for 
dyeing), f-drefc = -deret. f-drette 
caudrette. -drgn 12 [-die're], m.: 
little kettle; (/am.) poor piano, etc. 
-dronnee 15 [-dron],f. : boilerful. -dr<m- 
nerie 16 [-dronnier], /.* boiler business 
or supplies, -droanier w , =iere [-dron] y 
m., /.: maker, seller of boilers, brass 

eliaii-ffa^e 12 , m.; heating; cramming 
(for examination). -chaja-ffe 17 , /.; 
heater ; furnace ; heating surface, -ffe- 
assiettes 18 , pi , m.: plate-warmer. 
t-ffe-cire 18 , pi. , m.: wax-warmer, 
sealer of documents. -ffe-ln,ge 17 , pi. 
, m.: clothes-warmer (for b'athers). 
-ffe-lit 14 , pL , m.; warming pan. 
-ffe-pieds 18 , pi. , m.: foot-wanaer. 
t|~flfer* [p. L. *cdlefare, L, cafyfac&re 



(calidus, warm, facere, make)], tr. ' heat, 
warm, CALEFY ; intr. : grow warm. 
-fferette 13 , /.: wanner, esp. for feet. 
-fferie 13 , /.: CHAFFER Y (where iron is 
reheated and cast in bars), -ffeur 16 , TO.: 
fire-man, = (robber who tortures with 
fire), -ffe^se 18 ,/.: low chair, -ffoir 12 , 
m. : warming-place ; dryer ; warmed linen 
(for the sick), -ff^re 1 *,/.: scaly iron 
(from too much heating). 

ekan~f<mr 13 [chaux, four], m. : lime kiln. 
-fournier 12 , TO.: kiln workman. 

okau-lage 17 , m.: liming. ||~ler 17 
[irreg. fr. chaws], tr.: lime (treat with 
lime, limewater ; whitewash). 

ekau-mage 13 [-mer], TO.: stubbling 
(clearing" " off stubble). ||kaoa~me 
PL., calamus, reed], TO. : stalk, straw (esp. 
of wheat, etc., HALM), stubble, -mer 13 , 
tr.: clear of stubble; scorch (trunks of 
live trees with straw to kill them), -met 17 , 
m.: stubble-hook, -miere 16 ,/.: thatch- 
roofed cottage, -mine 16 ,/.: little cot- 

ekaj&ne 17 [?],/.: tin-clippers (in making 

eha.TiB-sa.nt 12 [-ser], adj.: easy to put on 
(as 'a stocking). ||-ekajis~se [p. L. *cal- 
cea, L. calceus, shoe (calx, heel)], /.: 
stocking ; drawers ; pipe, tube (in a 
privy) ; strainer-cloth ; shoulder-knot (on 
university gown) ; mail for the legs 
(emblem on shield), -se, adj.: haVg the 
emblem chausse. 

ekausee 11 [p. L. *calciata (sc. via), paved 
road (L. calx, gravel, limestone)], /.: =, 
CAUSEWAY, highway, street: rez-de- , 
level of the street. 

ekans-se-pied 11 , pi. or s, TO. : shoe- 
horn; faid. "||-ser [L. calceare], tr.: 
put on (footwear, stirrup, spurs) ; fit, ad- 
just : se d'une idee, have an idea fixed 
stubbornly; une vache, wrap a cow's 
ankles (when she is tired); une arbre, 
wrap a tree ; se faire , have shoes made ; 
(/am.) cela me chausse, that just suits 
me. f-setier 13 [-sette], m.: thosier. 
-se-trape 12 , pi. , /.: foot-snare (for 
foxes, etc.); CALTROP, -sette 11 [-sse],/.: 
sock, short stocking, -son 11 [-se], TO.: 
pversock (extra sock to prevent slipping 
in games, or on ice; esp. with a 
flat sole) ; foot-fight (cf . savate) ; dump- 
ling. -sure 11 , /.: footwear, esp., of 

ekajave [L. calvus], adj.: bald, CALVOUS. 
-souris 7 , /.: bat (animal), f-te 1 *, /.: 
baldness, CALVITIES. 

ekaia.~viii 18 [overzealous admirer of Na- 
poleon, Nicolas Ch.], m.: , jingo, 
bigoted patriot, -yinisme 18 , TO.: chauv- 
inism, blind patriotism. 


f-ekanvir 12 [ak. to chouette], intr.: 
les oreilles, prick up the ears. 

ekarice [L. calx, limestone], /. : lime : 
hydratee, quicklime ; etre bdti CL et & 
sable, be strongly built. 

ekavirer* 17 [Prov. capvirar, (lit.) turn 
head, go headlong], intr.: CAPsize, upset ; 
stagger; shift (ropes). 

ekEbec 17 [It. sciabecco], TO.: XEBEC (Med- 
iterranean three-master, often pirate 

cke~f [L. caput], TO. : fhead ; front end ; 
CHIEF, leader, first ; personal right ; count, 
charge (in law) ; heading, -/-d'oeuvre 12 , 
pi. s , TO. : =, masterpiece, ^-fe-eier 
= -verier. -Perie 18 ,/.: territory under 
an officer of engineering corps ; office (of 
such). -f-lieux u , pi. s , m.: chief, 
town, county seat, -che-gros 15 [chef, 
gros], TO.: waxed end (of shoemaker's 

.ekeik 12 -eyk [Ar., (lit.) old man], m.: 
Arab chief. 

cfteiropteres 17 key. [Gr. cheir, hand, 
pteron, wing], m. pi. : bat-family. 

clielem 18 DEng. slam], TO.: faire le , 
take all tricks, SLAM an opponent (at 

cftelidoine 12 [L. -donia (sc. herba, or 
gemma), swallow-plant, or gem (Gr. -don, 
swallow)], /.: celandine (swallow-wort, 
poppy-plant) ; swallow-stone (kind of 
agate : petite , pilewort. 

c/ieloniens 18 [Gr. -Une, turtle], TO. pi: 

t-ekemer- 15 [It. scemar-si (ak. to L. semi-, 
half) lit. reduce one's self half], refl. : pine 

ekEmin [p. L. *camminus (Celt.)], m.: 
way (route ; course) ; track ; path ; strip 
of carpet ; de Vecole, roundabout way ; 
couper , put a stop to ; de la croix, 
way of the cross (sufferings, or pictures 
of the fourteen pains of Christ on Cal- 
vary) ; (fam.) aller son petit bonhomme de 
, jog on one's way ; de Saint- Jacques, 
milky way. 

ekEminee 11 [p. L. *camindta (L. cami- 
nus, fireplace)], /.: fireplace, CHIMNEY; 
mantle-piece ; smoke-stack ; pipe ; gulch : 
se chauffer d la du roi Rene, warm 
one's self hi the sun ; corps de , smoke- 

-ekxsmi-nement 14 , TO.: marching; ap- 
proaching, progress (in sieges). -ner - 11 
[-min], intr: march; approach, progress 
(in besieging). 

<ekzmi~se [p. L. camisia (? Celt.)], /.: 
= ', shirt; covering; envelope; layer (of 
mortar on a wall, etc.) : de change- 
ment, canvas (laid to heap grain on in a 
ship's hull) ; mettre en , reduce to a 


shirt (i.e. ruin), -serie 18 [-sier], /.; 
shirt business, or factory. -sette 12 ,/.: 
= ; dicky, -sier 18 , =iere, TO.,/.: shirt- 
maker, or seller. 

chemosis 17 [L., Gr. (Gr. cheme, hole)], 
m.: = (eye disease). 

ehenaie 12 [cAerce],/.: oak grove. 

ehEnal [L. canalis], m.: CANAL, CHAN- 
NEL; mill-race; eaves-trough. 

eliEnapan 17 [Ger. schnapphahn (lit. 
catchcock, i.e. chicken thief)], m. : (/am.) 

cheque 11 [p. L. *caxanum, of Gallic orig.], 
m.: oak. -che-neau 14 [? ak. to chene, 
not to chenal], m. : eaves-trough, gutter. 
-neau 13 , m.: young oak. 

-ehEne ls [cAiera], m.: andiron, firedog; 
jack (for curving ship-timber). 

ehe-neteaii 15 [.-ne], m.: young oak. 
-nette 15 ,/.: germander, wood-sage. 

eh-e^neviere 12 [cheneve, old for chan- 
vre], /.: ~HEMPfield. -nevis 12 [OFr. 
cheneve, HEMP], m. : hempseed. -nEvotte 14 
[OFr. cheneve], /.: hemp-straw. -ne- 
votter 17 [-7&e0o#e], mir.; shoot up weak 

eliEnit 15 [chien], m.: dog-house, KENNEL; 
hunter's lodge. ||~nin.e 12 [chien], /.: 
(lit. little dog from shape of the head) ; 
caterpillar ; = (fabric) ; helmet-crest. 
-nmeiv? 16 , /.: nest of worms, -niZ- 
lette 17 ,/: (vulg.) bean-plant. 

cft^nopo^de 18 [Gr. chen, goose, ^ous, 
foot], m.: pig-weed, CHENG-PODIUM, all- 
good. -dees 18 , /. pL: chenopodiaceae, 
goosefoot family. 

ekEnu [p. L. canutus (L. canus, hoary)], 
4J' ' tgray (from age) ; white (with snow, 
foam) ; (pop.) choice (wine, etc.). 

eheptel [1. L. capitdle], m.: CATTLE- 
contract; cattle - lease ; cattle of a 

eheqite 18 [Eng. check], m.: negotiable 
draft; CHECK. 

eher , =ere [L. earns], adj. : dear; costly. 

i.t-eher-ehe = cerce. 

2.felier-.eli<? 12 ,/.: (dial.) search. -*he 18 , 
adj.: artificial. -ehe-fl-elie 16 , or 
-pojnte, m. : (locksmith's) square punch, 
searcher. \\~-eher [p. L. circare, go in 
a CIRCLE], tr.: SEARCH for, seek; d 
(with inf.), try to. -elieur 15 , =ejase, 
TO./.: SEARCHER, seeker. 

eliere [p. L. cara, Gr. kdra, head)], /.: 
ff ace ; CHEER, mood. 

-slreremew* 10 [chere, dear], adv.: dearly. 

eherif 1 ^ [Ar. cAari/, (lit.) famous], m.: 
=, SHERIF (descendent of Mohammet; 

^k^erir 1 ! [cher], tr.: CHERISH, -eris- 
saWe 16 , adj.: lovable, -erte 11 
/ f ; expensivenesa. 

dxevanne 119 

i. -Mm (pi. of -6), angels], 
TO.: cherub. 

ehervis 15 [for carvi (Sp. cherivia)], m.: 
skirret, water parsnip. 

ehe~tif , =ive [L. captivus, captive], 
adj.: tprisoner; wretched, CAITIFF. 
-tivemenfc n , adv.: basely, meanly. 

cketodon 17 [Gr. chaite, hair, mane, 
odous, tooth], TO.: = (fish of the cheto- 
dontidse family). 

ehetro 15 *[? for chair on fr. OHG. chasto, 
CHEST, cf. Sp. NMex. dial, catron, 'bull- 
dog,' i.e. 'box-headed dog' if the words 
are akin], TO.: till (of a chest). 

ehEvage 17 [-ver],m.: rounding (of glass). 

ehjEva^l , pi. =ancc [L. caballus, pack- 
horse, nag], TO.: horse; rack; horse- 
power : <L , on horseback ; loger a , 
lodge the people (who come) horseback ; 
a donne on ne regarde pas la bride, = 
don't look a gift-horse in the mouth; 
changer son borgne contre un aveugle, 
make a bad trade ; cela ne se trouve dans 
le pas d'un , that is as rare as hen's 
teeth ; de frise, (= Frise, Friesland, 
where first used), cheval-de-frise (fort. 
piece of timber traversed with iron-pointed 
spikes, spiked fence) ; rack ; simule, 
stalking horse; de belt, pack-horse, 
drudge; sous la main, off-horse; 
de gauche, near-horse; entier, stallion; 
& une main, horse for driving, but not 
for riding (or vice versa) ; etre bon de 
trompette, be surprised at nothing; reponse 
a , rude answer; il n'est si bon il ne 
devienne rosse, no horse is so good he may 
not become a plug (age weakens all) ; le 
fondu, game of leap-frog; du Cap, 
quagga ; cerf, gnu ; marin, walrus. 
-lenient 16 [-ler] f m.: bracing (of a 
structure), -let* 14 , intr.: rack, pace (of 
a horse) ; tr. : watch (pace back and 
forth after one) ; brace, prop, -leres- 
que 16 [rlier, infl. by It. cavalier esco], 
adj.: knightly, -lerie 10 [-tier], /.: 
knighthood ; CHIVALRY, -let 12 , TO.: horse 
(wooden support for clothes, for harness ; 
frame for punishing; rack; saw-buck; 
easel; roller; bar on which the sheet- 
traveller slides ; jack-stay) ; prop ; bridge 
(of violins, etc.) ; rod (to train retrievers). 
-Her 10 , TO.: =; CAVALIER; knight; 
(often used in irony) : de I'aune, 
knight of the yardstick; du lustre, 
hired applauders (who sit under the chan- 
delier) ; green-shank (bird) ; ombre , 
certain fish. -Here 16 [-Her], /.: (/am.) 
knight's wife; ring with a set. -l}.n 18 , 
=ine, adj.: equine, CHEV ALINE. 

eliEvan-ee 12 [-vir],f.: =, property. 

ehEvanne 12 [? chef], /.: CHEVEN, CHUB 
(cf. barboteau). 


cliEva-a-eliee 11 ,/.: fhorserace; cavalry 
service (due a feudal lord) or pay instead. 
-element 13 , m. : t horseback-riding ; 
overlapping. H^-eher 10 [p. L. caballicare 
(caballus, horse)], intr.: fri&e (horse- 
back) ; tr. : une femme, cohabit with 
a woman; overlap, -leger* 15 [fr. pi. 
chevaux-legers], m.: horseman (of the 
king's guard). 

eliEve-che 12 [ak. to ^chavan, chat-huant], 
/.: sparrow-owl. 

cKeve-eie^ 12 [fr. old form of chevet], m.: 
church warden, dean. 

-eheve-le 15 , sheu- [cheveu], adj.: hav'g 
hair (of a distinct colour, on a shield) ; 
hav'g roots. -In 11 [cheveu], adj.: long- 
haired, hairy, -lijre 10 [cheveu], f. : head 
of hair ; scalp ; tail (of a comet). 

ehEver [L. cavdre (cavus, hollow)], tr.: 
make concave. 

ehjEvet [L. capitium, hole for the head 
in a garment], m. : = (polygonal east end 
of a church) ; head (of a bed) ; bolster, 
pillow ; prop ; fender. 

eliEve^tre [L. capistrum], m.: fhalter; 
bandage; binding-joist, -trier 18 , m.: 

ehEveti , pi. oo [L. capillus, hair], m. : 
hair (of persons): en , bareheaded; 
fendre un en quatre, split hairs; du 
diable, de Venus, etc. (plant names). 

ehE~TrilIe [L. cldvicula (clavis, key)], 
/.: pin, bolt; ankle; key (to violin, etc.) ; 
skewer (far meat); plug; spike; bung: 
ouvridre, king-bolt (of wagons) ; autant 
de irons, autant de s, so many holes, so 
many plugs (have answer for every argu- 
ment); en , neither first nor last. 
-viZle 16 , adj. : antlered ; pinch-shouldered 
(horae). i-viZler* 11 , tr.: bolt; pin; 
plug; pad out (lines for sake of meter, 
without adequate sense). 2.-viler* = 
-mllier. -vUlette 12 , /.: little 'pin or 
plug; peg; (dial) fire-wood. -viZlier 11 , 
m.: peg-box, handle (of violins, etc.) ; 
horse en ckemlle (i.e. in tandem, or single 
file between two), -vision 12 , m. : wooden 
pin. -vilo 16 , m.: belaying-pin (on 
ships), -viilure 15 , /.: antlers (after 
the first prong). 

ehEvir [p. L. *caplre (L. capere, take)], 
intr.: manage. 

eh~evre [L. capra], f. : goat, esp. she- 
goat ; (hoisting) crane ; lever (for wagons) ; 

sawbuck : (Jam.) prendre la , get angry 
quick ; ou la est liee, ilfaut bien qu'elle 

y broute, the goat must eat where she's 

lariated (one must adjust one's self). 

-ETreau 12 , m.: kid. f-^vrufenil or 

-evrEfejuille [L. caprifolium, goat-leaf], 

m. : honeysuckle. -evrE-pied. 15 , adj . : 

goat-footed j m.: satyr, - 


fkid; (dial) fbag-pipe; net (for the 
hair) ; (vulg.) crayfish (from its jump- 
ing motions) ; doe ; tripod ; fire-dog. 
-Evreutl 10 [L. capreolus, little goat], 
m.: roe-deer, -cvrier 1 ' 2 , =iere, m., /.: 
goat-herder. -EvriZlarri 17 [-reuil], 
m. : roe-deer fawn. -Evrojn 12 , m. : 
rafter; = (bands on shield; stripe on a 
coat-sleeve). -Evronne 12 [-ron], adj.: 
hav'g CHEVRONS. -Evrotatifc 18 [-roter], 
m.: fkidding; trembling. -Evroter 15 , 
intr. : fkid (drop young) ; be irritable ; 
sing or talk tremulously. -Evotin 12 , 
m.: fawn (of roe); CHEVROTAIN; goat- 
leather. -Evrotine 17 [-rotin],/.: buck- 

ehes [L. casa, hut], prep.: at, or to, or 
in the house or country of : lui, at his 
house ; home ; nous, at our house, with 
us; at home; porter la guerre I'en- 
nemi, carry the war into the enemy's 
country; les Anglais, amongst the 
English, in England ; je viens de lui, 
I come from his house; m.: le soi, 
home ; interior of a house. 

ehiaouoc 15 [Turk.], m.: Sultan's messen- 
ger or envoy. 

ehiasse 16 [chier], f.: fly-specks, insect 
dung ; dross (from molten metals) : ce 
rfest que de la , it's mere trash. 

chibouque 18 [Turk.] /.; = or CHIBOUK, 

chic 15 [abbreviation of chicane, infl. by 
Sp. chico, small], m.: = (trick, knack, 
nattiness) : ce chapeau a du , hat is 
becoming ; un tableau fait de , picture 
made off-hand, without a model. 

ehicambaut 15 [?], m.: bumpkin, boom- 
kin (of ship). 

chica-ne 1 *, /.: = (sophistry in conduct), 
quibble; trumped-up lawsuit or quarrel; 
fcertain tennis term : gens de , petti- 
foggers ; chercher fi quelqu'un, try to 
pick a quarrel. ||* 14 [?], intr.: CHI- 
CANE, quibble, pretend fairness ; tr. : over- 
reach, CHICANE with; argue, dispute (a 
matter);, le vent, hug the wind, sail 
close to the wind, -nerie 14 , /.: chi- 
canery. -nejar 14 , =e^se, m., f.: quib- 
bler, shufller. -nier 16 , =ier6, m., f.: 

i.-ehi-ehe 12 [L. cicer], m.: CHICK pea. 

s.-ehi^-ehe 11 [? ak. to Sp. chico, small], 
adj.: scanty, stingy: recompense, poor 
return ; il n'est festin que de gens s, 
the niggardly entertain royally (when they 
once get at it), -ehement 16 , adv.: mis- 
erly, close, f-ckete 17 , /. : closeness. 

t-ehiccm 17 [?], m.: Roman lettuce. 

shico-ra^ees 16 , /. pi: CHICORY family* 
-r6e 14 [It. cicorea, L, cichorium]; 
chicory, r- J --- 


eM~cot 15 [?], m.: stump (of tree, tooth, 
limb).' --eoter 16 , intr.: dispute over 

eJiicotiti 14 [Island Socotra], m.: amer 
comme , bitter as aloe juice, as bitter- 

eMe- en-lit 15 or -ehienlit [ehier], m. t 
f. : (qui cacat in lecto, hence :) one with 
shirt-tail out ; masquerader (in fantastic 

-ebien , =ienne [L. cams], m,,/.: dog 
(animal; shovecart; constellation; cock 
of a gun, etc. ; names given f r. resemblance 
in shape or habits) ; barbet, spaniel ; 

basset, badger-dog, terrier; couchant, 
setter ; de bois, raccoon ; d'arret, 
pointer ; le de Jean de Nivelle, i.e. a 
dog that runs away when you call him ; 
entre et loup, at dusk ; ne pas attacker 
ses s avec des saucisses, not to tie one's 
dogs with sausages (i.e. be miserly) ; bon 

chasse de race, it will tell in the blood ; 
un regarde bien un eveque, a dog 
watches (suspects) a bishop ; je lui garde 
un de ma chienne, 1 am keeping a pup 
of my bitch for him (will be revenged some- 
time) ; c'est Saint Roch et son chien, the 
two are inseparable ; Jeter sa langue aux 
s, give it up (riddle), -ehiendent 13 , 
m. : couch-grass : wild le , there's the 
rub. -ekiennee 16 , /.: litter of pups, 
brood, -ehieuner 14 , intr.: pup; whelp. 

elder [L. cacare], intr. : void dung. 

eMf~fe 16 [? ak. to Eng. chip],/.: rag, 
poor stuff, -fon 16 , m.: =; rag; frip- 
pery ; doll duds ; scrap, -fonne 17 [-fon- 
ner], adj. : minois , saucy pretty face. 
-fonner 16 [-fon], tr.: rumple; muss; 
intr.: dress, -fonnier 1(i , =iere [-fon] t 
m.,f.: = (rag-picker; bureau). 

chif-fre 1 ' 2 Q. L. cifrum fr. Ar. sifr, zero], 
m. : figure ; CIPHER ; = (in music) ; char- 
acter (of secret correspondence), figurative 
language, parable ; initial, -frer 15 , in- 
tr.: figure, CIPHER; tr.: number; count; 
write in cipher, -frewr 16 [-frer], m.: 
calculator. [p. L. *catenio (catena, CHAIN)], 
m. : = (mass of back-hair in a roll) ; *nape 
of the neck. 

ehimere 12 [L. -racer <z, Gr. -maira], f.: 
CHIMERA, fancied monster ; delusion, -me- 
rique 16 , adj.: CHIMERICAL, fantastic. 

ehi^mie 18 D- L. -mia (cf. alchimie) of 
unc. orig.], /.: chemistry, -miqite 15 , 
adj.: chemical. -miqitemgnt 17 [~mi- 
que], adv.: chemically, -miste 15 , m.: 


-ehimoine 13 [?], m.: imitation marble. 
eh^mpanze 17 [native Congo word], m.: 

ehi-na 16 [China], m,: china-root, smilax. 


-nage l8 [-Tier], m. ; colouring (working in. 
of colours) ; tinting. 

sh-innelie 17 [Sp. (L. cimex, bug)], m.: 
Brazilian skunk, -ehilla [Sp.], m.: = 
(Peruvian rodent or its fur). 
Dfcijae,/.: China. 

ehiner 17 [country China], tr.: work 
colours into ; work a pattern into. 
jKinfpEneau 15 [chanfrein], m.: gash, 

jBi~ttqis 17 , =oise [country China], m.,/, 
or adj. .' Chinese (person ; oranges ; wares). 
-noiserie 18 , /,: Chinese thing, curio; 
nonsense; pi.: red tape. 

ehiourme 15 or -ehiorme [It. ciurma fr. 
Gr. keleusma, song of oarsmen],/.: crew 
of a galley ; squad of convicts. 

ehipage 17 [i--per], m.: Danish process of 

eULpean 17 [?], m.: gadwall (duck). 

i.-ehiper 14 [?], tr.: tan by Danish process. 

2,-ehi-per 18 [? ak. to Eng. chip], tr.: 
(/am.) crib, hook (steal), -pie 1 * [? -po- 
tw], / * (fa.m.) prude, pert girl (cf . Eng. 

eKipolata 17 (It. cipollata (cipolla, onion)], 
m. or/.: kind of stew. 

cbipolm 17 [? same as cipolin], m.: dis- 
temper (painting). 

eliipo-tage 16 , m.: puttering; haggling. 
lifter 14 *[OPr. chipe, rag], intr.: trainee, 
nibble (eat daintily) ; dally ; haggle ; con- 
tend over trifles, -tier* 7 , =iere, m.,/.: 
trifler; hair-splitter. 

i.-ehique 1G [? scarcely ak. to chic], f.: 
fmarble to play with ; quid (of tobacco) ; 
scanty cocoon, or silk from it. 

2.hi^1te 16 [?],/.: CHIGOE, JIGGER, CHIGRE. 

de 15 [?],/.: snap, fillip. 
[-que, quid], tr. : chew ; (pop.) 
eat. -qwet 16 or ^-c^uette [-queter], m,, 

/.: fniorsel, drib ; wad (of wool), -que- 
ter 14 [?], tr.: shred; spot, stripe, vein 
(marble in painting) ; ridge. 

ehir~ [Gr. cheir, hand]. i,-agre 15 [L. 
-agra, Gr. cheirdgra (dgra, seizure)], /.: 
chiragra, gout of the hands. 2.-agre 15 , 
m., /. : gout-patient. -ograpHaire 16 DL. 
-o-grapharius (Gr. grdphein, write)], adj.: 
in writing, by manuscript, -ograpte 11 
[L. -ographum, Gr. -ographon (grdphein, 
write)], m.: chirograph (document with 
autograph signature; voucher for debt; 
charter from the pope or a prince), -olo- 
gie 17 [Gr. logos, word],/.: (rare) chi- 
fology, sign language, f-omati-ee 13 or 
-oman-eie [L L. -omantia, 1. Gr. cheir o- 
manteia (Gr. manteia, divination)], /.: 
chiromancy, palmistry, -oman^ien 15 , 
=ienne [-omancie], m.,/: hand fortune- 
teller. -urgioal 18 D. L. -urgicalis\ 
adj.; SURGICAL, Furgie 11 [L, ^ 



Gr. cJieir-ourgia (ergon, work)], /.: SUR- 
GERY. -urgien 11 [-urgie], m. : surgeon. 
-urgiqite 15 *[L. -urgicus],adj.: surgical. 

f cMste = kyste. 

-eMure 16 [ehier],f.: fly-specks. 

c/ilamyde 17 [L. -7nys, Gr. -mus], /.: chla- 
mys (short classic mantle) ; priestly cope. 

cftlo-ral ls , m.: (soporific drug). 
-T&nthie lB [Gr. dnthos, flower], /.: 
chloranthy, transformation (into leaves) 
of various organs of a plant, -rate 18 , 
m. ; =. ||-elilo*re 18 [Gr. chloros, green], 
m. ; CHLORine (chemical element), -reua? 18 , 
adj.: hav'g CHLORine. -rTiydrate 18 , m.: 
hydrochlorate. -r/iydriqwe 18 , &<Lj.: 
hydrochloric. -rique 18 , adj.: chloric. 
-rite 18 , m.: = (the chemical salt), -ro- 
forme 18 (abrev. forformique], m. : chloro- 
form (anesthetic), -reformer* ls , or t-ro- 
formiser [f-roforme], tr.: chloroform. 
-rophyile 18 [Gr.phullon, leaf],/.: chlor- 
ophyll (colouring matter of leaves), -rose 16 
[1. L. -rosis], f.: chlorosis, greensickness 
of young woman, -rotique 18 Q. L. -ro- 
ticus, fr. Gr. chlorates, green colour], adj. : 
hav'g, or of green-sickness, -rure 18 , 
m.: chloride. 

eKoc 15 [-quer], m.: shock (blow; collision, 

ehocola~ 16 [Sp. -ie], m.: chocolate. 
-tier- 17 , m. : maker, or seller of chocolate. 
-ti|re 16 ,/.: pot for chocolate. 

~&u~eu [L. chorus, Gr. chords], 

[L. cadere, fall], irr. ; intr. : 

Occurs only in Pr. Ind. : je cJiois, tu 
chois, il choit. Part. : chu (with 2tre) 
and Inf. 

i^sir 10 [ak. to Ger. kosten (L. gustare), 
taste], fr.: CHOOSE, -ehoi-o? 11 , m.: CHOICE j 
selection ; option ; best part. 

c/iole-do^wc 14 [Gr. -dochos (chole, bile, 
dechesthai f receive)], adj. : canal , bile 
duct to the duodenum, -ra 15 , or colera 
DJ., Gr.], /.: cholera. -rine 18 , or 
colerine, /. : =, violent diarrhoea. 
-ric^ue 12 , or colerique [L. -rieus], adj.: 
of, or hav'g cholera. 

cftolia^n'be 18 [L. -bus, Gr. -bos (lit limp- 
ing iambic)], m.: choliamb, scazon (kind 
of meter). 

-eho-mable 14 , adj.: jour , holiday. 
-mage 12 , m.: vacation, suspension (of 
work), standstill : le des canaux, time 
of low water. -mer [p. L. *caumare, 
rest during heat (Gr. kauma, heat)], intr.: 
suspend work, lay off ; lie idle ; lie fallow. 

cfrgudrologie 17 [Gr. chondros, cartilage, 
Ugos, speecE],/.; chondrology, treatise on 
the anatomy of cartilages. 

eho-pe 18 [Ger. schoppen], f.: beer-glass. 


||-pijie 12 [Ger. schoppen], f.: half-bottle 
(of wine) ; strainer, perforated pump-cyl- 
inder (on ship-pumps to keep out trash 
but let water through to ^ valve), -pi-* 14 , intr.: keep drinking chopines. 
-pinette 14 , /.: little glass; sucker (at 
the strainer). 

hopper 11 [? ak. to Ger. schieben, shove], 
intr.: stumble. 

[-quer], adj.: SHOCKING. 
[?], m.: stamper (hatter's tool). 
12 [?], tr.: SHOCK, bump; sur- 
prise. = souehetage. 

c/to-r . . " '[Gr. choreia, dance] : -rai- 
que 11 [i.-ree, infl. by trochalque], adj. : 
having trochees. -ral 18 [L. -rus], adj.: 
= (to be sung in a choir), i.-ree 17 [L. 
-reus, Gr. -relos)\, m. : foot of one long 
and one short (trochee, ~). 2.-ree 18 
[L. -rea], f.: chorea, St. Vitus' dance. 
-roge 14 [Gr. -regds], m.: choragus (cho- 
rus,* or band-leader). -regie 18 [Gr. 
-regia],f.: office or expenses of* CHORAGUS. 
-rographe 17 [Gr. grdphein, write], m.: 
choreograph (composer or manager of a 
ballet), -rographie 17 [Gr. grdphein, 
write], /.: art of dancing, choreogra- 
phy. -rographici'ue 18 [-rfyraphie], 
adj.: art of dancing. 

choTGTr&que [1. L. -repiscopus (chora, 
country," and cf. eveque)], m.: chorepis- 
copus, assistant bishop ; dean. 

cfoori-amlie 17 [L. -ambus], m.: choriamb 
(foot of a choree and an iambus, ^s^ ). 
-amMque 15 [L. -ambicus], adj.: chori- 

c/toriow, 16 [Gr.], m.: = (membrane enclos- 
ing the foetus). 

cfroriste 13 [1. L. -sta], m.: chorus-singer. 

cTiorogra-pMe 15 [L., Gr. -phia (Gr. 
ch6ra, country, grdphein, write)], /.: 
chorography, description of land. 
-phique 15 [Gr. -phikos], adj.: of chorog- 

cfooroide 15 [Gr. -reides (chorion, fetus 
sack, eidos, form)], adj. : choroid, chorion- 

c/torus 16 [L.], m.: = (music refrain): 
faire , join in, chime in. 

elio.~se [L. causa, CAUSE],/. ; thing, object ; 
fact ; affair ; business : (fam.) so and so, 
"(flotsam ; case (at law) ; de pure forme, 
matter of course ; monsieur , Mr. what- 
do-you-call-him ; quelque , something, 
anything, somebody ; devenir , become 
somebody, amount to something; grand 
, something great ; (/am.) un^pas grand 
, one of little importance ; je suis troy 
peu de , I am too insignificant, -sette l *, 
/.: (fam.) little thing. -sier 15 , m.: 
(humor.) ily a bien des choses' dans un 


, there are lots of things in the world 
(that you will understand later). 

ehott 18 [Ar., (lit.) river-bank], m.: salty 

i.-eliou , pi. x [L. caulis or colis, stalk], 
m. : cabbage ; rounded knot ; cake (cab- 
bage-shaped) : planter ses x, retire to 
the country (quit business or profession) ; 
il s'y entend comme ti ramer des x, he 
knows how to stake cabbages (i.e. he doesn't 
know anything about it). The word chou 
is often used in phrases in sense of "an ax 
to grind" :faire ses xgras de quelqu'un, 
use anyone for one's own ends ; feather 
one's nest; il a ete trouve dans un , 
his antecedents are unknown ; menager la 
chevre et le , exploit two who are out 
with each other ; manage the fox and the 
geese at once ; revenir d ses x, return 
to the subject, to return to our muttons : 
faire blanc, draw a blank (in lottery) ; 
tout au travers des x, right across 
things, pell-mell. 

2.-ekou 17 [?], inter j.: seek 'em! (to set a 

dog on) ; Id, hunt 'em up ! , mile, at 


ehon-an Q. L. cavannus], m.: brown owl; 
royalist (during French revolution), -an- 
nerie 18 , /.; =, revolt of royalists. 
||~art 17 [OFr. choe (OHG. kawa), owlet], 
m.: white owl. 

ehoncas 15 [Germ'c chouch], m.: CHOUGH 

ehoucroute 18 [Ger. sauer-kraut], /.: 


i.-ekouette 11 [OFr. choe (OHG. kawa)], 
/.: owl; Athenian coin (with an owl sacred 
to Minerva) ; night moth. 

a.^houette 18 [?], adj.: (slang) admir- 

^ekou-fleur 16 , pi. x s [infl. by It. ca- 
wli-jiori], m. : cauliflower. 

chon-piile 16 , pi. [2.chou,pille,Yv& of 
piller], m.: hunting dog (that hunts only 
when there is a gun along), 

ekouquet 18 [-que dial, for souche], m..' 
wire-drawer's bat ; cap (for a mast). 

-ehou-rave 15 , pi. x s, m.: turnip- 

-ehoyer 18 [?], tr.: fondle; guard. 

extreme 11 [1. L. cArisma; Gr. chrisma], 
m.:< chrism (holy oil) ; character. -c7ire- 
meau 15 , m. : confirmation cap, baptismal 

cforestomatMe 18 [Gr. -theia (chrestos, 
useful, mdthein, learn)],/.: chrestomathy 
(easy selections for learning a language). 

cftr6~tien, =ienne [L. christianus], adj : 
CHRISTIAN. -tiennemniettt 15 , adv.: 
like a Christian. -tierttS 10 , /.: Chris- 
tianity (people) : marcher sur la , walk 



[L. chria], /.: chria (essay on 
some famous event). 

Christ , or -st silent in Jesus-Christ [L. 
-tus (Gr. -tos, "annointed," transl. of Heb. 
mdshlah, messiah)], m. : Christ. 

cJ^riste 14 [Gr. chrethmos], /.: marine", 
sea-fennel (plant), 

cftristianisme 14 [L. -mus, Gr. -mo^], m. : 
religion Christianity. 

c^ro-mate 17 , m.: = (the chemical salt). 
-nxatique 15 [L. -maticus, Gr, -matikos], 
adj.: chromatic (hav*g colour; proceed- 
ing by semi-tones) ; /. ; la , colouring, 
blending of colours. HcJi-rp^me 17 [Gr. 
chroma, skin ; colour], m. : = (pigment). 
-miqu,e 17 , adj.: chromic. -molitTfco- 
graphie 18 [lithographic], /.: chromo- 
lithography, process of stone-engraving in 

cTiron . . . [Gr. chronos, time] : -i-eite 18 
[-ique], /.: chronicity, permanent nature 
of a disease, i.-iqite 13 L. -icus], adj.: 
CHRONIC, lasting, returning from time to 
time, 2.-ique 12 [L. -ica ($1.), chronicles, 
records],/.: historical account, chronicle. 
-iqueur 14 ,m.: historian, chronicler; par- 
agrapher. -ogramme 17 [Gr. gramme, 
letter], m. : chronogram (writing in which 
the letters express a date in Roman nu- 
merals). -ographe 13 [Gr. grdphein, 
write], m.: frecorder; chronograph (in- 
strument to measure minute intervals of 
time), -ologie 15 [Gr. -ologia], / : chro- 
nology. -ologiqite 16 [-ologie], adj.: 
chronological. " -ologiquement 18 [-olo- 
gique], adv.: in order of time, -olo- 
giste 15 [-ologie], m.: chronologist. 
f-ologue 16 [Gr. -ologos], m.: authority 
on dates, -ometre 17 [Gr. matron, 
measure], m.: chronometer, -oscope 17 
[Gr. skopein, inspect], m. : = (to mesurea 
minute interval of time). 

cftiys . . . [Gr. chrusds, gold] : -alide 17 
[L. -allis], /.: chrysalis, pupa of an in- 
sect. -atitTteine 15 [L. -anthemon, Gr. 
chrusdnthemon (dnthemon, flower)], m.: 
chrysanthemum (shrub), -ocale 18 , or 
better -och&Ique [Gr. chalkos, copper], 
77i. : pinchbeck (alloy of zinc and copper). 
-ocolle 15 [L. -ocolla, Gr. chrusokolla 
(kolla, glue)], /.: borax, mountain green. 
-ocome 15 [L. fr. Gr. chrusokome (k6me, 
hair)],/.: goldenhair (plant), -olit/te 11 
[L. -solithos, Gr. ehrusolithos (lithos, 
stone)],/.: chrysolite; topaz, -soprase 11 
[L. -soprasos, Gr. chrusdphrasos (prdson, 
leek)],/.: = (leek-green and golden pre^ 
cious stone). 

t-eliu-elicter, -<slietenr = choter, etc. 
-eliiUeme^t 16 [^-chiller same as -choter], 
m.: pretended whispering. -eh.ota^;e 18 , 
m.: whispered conversation. -ehotE- 



men* 16 m.: whispering, ll^ 

or t-ekEl# r [echoic], intr., tr. {/am. 

whisper, -ehoterie 17 , /.: conversation 

in whispers. -eKoteur 16 , =ejjse, m, , f. 


elmi.'nr-tant 18 , adj. : haVg palatal sibilan 
sound, like sh. -temenfc 18 , m.: hooting 
ll-ter 18 [echoic], intr.: hoot (as owls) 
give'the ^-sound (e.g. with ch, j). 

dint 16 [echoic], interj.: hist! hush! m. 
les s de parterre, call for silence from 
the parterre. 

ckn-te 15 [choir], f.: =, fall; water-fall 
failure ; decline ; close ; mur de , wall he 
low a certain lock (in a canal), i.-ter 18 
intr.: (pop.) fizzle, fail. 

2,-eluiter* 8 [chut], intr.: hiss (for silence) 
tr. : hiss at (an actor). 

ehy^le 23 [L. -los, Gr. ckulos, juice], m., 
= (secretion of the lacteals of the smal 
intestines), -lifere 17 [L. /erre, bear] 
adj.: carrying chyle, -lification 16 [L 
facere, make],/.: = (formation of chyle) 

-chyme 14 [L. -mos, Gr. chumos, fluid of the 
body], m.: = (solution of food ready to 
leave the stomach). 

i.-ei 10 [for id], adv.: here; now: eet 
hcnwne-d, this (here) man ; ees jours-ci 
these days ; d-apres, later ; farther down. 

2. -el 18 [for ced], pron. : (/am.) this : comme 
, comme a, so-so, half and half, 

<5iboTidiepe 17 [?],/.: mullet-seine. 

eible 16 [Ger. sckeibe, disk],/.: target. 

eiboire 11 [1. L. -borium (Gr. kiborion, 
cup)], ?7i. : ciborium (vessel for the eucha- 
rist; altar cupboard; altar itself; pyx 

cibou-le 12 [Prov. celola, L. Apulia], f. : 
CEBOL (Welsh onion; shallot), -lette 16 , 

/.: (mdg.) CHIVE (kind of leek). 

-eica-tri-ce 13 [L, -frit],/.: CICATEK, scar. 

-tTisatiow, 12 [-triser], /.: = (healing of 

a wound), -triser 13 [L. -tricare], tr.: 

cicatrise, close up a wound) ; scar. 

eieero 14 [Cicero], m.: pica (type; the 

first edition of Cicero in this type). 
-ei-cerole 15 [L. cicer],f.: (vulg.) CHICK 

ei-ee-rone 17 [It. for L, Cicero: name 

given in jest to guides in Italy], m.: =. 

-ronien 18 , =ienne [L. -ronianus]> adj.: 

Ciceronian (like Cicero's style), 
ci-eindele 17 [L. -la (candela, candle) glow- 
worm], /.: tiger-beetle or any of CICIN- 


t-ei-eiaBee = sigisbee. 

-eiontajre 15 [L. -ta],f.: CICUTA, cowbane ; 

American water hemlock, etc. (poisonous 

-eidre [L. sicera, Gr. ttkera (fr. Heb. 

shekar, strong drink)], m.: cider. 
-eiel* pi, cf. below [L. cecZum], m.: sky 


(air, climate) ; heaven (upper abode) ; 
tester (canopy); ceiling ; top; pL: deux, 
skies, heavens ; dels, artificial skies (as 
in pictures, etc.); clime; testers: juste 
; good Heavens ! etre au septiSme , 
be in bliss, enraptured ; a ouvert, with 
open top, uncovered ; in the open air. 

eierfre [L. cereus, waxen (cera, wax)], 
m. : large wax taper : pascal, taper 
blessed on Easter-eve ; il doit un beau , 
he ought to be thankful; du Perou, 
Peruvian torch-thistle; d'eau, jet of 
water ; de Notre-Dame, raullen plant. 

eigale 13 [Prov. -la (L. cicada)], /.: ci- 
cada, locust; cricket; fluke (of anchors, 
grapnels, etc.). 

ei^gare 17 [Sp. -rro], m.: cigar, -ga- 
rette 18 , /. : = (little cigar), -gariere 1T , 
/.: woman cigar-maker. 

-cigo^grne 11 [L. dconia], /.: stork; bent 
lever ; winch ; crank (to turn grindstone, 
etc.) : contes de la , fairy stories. 
-grneau 11 , m.: young stork. 

eigue* 1 [L. dcuta],f.: hemlock. 

ei~l old pron. -eil [L. -Hum], m. : eye- 
lash ; fringe, filaments (on certain plants). 
-liaire 16 [L. -Hum], adj.: hav'g fringe. 

-eili-ee 14 [L. -dum, cloak of the Cilicia 
(Asia Minor) goat], m.: = (coarse hair- 
cloth shirt for penitents). 

3i-li6 17 [L. -liatus], adj.: ciliated, .hav'g 
lashes. -Cement 16 , m.: winking. 
(l^rier 11 [cifl, if.: wink ; SEEL (falcons) ; 
intr.: un cheval qui (se) cille, horse 
whose eyebrows turn gray. 

-eimalse 11 or t-eyma|se [L. cymatium 
(Gr. kuma, wave)], /.: CYMA, ogee (of a 
column), any cap molding: un tableau 

pose sur la , picture set even with the 

t-eimbalaire = cymbalaire. 

eime [L- cyma, Gr. Mma, cabbage stalk], 

/. : top, summit : cyme. 
eimert~t [L. c&mentum, stone chip 

(caedere t cut)], m.: cement -ter* 18 , tr.: 

cement, unite. 
-cimeterre 18 [It. schimitarra fr. Pers,], 

m. : SIMITAR, sabre. 
eimetiere 11 D. L. ccsmeterium, Gr. 

koimeterion, sleeping chamber, burial 

place (koimain, sleep)], m.: CEMETERY. 
cimicalre 17 [L. ~mex, bug], /.: bugbane. 
i.-cimier 12 [-me], m.: crest. 
2.-eimier 11 [? ak. to sain, sound], m.: 

rump (of deer, ox). 
eimolee 18 [L. -lia> Gr. kimott],/. : CIMOLITE 

(earth fr. the island CIMOLUS); cutler/s 

einabre 12 [L. dnnabaris, Gr. kinndbari], 

CINNIBAR (sulphide of mercury). 
ziMseenelle 1 * [? L. dndnnus, Gr. kikin- 

nos t curl],/.: boat-rope, cable. 


inc/ionine 18 [1. L. -chona, Peruvian 
bark, QUININE],/.: . 

einema-tique 18 [Gr. kinematikos (kine- 
ma, movement], adj. : kinematic ; /. ; kin e- 
matics (theory of motion), -tographe 18 
[Gr. grdphein, write], m.: kinematograph, 
machine to show motion pictures. 

eineraire 17 [L. -rarius (cinis, ashes)], 
adj. : urne , funeral urn ; /. ; South 
African aster (of the CINERARIA shrubs). 

i .-einglage 15 [-ler, sail], m.: one day's 

2.-ein-glage 18 , m.: shingling, blooming 
(of metals). i.||~gler rs [L. -gulum, 
(-gere, gird) thong, strap], tr.: lash; 
chalk (with a line ; SHINGLE (metals). 

2.-eingler* 10 [Skand. siglq], intr.: SAIL (as 
ship, or swan). 

-einna-me 12 , or -mome [L. -mum, -mo- 
mum fr. Gr.], m. : CINNAMON (spice). 

ein^q, before cons. -ein~q [L. quinque], 
m.: five; indecl. adj.: fifth, -quan- 
taine 18 [-quante], /.: group of fifty, 
about fifty. -qiia/wte [L. quinquaginta], 
indecl. m. : fifty ; adj. : fiftieth, -qtian- 
tenier 12 [-quantaine], m.: commander 
of fifty men. -quantieme 18 [-quante], 
adj.: fiftieth; m.: fiftieth part. 

f-einqwenelle 16 [forcincenelle],/.: boat- 
rope (to bind pontoon boats). 

-eitiquie-^ine 11 [cinq], adj.: fifth; m.: a 
fifth part. -mement 16 , adv.: fifthly. 

if-citir-trage = ceintrage. -c|,7i-tre 12 , 
m.: arcK; semicircle; dome; centre 
(support of arch while building): plein 
, arch of exactly half a circle; 
surbaisse, eliptical arch (the long way) ; 
surmonte, eliptical arch (the short way, 
with short axis). ||~trer 13 [for ceintrer], 
, tr.: arch, curve. 

eioutat 17 [place C. in south of France], 
m.: = (variety of grapes). 

eipaye 18 [Eng. sepoy fr. Pers.], m.; sepoy 
(Indian soldier in English service). 

-eipoliti 17 [It. -Mini (-lla, onion)], m.: = 
(impure Italian marble with wavy lines of 

eippe 17 [L. -ppus], m.: cippus (stone pil- 
lar as boundary mark, or tombstone). 

eirage 16 [-rer], m.: waxing; blacking 
(for 'boots) ; camaieu painting (on yellow 

eircaete 18 [Gr. kirkos, falcon, aetds, 
eagle], m. : short-toed eagle. 

-eir-cee 16 [L. -ccea, bewitching (fr. enchan- 
tress Circe)], /.: nightshade (poisonous 

eir-cgmpolalre 17 [L. -cum, around, 
polus, pole], adj.; circumpolar. 

eirogw^ [L. circurn, around]: H^-cire 11 
[L. circumddere, cut around (caedere, 



Jew. -cision 11 [L. circumcisio], /.: 
circumcision, -f^rence 12 [L. circum- 
ferentia (ferre, carry)],/.: circumference; 
distance around, -flexe 15 [L. circum- 
flexus (flectere, bend)], adj.: accent , 
circumflex accent (as over e in etre). 
-locution 13 [L. circum-locutio (loqui, 
talk)], /.: circumlocution, indirect or 
roundabout expression, -scription 13 
[L. circumscriptio (scribere, write)], /.: 
circumscription (inclosing with a figure) ; 
district, -scrire 13 [L. scribere, write)], 
irr. (cf. ecrire); tr.: CIRCUMSCRIBE, 
write or draw around; limit, -spect 13 
[L. spicere, look], adj.: circumspect, 
prudent. -specti<m 12 [L. -spicere, look], 
/.: circumspection, caution. -stat?-ce 12 
[L. stare, stand], /. : circumstance, inci- 
dent; condition. -stan-eiel 17 , =elle 
[-stance], adj. : expressing time, place or 
manner (grammar term), -stan-eier 14 
[-stance], tr.: state in detail, give par- 
ticulars of. -vallati<m 16 [L. vallum, 
wall],/.: circumvallation. -venlr 13 [L. 
venire, come], tr.: surround; circum- 
vent. -vention 12 [L. circumventio], 
/.: circumvention, trickery, -voisiw, 13 
[1. L. circumvicinus (L. vicinus, neigh- 
bour)], adj.: neighbouring, surrounding. 
-volution 12 [L. circum-volutus, rolled 
-" circumvolution (winding; rotation). 

Ind. : Pr. circon-cis. Ipf. -cisais. Pret. 
-cis. Fut. (Cond.) -ctra.i(s\ Subj. : Pr. 
-rise. Ipf. -cisse. I've -cis. Part. : Pr. 
-cis ant ; P. -cis. 

circuit 13 \L.-cuitus (circum, around, ire, 
go)], m. : = ; circuitous way : cour de , 
circuit court. 

circu-^laire 13 [L- -laris, little circle], 
adj.: circular, of a circle; m.: turn, 
once around (of bandage) ; /.: letter 
(sent to several) : folie , periodic mad- 
ness; nombre , whose powers end in 
the figure of the root (as 6, 36, 216, etc.). 
-lairement 13 , adv.: in circles, -Ian* 17 
[-ler], adj.: in circulation. t-lateBr 15 
[-ler], m.: circulator (charlatan who 
speaks to a circle of men about him; 
believer in the theory of the circulation of 
the blood), -lation 13 [L. -latio], /.: 
= ; traffic ; currency ; Devolution (of a 
heavenly body), -latoire 15 [L. -lato- 
-rius], adj.: circulatory. -ler 18 [L. 
-lare], intr. : "(revolve ; move in a circle ; 

circumnavigation/ 18 [1. L. -cumnavi- 

[L. cera], /.: wax (of bees, of the 
ears, etc.); wax candle; light; sealing 
wax; seal; CERE (wax-like membrane 
of bird's beak) : Us sont igaiix comme 
~fo , as though from, the Wafim 



-rer u , tr.: wax; varnish; polish, black 
(shoes): toile circe, oil-cloth, -renr 18 
[-rer], m.: waxer; (esp.) bootblack. 
-rier 11 , m.: chandler; wax-tree; bay- 
berry; tallow-shrub, -riere 11 , /.: wax- 
bee. -roene 12 [1. L. ceroneus, waxen], 
m.; wax-plaster. 

eirort 12 [for *siron, OHG. siuro], m.: 
mite (of cheese, flour, etc.). 

-eixque 13 [L. -rcus], m.: circus; amphi- 
theatre ; ciRCULar plateau surrounded by 

eir~re 15 [L. -rrus, tuft], m.: CIRRUS 
(tendril; tentacle; barbule; antenna). 
-ripede 18 [L. pes, f oot], m.: one of the 
cirripedia (sub-class of crustaceans). 

t-eirsakas sirsakas. 

eirse 17 [L. -sion, Gr. kirsion],f.: horse- 

-eirso-eele 16 [Gr. kirsokele (kirsos, dilated 
vein, kele, tumor)], /. : , variocoCELE. 

eirure 16 [-rer],f.: waxing, coat of wax. 

-eis-, -cis- before vow. [L., 'this side'], adv. : 
(used in comp. only, as :) cisalpin, cis-alpine. 

ei-saille 16 , /.: parings (of metal). 
-saiZler 14 [-sailles], tr.: pare, clip; 
flute (linen). -saifcles 12 [fr. root of 
-seau], f. pL: shears (for metals). 
I[~sean, pi. x [p. L*ei$ellum (L. cce- 
sum, cutting)], m.: CHISEL: tifroid, 
with blunt edge (to open boxes) ; pi. : 
scissors, -seler 12 , tr.: CHISEL, sculp- 
ture; shear (velvet for fancy-work). 
-selefc 14 , m.: little chisel, -seleur 15 
\_-seler\j m.: sculptor, -selure 13 [-seler], 
/.; sculpture (art or object), -soir 16 
[fr. root of -seaii], m. : graver, goldsmith's 
chisel, -soires 16 [fr. root of -seau],f. 
pL: bench-shears. 

eis^se 18 [L. -sos, Gr. kissos, ivy], m.: ivy- 
grape, wild grape, etc. -soide 17 [Gr. 
kisso-eidfe, ivy-like], /.: cissoro (certain 
geometrical curve). 

i.-eis-te 16 [L. -tos, Gr. kistos], m.: CISTUS 
(rock-rose shrub). 

2.iste 17 [L. -to, Gr. Hsie, basket], /.: 
cist (casket in the Eleusinian proces- 

eistre 15 [It. citara under infl. of sisire], 
m. : ZITHER, kind of GUITAR. 

eita-delle 14 [It. -della (citta, town)], 

/. : citadel, fortress to protect a town. 
-din 18 , =ine [It. cittadino], m.,/.: town 
inhabitant, CITIZEN ; /. : hackney-coach. 

eita-teur 17 [citer], m.: (rare) quoter. 
-tion, 18 [L. -<io],/.: == (summgns ; quota- 

eite [L. cimtas, state], /.: body of citi- 
zens; city. 

eite?* 13 [L. -tare}, tr.: CITE (summon); 
quote; mention, 

L, -/er^r, of Jftfe eide], , 


adj.: nearer, hither: I'lnde e, hither 

-eiter^ne 11 [L. cisterna], f.: cistern: 

flottante, tank boat, -nean 17 , m.: little 

-eitenr 16 , =ense [-ter], m., f.: citer, 

eit/iare 13 [L. -ra, Gr. kithdra], f.: 


eityyen 11 , =enne [ciie], m.,/.: CITIZEN. 

ei-trate 17 [L. -trus, lemon], m.: (the 
chemical salt), -trin 11 , =ine [L. -iH- 
TI-WS], a^'. : lemon-coloured, -trique 17 [L. 
-iriis], adj.: citric. H^trgn/ 13 [L. -ir^s], 
m.: . -tronne 16 , ac?/.: haVg citron 
juice, -tronnelle 16 , /.: balm (mint), 
ground-cypress (named for their fra- 
grance) ; citron drink. -tronn.ier 15 , 
m.: citron-tree, -trouttle 12 [It. -truolo 
(citro, citron)],/.: gourd, pumpkin. 

eivadiere 15 [Prov. -ra (civada, oats) as 
though a bag of oats],/. : bowsprit-sail. 

ei~ve [L. ccepa, onion],/.: CHIVE, -vet 12 , 
m.: jugged rabbit (dish of wine and 
chives), i.-vette 15 , /.: chive-garlic (of 
various kinds). 

2,-eivette 14 [Ar. zabad, musk], /.: civet 
(the musk ; civet cat). 

eiviere 12 [p. L. *eibaria, food carrier 
(L. cibus, food)], /. : handbarrow ; rope 
to a sprit-sail. 

-eivi~l 12 [L. -Us (cms, citizen)], adj.: = : 
mort e, ~ forfeiture of rights, -le- 
m.ent lB , adv.: civilly; politely, -lisa- 
teur 18 , =tri-ee [-User], adj.: civilizing; 
m. : le de la Russie, Peter the Great. 
-lisatioV 7 [-User],/.: . -liser 15 , 
tr.: civilise. -lite 13 [L. -litas, polite- 
ness], /.: civility, courtesy, -que 15 [L. 
-cus], adj.: civic; of a citizen, -sine 17 
[L. civis, citizen], m. : civism (devotion to 
the government). 

clabau^d 15 [? ak. to Ger. klapp, clap], 
m.: ranger (dog that bays much, has 
flopping ears, hence :) liar (dog) ; babbler : 
chapeau en , slouch hat, with flopping 
rim. -dage 15 [-rfer], m.: barking; 
brawling, -der* 15 , intr.: bark hard, or 
at nothing; (jam.) frail at; tr.: "fpro- 
claim, extol (in order to sell), -derie 16 
[-der], f.: denouncing, outcry (against a 
person), -denr 15 , -#se [-der], m., /. : 
brawler; barker. 

dale 11 p. L. *deta, fr. Celt.],/.: hurdle, 
wattle; sieve; screen; bow-net. 

fclain = din. 

clai^r , =aire [L- clarus], adj.: CLEAR; 
transparent ; limpid ; weak (of soup, tea, 
etc.) ; plain, simple (to understand) ; 
m.: clearness (of sky); light; depfahe 
en , in ordinary language (not in 
cipher); /,; cURifying boiler (for sugar); 


cupel (for gold) ; oyster reservoir ; adv. : 
clearly : parler clair et net, speak 
right out plain, -rcage 18 [-rcer], m.: 
decolouring (of sugar), -r-ee 17 [-rcer],/.: 
finings (syrup used in decolouring crystal- 
lised sugar), -p-ee^ 18 [clair infl. by eclair- 
cir], tr.: decolour (sugar), whiten, -re, 
see /. under clair. -rement 11 , adv.: 
clearly, -ret 11 , =ette, adj.: rather 
clear; coarsely meshed; m.: claret (wine); 
(too pale) precious stone ; coarse mesh (of 
a seine) ; /. : lamb's lettuce, corn salad ; 
disease (of silkworms, that makes worm 
transparent), -re-voie 16 , pi. s s, f. : 
grating; frame, door, etc., made of lattice- 
work, wire, netting, etc. : panier a , 
basket not closely made; toile , 
coarsely woven cloth; semer a , sow 
grain thin. -riere 16 , /.: thin grove; 
thin place (in cloth); clear (water between 
ice cakes at sea), -r-obscur 16 , pi. s s, 
m.: clare-obscure; light and shade, -rort 14 , 
77k : bugle, clarion ; bugler ; torch (for 
fishing) ; cornet register (of organs). 
-rsEine 11 [-semer], adj.: thin-sown; 
scattering, sparse. 1 -rvoyan-ee 15 [-rvoy- 
ant], f.: clear perception; shrewdness. 
-rvoyant 12 [voyant, part, of voir, see], 
adj. : clear-sighted ; shrewd. 

cla-meur [L. -mor], /. : clamour, cry ; 
outcry, -meuo? 13 , =ejase [L. -mosus, full 
of clamour], adj. : noisy, clamourous. 

clamp 16 or clan, [Norse klampi, cramp- 
iron], m. : clamp ; cramp-iron ; sheave ; 
sheave-hole (mortise) ; stretcher, frame 
(of parchment maker). 

clampi/H, 17 [?], m.: (/am.) tail-man, hind- 

i .fclati clamp. 

2.clan 17 [Gael. clann], m.: = (tribe; 

clandes^tin, 13 , =ine [L. -tinus (dam, 
secretly, dies, day, adj. ending tinus)], 
adj.: clandestine, secret; /.; coralwort 
(plant), -tinement 15 , adv.: secretly. 
-tinite 16 ,/.: secrecy. 

la-pe 15 [Ger. klappe], m.: clapper, 
valve. H^pier 18 [ak. to Ger. Happen, 
clatter, and klajfen, brawl; gape], m.: 
openings, holes, burrows of rabbits; 
warren, rabbit-hutch; deep-seated sore. 
i.-pir 17 [ak. to Ger. klappen, cry out], 
intr.: cry (as rabbits). 2.-pir 1T [fr. root 
of -pier], reflex. : se , take to its burrow, 
flee, -potage 17 [-poter], m.: splashing. 
-poter 18 [Ger. root klapp-], intr.: splash, 
be choppy, -poteuos 17 , =eisse [-poter], 
adj.: splashing, sugar-loaf. -potis 18 
[-poter], m.: noise (of] choppy water). 
-ppexneH-t 18 [-pper], m.: popping (of the 
tongue), -pper- 16 [ak. to Ger. klappen], 
intr,; cjjjck, P&k, pop (w$h tt# tpngue). 



cla-qwe 13 ,/.: slap, clap (of the hands); 
= (hired applauders) ; overshoe ; clog ; 
m. : theatre hat, crush hat. -qite-bois 16 , 
m.: wooden harmonica, -q^ue-dent 14 , 
pi. - s, m. : beggar (whose teeth chat- 
ter). -qMement 15 , m.: chattering; 
clapping. -qwenm.rer 16 [old a claque- 
mur, 'butt wall'], tr.: imprison, imMUBB. 

-qiie-oreiile 16 , pL s, m.: (/am.) 

slouch-hat (with a broad brim that knocks 
the ears), i. \\~qiier 15 [echoic], intr.: 
clap ; chatter (as teeth with cold) ; snap ; 
crack (as a whip); tr.: slap; (/am.) 
applaud. 2.~qwer 18 [-gue], tr.: fit with 
clogs, -quet 14 , m.; clock (that shakes 
hopper in mill), -quette 15 , /.: rattle; 
knocker; gabbler (prattler); musical in- 
strument (sounds like whip), -quenr 18 , 
m. : hired applauder. 

fcla-riere = clairiere. -rifi cation 15 , 
/. ; = (making a liquor clear). H^riftW* 11 
[L. -rificare (clarus, clear, facere, make)], 
tr.: clarify; tglorify. -rine 15 [clair], 
f.: bell (on neck of goat, etc.). -ri- 
nette 17 [-rme],/.: = (wind instrument). 
-rte [L. -ritas, clearness], /.: light (of 
sun) ; torch ; transparency ; plainness, 
naanifestness, truth, fknowledge. 

clas~se 13 [Jj. -sis], f.: class (in all 
senses) : faire la , give instruction ; 
suivre la , take a certain study, -se- 
ment 17 [-ser], m. : grouping, -ser 17 , tr. : 
class, classify. -sificatimi 17 cla- [as 
though fr. L.], /.: :=, order, -sique 16 
cla- [L. -sicus], adj. : classic. 

fclatir 16 [glatir infl. by clapir,jelp], intr. : 

cla^de 17 [Emperor Claudius], m.: (fam.) 
fsimpleton ; adj. : weak-minded. 

claudi-cation 12 [L. -catio (claudus, 
lame)],/.: "limping. 

clg/s-se [1. L. -$a for L. -sula (-dere r close)], 
/.: =, section (of law). t-sQi* = clo- 
soir. -stral 14 [1. L. -stralis (-strum, 
CLOISTER)], adj.: =, monastic, of a con- 

cla-valre 18 [1. L. -varia (L. clava, club)], 
/.: club-top (mushroom). i-veajn 18 
[clef, infl. by L. clavis, key], m. : keystone 
(centre-stone of an arch). 

2.elavea;u 13 [L. -vellus (-vus, nail)], m.: 
scab, rot (in sheep). 

clave~-eirt 14 Q. L. clavicymbalum (L. 
clavis, key, cymbalum, cymbal)], m.: 
harpsichord, -einiste 16 , m., /.: harp- 

cla-vele 14 [~veau, scab], adj.: scabby. 
-velee 14 [-veau, scab], /.: rot (of 

clavette 11 [cZe/infl. by L. clavis], f.: key 
bolt; cotter pin; collar-pin. 
C* cfava, plu]b ; 



adj. : haVg clublike antennse ; m. pi. : les 

s, CLAVICORNIA, group of beetles. 

clavicu~le 15 [L. -la, little key], /.: clav- 
icle, collar-bone. -le 18 , adj.: hav'g 

clavier 13 [clef, M. by L. dams, key], 
m.: ttum-key; fkey-ring; key-board (of 
stringed instruments) ; register (of voice, 
piano, etc.). 

clavi-g&re 18 [L. -ger, club-bearer], m.: 
claviger" (insect). -palpe 18 [L. clava, 
club, Fr. palpe], adj.: hav'g antennae 
CLOVATE and compressed ; m. pi. : les s, 
the clavipalpi (family of insects). 

cla-yere 18 [claie], /.: oyster-bed or park 
(fenced off by hurdles fr. the sea), -yet- 
te 18 [cZaie],/.: basket of mushrooms. 

claymore 18 [Eng. fr. Gael, claidheamh, 
sword, mor, large], /. : = (heavy two- 
handed broadsword). 

cla^yow 16 [claie], m.: little hurdle, grate 
(to drain cheese, etc.) . -yonnage 17 , m. : 
wicker, wattling, hurdling (to prevent un- 
dermining by water). 

cle/, or fcle [L. clavis],f.: key (in all 
se'nses) : (fam.) mettre la sous la porte, 
leave on the sly ; prendre la des chavvps, 
escape and be at large. 

clematite 16 [L. -titis, Gr. klematitis 
(klema, brittle twig, vine; fr. kldein, 
break)], /.: clematis (woody climbing 

cle-mpti^e 10 \L. -mentia], f.: clemency 
(mildness in a judge or ruler), -ment 14 
[L. -raeTis], adj. : clement, mild. 

clg^eHe 12 or clenehette [Ger. klinke, 
(klingen, CLINK, "snap)], /. : door-handle ; 

clepfcte 18 or klepfcte [mod. Gr. 
klephtfws, (lit.) robber], m.: klepht (one 
of the mountaineers who resisted Turk- 
ish rule for centuries). 

clepsydre 13 [L. -dra, Gr. klepsudra (klep- 
t ein, "steal, hfidor, water)] /.: clepsydra 

cl~erc [1. L. -ericus, Gr. klerikds,. clergy- 
man (kleros, lot)], m.; fdivinity student; 
ecclesiastic; f scholar, learned man; CLERK, 
assistant ; student (with lawyers). -erge 
D. L. -ericatum], m. : clergy, -ergecm ^ 
lawyer's junior clerk, -ergie u ,/. : scholar- 
ship of a CLEEGYman ; tKe seven studies 
(for the ministry) ; clergy, -erical 13 
[1. L. -ericalis], adj. : =, of the clergy. 
-erlcalement 15 [-erical], adv.: like 
clergy, -erloature 14 D- L- -ericatura], 
/.; student life (for ministry). 

oli-eha^e 18 , m.: stereotyping, -^he 18 , 
m.: stereotype-plate; negative; (/am.) ster- 
eotype expression, platitude. 11^ 17 
[ak. to -queter], tr. : stereotype, -eh&nx 18 , 
m.: stereotypes 


clien^t 15 , cligttte [L. cliens], m.,/.: 
tplebeian dependent; client (esp. at law); 
patron, -tele 16 [L. -tela], f. : = (body of 
vassals, dependents or patrons). 

clifoire 15 [for clique-foire, I'ves of OFr. 
cZig^er, click, and Fr. foirer], f.: squirt- 

cli-gnenLeTit 12 , m.: squinting; winking. 
-grne-musette 14 [I'ves of -^ner, and 
musser], f.: hide-and-seek (game). 
|{~0ner [p. L. *climare (L. -ndre), in- 
cline],*^.: t^> at ( tne e J e ); ^ r - ; wink. 
-gnotant 18 [-^Tioier], adj.: nictitating 
(as'thelateral eyelid of birds, crocodiles, 
etc.). -gnotement 16 [-gnoter], m. : wink- 
ing; nictitating, -gnoter lQ ,intr.: wink 
often, -mat 13 [L. -ma, Gr. Miraffl (lit. in- 
cline, slope sc. to the sun)], m. : climate ; 
clime, i.-materique 15 [L. -maktericus, 
Gr. klimakterikos(klimakter, ladder)], adj;. : 
climacteric, critical. 2.-materique 18 
[-mai], adj. : of the climate, -matolo- 
gie 18 [-mat, Gr. Zo^os, speech],/.: 'CLI- 
MATOLOGY, study of climates, -mato- 
logiqite 18 [-matologie], adj.: climato- 
logical, i. dirt 11 [OFr, -Tier], m.: fslant, 
slope, clinche"r-work (fastening of ship 
ropes) ; bevel (of barrel staves). 2.cliw 1 , 
w..* wink, -namen 16 [L.], m.: = (ob- 
lique motion of objects). 

fclinca/aie, etc. = guincaille, etc. 

clinfoc 18 [Ger. klein Fock, small jib], m.: 
flying-jib (sail). 

clini-que 16 [L. -cus, Gr. klinikos (kline, 
bed)], adj.: clinic (by bedside; /.: bed- 
side lecture). 

clinquant 14 [OFr. -quer, CLINK], m.: 
tinsel; Dutch gold. 

cli-qwart^ [OFr. -quer, CLINK (cf. Ger. 
klingen, ring)], m.: (Portland) building 
stone, -que 13 [OFr. -#wer, be noisy],/.: 
(set, party, gang), -quet 18 [OFr. 
-quer, rattle], m. : fclank (of millhopper) ; 
fcatch (of lock) ; pawl (of ratchet-wheel), 
click, H^qiteter' 12 [OFr. -quer, make 
noise, rattle], intr. : (/am.) jingle (as iron, 
money or glass), CLICK, clack, clank. 
-quetis* 3 , m. : jingle, tinkling, -qitette 14 
[OFr. -quer, rattle], /.: bones (to play 
with), castanets ; sinker (pierced stone to 
weight down a seine). 

clis^se 11 [fclisse], f.: wicker, -ser 15 , 
tr. : plait with wicker work, wicker. 

clitoris 16 [Gr. kleitoris (kleiein, CLOSE)], 
m.: ==. 

cli-vage 1T , m.: cleavage (of diamonds, 
crystals). H^vet* 17 [Ger. klieben], *r.: 
CLEAVE (crystals, etc.). 

cloaque 13 [L. cloaca], m.: cloaca; sewer; 

clothe 10 p. L. -cca], /.: bell ; (fr. shape) : 
rase; glass cover; receiver; corolla; cup 


(for blistering) : a, plonger, diving- 
bell ; se sauver a la de bois, escape by 
the wooden bell, i.e. furtively. 

clo~-elxemetit 15 , m.: limping. ~ehe- 
pied 15 , in adv*l expression a , by hops. 
i. \\~-eher [p. L. *-ppicare] t intr.: 1[(fam.) 
limp ; hobble. 

2.clo*"clieT 10 [-che], m.: bell-tower; stee- 
ple ; parish : course au , steeple-chase. 
-eheton 16 , m. : turret, -ehette ll [-che] , 
/.; little bell; corolla. 

cloi~s<m u [p. L. clausio (L. clausus, 
shutting)],/.: partition; septum; =: 
etanche, bulk-head; de briques, nog- 
ging (bricks in a frame wall), -son- 
nage 16 , m.: wainscoting; partitioning; 
(by 'anal. :) enameling with wire patterns. 
-sonne 17 , adj.: =, enameled (with flat 

clcjl^tre 11 [L L. claustrum (L. claudere, 
CLOSE)], m.: cloister (covered walk, 
arcade ; monastery) ; dormitory (for eccle- 
siastics). -trer 16 , tr.: cloister, seclude. 
t-trier 11 , =iere, m.,/.: cloisterer (monk, 

clo-pin-clopan* 16 [part, of OFr. eloper, 
hobble], adv.: on one foot, hobbling. 
ll~piner 15 [OFr. -pin, lame], intr.: (fam.) 
limp, hobble. 

oloporte 12 [? L. porca, sow], m.; wood- 
louse, sow-bug. 

oloque 17 [dial, for cloche], /.: blister; 
blight of leaves, esp. of peach. 

clo~re [L. claudere, close], defect. ; 
tr.: close, shut; end: ti huis clos, 
with closed doors, secretly; etre clos et 
couvert, be well housed ; lettre close, sealed 
letter, esp. order of the king ; a thing not 
understood, clo-s n , m. ; close, enclosure. 
clo-seau 16 [clos], m.; little yard, or en- 
CLOSure. clo-serie 14 , [clos], /.: (dial.} 
little farm ; finishing (of a willow basket). 
clo-soir 16 , m.: keystone (closing the 
arch) ; moulding plank (in laying cement) ; 
(basket maker's) wicker tool. 

Ind, : Pr. clos, clos, clbi, no pi, Fut. 
(Cond.) clorai(s), etc. Sub]*. : Pr. close. 
Part. : P. clos. 

tclossemetit, etc. = gloussement, etc. 

clo-stre 18 [L. claustrum or clostrum, bar, 
lock], m.: baluster (of pottery). t c l- 
tolr = closoir. clo~ture [p. L. *clau- 
situra for clausura, infl. by claustrum, 
lock], /.: enCLOSure; grating or fence 
(about a cloister or a choir); seCLiision; 
conCLtrsion, close, end : la sainte , the 
church (as separated fr. the world), clo- 
turer 18 , tr.: conCLUDE, close. 

clou [L. clavus], m. : nail (for fastening) ; 
(pop.) pawnshop (where pledges hang on 
nails) ; police quarters (where one is de- 
tained) ; (recent, fam.) chief attraction ; 



CLOVE, bud ; sore (cf . claveau) : (de 
rue), nail-sore (of hoof) ; river son , 
clinch his nail, i.e. reduce him to silence ; 
cela ne vaut pas un , that isn't worth a 
straw, -er* 11 , tr.: nail fast; pierce, 
transfix ; fix. -et 12 , m.; little nail ; oakum 
chisel, f-i&re = cloutiere. -ter 16 , tr.: 
stud with nails (to adorn). t-tere"=-^re. 
-terie 15 [-tier], f. : nail business, -tier ^, 
m. : nailer (maker ; seller), -tiere A , /. : 
nail-bore, heading-tool (mould) ; nail-anvil ; 
nail-box, f-viere = -tiere. 

clovisse 16 [Prov. clauvisso (claure, shut, 
CLOSE)],/.: clam (mussel), winkle. 

clown 18 cloun [EngJ, m.: ~. 

cloy ere 17 [OFr. cloie, hurdle], /.: (twenty- 
five dozen) oyster-basket. 

clu~b 17 [EngJ, m.: =. -Biste 17 , m.: 
club man. 

cluse 15 [dial. fr. clore],f.: break, pass (in 
a range where mountains on each side 
come down to the plain). 

cly-soir 18 [fr. root clys-], m. : CLYSter- 
pipe. -sopgwpe 18 [fr. root clys-], m.: 
injector pump. H^stere 12 [L. -ster, Gr. 
Uustir (kluzein, wash)], m.: enema, 

cnemide 17 [Gr. knemis (kneme, lower 
leg)],/.: greave. 

co~ [L. cum, with] : -accuse 1T , =ee, m., 

/.: fellow-culprit. -acqwereur 15 , m.: 
joint-purchaser. -actif ^ =ive [1- L- 
-activus (L. cogere, compel)], adj.: com- 
pulsory. -actiort 12 [L. -actio],f.: ^=, 
compulsion, -adjuteur 12 , =tri-ee Q. L. 
adjutor], m., /.: coadjutor (assistant to 
prelate; monk or nun under superior). 
-adjutorerie 16 [-adjuteur], /.: coad- 
jutorship. -agulaljle 16 [-aguler], adj.: 
=.. -agula^ion, 13 [-aguler], /.: =. 
-aguler* 12 [-agulare], tr.: coagulate, 
clot, congeal, curdle (as milk, blood, etc., 
by heat, cold, chemicals, etc.). -agu- 
lum 15 [LJ, m.: =, clot; coagulant. 
-alition 16 [L. -alitus, allied (-alescere, 
unite)],/. := (voluntary union, esp. against 
common enemy). 

cooltar 18 [Eng.], m.: =, tar obtained fr. 

coas-sement 15 , m.: croaking (of frogs). 
||~ser 15 [L. coaxare, Gr. Wax, QUACK 
(echoic)], intr.: croak. 

coasso-eie 18 [associe], =ee, m., /.: co- 

coati 15 [Brazil], m.: = (raccoon-like 

coTjaea 15 -be- [Cobo, missionary], m., 
fcobee, /. : COBJEA (tropical plant of 
phlox family). 

cobalt 17 or cobolt [Ger. kobalf\, m.: 
cobalt (chemical element). 

oobaye 18 [for cabiai], m. : CAVT, l 

130 coca 

coca 16 [Sp.], m.: = (So. Am. shrub). 

i. cocaine 11 [? ak. to L. coquere, COOK] 

/.: fpleasure; cockaigne (imaginary lane 

of luxury) : pour lui Paris est la 

Paris is a Utopia for him; mat de , 

greased (prize) pole. 

2.cocarne 14 [Prov. cocanha (coca, conch 

shell)!,/: porcelain pastel. 

cocaine 18 [coca], /.: = (white, bitter 

alkaloid used as local anaesthetic). 

cocar-de 15 [for coquarde], /.; COCKADE, 

rosette, badge (as on a hat) : prendre la 

, enlist, -dean 14 [OFr. coquard, cock] 

m.: plant. 

cocasse 17 [? cog, cock], adj.: funny, queer. 

coc-einelle 17 [L. -nus, scarlet red (coc- 

cum, scarlet-oak berry)], /. : lady-bug. 

coc-eyx 15 -sis [Gr. kokkux, cuckoo], m.: 

=, tail-bone (in man and other tailless 

vertebrates).^he 11 [?],/.: notch; tally. 
2.f co-elie 12 [OHG. eocchd], m.: large pas- 
senger boat. 
3.f co-eke 14 [?],/.: sow. 
4-co-elie 15 [Ger. kutsche], m.: COACH: 
manquer le , miss one's carriage, lose 
an opportunity. 

co-elie-niilage 17 , m.; cochineal bath. 
||~nile 15 [Sp. cochinilla (L. coccinus, 
scarlet)],/.: cochineal bug. -niEter 17 , 
intr.: collect cochineal bugs; tr.: dye 
scarlet (with bugs). 
i. co-eli er 15 [coche, notch], tr.: tally.' 15 [coche, coach], m.: coach- 

co-eher 15 , or fco-elier [L. calcare, 
trample], tr.: tread (as male bird): ceufs 
caches, fertilized eggs. 
co-chore 16 , adj.: porte , carriage en- 
trance or door. 

fco-eliet 12 [cog.], m.: cockerel (young 

co-ehevis 13 [?], 771.: crested lark. 
co-efclearia 16 [L. fr. -lear, CONCHsHell], 
m.: =, scurvy-grass family. 
co-ehoir 17 [-cher, notch], m.: (cooper's) 
notching knife ; (chandler's) squaring tool ; 
(ropemaker's) guide. 

co~ehgn 13 [coche, sow], m.: hog; boar; 
porker; sloven: fromage de , head- 
cheese ; amis comme -s, drinking, carous- 
ing chums ; nous n'avons pas garde les s 
ensemble, we were not swineherds together 
(said when one is too familiar) ; d'Ame- 
rique, peccary; cuirasse, armadillo; 
d'Inde, guinea-pig, -ehoimaifcle 18 , 
/.; pork. ^ehonne 18 , /.: slattern. 
~ehoniLee lQ [-chonner],f.: litter of pigs. 
-ehonner u , intr.: farrow, pig; intr.: 
botch (a job), --elioimerie 17 , /.: filth; 
dirt ; obscenity. -ehonnet 16 , m. : young 
pig; jack (bowl); dupflecakedron (with 

numbered facets) ; cylinder (for printing 

i. coco [Port., lit. bushy head (Egypt. 

kuku)], m.: cocoanut; cooling drink ; un 

marchand de , lemonade man. 
2.coco 18 [echoic], m. (fam., to children), 

egg ; 'baby-stocking ; pet, darling. 
cocon 15 [Prov. coucoun (coco, cock)], m.: 


cocotier 17 [coco, cocoanut], m.: palm. 
i.cocotte 15 [echoic], /.: pullet (child's 

talk) ; darling ; loose girl ; soreness (of 

2.cocotte 18 [coque],f.: sort of skillet. 
coction 15 [L. -tio (coquere, cook)],/.: = 
(boiling ; digestion ; ripening of sores). 
cocu 14 [for coucu echoic like coucou], m.: 
cuckoo; cuckold, -age 16 , m.: cuckol- 
dom. -fier 16 [L. fdcere, make], tr. : 

coda 18 [It., lit. tail],/.: = (finale of a 

code 12 [L. -dex], m.: = (body of laws); 

co^debiteur 16 , =tri-ee, m., /.: joint 
debtor, -de-eimatenr 17 , =tri-ee, m.,/. : 
fellow tithe-holders. -demandeur 17 , 
=dresse, m.,/. : joint plaintiff! -deters 
tenr 15 , =tri-ee, m., /.: joint holder. 
-detenu 18 , =nne [detenir], m., f. : one 
detained with another, fellow-prisoner. 
co~de3e 16 [L., tablet, code], m.: = (collec- 
tion of medical formulas), -di-eillaire 16 
[L. -dicillaris], adj. : in a codicil, codicil- 
lary. -dleille 1 ^ [L. -dicillus], /.: cod- 
icil (added clause in a code or will). 
-dification 18 [-difier], /.: (embody- 
ing in a code), -difier 18 [code, -fier (L. 
facere, make)], tr. : codify. 
codiUe 16 [Sp. -llo (dim. of codo, elbow)], 
m. : = (term at ombre). 
co-donataire 17 , m.,/.: joint donee. 
t-ececum se- = caecum. 
co-effi-eient 17 , m.: = (lit. joint agent). 
t-eceliaque se- = celiaque. 
co-em,ption 17 [L. -tio (co, with, emere, 
buy)]? /' == (form of civil marriage 
amongst the Romans: each bought the 
other). -equation 15 [L. cequare, 
equal], /.: equalizing "of tariffs, -er^i- 
"bilite 18 [-ercible], /.: coercibleness, 
condensibility. -er-elble 17 [L. -ercere t 
press together], adj.: =, condensible 
(said of gas), -er-eitif 16 , =ive [L. -erci- 
tum], adj.: coercive, -er-eition 16 [L. 
-ercitio'], /: coercion. -etat 17 , m.: 
CO-ESTATE, joint state. -eterael 11 , 
=elle [L. cetemus], adj.: eternally co- 
existent. -eternite 18 [1. L. -cstemitas], 
/.: coetemity. 

(eu = eu [L. cor], m. ; HEART ; breast ; 
; jspu]; courage; Ipy 


feeling ; conscience ; thing heart-shaped, 
or centrally located, center : serre, 
oppressed ; avoir le gros, heart swollen 
with sighs ; valet de , knave of hearts 
(at cards) ; par , by heart ; diner par 
, i.e. not dine at all; ouvrir son , 
reveal one's secret thoughts ; avoir le 
sur la main, sur les levres, tell every- 
thing to anybody ; mal de , qualms ; 
tenir au , lie heavy on one's heart ; d 
contre , unwillingly. 

coexis-tant 15 , adj.: coexistent, -tgnee 15 
[co-, existence], f. : . \\~>ter u [co-, exis- 
ter], intr.: coexist. 

cof-f^n 12 [L. cophinus, basket, Gr. kdphi- 
nos] f m.: little basket; box (for whet- 
stone). -fine 17 [~fin],f. : curved slate (for a 
dome). ||cof~fre [L. cophinus], m. : box, 
coffer; trunk; (/am.) chest,, breast; 
carcass; d'amarrage, floating buoy. 
-frer* 16 , tr.: (fam.) jug (imprison). 
-fret 12 , m.: case (for jewels, etc.). 
-frEtier 14 , m.: trunkmaker or seller. 

cofidejusseup 17 [co-, fidejusseur], m.: 
joint surety or bail. 

co0nas~se 15 [wing], /.: wild QUINCE. 
-sier 12 , m.: quince-tree. 

cogna-t 12 IL.-tus (co, mfh,natus, born)], 
m.: kinsman, -tion 12 [L. -tio],f.: kin- 
ship (through the female side). [p. L. *cuniata, wedge-shaped 
hatchet, f r. L. cuneus], f. : ax ; hatchet. 
-<jrne-fetu 14 , pi. , m. : busy do-nothing, 
hog-shearer. ||~0ner [L. cunedre (cu- 
neus, wedge)], tr. : hammer, drive (nails) ; 
thump; pound; knock, -grnoir 16 , m.: 
(printer's) shooting-stick (for driving 

co/^aM-tatiott 12 [L. -tatio, living to- 
gether],/.: =. -ter 13 [L. -tare], intr.: 
cohabit, live as husband and wife. 

00-ftere.r^ee 11 [L. -hcerentia (cum, with, 
harere, stick)], /.: =\ union; agree- 
ment. -fterent 15 [L. -hcerens], adj.: 
coherent; consistent. 

coJieritier 114 , =iere [co-, heritier], m., 
/.: joint heir. 

cohesion 17 fit. -hcesio (co-h&rere, stick 
together)],/.: , union. 

cofoo-batioty 16 , /.: ~, distilling over. 
H^ber 16 " ft. L. -bare (Ar. cohbe, deep 
colour)], tr. : cohobate, re-distill. 

cofoorte 18 [L. -rs (cf. cour)],f.: cohort, 
one tenth of a Roman legion; troop; 

coftue 12 [? L. coitus (fr. co-ire, go to- 
gether)],/.; fpublic mart; crowd; rabble, 

ooi, eoite [p. L, quetus (L. quietus)], 
adj, : (fam.) QUIET, coy, still : chambre 
coite, cozy rppm; demeurvr , Jive 




coif^fe 10 [p. L. cofea, seems ak. to Ger. 
kopf, head], /.: coif (head-dress), hood, 
cap; envelop; veil: de nuit, night- 
cap ; -f er 12 , tr. : coif, invest witk a coif ; 
dress hair of : sainte Catherine, be old 
maid ; ressemUer d un chien coiffe, dressed 
like a jackdaw ; ne coiffe, born in luxury; 
se en cheveux, make a hood of her hair, 
be bareheaded; se le cerveau, befog 
one's brain, be tipsy; se de quelque 
idee, have a certain idea on the brain; 
son mari, fool her husband, -feur 16 , 
=ejase [-/er], m.,/.: hair-dresser; barber. 
-fare 14 [-/er],/.: =, head-dress. 

tcoifirner 1 , or "f-nier = cognossier. 

coin [L. cuneus], m.: wedge; die (for 
striking medals, coins, etc.); corner; 
quoin: jeu des quatre s, game pussy- 
wants-a-corner. -eer 17 , tr.: wedge up. 

coin-ei-den-ee 14 , /.: r=, agreement (in 
time, space or details), -dent 15 , adj.: 
coinciding, agreeing. ||~der 18 [1. L. 
-dere (L. co-, with, in-cidere, fall in)], 
intr.: coincide, agree, correspond (as 
different dates, opinions, etc.). 

eoing [L. cotoneum malum, Cydon apple], 
m.: QUINCE. 

tcojnte [L. cognitus, known], adj. : pleas- 
ant, affable. 

co-interesse 18 [L. cum, with], adj.: 
jointly interested person, share-holder. 

co-ion 15 [It. coglione (lit. testicle)], m.: 
lazy-bones; poltroon. -ionner 16 [It. 
coglionare], tr. : treat as a coward ; intr. : 
act like a coward. -ionnerie 15 [It. 
coglioneria], f. : dastardliness. 

coit 13 [L. -tus (cum, with, ire, go)], m.: 
coitus, sexual intercourse. 

fcoite = couette. 

cojouissanee 18 [co-, jouissance], f. : joint 
use (in law). 

coke 17 [Eng.], m.: = (coal minus its 
volatile constituents). 

co-l [L. collum, cf . Fr. cou], m. : neck (of 
bottles, dresses, etc., or (rare) of man and 
animals): le du femur, neck of femur 
bone: le du Simplon, Simplon pass, 
depression between mountains ; un -de 
femme, lace fichu; d'un habit, lapel 
of a coat; cravate, neckkerchief. 
-larin 15 [It. -llarino], m.: collariao, 
gorgerin, astragal (moulding on column). 

colatnre 18 [L. -lare, filter, strain], /.: 

colback 18 or kalpack [Turk.], m.: 
colback, black cap. 

colMque 15 [L. -chicum (fr. province 
Colchis)], m.: colchicum, meadow-saffron 

oolcotar 13 [Ar.], m.: colcother, red 
peroxyde of iron. 



co-legataire 17 , m.,/.: joint legatee. 

coleoptere 17 [Gr. koleopteros (koleos 

case, ptfaon, wing)], m.: coleopter, beetle 

co-lera = cholera, [j^lere 13 [L. cholera 

bile], /.: choler, anger: une bleue 

when the face looks purple from anger 

les enfants de , the children of wrath 

adj.; (/am.) enraged, angered, f-lerer 15 

reflex.: (vulg.) get mad. -lereuo; 15 

=9J*se, adj. (vulg.) wrathy, mad. -le 

riqwe 13 , adj.: choleric, of tempe: 

easily angered. 

f coli colis. 

coliart 15 [?], m.: skate (fish). 
colibri 16 [Carib.], m.: (humming-bird 
smallest of birds). 

colleitan-t 18 [L. licitans, seller at auc 
tion], m. : co-litigant (selling at auction). 
colifi-ehet 16 [? coller, pasteJfcAer, fasten] 
m.: f clipping (of paper); knick-knack 
trinket, gewgaw ; cracker, bird-cake ; tri- 
pod (for pottery in furnace). 
eolima9<m 15 [cal, limagon], m.: snail 
coli 15 [name Nicolin (Nicholas)], m. 
shepherd (in comic opera); moor-hen 
quail; coal-fish. 

colin-maaiard 15 [name], m.: blind- 
man (in game blind-man's-buff). 
colin-tampcm 15 [name], m.: (/am.) se 
soucier, se moquer de quelqu'un (de quel- 
que chose) comme de , not care a straw 
for a person (a thing). 
colique 13 [1. L. colica, sc. passio, COLON 
suffering],/: colic; (/am.) avoir la , 
be afraid. 

colis 17 pt. -Hi (pi of collo, neck-load)], 
m.: baggage, luggage. 
collabo-rateur 17 , =tri-ee [L. -rare, 
labor together], m.,/.: colaborer. H~ra- 
tiim 17 [L. -rare (con, with, laborare, 
labor)], intr.: work with. 
col-lage 17 [-ler], m.: pasting, sticking; 
glazing (of paper); clarifying (of wine 
with fish-glue); (pop.) common-law mar- 
riage, concubinage, -lant 18 [-ler], ad[/.: 
sticky; close, tight; un pantalon , 
close-fitting; (frivol.) une femme e t 
woman hard to shake off. 
collapsus 18 [L., fr. cum, together, labi, 
fall], m.: collapse, break down (of nerves). 
colla-taire 17 D- L- -tarius (based on L. 
-turn, past part. con-ferre, carry together)], 
m.: beneficiary (of church appointment). 
collateral 12 , pi. =auas [1. L. -Us (cum, 
with, lotus, side)], adj. : =, along the sides; 
side by side ; m., /. : collateral kinsman. 
colla-tenr 14 Q. L. -tor], m.: = (one who 
confers a benefice). -tif 14 , =ive [1. L. 
-tivus^ (L. -turn, borne together)], adj.: 
collative, bestowable ; who confers. 
\\~tion 12 [L. -tio (con-ferre, bring to- 
gether)], /.; = (bestowing a benefice, or 


university degree; comparison; light re- 
past). -tionner 13 , tr.: collate, com- 
pare (texts) critically; proof-read; intr.: 
eat a lunch. 

i.colle [L. -lla, Gr. kolla], /.: paste, 
mucilage ; finmgs (to clear wine, etc.) : 
forte, glue ; d bouche, that must be 
moistened with the lips (as on postage 
stamps) ; c'est une qu f il vous a contee, 
it's a lie (allusion is to bird-lime) he has 
told you. 2.colle 18 [-Her], f.: (college 
slang) stumper, poser (hard question that 
sticks the candidate). 

collec~te 12 [L. -ta, (col-ligere, collect)], 
/.: collection (of taxes); church con- 
tribution ; tax-list ; short prayer (recited 
before scripture lesson), -teur 13 [L. 
-tor], m.: collector (of taxes; of contri- 
butions) ; main (as a ditch into which 
others empty), -tif 13 , =ive [L. -tivus], 
adj. : collective, general, -tion 13 [L. -tw], 
/; ==. -tionner 18 [-tion], tr.: make col- 
lection of, collect (curios, paintings, etc.). 
-tionnenr 18 , =ej&se [-tionner], m., f.: 
collector, collection maker, -tivemen-t 15 
[-tif], adv.: collectively. -tiviste 18 t-^/l 
m.: collectivism -tivite 18 [~tif],f.: col- 
lectivity, socialism. 

col~lege 13 [L. -llegium], m.: (body of 
persons; school; group of associates for 
state or church duties). -legial 13 , pi. 
=aua3, adj.: =, of a college; une (eglise) 
e, collegiate church (haVg body of 
ecclesiastics but not episcopal authority). 
-legien 17 , m.: student. -legue 15 
[L. -lega], m. : colleague. 
coller 16 [-lie, paste], tr.: paste, glue; 
(student slang) stick, stump; glaze, size 
(paper) ; clarify (wine with finings) ; intr.: 
fit close ; (student slang) flunk. 
colle~re 15 [llier, COLLAR], m.: drag-net. 
-rette 13 [-Z2i"er],/; fluted collar, second 

collect 12 [col], m.: neck (of bottles, 
teeth, garments, and things so shaped); 
dead-eye ; clew ; handle (of violins, skillet, 
etc.) ; neck-band ; collar ; noose, snare : 
patte de , shoulder-strap; petit , 
preacher's collar; preacher; monte, 
stiff collar of 16th Cent.; hence: affect- 
edly grave, quaint or prudish person. 
-tage 18 , m.: collaring (of weaving loom). 
-tor* 16 , tr.: COLLAR, seize; intr.: set 
snares (as for hares). 
jolleur 15 [-Her], m.: bill-poster; paper- 

ol~liet [L. -larius (-lum, neck)], m.: 
collar; necklace; ring (around the 
neck) ; circular sore ; throat-beard ; band 
(of iron, etc.); astragal, ornament of a 
column : chien au grand , leader ; de 
force, collar with pricks (used in training 


,- u n COU P de , fresh attempt; 
cheval franc du , good puller ; tirer a 
plein , make desperate effort. -Here 17 
[OFr. -Her, street-porter], /,: sleeper 

colliger* 16 [L. -gere], tr.: funite; COL- 
LECT '(extracts for writings). 

tcollimation = collineation. 

colline 15 '[It. -na (L. collis)], /.: hill : la 
ville aux sept s, Koine ; la double , 
two-peaked Parnassus. 

oollineaticm 17 [L. -neare, aim (cum, 
with, linea, line)], /.: =, truing (of 
lenses, or telescopes) ; aim or direction 
(of instrument or ray of liht). 

colliqna~tif 16 , =ive [L. colliquere (cum, 
together, liquere, be liquid, melt)], adj.: 
colliquative, having excessive discharges. 
-tion 15 pL colliquere], f. : =, wasting of 
solid parts of the body, excessive dis- 

collision 14 [L. -sio (cum r together, Ice- 
dere, clash)],/.: = (shock, concussion). 

collocation 14 [L. -tio (cum, with, locare, 
place)],/.: classifying (of creditors) ; debt 
(in its line or order with other debts). 

col-lodion 18 [Gv.kollodes, glue-like (kolla, 
glue, eidos, form)], m.: = (solution for 
coating wounds, or photographic plates). 
-loide 18 [Gr. kolla, glue, eidos, form], 
adj.: colloid, jelly-like. 

collocate 15 [L. -quium (cum, together, 
loqui, talk)], m. : fdialogue ; discussion. 

collo-quer u [L. -care (cum, together, 
locare, -place)], tr. : (/am.) dispose of; 
rank (a creditor, list him with others in 

collu-der* 16 [L. -dere], intr.: collude, 
conspire, play into each other's hands. 
H~sion 18 [L. -sio (cum, together, ludere, 
play)J, /.: = t secret understanding. 
-soire 1 ", adj.: collusory, collusive, 
secretly concocted, -soirement 16 , adv.: 
in collusion. 

collyr^ 11 [L. -rium, Gr. kollurion (dim. 
of Tcolltira, pastry)], m.: collyrium, eye- 
salve (like dough). 

colmatage 18 [It. -ta, road, fr. colmare, 
heap up], m. : warping (flooding poor land 
to fertilise it). 

colocasie 15 [L. -sia, Gr. kolokasm, Egyp- 
tian bean], /.: colocasia (plant of the 
arum family). 

co-lomba^e 14 , m.: uprights (posts 
on which weather-boarding goes). 
|| i .~lombe [form of colonne fr. L. 
coluiMia], /.: t COL "U MN J J ist > upright, 
stanchion ; (cooper's) bench or jointer. 15 [L. -lumba], /.: dove, 
pigeon; receptacle (dove-shajped for the 
eucharist. i^-l&nibMe, f.: little 
dove, squab. 

colportage 133 

2.colom-belle 1:L [-6e, joist], /.: flittle 
column; f^ad-line between printed col- 
umns, column-rule, i.-bier 16 [-be, joist], 
m.: ship-prop, shore. 

2.colombier >0 [L. -barium (-ba t dove)], 
m.: dove-cot; too great space (between 

3.colombier i17 [paper manufacturer C.], 
m.: columbier (large writing paper). 

colombin 11 , =ine [L. -binus (-ba f dove)], 
adj.: columbine, dove-coloured, purple 
(like dove's neck) ; m. : lead ore ; /. : 
pigeon-dung; certain lac; columbine 

colon 13 [L. -nus], m.: COLONIST; farmer; 
farmer (who farms on shares). 

colon 13 [L., fr. Gr. kolon (lit., member)], 
m. : COLON (large intestine). 

colonat 18 [-Ion], m.: condition of a colo- 

colo~nel 15 [It. -nnello, fr. -nna, COLUMN 
(of army)], m. : (army officer), -nelle 15 , 

/.: colonel's wife; ffirst company (of 

[L. -nia], /.: colony, -nisateur 18 , 

=tri-ee [-niser], adj.: colonising; m.,f.: 
settler, -nisation 18 [-niser], f. : coloni- 
sation, settling in colonies, -niser 18 
[-n], tr.: colonise, settle. 

colon-nade 16 ,/.: == (series of columns). 
ll~ne [L. columna], /.: column (in all 
senses) ; pillar ; monument ; bedpost. 
-nette 15 , /. : little column, columella. 

colopbane 14 [L. -phonia, Gr. kolophonia, 
rosin from Colophon], /. : colophony, black 
rosin (for violin bows). 

colo-quinelle 17 , /.: false COLOCYNTH. 
-qu^nte 16 [L. -cynthis, fr. Gr.], /.: 
bitter-apple (gourd fruit, size of orange, 
used as a purgative). 

colo-rant 16 , adj.: colouring, giving 
colour. -ration 14 , /.: =, colours. 
H^rer 11 [L. -fare], tr.: colour, dye; 
give a false colour, varnish, pretend : un 
style color 6, brilliant style, -riage 18 
[-rier], m.: colouring (of maps, e'tc.). 
-rier* 16 [-ris], tr.: colour (maps, engrav- 
ings). -ris 16 [It. -rito, (color ire, colour)], 
m.: colouring, tinting (of lithograph 
work, maps, etc.). -riste 16 [-ris], m.: 
colourer ; brilliant writer. 

colos-sal 16 , pi. =anx, adj.: =, immense. 
-salement 18 [-sal], adv.: in colossal 
style. " || -se 16 [L. -sus, Gr. Jcolossos, 
gigantic statue], m.: colossus, giant; 
monster: aux pieds d'argile, image 
with feet of clay (in Bible). 

colostrum 15 or f-stre [LJ, m.: = (first 
milk, beestings). 

colpor-tage 17 , m.: =, selling from place 
to place. * lifter 15 [col-porter, carry* on 



the neck], tr.: peddle, carry and sell. 
-teur 15 , m.: peddler, distributer. 
coltis 16 [?], m.: front bulkhead; bob- 

columbarium 17 u = o [L., lit., dove- 
cot, pigeon-holes], m.: : "(large sepulchre 
with niches for cinerary urns). 
columelle 16 [L. ~lla (dim. of columna)], 
f.: columella (axis of spiral shells, of 
moss, of_seed capsules), f little column. 
colure 17 [L. -rus, Gr. kolouros, mutilated, 
because colures cut each other (Gr. kolos, 
docked, ourd, tail)], m.: = (great circle 
of the earth). 

colza 17 [Holl. koolzaad (lit. cabbage-seed)], 
m. : =, COLESEED, summer-rape (field-cab- 

coma 16 *' [Gr. koma, deep sleep], m.: , 
morbid heavy sleep. -teucc 16 , =jni 
adj. : COMATOSE, abnormally sleepy. 
comba-t 15 , m.: =, fight, struggle : ju- 
diciaire, (medieval) duel between accuser 
and accused ; d outrance, deadly com- 
bat, fight to the uttermost, to a finish; 
hors de , out of the fight, out of condi- 
tion to fight ; au fort du , in the thick 

[ of the fight ; faire branle-bas de , 
clear the deck for action. -tivite 18 , 
/. : combativeness (term in phrenology). 
-ttant 10 , m. : = , fighter. || ~ttre [p. L. 
-itvere (L. cum, with, battuere, strike)], 
intr.: fight; struggle; compete: tr.: 
combat; resist. 

combe 11 [L. cumba, Gr. kumbe, skiff],/.: 
hollow, valley (on a plateau). 

combien 10 [comme, bien], adv.: how 
much ; how many ; conj. : how ; f although : 
y a-t-il qu'il est parti? how long has 
he been gone; & argent, how much 

combi-naison 16 , /.: combination, union. 
H^ner 18 [L. -nare (cum, with, bini, pair)], 
tr.: COMBINE; unite. [L. cumulus, heap],m.: heap, 
top, summit; utmost, extreme, height; 
rafters, frame of roof. 2.-ble, long o, 
adj.: full, heaped-up; grown over (as hoof 
over shoe that has been on too long). 
-blemewt 15 [-bier], m.: filling up (as 
vessel, " ditch). -ble?* [L. cumuldre, 
heap, pile up], tr.: fill full, fill up; com- 
plete; load: homme comble d'honneur, 
man greatly honoured. 

comblete 18 or -blette [-be],f.: cleft (of 
deer's foot). 

combriere 16 [Prov. -briero], f.: large 
seine (for tunny-fish). 

combugeT 16 [Prov. em-buga ak. to Fr. 
buer], tr. : soak (to swell a wooden vessel). 

combu-raitfc 18 [L. -rens, burning], adj.: 
aiding COMBUSTION, -stible 18 , adj.: =, 
inflammable ; susceptible. H~sti<m 12 [L. , 


-stio (-rere, burn)],/.: =, burning; com- 
bining of substance with oxygen ; tumult. 

cojne~die 13 [L. comcedia, Gr. komoidia 
(komos, revel, aeidein, sing)], /. : comedy, 
merry play; playhouse ; comedy company: 
a tiroir, comedy of episodes ; donner 
la aux gens, be laughing-stock to 
people; c'est le secret de la , it is an 
open secret ; un personnage de , a 
character not to be taken seriously. 
-die/H. 14 , =eime, m., /.: comedian; de- 

comestible 13 [L. -stum (com-edere, eat 

up)], adj.: EATABLE, EDIBLE. 

comete 11 [L. -ta,Gx.kometes (long-)haired 
(k6me, hair)],/.: COMET (star with lumi- 
nous train or tail; (her.) blazing star; 
old card game) ; narrow ribbon. 
cornices 13 [L. -mitium, assembly-place 
(lit., assembly fr. cum, together, ire, go)], 
m. pi. : political meeting, COMITIA for vot- 
ing ; sing. : cornice agricole, grange meet- 
ing (for improvement of agricultural 

fcomjnge 16 [count C., aide of Louis XTV], 
m.: (large oval) bomb. 
comi~qaie M [L. -cus], adj.: comic, comi- 
cal, funny ; m. : comic actor ; funny part. 
-qn.em.ent 15 , adv. : comically. 
comite 3 ^ 2 [It., fr. L. comes], overseer (of a 
galley-crew or gang). 

comite 16 [Eng. committee f r. commit, en- 
trust], m.: committee, board (acting for 
a larger group) : se former en secret, 
go into secret session ; se reunir en petit 
, form a little group of friends by 
comma 1S [L. (Gr. komma, slice ; piece f r. 

" optein, cut)], m. : = (in all senses). 
coiinan-ei 10 , m.: fcommandment ; fcom- 
mander; principal, purchaser (through 
agent). -dant 16 , adj.: commanding; 
fimperious; tart; m.: = f.: command- 
ant's wife, commart-de, /. : ordinance 
(religious rule or rite) ; order (for grocer- 
ies, etc.) ; guy-ropes ; safety rope : (fam.) 
maladie de , sickness to order, pre- 
tended; pleurs de , crocodile tears, -de- 
m-ent 1 , m.: command; order; set rule; 
commandment: authority; position (of an 
army), facing, exposure: signature en 
, king's signature ; d'huissier, suit 
for debt, dun through an officer ; mili- 
taire, signal given by an officer ; le de 
lafortresse est advantageux, the fort has 
a good command or view (of country round- 
about). ||~der [p. L. -dare (L. cum, 
with, mandare, order)], intr.: command, 
be in authority ; tr. : rule, control ; order ; 
dominate over : un habit d un tailleur, 
order a coat of a tailor ; a ses passions, 
control one's passions ; sur quelqu'un, 



have control over one ; une expedition, 
be in command of an expedition; la eitadelle 
commande la mile, the citadel commands 
(overlooks) the town, -derie 13 [-deur], 
/.: eommandery (rank; officer's quarters). 
-deur 11 , m.: commander (esp. in orders 
of knighthood) ; (American) oriole, -di- 
taire 17 [-dite], m.: silent partner. 
-dite 16 [OFr. -d, free disposal],/.: societe 
en , joint stock company (business or- 
ganization hav'g silent partners who put 
their investment at the disposal of active 
members), -diter 18 [-dite], tr.: aid, sup- 
port (a firm) as silent partner. 
i.comme [L. quo-modo, by what means, 
how], adv. : as ; like ; how : froid glace, 
cold as ice ; faites il vous plaira, do as 
it pleases (will please) you; agir ilfaut, 
do as one ought ; (fam,) un homme il 
faut, a person of the right kind ; je sais 

je parle, I know what I am saying; 
(fam.} quoi, how ; vous savez quoi 
je vous suis tout acquise, you know how 
wholly devoted to you I am ; (fam.) c'est 
tout , its exactly so ; (pop.) aussi, 
besides, moreover ; en effet il le doit, 
as indeed he ought ; qui dirait, what 
you might call ; il est change! how he 
is changed ; (pop.) de juste, just ex- 
actly right ; conj . : que ee soit, how- 
ever that may be, be that as it may. 

2.comme [L. cum, quum, when], conj.: 
since, because, seeing that ; when, while : 

I'heure est avancZe, since it is late ; il 
vint le soir fetais seul, he came in 'the 
evening when I was alone. 

commemo-raison 13 N-rer infl. by L. 
-ratio], /.: commemoration (mention of 
a saint, as in prayer, and not on his day). 
-ratif 16 , =ive [f-rer, recall], ad/.: com- 
memorative, in memory, -ration 14 [L. 
-ratio], f.: = (honour, solemnity, memorial 

commen-9an 17 , =g&nte, m., f.: begin- 
ner, novice, --eemenfc 11 , m.: , begin- 
ning : (prov.) il y a CL tout, everything 
must have a beginning ; il demeure au 
de la rue, he lives at the beginning (or end 
of the street, \\~-eer [p. L. *cumini- 
tiare (L. cum, with, initium, start, begin- 
ning)], tr., intr.: COMMENCE, start: la 
neige commence d, tomber, snow begins to 
fall ; DTI commence de (or a) faire quelque 
chose, one begins to do something. 

commen-dataire 14 p. L. -datarius (L. 
-dare, entrust)], adj.: commendatory, 
holding a benefice " in commendam" or 
pro tempore ; m. : holder " in commendam" 

comme.nde 16 [1. L. -da, fr. L. -dare], /: 
church living pro tempore; concession "in 

commensal 14 , pi. =0110? [1. L. -salis (L. 

cum, with, mensa, table], m.: ~, table 
companion, -salit e 14 , /. ; being a com- 
mensal, esp. at the king's table. 

commensu-rabilite 17 [L. -rabilis (cum, 
with, mensura, measure)], /. : commensu- 
rability, being of similar or proportionate 
measure, -rable 13 [L. -rabilis], adj.: com- 
mensurable, hav'g similar proportions. 

comment 10 [~mme], adv.: how; why; 

commen~taire 16 [L. -tarium], m.: com- 
mentary (explanation; records), -ta- 
tejar 13 , =tri-ee, m., f.: commentator, 
author of a commentary. ||~ter 14 (L. 
-tari (cum, with, mens, thought)], tr.: 
comment on, explain. 

fcommer 15 , intr.: make comparisons, 

commerage 15 [-re], m.: relation of god- 
parents ; gossip ; (dial.) baptism. 

tcommersahle 17 [-cer], adj.: negotiable. 
-cant 17 , =ante, adj.: trading, mercan- 
tile; m.: merchant. H~-ee 13 [L. -cium 
(cum, with, merx, goods)], m.: =, trade, 
business ; intercourse ; game ; tradesmen : 
le haut , body of great business men ; 
etre d'un sur, be reliable ; n'etre plus 
dans le , be out of business, out of 
print, out of date; interlope, smug- 
gling ; homme d'un bon , man pleasant in 
company, -eer 14 , intr.: deal, trade, be 
in business, -eial 17 , pi. =aux [L. -cium, 
traffic], adj.: , of business*. 

commere 11 [1. L. commater (L. cum, with, 
mater, mother)],/. : (fam.) =, godmother : 
(dial, and humor.) babillarde, god- 
mother's proxy; (fam.) gossip, chatty 

commet-tage 17 , m.: laying (of ropes, 
i.e. assembling the strands for final twisting 
into rope), -tant 17 , m.: employer, prin- 
cipal; constituent; purchaser. |[~tre 
[L. com-mittere, entrust (cum, with, mit- 
tere, send)], irr. (cf. mettre) ; tr.: COMMIT; 
entrust, assign ; lay (rope, le. join strands 
and twist them) ; appoint ; put, expose : 
se a la furie de I' ocean, expose one's 
self to the fury of the ocean ; sa fortune 
y est commise, his fortune is involved ; il 
se commit une indiscretion, he committed 
an indiscretion. 

comminatoire 15 p. L. -natorius fr. L. 
-nari, threaten (mince, turrets)], adj.: 

corn-mis 15 [-mettre], m.: clerk; depu- 
ty: voyageur, traveling 'salesman. 
-mise 18 [-mettre], /.: f ex posure, pit- 
ting (hostile persons against each other) ; 
forfeit (esp. of fiefs). 

commiseration 11 [L- -tw (cum, with, 
miserere, pity)T,/.: =, sympathy. 

commis-saire 1 * p. L. -sarius, infl. by Iw 



emissarius, emissary fr. emitters, send 
out], m.: commissary; commissioner; 
agent ; delegate ; steward : de marine, 
secretary of the navy ; priseur, APPRAI- 
SER and seller. -sariat 17 [-saire], m.: 
= (duties or office of commissioner ; body 
of commissioners). H^sicm 1 ' 2 [L. -sum, 
committed (committere, entrust)], /.: = 
(trust ; charge ; deed, act ; agency ; per- 
centage for an agent; errand; order; 
document giving authority). -sionaire lu , 
m.: =, tpo mn ii ss i oller P ro tempore ; seller 
on commission : supplier of branch-house ; 
porter ; conveyor, messenger : de rou- 
lage, carrier by land (by wagon); 
chargeur, carrier by boat, -sioner* 14 , tr. : 
commission, authorize; appoint as buyer 
on commission. -soire-^ [L- -sorius], 
adj. : clause , binding clause (of a con- 
tract), stipulation; pacte , pawn con- 
tract (by which pledges are forfeited on 
non-payment), -sure 13 [L. -surd], f.: 
=, junction, uniting line: grande 
cerebrale, great commissure uniting the 
two hemispheres of the brain. 
conunit-timus 13 [L., lit. 'we entrust'], 
77i.; = (granting of change of venue). 
-titur 16 [L., lit., 'it is entrusted'], m.: = 
(formula used in appointing a judge, a 
secretary, etc.). 

conLmo-dat 16 [L. -datus fr. -dare, lend 
(cum, with, modus, measure)], m.: loan 
(of something to be returned, as a horse, 
a tool). -dataire 16 , m.: borrower. 
T de 14 [L. -dus], adj.: fitting; convenient; 
suitable: une me , an easy life; m.: 
le necessaire, le , le superflu, the neces- 
sity, the convenience, the superfluity ;/. : = , 
chest of drawers, -dement 15 [-de] , adv. : 
comfortably; f appropriately. -dite 13 
[L. -ditas],/.: convenience. ; ease ; oppor- 
tunity ; conveyance (means of travel) ; 
pi.: privacy. 

commodore 18 [Eng. fr. OSp. commenda- 
dor, commander], m. : = (officer next in 
rank to rear-admiral). 
commotion, 11 [L. -Ho (cum, with, mover e, 
move)],/.: =, stir, quaking. 
coin-muable 14 , adj.: commutable, 
||~nmeT 14 pj. -mutare (cum, with, mu- 
tare, change)], tr.: COMMUTE, reduce: le 
droit de les peines, the right to make 
penalties less severe. 

com~nmn% =une [p. L. *-munus, L. -mu- 
nis'], adj.: COMMON, usual, ordinary; fre- 
quent ; mediocre : nom , common noun ; 
un point a" deux droits, point of inter- 
section of two straight lines: lieu , 
common-place; champs s, commons, 
public ground ; en , in common , to- 
gether; sens , common sense; m.: 
vivre sur le , live on the rest, on the j 


public ; le des martyrs, the service for 
general use, adapted to any martyr ; le 
des mortels, the majority of mortals ; pi. : 
servants' quarters, outhouses ; esp. privy. 
i. -munal 11 , pi. =au#, adj.: = ; of the 
community, of general use ; champs com- 
munaux, common ground (where all may 
pasture). -munaute 12 [-munal], f.: 
community (equal ownership ; people of a 
place; parish), -rnune [p. L. *~muna 
(L. -munia), common things], /.; ftree 
town; fthe people; township; munici- 
pality ; and cf . -mun = : la chambre des 
s, the house of commons, -mune- 
ment 10 , adv.: usually. -muniant 16 , 
=ante [-munier], m., /.: communicant, 
partaker of the eucharist. -munica- 
"ble 13 [-muniquer], adj.: ^accessible; 
to be imparted or communicated: cause 
, cause to be brought before some au- 
thority. -municant 17 [-muniquer], adj.: 
communicating (by a common passage). 
-munieatif 13 , =ive [-muniquer], adj.: 
communicative, ready to give information ; 
infectious. -municateur 16 , =tri-ee 
[-muniquer], m., f. : communicator, inform- 
er. -munication 13 [L. -municatio], f.: 
= (information; telling, conversation; 
connection), -munier' 9 [1. L. -muni- 
care], intr.: commune, partake of the 
eucharist ; tr. : quelqu'un, give one the 
sacrament. -munion 11 [1. L. -munio], 
f.: =. (common faith; partaking of the 
eucharist, esp. by priest), -munique 18 
[-muniquer], m.: communication, -mu- 
niquer 118 PJ. -municare], tr.: COMMUNI- 
CATE, tell, inform ; transfer ; intr. : ftake 
part ; communicate : le conseil pourra . 
avec I'accuse, the counsel could commu- 
nicate with the prisoner, -munisme 18 
[-mun], m. : COMMUNISM (theory of society 
or government), -muniste 18 [-mun], adj. : 
of communism; m.: communist (believer 
in theory of greater equality). 

commu-tatenr 18 (L. "tare (cum, with, 
mutare, change)], m.: commutator (appa- 
ratus for modifying an electric current). 
-tatif 13 , =ive PJ. tare, change], adj.: 
commutative, exchangeable, reciprocal. 
-tatiort 12 pj. -tatio], f.: = (making 
punishment less severe). 

oow-pa-eite 17 , /.: (rare) compactness, 
density. ||~pact 18 PJ. Cactus fr. -pin- 
gere (cum, with, pangere, fasten)], adj.: 
=, dense. 

com-pafirne 11 [/. of OFr. -pain; see co- 
pain],f.: COMPANION; mate; wife, -pa- 
grnie 10 [OFr.-^am],/.: COMPANY (society; 
group ; visitors) : homme de bonne , 
gentleman; etre en , have callers, be 
occupied with visitors ; rdgle de , fellow- 
ship rule (for estimating each partner's 


proportion of loss or gain) ; (humor.) etre \ 
bete de , be a gregarious animal, not I 
fond of being alone, \\~pagnqn 10 [p.L. 
*-panio (L. cum, with, panis, bread), mess- 
mate], m.: companion; fellow: c'est un \ 
petit , he's a little fellow ; un hardi , j 
an enterprising fellow ; ouvrier , work- | 
man under boss ; vivre de pair a , live 
like boon companions, -pagnonage 17 , 
m. : mastership ; companionship (of work- 

egmpa-rable 11 [-rer], adj.: =, similar : 
& un roi, like a king, -raison 11 
[-rer], f. : comparison ; comparing ; -sim- 
ile: 67i (or par or t<) de, in compari- 
son with; toute est odieuse, ' compari- 
sons are odorous ' ; rien n'est grand ou 
petit que par , nothing is large or small 
but by comparison ; piece de , precedent 
(at law), model ; il rty a p^s de entre 
ces deux, there's no comparison between 
these two ; n'est pas raison, analogy is 
not proof. 

comparaltre 15 [L. -rere], irr. (cf. 
paraitre) ; intr. : apPEAR (before a judge). 
-rant 13 [-roir], adj.: appearer; de- 

compa-ratif 13 , =ive [L. -rativus], adj.: 
comparative, esp. in grammar, -rative- 
meitt 16 [-rative], adj.: comparatively, 
by comparison, -re 18 , adj.: anatomie 
e, comparative anatomy ; philologie e, 
comparative philology. ||~rer u [L. -rare 
fr. compar, equal (cum, with, par, like)], 
tr. : compare (with or to : avec, a). 

compa^roir 12 [L. -rere, appear], intr. 
(only in Inf.) : refus de , refusal to ap- 
pear (in court) ; comparant en leurs per- 
sonnes, appearing in (their) person(s). 
-rse 16 [It. -rsa], f.: fjousting; body of 
knights in a tourney; m.,f.: dumbplayer, 

compar-timent 15 [It. -timento (L. -tiri,, 
Divide (cum, with, partiri, distribute)], 
m.: compartment; division; cell; rib- 
wall (in mines) ; panel. f-tittBr 16 [L. 
-tiri, divide (pars, part)], m. : dissenting 
judge (whose opinion differs from the 
majority report). 

companrti<m 15 [-r afore] , f. : appearance 
(before a judge). 

compa-s 10 [-sser in ancient sense of 
'measure'], m.: compasses (for measur- 
ing), dividers ; size-stick (of shoemakers) ; 
(mariner's) compass: de reduction, 
double compass ; avoir le dans I' ml, 
have an accurate eye. -ssement; 11 , m.: 
measuring (by compasses). H~sser' [p. 
L. *-$sare (L. cum, with, pa&ws step, 
PACE)], tr.: *arrange; consider; do with 
precision, fastidiously : un livre, mark 
with compasses (before binding) ; uneper- 



sonne compasste dans ses discours, person 
over-nice, formal, stiff in his talk. 

compa-ssiorz, 11 [L. -ssio, fr. past. part, of 
com-pati, suffer with], /. : =, symPATHY, 
mercy, -tibilite 16 [-tittle],/.: COMPAT- 
IBILITY (congeniality ; logical consistency). 
-ti"ble 14 [L. -ti], adj.: = (congenial, 
consistent). ||~tir 15 [L. -ti, suffer with], 
intr. : f suit, agree with ; have pity, sym- 
pathise: d ses malheurs aucun ne compa- 
tisse, none pity in his distresses, -tis- 
8%nt IQ , adj.: sympathetic, kind. 

compatrio-te 15 [1. L. -ta (L. cum, with, 
patriota, native)], m. or/.: COMPATRIOT, 

compellatif 18 , ~ive [L. -llare, address 
(pellere, strike, move)], adj. or m.: appel- 

compewHlieiisenicmt 12 , adv.: in short; 
in detail, t^dieiix 12 , =eus<? [L. -diosus 
(-dere, weigh together)], ad[/.: com- 
pendious, abridged, succinct, t-dmm 16 
[L J, m. : =, summary, -satejur 18 , =tri-ce 
[-ser], adj.: compensatory. -sati<m 13 
[L. -satio], /.: =, counterbalancing, set- 
off; equalizing of losses and gains, -ser 18 
[L.-sare (cum, with, pensare, weigh)], tr.: 
COMPENSATE, balance, make up for : Us 
frais en justice, proportion the court ex- 

com-perage 12 , m.: COMPATERNITY, al- 
liance (of 'godparents to parents, or to 
each other) ; confederacy, understanding 
of a capper, a decoy. H~pere 17 [L L. 
-pater (L. cum, with, pater, father)], m.: 
godfather ; fellow ; bonneter, decoy gam- 
bler, by-bidder, confederate, -pere- 
loriofc , pi. s s, m.: sty (on eye). 

compersonnier 13 [L. cum, with, O.Fr. 
pargonier (L. partitio, partition)], m.: 
ally, associate, accomplice. 

compe-temment 12 -tarn-, adv.: in a 
competent manner, -tervee 1 * [L. -tentia, 
symmetry],/.: competency, fitness; fcom- 
petition. \\~tent u [L. -tens fr. -tere, 
COMPETE (ciiTO, - with, peter e, seek)], adj.: 
= (legally proper) ; capable : age pour 
le mariage, legal age to marry ; partie e, 
legal party to a suit, -ter 13 [L. -tere], 
intr.: belong: la part qui eompUe aux 
heritiers, the portion which belongs to the 
heirs, -titeur 14 , =tri-ee [L. -titor], m., 
/. : competitor, rival, -titioti 18 [L. -titio], 
/.: ~, rivalry. 

eowipi-latenr 14 [L. lator], m.: compiler, 
composer of materials found in previous 
works, -lati-on 12 [L. -tio],f.: =, boot 
made fr. other books. H^ler 12 [L. -lare 
(cum, with -\pilare, plunder)], tr.: COM- 
PILE, collect materials fr. previous au- 



PLAiNtiff. Hf-plaindre 11 [1. L. -plan- 
gere (L. plangere, strike)], irr. (cf. 
plaindre] ; reflex.: COMPLAIN, -plojnte 11 . 
/. : complaint ; plaint, wail. 
com~plaire 13 [L. -placere, please much 
(placere, please)], irr. (cf. plaire); intr.: 
be pleasing; reflex.: be pleased; je ne 
songe qu'cL a Monsieur, I think only of 
pleasing you, Sir ; de me on ne prend 
nul souci, no one takes the trouble of 
pleasing me ; faurais beau me en ma 
propre beaute, it would be useless to 
delight in my own beauty; elle se com- 
plait en ce flls, she takes satisfaction in 
;this son. -plaisammenl ls [-plaisant], 
adv.: complaisantly, with satisfaction. 
-plaisn-ee 13 , /.: =, wish to please; 
complacency; kindliness, -plaisant 16 , 
<adj: COMPLAISANT ; obliging ; time-server ; 

complant 12 [OPr. -ter, plant together], 
m. : f orchard ; vineyard (esp. set out by 
lessee in lieu of rent). 

complectif 1S , =ive [L. -ti, embrace, en- 
close], adj.: haVg buds wrapped up to- 
gether in a leaf. 

complement 13 [L. -plementum (cum, 
with, plere, fill)], m.;,~ (what must be 
added to COMPLETE a fixed measure) : le 
d j un angle, enough to make a right 
;angle ; le d'un astre, angular distance 
to the zenith ; le d'un verbe, what be- 
longs with the verb idea in a sentence. 
-plementaire 18 , adj.: complimentary, 
.necessary to fill out. -plet 14 , =ete [L. 
-pletus], adj.: complete, full, entire; m.: 
-.suit (of clothes) : nous sommes au , we 
have no more room, we are at the end. 
-pletement 13 [-plete], adv.: completely. 
-pleter 17 [-plet], tr.: complete, fill out. 
-pletif 15 , =ive [L. -pletivus], adj. : com- 
pletive, making complete (in grammar). 

t*om~plexe 16 [L. -plexus fr. -plecti, en- 
close (cum, with, plectere, braid)], adj.: 
COMPLEX, hav'g diverse elements or parts. 
-plexion 12 [L. -plexio], f.: = f aspect, 
make up ; funm of diverse things, a com- 
plex, -plexite 17 , /.: complexity, in- 

'ogwi-plication 13 pi/, -plicatio, folding 
together], /. : ^, combination. ||^ll-cc 1S 
[L. -plex, participant (cum, with, plicare, 
fold)], adj.: accessory; m.,f.: accom- 
plice, confederate, -plieite 14 , /.: com- 

plicity, participation (in wrong-doing). 

complies 11 [OFr. -plir, finish (L. -plere, 
fill up) ; pi. is due to . infl. of heures, 
vepres, etc., cf. Eng. vespers, matins], f. 
pi.: COMPLINS (last service for the day, 
after vespers). 

complement 16 [It. -mento (L. cum, with, 
fill)], m< ; = (laudatory address or 


poem; praise, congratulatory greetings; 
formalities), -mentor* 16 , tr.: compli- 
ment, address praises to. -me^teur 16 , 
[-menter], adj. : complimentary. 

te 15 , adj.: complicated, intri- 
cate. \\~quer 13 [L. -care, fold together], 
tr.: complicate, involve. 
corn-plot 11 [?], m.: =, conspiracy. 
-ploter 15 , tr.: complot, plot together, 

compon 13 [-pone], m.: compony part (of 
two tints, on a shield). 
componctioii 11 [1. L. -punctio (L. cum, 
with, ^pungere, pierce)], /.: compunction 
(sting of conscience). 

compone 13 [for couponne, fr. coupon], 
adj.: (her.) compony (haVg two tints). 
compone.mle 16 [fr. 1. L. sense 'payable,' 
L. -dum, put together], m.: papal fees; 
fee office. 

compor-tement 14 , m.: , conduct. 
H^ter 12 [L. -tare (cum, with, portare, 
carry)], tr. : accord with, fit, match ; re- 
flex. : comport, conduct one's self, present 
one's self : le navire se comporte bien efc la 
mer, the (new) vessel behaves beautifully 
at sea. 

com-posant 13 , =sante, adj. or/.: compo- 
nent; constituent element, ll^poser 11 [L. 
-ponere (ponere, put)], tr.: compose (put 
together; combine; create; write; set 
type ; calm) ; intr. : agree, come to terms : 
fleurs composees, composite family; 
mouvement compose, resultant, compound 
motion ; temps compose, compound TENSE ; 
avec sa conscience, make peace with 
one's conscience, -posite 15 [L. -positus], 
adj.: (made of several elements or 
styles of architecture: m.: Italic archi- 
tecture). -positeup 12 [L. -positor], m.: 
fwriter ; composer (of music) ; composi- 
tor, type-setter ; adjuster (of legal differ- 
ences). -position 12 [L. -positio], /. : = 
(make-up, composure; compound; essay; 
payment), -post 18 [Eng.>, f r. OPr.], m.: 
manure, fertilizer, -postenr 16 [It. -po- 
store, fr. -porre, compose], m,: (printer's) 
stick; form (for printing gilt on bindings); 
transfer-picture, -pot 16 [OFr. compost, 
composed], m.: composition, character; 
(dial.) esp. succession of crops, -pote 12 
[for OFr. -poste f r. post, composed], /. : 
=, stew (where fruits keep their shape). 
-potier 17 [-pote], m.: =, dish for com- 

com-pre Sensible 14 [1. L, -prehensibilis], 
adj. : =. -prehension 14 [L. prehensio], 
f.: , ability to understand; extent, con- 
tent. 11 [L. -prehendere (cf. 
prendre)], irr. (cf.prendre); tr,: compre- 
hend (include; comprise, contain; under- 


eom~presse 12 [OFr. -presser (L. -pres- 
sure, press together)], /. : compress, soft 
pad, wet cloth, -pressenr 16 [L. -pressor, 
presser], m. : compressor (fmuscle ; sur- 
gical instrument). -presslbilite 16 
[-pressible],f.: compressibility, compress- 
ibleness. -pressible 16 [-pressus, pressed 
together], adj. : =. -pressif 13 , =ive [1. L. 
-pressivus], adj.: compressive, exerting 
pressure, -pressicw 13 [L. -pressio], 
/. : = ; condensation under pressure. 
-primer 13 [L. -primere], tr,: compress, 
reduce by pressure. 

compro-mettant 18 , adj.: compromising. 
||~mettre 12 [L. -mittere, promise mutu- 
ally to abide by a decision], irr. (cf. 
mettre}', intr.: compromise; (fagree to 
arbitration, imperil], -mis 12 , pret. or 
part, of -mettre; m.: compromise; flaw- 
suit ; critical situation, -mission, 12 , /. : 
{compromise ; surrender of one's principles. 

com^-tabilite 17 [-table], /.: accounts, 
bookkeeping, -table 12 , adj. : accountable; 
m. : accountant, paymaster: a sapatrie, 
responsible to his country, -tatit 12 , adj. 
m.: V argent , spot cash; adv.; payer 
une marchandise , pay for goods in 
cash; m.: le , the cash, com^-te 12 
[form of conte ; in comp. it is fr. -ter], m.: 
=, count ; account ; number ; reason, mo- 
tive; bill: un rond, number with no 
fractions; borgne, one-eyed (i.e. odd) 
number; a bon , at fair price; etre a 
son , be on his own expenses ; demander 
a quelqu'un de ses actions, ask one for 
an explanation of his conduct; a , on 
account; a wire , according to your 
story ; au bout de , on the whole, after 
all; solde de , payment in full; nous 
sommes loin de , we are far from 
agreeing, -te-fils 18 , pi. , m. : magni- 
fying glass (to count threads in fabric). 
-te-gouttes 18 , pL ,m.: burette, drop- 
ping tube, -te-pas 16 , pi. , m. : pedom- 
eter, walking-wheel (to measure distance 
walked]. H~ter [form of conter], tr.: 
COUNT, calculate; number; price; intr.: 
count ; cipher, figure, reckon ; |render an 
account ; intend : on pent sur lui, one 
can depend on him; tout compte, every- 
thing considered; se pour quelque chose, 
regard one's self as somebody; a pas 
comptes, with measured step, slowly ; qui 
compte sans son hote compte deux fois, 
he who reckons without his host reckons 
twice ; il faut avec l f opinion des hom- 
mes, we must consider people's opinions. 
-teur 12 , =ejjse, m.,/.: numberer; meter 
(for gas, water, bicycles, etc.). -toir 13 , 
7/1,; = (counter, table, or desk for 
counting money; counting house, com- 
mercial agency). 



compul-ser- 14 [L. -sare* press violently], 
tr.: Jdemand (a copy legally); inspect. 
-sif 17 , =ive [L. -sus, fr. compellere, 
compel], adj.: compulsive. Ij-siott 12 
[L. -sio (cum, with, pellere, push)],/.: =, 
constraint, -soir 15 [L. -sus f fr. com- 
pellere], m.: warrant, order (to inspect or 

compu^t 16 [1. L. -tus, fr. -tare, count], 

. m.: computus (set of church calendar 
tables). -tation 15 [L. -tatio], /.: 
reckoning (of movable dates), -tiste 16 
[1. L. -tus], m.: computer (of church 

com-tal 16 , pi. =a;ui, adj.: of a count or 
earl, t-tat = -te. ijco w/~te [L. comes, 
associate, sc. of a king (cum, with, ire, 
go)], m.: COUNT, earl, -te 10 , m.: county, 
earldom, -tesse 12 ,/.: countess. 

concameratio^ 18 [L. -tio, vault (cum, 
with, camera, arch)], /.: = (vault ; cham- 
ber of nautilus, etc.) ; sound wave's 

con~casser 12 [L. -quassare, shake vio- 
lently (cum, with, quassare, intens. fr. 
quatere, shake)], tr.: pulverize, bray, 
crush, -casseur 18 , m.: (grain) crusher. 

concatenation, 15 [L. -tio (cum, with, 
catena, chain)]"/--" =, chain-like series. 

conca-ve 13 [L. -vus (cum, with, c&vus, 
hollow)], adj.: , incurved (as the inside 
of a sphere) : verbe , Arabic verb hav'g 
semi-vowel in root, -vite 13 [L. -vitas], 
/.: concavity, coneave surface, hollow. 

con-eeder 14 [L. -dere (cum, with, cedere f 
yield)], tr.: concede, give over, grant; 

con-een-tration 17 [-trer], /.; =; in- 
tenseness. -trer 16 [L. cum, with, Fr. 
centre], tr.: concentrate, intensify; in- 
close. Ihtrique 13 pL cum, with, Pr. 
centre], adj.: concentric, haVg common 
centre; approaching the centre, -tri- 
quement 15 , adj.: concentrically. 

c<m-eep~t 14 [L. -tus (cum, with, caper e r 
take)], m.: =, general and abstract idea, 
or notion, -tacle 15 [L- -taculum], m,: 
=, seed sack (of certain low plants). 
-tion 11 [L. -tio], /.: = (beginning of 
the fo3tus; idea): une originate, an 
original theme (for a painting) ; avoir la 
vive, have a quick perception, mind. 
-tnalisme 18 [1. L. -tualis] m.: concep- 
tualism (doctrine of general abstract types 
without concrete instances). 

con-eer-ner 14 Q. L. -nere, lit., mix with], 
tr. : concern, pertain to. 

con^eer^t 15 [It. -to], m.: =, combination, 
united action, esp. in music, -tant 17 
[-ter], adj.: playing, singing (in concert). 
-tor 15 , tr.: plan together; arrange; 
compose; intr.: take part in a concert 



-to 17 p[t.], m.: = (pretentious musical 

co?i~ees~sio 1S [L. -sio (ewm, with, 
cedere, yield)],/.: = (deeding, grant, sur- 
render of property or claims), -sion- 
naire 17 , m.,f.: grantee, concessioner. 

ocm-eetti 17 [It. pi. of -cetto, concept, 
notion], m. : witty CONCEIT, fancy, -eu- 
vable 16 , adj.: conceivable, imaginable. 
H~-eEvoir [L. -cipere (cum, with, capere, 
take)], trr.; ir.: conceive (become 
pregnant ; think, plan ; fancy). 

Ind. : Pr. confoi-s, -s, -t ; conce-vons, 
-vez, concozvent. Ipf. conceyais. Pret. con- 
c/us* Fut. (Cond.) concevrai(s\ Subj.: Pr. 
conQoiv-e ) -es, -e ; conce-vions, -vtez, con<;oi- 
vent. Ipf. con^usse. I've consols. Part. : 
Pr. concevant ; P. con fit. 

5 [It. -ncis, lit, with which],/.: 
en , in order, in trim. 

2.con~-ehe l>T [L. -cha, sea-shell] hollow 
place],/.: (dial) brine-pond, salt-basin (to 
evaporate sea-water), -c/tite 17 [L. -cha], 
/.: clay petrified in an empty shell. 
-cTioide 16 [Gr. konchoeides (konche, shell, 
etdos, form)], adj.: =, shell -shaped: 
courbe , conchoid curve in geometry. 
-cftylien 18 , =enne [L. -chylium, Gr. 
konehulion, shellfish, oyster], adj.: ter- 
rain , ground hav*g shells, -c/tylio- 
logie 17 [Gr. konehulion, shell, logos, 
speech], /.: conchiliology, science of 
shells, -c/t-yliologiste^ 7 [-chyliologie], 
m. : conchiliologist, 'student of shells. 

c<mier~ge n [?], m* ." : = (door-keeper, 
porter, janitor), -gcrie 13 ,/.: (t jani- 
tor's lodgings ; at * Paris chief judge's 
dwelling and the prison , prison). 

Cmi~le al [L. -liur (cum, together, 
calare, call)], m.: (ecclpsiastic) council. 
-liable 17 [-Her], adj.: reconcilable, 
capable of harmonizing. -lia"bule 15 [L. 
-lum, place of assembly], m.: , fun- 
sanctioned council; cabal. -liant 17 , 
adj.: conciliating, -liatejir 13 , =tri-ee 
PJ. -liator], adj. : reconciler, peace-maker. 
-liation 13 [L. -liatio~\,f.: ; reconcili- 
ation. -liatoire 17 , adj.: conciliatory. 
-Her 15 {L. -Hare], tr.: CONCILIATE, make 
agree, harmonize: le plaisir avec le 
travail, unite work and pleasure. 

coni~s 16 , =-cise [L. -sus, cut up, fr. 
voncidere (casdere, cut)], adj.: concise, 
terse, compact, -sign. 17 ,/.: =, concise- 

con^itgyett 12 , =enne [L. cum, with, Fr. 
citoyen], m.,f.: fellow-citizen. 

con^clave 1 ^ [L., closed room 0it.,with a 
key)], m. : = (college of cardinals electing 
a pope), -claviste 15 , m.: attendant (on 
cardinal during conclave), 

c<m-olnim 16 , adj. : decisive. If ^clnrc ^ 
[L. -cludere (cum, with, claudere t close)], { 


irr.; ir.; conclude (finish; infer, de- 
cide), -clusif, =ive [L L. -clusivus], 
adj. : conclusive, -clusi^'w ^ [L. -clusio], 
/.: =, decision, final solution. 

Ind. : Pr. conclus. Ipf. conctitais. Pret. 
cone hts. Fut. (Cond.) concluraiis}. Subj. : 
Pr. conclue. Ipf. conclusse. I've conclus. 
Part. : Pr. conchtant ; P. conclus, 

fccmcocticm 15 [L.-tio (cum,wih, coquera, 
COOK)],/.; == (digestion; maturation of ? 

* 2 [L. cucumis], m. : CUCUMBER. 

concomi-tan-ce 13 [L. -tari, accompany 
(cum, with, comes, companion)], /.: =, 
subsistence together. -taw, 15 [L. -tans], 
adj.: =, accompanying. 

ccmcor-dan-ee 11 , /..* = (agreement; 
index), -dant 12 , adj.: =, agreeing. 
-dat 15 [1. L. -datum], m.: = (agreement 
between the papal see and a secular 
power) ; terms (with creditors), -da- 
taire 18 [-dat], adj.: -feveques s, bishops 
approving the concordat ; failli , certifi- 
cated bankrupt (who has made terms with 
his creditors), -de 11 [L. -dia], /.: con- 
cord, harmony, ll^der 11 [L. -dare (cum, 
with, cor, heart)], Mr.: be of one mind, 
be in harmony, concur. 

con-courant 17 , adj.: concurrent (meet- 
ing at a point), ll-^courir 15 [L. -currere, 
run together], irr. (cf. courir)', intr.: con- 
verge, meet; cooperate; compete, -cours 15 
[L. -cursus], m.: concourse, meeting; con- 
vergence (of lines) ; contribution ; com- 

con-crefc 15 , -ete [L. -cretus, lit., grown 
together], adj.: concrete, solid; not ab- 
stract. -cretion 15 [L. -cretio],f.: =, 
clot, solidifying. 

concuM-nage 14 , m.: , living as thougk 
married, -n'aire 13 [L L- -narius], m.: 
concubinarian, one hav'g a concubine. 
-nat 18 [L. -natus], m. : concubinage. 
[|~ne 13 [L. -na (cum, with, cubare, lie 
down)],/.: =, mistress. 

concnpi-s-egn^e 13 \\. L. -scentia (cum, 
with, cupiscere, desire)], /.: , lustful 
desire. -s-ci"ble 12 [1. L. -scibilis], adj.: 
=, lustful. 

concnr-rement 16 , adv.: unitedly; with 
equal right ; competitively., /. : 
= ; competition (emulation) : faire d, 
compete with, oppose ; jusqua de, to 
the amount (extent) of. ||~rn u , 
=nte [-rens (concurrere, run together)], 
adj.: =, contributory; m., /.: com- 
petitor; contributor: jours s, extra 
days (needed to make civil year equal 
solar year). 

c<mcus~siow, u [L. -sio fr. concutere t 
scare, blackmail (cum, with, quatere, 
shake)],/.: extortion. -sionnaire 15 , 
adj.: (unjuge) , extortioner. 


condam-nabZe 1 *, adj.: blamable. -na- 
tion u t f. : condemnation ; censure, 
blame, limner 11 [L. condemnare (cum, 
with, damnare, harm; doom)], tr.: CON- 
DEMN; convict; sentence; declare against: 
a (or -\de) payer, fine ; Dieu eondamne 
le mensonge, God censures lying ; les me- 
deeins I'ont condamne, the doctors have 
given him up (to die). 

conden-sateur 17 , 771.: condenser (of 
electricity), -sation 18 [L. -satio], f. : = 
(volume-reduction; concentration; accu- 
mulation). ||~ser 13 [L. -sare (cum, with, 
densus, dense)], tr.: CONDENSE, consoli- 
date (by pressure, cold, etc.); accumulate. 
-seur 18 , m.; condenser (of steam). 

corfcde-s-eendan-ee 15 , /..' condescension, 
compliance; pi.: act of condescension. 
-s-eendant 18 , adj.: condescending, com- 
pliant. |l~s-eendre 13 [L. -scendere (cum, 
with, de, down, scandere, climb)], intr.: 
condescend, stoop, deign: a la vo- 
lonte de guelqu'un, concede to one's 
wish; f envers quelqu'un, be affable 

c<wdi~grne 18 [L. -gnus (cum, with, dignus, 
worthy)], adj.: condign, fitting, merited. 
-0nite 15 ,/.: condignity, fitness. 

condiment 12 [L. -turn, spice (condere, 
lay up)], m. : =, seasoning, sauce. 

oondisciple 17 [L. -pulus (cum, with, 
discipulus, learner)], m.: fellow-student. 

condit 14 [L. -tus, preserved (see condi- 
ment)], m. : candied fruit. 

condi^ticm 11 [L. -tio, -do (condicere, 
speak together, agree)],/.: = (station; 
circumstances; terms of agreement); 
standard, -tionne 13 [-tionner], adj.: 
conditioned; fixed (drunk), -tionnel 18 , 
=elle [L. -tionalis], adj.: CONDITIONAL 
(event; mode of a verb), -tionnelle- 
,-ment 18 [-tionnel], adv.: conditionally. 
-tionnement 18 [-tionner], m,: drying 
(of silk), -tionner u , tr.: make, manu- 
facture in a fixed way: un act, add 
conditions to an act. 

condolean^ee 14 [-douloir infl. by dole- 
ance], f. : condolence, expression of sym- 
pathy in grief. 

condor 16 [Sp., fr. Peruv. cuntur], m.: = 
(Andes vulture). 

condottiere 18 [It. 'CONDUCTOR'], m.: , 
pi. -ri, leaders of bands of military ad- 
venturers in Italy in the 14th Cent. 

condoulojr 12 [L. -dolere (cum, with, 
dolere, grieve)], irr. (cf. douloir); refl.: 
condole, express sympathy: se avec 
eux de la perte, condole with them over 
the loss. 

e^n-ducteiir 18 , =trl-ee, m, f.: con- 
ductor (leader; overseer; grooved stick 
to guide, an, rngtoment in certain operar 



tions) ; adj. : leading ; conducting, -duc- 
tlbilite 18 , /.: conductivity (power to 
transmit heat, electricity, etc.). -dnc- 
tion 12 [L. -ductio],f. : renting. IJ^duire 
[L. -ducere (cum, with, ducere, lead)], 
irr.; tr.: conduct, lead, drive; guide, 
escort; train; manage, -duiseur u , 
m. : f w i n( i^ss-man (in slate quarry) ; 
wood-agent, -duit 11 , m.: = (pipe; pas- 
sage; channel), -duite 16 , /.: conduct 
(management ; behaviour) ; series of con- 
duits (as for air). 

Ind. : Pr. condui~s, -s> -t / -sons, -sez^ 
-sent. Ipf. cojiduzsais. Pret. conduisis. Fut. 
(Cond.) conduira.i(s). Subj. : Pr. conduise. 
Ipf. cond-uisisse. I've conduis. Part. : Pr. 
conduisant ; P. conduit. 

conduplique 15 [L. -catus, doubled 
(cum, with, duplicare, double)], adj.: 
conduplicate, doubled lengthwise (as 

condy~le 15 [L. -lus, Gr. kondulos, 
knuckle; cf. Skt. kandas, lump], m.: =, en- 
larged end of a bone, -lome 15 [L. -loma], 
m.: condyloma (wart-like growth usually 
near the anus). 

c6ne 15 [L. -nus, Gr. konos], m.: CONE 
(geometrical figure; strobila; strobile; 
fruit of pines ; pencil of light). 

confalm-lation u [L. -latio],f.: CONFAB, 
chat. ||~Ier lg ~[L. -lari (cum, with,fabu- 
lari, talk)], intr.: confabulate, chat. 

confarreation 15 [L. -tio (cum, with, far, 
grain)],/.; = (patrician form of mar- 
riage, presenting spelt cake to Jupiter). 

confec^tion 11 \L. -tio fr. conficere, pre- 
pare (cum, with, facer e, make)],/.; mak- 
ing, construction; ready-made garment; 
remedy. -tionner 18 , tr.: complete; 
construct; make, -tionneur 18 , =ej}se 
[-tionner], m., f. : maker : de utit* 
ments, maker of ready-made clothing. 

confede-ratif 17 , =ive, adj.: (rare) al- 
lied. -ration 12 [L. -ratio], f.: f league 
of powers, temporary alliance; permanent 
union, FEDERATION, -re 14 , m.: ally. 
||~rer 18 [L. conf&derare (cum, with, 

fcedus, bond)], tr.: unite, ally. 

confe-rgnee 14 [1. L. -rencia], /.; fcolla- 
tion (texts); ==, discussion; lecture; 
class : maitre de , professor in charge 
of a course, -ren-eier 17 [-rence], m.: 
chairman of a conference; lecturer. 
H-rer 13 [L. conferre (cum, with, ferre, 
carry)], tr.: CONFER; collate, compare; 
take counsel. 

conferve 17 [L. -va fr. -rvere, boil to- 
gether, heal (cum f with, fervere, be hot)], 
/.; conferva (plant). 

oonfes-se 11 ,/.: aller d , go to confer 
sion. tl-^ser 11 [L. -sus fr. confiteri, avow 
(cum, with, fateor, acknowledge)], tr.: 
confess* -senr 11 B- L -*or], m,: pro- 



fessing Christian; confessor. -sion 11 
[1. L. -sio], /.: = (acknowledgment, 
avowal). -sional 16 , pi. =anx [It. 
-sionale], m.: = (cabinet where priests 
hear confession) ; high-backed chair. 

co-M^fian-ee 12 [L. -fidentia fr. -fidere, 
CONFIDE (cum, with, /do, trust)],/.: con- 
fidence, reliance, -fiant 18 [-fier], ad L ~ 
confident, trusting; reliable, -fidem- 
meut 13 -dam- [L. -fidens, trustful], 
adv.: fwith confidence; confidentially. 
-fldsnee 1 * [L, -fidentia], /: =, faith, 
trust: era , confidentially, secretly; 
tenir un benefice en , have the income 
while another has the title of a benefice. 
-fidenfc 14 , =ente [It. -fidente], adj.: 
fhav'g one's confidence ; m., /.: confident, 
trusted person. -fidentiaire 16 [L. 
-fidentia], m. ; trustee of an oral bequest ; 
beneficiary par or en confidence, by private 
understanding, -fidentiel n , =elle [L. 
-fidentia], adj.: confidential, -fiden- 
tiellement 17 [-fidentiel], adv.: confi- 
dentially. -fier* 16 [L. -fidere], tr,: CON- 
FIDE, entrust. 

configu-ration 13 , /.: , structural 
form, outline. |[~rer 13 [L. -rare (cww, 
with, fiaura, shape)], tr.: configure, 
form after a model. 

confi-nement 14 , m.: = (of prisoners). 
-ner 14 , irair.: lie adjacent, border; ten- 
close (fields, etc.) ; confine, shut in ; im- 
prison. \\confi~ns 13 [L. pi. of -nis, 
bordering], m. pL: confines, borders, 

o<mfire [L. -ficere (cum, with, facere, 
make)], tr. : preserve, pickle ; candy ; dip 
(hides, in curing them, into the sour water 
called confit) ; and ef. confit. 

con,fir-matif 14 , =ive, adj: confirma- 
tive, substantiating. -mation 12 ,/.: = 
(support of higher authority, ratification ; 
church rite). \\ 1 ' 2 \L. -mare (cum, 
with, firmus, strong)], tr.: confirm 
(strengthen, ratify; establish as a church 
member) ; slap (in allusion to stroke of 
confirming priest). 

.confis-cable 15 [-quer], adj.: =, liable 
.to be confiscated. If-c&nt = -quant. 

-cation 13 [L. -eatio], /.: =, appropria- 
tion of private property by the state; 
property seized. 

rCQnfi-serie 17 , /. : confectionery 
IhseB^ 15 , =pse [-re], m., /.: CONFEC- 

cnfisquer ls [L. -care, (cum, with, fiscus, 
basket ; public treasury)], tr. : confiscate, 
take as forfeited ; escheat. 
frconfi-tf 12 [-re], part.: preserved, pickled; 
candied; steeped; accomplished, perfect, 
consummate ; ruined ; m. : sour water (in 

banning shammy) ; (dial.) preserved f o'wl. , 


confiteor 12 [L,, * I confess'], m. : = (prayer 
beginning thus). 

confi~twre 12 [-t], /.: preserves (fruit). 
-turerie 18 [-tuner], /.: preserving fac- 
tory. t-turiet* 15 , =iere, m., f.: seller 
of preserves. 

conflagration 15 [L. -tio, (cum, with, 
flagrare, burn)],/.: ~ (fire; excitement). 
conflit 11 [L. -Jic^s fr. -fligere (cum, 
with, fiigere, strike], m.: conflict, clash- 
ing; contest. 

con-flueni 15 [L. -fluens, running together], 
m.: confluence, juncture (of two 
streams) ; adj. : =, uniting : variole e, 
confluent variola (where the pustules unite). 
-fluer 13 L. -fluere, flow together], intr.: 
unite (as streams), flow together. 
confondre [L. -fundere (cum, with, /un- 
der e, pour)], tr. : confound (mix ; confuse ; 
silence, overwhelm ; put to shame). 
confor-matear 18 [-mer], m.: conforma- 
tor (measure for hats). -matiem 15 
[L. -matis], f. : =, general form or ar- 
rangement of parts, -me 14 [L. -mis], 
adj.: conformable (like in form; suit- 
able; proper), -mement 15 , adv.: con- 
formably, in conformity. ||~mer 12 
[L. -mare (cum, with, forma, form)], tr.: 
conform (form like; suit to; comply 
with ; adopt), -miste 16 [Eng. -mist], m., 
/.: conformist, member of the official 
church, -mite 13 [L. -mitas], /.: con- 
formity, harmony. 

i. con-fort 10 , m.: encouragement, support. 
2.-for 18 [Eng. comfort], m.: comfort, 
well-being, -fortable 18 [Eng. comfort- 
able], adj.: agreeable, enjoyable, -forta- 
"blEment 18 [portable], adv.: COMFORT- 
ABLY. " -forta^it 18 or f-fortatif 13 , 
=ive, adj. : strengthening (as medicine) ; 
corroborative. -fortati^n 14 , /.: =, 
making strong. ||~forter' \L. -fortdre 
(cum, with,/orta's, strong)], tr. : strengthen, 

con-fraternel 18 [frdre (infl. by frater- 
nel)], adj.: mutual and brotherly, -fra- 
ternite 12 [1. L. -fraternitas], f. : confra- 
ternity, brotherly association. ||~frere 12 
[1. L. -frater (cf. frere)], m.: , fellow- 
member. -frerie 12 , /.: FRATERNITY: 
entrer dans la , become a married man. 
in-tation 13 [1. L. -tatio (cum, with, 

frons, face)],/.: =, facing, -ter 14 Q.L. 
-tare], intr.: fface, look; tr.: 'confront, 
bring face to face. 

confu-s 11 , =use \L. -sus, poured together], 
adj.: confused; mixed; disconcerted. 
-sement 14 [-*], adv.: confusedly, indis- 
tinctly. \\~aiqn 10 [L. -sio (cum, with, 
fundere, pour)],"/ .' = (bewilderment, per~ 
plexity; shame). 

15 [L. -tio, fr. confutare, re- 


press boiling liquid (cum, with, *futare, 
intens. vffovere, be hot)],/.: =, disproof. 

conge 15 [L. -gius, measure of three quarts], 
m. :' ore basket. 

c<mge [L. commeattis, going to and fro 
(cum, with, meare, go)], m.: (leave- 
taking; permission to leave; dismissal; 
tpermission ; apophyge of pillar), f-gea- 
We 15 [OPr. -geer, let leave], adj.:' Ufa - 
missable, dischargeable. -gedier 13 [It. 
-gedo, conge], tr.; discharge* dismiss. 

eongElable 18 , adj.: congealable, liable 
to harden, -gelation 13 [L. -gelatio],f.: 
freezing, hardening. Ikguler 13 [L. 
-gelare (gdu, frost; chill)], 'tr.: congeal, 
harden with cold. 

conge-nere 15 [L. ~ner (cum, with, genus, 
KIND)], adj.: of the same GENUS, CONGENE- 
RIC. -nial 18 , pi. -SLUX [L. genius, spirit], 
adj.: =, of same KIND, alike, -nital 18 , 
jjj. =an& [L. -nitus, born with], adj.; =, 
existing from birth. 

congestion 13 [L.-fa'o (cum, with* #er ere, 
bear)],/. : ~, unhealthy accumulation (esp. 
of blood), -tionner 18 , tr.: congest, 
mass together. 

congiaire 16 [L. -giarium (-gins, three- 
quart measure)], m. :: eongiary, gift, 
largess to the people. 

oonglo-ljation 16 [L. -baiio, heaping to- 
gether], /. : summary of arguments. 
ll~"ber 15 [L. -bare (cum, with, globus, 
sphere)], tr.: conglobate, gather into a 
lump, -mera 18 [L. -meratum, piled up], 
m.: conglomerate (concretion of frag- 
ments of older rocks). -merer 17 [L. 
-merare (cum, with, glomus, ball ak. to 
globus)], tr.: conglomerate (collect in con- 
cretion or lump). 

eongluti-nation 15 [L. -natio], /.: =, 
gluing together, sticking together. 
||^ner 13 pj. -nare fr. cum, with, gluti- 
nare, stick (gluten, GLUE)], tr. : congluti- 
nate, unite (as fractures or wounds). 

congratu-lation 15 [L. -latio], /.; =, 
felicitation (expression of sympathetic 
satisfaction). H~ler 13 [L. -lari (cum, 
with, gratulari, show delight (gratus, 
pleasing; cf. Skt. hary, love)], tr.: con- 

congre 12 [L. -HTUS, Gr. gongros, sea-eel], 
m.: GONGER-eel. 

c<m-greage 17 , worming (of ropes). 
-gree-r^'P OFr. conreer, arrange], tr.: 
worm (wind spun yarn, etc., along a rope 
to fill grooves and make rope smooth). 

congreganiste 17 [L. -gregus, one of a 
flock (grex)], m. : lay-member ; adj. : ecole 
, denominational school, -gr egatio'w. n 
pL. -gatio (cum, with, grex, flock)], /.: = 
(church membership ; audience ; body of 
priests ; committee of cardinals). 

oonjngaison 143 

DJ. -ssus, meeting (cum, with, 
gradi, go)], m.: congress, meeting of 

con~gru 12 [L. -gruus, suitable, fr. 
-gruere, agree], adj.: congruous; f appro- 
priate : grace e, ample grace (fitting the 
conditions of the man) ; riduire quelqu'un 
d la portion e, leave one just enough to 
live on. -gmenfc 15 [L. -gruens], adj. 
f becoming (as clothing), -groisme 17 , 
m. : congruism, doctrine that divine grace 
is dependent on the character of the re- 
cipient. -griiiste 17 , m.: congruist, be- 
liever in congruism. -gruite 13 , /.; 
cpngruity (fharmony; receptivity of 
divine grace, assumed in congruism)., 
-grument 13 , adv.: properly. 

coni-eine 18 [L. -um, Gr. koneion, hem- 
lock],/.: CONINE (poison principle of hem- 
lock). ||~fere 15 [L. -fer (conus, cone and'. 
ferr e, bear)], adj.: CONIFER; pine: 
family, -qite 16 [Gr. -kos (konos, cone)],, 
adj.: CONIC, -rostre 18 [L. conus, cone,, 
rostrum, beak], adj.: hav*g cone-like beak ;, 
m. pi. : sparrow family. 

cowjec-tnral 15 , pi. =a;ux, adj.: =,. 
doubtful. -tTLT&lement 15 \_-tural\ r 
adv.: on conjecture, -ture 18 [L. -tura]^ 

/.: =, supposition. "j|~turer* 12 [L^ 
-turare fr. con~jicere, throw (facts) to- 
gether], tr.: conjecture, guess. 

coti-jolndre 11 [L -jungere (cf . joindre)J f 
irr. (cf. joindre); tr.: fJOiN together ; join: 
in marriage, -joint 11 , adj.: conjoint, 
united, associated; married. -jointe- 
ment 1S [-joint], adv. : conjointly, unitedly. 
-jonctif 13 , =i-ve [L. -juncti-uus~], adj.: 
conjunctive, uniting: la membrane con- 
jonctive, the conjunctiva (membrane lin- 
ing the eyelids). -jonctixw 11 [L. 
-junctio],f.: = (part of" speech; appar- 
ent approach of stars, etc. ; sexual union). 
-jotictivite 18 [-jonctive], /.: conjuncti- 
vitis, inflammation of the conjunctiva. 
-joncture 15 [it. -giontura], f. : conjunc- 
ture, combination of circumstances. 

fcon^jouir 11 [L. -gaudere, cum, with, 
gaudere, rejoice (gaudium, JOY)], reflex.: 
rejoice, -jouissati-ee 14 , /.: rejoicing. 

conju-gaiso^ 15 |L. -gatio], /. ; conjuga- 
tion (all the forms of a verb) : t des 
nerfs, nerves by pairs ; trous de , nerve 
holes in the vertebrae. Ikgal 12 , pL 
=auoc [L. -galio (-gium, marriage)], adj.: 
, of married people, -galement 15 ' 
[-gal], adv.: (rare) conjugally, matri- 
monially. -gifce :6 [L. -gatus], adj.: con- 
jugate '(coupled, paired). -guer 15 [L. 
-gare], tr.: fJCiN together; CONJUGATE 
(verbs), -jnngo 16 un = o \L., *I join 
together* fr. the marriage formula], m.: 
(/am.) prononcer U , pronounce the-. 



wedding ceremony ; apres le , after the 

conj-a-rateiir 13 , m.: conjurer, magician 
-raticm 11 [L. -ratio], f.: conspiracy 
(against government) ; adjuration ; spell 
magic, -re 15 [L. -ratus], m.: sworn con- 
spirator. H~rer u [L. -rare (cum, with, 
jurare, swear)], tr.: conjure; adjure: 

connai-ssable 13 , adj.: knowable ; 
-ssane 10 , /.: KNOWLedge, understand- 
ing"; intelligence ; acquaintance : une 
vieille , an old friend or acquain- 
tance ; les s, the tracks (of an animal). 
-ssement u , m. : bill of lading, -sseur 11 , 
=nse, m.,f.: connoisseur, exper^criti- 
cal 'judge, -connaj-tre [L. cognos- 
cere (cum, with, noscere, know)], irr.; 
tr. : KNOW (well ; by experience : carnal- 
ly): be acquainted with; recognise: ne 
autre, not know any one else (i.e. 
know him as well as one knows one's 
self) ; gagner a etre connu, improve on 
acquaintance ; gens a ce connaissants, peo- 
ple aware of these matters ; je me con- 
nais a ces sortes de choses, I am at home in 
such things ; tribunal charge de des 
affaires correctionnelles, tribunal whose 
duty is to take cognisance (judge) of mat- 
ters liable to penalty. 

Ind. : Pr. conna.i-s, -s, connai-t ; con- 
naissons, Ipf. conrtaissais. Pret. connus. 
Fut (Cond.) connaltrai(s}. Subj. : Pr. con- 
naisse. Ipf. connusse. I've connais. 
Part. : Pr. con-naissant , P. connu, 

conne 17 [L. -nnatus (con, with, nasci, be 
born)], adj.: (rare) CONNATE, joined (as 
leaves); CONGENITAL. 

connectif 17 [L. -tere, twine together], m. : 
connective (stamen filament uniting the 
anther lobes). 

co mie-table [L. comes stabuli, COUNT of 
the STABLE], m.: CONSTABLE (equerry; 
chief of cavalry ; commandant of fortress, 
or town, or whole army) ; /. : constable's 
wife, -tahlie 11 , /.: marshal's tribunal 
(formerly presided over by constable; 

conne-xe 10 [L. -xus (connecter e, bind to- 
gether)], adj.: connected, related, -adon 13 
pLi. -xio], /.: connection, -xite 18 , /.: 
connexity, connection, relation. 
conni--vn"ee 15 [L, -ventia, lit., winking], 
/.: connivance, silent or secret or guilty 
assent, -vent 17 [L. -vens, winking] , adj. : 
converging, touching (as certain insect 
wings, or stamens with each other). 
|(f~ver 16 [L. -vere, wink (cum, with, ni- 
vere, nicere, shut, ak. to Ger. neigen, in- 
cline)], intr.: CONNIVE, passively assent to 

connu [-nnaitre], m.: oiler du a 
I'inconnu, go from known to unknown. 


conoide 15 [Gr. konoeides (konos, cone, 
eidos, shape)], adj. : conoid. 
conque 15 [L. -cha (cf. Fr. conche)], /.: 
CONCH (trumpet of the Tritons; CONCHA, 
spiral of the ear ; certain mollusk). 
conque-ran il , -&nte, m., /.: CON- 
QUEROR. |j~rir [L. -quirere (cum, with, 
quaerere, seek)], irr. (cf. acquerir)', tr.: 
CONQUER, overcome, win. fconquet^ 
[-quest, old part, of -querir], m.: realty 
acquired after marriage, etmquete 12 
[-quest, old part. fr. -querir], f.: CONQUEST, 
country acquired, fccmqueter 11 [-quete], 
tr. : conquer, acquire. 

consa-crtmfc 11 , adj.: eveque , conse- 
crating bishop ; m. : consecrator, blesser. 
H-wcrer* 11 [L. -crare (cum, with, sacer, 
sacred)], tr. : consecrate, make sacred, 

consari^guiti 12 , =ine [L. -guineus (cum, 
with, sanguis, blood)], adj. : haVg one 
parent the same, half- (brother, sister). 
-g-uinite 12 [L. -guinitas], /.; consan- 
guinity, blood-kinship (of half-brothers by 
the same father). 

ccm~s-eign-ee u [L. -scientia (scientia, 
knowledge)],/: = (the moral guide of 
right and wrong, corresponding to the 
physical guide taste); CONSCIOUSNESS: vous 
ne pouvez lefaire en bonne ,you cannot 
do that with a good conscience ; la main 
sur la , with his hand upon his heart 
(gesture of sincerity) ; large, broad 
(easy) conscience ; avoir de soi, be 
conscious of one's self, -s-eietwsieuse- 
-menfc 15 [-sciencieux], adv.: conscien- 
tiously. -s-eien-eieuoc 15 , =ejse, adj.: 
conscientious. -s-eiim 18 [L." ~sciens r 
knowing with], adj.: CONSCIOUS. 

con-scriptiort 17 [L. -scriptio (cum, with, 
scribere, write)],/ : , enrolment for the 
militia, -scrit 13 [L. -scriptus, written 
with], adj.: peres s, conscript fathers; 
m.: CONSCRIPT, drafted soldier; novice, 

consecra-teur 17 [1. L. -tor], m.: conse- 
crator (of priest ; of eucharist). ||~ti<m u 
[L. -tio, consecrare (cum, with, sacer, 
holy, SACRED)],/: , dedication, blessing, 

consecu-tif 16 , -ive [L. -tus, following 
(cum, with, sequi, follow)], adj.: consec- 
utive, successive; CONSEQUENT, -tiort 12 
[L. -tio, a following],/ : logical sequence : 
mois de , consecution month (lunar 
month), -tivemgnfc 18 [-tif], adv.: in 

con-seil [L. -silium, -sulere, take coun- 
sel], m. : COUNSEL (advice ; adviser, attor- 
ney; plan); COUNCIL, tribunal. i.-seiller 
[p. L. *-siliare, L. -siliari], tr.: counsel, 
advise; prescribe, z.-aeiller , =re 

[L. -siliarius], m., /.: COUNSELOR, ad- 


viser; COUNCILOR, advocate; councilman. 
-sefUeur 11 [-settler, advise], m.: ad- 

conaen-suel 18 , =elle [L. -sus, consent], 
adj.: 1 consensual, founded solely on mu- 
tual consent, -tement 11 , m.: consent, 
acquiescence. ||~tir [L. -tire (cum, with, 
sentire, feel)], intr.: CONSENT, get out of 
place (as a mast); tr.: approve; admit, 
agree to. 

conse-qwemment 13 -kam-, adv.: log- 
ically; accordingly: a quelque chose, 
consistently with a thing. \\~quGnGe 12 
[L. -quentia (-qui, follow up)],/.: = (log- 
ical result ; fi^portance) : en , in con- 
sequence, accordingly. -quent 13 [L. 
-quens], adj. : = (consistent, logical ; re- 
sultant) ; m.: =, conclusion. 

conser-vatenr 18 , =tri-ee [L. -vator, -va- 
trix], m., f. : preserver ; conservative 
(in politics) ; adj. : preservative, saving. 
-vation 13 pL. -vatio], /.: =, keeping, 
conservancy, preservation, -vatolre 13 , 
adj.: conservative; m. : conservatory 
(place to keep or preserve music or art, 
or collections), -ve 13 , /.: =; consort- 
ship: naviguer de , sail in company 
(with other ships for protection) ; sail 
same course ; aller de , go with escort ; 
pi.: dark eyeglasses. ||~ver 8 [L. -vare 
(cum, wii.*, servare, keep)], tr. : conserve, 
preserve ; guard ; (fam.) keep (one's hat, 
cane); raise (a child), f-viteur 15 [L. 
cum, Fr. serviteur], m. : fellow-servant. 

oottside-rable 15 , adj.: =, important. 
-ratolement 16 [-rai/e], adv.: considera- 
bly, in large measure, -rant 17 , m.: pre- 
amble, whereas. -ration ^ [L. -ratio], f. : 
=, esteem, regard, f-re 16 , adj.: prudent, 
well determined: H^rer 12 [L. -rare, lit. 
view the stars (cum, with, sidus, star)], 
tr. : consider, estimate, think over, es- 

con-sifirnataire 16 , m. : CONSIGNEE; depos- 
itary, -situation 18 , /..*=; consignment. 
-sif/ne 14 ,/.: orders (to sentinel); sentinel, 
gate-keeper ; keeping in (of pupil as pun- 
ishment) ; baggage-room. \\~slgiLer 14: 
\L. -signare (cum, with, signum, sign)], 
tr. : consign ; deposit (as guarantee) ; de- 
tain (under orders) ; keep in (pupil) ; 
mention, itemize (in report). 

cgnsis-tan^e 14 [L. -tentia], f.: consist- 
ence, thickness, solidity ; quantity, matter. 
-tant 16 , adj : consistent, firm, solid. 
H^ter 18 [L. -tere (cum, with, sister e, 
stand)], intr.: consist; ft>e solid: en (or 
t#) quoi consiste son revenu, of what does 
his income consist. 

cgusi~stoli*e 11 D. L. -storium, L. -stere, 
sense of /sojourn'], m.: consistory (au- 
thoritative church assembly), -storial 14 , 



pi. =ana;, adj.: of the consistory, -sto- 
rialemeni 16 [-storial], adv.: accord- 
ing to the consistory (its rulings or 

Bgnso-lable 14 [L.-labilis] t adj.: =, able 
to be comforted, -lant 16 , adj.: consol- 
ing, soothing, -lateur 15 , =trtee [L. 
lator, -trix], m., f.: consoler, comforter; 
adj. : comforting, f-latif 1S , =ive [L. -lati- 
vus], adj.: consoling. Halation 11 [L. 
-latio (solari, soothe)], /. : ==, "comfort, 
SOLACE : fiche de , fish, counter (in play- 
ing) given to a loser, -ler* 14 [L. -lari], 
tr.: console, comfort. 

consoli-dant 15 , adj.: , tending to heal 
wounds, -dation 13 [L. datiol f.: = 
(uniting ; f centralization ; making solid. 
||-dcr 13 [L. -dare (cum, with, solidus, 
firm)], tr.: CONSOLIDATE, soLroify; cen- 
tralize ; fund : les consolides, consolidated 
funds, consols. 

i.consommatenr 15 [1. L. -summator (L. 
summa, sum)], m. : consummator, finisher, 

2.cgn-sommateur 17 \L.-sumere (sumere, 
take)], m.: consumer; guest (at a res- 
taurant). i.ll-^sommation 14 [-sommer, 

2.con-sommation i:L fit. -summatio], f.: 
=, completion, i.-somme 13 [-sommer, 
complete], adj.: accomplished, finished, 

2.con-somme 16 , m.: ~, broth. i.||^som,- 
mer 11 [L. -summer e (cum, with, sumere)}; 
tr. : consume, use up. 

z.consomme'T 11 [L.-summare (cum, with, 
summare, fr. summa, sum)], tr.: consum- 
mate, complete, perfect. 

tconsomp-, f 13 , =ive [L. -plus, part. fr. 
consumer e, consume], adj.: caustic, con- 
suming. -pticm 13 [L. -ptio], f.: con- 
sumption (using^up ; the disease). 

3gnso~nan-ee n [L. -nantia (-nare, SOUND, 
together)],/ : =, musical accord; rhyming. 
-nant 12 [L. -nans], adj. : , alike in sound. 
-nne 14 [L. ~na /.; consonant (letter 
sounded with a vowel). 

consort 13 , =sorte [L. -sors, h'aVg same 
fortune (cum, with, sors, lot)], m., f.: 
fsharer, partner, = : prince , queen's 
husband (in England) ; un tel et s, such 
a one and his partners, ass< dates. [L. -solida (solidus, firm)],/: 
CONSOUND, black briony (astringent). 

conspi-rant 17 , adj.: CONSPIRING, -ra- 
tenr 18 , =tri-ee, m., /.: CONSPIRATOR. 
H^ration 11 [L. -ratio (cum, with, spirare t 
breathe)], /. CONSPIRACY, -{-convergence, 
common tendency, -rer 18 [L. -rare], tr.: 
tpursue together; plan, plot together; 
intr.: conspire; tend (to a common 



conspner* 17 [L. -re, spit upon], tr.: treat 
contemptuously, grossly insult. 

constable 18 [Eng.], m.: =, petty officer. 

cmi-stamiiiejtt 13 [-stawi], acfo..- con- 
stantly; firmly; faithfully. \\~st&nve 1 ' 2 
[L. -stantia, lit., standing together], /.: 
constancy ; loyalty, -sta/if 1J [L. -stows], 
adj.: =, firm; proved; established; loyal. 
-stat 18 [L., 'it is evident'], m.: = (certi- 
ficate of record; attested copy), -sta- 
taticm 18 [-stater], /.: verification, evi- 
dence. -stater 17 [L. -stat, 'it is evident'], 
tr. : establish, prove. 

cottstel^laticm 1 ' 2 [L. -latis (cum, with, 
stella, star)],/.: =, named group of stars. 
-le 16 [fr. root of -latiori], adj.: made 
under the influence of stars, magic, -ler 18 
[L. -fare], tr.: stud or set with stars. 

conster lj [L. -stare, be manifest], impers. 
intr. : be ascertained, evident, or proved. 

coaster-nation 16 [L. -natio], /.: =, 
dismay, panic. i.||~ner 13 [L. -nare (eum, 
with, sternere, strew)], tr.: overwhelm, 
confuse with terror. 2.f~ner 13 [L. -nere, 
strew], tr.: beat down, 

co/isti-patim 13 [L. -patio], /.: , stop- 
page. ll^pe?' 13 [L. -pare (cum, with, 
stipare, stuff, crowd full)], tr. : constipate, 
stop up. 

consti-tuan* 16 , adj.: constituent, com- 
ponent; authorizing. H*tue^ 12 [L. -tuere 
(cum, with, statuere, establish)], tr.: con- 
stitute, establish legally; make; com- 
pose. -tutif 17 , =ive [L. -tutus, estab- 
lished], adj.: constitutive, establishing. 
-tntion 11 [L. -twtio], /.; (establish- 
ment; make-up, composition; form of 
government ; bodily habit or temper). 
-tutionnalite 17 [-tutionnel] t f.: consti- 
tutionality, accord with the constitution. 
-tutionnel 1T , =elle [-tution], adj.: 
constitutional (inherent in the consti- 
tution ; according to a written constitu- 
tion). -tutionnellement 17 [-tution- 
nel], adv.: according to the constitution. 

eqn-stricteur 17 [L. -strietus, squeezed], 
m.: constrictor, squeezer; sphincter 
(muscle). ||~stricti<m 13 [L. -stristio, 
cum, with, stringere, bind tight (cf. Gr. 
strdnx, squeezed out, drop ; and Eng. 
strong)], f.: =, tightening, -strin- 

'geH 17 [L. -stringens], adj.: =, binding. 

ccmstruc-teur 13 [L. -tor], m.: builder. 
ll^tion 11 [L. -tio fr. cum, with,, struere, 
pile up, arrange (cf. Gr. stronnumi, I 
spread; Skt. upa-star, make ready)],/: 
= (building; form; structure; sentence 
arrangement), construi-re 15 [L. con- 
struere], tr.: CONSTRUCT," build; form; 
interpret (by syntax of words). 

o^fcsubstfw~tialite la [1. L.-tialitas (L. 

eum> with, substantia, matter)],/.: con- 


substantiality (coexistence in same SUB- 
STANCE). -tiatioV 7 [1. L. -tiatio], f.: 
=, Lutheran doctrine of real presence. 
-tiel 13 , =elle [1. L. -tialis], adj.: le Fils 
est au Pere, the Son is consubstantial 
with the Father (has the same substance). 
-tielleme/jf 1G [-tiel], adv.: les trois 
personnes de la Trinite sont unies ,the 
three persons of the Trinity are united 
consubstantially (by being of the same 

coHsu~l 13 [L- fr. cum, with, root of salire, 
leap], m.: (magistrate or officer of 
varying functions), -laire 13 [L. -laris}, 
adj.: consular, of a consul, -laire- 
ment 16 [-laire], adj.: in a consular way. 
-lat 13 [L. -lotus], m.: consulate (dignity 
or rule of a consul). -Itant 10 [-her], adj. : 
consulting; m.: one taking or giving 
counsel. -Itatif 16 , =ive [-Her], adj.: 
consultative, advisory. -Itation 13 [L. 
-ltatio],f.: = (counseling with specialists, 
as doctors or lawyers). i.f-lte ld [-Her], 
f. : (dial.) consultation. 2.-lte 17 [It. -Ita], 
/.: COUNCIL: la cisalpine, formed to 
establish the cisalpine republic. -Iter 14 
[L. -Itare], intr: ftake counsel, seek 
advice; tr.: consult; fsubmit (a case) foi 
advice. -Iteur 14 [-Iter], m.: counselor, 
esp. adviser of the pope. 

consu-mattt 15 , adj. : consuming. H^mer- 11 
[L. -mere (cum, with, sumere, take)], tr. : 
consume, use up, exhaust; t con summate 
(see 2.consommer). 

cotitabes-een^ee 18 [L. -cere, waste away 
(tabes, dwindling)], /.: =, atrophy. 
--cenf 15 [L. -cens], adj.: =, suffering 

coiita-et 16 [L. -ctus (cum, with, tactus, 
touching fr. tangere, touch)], m.: = 
(coming or being together), -gieuoc 13 , 
=ei|.se [L. -giosus], adj.: contagious, 
catching, communicable, -gion 15 [L.-gio], 
/.: =, infection, tendency to spread. 
-minaticw 16 [L. -minatio (root tag, 
touch)], /.: =, defilement, -miner 18 
[L. -minare, soil], tr.: contaminate (fsoil, 
pollute ; infect by disease). 

conte 11 [-ter; cf. compte], m.: fCQUNT, 
tally; story, narration : les s de la mere 
I'oie, Mother Goose tales ; s bleues, fairy 
stories ; s a dormir debout, stories about 
sleeping standing (fish stories, cock-and- 
bull stories). 

contemperation 13 [L. -tio, mixture 
(cum, with, temperare, qualify; tempus, 
time)], /.: = (doctrine that the will is in- 
clined by divine grace, but not controlled). 

contem^plateur 14 , =triee [L. -plator, 
-trix],m.: observer; thinker, -platif 11 , 
=ive [L. -plativus], adj.: contemplative, 
meditative; m. pL: contemplatives, hep 


mits given up to meditation. il^ 
[L. -platio, cum, with, templum, temple 
(taken fr. the language of augury)],/.: 
, meditation, -ple^ 12 [L. -plari], tr.: 
contemplate, think on. 

contempo~roin 14 [L. -raneus (cum, 
with, tempus, time], adj.: contempora- 
neous, of the same time, -raneite 17 , 

/. : contemporaneousness, existence at one 

contem-ptenr 14 [L. -ptor fr. -nere (cum } 
with, temnere, despise)], m.: CONTEMNER, 
despiser. f-ptible 12 [L. -plibilis], adj.: 
=, odious. 

conte-nan-ee 10 [-nir], /.: holding capac- 
ity, contents; extent; countenance, 

fcontgndre 11 [L. -dere (cum, with, e?i- 
dere, stretch)], irr. (cf. prendre); intr.: 
contend, dispute. 

con~tenir [p. L. *-tenire, (L. -tinere, 
tenere, hold)], irr. (cf . e?ur) ; 2r. : CON- 
TAIN, hold; control. -trit 12 [L.-tentus], 
adj.: content; satisfied, -tenement 14 
[-tenter], m.: contentment; satisfaction. 
-tenter 13 [-tent], tr.: CONTENT, satisfy. 

conteti-tietisemen* 14 , adv.: conten- 
tiously. H^tieuo; 12 , =ejjse [L. -tiosus 
fr. -io, quarrel (contendere, contend)], 
acZ/. .* CONTENTIOUS, fond of disputing. 

ccmten-tif 13 , =ive [-ir], adj.: bandage 
, bandage to hold together (severed 
parts). i.-tion 17 [-ir], /.: holding 

2.contention 13 [L. -fa'o fr. -dere (cum, 
with, tender e, stretch)], /. : = (fdebate ; 


center [L. computare], tr.: relate, tell, 

ccntes-table 16 , adj.: =, to be striven 
for. -tation 14 [L. -tatio], f.: contest- 
ing, struggle, -te 15 , /.; contest, dispute, 
lifter* 1S [L. -tori (cum, with testari, 
TESTIFY, f r. testis, witness)], tr. : CONTEST ; 
dispute; contend. 

contour u , =ejjse, [-ter] r m.,f. : narrator ; 
story-teller: grand defleurettes, great 
teller of fibs. 

contex-te 15 D^- "tus 9 joining (eum, 
with, texere f weave)], m. : context, pas- 
sages or verses preceding and following a 
certain text, or place. -tare 15 [L. 
-tus, connection], /.; = (made up of 
woven or connected materials). 

cqnti~gu 14 , =ue [L. -guus (cum f with, 
tangere, touch)], adj.: contiguous, ad- 
joining. -gnite 14 , /.: contiguity, ad- 

conti-ngnee 11 [L. -nentia], f. : =, self- 
restraint (in desires, passions, etc.). 
H^nenfc 11 [L. -716715 fr. -nere (cum, with, 
tenere, hold)], adj.: =, self -Restrained ; 



CONTINUOUS, uninterrupted ; m. : =, grand 
division of land (as Europe). -ne?ital 18 ; 
pi. =auic, adj.: =, of a continent, esp. 

contin-g^ne 13 [L. -gentia (cum, with, 
tangere,' touch)],/.: CONTINGENCY (touch- 
ing; possibility of happening). -gei* 13 , 
[L. -gens], adj. : =, touching. 

conti-im 12 [L. -nuus], adj.: continuous, 
lasting; unbroken, uniform: a la e, 
without cease. -nuateur 16 , =tri-ee 
[-nuer], m., /.: continuer (of what 
another began), -nuation 12 L. -nua- 
tio], /.: =, carrying on, duration. 
H^nuel 11 , =elle [L. -nuus (continere, 
hold together)], adj.: CONTINUAL, con- 
stant. -nuellemeHt 11 , adv.: con- 
tinually. -nuer 11 [L. -nuare (-nuus, 
lasting)], tr. : CONTINUE, carry on; intr.: 
last ; extend, -unite 13 , /. : continuity 
(endurance ; extension) : amputation dans 
la , amputation of the bone (not at the 
joint). -nume?i 15 [-nu], adv.: con- 

contondre 15 [L. -tundere (eum, with, 
tundere, pound, thump)], tr.: fbruise, 
pound: as adj.: instrument contondant, 
bruising, blunt instrument (as a club). 

cqntorniate 17 [It. (L. tornare, turn, 
round off, f r. tornos, lathe)], /. : (coin 
with circular furrow on each side) ; adj. : 
medaille , medal furrowed on each 

contorsiqn 13 [L. -sio (-quere, twist to- 
gether)], /. : CONTORTION, twisting, wry- 
ness ; f distortion (of the truth). 

cqn-*tonr 16 [It. -torno, infi. by tour], m.: 
^=, outline, -tourner 15 [It. -tornare 
(L. -tornare fr. tornos, turner's wheel)], 
tr.: make round; warp, distort; en- 

fcontrac-tant 13 , =,nte, adj.: contract- 
ing, m., /.: contractor, -te 15 [L. -tus], 
adj.: contract(ed), shortened, i.-ter 13 
[L. -tus, agreement], tr.: CONTRACT, 
agree, covenant ; acquire, get. z.-ter 17 
[L. -tus, shortened], tr.: contract, short- 
en. -tile 18 [L. -tus t shortened], adj.: 
= , capable of drawing together, -ti- 
lite 18 [-tile], /.: contractility, ability 
to shorten up. [lotion 12 [L. -tio (con- 
trafiere, lit. draw together)], /. : = (short- 
ening, in all senses). -tnel 17 , =elle 
[L. -tus, bargain], adj.: contractual, 
according to contract. -ture 1& [L> 
-tura], /.: =, permanent contraction or 
rigidity ; diminution (of a column). 

cqntradic-teur 13 [1. -for], w.: contra- 
dictor, opponent, esp. an advocate. 
ll^tion 11 [L. -iiOy (zontra, against, dicer e^ 
speak)], /. : =, denial, opposition, -toire ls 
[L. -torius\ adj.: contradictory, incon- 

148 contraignable 

sistent, opposite, -toirement 16 [-toire], 
adv.: negatively. 
octfi-traignable 14 , adj.: constrainable, 
compellable. f -trairna?it la , adj. : 
constraining, forcing. il~trandr< 
[L. -stringere (stringere, bind)], irr. (cf. 
peindre),tr. : CONSTRAIN (compel, urge ; em- 
barrass). -traint 15 , adj. : CONSTRAINED, 
ill at ease : basse e, bass that con- 
tinues on the same note while the song 
changes, -traiwte 12 , /.: CONSTRAINT 
(uneasiness ; force ; detention). 
ccw~traire 10 [L. -trarius (contra, 
against)], adj.: CONTRARY, opposed, op- 
posing, adverse : aux lois, contrary to 
the laws ; m. : CONTRARY, opposite : au 
, on the contrary, -trairement 15 , 
adv.: in contrary way. -tralto" [It. 
(contra, against, alto)], m.: = (low 
feminine voice). -trapora/tiste 17 [It. 
-trappuntista], m.: CONTRAPUNTIST (mu- 
sician skilled in counter-point), -trari- 
an 13 [-trarier], adj.: vexatious, contra- 
dicting. -trarier 10 [1. L. -trariare (L. 
-trarius)], tr. : oppose, thwart ; vex, tease. 
-trariete 11 [L. -trarietas], f.: contra- 
riety, contradiction, inconsistency: 1rex- 
ation, opposition ; repugnance. 
c<mtr as-tan* 17 , adj.: contrasting, un- 
like. H~te 15 pt. -to (L. contra, against, 
stare, stand)], m.: fstruggle, conflict; 
CONTRAST, unlikeness. -ter 16 , Mr.: 
contrast, be unlike; tr.: compare (unlike 
things), show differences in. 
contra* 13 [L. -tractus (trahere, draw)], 
m. : CONTRACT, agreement ; deed. 
contravention 18 [L. contra-venire, go 
against], /. ;*=, violation (of law, or obli- 
gation), offence. 

ogntrayerva 16 [Sp., lit. 'herb against' 
(sc. poison)], m.: = (tropical tonic 

contra [L. contra], prep.: against; pref. 
centre- before vow., ccmtrE- before 
cons't: COUNTER ,etc. :pied pied, foot 
to foot ; sa maison est la mienne, his 
house is close to mine ; tout , close by; 
ci , at hand ; la porte est tout , the 
door is slightly ajar ; adv. : pour et , 
pro and con, for and against ; de , on 
the other hand; d , in the opposite 
way; par , per contra, on the other 
side ; & , alongside (as ships), -ac- 
cusation 16 , /.: counter-charge (against 
one's accuser). -allee 17 , /.: walk 
{running with the main walk in a 
park or garden), -amiral 16 , pi. =ana?, 
m.; rear-admiral. -appel 11 , m.: sec- 
ond call (of a name) ; caveating (certain 
sword shift). -approelies 16 , /. pi: 
counter-approach (zig-zag trench to meet 
enemy's juiafi^. -arc 17 , m.: counter- 


arch (part of keel where the masts 
foot), -ar-eliet 18 , adv.: a , contrary 
bowing (drawing the bow wrong), -are- 
tier 17 , m.: oblique slate (cut to go next 
to hip or arris of a roof), -attaques 18 , counterworks, breastworks (thrown 
up by the besieged). -a^"be 18 ,/.: coun- 
ter-paddle (board between paddles of 
water-wheel). -balaner 15 , tr.: counter- 
balance,. -"batnle 15 [It. contrabbando, 
'contre le ban'],f.: contraband (smuggling 
or smuggled goods), -"bande H ,/. .* (her.) 
half -band, -bande 16 [-bande], adj. : hav- 
ing bands of different halves. -"ban- 
dier" 17 , =iere [-bande], m.,/.: smuggler. 
-fcarre 16 , /.: counter-bar (of shield). 
-toarre 13 [-barre], adj.: having counter- 
bars. t-bas 13 adv.: , (or better) 
en , at a lower level, -basse 16 [basse], 
/.: double-bass, contre-bass instrument 
or player, -"bassiste 18 [-basse], m.: 
player of bass-viol. -"basson 18 , m.: 
deep bassoon, -batterie 16 , /. : counter- 
battery, cross-battery, -battre 12 , tr.: 
cannonade (a hostile battery). t-"bia*s 16 > 
adv.: contrary-wise. -biseau 17 , pi. 
#, 77i.: counterbevel (piece of a pipe in 
reed-organ). -bitte 17 , /.: bitt sup- 
port or brace (on ship). -bord 18 , 
adv.: a , on opposite tack, -bordee 18 , 
/. : opposite tack. -bouq.ue 18 , /. : funnel 
net. -boutant 14 [-bouter], m.: buttress. 
-bouter 16 , tr. : buttress up. -brasser 17 , 
tr. : counter-brace (a sail). -brEte-eie 17 , 
/.; one of corresponding bretesses (on 
bratticed coat-of-arms). -brste-elie 16 
[-breteche], adj.: counter bretesse, em- 
battled on both sides, -brode" 17 , m.: 
cheap black and white beadwork trimming. 
-buter -bouter. -calquer 17 , tr.: 
counter-trace, reverse by drawing (as a 
picture). -canivean 18 , m.: paving 
(next to the gutter, or kennel stone). 
-capion 17 , m.: brace (to stern-post of 
ship), -carre 14 [-carrer], /.: counter- 

i.-carrer 16 , tr.: 
2.-carrer 18 **ff- ' 

stake (at cards), 
thwart, oppose. 

double the stake (at card game bouil- 
lotte in order to win from one who has 
doubled), -cantio 16 , /.: second bail, 
counter security. -eb-aTn/branle 18 , m. : 
counter moulding (of cornices). 
-charge 17 , /.; counterpoise, balance 
weight, 't-eliarine 16 , m. : counter-charm, 
-chassis 16 ; pL , m.: outer sash, 
storm-window. -h.Evrcn 16 , m. : counter- 
chevron (bar in a coat-of-arms correspond- 
ing to another bar). -ehEvronne 13 
[-chevron], adj. : count er-chevronny. --ei- 
vadiere 17 ,/.: sprit-sail, -clavette 18 , 
/. nose-key, fox-wedge, -de/ 17 , /. : key- 
stone course (masonry next to keystone)* 


i.-coeur 11 , m.: shoulder, middle-rib (of 
beef) ; back (of a fireplace). 2.-cceur 13 , 
adv.: d , reluctantly. -cgmpone 16 , 
adj.: (her.} counter-compony (haVg two 
rows of square and alternating colours). 
-cor "beau 18 , m.: counter-corbel, -cor- 
niere 17 , /.: hawse-piece (in stern of 
ship). -co-op 15 , m.: , rebound, con- 
cussion. -coupe 18 ,/.: odd cut or shape 
(of a sail). -courant 17 , m.: counter- 
current. -courbe 18 , or -courbure, 
/. : counter-curve (upper one of two curves 
in half arch), -critique 16 ,/.: counter- 
critique (answering criticism), -danse 16 
[Eng. country-dance], /.: ancient "dance ; 
contra-dance, quadrille, -declaration 18 , 
/.: counter-declaration, -defense * 8 , /.: 
outer breast-works (to fortify other breast- 
works). -degagement 17 , m.: dodging 
(a parry blow in fencing), -degager 17 , 
intr. : counter-disengage ; escape a blow 
struck as a parry (in fencing.), -de- 
nm-eiation 18 ,/.: agreement to release 
(a debtor from certain obligations). 
-digue 18 , /.; DIKE (made to protect 
another), -dire [L. -dicer -e], irr. (of. 
dire)- tr.: CONTRADICT; confute; fdispute, 
oppose, -disant 13 [-dire], adj.: contra- 
dictory. -diV 1 [-dire], m.: contention, 
plea, dispute, contree 10 [p. L. *-trata 
(L. contra, opposite)],/.: COUNTRY; cli- 
mate; soil, -ecaiile 17 , adv.: a , against 
the grain, -ecart 16 , m.: division of 
counterquartered shield). -ecartele- 
ment 18 , m.: sub-quartering (division of 
a quarter into quarters), -ecartEler 15 , 
tr.: counter-quarter (redivide a quarter 
of a shield into quarters), -e-eliange 11 
[OFr. -echanger], m.: counter-exchange. 
-edit 17 , m.: counter-edict (reversing a 
previous edict), -email 17 , pi. =auo7, 
m.: enamel at the back. -emaiJleV 17 , 
tr. : counter-enamel (enamel the back 
of), -empoise 18 , /.: counter-bushing 1 
or bearing, -empre^nte 18 , /.: raised 
mould (left by fossil), -enqie^te 17 , / : 
counter-inquiry. -epaulette 16 , m.: 
fringeless epaulet. -epreuve 16 , /.: 
counter-proof; feeble copy; verification 
of a vote. -espalier 16 , m.: counter- 
espalier, second trellis, -etambo t 16 , m. : 
knee (of stern post), -etrave 16 ,/.: apron, 
backing-piece (bolted to a vessel's stern). 
-expertise 18 , /.: counter expert- evi- 
dence. -extension 15 ,/.: counter-exten- 
sion (as of a broken leg), -fason 12 ,/.: 
counterfeit, fraudulent imitation ; forgery. 
faoteur 17 [-faire], m.: counterfeiter; 
pirate, -faction 17 [-/aire], /.: counter- 
feiting. -faire 11 , irr. (cf. faire) ; tr.: 
COUNTERFEIT, imitate for fraud ; disfigure. 
-faifejor 15 [-faire], =euse, m.,/.: (/am.) 



forger; mimic, -fanon 16 , m.: bunt-line 
(to truss up middle of a Jail), -fas-ee 16 ,/ ; 
(her.) counter-f ess ; fess of two enamels. 
-fasce 16 [-fasce], adj.: haVg counter- 
f esses. i. -feu 15 , pL&, m.: plaque 
covering the fire-back. 2. -feu ls , pi. #, 
m.: counter-fire (to burn before an ad- 
vancing fire and so head it off), -fi-elie 12 , 
/.: brace, strut, -fil 15 , m.: 8, , wrong 
way ; against the grain, f -finesse 16 ,/. ; 
counter-trick, counter-plot, -forger 18 , 
tr.: forge by hammering both side's at 
once, -fort 12 , m.: buttress; counter 
(of shoes) ; spur of mountains. -frac- 
ture 18 , /,: counterfracture. -frasse 18 
[-fraser], /.: last kneading (of bread). 
-fraser 17 , tr. : finish kneading, -fruit 16 , 
m. : talus wall (plumb on one side, sloping 
on the other). -fugue 16 , /.: counter- 
fugue (in music). -garde 16 ,/.: coun- 
ter-guard (in front of a bastion; stones 
around pier to reinforce it), -ha-ener 16 , 
tr.: cross-hatch; counter-etch (shade 
picture by cross-lines). -hahure 1T 
[-hacher], /: shading, cross-hatching. 
-h.atier 15 ,m.: kitchen fire-dog, -haut 17 , 
adv.: en ^(or f ), at a higher level. 
-heurtoir 17 , m.: knocker-stop, plate 
(of door-knockers), -indication 1T , /. : 
contraindicant (symptoms suggesting dif- 
ferent remedy). -issan 16 , adj.: (her.) 
counter-salient (rampant with its back 
toward another similar animal), -jan 17 , 
m.: wrong cast (at trick-track), -jour 16 , 
m. : counter-light (spoiling the effect). 
-jumelle 16 ,/. : kennel stones (side-stones 
of a gutter), -latte 11 , /.: counter-lath. 
-latter 14 [-Zatte], tr.: counter-lath. 
-lettre 12 , /.: defeasance (document an- 
nulling previous one), -lobe 18 , m.: leaf 
(of clover, separating the lobes of a rosette 
on a column), -maitre 14 , m.: boatswain's 
mate; foreman, -man-der 12 , tr.: coun- 
termand. -manoeuvre 18 ,/.: counter- 
manoeuvre. -marine 17 ,/. : countermarch, 
back march; riser (between steps of stair). 
-mar ee 17 , /. : eddy (tide), -marque 14 , 
/.: counter-mark, second mark ; check (of 
theatres), -marq^iter 15 [-marque], tr.: 
counter-mark, -mesure 18 , adv.: &, 
by counter-measures (in music), -mine 15 , 
/.: counter-mine ; underplot, -mine'/* 14 , 
tr.: counter-mine, -mineur 17 [-mme], 
m.: counter-miner. t-Miont 12 , adv.: up- 
hill; up-stream. -mot 5 - 7 , m.: counter- 
sign. -mur 13 , m.: counter-mure (wall 
to protect another wall). -murer* 15 
[-mur], tr. : counter-wall. -note 18> , /. : 
diplomatic note (in response to a note). 
-ongle 18 , m.: reverse direction: pren- 
dre le , follow trail (as of deer) 
the wrong way. -opposition 18 , /,: 


centre -ordre 

counter-opposition, -ordre 16 , m.: coun- 
ter-order. -ottverture 15 , /.: contra- 
aperture (incision near previous one, as to 
aid discharge), -pal 16 , pi. =ajux, m. 
(her.) pale (of two kinds of enamel or 
metal), -pale 16 [-pal], adj.: counterpaled. 
-paneton 18 , m.: counter-bit (of lock). 
-partie 12 , /.: counter-part; reverse. 
-pas ls , pi. , m. : counter-pace (to catch 
step), -passation 17 [-passer],/. : signing 
back (draft to drawer), -passe 18 , adv.: 
d , across the grain, perpendicularly to 
the grain. -passer 18 , tr.: sign back 
(draft to order of drawer). -ppnte 16 , 
/.: drain stop, descent; gutter sides. 
f-pEser 12 , tr.: counter-poise, counter- 
balance. -peterie 15 [OFr.-p&er],/: sort 
of galimatias (as trompez sonnettes for 
sonnez trompettes). -pied 15 , m.: back- 
scent; opposite sense. -platine 17 ,/.: 
screw-plate (of gun), -pqids 11 , pi. , 
_m.: counter-poise, balance-weights. 
-poil 12 , adv.: d , against the hair, 
nap. -point 13 , m. : counter-point (in 
music), -pojnte 17 , /.: edged part (of 
back of sword) ; edge and point fencing. 
i. -pointer 14 [courte-pointe],tr.: coun- 
terpoint, tie (a quilt). 2. -pointer 15 , 
tr.: point against (as one cannon against 
another) ; set point to point (as emblems 
on shield) ; f thwart, f-pointiste = 
contrapontiste. -poison 15 , m.: counter- 
poison, antidote. -porte 16 ,/.: storm- 
door, double door; second entrance or 
gate, -potgnee 17 , /.: end-stone of bal- 
ance staff (socket of balance wheel axle 
in a watch), -pression 18 ,/.: counter- 
pressure (to piston). -projet 18 , m.: 
counter-project. -proposition 17 , /: 
counter-proposition. -qit-Ule 16 ,/.: false 
or upper KEEL, -ratable 17 , m.: altar- 
piece, panel (back of altar), -revo- 
lution 17 , /.: reaction fr. a rev- 
olution. -revolutionnaire 17 , adj.: 
against revolutionary results. -ri- 
poste 18 , /.: counter-thrust. -ruse 18 , 
/.: counter-ruse, -sangle 12 , /.: or 
-sanglon, m.: girth-strap (of saddles). 
-scarpe 15 [escarpe], /.: counter-scarp 
(slope opposite the parapet of a ditch). 
-s-eel 12 , 77i.: counter-seal (reverse side 
ofpendent -seal), -s-eeller 13 [-sceZ], 
tr.: counter seal. -seingr 13 , m.: 
counter-signature, -sens 16 , m.: wrong 
sense, misinterpretation; wrong side (of 
cloth, etc.). -sigrner 14 , tr.: countersign. 
-sommier 17 , m.: sommer-cover (of 
parchment makers on which to roll skins) ; 
footing, winter base (supporting a print- 
ing press). -sujet 18 , m.: counter-sub- 
ject (in music). -taHle 17 ,/.: counter- 
tally; counter-lines or cross cuts in en- 


graving, -taifcler 18 , tr.: cover with 
cross lines. -tem;ps 15 , pi. , m.: = 
(awkward incident; wrong time in music): 
jouer d , play in wrong time. -ter- 
rasse 17 , /.: counter-terrace (j inin g 
one of different level). -tirer 15 , tr.: 
take a counter-proof of; ftrace, copy. 
-vair 18 , m.: counter-vair (of shields). 
-vallation 16 [L. vallatio, breastworks], 
/.: contravallation (ditches and breast- 
works made by besiegers to resist sallies 
fr. the besieged). -vnant, =ante, 
part, used as adj. or noun fr. -vEnir 14 
[L. eontravenire], irr. (cf. venir) ; intr.: 
CONTRAVENE, infringe upon, violate : d 
un reglement de police, break a police 
regulation, -vent 16 [vent], m.: WINDOW- 
shutter ; straining -piece. -venter 13 
[-vent], tr.: brace (with straining-beams). 
-verite 16 , /. : mock truth ; mock praise. 
-visite 16 , /.: second visit (to search or 
inspect a place). 

contri-Tmable 14 , m. : tax-payer, -"buer 13 
[L. -buere], tr. or intr.: contribute, aid. 
||^"biition 13 [L. -butio (-buere, allot by 
TRIBES)],"/. : =, tax. 

contris-ter 11 [L. -tare (tristis, sad)], tr.: 
grieve, afflict. 

contri-t 11 [1. L. -tus (L. terere, rub) 
bruised], adj.: CONTRITE, repentant. 
-tion 11 [1. L. -tio] t f.: =, repentance. 

contr*le 14 [contre, rdle], m.: control 
(check-list, double register; guidance; 
power to regulate) ; administrative stamp 
or check-mark; official verification or 
sanction, -ler 14 , tr.: enter in register; 
control; check up; censure, criticise. 
-leur 13 [-Zer], m.: controller; time- 
keeper ; check-taker, official stamper. 

controuver 9 [L. con (cum, with), Fr. 
trouver], 'tr.: fabricate, invent, state 

contr over-sable 18 , adj.: controversial. 
II ^se 12 [L. -sia (contra t against, verier e, 
turn)],/.: controversy, discussion, -se 16 , 
adj.: controverted, questionable, -ser 18 
[-se], tr.: controvert, attack (doctrine) in 
debate, -siste 16 , m.: controversialist, 

i.contuma^-ee 12 DL -cm, pride (cum, 
with, temnere, despise)], /..* contumacy 
(fstubbornness ; contempt of court). 
2.-ce 12 or =x [L. -x], adj.: contumacious ; 
m. or /.: refractory, obstinate person. 
t-eer 12 [2.-ce], tr.: declare (one) to be 
in contempt. 

contu-s 15 , =use \L. -sus], adj.: contused. 
||~sion 15 PJ- -sio (cum, with, tundere, 
beat) bruise],/.: =. -sionner 18 , tr.: 
contuse, injure by a blow. 

con - v incant 16 , adj. : convincing. 
[L. -vincere (cum, with, 


vincere, conquer)], irr. ; tr. : CONVINCE, 
CONVICT ; fprove. -voinqit . . ., cf. 

c becomes qu before vowels except u. 
Ind. : Pr. je vai?ics, Pret. je vainguis. 
Part. : Pr. vainquant ; P. vaiiwt; etc. 

cgnvale-s-ee,nee 14 [L. -scentia (cum, with, 
valere, be well)],/. : =, recovery of health. 
-s-een 13 , =e.nte [L. -scens, recovering], 
0,4? for m.,/.; =. 

conve-nable 11 , ad;.: fit, proper, suitable. 
-nablzment 11 [-nable], adv.: properly; 
decorously, -nan-ee 11 ,/.: (propriety); 
expediency, -nanfc 11 , =ante, adj.: f suit- 
able; m.: fitness, propriety, |[eg-nv~ 
nir [L. -nlre, agree (eim, with, venire, 
come)], irr. (cf. venir) ; mir. with avoir: 
suit, please, become; with eZre: agree; 
harmonize ; concede, admit. 

f conven-t convent, -ticnle 13 [L. -ticu- 
lum], m.: conventicle, secret religious 
meeting. ||~tion 13 [L. -tio, meeting; 
agreement],/.: (agreement, contract; 
social propriety; assembly of delegates). 
-tionnel 14 , =elle, adj.: conventional 
(usual) ; according to tacit agreement ; 
m.: delegate (to convention of 1792 in 
France), -tionnellement 17 [-tionnel], 
adv.: conventionally, -tnalite 16 [-tuel], 
/.: convent life, -tnel 12 , =elle [1. L. 
-tualis], adj.: conventual. -tnelle- 
metit 14 [-tuel], adv.: as in convents. 

conver-gen-ee 17 , /.: =, gradual ap- 
proach. ' Urgent 16 [L. -gens fr. -gere 
(cum, with, vergere, turn, incline)], adj.: 
(CONVERGING, tending to one point). 
-ger 17 [L. -gere], intr.: converge, ap- 
proach gradually. 

conver-s 11 , =verse [L. -sus, turned 
(cum, with, vertere, turn)], adj.: CON- 
VERTED (to God's service, esp. flate in 
life); employed (at a convent);/.: CON- 
VERSE (proposition or statement), i -ser 10 
[L. -sari, be with], Mr.: CONVERSE, talk; 
deal, associate : avec soi-meme, solilo- 
quize. 2.-ser 18 [L. -sus], intr.: face about 
(as soldiers), -sion, 11 [L. -sio], /.: = 
(change to another religion ; changing into 
something else ; facing about, change of 
front; transposed statement of proposi- 
tion). -tible 12 [L. -tibilis], adj.: = . 
||~tir 9 [L.-tere, turn with], tr.: CONVERT 
(turn; change; tc n vince; transpose a 
statement), -tissemenfc 1 ' 2 , m.: exchange 
(of values) : le d'un "billet en especes, 
conversion of a note to coin, -tissero 16 , 
m.: convert-maker; converter (cementa- 
tion apparatus for iron). 

convex^e 18 [L. -us, rounded (cum, to- 
gether, vehere, bring)], adj.: convex, 
curving out. -ite 15 ,/.: convexity. 
[~vier\, m.: 



convic-t 18 [Eng., fr. L. -tus (cum, with, 
vincere, conquer)], m.: = (criminal con- 
demned by law), -tig 16 [L. -tio],f.: =, 
opinion ; tproof of guilt. 

con-vier 1 * [OFr. -vi, banquet; L. -victus 
(cum, with, vivere, live)], tr.: invite ; urge, 
appeal to : a une fete, invite to a fes- 
tivity ; mon roi me convie a parler, my 
king asks me to speak; les convies, the 
guests, -vi ve 1 ^ [L. -viva], m. or/. : guest. 

convocation 13 [L. -tio (cum, together, 
weare, call)],/.: =. 

convoi 11 [-voyer], m.: convoy (escort; 
fleet or baggage-train or squad under 
escort); train of cars; funeral proces- 
sion. -table 11 , adj.: covetable, desi- 
rable. li~te?' [OFr. coveitier (L. cupi- 
ditas, desire)], tr.: COVET, -tense 11 , 
=nse, adj.: covetous, lustful, -tise 11 , 

/.: covetousness ; lustfulness. 

DOHvole-r 14: [L. -lare, flock together ; re- 
marry (cum, with, volare, fly)], intr.: 
marry (esp. of widows). 

convo-lnte 18 [L. -lutus, rolled about], 
adj.: convolute. -Ivnle 16 or -Ivnlns 
[L. -Ivulus], m.: =, bind-weed, morning- 

jgnvo-qiter 13 [L. -care (cum, together, 
vocare, call)], tr.: convoke, summon. 

cgnvo~yer n [p. L. *-viare (cum, with, 
via, road), go with], tr.: fescort ; convoy, 
escort for protection, -yenr 11 , m.: con- 

cgnvnl~ser tH [L. -sus, convulsed (cum, 
together, vellere, pull)], tr.: CONVULSE, 
twist by spasms, -sif 16 , =ive, adj. : con- 
vulsive, spasmodic, -sign 15 [L. -sio],/^: 
= (spasm; agitation). -sionnaire 17 , 
m.: convulsionary, Jansenist (who had 
miraculous fits at grave of Deacon Paris). 
-sivement 18 [-sif], adv.: convulsively. 

cooblige 18 , =*ee [L. co-, with, Fr. oblige"], 
m.,f.: 'coobligor, joint obligor. 

fcoolie couli. 

coope-ratenr 15 , =tri-ee [L. -tor, -trix], 
m.,f.: COOPERATOR, member of coopera- 
tive society, -ratif 18 , =ive, adj.: co- 
operative. -ration- 15 [L. -tio], /.: =. 
Jl^rer' 15 [L. -rari (cum, together, operari, 
work)], intr.: cooperate. 

coop-tation 16 [L. -tatio],f.: =, admis- 
sion (by special favour, as at a university). 
-ter 16 [L. -tare], tr. : admit (even though 
not all conditions are fulfilled). 

coor-dination 13 [L. -dinatio (cum, with, 
ordinatio fr. or do, order)],/.: = (making 
or being of same class or rank), -don- 
ner 17 [L. co- (cum), Fr. ordonner], tr.: 
coordinate, arrange with reference to each 

fcopa/jier = copayer. 

copa-Mne 18 , /.: principle of COPAIBAI 

152 copain 

II ~7m 16 [S. Am. copay-ba, copay-tree], m. 
COPAIBA (nauseous balsam for certain mu 
cous affections), t-*<?f = copayer. 
copain, 10 [fr. old nom. compain, COMPAN 
ION (L. cum, with, panis, bread)], m. 
(/am.) chum. 
copal 16 [Sp. fr. Mex. copal, gum], m.: = 

(hard resin used in varnish). 
oopartagea^t 15 , =nte [L. co- (cum 
with), r' partageant], m.,f.: COPARCENER 
sharer, joint-heir. 
copayer 17 [S. Am. copay], m.: COPAifera 

(see copahu). 

ooprean, pi. a? [for coupeau], m.: chip 
shaving; strip (to make combs of). 
tcopeck = kopeck. 

copermutmtt 10 [L. co- (cum, with), per- 
mutant, changing], m.: exchanger (esp 
of a benefice). 

co~pie 12 [L. -pia, plenty (cum, with, opes, 
wealth)],/.; COPY, -pier- 13 , tr.: copy, 
reproduce, imitate. -pieusemenfc 1 
[-pieux], adv.: copiously. " -pieua? 14 , 
=eiase [L. -piosus, abundant], adj.: fco- 
pious; ample; plentiful, -piste 15 , m. or 
/.; copyist. 

coprEnerir 17 [L. co- (cum, with), Fr. 
neur],m.: co-lessee, co-renter. 
copro-litfoe 18 [Gr. kopros, dung, , 

stone], m.: COPROLITE (petrified dung of 
extinct animals), -phag0 17 [Gr. -phdgos 
(phdgein, eat)], adj. : coprophagous, dung- 

ooproprie-taire 16 [proprietaire], m. or 
/.: joint PROPRIETOR, -te 18 [propriete], 
/.; joint-property. 

coprose 18 [Ger. klapper-rose, corn poppy], 
/.; (dial) red-poppy. 
cop-tee 18 ,/.: chime, tolling. |[~ter 14 
[ak. to coup], tr.: clapper (a bell, strike 
it repeatedly on one side). 
copula-tegr 18 , =triee [ak. to couple], 
adj. : coupling, connecting. ' -tif 13 , =ive 
[L. -tivus], adj. : copulative, lotion 12 ~[L. 
-tio (oopula, thong, tie; co-apere, fasten, Gr. 
hdptein, touch)],/.; , sexual connection. 
copule 14 [L. copula], /.; fsexual union; 
copula (in grammar). 

i. coq 16 [Holl. kok\, m.: ship's COCK; tar- 
warmer (of rope-makers). 
z.cpq 11 [echoic], m.: COCK (male fowl; 
things resembling a cock in some way) : 
fflnde (pron. co-}, turkey; puant, 
male PEWet; gaulois, cock formerly 
on the French flag; hardi, cock with 
right foot lifted to strike ; de bruyere, 
black grouse; de mer, goldfish; sea- 
duck ; box-crab ; au chant du , at day- 
break; avoir des mollets de , (/am.) 
have legs like broomsticks ; etre comme 
un en pate, be like a fattening cock, 
j.e. have all one's wishes, - 


[(talk going from) coek to ass], m.: 
cock-and-bull story; nonsensical, wild 
tale, -sourls ls , pi. s , m. : certain 
sail (on a sloop, or galiot). coq-uard 11 , 
m.: bad cock, old cock; fidiot; hybrid 
(pheasant and hen), coquatre 15 , m.: 
half -capon. 

coq-ue 12 [? L. concha, shell],/; shell (of 
eggs, nuts, etc.) : ceuf d la , (soft) 
boiled egg; d'ceuf, imperfection on 
porcelain surface ; de cheveux, knot of 
hair; de perle, pearly lump in a sea- 

eoqite-eigrue 15 [?], /.; bugaboo; fiddle- 
faddle, scary story : a la venue des s, 
on the Greek calends, i.e. never. -TE- 
douUle 16 [?], m. : duffer, ninny, -licot 13 
[echoic for cock], m.: corn-poppy (fr." its 
red color like a cock's comb), -lourde 18 
EL /" rose-campion; pasque (Easter) 
flower; anemone; velvet pink, -lu-ehe 14 
[?], /. ; ancient hood ; watersparrow (f r. 
its crest) ; whooping-cough (formerly a 
cough for which one wore a hood). 
f -Inchon 15 [-luche], m.: (monk's) hood. 
eoqi*emar 13 [? L. cucuma (coquere, cook), 
kettle], m,: boiler. 
f coquemelle = coucoumelle. 
co-qtteret 16 [coq, the redness of the fruit 
suggesting the crest of a cock], m.: 
winter cherry, strawberry-tomato (of 
nightshade family). -qwErico 15 [echoic], 
m. ; cock-a-doodle-doo. 
coquerie 18 [coq, cook],/; wharf cooking- 
room, harbor-cookery, kitchen to cook 
for ships* 

co-q<ue 16 , =ette, m., /.; flirt, beau, 
coquette; adj.: coquettish, affected; 
vain. ||~qifeter 16 [coq, cock], intr.: 
act like a cock; flirt, play the lover,, 
COQUET. -qttetier 14 [coque], m.: egg; 
or poultry-dealer; egg-cup. -q-uette- 
mcmfc 17 [-quet], adv. : coquettishly. 
-quetterie 16 , /; coquetry, flirting; af- 
fectation; finicalness. 
coquii-lade 15 [Prox. -lada, wearing a 
hood (-le)],f.: tufted lark; blenny (fish). 
-Jage 15 , m.: mollusk, shellfish; sea or 
river shells. -lard 16 , m.: (formerly) 
egg-cup; conchitic rock. HcoquiJ^le^ 
[L. conchylium, 'shell' infl. by coque], f.: 
shell (of mollusks), cockle-shell; (shell- 
like thing :) egg-shell (esp. empty or open); 
husk ; sauce-dish ; arch ; spandrel (of stair- 
case); firepan ; lid ; thimble ; demy paper ; 
blister in bread-crust; (printer's) error: 
d boulet, bullet mould ; de St. Jacques, 
mollusk; portez vos s ailleurs, take 
your trash elsewhere, i.e. don't try to fool 
me with such stuff. 4^ 18 <&' P&in 
, blistered bread, "f-ler only in re- 
coquiller, Jier 16 , =iere, m,; 


collection; paint case; adj.: conchitic. 
-Ion 13 , m.: little shell; leaf -like silver. 

oo^quiw. 11 , =ine [? coq or L. coquina, 
kitchen], m., /.: fbeggar; rascal, scamp ; 

/.: (esp.) whore ; adj.: ver , tape-worm ; 
un air , tricky look ; fieffe, arrant 
knave; un heureux , a lucky devil; 
mon de neveu, my rogue of a nephew. 
-quinerie 13 , /. : knavery ; rascality. 
-qiiinefc 17 , =ette, m.,f.: little rogue. 

fcoquiole 15 [Prov. -lo (lit.) cuckoograss], 

/.: (dial.) wild oats. 

cor [L. cornu, horn], m.: HORN (of ani- 
mals, or made of ivory, tin, etc.) ; horn- 
blower; CORN (as on toes); pL: antlers 
(only in eerf (de) dix s, etc., five- 
pronger, i.e. six-year-old deer) : de 
chasse, French horn ; a et & cri, with 
hue and cry. 

coracoide 15 [Gr. korakoeides (korak, 
crow, eidos, form)], adj.: coracoid (beak- 
like process on the shoulder-blade). 

co^rail 11 , pi. =ancc [L. -rallium, Gr. ko- 
rdllion], m. : CORAL : des jar dins, all- 
spice. -railleur 17 , m.: coral-diver. 
-rallin 15 , =ine [L. -rallinus], adj.: 
fcoralline, red; /.: coralline (algae or 

corim 18 [Ar. qoran, (lit.) reading], m.: 
KORAN, bible of the Mohammedans. 

cor-beau 11 [OFr. eorp (L. -mis)], m.: 
raven; crow; corvus (constellation); 
(jest.) undertaker (who brings away the 
dead) ; grappling-iron ; anything like a 
crow's beak (hook on a pole to tear down 
walls ; jutting stone in a wall) : blanc, 
white- beaked vulture; de mer, cor- 
morant; de fer, iron rest for a 

corbeiile [L. -bicula, dim. of -Us, bas- 
ket], /.: basket (hence: clump, bed of 
flowers; space in the Bourse surrounded 
by railing; basket of flowers, by exten- 
sion the flowers themselves). 

tcorbigeau 15 , pi. & [corbeau, -geau 
(L. gallus)], m.: (dial.) curlew. 

corbttlard 15 [Town CorbeiZ], m.: boat 
or carriage (running between Paris and 
Corbeil) ; state carriage; hearse. 

corbii ja 15 [_-beau], m.: young crow. 

corbUlmi [-beille], m.: little basket; 
bread basket (on ships) ; crambo (game). 

cor^bin 11 [ak. to -beau], m.: fcrow; 
bec-de~ , battle-ax, -bine 17 , /. ; carrion- 

corbleii 11 [euphemistic for corps (de) 
Lieu], inter j.: oath something like "good 

corbule 18 [L. -la, little basket],/.: heart- 
cockle (sea-shell). 

foor-eelet = corselet. 

cor-da^e 18 , m.: =, rope; cording (meas- 



uring of wood). !l~de [L. chorda], f.: 
CORD (rope; chord; bow-string; measure 
for wood ; cord-like organs as spinal cord, 
vocal cords, or corded muscles): un homme 
de sac et de , a man fit to be drowned 
or hanged; ilfile sa , he will be hanged 
yet ; montrer la , be threadbare ; la 
sensible f sensitive point ; "fgrosse , main 
point ; cheval qui fait la , horse that 
shows its sinews, windbroken horse. 
-dean 12 , m.: little cord, string; rope; 
hangman's halter. f-dEle^ 15 [-deau], 
tr.: twist into a rope. * -dElette 18 
[rdette], f.: little string. -duller 12 , 
i.=iere [-delle], m., f.: t gray friar 
(who wore a knotted cord) ; sur la mule 
des 5, afoot. 2.-dEliere 15 [-delier], 
/.: monk's cord, girdle; vignette, -dz- 
line 17 [-delle], f.: selvedge; ferret (of 
glassworkers). -delle 11 , /.: tow-line. 
-der 12 , tr.: twist, make into a twist, or 
rope ; tie up ; measure (wood), -derie 12 
[-dier],f.: rope factory; rope business. 

cordia~l 14 , pi. =ano? [L. -lis (cor, heart)], 
adj.: = (of drinks'; hearty), -lement 18 , 
adv. : cordially, heartily. -lite^- 4 , /. : 

cordier 12 , =iere [-de], m., f.: rope- 
maker, or dealer. 

cordiforme 17 [L. cor, heart, forma,, 
shape], adj.: cordiform. 
or^doti- 11 [-de], m.: = (ornamental cord 
to show rank ; line of sentinels or forts ; 
jutting stone-course) ; strand of rope ; 
bell-rope, rope ; string (of bonnet, purse, 
shoes, apron, etc.); hangman's rope; milled 
edge of coin ; ligament, cord : grand , 
emblem (by extension, member) of the 
Order of the Holy Spirit, -donnage 18 , 
m.: perfecting (of the cordon, or milled 
edge of a coin-die). -donner 11 , tr.: 
twist (into rope). 

cordonnerie 12 [-Timer], /.; shoe-busi- 
ness, or store or factory; shoe-room (in 
certain buildings). 

cordonnet 15 [-dou], m.; CORD, braid, 
twist ; milling (of coins). 

cordonnier 12 , =iere [pop. etym. fr. OFr. 
cordouanier, worker in Cordova leather], 
m., f. : shoeman : en neuf, shoemaker ; 
en vieux, shoe-mender, cobbler. Cor- 
doue,/.: Cordova. 

fcoree = choree. 

coreligionnaire 18 [co-, religionnaire'], 
m. : coreligionist, one of same sect. 

coria^-ee 14 [L. -ceus (corium, leather) [, 
adj.: coriaceous, leatherlike, tough, -ee 17 
[L. -ceus], adj.: thick, leathery, -cite 18 , 
/. : toughness, thickness. 

tcoriambe= choriambe. 

coriandre 18 [L. -drum], /.; COBIANDEE 

154 corindon 

corindoTi 17 [E. Ind.], m.: CORUNDUM 

corifit/iien 15 [Corinth], adj. : Corinthian. 

fcoris = eauris. 

cor^-me 10 [? L. -nus, cornel-cherry], /.: 
sorb (fruit ol service-tree, mountain ash). 
-sue 15 , m.: sorb-cider. -mi- li! , m.: 

cormoraH 13 [OPr. corp, raven, moran, 
marine], m.: cormorant. 

cornae 16 [E. Ind.], m.: elephant driver. 

corna-eees 18 [L. -nus, cornel-cherry], /. 
pi. : dog-wood family. 

cor-nage 13 [-TIC?*], m. : ftooting (of a 
horn) ; * wheezing distemper (amongst 
horses, etc.). -naline 1 -, /.: carnelian- 
stone. i .-nard 12 , in. : one with horns ; 
(humor.) cuckold ; glassworker's hook (to 
lift crucibles) ; 2.-nard 18 , -arde [-Tier], 
adj. : wheezy, roaring, -narefc 17 [i .-nard], 
m.: uniGORN plant. i.||~ne [L. -nu],f.: 
BORN (of ox, snail, rhinoceros, devil, 
moon) ; plough handle ; dog's-ear of a 
book or card; horny substance as hoof: 
il entend de , he hears like horn, i.e. 
hears hard; d'abondance, cornucopia; 
donner un coup de a un cheval, bleed 
a horse by a punch in the palate. 2.-ne 
[L. -Tium], /.: cornel-cherry. -ne 17 
[i-ne], adj.: HORNY. 

i.corneati 16 [?], m.: dog (cross between 
mastiff and hound). 

2."j-cornean, creneau. 

corneenne 17 [-ne],f.: HORN-stone. 

cor-neiiiard 3 

m.: young crow. 

i .[{^nettle [p. L. *-nida (L. -nicula, 
dim. of -nix, crow], /. : crow : mantelee, 
or bedeaude, hooded crow; des clo- 
ehers, jackdaw ; layer aux s, gape and 
gaze, waste time. 

2.GorneUle 15 [ak. to -neole], /.: (vulg.) 
lysimachia, poley grass. 

coTneH-lon 17 [-le, crow], m.: young 

cor-neite 18 [-nee], f.: corneitis (inflam- 
mation of the cornea), -numenst 13 [-ner], 
m. : roaring (in the ears) ; droning (of a 
reed organ fr. an imperfect joint). -n- 
muse 12 [-Tie, horn, muse(tte)], /.; bag- 


corneole 15 [I. L. -la (?)],/.: (vulg.) dyer's 
weed, lysimachia. 

cor-ne^ 10 [-ne, HORN], tr. : 'trumpet ; bray ; 
roar, wheeze (as a sick horse); horn, 

-hook; make horny (as leather); dog-ear 
(leaves of book); intr.: sound, blow a 
horn ; fsmell bad (like burnt horn) ; 

'requete, excite, urge on dogs in hunting. 
-nzrotte 17 [-ne,],f.: (vulg.) owl. -net^ 3 
[-ne], m.: = (little horn; trumpet; cor- 

^net-stop of organs) ; (horn-shaped things :) 

"dice-box ; cornucopia ; vase ; spiral ; cone ; 

ear- trumpet : agiter le , shake the dice ; 
de mots, vertical planking about the 
foot of masts. -nEter 15 [-net], tr.: cup 
(a horse). f-nBtier 13 [-we], m.: horn- 
worker. -nett<? 13 [-fte],/.: CORNET, mob- 
cap (with big bow, like horns, under the 
chin); broad band (worn as badge in 
certain professions) ; swallow-tail pen- 
nant; ensign, standard, then the officer 
(cornet) bearing ensign, -n exile 18 [-nee], 
f. : facet (unit of the compound eye of in- 
sects). -newr 13 , =ejise, m., /.: horn- 
blower; adj.: cheval , wheezy horse. 
i.-nihe 16 [-ne], /.: flittle horn; (vulg.) 
water- nut, caltrop. 

2.corn.i-clie 15 [It -ce (? fr. Gr. koronis, 
wreath)],/.: CORNICE (ornamentation of a 
column ; scroll-work on a ship) ; narrow 
path (along precipice). 

cor-ni-ehgn- 15 [-ne, HORN); cucumber 
pickle; kind of grape; kind of mollusk; 
greenhorn, -nicule 15 [ne], f.: little 
horn ; cup (for cupping sick man), -ni- 
cule ls [-nieule], adj.: like a little horn. 
-nier 11 , =iere [-ne], adj.: at a CORNER; 

/ : corner-channel (of roofs that meet) ; 
angle-iron ; corner iron. 

eorni-la 15 [corneille, crow], m. ; young 
crow. i.-l<m H [corneille], m.: young 
crow; jackdaw. 

2.cor-niUm 18 [-ne, HORN], m.: bony core 
(of cow horn), -nion 17 [-ne], m.: point, 
end (of bownet). -niste 18 [cor], m.: 


Cornouailles, m. pi.: Cornwall: la 
Pointe de ~, Land's End. 

cor-nouiile 12 [p. L. -nuela (L. -nus fr. 
its horny hardness)], /.: GORNEL-cherry. 
-nou.iller u , m.: cornel-cherry tree, dog- 
wood. |f~au [L. -nutus (-nu, HORN)], adj. : 
HORNED: lievres s, horned hares, i.e. 
fantastic ideas ; raisons (visions) es, 
crazy reasons (visions) ; argument , the 
sophism : you have what you haven't lost ; 
you haven't lost horns, therefore you have 
horns ; cheval , horse with too prominent 
hips ; Ue , gram with spurs or beard. 
-nude 17 [Prov. -nudo], /.: bucket (with 
spout used in soap-works), -nue 14 [-nu], 
f.: wooden vessel for grapes; retort (of 
chemists, or in gas-works), -nuelle 17 
[-nu], f.: water caltrop (plant; cf. 
corniche). -nue* 15 [-nu], m.: bident, 
two - pronged fork ; bidens (plant) ; 

corol~laire 14 [L. -larium wreath (as 
present)], m.: corollary (an obvious in- 
ference); fnew argument. -le 17 [L. 
-la, dim. of corona, crown], /. : corolla of 
flower. -Ie 18 [-2e] adj.: corolla- like. 

i.coron 12 [?], m.: end (of iron bar cooled 
too soon) ; fluff (of wool). 



2.corcm 18 [?], m.: quarters (for coal- 

coro~na|re 15 [L. -narius (-na, crown)], 
adj.: coronary, -nal 15 , pi. =aux [L. 
-nalis] t adj. or m.: . -nelle 13 [L. 
-na], f. : wire-wing (of bobbin) ; tooth- 
holder (in weaver's combj. -ner 17 [EngJ, 
m.: =. -niile 17 [Sp. -nilla],/.: chick- 
weed. -nis 17 [L., fr. Gr. koronis],/.: 
(apostrophe ['] as sign of crasis ; a paraph 
or flourish). 

coronoide 17 [Gr. korone, crow, eidos, 
form], adj. : coronoid, beak-shaped. 

coronule 18 [L. -la, dim. of corona, 
crown], /. : (circle of spines at apex of 
tibia in certain insects). 

corosso~l 16 [? island Curagao],m.: custard 
apple : des marais, cork wood, alligator 
apple. -Her 17 , m.: custard apple-tree. 

corpo^ral 12 , pL =ataos [1. L. -rale (L. 
corpus^ body sc. of Christ)], m.: corporal- 
cloth (spread over the altar during com- 
munion service), -ralier* 13 , m.: case 
where communion cloth is kept, -ralite 13 
[L. -litas],f.: corporality, not spirituality. 
-ration 17 [Eng. (1. L. -ran, form a body)], 

/.: = (extent of a town; business asso- 
ciation). -reite 15 [1. L. -reitas], /.: cor- 
poreity, bodily existence, -r el u , =elle 
[L. -ralis], adj.: bodily, material, -rel- 
lemenfc 11 [-re/], adv.: corporally, bodily, 
materially, -rifier 16 [L. corpus, body, 
facer e, make], tr.': CORPORIFY, embody, 
give body to, materialise. 

cox-ps [L. corpus], m. : = (of an army), 
body ; person ; corpse : de maitres, 
faculty of a school ; <i son defendant, 
in self-defence, reluctantly; en , in a 
body ; a perdu, headlong, with might 
and main ; prendre d , seize, wrestle 
with ; se tuer le et I'ame, work one's 
self to death; un drole de , a queer 
chap ; un malin , mean fellow ; femme 
folle de son , woman wlio lives disorder- 
ly ; faire rentrer a quelqu'un ses paroles 
dans le , make one swallow his words, 
take back what he said ; les gardes du , 
body guards ; les petits , atoms (of Epi- 
cure); le calleux, corpus callosum of 
the brain ; inn qui a du , wine of good 
strength ; esprit de , (interest in the 
body one is member of, common spirit 
pervading an association of men), -pu- 
lenoe 13 [L. pulentia (-pus, body)], /.: 
, largeness of body. -pulenC 1 * [L. 
-pulentus], adj. : =, fat. Ikpus 16 [L.], m. : 
, body; holy bread (as being body of 
Christ) : le (juris), whole of Roman 
law. -puscnlaire 17 [-puscule], adj.: 
corpuscular, atomic, -puscule 13 [L. 
-pusculum], m.: corpuscle, atom, 

corre-ot 16 [L. -ctus (cum, together, rectus, 

right)], adj.: =. -ctEment 14 [-de], 
adv.: correctly, -ctera 1 ' 3 , =tri-ce [L. 

-etor], m., f. : corrector ; f punisher : 
d'imprimerie, proof-reader, -ctif 13 , =ive 
[1. L. -ctivus], adj.: corrective, tending 
to set right, or improve. -cti<m 12 [L. 
-ctio], f. : = (improvement, setting right ; 
emendations ; punishment, discipline ; cor- 
rectness ; proof-reading) : sauf , sub- 
ject to correction ; maison de , reform 
school for minors, -ctionnaliser 18 
[-ctionnel], tr.: bring (a crime) under 
penalty, -ctionnel 14 , =elle [-ction], 
adj. : haVg penalty, -ctionnellement 18 
[-ctionel], adv.: by way of prosecution. 
corre-gidor 1G [Sp. 'ruler'], m.: = 
(chief magistrate of a town). 

correla~tif 13 , =ive [1. L. -tivus (L. cum, 
with, relativus, connected)], adj.: cor- 
relative. -tion 16 [1. L. -foo], f.: =, 
reciprocal connection, -tivemetit 16 [-tif], 
adv. : in mutual relation. 

corres-pmtdan-ee 13 , /.: correspondence 
(likeness ; relation ; exchange of letters) ; 
harmony: voiture de , branch coach, 
transfer coach, -poitda^i 13 [L L. -pon- 
dens], adj.: correspondent; correspond- 
ing ; like ; guardian (over child away f r. 
home). ||~pondre 13 [L L. -pondere (L. 
cum, with, respondere, respond)], intr.: 
correspond (be like ; answer to, respond ; 
communicate by letter); transfer (take 
passengers fr. connected line). 

corridor 15 [It. -dore (correre, run)], m.: 
= (covered way around fortification; 
wide gallery or hallway). 

corri~ger 12 [L. -gere], tr.: CORRECT (set 
right; "read proof; punish), -gear 13 , 
m.: corrector (who makes changes indi- 
cated by proof-reader), -glble 12 , adj.: 
, not hopelessly bad. 

tcorrival 15 , pi. =aiiac [L. -Us (cum, with, 
rivalis, rival)], m.: RIVAL. 

corrobo-rant 15 , adj.: corroborating, 
establishing, -ratif 15 , =ive [-ration], 
adj.: corroborative, strengthening. H ~ra- 
ticm 12 [L. -ratio (cum, with, robur, 
strength ; lit. ' oak')],/-* ==, confirmation. 
,-rer 13 [L. -rare], tr.: fstrengthen (by 
medicine, etc.) ; corroborate, support by 

corro-dant 13 , m. or adj.: corrodent. 
||~der lS " [L. -dere (cum, with, rodere, 
gnaw)], tr.: corrode, consume, rust, eat 
away gradually. 

cor-roi 11 [-royer], m.: = (puddling, 
claying, plaster; cement for ship-hulls/ 
etc.); CURRYING (of leather); bench (to 
work cloth), -roierie 13 or" -roirie 
[-royer], f. : currier's shop, or business. 


pre 11 [L. -rumpere (cum, with,* 
, break)] (cf. rampre)} tr.: CX)fi- 



EUPT (spoil ; make worse ; bribe) ; modi- 
fy, change: le cuir, soften the 

teorrond = eoron. 

corro-sif &, =ive [L. -sivus (cum, with, 
rodere, gnaw)], adj. or m.: corrosive. 
-slow, 18 PJ. -sio],f.: = (rustiness; grad- 
ual decay). 

corro^yage 18 , m.: currying (of leather, 
etc.). ||~yer 10 [OFr. conreer, prepare], 
tr.: prepare; CUBBY (leather), work 
(iron) ; dress (wood) ; make mortar of ; 
puddle (plaster) ; coat over ; plaster 
(cisterns) : f les balles, squeeze the 
water out of printer's pads (so they will 
take ink better), -yere 18 , /.: sumac 
(shrub used in tanning), -year 12 , m.: 

corrude 15 [L. -da],/.: wild asparagus. 

corruga-teur 17 , =tri-ee, adj.: corrugant; 
77t.: corrugator (muscle which wrinkles 
the skin). H~tion, 13 (X. -tio (cum, with, 
ruga, wrinkle)], /.: =, muscular wrin- 

corrap-teur 13 , =triee [L, -teur f -trix], 
m.,f.: corruptor; briber; adj.: corrup- 
tive, vicious, -tibilite 14 [L. -tibilitas], 
/.: corruptibility, -tlble 12 [L. -tibilis], 
adj.: = (liable to spoil; open to bribery) ; 
m.: fimpurity, dirt. |[~tion u [L. -tio, 
cor-rumpere, break up],/.: =, bribery, 
vitiation (of health; of integrity; of a 
text ; of a person). 

fcors = cor. 

corsao 17 [fr. Buss.], m.: = (Asiatic 

corsage 11 [corps], m.: f = (waist gar- 
ment)*; woman's bust; tbody, person: 
leg gens de , serfs. 

cor-saire 14 [It. -saro (L. cursus, COURSE, 
run)], -fadj.: cruising, sailing; m.: cor- 
sair, pirate, robber: a , et demi, 
out-Herod Herod. 

cor-se 18 [corps], adj.: well-bodied, strong: 
drap , thick cloth ; vin , strong wine. 
-sslefc 11 [corps], m.: = (fbody armour; 
thorax of insects), -ser 15 [corps], tr.: 
tgrapple with ; (recently) spike (as wine, 
to put whiskey into it; strengthen). 
-set 12 [corps], m.: =; fwaist of a dress. 
-sEtier 18 , =lere [-set], m., /.: corset- 
dealer or maker. 

oor-tege 16 pt. -teggio (corte, court)], m.: 
= (pro'cession, esp. historical or symbolic). 
-tes 16 [SpJ, pi /,: = (national legisla- 

oor-tioal 17 , pL =atL [L. -tex, bark, rM, 
adj.: outer, exterior. -tieine 18 [L. 
-tex], f.: corticin (tannin obtained fr. 
vegetable rinds). 

oortine 17 \L. -na t cauldron, esp. one 
sacred to Apollo; anything spherical],/.: 


, CUBTAIN, veil (on margin of 

coruscation, 14 [L. -catio (-care, flash)], /. : 
=, scintillation. 

cor-veable 17 , adj.: subject to feudal 
duty; m.: base tenant. ||~vee n p. L. 
-rogata (L. -rogare, call together, f r. cum, 
with, rogare, ask)],/.: = (feudal obliga- 
tion, statute labor such as mending -roads); 
tiresome task. 

corvette 14 [L. -bita, freight ship (-bis, 
basket)],/.: = (war vessel of wood). 

corvides 18 [L. -vus, crow], m. pi.: cor- 
vidse, crow-family. 

cory^bartte 15 [L. Gr.-6as], m.: corybant, 
priest to Cybele. -"ba^tique 17 [Gr. 
-bantikos], adj.: corybantic, frenzied; /. 
pL: festival to Cybele. 

co^rvtH/be 15 [L. -rymbus, Gr. korumbos 
(korus, helmet)], m.: corymb, flower 
cluster. -ryWibifere 17 \L.ferre, bear], 
adj. : corymbif erous ; /, pi: the family 
of the corymb-bearing plants, -ryphee 15 
[L. -phaeus, Gr. koruphafos (koruphe, 
head)], m.: corypheus, chorus leader; 
leader of a ballet; (in irony) leader. 
-ryza 13 [L. ; Gr.kdruza, cold in the head], 
m.: = (nasal catarrh, common cold); 
similar affection in animals. 

cosaque 16 [Russ. kosaku], m.: Cossack; 
(jam.) brutal man; /.: fcosaque (dance). 

cosecaitte 17 [co-, s$cante], /.: cosecant, 
secant of the complement of an angle. 

coseigrneur 16 [co-, seigneur], m.: joint- 
owner or lord (of feudal property). 

cosit/iiataire 18 [co-, signataire], m.,f.: 
fellow-signer, joint signer. 

cosinus 17 [co-, L. sinus, curve], m.: 
cosine (of angle). 

cos-metique 15 [Gr. kosmetikos, ornamen- 
tal], adj. or m.: cosmetic; /.: art of 
using cosmetics, ll^miqwe 15 [Gr. kdsmos, 
order; world], adj.: cosmic; cosmical: 
I'espace , space where heavenly bodies 
are ; lever d'une etoile, rising of a 
star close with the sun. -mogonie 17 
[Gr. -mogonia (gdnos, birth)], /.: cos- 
mogony, theory of the origin of the world. 
-mogoniqite 18 [-mogonie], adj.: cosmo- 
gonic. -mographe 13 [L. -mographus, 
fr. Gr.], m.: cosmographer. -mogra- 
phie 15 [L. -mographia, Gr. kosmograpMa], 
f. : cosmography, description of the world. 
-mologie 17 [Gr. kosmologia], /.: cos- 
mology,* science or theory of the world. 
-mologique 17 [Gr. kosmologikos], adj.: 
cosmological. -mopolite 15 [Gr. kosmo- 
polites (potties,^ citizen)], adj.: cosmo- 
politan; m.: citizen of the world, cos- 
mopolite, one at home anywhere, -mopo- 
litisme 18 [-mopolite], m.: cosmopolitan- 
ism, broadmindedness. -morama 18 [Gr* 


horama, view (koran, see)], m.: = (exhibi- 
tion of views fr. over the world). 

fcos-sats 15 , m. pL: (dial.) pod-heap. 
||~se u [?],/.: pod; husk; (nav.) anti- 
chafing ring, thimble; upper layer (of 
slate-quarry) : parchemin en , rough, 
unfinished sheepskin. 

cosset* 15 [It. -zzare], intr.: butt, bunt. 

i.cosscm 15 [-ssus], m.; cossus, larva of the 
bombycid moth ; weevil. 

a.cosson, 17 [?], m.: shoot (of vine after 

cossu 13 [-sse], adj.: (dial.) podded, hav*g 
husks ; (/am.) well-off ; rich. 

oos-tal 15 , pi. =anaj [L. -ta, rib], adj.: . 
t-tiere = cotiere. 

costn.~ine 16 [It. fr. L. consuetude], m.: 
= (f CUSTOM; dress; style of dressing; 
wardrobe, outfit of clothing), -mer 17 , 
tr.: costume, dress. -xnier 18 , =xere, 
m.,/.: costumer. 

cotimge.nte 17 [co-, tangent],/.: cotangent. 

cote 13 "p.. L. quota (L. quotus, how much)], 

/.: quota, proportion; quotation (of stock); 
rank; number; figure: -fune maltaillee, 
an approximate estimate. 

9~te [L. costa, rib],/.; rib (of the body; 
of a ship ; ridge) ; COAST ; side ; slope : 

faire , strike bottom ; etre a, la , be 
stranded, -te 10 , m.: right or left half; 
side; flank; direction: le de Vepitre 
(de Vevangile), right (left) of the altar ; 
(old) le de la campagne (de la mile), 
right (left) of the stage ; (now) le cour 
(fdu roi), the right of the stage; le 
jar din (de la reine), the left of the stage; 
ft de t near ; aside ; du de, towards ; 
ci , away off ; de ,- obliquely, askance ; 
at one side, alone, co-teari 15 , pi. as, 
m.: hillock; vineyard; member of the 
ordre des x, wine club (Of seventeenth 
century), -tele 11 , adj.: =, ribbed, hav*g 
many sides, -telette 13 , /.: =, CUTLET, 
chop, co-teline 18 [?], /.; = (muslin 
fabric usually corded). 

cotepalis 18 [?], m.: cloth (of silk and 
goat hair). 

coter 14 [-te], tr.: QUOTE (stocks, assess- 
ments ; passage fr. a book, etc.); number; 
assess ; grade, graduate. 

f cotere* = cotret. 

coterie 18 [-tier],/.: (old) cotters (of one 
landlord) ; inheritance (subject to a tax) ; 
club, =. 

cotTmrne 15 [L. -nus], m.: cothurnus, 
buskin ; loop, strap (of a shoe). 

coti^ee 14 [?], /.; (her.) narrow band 
(diagonal fr. right to left), -ee 16 , adj.: 
having bands. 

cotter 15 , =iere [OFr.,COT], adj.: subject 
to a vassal tax. 

i.=iere [-te], adj.: of the 

cou 15? 

COAST ; hilly : (cheval) , horse for Mils ; 
(pilote) , coasting pilot ; fleuve , river 
in a basin. 2.-tiere u [-ie], /. ; (old) slope, 
hill-side; fcoast; (now) shelving garden 
bed ; half (of a mould for lead pipe) ; side 
rock (in furnace or chimney). 

co-tierement 15 [~ter], adv.: by feudal 
title, or tenure. 

coti^nac 13 [Prov. coudougnat,L. cotoneum, 
QUINCE (fr. city Oydonia)], m. : , quince 

cotillon, 14 [-tie], m.: petticoat; girl, 
woman; bloomer-like drawers; = (dance). 

cotiw, 16 [L. -tinus], m.: fustet, Cuba wood, 
Venetian sumac. 

cotinga 17 [S. Am.], m.: = (bird). 

cotiqwe 18 [?], m.: univalve mollusk. 

tcotir 12 [? ak. to cosser], tr.: bunt; bruise. 

coti-sation 15 , /.: quota; assessment. 
ll^ser- 15 [cote], tr.: (old) assess; (now) 
se , contribute, club together. 

fcotissure 17 [-tir],f.: bruise (on fruit). 

co~t<m n [fr. Ar.], m.: cotton; down: 

filer mauvaise , have poor health, have 
hard luck, -tonnade 18 , /.: = (cheap 
cotton cloth), -tonner 14 , tr.: (old] 
furnish with cotton; (now) cover with 
down; make spongy, -tonnerie 17 [-ton- 
nier],f.: cotton plantation, -tonnette 18 , 

/.: kind of cotton cloth, -tonneiw? 2 *, 
=epse, adj.: downy, cottony; pithy, 
spongy, i.-tonnier 15 , m.: cotton-plant. 
2.-tonnier 18 ,=iere, adj.: cotton, -ton- 
niere 15 , /.; cotton-weed, -tonnlne 15 , 

/.: sail-cloth (of cotton). 

cotoyer u [_-te], tr. : fgo side by side with ; 
coast, sail along ; approach. 

cotre 18 [fr. Eng.], m.: CUTTER (ship). 

cotret 13 [?], m.: fagot; stick; slat. 

cottage 18 [Eng.], m.: =. 

i.cotte 18 Q. L. -ttus], m.: miller's thumb 

2.cot~te n [ak. to Ger. kotze, rug], /.: 
f cloak; petticoat: morte, property a 
monk leaves, f-terow, 16 , m.: little skirt. 

cotttere 17 [?],/.; (thick) bar (of iron). 

cotutenr 15 , =triee [eo-, tuteur], m.,/..* 

coty~le ls [Gr. kotule, cavity], m.: = 
(bone-socket; measure half-pint), -le- 
dm 15 [Gr. kotuled6n, socket], m.: coty- 
ledon (embryonic leaf ; area of the uterine 
placenta), -ledone 18 [-ledon], adj.: 
cotyledonous. -let 17 [Gr. kotule], m.: 
house-leek, -loide 17 [Gr. eido*, form], 
adj.: cuj>-shaped. 

cou [L. eoUum], m.: neck: de-pied t 
instep; de eygne, crane-neck (curved 
bottom of carriage for front wheels) ; 
de chameau, narcissus (plant); VUme, 
fallow-finch; yaune, warbler (of St. 
Domingo); -coupe, grosbeak (of 

r 158 couac 

gal) ; -tors, wry-neck ; prendre ses 
jambes a son , flee precipitately. 

conac 15 [echoic], m.: QUACK, false note. 

couagga 17 [echoic], m.: QUAGGA, kind of 

c<m-aLZle 10 [queue, tail], /.: tail-wool, 
breech-wool ; backwater arm (of pond). 
lizard 10 [queue, tail], adj.: COWAED (turn- 
ing tail; cowardly); m.: poltroon; rump, 
haunch ; head (of scythe blade), -ards- 
meif la , adv.: cowardly, -ardise 10 ,/.: 

cou-eliant 11 , adj.: , couching; setting; 
m.: west : Men , setter ; faire le chien 
, cringe, -eke 11 ,/.: couch (bed, floor; 
layer ; first coat of paint) ; marriage-bed ; 
child-bed, confinement; swaddling clothes; 
stakes, bet; cheek-piece (of a gun): fausae 
, miscarriage, --elie 15 , adj.: =, lying 
down, 15 , /.: fsleeping; lodging 
station. i.||~-elier [L. collocare, place 
together], tr.: couch (cause to lie down; 
put to bed ; deposit ; lay ; layer ; lay on ; 
write down; bet, wager); Mr.: be abed, 
lodge, sleep : se , set (of sun, stars, 
etc.) ; en joue, aim, aim at ; gros, 
bet heavily; par ecrit, put in black 
and white ; (/am.) allez vous , be off 
with you ; f de, pretend to ; d'impos- 
ture, impose on one by lying, z.-eh&r 15 , 
m.: going to bed; sleeping; f lodging; 
bed ; setting : le petit , the time a king 
withdraws and prepares for bed. -ehe- 
rie 18 ./.: (pop.) sleeping (with a woman). 
-ehette 13 ,/.: little bed: -fmignon de , 
young gallant, -chenr 15 , =iise, m.,/.: 
bed-fellow ; coucher (of paper pulp) ; /. : 
woman coucher (in Alengon lace), -ehis 16 , 
pi. , m. : bed (for paving) ; layer (to 
form a new plant) ; lathing ; boards (of 
the trusswork of a vault), -choir 16 , m.: 
tool (for handling gold-leaf), -elmre 17 , 

/. : couching (of steel comb-teeth ; of the 
first threads in lace-making). 

co-a-ei.-coii.-ei 16 [It. cosl cosi], adv.: 
so so. 

eou^cou 11 [echoic], m.: cuckoo; cuckoo 
clock; any wooden clock; cry (of chil- 
dren at hide-and-seek) ; barren straw- 
berry plant; Parisian buggy (for travel- 
lers). -couer 16 , intr.: utter cuckoo cry. 

cou.ooiun.elie 18 [Prov. -melo (? ak. to L. 
cucumer, cucumber)], /.: kind of mush- 

coucourelle 18 [Prov. -relo (ak. to coque 
f r. its red interior)], /. : kind of fig. 

cou~de [L. cubitus], m.: elbow (angle; 
turn ; bend) : lever or hausser le , be 
fond of drink ; jouer des s, elbow one's 

way. -dee 11 , /.: =, CUBIT; eighteen 

inches; elbow-room, -der 14 , tr.: bend, 

put an elbow into, -doiemen* 18 [-doyer], 


m.: elbowing, shoving, -doyer 15 , tr.: 
elbow, jostle ; touch, join with. 

coudraie 11 [i.-dre],/.: hazelnut thicket. 

f coudraji, etc., goudron, etc.<mdre [p. L. *coluru$ (L. corylus)], 
m.: hazelnut bush. 

2.coudre [p. L. *cosere (L. con-suere, 
sew together)], irr. ; tr. : sew ; stitch 
together; bind with wire or willow; fix 
to ; nail fast : la bouche, keep a close 
mouth, keep silent ; joues cousues, thin, 
sunken cheeks ; un visage cousu de petite 
verole, a pock-marked face. 

Ind. : Pr. couds, cmids^ coud; cousons, 
cwesez, consent. Ipf. cousais. Pret. cousis. 
Fut. (Cond.) coitdrai\s). Subj. : Pr. cause. 
Ipf. cousisse. I've couds. Part. : Pr. cou- 
sant ; P. coitsit, 

, m.: soaking (of hides to 
loosen hair). Udre?* 15 [? ak, to chau* 
diere~\, tr.: soak (prepare for tanning). 

cou~drette n [i -dre] t f. : flittle hazelnut 
bush; hazel- thicket, -drier 15 [i.-dre], 
m.: hazelnut bush. 

conen~ ne kwan [p. L. *cutinna (L. cutis, 
skin)], /.: pig-skin; porpoise-skin; yel- 
lowish, jaundice skin; buffy coat (of 
blood) ; false membrane (in diseases of 
the throat) : une de lard, rind of ba- 
con. -nu# 17 , =ijse, adj.: buffy. 

couet 14 [ecoute, rope], m.; sheet (rope at 
the lower corner of a sail). 

i.oonette kwat [L. culcita], f.: feather- 
bed ; cushion, socket. 

s.fcouette 12 [queue],/.: little tail. 

conffe 17 [ak. to coffin],/.: flexible basket- 
work (for cotton, coffee, etc.). 

cotiguar 17 [fr. Brazilian], m.: cougar, 

coui 17 [Creole word], m.: calabash tree. 

fcouier 17 [queue], m.: (dial.) pa(i)nter 
(rope at bow to tie up skiff). 

comtlarci 14 , adj.: (low) well hung (hav*g 
large testicles); m.: beam (each of two 
timbers supporting dome of windmill) ; brail 
(to truss up middle of a sail). ||cou-iLe 
[p. L. *colia (L. coleus) sheath], '/.: 
(low) cod (scrotum): de-loup, house- 
leek. conillqn^, m.: (low) testicle; 
teat (made in a sail to attach a line); 
projection (on an anchor shaft, to fit 
grooves and hold anchor steady) ; runner 
block (for rope) : -de-chien, stander- 
wort ; ~de-pretre f prick-wood. 

con~lage 16 [-ler], m.: leakage; draw- 
ing off,* pouring; waste, -lammewt 16 
[-lant], adv.: fluently. J.-lattt 11 \-Ur\ 
adj.: running; fluent; flowing: nceud , 
slip-knot. 2.-lan 15 [-ler], m.: runner; 
slide (a sliding ring, locket, weight, etc. ; 
groove, place, or object where a thing 
slides) : d'une lampe, burner of a lamp. 

coulavan 17 [Chinese], m. : kind of oriole. 


fcoule [L. cuculla], f.: cowl, monk's 

cou-le 17 [-ler], m.: molten metal, cast; 
= (slide in dancing ; slur in music ; run- 
ning together of letters) ; push (at bil- 
liards). -lee lfi [-ler], /.: flow, flux; , 
lava stream ; cursive script ; repair (of a 

tcoulemelle 15 or f-motte [ak. to colon- 
ne], /.: kind of mushroom. 

co-a-lejn&nt 15 , m.: fflow (of liquids); 
glizade (gliding stroke in fencing). ||~ler 
[L. colare, strain (eolum, strainer)], ir.: 
pour ; cast (metals) ; drain ; leach ; make 
leak and sink ; drown ; exhaust ; while 
away, scald, bleach (wash with lyewater) ; 
slur over, glide over; slide over; pass 
over ; transfer, put ; reft. : spread ; be- 

f come current, transpire; slide; intr.: 

' flow, be abundant ; drip ; leak ; sink ; be 
drowned; run; glide; sneak; drowned 
(by rains) creep : une affaire, investi- 
gate or discuss an affair thoroughly ; un 
homme coule, a used-up man ; une taille, 
engrave parallel lines, -leresse 15 , /.: 
(old) strainer; (now) vat. -le-s&ng 15 
[I've of -ler], m.: Martinique viper. 
-lette 17 ,/.: spindle (for winding spools or 
bobbins) ; (Garonne river) hoop-net. 

conlenr JL. color], /.: color (tint, hue; 
complexion; paint; show, appearance; 
pretence, disguise ; flag ; badge) ; livery ; 
fib: Us pales s, green sickness; de 
quelle tourne-t-il ? what is trumps ; 
donner de la , follow suit ; nommer la 
, make the trump (at ombre) ; prendre 
, stake and cut (the cards at lansque- 
net) ; peindre a pleines s, paint with a 
full brush ; 1 J affaire prend , the matter 
begins to show improvement. 

con~lenvre [p. L. *colobra, L. colubra], 
/.: COLUBER, adder: avaler des s, show 
great forbearance, -lenvrean 15 , m.: 
young snake, -leuvree 15 , /: white 
briony. -lenvrm 16 , =ine, adj.: colu- 
brine, snake-like. -lEvrine 13 , /.: CUL- 
VERIN (cannon) : sous la , within range. 

couli 16 [servant caste in India], m.: 
COOLIE (Chinese or Indian contract labor- 
er, porter or menial in employ of for- 

con-linage 18 ,m.: singeing. H^liner 18 
[? -ler],lr\: singe (trees with torches on 
account of insects). 

con^lis 11 , =sse [-ler], adj.: vent coulis, 
draft of wind ; m. : grout (fluid metal, mor- 
tar, etc., to be poured in to fill up chinks 
and holes) ; groats, porridge, -lisse, 
/.: coulisse (grooved timber; theatre 
slide; space between slides; purlieus of 
the theatre) ; behind the scenes ; un- 
authorized part of the stock exchange; 



board, case, drawer, etc., sliding in a 
groove ; port-GULLis ; fold (for curtain 
rod ; for drawstring) : faire les yeux en 
, look slyly at one ; de galee, print- 
er's galley, -lisse 16 , adj.: (her.) haVg 
a port-CULLis. -lisseau 14 , m.: groove 
(for bed rollers, for drawers ; tongue for 
a groove) ; guide (to keep roller, slide, 
etc., in place), -lisse r ls , tr.: groove. 
-iissier 18 , m.: stock-jobber (non-licensed 
exchange broker), -lissoire 17 [-sser],f.' 
grooving-tool, groover. 

f coul-melle, -matte see coulemelle, etc. 

con-loir 13 [-ler], m.: side-entrance, pas- 
sage-way; log-slide, milk-strainer; f bile- 
duct; iglizade (in fencing), -loire 12 
[~ler],f.: sieve, strainer; funnel; draw- 
plate (in making pins). 

fconlcm [L. columbus], m.: (dial.) 

conlotte 18 [-ler], f.: slide (where the 
lead plate is lifted fr. the mould). 

conlpe [L. culpa], f.: t^istake; sin: 
dire sa , confess one's sins ; "battre sa 
, repent (beating one's breast). 

cou-lare 13 [-ler], /.: :=, drowning (loss 
of pollen by rain) ; leakage, spilling ; 
sinker : s oTune seine, leaded up-and- 
down cords of a seine. 

conmaiile 18 [?], /.: rock (fr. coal 

conmaron 17 [Guiana], m.: =, Tonka 

conmier 17 [Guiana], m.: cuma tree. 

cou2> [p. L. *coiapus (L. colaphus)], m.: 
blow (stroke, hit, knock ; cuff ; kick) ; 
act, motion of a limb or instrument ; shot 
(discharge of a firearm) ; clap of thunder 
slash, cut; pinch; push, thrust; haul of 
a seine ; pull ; poke at the fire ; play of a 
machine ; throw at dice ; move at chess ; 
crunch of the jaws, bite ; crack of a whip ; 
beat of a drum ; time ; attempt : d'ceil, 
cast of the eye, (jig.) glance, look ; ogle ; 
sight ; aspect ; penetration ; bird's-eye 
view ; de grace, mercy stroke, finishing 
stroke, death-blow; de temps, sudden 
occasion; de jarnac, treacherous or 
unexpected blow; faire double, kill 
two birds with one stone ; porter , have 
its effect; donner un de mains (or 
d'epaules) a, lend a helping hand to ; 
donner un de ckapeau, tip one's hat ; 
de feu, shot ; shot-wound ; great heat ; 
scorch j busy time; etre dans son de 
feu, be very busy ; de tete, act of des- 
peration, sudden resolution, impulse; 
de mattre, master-stroke ; d'essai, first 
trial, effort ; < d'etat, =, stroke of state 
policy ; de main, surprise, attack ; 
de theatre, dramatic turn ; unexpected step; 
clap-trap ; boire un , take a sip, (Jig:) 



drown; tout d'un , all of a sudden; 
revolver a six s, six-shooter ; amorti, 
spent shot; de partie, decisive blow; 
de revers, back-stroke ; de sang, 
apoplectic stroke ; d'air, a cold ; a 
perdu, in vain ; sur , one after an- 
other, without stopping; apres , too 
late; d sur, to a certainty; de 
cannon a Peau, shot between wind and 
water; fourre, mutual stab (where 
each wounds the other). 

cou~pable [L. culpabilis], adj.: culp- 
able; sinful; guilty; m., /.: CULPRIT. 
-pablBmew,* 18 , adv.: culpably. 

cou-page 1 * [-per],m.: f cutting; diluting. 
-pant 1 * 5 , =%nte [-per], adj.: cutting, 
sharp; m.: edge (of a blade), i-pe 11 
[-per], f. : cutting (of hay ; of wood ; of 
cards) ; cut (of pattern of garment ; of 
hair); style; division; section: mettre 
un bois en reglee, apportion woods for 
cutting (so much to be cut each year), 
(fig.) impose on one constantly; aeheter 
un melon a la , plug melon before pay- 
ing for it; nager a la , swim sailor- 
fashion; faire sauter la , restore ^the 
cards after the cut; etre heureux & la 
, win by cheating ; etre sous la de 
quelqu'un, play first at cards, be at a dis- 
advantage ; (fig.) be dependent on some 
one ; de verre, lump of molten glass (on 
the blower's pipe). 

2.coupe [L. cuppa], f: CUP (drinking 
vessel ; f communion cup ; wine) ; basin 
of a fountain : il y a loin de la aux 
tivres, there is many a slip twixt the cup 
and the lip. 

coupe 17 [-per], m.: = (carriage arched 
for the front wheels; front compart- 
ment of French diligence or of railway 
coach; coupee); rise (in the bridge 
of a ship over the cabin) ; one quarter of 
a shield; slash; staccato note: -lit, 
sleeping-car ; berth in sleeper, i .-peau 12 , 
pi. <c [-per], m. : CHIP, shaving (fof wood ; 
fr. an engraver's tool); sheet (of five 
playing cards in process of manufactur- 

2.fcoupeaTi 11 , pi. a? [2.-jpe], m.: top, 

tconpe~ [couper]: t-bourgeow/ 17 , m.: 
(dial.) vine-grub, -bourse 15 , m.; cut- 
purse; thief, -eercle 16 , m.: measur- 
ing compasses ; round-punch. ~ehouac 13 , 
m.: cabbage-cutter (case-knife; menial). 
-cors 18 , m.: (toe) corn-cutter, ^-cnl 16 , 
adv.: (Jam.) jouer d , play game of 
cards without revenge. coupee 17 
[part, of couper], f.: rise (over cabin, 
cf. coupe), -fau-eitle 17 , m.: (dial.) 
lion's-mouth, snap-dragon (plant), -file 18 , 
pi , m,: pass (cutting the line of car- 


riages at a reception), -fom 18 , pi. , 
m.: mowing-machine, -gazon. 17 , pi. , 
m.: turf- or sod-cutter (machine). 
-gor^e 12 , pi. , m.: , cut-throat 
place ; cutlas ; curved timber (under the 
head of a ship); f(term at lansquenet) 
when the dealer leads, dealer loses all; 
sweeps all. 

coupeUloV 7 l? rov - -payoun (?)], m.: 

coupe-- [couper] : -jarret 15 , m.: cut- 
throat ; assassin (who approaches fr. 
behind). -lande 18 , /.: heavy hoe. 
-legumes 18 , pi. , m.: vegetable knife. 

coupel-lation 17 [-ler], f.: cupellation, 
assaying. f|~le 14 [coupe, GUP], f.: CUPEL; 
powder ladle, charger (of gunners) ; ttest. 
-ler 17 , tr.: cupel, cupellate. 

cou-pe-mariage 18 , pi. , m.: thread- 
guide (to prevent threads touching in 
winding silk fr. the cocoon). -pe- 
paUle 17 , pi. ,m.: straw-cutter, -pe- 
p$te, pi. , m.: dough-knife, -pe- 
queue 16 , pi. , 7ft, : docking-knife ; 
(leather-dresser's) tail-trimmer ; (chan- 
dler's) evener. |I~per 10 [coup], tr.: cut 
(divide, sever ; carve ; slice ; chop ; trim ; 
clip, shear; amputate; castrate; pass 
through; cross; stop, shut off; inter- 
rupt) ; dilute, adulterate (liquids) ; break 
(as cloth or leather) : le sifflet a 
quelqu'un, cut one's throat ; (Jam.) make 
one keep mum ; pour court, in short ; 
se , be galled ; (of horses) to interfere ; 
se la gorge, fight a duel ; court ft 
quelqu'un, cut one off short; ^par le 
plus court, take the shortest cut ; dans 
lepont (or dedans), get into the trap. 
-pe-ra-eines 18 , pi. , m.: root- breaker 
(for cutting up turnips, etc.). -peret 15 , 
m.: chopping-knif e ; (enameler's) file; 

i.coupero-se 12 [?], /.: COPPERAS: 
lleue (blanche, verte), blue (white, green) 
vitriol. 2.-se 15 [? same as i ],/.: stone- 
pock. -se 1 * 5 [z-se], adj.: blotched (by 

foou-peru 17 pmv. of -per, ru, brook], 
m.: (dial.) little seine, -pe-seve 18 , pi. 
, m. : girder (to deaden trees). 

coupet 18 [? OFr., summit], m.: (cone- 
shaped) sea-shell, 

fcoupetee, -ter see coptee, -ter. 

cou-pe-tete 18 [-per], fheadsman; leap- 
frog. -peur 12 , =euse [-per], m., f.: 
cutter; (esp.) tailor; vintager; hound 
(that takes short cut to head off game) ; 
clipper, trimmer ;/. ; bee (that cuts leaves) : 
de bourse, pickpocket ; d'eau, cut- 
water; scissor-bill. -jis 18 [-per], m.: 
riser (of the Pont coupe). 

cou-plage 17 [-pier], m,: (joined) pair (of 


boats on the Loire); one-sixteenth one sec- 
tion (of a log float), ||cqu~ple [L. copula], 

/.: copula, tie, bond; couple, two; m.: 
pair (man and wife; twins; two friends: 
male and female ; yoke of oxen ; span O'L 
horses ; two hooks to a line, etc.) ; two 
parallel forces (acting on a lever), -pier* 11 , 
tr.: couple (unite, join, put together). 
-plet 13 , m.: = (two rhyming lines; a 
song of such rhymes) ; tirade ; hinge. 
-plEter 17 [-plet], tr.: satirize one (in 
couplets), -pliere 17 , /.: willows (hold- 
ing raft together). 

coupoir 13 [-per], m.: cutting instrument 
(knife ; shears ; blade ; dressing bench ; 
folder; worm; groover; puncher-chisel; 
mortise machine). 

coupole 16 pt. cupola (cupa, cup)], /.: 
cupola, dome. 

con-port 11 [-per], m.: = (part cut off or 
to be cut off ; remnant of cloth ; share or 
dividend warrant ; ticket, note) ; division, 
section, of a raft. -pure 13 [-per],/.: 
= (passage cut through a glacis; ditch 
behind a breach) ; cut ; break ; water- 
trench; fractional part; bank note (of 
low denomination). 

eour [p. L. *curs, L. cohors, cors, pen, yard], 

/.: COURT (residence of a ruler; state 
council ; court council ; government , vas- 
sals, or retinue of a sovereign ; homage ; 
courting, obsequious attention; palace; 
tribunal; hall; seat of judgment, law 
court; judicial body; yard, enclosure); 
(dial) f country estate; testate of a 
sovereign: -basse, poultry yard; de 
comptes, audit office; du roi Petaud, 
Bedlam, where everybody talks; hors de 
, out of court, non-suited; m.: dis- 
missal, non-suit ; pleniere, full court 
of the king; (/am.) great crowd; 
d'assises, criminal court; le cote , left 
of the actor; I'eau benite de , empty 

courable 18 [-rir], adj.: bete , beast 
that may be hunted. 

fcourade 17 [?],/.: (dial) sardine. 

coura~ge 10 [c&ur], m.: = (heart; brav- 
ery, daring ; will, resoluteness, spirit) ; 
fdisposition : tenir son deux mains, 
summon up all one's courage, -geuse- 
mew/t 12 , adv.: courageously, -geuos 11 , 
=.use, adj.: courageous. 

feourai, -rayer see corroi, corroyer. 

cou-railler 18 [-rir], intr.: run back and 
forth; (fam.) lead an irregular life. 
-ramment 11 , adv.: fluently, easily. 
||~rant 10 , =ante [-rir], adj.: current 
(running ; present ; usual ; ordinary, regu- 
lar) ; fluent; flowing; lineal, length; m.: 
current, stream (of air, water, etc.); 
length ; runner (moving rope in a pulley) ; 

ccurge 161 

/.: running-hand; upper millstone; cou- 
rant (dance) ; (low] diarrho3a : main e, 
day-book, blotter; monnaie e, current 
coin; Hire , title (repeated on every 
page) ; etre au , keep up with the times ; 
be well informed ; se mettre au , pay 
one's debts ; compte , standing account ; 
prix , market price. -rantiUe 17 
[Prov. -rrentilko],/.: drifting seine (for 
tunny). -raft-tin, 17 , =ine, m., /.: un- 
stable person ; errand-boy ; line-rocket. 

courba-ehe 18 [fr. Turk.], /.; courbash, 
bastinado whip. 

courlbaril 16 [?], m.: = (locust-tree; gum 

courbaton 16 [Sp. curvaton, Eng. curve], 
m.: futtock. 

courba~tu 14 [court, battu], adj.: knocked 
up, over-fatigued, bruised ; foundered 
(as horses) ; lumbaginous. -ture 15 , /. ; 
over-fatigue, extreme lassitude ; founder ; 
lumbago, -turer- 18 [-ture], tr.: knock up, 
tire, wear out. 

cour~be [p. L.*eurbus (L.curvus)], adj.: 
CURVED, rounded ; /. : curve (any curved 
object ; railroad curve ; arch ; curved 
beam ; curve pattern ; double-tree ; joint, 
elbow; knee); windgall; stifle; curb (of 
horses) : a double courbure, tortuous 
curve; rampante, string-board (of 
stairs). -luanen 15 [-ber], m.: bend; 
bending, -"her [L. curvare], tr., intr.: 
bend, curve, -bet 18 , m.: bow (of pack- 
saddle); large pruning bill. -bEton 17 
[-bet], m.: (dial.) yoke pin. -bette 13 , 

/. : curvet (of horses) ; pcraping and bow- 
ing (of persons). -"better 16 [-bette], 
intr.: curvet, prance. -"bure 15 [-ber], 

f. : curve, curvature ; arch ; sagging. 

courcail~ler 18 [echoic], intr.: cry (as 
quails), -let 14 , m.: cry (of quail). 

fcour-ce 17 [ak. to accourcir (L. curtus, 
short)], /.: trimmed stalk (of vine). 
f~eet 18 [OFr. acourcier, shorten], m.: 

fcour-eive = coursive. 

coupon 13 [court], m.: trimmed vine or 
branch; short bar; pile, stake; (gun 
mould) hoop, band. 

coureau 16 [-rir], m.: yawl (for fishing or 
lighterage) ; channel, pass(between islands). 

i.fcouree = corroi. 

2.fcouree u [coeur], /.: (dial.) fentrails. 

coureur 11 , =ejjse [-rir], m.,f.: runner 
(any animal that runs much or rapidly, 
cursorial bird, etc.; esp. race-horse, or 
driver ; bootman, valet ; messenger) ; 
scout ; deer hunter in Canada ; frequenter 
esp. of vile places ; bad character ; layer, 
course (a thing lying lengthwise of some- 
thing else) : jtton , surface vein of coal. 

iroourge pj. cucurbita] f f.: GOURP, 

162 co-urge 

2.ccmr~ge 24 [? ak. to courbe], /.: yoke 
(for carrying two buckets) ; console, 
bracket (for chimney- mantle), i.-gee 13 , 
/.: yoke-load. 

2.courgee 18 [? OFr. corgiee, thong]; /.: 
trellise'd branch or vine. 

couri** 13 [courre], irr.; intr.: run 
(move rapidly; speed ; hurry; rush ; race ; 
flow; pass; circulate; sail; spread); tr.: 
make run (chase ; risk ; travel over ; 
overrun) ; attend, frequent ; look over, in- 
spect ; sail ; extend along : apres son 
argent, try to recover lost bets ; en cou- 
rant, quickly ; faire une sante, make a 
toast go around, make all guests drink a 
health; les appointements courent du 
premier Janvier, the obligations must be 
met the first of January; il court Le 
cachet, he gives lessons in town ; les 
files, run after women ; la poste, jour- 
ney rapidly ; (fig.) act with great haste ; 

des lords, or bordees, tack ship ; (fig.) 
to go fr. wineshop to wineshop ; le bon 
lord, attack a merchantman for booty ; 
devancer en eourant, out-run ; a I'hopi- 
tal, be ruining one's self ; la pretan- 
taine, gad about. 

Ind. : Pr. conrs, etc. Pret. counts. Fut. 
(Cond.) courrai(s}. Subj. : Pr. coure. Ipf. 
courusse. I've cours. Part. : Pr. eourant ; 
P. cauru. 

courlieti. 1 ' 2 [echoic], or courlis, m.: 

curlew (bird). 

fcouroi corroi. 

cou-roir 16 [-nr], m.: passageway (on 

coTiron^nade 18 [-ner]f.: surrounding (in 
order to attack) . 1 1 ~ne [L. cor 5 na, chaplet] , 
/.: CROWN (garland, wreath; sovereign's 
crown ; COKONET ; shapely top of anything ; 
corona; coronary; crown-works; hair; ant- 
lers, etc., coin or paper bearing a crown ; 
jig., sovereignty ; sovereign) : imperial, 
crown imperial (flower) ; royal, trefoil ; 

de terre, ground ivy. -nexnewt 11 
[~ner], m.: crowning (coronation, topping 
off ; coping ; finishing) ; taffrail ; military 
occupancy; roof-timbers ; (horse's) bare or 
broken knee : d'un arbre, trimmed tree- 
top ; withering tree-top, -ner 10 , tr. : 
crown (put on crown, wreath, garland or 
cope or tonsure, etc.) ; occupy (with 
troops) : ouvrage couronne, prize work ; 
spire couronnee, apex of seashell sur- 
rounded by points ;cheval couronne, broken- 
kneed horse. 

fconrratier = courtier. 

fcourre [L. currere], def. (only in Inf.) ; 
intr., tr.: run: un eheval, gallop at 
top speed ; une lievre, hunt a hare ; le 
laisser , the moment to let loose the 
dogs ; m. : un beau , good region for 
coursing, i.oourrier 1 [It. corriere], 


m. : courier, riding messenger ; post ; mail 
or express coach ; mail ; journal ; race- 
boat; seine-float; (vulg.) wader, courser 

2.fcourrier ls [ak. to corroi], m.: stew- 
ard (of bishop, abbot of a convent). 

teourroi corroi. 

courroie [L. corrigia, rein (regere, rule)], 
/. : strap ; belt : etendre la , make the 
most of one's means ; lacker la d quel- 
qu'un, give one more rope ; faire de ciiir 
d'autrui large , ride a free horse to 

coup~roiveer [p. L. *eorruptiare (L. 
corruptus, spoil)], tr.: make angry, enrage. 
-rou^ 10 , m.: wrath, anger. 

fcourroyer, etc., see corroyer, etc. 

cQnr~s [L. cursus (currere, run)], m.: 
COURSE (stream; movement; route; run; 
orbit, path ; layer ; scope ; distance ; prog- 
ress ; continuation ; space ; curriculum ; 
series); voyage; public drive; circulation; 
market price ; currency ; tseries of text- 
books: salle de , lecture-room; faire 
(suivre) un , give (attend) course of 
lectures; premier (dernier) , opening 
(closing) price ; de plinthe, range of 
stone ; de pannes, purlins ; d'assi- 
ses, continuous stone-course; civil, 
Justinian code; canonique,^ monk 
Gratian's decretals; ecclesiastique, 
hours for prayer, -se 12 ,/.: run, running 
(COURSE; race; career; trip; excursion); 
quick march ; tilt, joust ; cruising ; fora- 
ging; play of (piston, etc.); range, t-sie 
eoursive. -siet* 11 , m.: courser, fleet 
horse ; gangway, passageway (between 
benches of rowing convicts) ; mill-race ; 
shuttle-race. -sive w , /.: gangway, pas- 
sageway, walk (on ships). 

fcourson = couron. 

cQur ,"=te [L. curtus], adj., adv.: short; 
CURT: vue e, short-sightedness; vent 
, wind requiring short tack; avoir 
les bras courts, lack credit; tirer au 
fetu, draw straws ; ^pour le faire , in 
short ; prevQt de robe e, judge of limited 
authority; jesuite de robe e, layman 
suspected of favoring Jesuitism; vouloir 
la vie e et bonne, go in for a good time 
at all hazards ; e honte, surprise ; fail- 
ure; tourner , turn short; demeurer , 
stop short; rester (tout) , come to a 
standstill, forget what one wanted to say. 

courtage 12 [-tier], m.: business of a 
broker ; commission, brokerage. 

cour-taitle 17 [court],/.: short pin (too 
short to "be used). ||~tau$ 14 [court], 
adj. : docked (hav'g ears or tail cut off) ; 
thickset, dumpy; m.,/.: short and stubby 
person or thing ; dumpy, thick-set person ; 
docked horse ; punch ; ancient mortar- 


gun ; dumpy bass instrument : un de 
boutique, lout ; etriller en (or comme un) 
chien , beat like a dog. -tander ll , tr. : 
dock; (fam.) mistreat. 

courf -baton 10 , pi. s s, m. : cour- 
bash, bastinado cudgel: ftirer quelque 
chose an , contend furiously for a thing. 
-houiJlon 16 , pi. s s, m.: wine-sauce 
(to boil fish in), Polish fish-broth, -bouii- 
loner 18 [-bouillon], tr.: cook in wine- 
sauce. t-bouton = courbeton. -car- 
reau 17 , pi. s s, m.: upright shaft 
(of triphammer), -cote 17 , pi. ss, 
m.: overcheck (of bridle), t-cnrean = 

courtE-botte 17 , pi. s 5, m.: (pop.} 
short man, dumpy fellow. -boule 15 , 

/.: short bowls. -epee, pi. s s, /.: 
short weapon (dagger, poniard, etc.). 
-epine 17 , pi. s s, /.: porcupine-fish. 
t-graisse, /.: manure (fr. privies). 
f-7ialeine lu kourt^alen, f.: asthma. 
-lettre 18 , pi. s s, /.: clipped type 
(to make letter show better), -ment 11 
[court], adv.: curtly, -paiile ,/.. cut, 
straw (for drawing cuts), -paume 16 ,/.: 
indoor tennis. 

[OFr. coute, COVER], 



/.: counterpane, -pointier 12 , m.: coun- 

terpane maker or teller. 
courtE-cLiteue 17 , pi. ss, /.: (short 

tailed) Carolina turtle; short-stemmed 

tcourtsrole 15 [eour], f.: (dial.} larva 

(of may-bug) ; mole-cricket. 
tcourf-fetu see court and/^w. 
courtier 12 , =iere [? ak. to courir], m., 

/.: broker, middleman; go-between; 

match-maker : marron (or non brevete), 

unlicensed broker. 
fcourti~ n [cour], m.: (dial.} f little 

garden. -Here 15 ,/.: mole-cricket. 
courtine [L, cortina],/.: CURTAIN (fbed- 

drapery ; rampart) ; staked seine ; mantle 

(of moss). 
courti~san 18 [It. cortigiano (corte, 

COUET)], m.: courtier; fawner; courter. 

-sane 15 [It. eortigiana], f.: courtesan. 

-sanerie 15 , /.: court-flattery (fawning); 

courtesanship (harlotry), -ser 15 [cour, 

infl. by -san], tr.: court, pay court to. 
court-jomte 16 , adj.: short- jointed (in 

the pastern) ; short-legged (of falcons). 

-mam>her 17 , tr.: pin up, skewer up 

(leg of mutton, etc., by doubling it up 

close), -monte 18 , adj.: sway-backed. 
<sour~tois 10 , =oise [cow], adj.: COURT- 

EOUS, polite : "\armes es, harmless 

weapons ; (fig.) polite terms ; chambre 

e, privy, -toisement 10 , adv. : politely. 

-toisie u , /. : courtesy. 
cotuto^t 17 [court] f m.: short hemp. 

fcourf-pendn. = capendu. 

courf-vetu 16 -ve- } adj.: dressed in short 

court-vite [eourir], m.: courser, runner 
(bird), tcourue 18 [courir], f. : flooding 
(fr. pond to float raftwood). 

couscou 17 [Antilles], m.: soaked seed (of 
corn and red millet). 

couscous 15 [fr. Arab.], m. : = (meat 
dumpling cooked in oil). 

fcous^au 18 [?], m.: (dial.) bundle (of 
barley and wheat straw). 

cou-setir 1 -, =ejise [-dre], ra.,/.; sewer; 
/. : (esp.) stitcher (of books to be bound) ; 
(rare) sewing-machine. 

i. cousin [p. L. *culiclnus (L. culex}] 
m.: gnat; mosquito. 

2.eou~sm, -ine [p. L. *coslnus (L. con- 
sobrinus)], m., /.: cousin: petite- s, 
second-cousins ; etre s, be good friends. 
-sinage 11 , m.: cousinhood (kinship as 
cousins; body of cousins), -sine/* 16 , tr.: 
treat like a cousin ; intr.: be good friends. 
-sinette 16 [i.-sin],f.: variety of apples. 
i.-siniere 17 , /: (humor.) hot bed, nest 
of cousins. 

s.fcousiniere 17 [i .-sin\ t f. : mosquito-bar. 

cou-soir ls [-dre], m.: sewing-press (for 

cous~si?i [p. L. *eoxinus (coxa, hip)], m.: 
cusfflON (bag filled with hair, or feathers, 
etc., to prevent hard impacts; pad; bol- 
ster; bumper; anything like a cushion): 
de mire, bed of a cannon ; d'amure, 
yarning, wrapping to save friction of the 
leech-rope. -siner ls , tr.: pad: se , 
pad out one's form, -smet 12 , m.: little 
cushion (pad; rest; pulvinus: pulvillus; 
pulvinar; COUSSINET; rest; chair under 
iron rails) : oculaire, haw of horse's 
eye ; planture, frog of horse's foot. 

fcoustcm = courton. 

cout 11 [-ter], m.: costs ; expense, f-tant 
see -ter. 

tcoutarde 18 [?],/.: (did.) custard. 

cou*teau, pi. x [L. cultellus], m.: 
knife; fstort sword; COUTEAU; heads- 
man's ax : de tripiere, two-edged knife ; 
le de Jeannot, same old knife with new 
blade and new handle ; de feu, searing 
iron (for horses) ; de chaleur, sweat 
shingle; sourd, scraping-knife; 
pliant, clasp-knife ; a decouper, carving 
knife ; a pied, circular knife, -telas ^ 
m. : CUTIAS : de boucker, (vulg.) sword- 
fish. -teler- 12 , tr.: fcut (with a knife) ; 
damage (with shaving tool in dressing 
hides), -tele* 12 , m.: little knife; en- 
trance (to, a crawl), -teller 11 , =iere, 
m., /.: cutler; m.: long-shelled bivalve; 
/.: fknife-box. -tellerie 11 [-telier],/.: 
cutlery (business or wares), -telore 17 



[-teler], /.: flaw (made in parchment by 

coik~te?" [L. constdre], intr., tr.: COST: 
tout lui coute, everything is an effort to 
him; coute que coute, at any price; 
cher, Ion, be dear, be expensive; 
cost mneh; en , cost; cost effort, be 
painful, be a trial, -teiasemen* 18 [-testa;], 
adv. : expensively, -tense 12 , =G&se [cout], 
adj.: expensive. 

con-tier 12 , =iere [-te], m., /.: (old) 
mattress-maker ; (now) ticking-maker. 
-til 12 [-te], m.: =, ticking. 

tcon-tiUade 16 ,/..' stab. ll-tiHe 13 [ak. 
to -teau], f. : f large knife ; fescue-grass. 

contissee 18 [?], /.: side piece (of em- 
broidery frame). 

'contoM/ 18 [ak. to cdte], m.: pin feathers. 

con.~tre [L. cutter], m.: colter (knife 
ahead of ploughshare) ; riving knife ; ax. 
t-trier* 18 , m. : plongh (with a large colter). 

coutn^me [L. consuetude], /.: CUSTOM 
(habit; usage; practice; tax, tariff): de 
, usually, i.-mier 11 , =iere, adj.: 
customary (habitual ; usual ; common) : 
pays (de droit) , country under common 
law. 2.-mier 18 , m.: customary (embod- 
iment of laws and customs of a country). 
-m.ierein.en* 13 , adv.: according to cus- 

coutu~re [p. L. *cosetura (L. eon-suere, 
SEW together)], /. : SEAM (joint ; crack ; 
ridge ; scar ; wrinkle ; mould-mart) ; pock- 
marks; oakum (in joints); SEwing; 
needlework, -rer 14 , tr.: seam, -rerie 14 
[-Her], /.; fneedlework; sewing-room. 
-pier 12 , =iere, m.,/.: ftailor; seamster, 
seamstress ; m.: sartorius (longest muscle). 

cou-vage IB [-ver], m. : brooding, setting (on 
eggs), '-vain 15 [ver],m.: brood, group 
(of insect eggs) ; brood-comb (of bees). 
-vaison 15 [-ver], f. : brooding-time, period 
of INCUBATION, -ve'e 12 [-ver], f.: nest; 
brood (cf. COVEY). 

convent 16 [1. L. conventum (L. eon-venire, 
come together)], m.: convent (cloister; 
Catholic school for girls). 

convex [L. cubare, lie down], tr. : sit on, 
hatch out; brood on; brood over; incu- 
bate ; intr.: lie hid, smoulder: quelque 
chose des yeux, keep the eyes set on a 
thing; la maladie qui couve, the disease 
which is about to appear. 

courver-eeau [p. L. *copercellum], m.: 
ICOVER; covering (for furniture); cap (of 
a millstone). ||~vercle [L. co-operculum 
(operire, cover)], m.: lid, cover: (pop.) il 

n'est si mechant pot qui ne trouve son , 

every Jack has his Jill, -verseau, see 

-verceau. -vert 12 , part, of -vrir; m.: 

cover (envelope; protection; pretence, 

pretext) ; all the table furniture (usually i 


for one person); (esp.) fork and spoon: 
petit , prince's or king's ordinary meal ; 
grand , official formal meal ; mettre le 
, set the table; etre a de quelque 
chose, be protected against a thing; be 
protected by a thing, -verte 11 [-vrir], f. : 
tcovering, f cover J large tail feather (of 
falcons); glaze, enamel : vol a la , swoop 
at game under cover of a hedge, etc. 
f-vertement 11 [-vert], adv.: covertly. 
-verture 11 [-vert], f.: cover (covering; 
roof; bed-cover; counterpane; pretext; 
of books) ; tectrices ; security ; guaranty ; 
privilege (in Spain of keeping one's hat on 
in presence of the king) : troupes de , 
frontier troops to protect settlers; 
pique> quilt ; faire la , turn down the 
bed. -vertnrier 16 [-verture], m.: 
maker of blankets. 

cou-vt 16 [-voir], m.: foot-stove (of pot- 
tery or metal), -vejjse 15 [-ver],f.: set- 
ting-hen; incubator, -vi 16 [-ver], adj.: 
&uf , rotten egg. -volr 16 [-ver], m.: 
fnest (for setting hen) ; foot-stove ; incu- 

convraiZle 15 [-vrir], f.: (dial.) covering 
(grain with earth) ; sowing. 

cou-vrE-bou-cte 18 , pi. , m. : (leather) 
hood (for mouth of cannon), -ekef 11 , 
pi. s, m. : (humor.) head-gear. -VTE- 
culasse 18 , pi. , m.: leather hood (for 
breach of cannon). -vrE-feu 12 , pi. , 
m.: CUEFEW signal; fire-cover (to keep 
fire). -vrE-giberne 18 , pi. , m.: cart- 
ridge-box cover or hood. -vrE-joint 18 , 
pi. , m.: joint hider. -vrE-lit 18 , vl. 
, m. ; bed drapery, -vru-lumiere 18 , 
pi. s, m.: apron (of cannon). -vrE- 
pie-d(s) 17 , pi. , m. : foot-coverlet. -vrE- 
plat 18 , pi. s, m.: dish-cover (to keep 
food warm). -vrE-platine 17 , pi , m. : 
lock cover (of guns;. -vrE-shako 18 , pi 
, m. : shako cover, -vr enr 12 , m. : roofer 
(tiler; slater; thatcher). ||~vrir [L. 
co-operire (cover)], irr. ; tr. : COVER 
(overlay, overspread; envelop; roof; 
dress; protect; hide; disguise; excuse; 
guarantee; leap); set (table); meet (ex- 
penses) : se , put on one's hat ; le temps 
se couvre, the weather is cloudy; 
une carte, match a card ; un tableau 
d'or, pay high for a picture; alUe cou- 
verte, shady walk. 

Ind. : Pr. couvre> etc. Ipf. cou-vrais. 
Pret. couvrts, Fut. (Cond.) cowvrira,i(s). 
Subj. : Pr. cowure. Ipf. couvrisse* I've 
cowvre. Part. : Pr. couvrant ; P. convert. 

covendeur 16 [co~, vendeur], m.: joint- 

covet 17 [?], m.: whelk (sea-shell). 
cowpox 18 cou- CEng.], m.: =. 

, pi, ~&y*x [L. -a, hip], adj.: =. 


-algle 18 [Gr dlgos, pain], /.: eoxalgia, 
hip-disease, -o-femoral 18 , pi. =&ux, 

adj. : of the hip and femur. 

i.coyan 18 , pi. oc [ak. to queue], m.: peg 
(to nold a float of a waterwheel) ; chant- 

2. coy an 17 , pi. x [?], m.: tench (fish). 

i. coyer 13 [queue], m.: frump (of an ani- 
mal) ; hip-rafter. 

2.coyer 18 [queux], m.: (dial.) scythe- 
stone case. 

i.crabe 17 [Port, craw], m.: clove-myrtle 
(of America). 

2.cra~be 12 [ak. to Ger. krabbe], m.: 
CRAB ; crab-yaws (sores on the foot-sole). 
-"bier 17 , m.; crab-eater; (night-heron, 
crabier ; craber, water-rat), -bite 18 , m.: 
= (fossil crab). 

crabron 15 [L.-bro, hornet], m.: fhornet; 
fcritic; digger-wasp. 

crabs 17 [Eng., 'two aces'], m.: craps 

crac [echoic], inter j.: crack! pop! m.: 
back-worm (disease of hawks). 

era-chat 13 , m.:-spit, saliva; spot, flaw 
(in glass) ; cuckoo-spit (vegetable blight) ; 
badge, star : de lune, or de mai, frog- 
spittle (green algse) ; maison faite de 
boue et de , house built of very poor ma- 
terial; se noyer dans un , let little 
things perplex one. -eh.e 14 , /.: f spit- 
tle; dripping metal (that runs over). 
-ehemernt 1 ^, m.: spitting; blowing (of 
powder "by loose firearms), livelier' 11 
[Germ'c, ak. to Sw. krakas, spew, AS. 
hrcekan], intr., tr.: spit, spit out ; sputter ; 
spout ; spill, waste : sur quelque chose, 
disdain ; au bassin, be obliged to pay 
down ; la plume crache, the pen scatters 
ink ; le revolver crache, the revolver blows 
(wastes) powder; dest son pere tout 
crache", he is a chip of the old block. 

crap and 


-eh.eur 1 



elioir 16 , m.: spittoon : tenir le , hold 
the floor, keep on speaking, -eboter 16 , 
intr.: spit often. 

Cracovie, /.: Cracow. 

crag 18 OBngJ, m.: = (shelly sand). 

craie [L. creta], f.: chalk; CRAYON; hard, 
stony dung (disease of falcons) : loger a 
la , lie in quarters (assigned by chalk 
marks) ; coulante, rock-milk. 

cratJ-iement 16 , m.: cawing (of crows). 
H~ler 15 [echoic], intr.: caw. 

cro^tt, see i.cran. 

cra|tt~dre [p. I*. *cremere t L. tremere, 
TREMBLE], irr. ; tr.: fear; dread: a , to 
fear ; to be feared ; formidable, dreadful. 
-te 12 ,/. : fear; awe: de qu'il ne lefasse, 
lest he should do it, croltt-tif 18 , =ive 
[-te], adj.: fearful, timid, croin-tive- 
mj?nt 14 [-tif\ 9 adv.: timidly, 

Ind. : Pr. crain-s t -s, -t ; craign-ons, -ez, 
-ent. Ipf. craignais. Pret. craignis, Fut. 
(Cond.) craindrai($). Subj. : Pr. craigne. 
Ipf. craignisse* I've crains. Part, ; Pr. 
craignant ; P. craint. 

era-mail 8 Q. L. -maculum (? ak. to Ger. 
krampe, hook)], m.: (dial.) fpot-hook. 
-maiUeT 12 , m.: fpot-hook; notch-wheel. 

crambe 15 or -be [L., fr. Gr. krdmbe], 
m.: = (sea-kale). 

cramider* 17 [? ak. to Ger. krampe, hook], 
fr.: stretch (hides preparatory to tan- 

cramoisi 14 [Ar.], adj.: crimson; bright 
coloured ; m. : crimson (cf . tEng. era- 

cram-pe 12 [Germ'c kramp], adj.: curved, 
hooked; /.: hook; CRAMP (of muscles): 
goutte , distorting gout. . -pon 12 , 
m.: (cramp-iron; crampit; calkin, 
frost-nail; aerial root; climbing spur); 
click, ratchet; sash-lock, -ponner 14 
[-pon], tr.: clamp, fasten with cramp- 
irons; (Jig.) stick close to. -ponnet 16 
[-pon], m.: little crampon; (esp.) lock- 

i.crati [p. L. *crennum (L. crena)], m.: 
notch (nick of type ; sight of a gun ; hole 
for a peg; cog) ; cleft, fissure, CRANNY. 

2,crati 16 [carener], m.: CAREENING (of 

3cran 17 [Slavic], m.: wild horse-radish. 

i. cranage 18 [-ner], m.: notch. 

2.fcranage carenage. 

cranelirt 16 [Ger. krdnzlein, little 
crown], m.; (her.) part of a crown on a 
shield.^ne 13 [L. cranium], m.: cranium. 

2.cr4ne 17 [?], m.: (fam.) fblusterer; 
positive fellow ; adj. : smart, -ment 18 , 
adv.: (fam.) swaggeringly. 

cranequin 14 [LGer. kraeneke, CRANE], 
m. : = (arbalest ; rolling purchase to set 
a bow-gun or arbalest). 

i.craner* 18 [cran, notch], tr.: notch, 

2.f craner = carener. 

cranerie 18 [2.crane], f.: (fam.) bluster- 
ing, swaggering. 

crangcm 17 [Gr. kraggon, crab], m.: =, 

cranie 17 Q. L. -nia],f.: crania (brachio- 

cr^nien 18 , =enne [crane], adj.: cranial. 

cranio-logie 18 [Gr. kranwn t skull, logos, 
discourse],* /.: craniology. -tomie 18 
[Gr. tome, a cut],/.: craniotomy. 

cranolr 18 [i.-ner] t m.: file (for indent- 

foranologie = craniology. 

crapaii^ci 11 [Germ'c orig.], m.: toad; 
(fig?) homely little fellow (brat, urchin); 
easy chair (hav'g all wood covered); 



waterfall (of hair) ; mortar carriage (of 
a gun) ; bufonite (mineral) ; crepance 
goose-neck (of helm) ; flaw (in diamonds 
etc.): de mer, toad-fish; volant 
churn-owl; aile, wing-shell (mollusk) 
pecheur, fishing-frog; pierre de 
crapaudine ; avaler un , take a bitter 
pill ; etre charge d'argent comme un dt 
plume, have as little money as a toac 
has feathers, f-dallle = crepodaille. 
-diere 13 ,/.: toad-hole.' -dine 12 ,/: = : 
nicer (of horse's hoof); bufonite, toad- 
stone ; doubling (of pigeon to broil giving 
it a toad shape; punishment of tying 
soldier's legs) ; iron-wort ; toad-fish ; 
socket; pivot support; hollow half of 
hinge; escape pipe; pan (of printing- 

crape 13 [ak. to crafe], f.: (dial.) fdung; 
filth; dirt (collected on a mill-stone). 
crapelet 18 [-paud], m.: (fam.) little toad. 
craponne 17 [town ],/.: watchmaker's 
fiat square file. 
crapo-nssin 17 , =ine [-paud], m. } f.: 

(low) dumpy or dwarfish person. 
t craps crabs. 

crapu~le 13 [L. -la],f.: excess, intemper- 
ance (drunkenness; gluttony); (low) 
drinkers and eaters ; drunkard or glutton. 
f-ler 15 , intr.: be intemperate, commit 
excess, -leusement 18 [-leux], adv.: 
excessively (like a guzzler or glutton). 13 , =ejise [L. -losus], adj.: crapu- 
lent, intemperate. 

i.cra-que 18 , /.: gull, fib, humbug, lie. 
2.-que 1Q [Eng. crack], /.: cluster of 
crystals. -pelage 18 [-queler], m.: 
process of crackling (of china, etc.). 
-quele 17 [-queler], m.: crackled ware, 
cracklin. -queler 17 , tr.: crackle. 
-quelin 12 , m.: cracknel, fancy cracker; 
soft-shell (crab); creaky ship; (slang) 
shaky man. -c^uelot 17 , m.: crackler; 
red-herring; slightly cured herring. 
-quelotiere 18 [-quelot], /.: herring- 
curer (woman), -quelure 18 [-queler], 
/.: crackle (of china-ware, paintings, 
etc.). -quement 15 , m.: crackling 
sound ; crepitation (in disease), \\~quer 17 
[erae], Mr.: crack (give short sharp 
sound; snap); (low) fib, lie (cf. fBng. crack, 
'brag'), -querie 17 , /.: (low) fibbing. 
-quet 18 , m. : sea-wrack, -quetementf 16 
[-queter],m.: crackling sound, -queter 16 , 
intr.: crackle, sound short and sharp; 
gnash, -quette 17 , /.: scum or dirty de- 
posit (fr. melted butter) ; (tailor's) notch. 
-quetir 17 , =ense, m.,/.: (low) fibber. 
erase 10 [Gr, kr&sis, mixture], /.: crasis 
(coalescence of vowels ; characteristic 
fcrassane =: cresane. 


cras-satelle 17 [coined by naturalist 
Lamarck], /.: crassatella (mollusk). 
||~se 15 [L. -sus], adj.: CRASS (thick, 
dense ; coarse ; GROSS) ; /. : dirt, filth ; 
pi.: dross (of metals) ; coarseness; rude- 
ness; squalor; miserliness, -semen t 18 
[-ser],m.: fouling (of firearms), -ser 18 , 
tr.: foul, make dirty (guns), -senjc 15 , 
=e^Bse, adj.: soiled, dirty; sordid. 
-sie?' 17 , m.: slag, dross, -sula-eees 18 
[-sule], f. pi.: crassulacese, houseleek 
family, -sule 13 Q. L. -sula],f.: crassula 
(thick-leafed plant). 

crater e 1G [L. -ter], m.: crater (bowl; 
cup; volcano). 

f cratioule >* K = graticuler. 
crava-^-elie 1T [Ger. karbatsche, ak. to Fr. 
courbache], f. : cowhide (whip), 18 , 
/.: whipping, -ehe*' 18 , tr.: whip. 
eravatt 15 [?], m.: brant, wild-goose; 

(dial.) barnacle (crustacean). 
crava~te 16 [nation Croatia], m., /.: 
CROAT (Croatian horse; Austrian light 
cavalryman) ; cravat, necktie ; knot (of 
a lance) ; coil (to hold the after-anchor) : 
-blanche, shrike; -noir (-verte, do- 
ree), black (green, , golden) humming- 
bird. -ter 18 , tr.: put a tie on. 
crayer 17 [?], m.: clinker (in coal). 
cra-yere 13 [craie], f.: chalk-bed, -yeucc 12 , 
=use [craie], adj.: chalky. ll^ycw 1 ^ 
[craie], m.: marl; crayon (chalk or 
charcoal pencil ; pencil ; crayon- or pencil- 
sketch). -yonner 16 , tr.: sketch; mark 
upon, -yonnenr 17 , i.=ejise [-yonner], 
?7i., /.: sketcher. -yonneux,, 
adj.: marly; chalky. 

erean-ee 10 [eroire],/.: CREDENCE; belief; 
credit: lettre de , credentials; letter 
of credit ; une - douteuse, bill receivable 
hard to collect, crean-eier 11 , =iere, 
m.,/.: creditor. 

crea~ 16 [It. -to, pupil (L. -tus, created)], 
m, : creat, riding-master's attendant. 
-teur 11 , -tri-ee [L. -tor], m.,f.: creator, 
maker; adj.: creative. 
creati~ne 18 [Gr. kreas, flesh], /.: crea- 
tin (chemical substance found in muscle). 
-nine 18 ,/: creatinine (alkaloid). 
crea~tion 13 [L. -tio (-re, create)], /.: 
creation (making; the thing made). 
-ture 10 [L. -tura], f. : creature (created 
thing; living being; dependent, tool). 
cre^-eelle 17 [? p. L. *crepieella (L. crepi- 
tacillum)], /.: f-Bng. CRESSELLE, rattle. 
-eerelle 13 ,/.: kestrel (hawk). 
cre-ehe 12 [OHG. krippja], f.: CRIB, man- 
ger; creche (public nursery; foundling 

cre-ey 18 [town (?.],/: carrot. 18 [It. -denza (L. -dere, be- 
lieve],/: credence (ftrust; assaying food; 


fcredence-table ; side-table ; clipboard). 
-den-eier 15 , m.: assayer, taster of food ; 
steward." -dibilite la [1. L. -dibilitas], 

/.: credibility. -dit u [It. -dito], m.: 
credit (f faith ; confidence ; trust ; power ; 
influence ; favour) : en , in good repute ; 
a , on credit; etablissement de , 
bank ; le fonder, mortgage-bank. 
-diter 17 [-dit], tr.: credit. -ditejir 14 
[L.-ditor], m.: creditor; fbeliever; adj.: 
compte , credit account or side, cre- 
do 12 [L. 'I believe'], m.: creed (what one 
believes). -dule 13 [L. -dulus], adj.: 
credulous ; superstitious, -dulite 12 [L. 
-dulitas], f. : credulity; superstition. 

creer 11 [L. creare], tr.: create; make: 
une rente, settle an annuity. 

crEBaa 18 [? L. -mare, burn], m.: oxyda- 
tion (of iron fr. fire). 

cre-zn.asn.ere 12 [cramail], f.: pot-hook; 
rack, toothed rack; = (zigzag line of 
fortifications): (fam.) pendi'fL*a -, have 
a house-warming. -ma'ii|iW 13 [OFr. 
-maille], m.: small pot-hook. 

cremaster 15 [Gr. kremaster], m.: ore- 
master (groin muscle). 

cremation 12 [L. -tio (-re, burn)], /.: 
cremation (burning of a body). 

creme 12 [? cf. L. cremor, thick juice], /.: 
cream (rich fat of milk; choice; cosmetics; 
cordial ; skin of hot milk ; delicacy of milk, 
etc.) : de riz, sweetened soup ; fromage 
d, la , cream-cheese ; fouettee, whipped 

crement 17 [L. -turn, increase], m.: t AC- 
CRETION of ; increment (in words). 

cre-mer 15 [creme], intr.: cream, mantle 
(form cream), cre-merie 18 [-mier],f.: 
creamery (in all senses). -mensc 17 , 
=et|se [creme], adj.: creamy, -mier, 
=iere [creme], m.,/.; milkman or woman. 12 [cramail], f.: (dial.) fpot- 
hook ; ward (of a lock). 

cremone 17 [Italian town Cremona], m.: 
Cremona (violin) ; /.: window fastening. 

crenage 18 [-ner], m.: nicking (of type). 

crena~te 18 [ak. to -nique], m.: crenate 
(salt of crenic acid), -te 18 , adj.: hav'g 

cre^neajj. 11 [cran, notch], m.: crenelle,, 
embrasure (of battlements) ; space between 
troops ; aperture (in a furnace) ; shaft ; 
wastepipe (on ships), -nelage 17 [-neler], 
m.: notching; milling (of coin)", -neler 11 , 
tr. : crenelate (notch) : roue crenelee, cog- 
wheel ; le crenele, perch (fish), -nelure 15 
[-neler], f.: crenature; indentation. 
-ner 15 [cran], tr.: KERN, nick (type) ; cut 
off. -nerie 1T [-ner] ,/. : kerning (of type) . 

tcrEnef 17 [?], m.: (dial.) curlew (bird). 
creneur 1S , m. : kemer ; signature cutter 
(in type). 

cresson 167 

crenique 18 [Gr. krene, fountain], adj.: 
crenic (of an acid formed in springs). 

cre-no^ 18 [cran], m.: first splitting (of 
block of slate, in quarry). -nure 11 
[cran], f. : point hole (in printing press). 

creole 16 [Sp. criollo], m., f.: Creole (old, 
a white born of Sp. parents in the tropics ; 
now, one born in a European colony in the 

creo-sol 18 [ak. to -sote], m.: creosol (aro- 
matic liquid). -sote 18 [Gr. kreas, flesh, 
sozein, preserve], /.: creosote (an anti- 

cre-page 17 [creper], m.: glossing (of 
crape).' cre-pe [L. crispus, curled], m.: 
CRAPE; mourning veil; /.: pancake: 
crepe, real crape; lisse, crepe-lisse, 
smooth crape. ||cre~per [L. crispare] r 
tr. : curl ; frizzle ; gloss : (cheveux) crepes, 
frizzles ; (pop.) se le chignon, pull each 
other's hair, -pi 15 [-pir], m.: rough-coat, 
rough-cast (of plaster). cre-piere 18 
[crepe],/.: pan-cake woman. 

crepm see saint-crepin. 

cre-pine 12 [crepe],/.: lace-work, fringe 
(of showy tassels, tufts, tinsel, etc., as for 
a dais) ; epiploon, omentum, caul. i.-pi- 
nette 15 [creper], /.: bird spurry (knot 
grass). 2.-pinette 18 [-pine],/.: brain- 
sausage (in a caul). -piniere 18 [? cre- 
per],/. : berberry (plant). ||~pir n [OFr. 
crespe, frizzed], tr. : (old) curl (hair ; friz- 
zle; grain or pommel leather); (now} 
rough-coat (with plaster). -pissage 18 , 
m. : rough-coating, -pissure 1 *, /. : ro'ugh- 
casting; rough-coat. 

crepi-taRt u [-ter], adj.: crepitant; (esp.) 
rale , rattling sound (in the lungs). 
-taticm 15 [L. -tatio],/.: crepitation (grat- 
ing of ends of bones; rattling of the 
lungs in disease), -ter 18 [L. -tare], intr. : 
crepitate (crackle ; rattle). 

cre-poda lie 16 ,/. : gauze crape. ll~pcm 15 
[crepe], m. : ffrizzle ; false curls ; crepon 

fcreps = crabs. 

cre-pn 15 [crepe], adj.: CRISPY, wooly. 
-pure 13 [-per],/.: curliness; curl. 

crepuscu-laire 17 , adj.: crepuscular, ob- 
scure. II ~le 12 [-lum (creper, dark)], m.: 
twilight (after sunset; then also at 
dawn ; fEng. crepuscle, -cule). 

tcre~q'ne 1;J [Ger. krieche], m.: wild- plum. 
cre-quier 14 , m.: wild-plum tree; (her.) 
seven-branched tree or candlestick. 
crEsane 16 [? name of a place],/.: berga- 
mot (autumnal pear). 

cres-eendo 17 [It., INCREASING], adv.: = 
(in music). 

creseau, see carisel. 
cres^son 11 [OHG. chresso], m.: CRESS: 
alenois, garden cress ; des pres, lady's- 



smock ; sauvage, water plantain ; 
roche, or dori, golden saxifrage ; jus 
de , depurant, purgative, -sonniere "" 

/. : cress bed. 

cresns 15 [Lydian king Croesus], m.: very 
rich man. 

cresy-li^ite 18 [ak. to creosote], adj.: 
cresylic. -lol 18 [ak. to creosote], m.: 
cresyl (extract fr. coal, or beech-wood, 

creta-ee 18 [L. -ceus (creta, chalk)], adj.: 

create [L. m'sfo, tuft],/.: CEEST (top- 
knot, comb; cresting; ridge of helmets, 
hills, roofs, etc.); excrescence; high head- 
dress ; baisser la , come down a notch ; 
dresser la , show boldness; lie en , 
heaped up grain, -te 15 , adj.: crested. 
:5 , pi. s - , /.: cocks- 

comb (louse-wort, etc., plants with red- 
tufts ; hog's-ear, etc., mollusks with 
plaited valves) ; morbid growth, proud- 
flesh ; mass of crystals. 

fere teler 13 or kret- [echoic], intr. : cackle. 

fcretelie 17 [erete], /.: (dial.) dogs-tail, 
rattle grass. 

tcrete~marine see christe. 

creter 11 [-te], tr.: fbristle up; (dial.) 
seize* by the comb, tread ; crest ; fringe. 

cre~tm 17 [Alpine patois (L. christianus, 
Christian)], m. : cretin, deformed imbecile ; 
idiot, -tiniser 18 , tr.: (/am.) make a 
cretin of. -tinisme 18 , m.: cretinism 
(incurable deformity and idiocy). 

crztori 12 [?], m.: fat (greaves, tallow- 
scraps; cracklings). 

crEtonms 15 [town Creton],f.: = (cotton 
fabric for curtains). 

creu-sage 17 , m.: digging; excavating; 
deepening. -sement^, m.: digging; 
hole dug. H-ser 11 [creux], tr.: dig; 
deepen; make hollow: la tete, med- 
itate over something earnestly ; rack one's 

creuset 12 [ak. to croix], m.: CRUCIBLE 
(melting pot, CRUSET; cupel); hearth (of 

creUHseur 13 [-ser], m.: (rare) investi- 
gator." -soir 17 [-ser], m.: gouge (for 
making violins, etc.). -sure 15 [-ser], 

/. : hollowed piece (of clocks, etc.). 
llcreu-oc 12 , [OFr. crues (?)], adj.: 
hollow ; deep ; empty ; loose ; m. : hollow, 
cavity; pit ; trough ; mould ; hull ; vessel ; 
bowl ; (fam.) deep voice : songer r have 
day dreams. 

crE-vaille 15 [-ver], /.; bursting; (low) 
feed, stuffing (over-eating), -vaison 18 
[-ver], /.; (low) death (of animals). 
ll-^vasse 11 [-ver],f.: =, CBEVICE; crack 
(in chapped hands); break (in engraved 


lines), -vasser 13 , tr.: crack, -ve 18 
[-ver], m.: gash, slit. 

fcreve-hiw 18 kref-, pi. [crever], 
m.: (dial.) " black nightshade (weed). 
-ccBur 11 , pi. , 77i.: heart-break, afflic- 

fcrEvelle = caravelle. 

crEver [L. crepare], tr., intr.: burst 
(crack, break, rend, explode), cram (stuff); 
swell ; die (of animals) ; (jest.) die, kick 
the bucket ; destroy, use up ; (nav.) bilge. 

crEvet 17 [?], m.: stay-lace (with tags). 

crEvette 16 [dial, for chevrette],/.: prawn ; 

creve-vessie 17 [-ver], m. : bladder burster 
(vessel closed with bladder which collapses 
when vessel is exhausted, apparatus show- 
ing atmospheric pressure). crEvure 11 
[-ver], /.: (dial.) fcrevasse; break (in 
lines of engraving). 

creac 15 [G*. krex (echoic)], m. : avocet 
(shore wa^%0. 

cri 10 [crie*$, m.: cry (loud sound of the 
voice ; natural call or voice ; scream ; 
yell ; shout ; roar) : pergant, shrill cry ; 
de guerre, watchword; cri d'armes, 
motto, device on a shield ; donner du 
d la soie, to sulphur silk ; a cor et ft 8, 
with hue and cry. -age 12 [-er], m.: 
public crying. -aiiler' 15 [-er], intr.: 
clamor, cry for something, -aitlerie 15 
[-ailleur], f. : clamoring, bawling, crying 
for something. -ai^leur 15 , 
[-ailler], m., f.: habitual crier, -ant 16 
[-er], adj.: un abus , a crying shame; 
une injustice e, a crying, rank injustice. 
-ard 15 , -arde [-er], adj.: crying, squall- 
ing; shrieking, discordant ; m.,f.: bawler, 
scold : dette criarde, urgent debt ; ton , 
poor tone ; couleurs criardes, loud colours. 

cri-blage 16 [-bier], m.: sifting. Hcri^ 
bl 12 [L. criblum], m. : CRIBBLE, sieve ; 
riddle; cribrum; ancient vizor, -bier 15 , 
tr. : sift ; riddle : visage crible, pock- 
marked face, -blenr 14 , =ejjse [-bier], 
m., f.: sifter, -bleuic 15 , =e^.se, adj.: 
cribriform, -blure 1 ' 8 [~bler],f.: sif tings 
(residue), -bratiow, 16 (L. -brare] t f.: = 
(act of cribbling). 

eric 14 [? ak. to OHG. kriec, attempt], m.: 
jack-screw (for lifting). 

eric crac 1T [echoic], inter j. : crack ! rip ! 
(imitative of a breaking or ripping sound). 

crieeal 18 [Gr. krikos, circle], adj. or m.: 
cricoid (of fish), 

cricket 18 [EngJ, m.: = (ball-game). 

cricoide 17 [Gr. krikoeides, ring-like], adj. 
or m.: cricoid (bone of larynx). 

cricri 15 [echoic], m.: shrilling (of cricket); 
cricket ; creeper (bunting). 

fcrid = cri&s. 

cri-ee 11 ,/.: tproelamation (of sale); auc- 


tion; audience des s, auction hall (for 
selling houses and land), ll~er [p. L. 
*critare (L. quiritare, wail ; orig. appeal 
to the citizens, L. quirltes)~], intr., tr.: 
CRY (utter the natural voice aloud; 
shout ; call ; shriek ; screech ; creak ; 
scold; clamour; proclaim; hawk): au 
secours, shout for help ; les boyaux orient, 
bowels rumhle ; f quelqu'un, upbraid 
one ; a I'injustice, cry out against 
the injustice ; haro sur quelqu'un, 
raise a hue and cry after one; une 
marchandise, offer at auction, -erie 12 , 

/.: clamour. -enr u ,=ejBse, m.,/.: crier 
(bawler;. hawker; auctioneer). 

crime 11 [L. -men, (lit.) judgment], m.: = 
(offence against law ; against society ; sin ; 
iniquity ; felony) : qualifiee, indictable 
offence ; de lese-majeste, lese-majesty, 
treason ; porte au , prone to guilt. 

Crime" e,/: Crimea. 

orimi-naliser* 15 [L. -nalis, guilty], tr.: 
fspeak against, accuse ; transfer (fr, the 
civil) to the criminal docket, to the crown 
side, -naliste 17 [L. -nalis], m.: crim- 
inal lawyer. -nalite 16 [L. -nalis], /.: 
(rare) criminality. -nel 10 , =elle [L. 
-nalis], adj.: criminal (guilty; pertaining 
to crime); m.,/.: criminal, culprit; m.: au 
, in criminal court; le grand (petit) , 
criminal court for grand larceny, etc. (for 
petty larceny, etc.). -uellement u [-nel], 
adv.: criminally. 

criri [L. crtnt*], m.: hair (mane; tail; 
fhuman hair) ; cheval < tous s, horse 
with full mane and tail ; un homme d tous 
s t a man with much hair and beard; 
(jig.) ci tous s, in the full sense, in 
every respect ; sommier de , hair mat- 

orittoritix 16 [echoic], m.: poor fiddle. 

cri-nieV 16 [crin], m.: horse-hair worker. 
-niere 16 [crin], /.: mane (of horses, 
lions, etc.). 

crinole 17 [Gr. krinon], /.: crinum (kind 
of lily). 

crinoline 18 [crin], /..* = (stiff fabric, 
originally haircloth; stiff skirt, hoop- 

orio-lbole 17 [Gr. kriob6lion, ram-slaying], 
m.: sacrifice of a ram. -eere 17 [Gr. 
krios, ram, kfaas, horn], m.: crioceras 
(grain insect). 

i. clique 13 [Norse kriki],/.: CREEK, small 
bay; ditch. 

t2.criq k 'ue = eriqure. 

ori-qti-er 15 [echoic], intr.: (dial.) f crac- 
kle ; become brittle (as wool f r. gluing) ; 
crack in cooling (as steel). i.-quet 11 , 
m.: CRICKET (house cricket; locust). 

a.oriqLuet 16 [?], m.; little torse; little 
man ; small wine. 

croc 169 

3.criquet = cricket 
ri^queter 16 [-quer], intr.: crackle, 
crepitate slightly. -qAre 18 [-quer] t /.; 
crack (in metal, etc.). -quetis 15 , m.: 
sharp sound (fr. poor copper in engraving). 

erise 16 [L. -sis],f.: crisis. 

eris-patif 18 , =ive, adj.: crisping, shriv- 
eled. -pati<m 17 , /.: shrivelmg; thrill; 
fidgets. |(-per 17 [L. -pare], tr.: crisp, 
shrivel ; make nervous. 

Crispin 16 [valet C, in [Moliere], m.: typ- 
ical valet ; short cloak. 

criss 16 [Malay kri8\, m.: CREESE, poniard. 

cris~ser 15 [echoic], intr.: grate the 
teeth, -sure 17 ,/.; surface flaw (in wire). 

crista^l 1 ^, pi. =ano; [L. crystallus, Gr. 
krustallos], m.: crystal (clear solid; 
colourless quartz, rock-crystal; flint 
glass; regularly formed solid fr. a liquid) ; 
pure water ; ^cristaux de lune (de Mars, 
de V6nu$) t salt of silver (iron, copper); 
d'Island, Iceland spar. -llerie 17 , 

/.: flint-glass business or manufacture. 
-llier 13 , m.: glass-cutter; glass-closet. 
-lliere 18 ,/.; rock-crystal mine ; cutting- 
table (for glass). -llifere 18 [L.ferre, 
bear], adj.: crystalliferous. -llin 13 
[-llinus], adj.: crystalline, crystal": le 
(corps) , the crystalline lens; capsule 
e, membrane around the lens; (phlye- 
tene) e, phlyctenosis ; (ficoide) e, fig- 
marigold. -llisaWe 18 [-lliser], adj.: 
crystallisable. -IHsation 16 [-lliser], f f : 
crystallisation, -lliser 16 , tr. or intr.: 
crystallise : la soie, let alum crystallise 
on silk, -llographie 17 [Gr. grdphein, 
write],/.: crystallography, -llom^trie 18 
[Gr. metron, measure],/.: crystallometry. 

criste 18 [L. -tatus, crested], adj.: having 
crest- like appendages (as shells). 

fcristc = christe. 

fcristi = sacristi. 

fcrit = criss. 

cri-tere 17 or (L- form) -terinm [Gr. 
kritfriori], m.: criterion, basis, test. 
-ti-eisnve 18 , m.: criticism, -tiqitable 17 
[-tiquer], adj.: exceptionable, open to 
criticism. i.||^tique ls [L. -ticus, Gr. 
kritikos, decisive (krinein, decide, judge)], 
adj.: critical; m.,/.: critic. 2.-tiqwe 16 
[Gr. kritike],/.: critique, censure, critical 
review; body of critics, -tiquer 16 , tr.: 
review, criticise; censure, -tiqttenr 16 
[-tiquer], m.: criticiser, censor. 

tcro-at^ler = croasser. -assement 15 , 
m.: cawing, croaking. ||~asser 14 [echoic], 
intr.: caw, croak (as crows). 

i.opoc 16 [echoic], inter 'j.: crunch! 

2.cr9^c [p. L. *-ccum (?)], m.: crook; 
hook; grapnel; fang, dog-tooth: d 
tmerillon, swivel-hook, -o-^n-jamlie 16 , 
pi. f" - , m.: tripping up; supplant- 



ing. -ehe 15 [ak. to -c], "fadj.: crooked, 
hooked at the end ; /. : anvil- tongs (with 
curved handles); quaver (in music). 
-eher 11 , tr. : hook, seize with hook; 
"bend, crook : une note, put a stem or 
a hook to a note. -ehet 11 , m.: hook 
(crook; crotchet in forts; pole or rod 
with crook at the end; boat-hook; hill- 
hook ; pot-hook ; clasp ; crochet-needle ; 
bracket in printing); skeleton-key, pick- 
lock ; two-bladed hoe ; claw ; fang ; canine- 
tooth ; horse's wolf -tooth ; turn in the 
road ; fembrace : sur Us s de quelqu'un, 
at some one's expense, -ehetable ls 
[cheter], adj. : serrure , lock that may 
he picked, -elietage 18 , m.: lock-pick- 
ing; raking, hoeing. " -elietee 18 [-chet], 
/.: one stretch (what one crochets with- 
out stopping). -ehefcer' 14 [-chet, skel- 
eton-key], tr. : pick, force, i .- elieteur 14 
[-cheter], m.: lock-picker, burglar. 2.~ehe- 
tejar 15 [-chef], m.: street-porter, -ehe- 
ton 16 [-chet], m.: little hook, esp. of 
street-porter's pole, -elm u , adj. : hooked : 
cheval , narrow-hipped horse ; avoir la 
main e, be close-fisted. 

crocodile 12 [L. -lus], m.: =; (hinged, 
metal) shingling-press (suggesting jaws) ; 
automatic railroad-signal (suggesting alli- 
gator's back). 

crocus 15 [L.], m.: = saffron (herb). 

fcroie = craie. 

croiler = crouler. 

croire [L. credere], irr.; tr. } intr.: 
believe (trust; credit; have faith in; 
think; suppose, etc.): aux revenants, 
believe in ghosts, 

Ind. : Pr. croi-s t -s, -t ; cro-yons* -yez, 
croient. Ipf. croyais. Pret. crus. Fut. 
(Cond.) croirai(s). Subj. : Pr. croie. Pret. 
crusse. I've crois. Part. : Pr. croyant ; 
P. cru. 

croi-sade 16 , /.: crusade, -se, see -ser. 
-see 1S , /. .* crossing, intersection ; win- 
dow-cross; window-sash; window; cross- 
piece; transept: cintree, arched win- 
dow; d'ogivesj pointed arches, -se- 
men,* 15 , m.: crossing; cross-breeding. 
||~ser 10 [croix], tr.: CROSS (intersect; 
pass through or over ; mix in breed- 
ing; make the sign of the cross over; 
put a cross on ; lay cross-wise ; cut) ; 
intr.: CRUISE: (tissu) croise, kersey, 
serge; Us (batons) croises, crosses sup- 
porting a tight-rope ; rimes croisees, 
alternating rhymes ; Us fils des croisfa, 
sons of crusaders, i.e. of ancient ancestry. 
-serie 17 ,/. : wicker-work, -sete 12 [-sette], 
adj.: (her.) having crosses. -sette 11 
[croix], /.: little cross; fencing-master's 
sword; St. Andrew's cross (shrub). 
-sew 16 , m.: CRUISER; cross vein (ore 
that crosses another vein) ; sea-swallow. 


-siere 15 , /.: intersection, cross; cross- 
ing (of two railroads) ; cruise, voyage ; 
cruising vessels ; cruising region, -sille u 
[croix], /. : little cross ; whirl-carrier (in 
rope-making). -sifclgw 13 [croix], m.: 
cross-bar; pi.: braces (within a cylinder). 
-soire 17 ,/.: stamp, marker (for sea-bis- 

crois-sa^-ee [L. crescentia], /.: growth, 
growing; petrified vegetation (for adorn- 
ing grottoes). i.-sant 11 [croitre], m.: 
ftime of the waxing moon; CRESCENT 
(waxing or waning moon ; curved loaf of 
bread ; defect in a hoof, fr. fallen coffin- 
bone ; Moslem flag) ; anything of crescent 
shape (pruning-hook ; rack for shovel and 
tongs ; bout of violin ; paper with crescent 
grain ; arm to hold back a curtain ; etc.). 
2.-saH 17 [croitre], adj.: increasing, 
growing, -semgnt [croitre], m.: grow- 

croisnre 14 [-ser],f.: intersection, cross- 
ing (of two lines, of two threads, of two 
fibers) : la de I'ecu, central point of 
a shield; des rimes, alternating of 

crqi-t 11 , m.: increase (esp. of flocks) : 
de cens, tax over and above the feudal 
quit-rent; bail a , lease on shares of 
the increase. Hcroj^tre [L- crescere], 
irr.; intr.: grow, inCREASE ; swell ; "ftr.: 
(fig.) augment. 

Ind. : Pr. crol-s, -s, -t ; croi-ssoris, -ssez, 
-ssent. Ipf. croissais. Pret. crus. Fut. 
(Cond.) croitrai(s}. Subj.: Pr. croisse. Ipf. 
criisse. I've crols, Part.: I??. croissa?it; 
P. era. 

oroix [L. crux],/.: CROSS (all senses ex- 
cept : cross in breeds, willing defeat and 
swindling surrender of a race or any con- 
test) : jouer d et a pile, play heads or 
tails ; depar Dieu (or de Jesus), primer 
with a cross in the title ; alphabet ; mys- 
tere de la , dogma of the incarnation ; 
foie de la , acceptance of the dogma of 
incarnation ; de merite (or de sagesse), 
reward of merit at school; de cheva- 
lier, water-chestnut. 

tcrol(l)er crouler. 

omlecJk 18 [Brittany, "curved stone"], 
.: (ancient monument). 

cromorne 16 [Ger. krummhorn, crooked 
horn], m.: cromorna (ftrumpet; clarinet- 
like organ stop).$ne 17 , [?],/.: wash-out (on a bank).$ne 16 [Flem. kran], m.: crane (at a 

cro-quade 18 [-quer], /.: hasty, rough 
sketch, i. -quant 15 [-quer], adj.: crisp, 
brittle; /.: crisp dessert (tart, almond- 
cake) ; m.: gristle. 2.-qiean 1 [sus aux 
croquants, "down with devourers of the 
people," cry of the revolting Guyenne 


peasants], m.: peasant, boor; worthless 

croque-abeaie 17 , /.: "bee-eater, tit- 
mouse, -au-sel (d la) see croquer. 
-en-boTi-elie 18 , m.: crisp or crackling 
tarts, cakes, etc. -lardon 15 , m.: 
sponger. -mitaiue 18 , m,.:" bugbear. 
-mort 18 , m.: (/am.) hearse-driver. 
t-noisette 15 or t-M-oise, m.: (daaZ.) 
dormouse, -note 17 , m.: (/am.) mu- 
sician (of little ability). i.Hcroque~r 15 
[echoic croc], mfcr.: crackle; to*.: crunch; 
devour ; sketch, dash off, outline : manger 
quelque chose (quelqu'uri) a la croque au 
sel, or croque-au-sel, eat a thing with salt 
only (devour a person tooth and nail) ; 
(/am.) le marmot, wait forever for 
some one ; line poulette, make a pullet 
one's prey ; une note, skip a note. 

2.croquer 17 [Prov. crouca], tr.: grapple, 

j'croqwe-sol = croque-note. 

i. croquet 18 [Eng.], m.: = (the lawn 

2.cro-qi*et 16 [i.-^er], m.: crackling, 
brittle cake, snap, -quette 18 [i.-quer], 
/.: = (flattened ball of rice, meat, 
etc.). -queur 16 , =^use [i.-quer], m., 
/.: gormandizer, devourer. -qui^nole 16 
[? i.-quer], /.: fillip, nose-pull; cracknel, 
brittle fancy-biscuit, -qtds 17 [i.-gwer], 
m. ; (hasty sketch, first draft). 

crosne 18 [village Crosnes],/.: Japan sal- 
sify (with edible roots). 

cros~se 10 [ak. to croc], /.: stick with 
curved end (crook; crosier; cricket-bat; 
crutch ; stake) ; butt-end (of fire-arm) ; 
cricket (ball-game) ; bar (of iron to be 
soldered) : vivre sous la , have a church- 
man for a master, -s 15 [-ser], adj.: 
haVg a crosier, -ser 12 , tr.: bat; kick; 
intr. : play cricket, -sette 15 , /. : layer 
(of a vine) ; = (shoulder-piece, elbow, 
ancon of buildings), -seur 10 , =euse 
[-ser], m.,f.: cricketer. 

or o tale 17 [L. -lum, Gr. krotalon], m.: 
crotalum (rattle ; sleigh-bell) ; snappers, 
castanets ; rattlesnake. 

f crotesque grotesque. 

croton 1 ^ [Gr. krdton, castor-oil plant], m.: 
= (genus of the spurge family). 

crot~te 13 [?],/: dung, esp. in pellets (as 
treadles, crotels) ; mud. -ter 12 , tr.: 
dirty, soil. -tin 14 , m.: pile* of dung. 
-ton 17 , m.: (lit.) little dung; sugar- 
lumps (in the sieve). -tu 17 , adj.: pock- 

croiL-cliaut 16 [? ak. to croupe], m.: crutch 
(part of a ship's knee-timber). 

crou-la-n^ 16 , adj.: un edifice , a crumb- 
ling, tottering house, f-le 18 P -ler], /.: 
(dial) snipe-hunt, ^-lem&nt 11 , m.: 

CPU 171 

settling, collapsing. i(~ler [p. L. *crotu~ 
lare (? ak. to Fr. erotale)], intr. : go to ruin, 
crumble, fall in; tr.: shake; wag; launch; 
drop dung (as falcons). -Her 12 , =ier<>, 
adj.: miry, quaggy; /.: mire". 

croup 17 [Eng. fr. Scotch], m.: croup (acute 
inflammation of the throat). 

croupade 16 [-pe], f.: = (leap where the 
horse draws his hind legs close to his 

croupal 18 [croup], adj.: of croup. 

erou~pe 10 [ak. to Ger. kropf], f. : rump; 
(poet.) tail; hump, peak; dome-roof (at 
one end of a church) ; gable (of hip-roof) : 
monter en , ride behind, -pe 17 , adj.: 
cheval Men , horse hav*g good croup. 
-piade^ 17 [-piat], intr.: east anchor 
astern, -piat 16 [Prov. -pias], m.: spring 
(on cables), -pien 18 , =enne, adj.: of 
the rump, -pier 16 , m.; frider behind; 
(gambler's) croupier, assistant; secret 
ally, capper; backer, -pion 14 , m.: rump,, 
buttocks, -piouner 1S [-pion], intr. : buck 
behind (as though about to kick), -pir n , 
intr.: (old) sit on haunches; (now) stay, 
lie; stagnate, become foul: dans la mi- 
sere, wallow in wretchedness, -pissatit 15 
[-pir], adj.: becoming foul; standing. 
-pon 17 , m.: rear half (of a hide). 

crousiJle 16 [Prov. -$ilho],f.: fish crawl 
(at edge of salt lagoon). 

crous-tade 18 [It. -tata (-ta, CRUST)],/.: 
pot-pie (of meats and crusts), -tttlant 17 
[-tiller], adj.: ffunny; crackling, crusty. 
H-tiile 16 [Prov. -tilho] t f.: little CBUST; 
lunch. -ti?lei i18 , intr.: eat crust; 
crackle. -tiileusement 16 [-tilleux] t 
adv.: (fam.) funny; obscenely, -tii- 
letLr 16 , =opse, adj.: funny; smutty. 

crou-te [L. crusta], f.: CRUST (hard 
outside of bread, pie, the earth, etc.) ; 
crumbs ; morsel ; toast ; scales, scab ; old 
painting; poor painting, daub; old fogy, 
fossil. t-tolette 12 , /.: little crust. 
-tejLr 13 , =ST2-se, adj.: incrusted, crusty. 
f-iior 17 , m.: dauber, poor painter. 
-to?} 1 * 5 , m.: end crust (of a long loaf); 
toast ; drudge. 

cro-yable 11 [croire],adj.: credible, trust- 
worthy. -yan-ee 13 [crcance], f.: fbe- 
lieving; belief; CREED, -yant 11 [croire], 
adj. : believing ; m., /. : believer : com- 
mandeur des s, leader of the faithful. 

i. em [L. crudus], adj.: CRUDE, raw; 
rude ; indigestible ; not ripe : d, , with- 
out any extras ; monter a , ride bare- 
back; maison a , house without a 
foundation, built right on the ground; 
eau e, very hard, or poor water. 

2. cm. 15 [croltre], m.: native growth; mn 
du , native wine; bouilleur de ^dis- 
tiller of brandy for his own use, not to 


sell ; (Buvre de son , original produc- 

cru, crus, part, and pret. of croitre. 

cruaute fj>. L. *crudalitas (L. crudeli- 
tas)],f.: CRUELTY. 

cru-^-elie 12 [Genn'c kruka (ak. to Ger. 
krug)], /" pitcher, jug, CROCK; (fam.) 
dolt, -^enee 12 ,/.: pitcherful. -ehoti 12 , 
m.: little pitcher. 

cru-ei-al 1 *, pi. =&noo [L. crux, cr< 
adj.: cross-like, -fere 17 [L.ferre, bear], 
adj. : fbearing a cross ; crueif er (plant) ; 
pi. : crueif erae (family of plants), -flan* 16 , 
adj. : crucifying, subduing the flesh, -Se- 
men* 11 or -Stmenf, m. : crucifying, 
crucifixion. K^fier 11 p. L. -figere (L. 
crux, cioBs,figere, fix)], tr.: crucify (in all 
senses), -fla? 11 p. L. -fixus, crucified], 
m.: = (cross with the image upon it). 
-fbdcm 15 p. L. -fixio],f.: =. 

erudite 13 [L. -ditas], /.: crudity; raw- 
ness; hardness of water; indigestible 
food; bitterness. 

crue 12 [croitre],f.: fgrowth; increase (in 
price) ; rise (of water), flood. 

cru~el, -elle [p. L. *crudalis (L. cru- 
delis)], adj.: =; /.: heartless woman. 
-ellement n , adv.: cruelly; (fam.) very. 
cru-ment 15 [cru, CRUDE], adv.: bluntly, 

crural 15 , pi. -a,ux [L. -Us (crus, leg)], 
adj.: =. 

crusta-ee 17 [L. -ta, CRUST], adj.: haVg 
a shell; m. _pZ.: Crustacea (all crabs, 
prawns, etc.). 

cryp-te 17 [L. -ta (Gr. krupte, hidden place, 
kruptos, hidden)],/.: crypt (vault under a 
church; follicle of skin or mucous mem- 

crypto-* [Gr. krupt6s, hidden in]; -game 17 
[Gr. gdmos, marriage], adj.: cryptoga- 
mous, hav'g invisible seed-organs, -ga- 
mie 17 [Gr. gdmos, marriage], /.: crypto- 
gamia. -gramme 18 [Gr.grdmma, letter], 
m.: cryptogram, secret message, -gra- 

phie 17 [Gr. grdphein, write], /.: cryptog- 
raphy, secret writing. 

fcrystal, etc. = cristal, etc. 

cte*nite 18 [Gr. kteis, comb], m.: pectinid 

feu see cul. 

cu-bage 17 [-ber], m.: cubing, measuring 

in uniform solids, -bature 17 , /.: =, 

reducing to a cube, fl^be 12 [L.-bus, Gr. 

ktibos], m.: =. 

cubSbe 12 p. L. cubeba, fr. Ar.], m.: 

cuber 15 [cube], tr.: cube, measure the 

solid contents of; intr.: contain. 
cubilot 18 [?], m.: cupola (furnace). 
cubi-que 18 [L. -cus, Gr. kubikos], adj.: 


cubi-tal 16 , pi. =aucc, adj.: = (of the 
forearm). H~tus* 7 [L.], m.: radius (of 

cu-bocube 11 [Gr. kubokubos], m.: ninth 
power, cubocubocube. -boide 16 [Gr, ku bo- 
eidfe], adj., or m.: cuboid. 

fcu-eerorc. = cusseron. 

cucubale 17 [L. -lus], m.: cucubalous 
(plant of the pink family). 

fcuculle 15 [1. L. -lla],f.: cucullus, monk's 
COWL; scapular. 

cucurbi-ta-eees 17 [L. -ta, gourd], /. pi.: 
cucurbitacese, gourd family, -te 18 [L. -ta, 
gourd], /. : cucurbit (body of an alembic). 
-tin 14 [L. -tinus], adj.: gourd-like; m.: 
tape-worm (fr. its joints like gourd seeds). 

cuetl-lage 13 fcett-, m. : gathering (of fruits ; 
of molten" glass on blow pipe), -laiscw 18 , 
/. : gathering time, -le 16 ken'yjf. : '(dial.) 
gathering (of fruits) ; breadth (of sail 
cloth), -lette 12 , /.: gathering (esp. of 
olives and* apples) ; collection (of money 
contributions; of rags); mixed cargo. 
-leur 12 , =use, m., /.: fruit-picker or 
gatherer ; ladler, dipper (of molten glass). 
-lie 14 , /.: batch (of plaster); bundle (of 
wires for needles). ||~lir [p. L. *colli- 
glre (L. colligere)], z>r.; tr.: COLLECT; 
(esp.) CULL, pluck, pick ; COIL (rope); ladle 
out (molten glass, etc), -loir 18 , m.: fruit- 
basket; fruit-scissors. 

Ind. : Pr. cueille. Ipf. cueillais. Pret. 
cueillis* Fut. (Cond.) cueillerai(s). Subj. : 
Pr. cueille. Ipf. cueillisse. I've cueille. 
Part. : Pr. c-ueillant ; P. cueilli. 

oufFa* 18 [? Ger. kufe, vat], m.: hoisting 
bucket, or cage (in a mining shaft). 

fcuider [L. cogitdre, think], tr.: be- 
lieve : se , put on airs. 
mi~lere or -ler [L. cochlearium], /. : 
spoon ; ladle ; gouge : biscuit a la , bis- 
cuit made with a spoon ; s des roues, 
axle-caps ; le Mron , spoon-bill crane ; 
herbe a s, spoonwort. -leron 13 , m.: 
bowl (of a spoon) ; hollow (at base of in- 
sects' wings). 

cuine 16 [Ar. qanina, glass vessel],/.: re- 
tort (for making nitric acid). 

cui*r [L. corium], m.: fskin; hide (of 
pachyderms) ; tanned hide ; leather : 
de laine, a thick wool cloth ; s bruts, 
raw-hides; chevelu, scalp; bouilli, 
leather hardened by boiling or soaking ; 
(fam.) faire des s, link French words 
badly. -rasse 14 , /.: cuirass (breast- 
plate; bony plate, carapace; armour of 
boats): le defaut de la , end of the 
cuirass; (fig) the weak spot. -rasse- 
ment 18 [-rasser], m.: casing with iron, 
plating (of ships). -rasaer 16 [-rasse], 
tr.: arm with a cuirass; case in iron; 
(fig.) harden, toughen : un (navire) cui- 
;, an iron-clad, -rassier 16 [-rasse], 


m. : , heavy armed soldier. t-*atier 1T 
[Prov. curatie], m.: leather-worker. 

cuire [p. L. *cocere (L. coquere)], irr. 
(cf. conduire)]', tr., intr: COOK (bake; 
boil ; roast) ; digest ; burn ; smart : mn 
cuit, syrupy wine; terre cuite, TEEEA 
COTTA ; (fig.) il vous en cuira, you will 
suffer for it ; trop gratter cuit, too much 
scratching hurts; better not talk too 

cni-rer 11 [cuir], tr.: cover with leather. 
-ret 3 ^ [cuir], m.: unhaired hide; leather 
(of the hatter's bow), -rier 18 [cuir], 
m.: leather apron. 

cui-$age 13 [-re], m.: fcooking; charring 
(of wood), -s&nt 11 [-re], adj.: burning, 
smarting, severe. ^ -seur 12 [-re], brick- 
burner; wine boiler. ||~sine [L. co- 
clna], f.: KITCHEN, cuisine, COOKERY; 
cooking ; f spice-box : batterie de , cook- 
ing utensils ; tyvoir froide, have poor 
fare. -sinet- M , intr. : do the cooking. 
-sinier 1 ^ 2 , =iere, m., /.: cook; m.: 
cook book ; /. ; meat-oven. 

cms-sard 16 , m.: CUISH (thigh-armour); 
thigh-piece (of an artificial leg). ||~se 
[L. coxa, hip], /.: thigh: aide des s, 
thigh exercise (of cavalry) ; de noix, 
part of a nut ; de triglyphe, tablets of 
a triglyph ; de verrerie, pillar of lat- 
eral (glass-) ovens, -seau 18 , m. : fillet (of 
veal), t-sedame, or -se-madame 16 , 
/.: pear (gourd-like, yellow variety). 
-sette 18 , /.: (/am.) fUtile hip; half a 
gang (of threads). -siere 13 , /.: thigh 
leather (on the left hip of drummers). 

caisson [L. coefa'o (coquere, cook)], /.: 
cooking (of food) ; dressing, preparing ; 
burning, smarting. 

cuissot 13 [-sse], m.: haunch. 

cuistre 16 [? cf. OFr. coustre, tr. p. L. *cus- 
tor (L. custos), guardian], m.: funder- 
steward (of a college) ; pedant ; boor. 

cuite 12 [cuire], /.; baking; cooking; 
burning ; batch : (low) se donner line , 
get drunk. 

cui-vra^e 18 [-vrer], m.: coppering. cul~ 
vre [p. L. *coprium (L. cuprum fr. 
island Cyprus)], m. : COPPER : jaune, 
brass ; de rosette, pure copper ; 
merge, native copper; jpnte de , pig 
copper; cuivres, plates for engraving; 
brass horns. ' -vre" 17 , adj.: copper-col- 
oured; metallic (voice), -vree 18 [-vrer], 
f. : copper gilding, -vrer 17 , tr. : copper, 
cover with copper, -vrette 16 ,/.: reed, 
mouthpiece (of bassoon, etc.). 16 , 
=epse, adj.: like copper, coppery. 
-vrique 18 , adj. ; cuprous. - vrot ", m. : 
chill-box (of time-pieces). 

Au~l or feu [L- wins], m.: buttocks/ 

, bottom; poop, stern j wash-out; corbel; 


' 173 

tail ; tail-piece (in printing) : etre , 
be at one's wits' end ; montrer le ; be 
ragged ; run away ; in many self -explain- 
ing names of birds ( -blanc, -rouge, 
-rousset, d'pr); d'ane, seanettle 
(fish); -d'artichaut, artichoke root; 
de basse-fosse, hole in a dungeon; 
-de-chapeau, rounded end of a bolt; 
-de-chaudron, pot-hole fr. an explosion ; 
-de-four, =, spherical vault ; de-hotte, 
medlar ; -de-lampe, = ; breach of a 
cannon ; univalve mollusk ; -de-mulet, 
variety of fig ; -de-niche, convex circular 
lid; -de-plomb, sluggish person; -de- 
pot (or incorrect, -de-pore), wall-knot; 
-de-poule, pouting lips ; touch-hole of a 
gun, etc.; -rond, round stern fishing 
smack; -de-sac, blind alley; washout 
by the sea ; -de-singe, purple sea shell ; 
-de-verre, cataract spot in horse's eye ; 
couleur -de-verre f deep green; de- 
voute en pendentif, dome on pendentive 
vaulting, -lard 17 , m.: bracket (holding 
the spring of a trip-hammer), -lasse 16 , 
/..* breech of (guns) ; crown (of an 
anchor) ; pavilion (of a diamond) ; de- 
jatte, cripple (who drags himself in a 

culave 17 [?],/.: baking-pot. 

cui-"bla??c, see cul. 

culbu-te 14 or fculebute,/.: somerset: 
au bout du fosse la , follow a fatal 
career; etre d la , be topsy-turvy. 
||~ter 15 or -fculebuter [cul, buter], 
intr. : turn a somerset ; tumble headlong ; 
tr. : throw down, upset : pigeon culbutant, 
tumbler pigeon, -tcjor 16 , m.: tumbler 
(acrobat; toy), -tis 16 , m.: jumble. 

cui-dr- . . ., see under cul. 

^valebutis = culbutis. 

cu-lee 13 [cut], /.: tail-end (of hides); 
stump (of trees) ; bank-abutment (of 
bridges) ; buttress, pier ; stern-way, back- 
ing up, or grounding of a ship. -ler 14 
[cut], intr.: back up, fall astern; veer; 
strike bottom. -leron 16 [-Her], m.: 
crupper. -let<m 18 [cut\, tail-end (of bel- 
lows). -lier 1 ^ =iere [cul], adj.: boyau 
, rectum ; (sangle) culiere, breech, hip- 
strap, turn-back (to a saddle). 

fcttliere = cmltire. 

cnlinaire 15 [L. -narius], adj.: culinary. 

culmi-nant 17 , adj.: culminating, highest. 
-natioW 15 ,/-- = (of stars). ||-ner 17 
[L. culmen, top], intr*: culminate, pass 
its zenith. 

culot 18 [cul], m.: bottom (of hanging 
lamps, etc.) ; = (cup with an" issuing 
scroll ; cup of a Minie ball) ; residuum ; 
youngest (chick, child, etc.). 
onlot-tage 18 [-ter], m.: (jam.) brown- 
ing (of a tobacco-pipe), 

174 culpatilite 

/.: rump; trunk-hose; (often pi. in) 
breeches, trousers, bloomers; branched 
pipe or tube; upright tube (of tube- 
boiler); heel-plate (of pistols): -de- 
suisse, branded or striped drinking-glass 
with stem; banded shell; striped pear; 
de-velours, velvet eock ; -de-chien, 
orange-tree. -ter 18 , tr.: put trousers 
on ; brown (a pipe) : nez culotte, rum blos- 
som. -tier 17 , =iere, m., /.: dealer in 
trousers; (esp.)/.: pants-maker, -tin, 16 , 
m. : (/am.) flittle trousers ; child in first 
pants, " little man." 

culpaMlite 18 [L. -bilas],f.: culpability. 

cul-rouge, etc., see cul. 

culte 16 [L. -tus], m.: CULT (worship ; cere- 
monies) : de latrie, worship of God only, 
latria ; de dulie, saint-worship, dulia. 

oultellaticm 1 ' [L. -llus, knife], /.: = 
(dropping* something to mark the foot of a 

culti-vafcle 12 , adj.: = -vateur 14 , 
=triee, m., /.; tiller of the soil; cul- 
tivator (plow). f-vation 15 , /.: =. 
H^ver- 11 p. L. -vare (L. colere)], tr.: 
CULTIVATE (till; raise; train, educate; 
exploit), culture 15 [L. cultural, /.: = 
(tillage; refining, training); crop, growth. 

cumin. 15 [L. cuminum, Gr. Mminon], m.: 
cumin: des pres, caraway seed; 
cornu, or faux , black cumin. 

cumu-1 17 , m.: accumulation, junction, 
plurality : du petitoire et du possessoire, 
combining ownership and possession. 
-lard 18 , m.: (fam.) pluralist, place-man 
(dfsposed to hold several offices at once). 
-latif 16 , =ive, adj.: cumulative, -lati- 
vement 15 " [-latif], adv.: all together. 
jl~ler 18 [L. -lare, pile up], tr.: combine 
(different causes in one action at law; 
hold different oflices at one time). 

cuneiforme 15 [L. cuneus, wedge, forma, 
form], adj.: cuneiform, arrow-shaped. 

cunette 15 [It. (la)cunetta, LAGOON],/.: 
=, cuvette (deep ditch in a moat). 

cuniculaire 18 [L. -lus, hare], adj.: bur- 
rowing ; m. pi. : burrowing rodents. 

cupi~-de 14 [L. -dus], adj.: feager ; COVET- 
OUS. -dement 15 , adv.: covetously; 
eagerly, -dite 18 [L. -ditas],f.: cupidity 
(tpassion; avarice). Cupidott 12 [L. 
Cupido, son of Venus], m. : Cupid ; beau- 
tiful child or youth. 

ouprate 18 [L. -prum, copper], m.: = 
(salt of cupric acid). 

cupressinees 18 [L. -nus, of Cyprus], /. 
pi.: Cyprus group of pines. 

ou-priqwe 18 [L. -prum, copper], adj.: 
cupric. -prite 18 [L. -prum], m.: = 
(cuprous oxide). 

cupu-lalre 17 , adj.: cupular. [|^le 17 [L. 
-la, cup], /. : = (involucre, burr of nuts). 


18 [L.ferre, BEAR], adj.: cupulife- 
rous ; /. pi. : cupulif erse, oak-family. 

curable 12 [L. -bills (eura, cure)], adj.: 
(rare) =. 

curacao 1S [island C. in Antilles], m. : = 
(the liquor). 

r. enrage 13 [for cul-rage], /.: water-pep- 
per, smartweed. 13 [-rer], m.: cleansing, cleaning 
(of sewers, wells, etc.) ; (dial.) bleaching 
(of cloth). -ra^die^ 12 , =iere [-rer], 
m.,/.: (dial.) bleacher. 

curare 18 [Brazil], m.; = (arrow-poison). 

cura-telle 14 [1. L. -tela as if / of L. -tor, 
k ee p er ] ? f. : guardianship, trusteeship. 
-teur 12 , -tri-ee [L. -tor, -trix], m., /.: 
guardian ; trustee : au venire, guardian 
for unborn child ; d la memoire, ad- 
ministrator for deceased convict, -tif 14 , 
=ive [L. curare, cure], adj.: curative. 
-tio.n- 12 [L- -tid\ t f.: treatment. 

curcuma 15 [Sp. fr. Ar., 'saffron'], m.: = 
(genus of ginger family). 

cu~re [L. cur a, CARE],/. : = (church cure ; 
benefice; rectory; treatment; healing); 
dose (for falcon) : armer la , put meat 
with the dose (to tempt the falcon). 
-re 12 , m.: = (priest of a Catholic par- 
ish) : Gr os- Jean qui veut en remontrer d 
son , the clerk would teach the parson ; 
M. le n'aime pas les os, que lui donne- 
t-on? children's game where one must an- 
swer with a word hav'g no o. 

cureau 17 [?], m.: (clothshearer's) stick, 

cure-denf H [-rer], m.: tooth-pick. 

curee 1 [cziir],/.: QUARRY; food: sonner 
la , give the call to the quarry; de~ 

fendre la , keep the dogs off till the 
signal ; mettre les chiens en , give the 
dogs the quarry to excite them ; apre a la 
, greedy for one's part ; la, - des places, 
scramble for office. 

cure-feu, pi. X, m. : poker, stithy-pick 
(to clean furnaces), -langtte 17 , m.: 
tongue-scraper, -mole 1S mol, m. : dredg- 
ing machine. -oreiile 14 , m.: ear-spoon. 
-pied 16 , m.: horse-picker (to clean 
hoofs). i.|lcure~r [L. curare], tr.: 
cleanse, clean up ; pick ; fattend to, CAKE 
for. 2.curer [cure, pill for falcons], 
intr.: treat falcons. 

cure* 17 [for cuiret], m.: skin, buffalo- 
leather (used in gilding). 

cu-rette 14 [-rer],/.: = cleaner; scraper. 
-reur 12 [-rer], m,: cleaner (of sewers, 
wells, etc.). I. -rial 16 , pi. -auos [cure], 
adj. : of a church cure or living, rectorial : 
maison e, parsonage. 

2.curial 17 , pi. =aux [L. -rialis], m.: 
member of the Roman curia, -rie 16 [K 
-Ha], /.; curia (Roman tribal, division; 


place of meeting ; senate-house ; town- 
council ; body of officials of papal govern- 

3u-rieusein.eut n , adv. : fvery carefully ; 
curiously, with curiosity. |!~rieux u , 
=ense [L. -riosus], adj.: fcAREful;* CURI- 
OUS ; interested in ; interesting, amusing ; 
m.,f.: curious or inquisitive person. 

curio 17 [L. -no], m.: chief of a curia; 
sacrificer (for a curia). 

curiosite 11 [L. -tas], /: fearefulness, 
f interest ; CURIOSITY. 

curie 17 [?],/.: twisting-wheel, cord-wheel 
(for rope-making). 

curojr 13 [purer}, m.: scraper (to clean a 
plough, shovel, etc.). 

cur-seur 17 [L. -sor, mnner], m.: frunner ; 
cursor (movable piece on measuring in- 
struments ; indicator), -sif 17 , =ive [1. L, 
-sivus (L. -rere, run)], adj.: cursive;/: 
flowing hand. 

cumle 13 [L. -Us (currus, chariot)], adj.: 
chaise , curule chair ; magistrature , 
magistracy privileged to use the cerule 

curures 13 [ewer],/, pi. : dirt (cleaned fr. 
wells, sewers, etc.). 

cur-vatif 18 , =ive [L. -vare, bend], adj.: 
curvative (bav'g margin slightly curved). 
-vilifirne 15 [L. -vu$, curved, Fr. ligne], 
adj , : curvilinear. - vite 1S [L. -vitas] , /. : 
(rare) curvity. 

cuscute 13 [fr. Ar. (Gr. kastffaa)'], f. : cus- 
cuta, bindweed, dodder. 

cuspide 18 [L. -pis, spear], adj.: cuspi- 
date, sharp-pointed (as thistle leaves). 

cus-serou 13 [ak. to cosson, weevil], m.: 
(dial.} grain-insect. t-son = cosson. 
-sonne 15 [-son], adj.: worm-eaten. 

i.cnsto^de 11 [L. -s], m.: custodian; 
warden (monk). 2. -de 1S [L. -dia, custody], 

/.: curtain (fof beds; of high-altar); 
pyx-cloth; sacraments; carriage pillow; 
flap (of pistol holster), -die 17 ,/.: ward, 
province (of monk), -di-nos 15 [L, 
'guard us'], m.: acting clergyman (hold-' 
ing a living in trust). 

cu-tane 17 [L. -tis, skin], adj.: cutaneous. 
-ticule 15 [L. -ticula, little skin], /.: 
CUTICLE, epidermis. 

fcutter = coire. 

cu-vage 12 [-ver], m.: fermenting (of 
wine); fermenting outfit. ||cu~ve [L. 
cupa, CUP],/.: vat; tank; waterwheel- 
pit. -veau 14 , m. : little vat, tub. -vee 12 , 

/.: vatful. -velage 17 [-veler], m: tub- 
bing. -veler 17 , 'tr*: tiib (case inside, 
line a shaft), -ver* 15 , intr.: work, fer- 
ment; tr.: sleep off (drunkenness). 
t-verie 18 , /.: (dial), fermenting place 
(cellar or ship), -vette 11 , /.: = (bowl ; 
basin; pot; receiving vessel for molten 



glass ; cunette, ditch) ; cap (of a watch) ; 
cistern (of barometers) : d'un plomb, 
funnel-mouthed pipe (to receive water fr. 
eaves, etc.) ; de jauge, waste water 
basin ; d'un canal, bed of a ditch. 
-vie-r n , m. : drip-tub (for lye ; for tem- 
pering steel ; for washing kaolin). 

fcuzcuz = eouscou. 

eyame 17 [1. L. -mus, Gr. Mamos, bear)l 
m. : cyamid, whale-louse. > 

-cyau^ [Gr. Manos, blue] : -feydriqite* 
[ak. to -ogene and hydro gene}, adj. : cyan- 
hydric, prussic, hydrocyanic. -ique^ 
[ak, to -ogene], adj.: cyanic, -ogene 18 
[Gr. gennan, produce], m.: cyanogen 
(colourless gas), -ometre 17 [Gr. metron, 
measure], m.: cyanometer. -ose 18 [Gr. 
kuanosis, blueness], /.: cyano'sis, blue 
jaundice; cyanosite (mineral), -ure 18 
[ak. to -ogene], m. : cyanurate. 

eyat7ie 17 [L. -tens, Gr. kuathos], m.: 
cyathus (pouring cup ; measure). 

-eycl~ [Gr. Mklos, CIRCLE] : -ade 18 [Gr. 
kuklds, rounded], /.: cyclas (mollusk). 
-asneii 13 [L. (Gr. kuklaminori)], m.: 
, sow-bread (plant). -eycl-e 1 * [L. 
cyclus], m.: = (period of time which re- 
peats itself; series of processes in phy- 
sics which brings back to the first condi- 
tion; entire turn of a spiral leaf-struc- 
ture; body of poetry or legends on one 
theme ; curative process where the remedy 
was gradually increased), -ique 16 [L. 
-icus], adj.: cyclic, -oiidal 17 , pL =aua? 
[-oide], adj.: cycloidal. -oide 1 ^ [Gr, 'ku- 
koeides, CIRCULAR], /.: cycloid (curve 
traced by a point in a rolling circle). 
-one 18 [Eng. (Gr. Mklon, turning)], m.: 
, great wind-storm, -ope 15 [L. -ops (Gr. 
kuklops, circle-eye)], m. : cy clops (one-eyed 
mythological giant; one-eyed person; crus- 
tacean of the cyclopidse). -opeeit 18 , 
=enne [-ope], adj.: cyclopean. "-os- 
tome 18 [Gr. stoma, mouth], adj.: tav'g 
rounded mouth (as certain fish and mol- 

eygrne 11 [L. -nus (Gr. Mknos}], m.: swan ; 

-eylin-drage 18 [-drer], m.: mangling (of 
linen). |kylm~dre 18 [L. -drus (Gr. kulin- 
dros)], m. : cylinder (the geometric solid ; 
anything resembling it, esp. in machinery ; 
roller ; mangle ; CALENDER ; etc.) : a 
braise, bucket (for heating water by put- 
ting live coals into it), -drer 18 , tr.: 
mangle (linen), -drique 15 , adj.: cylin- 
drical. -droide 17 [Gr. eidos, form], adj. 
or m. : cylindroid. 

f-eymalge = eimaise. 

cym"ba-iaire 14 [L. -laria], /.: toad-flax 
(Sg-wort). ff-le 12 [L. -lum (Gr. Mmbalon)], 
/.: cymbal. -Iier a8 w m.: cymbal-player. 



ey~me 17 [L.-mo], /.: = (flat topped clus- 
ter of flowers), -mette 16 ,/.; sprout (of 
Brussels cabbage). 

eyn*' [Gr. kuon, dog] : "f'&n-eie = es- 
quinansie. -egetique 17 [Gr. kunege- 
tikos], adj.: cynegetic; /.: cynegetics, 
art of hunting with dogs, -ips 17 [Gr. 
ips, wood insect], m.: =, gall-fly, -ique 15 
pj. -icus], adj. : cynic, sneering, cynical ; 
impudent ; m. : cynic philosopher ; sneerer ; 
impudent person, -iquement 15 [-ique], 
adv.: cynically, -isme 17 [L. -ismus], 
m. : CYNICISM ; impudence, -o-eephale 13 
[L. -ocephalus, Gr. kunokephalos (kephale, 
head)], m,: dog-headed baboon, cynoce- 
phalus. -oglosse 17 [L. -oglossus, Gr. 
kundglosson (glossa, tongue)], /,: cyno- 
glossum, hound's- tongue, -osure 15 [L. 
-osura, Gr. kunosoura, dog's tail], /.; 
cynosure (constellation containing the 
pole star) ; rattle grass, dog's-tail grass. 

eypera-eees 18 [L. -ros, Gr. Mpeiros, 
galingale],/. pL: cyperaceas, sedge family. 

eypres 11 [L. -pressus], m.: cypress (the 
tree ; grief ; death) : le petit , orna- 
mental hedge aster. 

-eyprin 17 [L. -nus, carp], m.: cyprinoid, 
carp-like fish. 

eyril-liert 18 , =eime or -lique [Slavic 
saint Cyrille], adj.: Cyrillic : alphabet , 
original of the present Russian alphabet. 

yst~ [Gr. kustis, bladder]: -algie 18 
[Gr. dlgos, pain], /. : cystalgia, neuralgia 
of bladder, -i-eerque 18 [Gr. kerkos, 
tail], m.: cysticercus, encysted young 
tape-worm. -ique 15 , adj.: cystic. 
-ite 18 , /..* cystitis, inflammation of the 
bladder, -oide 18 [Gr. eidos, form], adj. 
or m.: cystoid, bladder-like, -otome 18 
[Gr. tome 1 , section], m.: = (instrument 
for cutting the bladder). -otomie 18 
[Gr. tome, section],/.; cystotomy, opera- 
tion for the stone. 

eytise 16 [L. -thisus], m.: cytisus, bean- 

-eytot/teq'M.e 18 [Gr. kutos, cell, iheke, 
case],/.; cytotheca (integument covering 
the thorax of pupas). 

r, tsar, etc. = tzar, etc. 

d <E or older d [LJ, m. : d (the letter) : 

D., sign for Dame f Don; D, sign for 

(Rom.) 500. 

d r for de before yowels or h mute. 
-da 10 [?], adv. 8vff.: (Jam.) indeed: oui- 

da, yes forsooth ; nenni-da, no, indeed. 
da-capo 17 or da capo [It. 'from the 

head or beginning'], adv.: da capo. 


Da-eie,/.; Dacia (land of the old Daci, 
Eastern Europe). 

dacty~le 13 [L. -lus, Gr. ddktulos, finger; 
dactyl (ref. to three joints)], m. : dactyl 
( ^ ^) ; sort of plant, -lique 16 , adj. : 
dactylic, -lographe 18 [Gr. -los, grd- 
phein, write], m. : keyboard for communir 
cation between blind or deaf-mutes. 
-lolalie 17 [Gr. -los, Idllein, talk],/. : finger 
language (as used between deaf mutes). 
-loptere 17 [Gr. -los, pteron, wing], m.: 
dactylopterus, flying-fish. 
dada 16 [echoic], m.: (child-lang.) horse; 
(fam.) hobby. 

dadais 16 [?], m.: booby, dolt. 

fdagorne 16 [? dague, corne],f. : one-horned 
cow; beldame. 

da~gue 13 [?],/; amcient DAGGer (f Eng. 
DAG), dirk ; scraper ; knout (for flogging 
sailors) ; DAG (unbranched antler of a 
young deer); boar's tusk, -gwer 15 , tr.: 
f stab ; strike with the horns ; (hunt.) rut ; 
(falc.) fly with spread wings. 

daguerreotype 18 [Daguerre, the in- 
ventor, -type], m.: daguerreotype (early 
kind of photograph). 

daguet 15 [-gue], m.: bracket (young deer). 

da/ilia 17 [1. L. (DM, Swedish botanist)], 
m.: = (aster). 

dai#ner [p. L. dignare, L. -ri (dignus, 
worthy)], int. : DEIGN, condescend, vouch- 

dail 14 , daii-le, m., /.; (dial.) scythe; 
whetstone ; pholas (shell). 

fdaillot = andaillot. 

<L~aim [p. L. *damus (L.-ma)], m.: deer; 
(male) buck : chasseur de , deer-hunter, 
deer-stalker; des gants de , deerskin 
gloves, -aine 16 ,/.; doe. 

daintier [f r. old -tie, L. dignitas, ' honor/ 
so ' piece of honor, DAINTY'], m. (us'ly pi.) : 
dowcet (testicle of a stag). 

dais [L. discus, DISC, table], m.: = 
tplatform; canopy): de verdure, ar- 

dais 17 [1. L. dais], m.: exotic shrub. 

dalbergia 17 [1. L. (named after Dalberg)], 
m.: black-wood. 

fdaleau dalot. 

Daleoarlie , /. : Dalecarlia (province of 

dal-lage 18 , m.: paving with flagstones; 
flagstone pavement, flagging. ||~le u 
[? cf . E. deal, plank], /. ; slab (of stone or 
timber), flagstone, flag; slice; gutter, 
spout; (nav.) scupper; powder-tub, -ler 18 , 
tr. : pave with flagstones, flag. 

Dalma-tie, /.; Dalmatia Qand east of 
the Adriatic), -tique 11 [1. L. -tica, tunic 
worn in Dalmatia], /. ; dalmatica (priest's 
vestment at mass). 

dalot 16 [dalle], m.: scupper (-hole). 


daltonisme 18 [Dalton, physician affected 
by it], m.: daltonism, colour blindness. 

dam 9 [L. damnum, DAMage], m.: fdam- 
age ; (theol.) privation of the sight of 

i.Da~ma [fr. Hebr.], m.: Damascus 
(city in Syria), da-mas 14 , m.: DAMASK; 
Damascus blade, damaskin ; DAMson (Da- 
mascus plum), -masqum 15 IJt. -mas- 
chino], adj. : of Damascus, damascene ; 
m.: damaskening. -masqwinage 16 
[-masquiner], m. : damaskening. -mas- 
quinage 16 [-masquiner], m.: damasken- 
ing. -masq'winer 15 [-masquin], tr.: 
damaske(e)n (decorate steel, etc., with in- 
laid or etched patterns). -masqui- 
nerie 17 [-masquiner], /.; damaskening. 
-masqitinenr 15 [-masquiner], m.: da- 
maskener. -masqitinnre 15 [-masqui- 
ner],/.: damaskening. -masser 17 [da- 
mas], tr.: damask (esp. textile fabrics); 
damass$, damask, -mass-are 16 [-masser], 

/.: damasking (word, design). 

i. dame [L. domina, mistress], /.: = 
(anc. noble lady; married lady; woman 
generally; figure in certain games, as) 
queen (in cards and chess), king (double 
in checkers), counter or man (in backgam- 
mon) ; rammer (of pavers) ; bolt ; row- 
lock ; (in comp'd names of birds, flowers, 
etc.: belle -dame, etc.); inter j. 1Q (fr. 
Notre Dame, cf . below) : on my faith ! in- 
deed ! well ! etc. : Notre Dame, our Lady, 
the blessed Virgin, Virgin Mary; 
tfatour, (queen's, etc.) lady of the toilettes 
or bedchamber ; s de France, daughters 
of the King of France ; d'onze heures, 
(bot.) star of Bethlehem; faire , 
(checkers) become queen (doubled); jeu 
de s, game of draughts or checkers. 

s.dame 16 [Ger. damm], f.: DAM, bank 
(across a water course). 

dame-jeanne 15 [Prov. damajano (? Ar.)], 
DEMI-JOHN (as in Fr. by pop. etym.). 

da-mer* 15 [t.-me], tr.: queen (a pawn at 
chess), crown (at checkers); tamp (with a 
paver's rammer) ; puddle (clay) ; pion e 
(or incor. dame damee), queened pawn (at 
chess) ; le pion a quelqu'un, outdo any 
one. -meret 15 [i.-me], m.: man of ef- 
feminate elegance, dude, ladies' man ; adj. : 
dudish, foppish, -merette 17 [i.-me], f.: 
moth. t-matte 12 [i-mc], /.: flass; 
(dial.) wagtail, -mier 15 [i.-we], m.: 
checkerboard; chessboard; (arch.) checker- 
work, fretwork ; name of various spotted 
animals and plants (kind of petrel, butter- 
fly, mollusk, etc.). 

dawit-nable u , adj. : =. -nalilement 14 
[-noble], adv.: damnably, -nation n [L. 
-natio], f.: =. -ne, =ee, adj. or n.: 
damned : Ure I'dme ne'e de quelqu'un, be 



somebody's tool, be wholly in his power. 
H^ner 11 [1. L. -nare (-num, damage)], tr.: 
damn (doom to perdition; condemn as 
bad) : faire , drive to mortal sin (esp. 
by anger), cause to be damned, drive 

damoi~sean [p. L. *domnicellus (dim. of 
L. dominus)], m. : (midd. ages) aspirant to 
knighthood, page, (Jam.) ladies' man, spark, 
beau, -selle [p. L. *domnicella], f.: 
DAMSEL (midd. ages, young gentlewoman ; 
then young lady gen'ly). 

dan-din 1 *, m.: ninny, -dinant 16 , adj.: 
waddling. * -dine 18 , /.: whipping rod. 
-dinemenfc 17 , m.: waddling, swaying mo- 
tion. Jhdiner 15 [echoic (ak. to O.Fr. 
-din, table bell), ' move like a bell-clapper'], 
intr.: sway to and fro (naturally or af- 
fectedly), waddle: se , sway, twist 
one's self (one's body). 

dan~dy 18 [Eng. (? ak/to -din.)], m.: =. 
-dysme 18 , m.: dandyism. 

Danemark, /. : Denmark. 

daneaju 17 , pi. cc [dain], m. : young deer. 
an^ger [p. L.*domniarium (L. dominus, 
lord), 'power], m.: = (fpower; power to 
harm; peril, risk). -gereusemeti.t 15 
[-gereux], adv. : dangerously, -gereiia; - 11 , 
=eia.s<3, adj.: dangerous. 

danqis, =oise Q. L. Danz], m.,f.: Dane; 
m.: Danish language; adj.: Danish: 
ehien , great Dane. 

dans 11 [de, OFr. ens (L. intus), within], 
prep.: in, within; into; with; according to; 
at ; ce but, with this end in view ; avoir 
fait le temps, have done formerly ; etre 

I'abattement, be in a state of dejection, 
be downcast. 

dan-san* 16 , part.: dancing: soiree e, 
dancing (evening) party. d$n-se n , /.: 
dance, dancing: en , a-going, started; 
mener la , give the impulse ; donner 
une CL, shake up, give a drubbing to ; 

de corde, rope-dancing ; d e St. Guy, 
SainWitus dance ; des marts, ma- 
cabre, dance of death; maitre de , 
dancing-master. H-ser* 11 [OHG-. -BOH, 
draw, form a row], tr., intr.: dance ; leap : 
faire quelqu'un, dance with some one ; 
faire quelqu'un sans violon, give some 
one a drubbing; maitre d , dancing 
master, -senr, =onse u , m., f. : dancer : 

de corde, rope-dancer. 

Daphne [Gr. ddphne, laurel], /. : Daphne. 
daphne, m.: daphne (shrub). 

tdar-ee = darse. 

dar^-d 10 [fr. Genn'c], m.: DART, short 
javelin ; sting (of serpents, scorpions, bees, 
etc.); (pourted objects of various kinds, 
as) brass tip (of scabbard) ; point (in a 
moulding), pistil ; shell rocket (also d 
feu)', dart (sort of carp); sans , atingleaa. 



-der 14 , tr.: dart, hurl, beam, -diilon 15 , 
m. : little dart ; barb (of a fishhook)." 

dare 16 [echoic], adv.: (/am.) in great 

dariole 13 [?],/.: cream-cake. 

darne 15 [Bret.],/.: slice (of large fish). 

darse 13 [It. -sena (Ar .)],/.: wet dock. 

dar-tre 14 [? Celt.],/.: herpes (eruption 
of the skin), -treuos 14 , adj.: herpetic. 

darwinisme IB [Darwin], m.: Darwinism. 

dataire 10 [L. -tarius (L. -turn, given)], m.: 
datary (papal officer in charge of the da- 
taria or appointment office). 

da^te 12 [L. -to, (L. -re, give), given],/.: 
= : prendre , take rank at a certain 
date ; etre le premier en , be the first 
applicant (etc.), have priority; faire , 
form en epoch, -ter 15 , tr., intr.: date; 
make an epoch. 

daterie 16 [-taire],f.: dataria. 

i.da~tif u [L. -tivus (-re, give), 'to be 
given', sc. casus, case], m.: dative. 
2.-tif 14 , =ive, adj.: dative (given by a 
judge or testamentary disposition). -ti<m 12 
[L. -tio\ t f.: giving, assigning (by a judge 
or testamentary disposition). 

datisme 17 [Gr. -m6s (Datis, character 
in a comedy by Aristophanes)], m.: 

dat-te 11 [L. dactylus, Gr. -los, finger],/.: 
date (the fruit), -tier 17 , m.: date palm. 

dttura 1& [fr. Sanskr.], m.: , thorn- 

dajB~be 16 [It. dobba (-Ware, fit)],/.: stew- 
ing (meats) and garnishing; garnished 
stew, i .-"her 18 , intr.: prepare a daube, 

2.dau~bet 15 [?], tr.: cuff, drub; scold, 
jeer ; (/am.) des mdchoires, eat with 
great appetite, -bear 17 , m.: jeerer, 

danbiere 18 [daube], f.: stewpan. 

dau~ph.iM, [p. L. **dalfinu$, L, del- 
phinus (Gr. delphis, dolphin)], m.: dolphin 
(fish; constellation); (nav.) curved wooden 
brace ; curve of a tunnel ; curved nip- 
pers; dauphin (old title of counts of 
Vienna, conferred on the French Crown- 
prince when, in 1349, Dauphiny was 
bequeathed to Philippe de Valois). -pbi- 
nelle 17 [Gr. delphinion], /..* lark-spur 

damrade 15 [Prov. -da = Fr. oVee/gilded'], 

/.: gilt-head (fish). 

da vantage 13 [de avantage], adv.: more, 
longer (without complement; arch, also 

davier 15 [? Davi(d)] f m.: forceps; 
tongs, crow, cramp ; (nav.) DAVIT ; roller. 

dz [L, de], prep.: of, out of, from; 's 
'^possess.) ; some, any (partit.) ; by, with ; 

for; at; expletive (after adverbs of 


quantity, etc.) : pres, near ; loin, 
afar; se moquer , laugh at; d'entre 
Cfrom amongst') of; par le roi, in the 
king's name; beaucoup livres, many 
books ; cinq de tues, five killed ; du (de I 3 ), 
de la, des, some, any. [p. L. datus, given, thrown], m.: 
DIE (for playing ; of a pedestal, between 
base and cornice; metal block of ma- 
chinery; various other die-shaped or 
cubical parts of instruments, etc.) ; piece 
of domino : jouer aux s, play at dice ; 
avoir le , be the first to play ; flatter le 
, slide the dice ; soften a thing down ; 
d vous le , it is your throw (turn) ; 
tenir le (de la conversation), do all the 
talking (not leave it to others) ; pipe, 
loaded die. [OFr. deel, p. L. *ditdle (for digitale, 
L. digitus, finger) : <Le, by anal, to], 
m.: THIMBLE; ferrule or mounting (of 
the handle of a banner): Panurge, 
harness ring (for the reins). 

de- [L. dis-], pref. : dis-, un-, apart. 

t-dea, old for -da. 

deba-cher 18 [de, bdche], tr.: uncover (car- 
riages) ; put back, let down, tilt off. 

de-baclage 16 , m.: clearing (of a port). 
-b$cle^,'m.: breaking up (of the ice in 
a river) ; break up, overthrow ; debacle ; 
clearing (of a harbour). -baLclEment 13 , 
m.: breaking up of the ice. ||~bacler 16 
[de-, Meier], tr.: fi^bar (doors etc.); 
clear (a harbour of unloaded vessels and 
make room for loaded) ; intr. : break up 
(of the ice in a river), -baolenr, m.: 
clearing officer (of a harbour). 

debadineT 17 [de-, badiner], intr.: re- 
move a mark (in playing). 

debagou~ler 15 [de-, OFr. bagouler (? ba, 
bah ! goule = gueule, mouth), abuse], tr.: 
(vulg.) spew, vomit; launch into abuse 
against, abuse, -lenr 16 , m.: (vulg.) 
scurrilous abuser. 

deba/aionner 18 [d$~, bdillon], tr.: un- 


debal~lage 18 , m.: unpacking, -let* 15 
[d6-, balle]', tr. : unpack ; t^e^ove pack- 

deban-dade 15 , /.: disbanding, breakup, 
confusion: a* la , in great confusion, 
helter-skelter. -dement 17 , m.: dis- 
banding; leaving the ranks. i.||^der \de-, 
i. bander, 2.bande], tr.: i. remove a band 
or bandage from, unbind, relax, unbend 
(a bow), uncock (fire-arms), unbrace 
(drums) ; 2.fdetach from a troupe: se , 
i. be relaxed, unbent, etc.; fgrow milder 
(of weather) ; 2. disband (be broken up), 
leave the ranks. 

i.debanqtter 17 [de-, banque], tr.: break 
the bank of '(at play). 


2.debanquer 18 [de-, bane], IT.: (nav.) 
take away the thwarts (seats) from; intr.: 
quit a fishing bank. 

debajptiser 16 [de-, baptiser], tr.: f annul 
the baptism of (dechristianise) ; change 
the name of: sefaire , renounce one's 

debar "her 14 [de-, barbe], tr.: funbarb; 
prune the roots of (vines). 

debarbom~ler 15 [de-, barbouiller], tr.: 
clean ; wash the face of : se , (fig.) wash 
one's face ; clear or extricate one's self. 
-loir 18 , ra. : (fam.) towel, napkin. 

debarcadere, f-donr 16 [-barquer], m.: 
landing-place ; terminus (of railways). 

debar-dage 16 , m.: unlading (of wood). 
I(~der 15 [de-, bard], tr.: unload (a boat, 
etc., esp'ly of wood) ; transport (a broken 
up raft or felled wood) to the place 
of lading, clear off; break up (an old 
boat), -deur 15 , m.: man that unloads or 
transports wood, lumper ; sort of ulcer. 

debar-quement 16 , m.: disembarkment, 
landing. \\~quer 1 * [de-, barque], tr., 
intr.: disembark, land; step off (from a 
train, etc.) : un nouveau debarque, a new- 
comer; ilfut arrGte au debarque, he was 
arrested as he landed (or stepped off). 

d^bar-ras 17 , m.: riddance, disencum- 
brance; lumber-room. ||~rasser 16 [de~, 
the radical of em-barrasser], tr.: dis- 
embarrass, disencumber, rid, clear (away), 
free : se , disencumber or rid or free 
one's self, get rid or clear (of), extricate 
one's self; -ras$e,part.: disembarrassed, 
untrammeled, free. 

debarrer 11 [de-, barrer], tr.: unbar. 

debat 12 [-tire], m.: debate, discussion; 

debater 14 [de-, Mt], tr.: unsaddle. 

i.debatir 16 [de-, batir, build], tr.: pull 
down (a building), demolish. 

2-debatir 12 [de-, batir, baste], tr.: un- 
baste (a dress), untack. 

debattre 11 [de-, battre], irr.; tr.: DE- 
BATE, discuss, argue; contest: se , 
struggle, strive, writhe. 

deMba^ehe 15 ,/.: debauch(ery), revelling. 
-ban-die 15 , =ee, adj.: debauched, dis- 
solute; m.,/.: debauchee, dissolute person, 
rake. H^bau-eker 12 [de-, old bauche, of 
.uncert. meaning], tr.: debauch, -ban- 
eheTLr 15 , =ejsse, m., f.: debaucher, se- 

t deb ell e; 13 [L. -Hare (bellum, war)], tr.: 
subdue by war. 

debet 14 [L., 'he owes'], m.: debit, debt: 
d'un compte, balance of an account. 

tdebiffer 18 [de-, biffer], tr.: wear down, 
weaken: etre tout -jfe, be quite out of 

debi-le 18 [L. debilis], adj.: feeble, weak, 

deblayer 179 

(fEng. debile). -lein.ent u f adv.: feebly. 
-litaiti 15 [-liter], adf.: (med.) debilitant; 
m.: debilitant (drugs, bleeding, etc.). 
-litation 13 [-liter], f.: debilitation, en- 
f eeblement. -lite 13 [L. -litas], f. : debility, 
feebleness, -liter 13 [L. -litare], tr.: de- 
bilitate, enfeeble. 

debUlar-der 17 [de- } billard], tr.: 
(carp.) cut (a log, bille) into pieces ; cut 
into cantles. -dement 17 , m.: (carp.) 
cutting diagonally. 

debiZler 16 [de-, bille], tr.: take off, un- 
harness (horses drawing a boat). 

debi-ne 18 , /.; (economical) embarrass- 
ment, straits, misery. ||~ner 18 [?], 
intr.: decline, fall into misery; tr.: 
belittle, slander, bring into trouble. 

i. debit 17 [L. debitum (-bere, owe), thing 
DUE], m.: debit. 

2-debi-t 16 , m.: retail sale, traffic; retail 
shop ; market ; cutting up or into pieces 
(as wood, etc.) ; apportionment ; delivery 
(of an oration, etc.); recitative: de , 
saleable ; marchandises de (bon) , com- 
modities that sell well ; de tabac, tobac- 
conist's shop ; un beau - , a fine d livery. 
-tage 17 , m.: cutting up (of wood, etc.). 
-ta, =tartte, m., f.: (retail) dealer. [? L. debitum (-bere, owe), thing 
due], tr.: (sell by) retail, sell; give out, 
circulate, spread; cut up or into pieces (as 
wood, etc., for certain uses); perform suc- 
cessively ; give forth or yield successively 
(of liquids, etc.) ; recite or deliver (an ora- 
tion, etc.), utter, give expression to : en 
gros (en detail), sell wholesale (by retail) ; 

son role, recite one's part; des 
nouvelles, spread news. 

debi-ter 17 [i. debit], tr. : debit, i .-tejor 13 , 
-tri-ee pL -tor, -trix], m., f. : debtor ; 
(leg.) obligor. 

2.debitenr 16 , =ejase [-ter], m., f.: re- 
tailer; reciter, teller, newsmonger: 
de sornettes, teller or hawker of idle 

debitter 16 [de-, UUe], tr.: nnbitt (a 

d&blai 16 , -blainumt 17 [-blayer], m.: 
clearing away (earth, rubbish), levelling, 
excavating ; riddance ; (-blai, esp. in pi.) 
earth or rubbish (cleared away); detritus: 
etre en , be levelled away or excavated. 

deblanbir 17 [de-, blanchir], tr.: skim 
the crust of (metals in fusion). 

deblaterer 17 [L. de-blaterare ('babble, 
BLATTER'), slander], intr.: give vent to 
abuse, scold, slander. 

deblayer 12 [de-, btt: formerly 'rid of the 
grain*], tr.: free from encumbrance or 
rubbish, clear (away) ; level down, cut : 

un role (theaL), pass rapidly over the 
less salient parts of a rdla. 



deblo-cage 18 , m.; (print.) removal of a 
turned type. i.-qii-er 17 [de-, i.bloquer, 
turn a type], tr.: remove (a turned type 
to put in the right one). 

z.debloquer 15 [de-, 2.bloquer], tr.: raise 
the blockade of. 

deboire 14 [de-, boire], m.: disagreeable 
after-taste ; disappointment, mortification. 

de-boisement 18 , m.: clearing of trees. 
|{~boiser 18 [de- t boiser], tr.: clear (land) 
of trees. 

deboi-temenfc 15 , m.: dislocation (of a 
joint), luxation. ||~ter* 15 [de-, boite], tr.: 
unbox, remove from its cover or casing; 
unsocket, disjoint, dislocate. 

debom-bet* 18 [de-, bomber], tr.: press 
out "(the crown of a hat), -boir 18 , m.: 
flattening instrument. 

debo.n~der 15 [d$- t bonde], tr.: unbung (a 
cask, etc.); open up; intr. or refi.: escape 
by the bung-hole or sluice, pour out; gush, 
give vent to one's feelings, burst forth. 
-donnement [-donner], m.: unbunging. 
-donner 1 ^ [de-, bondon], tr.: unbung. 

debon~naire 10 [de bon, OFr. aire (not 
mod. Fr. aire), disposition], adj.: good- 
natured, compliant, -nairemenfc 11 , adv.: 
in a good-natured manner, compliantly. 
-nairete ^ /. : compliance. 

debonneter* 8 [de-, bonnet], tr.: deprive 
of the cap ; un-corol (of fruit) ; uncap (a 
fuse) ; intr. : shed its blossom. 

deboqtteter 18 [de-, Pic. bosc = Fr. bois], 
tr. : strip of planks. 

de-bord 1 ^, m.: = -bor dement; part of 
the street bordering on the sidewalk; edge 
or rim of a coin ; border lining, -horde, 
part.: overflowed, etc.; dissolute, de- 
bauched, lewd. -bordemen/t 14 , m.: 
overflow(ing), inundation, flood, irrup- 
tion; defluxion; dissoluteness, debauchery. 
^border 14 [$-, bord], intr.: pass or 
flow over its borders or banks, overflow, 
run over, burst forth, spread; project, 
put out, bulge; be dissolute; tr.: send 
over the borders or banks ; pass beyond ; 
outrun; project beyond; (mil.) outflank; 
(plumb.) edge ; remove from the border ; 
remove the border from, unborder : se , 
pour itself out, overflow, spread; (nav.) 
get clear, sheer off. -bordoir 16 , m.: 
edging- tool (of a plumber). 

debosseler 18 [de-, bosseler], tr.: free 
from creases or dents, smooth. 

dehosser 16 [de-, bosser], tr.: (nav.) free, 
unstopper (a cable). 

debot-te 11 , m.: taking the boots off. 
H-ter 11 [de- t botte], intr.: pull (anybody's) 
boots off ; as noun, taking the boots off : 
surprendre quelqu'un au (debotte), sur- 
prise some one just as he returns. 

d6bou-elie 17 , J.f~ehement i7 fa-cher], 


m.: opening, outlet, issue; expedient; 
(com.) channel, market; water-way (of 

2.debou-ch.emertt 17 , m.: unstopping, 
clearing (pipes, etc.), uncorking. 
i.JI^-eher 16 [de-, boucher], tr.: unstop, 
free from obstruction, uncork, clear. 

2.debou-elier 16 [de-, bouche], intr.: issue 
(from a narrow space into a more open), 
DISEMBOGUE, fall into; DEBOUCH, march 
out ; relieve the bowels. 

debou-ehoir 17 [i.-cher], m.: clearing in- 
strument ; lapidary's tool. 

deboncler 11 [de-, boucle], tr.: unbuckle, 
uncurl ; smooth : un prisonnier, set a 
prisoner free ; une jument, unring a 

debomZ-~lir 16 [de-, bouillir], tr. : (dyeing) 
boil, -li, m.: boiling. 

debouler 17 [de-, bouler], intr.: (fam.) roll 
down like a ball, tumble down; deboule, 
m. : tumbling down ; (hunt.) start (from a 

deboulonner 18 [de-, boulonner], tr.: 
unbolt, unpin. 

debou-qttemetit 16 , m.: (nav.) issuing 
from a narrow channel; strait, narrow 
channel. H^quer 16 [de-, bouque], intr.: 
sail out of a strait or narrow channel. 

debourber 15 [de-, bourbe], tr. : free from 
mud, cleanse ; polish ; pull out of the mud 
or mire : du vin, draw off wine af tei 
fermentation; le poisson, put the fish in- 
to clear water to disaccustom it to the mud. 

debourgeoiser 17 [de-, bourgeois], tr.: 
polish (the manners of). 

debourrer 16 [de-, bourre], tr.: free from 
hair (as skins) or wool, etc.; unstop, clean 
out, worm (fire-arms) ; render less clumsy, 
polish ; break in (a horse) : se , become 
less thick or clumsy, become more polished, 

de-bours 17 , m.: disbursement; extra 
freight expense (out of port, as for repair, 
duty, etc.). -bourse 15 , m.: disburse- 
ment, money laid out, advance, -bourse- 
men* 15 , m.: disbursement, paying out, 
expenditure. H^bonrser* 12 \de-, bourse], 
tr. : DISBURSE, pay out, expend. 

disboTLt 11 [de, bout], adv.: on end, upright; 
on one's feet, standing, up (not lying 
down) ; subsisting ; (of goods) unloaded, 
without examination ; (nav., also de bout) 
'by the end, viz. prow (of the vessel)', 
hence: ahead (of the wind, etc.), head- 
against ; contrary ; inter j. : arise ! up ! 
Ure , stand (up), be (up); be stirring; 
bois , wood worked according to the 
graining; droit , right ahead; tomber 
, fall upon one's legs; avoir vent , 
have a head-wind ; etre au ve?$ $ au 
covrant, head to wind and tide f 


debon-ter 9 [de-, bolder], tr.: (leg.) over- 
rule, reject, the claim of. -te, m.: (leg.) 

debouton-ne 18 [de-, bouton], adj.: 
stripped of buttons, or of buds ; (part, of 
-ner) unbuttoned: fleuret , bared foil 
(i.e. with the point stripped of its cover- 
ing). -ner 15 [de-, boutonner], tr.: un- 
button : se , unbosom one's self. 

#ebrailler> 15 [de-, old brail (cf. braie, 
bosom)], 'tr.: bare, uncover the breast of: 
lie, open-breasted, bared, naked; un- 

debraiser 118 [de-, braise], tr.: free (a 
heated oven) from embers (to bake), 
rake out. 

i.debrayage 18 [i.-yer], m.: removal of 
tar or pitch*. 

2.debrayage 18 [z.-yer], m.: (tech.) un- 
coupling, disengaging. 

i.debrayer 18 [de-, brai], tr.: free from 
pitch or tar* 

2.debrayer 18 or desembrayer [em- 
brayer], tr.: uncouple, disengage. 

debrEdouiZler 16 [de-, bredouille], tr.: 
(trick-track) save from being in the lurch, 
save from complete failure ; break (some- 
body's) bad luck, restore the chances of. 

debri-dee 17 , /.: fshort stop at an inn 
(while 'unbridling' the horse); fexpense 
during such a stop; troop or crowd 
stopping at a place : il a eu toute la , 
they all lodged with him. -dement 16 , 
m.: unbridling; uncoupling; freeing from 
restraint; hurrying over, dispatching; 
(surg.) relieving constriction by incision. 
||~der 14 [de-, brider], tr.: unbridle; free 
from restraint; hurry over, dispatch; free, 
untie? relieve constriction by incision; 
intr. : unbridie, halt, stop : au debride, at 
the arrival; sans , without unbridling 
or stopping, at a stretch ; il aura bientot 
debride, he will soon have dispatched. 
-deur 15 , =ejjse, m., /.: one who detaches 
stones from cables (in quarries) ; performer. 

debris 15 [OPr. -ser (cf. briser), crush], 
m.: "Crushing; debris, rubbish, ruins, 
remains, wreck. 

debro-eltage 18 , m.: removal from the 
spit; unstitching, l| 16 [de-,i.&?*0cAe, 
z.brocher], tr. : unspit ; unstitch. 

debrouiZ-larcl 18 , m.: (/am.) artful 
dodger, one who knows how to disentangle 
himself or get out of a difficulty. -le- 
numfc 16 , m.: disentangling; unravelling. 
||~ler' 15 {de-, brouiller], tr.: clear up, 
disentangle, unravel; se , be cleared 
up, be disentangled, unravel, -leur, 
=ejjse, m., f. : disentangles 

deWolej* 18 [de- t bruler],tr.: disoxygenise. 

debm^tir 17 [de-, brut], tr. : rough-polish. 
-tissemettfc 17 , m.: rough-polishing. 



de-bu-elier' 11 [de-, buche], intr.: (hunt.) 
start (from the BUSH or wood) ; tr. : dis- 
lodge, start; m.: starting; starting- 
signal. -'busqueiai.ent 1 '' [-busquer], m.: 
driving (an enemy) from the wood, dis- 
lodging. -busquer 15 [other form of 
-bucher, through Ital. influence], tr. : drive 
(an enemy) from the wood, drive out, dis- 
lodge ; (hunt.) start. 

debu-t 16 , m.: i. opening play or throw; 
outset ; debut (first attempt, first appear- 
ance before the public); opening, beginning; 
2. displacing (a ball from its position); po- 
sition for displacement : etre en beau , be 
in a favourable position for displacement 
(i.e. where a ball may be easily hit); be 
a good shot; I'oiseau est en beau , 
the bird is a good shot, -tant, -tattte, 
m., /. : =, beginner, actor or actress ap- 
pearing for the first time. |{~ter [de-, 
but], i. intr.: open a game (by placing the 
ball as little removed 'from the mark or 
limit' as possible, usually in order to 
decide who is to have the first play; hence) 
make a first attempt, make an appearance 
on one's DEBUT publicly ; open, begin, set 
out; displace (an adversary's ball) 
from near the mark or jack (but), knock 

dE9a n [de, ga], adv.: (on) this side, here ; 
prep. : this side of : de (or par, en) , on 
this side. 

deca-ehetage 18 , m.: unsealing. \\~<ehe- 
ter* 15 [de-, cacheter], tr.: break the seal 
of, unseal, break open. 

decade 13 [L. -cas (Gr. deka, ten)], /.; 

deca^den-ce 14 j[l. L. -dentia (cadere, fall)], 

/.: decadence, decay, fall, -dejtt 18 , adj.: 
decadent, deteriorating. 

deca- [Gr. deka, ten]: -di 17 [L. dies, 
DAY], m. : tenth day of the decade (French 
Revol. calendar), -edre 18 [Gr. hedra f 
base], adj.: decahedral; m.: decahe- 
dron. -gcmal 18 ,jpZ. =ano; [-gone], adj.: 
decagonal. -gone le [L. -nus (Gr. gonos, 
angle)], m.: decagon. -gramme 17 
[gramme], m.; decagram, -gyne 17 [L L. 
-nus (Gr. gune, female)], adj. :' decagynous. 

decaisser 17 [de-, caisse], tr.: take out of 
the box, unpack. 

decaler 18 [de- cakr], tr.: unwedge. 

deca~iltre 17 [deca- t litre],m.: decalitre 
(about 2J gallons), -log-we 14 [1. L. -gus 
(Gr. logos, word)], m. : decalogue. 

decalotter 117 [de-, calotte], tr.: uncap, 

decal-qwe 18 , m.: counter-drawing, copy. 
\\~qrLev 17 [de- t caique], tr.: counterdraw, 
trace : papier CL , tracing paper. 

decametre 17 [dcca-, metre], m.: deca- 
meter (39&7 inches). 



de"cam-pement 16 , m.: decampment. 
II-pef ^ [de-, camp], move off. 17 , pL =auc [I. L. -nus (decem, 
TEN), dean (cf . doyen)], adj. : decanal, per- 
taining to a DEAN, -nafc 16 [1. L. -natus 
(-Tins)], m.: deanship. 

decan-dre 17 , adj. : decandrous. ||~drie 17 
[1. L. -dria (Gr. deka, ten, after, man), 
' having ten stamens'], /. : decandria (class 
of plants). 

fdecaniUer 18 [? L. canis, dog], Mr.: 
(low) take one's self off. 

decan-tage 18 ,m.: decanting, -tation 17 , 
/.; (chem.)' decantation. j|~ter 17 [L L. 
decanthare (eanthus, month of a jar)], tr.: 
decant, pour off gently (from one vessel 
into another and so as not to disturb the 
sediment), -tenr 18 , m.: decanter. 

decapage 18 [2 .-per], m.: removal of rust, 

decapeler 17 [de-, capeler], tr.: strip off 
the yards or rigging ; unfix. 

i.decaper 17 \de-, cap], intr.: sail beyond 
a cape, weather, double a cape. 

2.deca^per 17 [? de-, cape], tr.: clean 
(from rust or oxyde), polish, -peur 18 , 
m.: metal-cleaner. 

decapi-taticw 14 , /.: decapitation, be- 
heading. lifter 18 [L. -tare (caput, HEAD)], 
tr.: decapitate, behead. 

decapodes 18 [Gr. dtka, ten, pous, FOOT], 
m., pi.: decapoda. 

decarbonater 18 [de-, carbonate], tr.: 

decarbure?" 18 [de-, carbure], tr.: de- 

decarreler 16 [de-, carreau], tr.: deprive 
(a floor, etc.) of its tiles or paving, un- 

deca~ [Gr. deed, ten]: -stere 18 [stere], 
m.: decastere (10 cub. metre), -style 16 
[L. -stylos (Gr. stulos, column)], m.: deca- 
style (10-columned portico), -syllabi 17 
[L. -syllabus (cf. syllabe)], adj.: decasyl- 
labic; m.: decasyllabic word, -sylla- 
"biqiie 17 [-syllabe], adj.: decasyllabic. 

deca~tir 17 [de"-, catir], tr.: sponge 
(woolens), -tissage 18 , m.: sponging 
(woolens). -tisseuV 18 , m.: sponger (of 

deoaver- 18 [de-, 3*cave], tr.: gain the 
whole stake or pool from; ruin, beggar; 
bring into disrepute: un homme -ve, a 
ruined man ; il a ete -ve, he has lost all 
his money. 

de-ee-de, =ee,part.: died, dead, deceased; 
w>-t /" (person) deceased. H^deT* 14 [L. 
de-cedere, de-part], intr.: depart (by 
death), die, expire, DECEASE. 

de-egtndre 11 [<-, ceindre], irr.; tr.: 

de-<jelement 15 , m.: disclosure; revela- 


tion. --eeler 13 [de-, celer], tr.: disclose, 
reveal ; betray. 

degmbre 12 [L. december (-cem, ten), 
10th month, Rom. calendar], m.: December. 

de-eemment 15 -sam- [decent], adv.: de- 
cently, in a decent manner. 

de-eem^vir 13 [L. (decem, ten, vir, man)], 
m.: decemvir (one of ten Rom. magistrates). 
-viral 17 , pi. =a,iax [L. -viralis], adj.: 
decemviral. -virat 13 [L. -viratus], m.: 

de-egn-ee 12 [L. decentia (-cere, be proper)], 
/. : decency, propriety. 

de-eennal 15 , pi. -B.TLX [L. -Us (decem, 
ten, annus, year)], adj. : decennial. 

de-eent u [L. -cens (-cere, be proper)], 
adj. : decent, proper. 

f de-centoir = decintroir. 

de-eentrali-satio^ 18 , /.; decentralisa- 
tion". H^sef 18 [de-, centraliser], tr.: 

de-centrer- 18 [de-, centre], tr.: (tech.) put 
out of centre. 

f de-eep~tif 13 , =ive [L. -tivus (de-cipere, 
deceive)], adj.: deceptive, -tion 1 - [L. 
-tio],f.: deception (the being deceived). 

de-eercler 11 [de-, cercle], tr.: deprive of 
its rings or hoops. 

de-oeme?* 13 [L. de-cernere, decide], tr.: 
DECREE (determine) ; issue (a writ) ; award 

de-ces 10 [L. de-cessus (-cedere, depart)], 
m. : DECEASE, death, demise. 

fde-ee-vahle 11 , adj.: deceivable. -vant, 
adj.: deceiving, deceptive, ll^voir [p. 
L. de-cipere (L. -pere, capere, take), catch, 
insnare], tr. : DECEIVE. 

de-ehai-nement 16 -che-, m.: unchaining, 
breaking loose ; unrestraint ; passion, wild- 
ness. |[~ner u [d6-, chaine], tr. : unchain ; 
let loose, give free course to ; exasper- 
ate : se , break loose (from one's chains), 
be unchained ; run riot ; inveigh. 

tde-ehala/ider desachalander. 

de-eha-lement 18 , m.: high and dry posi- 
tion (of a ship, of a bank at ebb-tide). 
H-ler 18 [?], intr.: be left high and dry 
(of a ship, a bank) : la mer -le, the sea 
withdraws from the shore. 

fde-cliangeT 16 [de-, changer], tr. : (rare) 
rechange. ' 

de-ehati-t u [de-, chant], m.: DESCANT 
(double song ; variation of an air, by or- 
nament of the plain song), i.-te-r 12 , tr.: 
sing as descant or variation ; intr. : descant.^-elianter i u [de-, chanter], intr.: sing 
differently, change one's tones ; sing an- 
other tune, lower one's pretentious. 

de-ehaper 15 [de-, chape}, tr.: take (the 
model) out of the mould. 

de-chap eronner 15 [de-, chaperon}, tr.: 
unhood ; dismantle (a wall) of the coping. 


de-eliar-ge 12 , /.: discharge (unloading, 
unlading; flowing out, outfall, evacua- 
tion ; firing off ; exoneration, acquittance, 
release, dismission) ; place for unloading 
(rubbish, etc.), lumber-room ( publique, 
dumping-place) ; reservoir ; relief ; (leg.) 
defence; discolouration or staining (as 
from a newly painted or printed object) ; 
(print.) blotter : a , for (in favour of) 
the prisoner ; en , in full ; piece de , 
lumber-room; entendre les temoins d charge 
et d , hear the witnesses for and against. 
-gEmen 17 , m. : unloading, unlading. 
-geoir 14 , m.: what serves to discharge 
or unload; outfall or drain, mill-dam 
sluice ; roller (of a loom), linger 11 [de-, 
charge], tr.: DISCHARGE (unload, unlade, 
disburden; lighten; empty, emit; vent; 
shoot or fire off, let fly; exonerate, ex- 
culpate, release, set free; dismiss); give 
off colour, taint ; rub the ink off ; se , 
discharge or free one's self ; disembogue, 
empty itself, flow off : go off (of a gun) ; 
change, fade (of colours); se d'unefaute 
sur quelqu'un, lay the blame of a fault on 
any one. -gear 12 , m.: unloader; wharf- 
man ; discharger (spec, of electric wires). 

de-eharne u [-Tier], adj. : stripped of flesh, 
fleshless, emaciated, gaunt. 

fde-eliarnEler 17 [de"-, charnier], tr.: 
(dial.) unprop (vines). 11 [de-, charn (L. card}, flesh], 
tr.: strip of the flesh, excAKNATE; ema- 
ciate, render meagre. 

fde-eliarpir 14 [p. L. dis-carpire (L. car- 
pere, pluck)], tr.: fseparate, part (persons 

de-ehasser n [d$-, chasser], tr. : drive out 
(nails, pegs, etc.); intr.: (danc.) take a 
step to the left. 18 , m.: digging or plough- 
ing up the stubble. ||~mer 17 [de-, chaume], 
tr. : dig or plough up the stubble of, break 
up (fallow land), -mejir 18 , m.; plough 
(to break up a stubbled field). 

de-ehansse, adj.: bare-footed; cf. also 
-chausser. -eB.aussem.ent 15 , m.: bar- 
ing the roots (of trees, fEng. ablaquea- 
tion) ; baring (teeth) ; lancing (the gums). 
-ehansser [p. L. *dis-calcidre (L. cal- 
ceus, cf . Fr. chaussure)], tr. : pull off shoes 
and stockings ; bare at the base (as roots 
of trees for airing, teeth, walls, etc.), lay 
bare; se , take off one's shoes and 
stockings ; become bare ; scratch the 
ground (said of the wolf), -ekaussoir 14 , 
m.; gum -lancet. 16 , /. : 
(hunt.) place where the wolf has scratched 
the ground; wolfs lair. f-ehaua; 11 , 
adj.: barefoot. 

fde-ehe 18 [? dchoir],f.: (low) want, pov- 



de-eheanee 11 [-choir], f.: decadence, 
decline, fall ; falling due, forfeiture. 
-ehet 14 [-choir], m.: decadence; waste, 
loss ; deterioration. 

de-eh.errai -re, =ais -re, Fut., Cond. of 

td&ehEveler u [d$-, cheveu], tr.: dis- 

fdeehevetrer 15 de- [de-, chevttre], tr.: 
take off the halter from ; set free. 

d&efceviner 11 or de- [de-, cheville], tr.: 
unpeg, unpin. 

de-ehif-frable 17 , adj.: decipherable. 
-frEmen^ 15 , m.: deciphering, ^-frer 14 
[de-, chiffre], tr.: decipher; make out. 
-frejir a , =euse, m. : decipherer. 

de-ehique~ter 13 [de-, chiqueter], tr.: 
cut up, lacerate, jag, indent; pink; -t$, 
laciniate (leaf), -t^re 15 , /.: cutting up, 
laceration, jagging, indentation, pinking. 

de-ehi-r age 17 , m.: tearing up, breaking 
up (esp. boats), -rant 16 , adj.: tearing; 
heart-rending, harrowing. -rement , 

f m. : tearing, rending, laceration. |[~rer u 

' [de-, Frank, skerran (ak. to Eng. shear), 
cut], tr.: tear, rend, lacerate, mangle, har- 
row ; slander, traduce ; cut up (of sounds); 
tear up or of; -re, torn, rent, ragged; 
tattered ; en arriere, backbite ; 
belles dents, cut to pieces; de toutes 
pieces, tear in pieces, -rejar 15 , =e&se, 
m., f.: tearer, render; breaker up. 
-rare 11 ,/.: tear, rent. 

deehoir 10 [de-, choir], irr. and def. ; tr. : 
fall, fall down or off; decline, decay; 
loose, forfeit: etre dechu d'un droit, to 
have forfeited a claim. 

Ind, : Pr. dcckoi-s, -s, -t or decket ; 
-choyons, ~choyez, -choient. Ipf. . Pret. 
dechus. Fut. (Cond.) de-cherrai(s\ rarely 
-ckoirrai(s\ Subj.: Pr. dechoie. Ipf. d- 
chusse. I've dtchois. Part. : Pr. ; P. 
dechu. 17 [de-, Schouer], tr.: set afloat 
(a ship aground). 

de-elm 10 , part, of -choir: fallen, etc. 

de-eiare 17 [deci- (L. decimus, tenth), are] f 
m.: r deciare 7 (10th of an are). 

de-ei-de 17 , adj.: decided, determined. 
-dement 17 , adv.: decidedly, positively. 
|[~der 14 [L. -dere (ccedere, cut)], tr.: 
decid'e, settle ; determine, resolve ; make 
(somebody) determined, induce, lead: se 
, decide, resolve, make up one's mind; 
be decided. 

de-eidu. 16 [L. -duus, falling], adj.: de- 

de-ei~ [L. decimus, TENTH] : -gramme 17 , 
m.: decigram (10th of a gramme). 
-litre 17 , m.: decilitre (10th of a litre). 

de-Ciller 18 [d-, ciller], tr.: unseal (tjae 
eyelids), open. 

de-ei-mable 15 [L. -mtis], adj.: 



-mal 12 , pi. =&TLC (L. -mus), adj.: fof the 
tithe ; decimal, -matenr 16 [L L. -mator], 
m.: tithe-owner. -ma-felon 12 [L. -matio], 
f,: decimation. \\~-me~ \L. i-decimus, 
2.-ma t TENTH], i.m.: decime (10th of a 
franc); war-tax;/.: TITHE, -mer ls [L. 
-mare], tr.: decimate ('kill every tenth,' 
then gen'ly slay, destroy), -metre 1T , m. : 
decimetre (10th of a metre). 

de-eitt-trage 18 or -trEmenfc 17 , m. : 
(arch.) taking away the centres. H~trer 16 
[de-, cintre], tr.: (arch.) take away the 
centres of (an arch), -trolr 16 , m.: cut- 

de-eirer [de-, cire], tr.: take the wax 

de<ei~sif u , =ive [i .L. -sivus, L. de-cidere 
(cadere, cut), decide], adj.: decisive, con- 
clusive, positive. -sion 13 [L. -sio], f.: 
decision; determination! -sionnaire 17 
[-stow], m.: one who decides everything. 
-sivement 15 , adv.: decisively, positively. 
-soire 1 ^ p. L. -scrips], adj.: (leg.) deci- 

de-eiviliser 18 [de- t civiliser], tr.: un- 

decla-mateur 15 [L. -mator], m.: de- 
claimer, orator ; declaimer, flowery talker ; 
as adj.: declamatory, high-flown, -ma- 
tion 44 [L. -matio], /.: declamation (rhe- 
torical delivery ; empty rhetorical display) ; 
elocution, -matoire 15 [L. -matorius], 
adj. : declamatory (with rhetorical display, 
high-flown). H^mer 15 [L. de-damare 
(clamare, cry out)], tr. : declaim ; recite ; 
spout out ; intr. : declaim ; inveigh 

d6cla-rateur 16 [L. -rator], m.: declarer. 
-ratif 18 , =ive 13 [L. -rativus], adj.: de- 
clarative, declaratory, -ration 14 [L. 
-ratio],/.: declaration; notification; affi- 
davit; disclosure; (leg.) schedule; statute 
(of bankruptcy); verdict : Centre, dec- 
laration of goods (at the custom-house) on 
entering, -ratoire 15 , adj.: declaratory. 
ll'-rer^ 4 [L. de-darare (clarus, CLEAR)], 
ir. : declare, make known ; make a declar- 
ation of; certify; proclaim; denounce, 
impeach ; (leg.) find (guilty or not) : se , 
declare one's self (one's mind, itself) ; 
break out ; set in (of the weather) ; -re, 
declared, open ; par ecrit, make affi- 
davit of; la peste s'est -ree, the plague 
has broken out. 

deolas-semertt 18 , m. : changing or change 
of class; neglect (of a fortified place). 
H^ser 18 [de-> classe], tr.: change the 
classing of; -se(e), lowered from one's 
class, degraded; m., /.: person who has 
lost his social position ; fort -s$, neglected 
fort ; ville -see, city whose fortifications 
are no longer kept up. 


declen-chemenf 18 , m.: unlatching, un- 
clicking. |[~-ehe?* 17 [de-, clenche], tr.: 
unlatch (a door) ; ungear. 

declic 15 [-cliquer], m.: click-spring; de- 
tent-spring, i .-din 17 [for -dine -die], 
m.: mainspring (of firearms). n , m.: decline; wane; ebb; 
close. -elinable 13 [L. -clinabilis], adj. : 
declinable. -clinaisott ^ /. : (astr., 
phys.) declination ; deflection (of the conv 
pass); (gram.) declension. -clinant 10 , 
adj.: declining, -clinateur 17 , m.: de- 
clinator (surveyor's compass). -clina- 
toire, adj. or m.: (leg.) declinatory (plea), 
exception; (geom.) serving to measure a 
declination; surveyor's compass; declina- 
tor. lhcliner fo [L. -dinare], intr.: 
decline (bend aside or downward ; be on 
the wane, fall off ; deflect) ; tr. : decline 
(turn aside, reject ; inflect) : son nom, 
state one's name; une jurisdiction, 
except to the jurisdiction. 

decli-quer 12 [de-, root of diquet~\, tr.: 
(mack.) unclick, ungear, -queter 17 [de^ 
cliquet], tr.: (mach.) uncog, untooth. 

de-^clive 15 [L.-diyis (dims, slope)], adj. : 
decliv(it)ous, sloping; (surg.) declining. 
-clivite 17 [L. -divitas], f.: declivity, 

declqitrer 15 [d$-, doitre], tr.: withdraw 
from a cloister ; secularise. 

de~clore 10 [de-, dore~], irr.; tr.: unclose, 
throw open, -clos, part. : unclosed, open, 

declouer* n [de-, douer], tr.: unnail. 

deco-elieinent 15 , m.: discharge (of ar- 
rows), shooting. 11^ 12 [de-, coche, 
notch], tr.: discharge (an arrow), let fly; 
bring out. 

decoc-te 18 [L. -tus (coquere, cook)], m.: 
decoction (extract), -tion [L. -tio], f. : 
decoction (act or product). 

de~co#noir 16 , m. : (print.) shooting- 

decoiffer 12 [de-, coi/e], tr.: take off the 
head-dress of; disorder the hair of; un- 
cap (a bottle ; a fuse) : se , undo one's 
head-dress, take off one's cap ; rid one's 
self (of), 

decolerer* 18 [de-, cotire], intr.: (fam.) 

' get over one's anger. 

decollation 12 [L. -tio (collum, neck)], 
/.; decollation, beheading. 

decol-lement 16 , m.: ungluing; (surg.) 
separation of two tissues. i.||~ler* [de-, 
cotter], tr.: unglue, unpaste, remove the 
gum from; (bill.) get (a ball) from the 
cushion; disengage. 

ta.decoller 9 DJ. -Hare (collum, neck)], 
tr.: decollate, sever from the neck, be- 

decolleter 17 \de-, collet], tr.: bare the 
neck and shoulders of f cutlow: se f wea.r 


low-cut dress ; -te, in a low dress ; low- 
necked (of dresses). 

decolo-ran n , adj.: discolouring; m.: 
discolouring substance, -raticm 15 [L. 
-ratio], /.: discolouration. ||~rer 16 [L. 
-rare (eoZor, colour)], tr.: despoil of 
its colour, tint, or hue ; discolour, -ri- 
metre 18 [-rer, Gr. metron, measure], m.: 
instrument for measuring discolouration. 

decombant 18 [L. de-eumbens, lying down] , 
adj.: decumbent. 

de-com/bre 14 , m.: fclearing away of rub- 
bish ; pi. : rubbish (of a demolished build- 
ing), debris. ||~cow'brer* 11 [de-, 1. L. 
combrus (? L. cumulus, heap; cf. Engl. 
cumber}, barrier], tr.: clear of rubbish. 

decommander 18 [de-, commander], tr.: 

deco-mpletet* 18 [de-, completer], tr.: 
render incomplete. 

decompo-sable 1T , adj. : decomposable. 
||~sef 15 [de-, composer], tr.: decompose; 
discompose ; dissolve ; distort (of features). 
-siticm 16 , /.: decomposition; discompo- 

fdecompoi 16 [de-, compot], m.: (dial.) 
change of the order of cultivation. 

de-cgwi/pte 12 , m.: discount, deduction; 
deficiency; disappointment. \\~comp- 
ter 12 [de-, compter], tr.: DISCOUNT, de- 
duct; reckon off; intr.: lose one's illu- 
sions, be disappointed; count wrongly: 
une pendule qui decompte, a timepiece 
which passes one or more hours without 

decon-eer-temm 16 , m. : disconcertion ; 
discomposure, filter 15 [de-, concerter], 
tr.: disconcert, make dissonant, disarrange, 
confuse, baffle. 

tdec<w~fire [p. L. *disconfecere (cf. con- 
fire)], tr. : discomfit, baifle ; nonplus. 
-fiture 11 , /.: discomfiture, defeat, over- 
throw; (leg.) insolvency. 

decqnfor-t 11 , m.: discomfort, f-ter 10 
[de-, coiiforter], tr.: discomfort, grieve. 

deconseinei* 11 [de, conseiller], dissuade. 

deoonsi-deratioti 17 , /.; loss of consid- 
eration, disesteem, discredit, -derer 17 
[de-, consider er], tr.: bring (reft, fall) 
into disrepute, discredit ; -dere, fallen into 
disrepute, discredited. 

deconstiper 16 [d$-, constiper], tr.: re- 
lieve (from constipation). 

deconstrulre 17 [de-, eonstruire], tr.: 
unbuild, demolish. 

f d^cgrttenan-eement 16 , m.: discompo- 
sure." H*-eer 15 [de-, contenance], tr.: 
discountenance, put out of countenance, 
discompose, disconcert, abash. 

decgnvenue 11 [old des-convenir],/.: dis- 
comfiture, disappointment, mishap. 

de-cor 17 [-corer], m.: decoration, (esp. by 



painting, gilding, etc.), ornament ; (theat.) 
scenery : en bois, graining in imitation 
of wood; peintre en , grainer; une 
piece d s, a decoration piece (one de- 
pendent on the richness of its scenery). 
-corateur 15 [-corer], m.: decorator, or- 
namental or scene-painter, grainer. -co- 
ratif 16 , =ive [-corer], adj.: decorative, 
ornamental. -coratiou 13 [L. -coratio 
(cf. -corer)], /.; decoration, ornamenta- 
tion ; (theat.) scenery ; decoration (mark 
of honour, as a cross, medal, or ribbon of 
an order of knighthood ; esp. star of the 
Legion of Honour). 

decor^der* 15 [de- f corde], tr.: untwist (a 
cord or rope), -donnage 18 , m.: un- 

decor er 13 [L. -rare (decus, ornament)], 
tr.: decorate (ornament, adorn, embel- 
lish) ; honour with the insignia of an order 
of knighthood (esp. with the star of the 
Legion of Honour) : decor e, decorated ; 
knighted; m.: knight; knight of the 
Legion of Honour : d 1 un litre, dignify 
with a title. 

decor ner 16 [de-, corne], tr.: deprive of 
horns, dehorn; turn back the dog's-ears 
of (a book, etc.). 

decorti-cation 17 [L. -catio],f.: decorti- 
cation. \\~quer 18 [L- de-corticare (cor- 
tex, bark)], tr.: decorticate, strip of its 
bark or envelope, bark, peel; pulp: 
legumes -quees, preserved vegetables. 

decorum 15 pL (decor, comeliness)], m.: 
decorum, dignity. 

decon-eher 11 [de-,- coucher], -ftr.: turn 
out of bed ; intr.: sleep out (of one's bed 
or home). 

decojadre 11 [de-, coudre], irr.; tr.: un- 
sew, rip up ; tear open, gore ; (nav.) ttn- 
nail; ^intr.: (fam.) or en , have a 
fight (a "ripping up" with the sword), 
fight, contend; se , come unsewed or 
unhitched ; decousu, unsewed, etc. (see the 

decouenner* 18 [de-, couenne], tr.: skin, 
strip off the skin. 

de-coulement 15 , m.: flowing off, dis- 
charge. H^couler 15 [couler], intr.: 
flow (off or out), trickle ; proceed, spring ; 

decou-page 1 *, m. : cutting or carving 
out : * & I'emporte-piece, punching, 
H^per 11 [&e-, couper], tr.: cut up (into 
pieces), carve; cut off; cut out; pink 
(cut in small angles) : se , be sharply 
outlined; dfcoupe, cut up, carved, etc.; 
(paint.) too sharply outlined ; (her.) ser- 
rate; (hort.) well designed; m.: nicely 
designed parterre. -pejor 12 
m.,/.: cutter out, carver. 

de-couple 15 , m.: (hunt.) uncoupling, 


de con*.} ci: 

leashing. Uncouple}* 11 [de-, coupler], 
tr. : uncouple ; unleash ; fseparate (a 
couple) ; disengage ; free ; , m. : un- 
coupling, unleashing: -couple, uncoupled, 
etc.; strong and agile, strapping; gaillard 
bien -couple, big strapping fellow. 

decou-poir 17 [-per], m.: cutting press; 
punch, stamping press, -pnre^ [*]* 
/.: cutting out; pinking; thing cut out, 
cut paper-work. 

decoura-geauf 17 , adj. : discouraging. 
-gement' 11 , m. : discouragement ; de- 
spondency. ||~ger 12 [de-, courage}, tr.: 
discourage, disHearten : se , be dis- 

decour"ber [de-, courber], tr.: straighten, 

deconronne /' n [de-, couronne], tr. : dis- 
crown ; cut the top off ; (mil.) drive the 
enemy from the crest of (a hill). 

deconrs 11 [L. de-cur sus (currere, run)], 
m.: decrease, wane (of the moon); pass- 
ing away. 

de-cousu, part, of -coudre: unsewed, 
ripped up ; torn, gored ; unconnected, dis- 
cursive, desultory, -consnre 16 [-coudre], 
f. : part unsewn or ripped, rip ; goring, 
gash, as from tu" 1 -" 

d6oou-vevf 1{ , ;un , tf. -vrir; m.: un- 
covered state or condition; (com.) un- 
covered balance ; deficit : a* , uncovered, 
exposed, unshelt jred, without protection ; 
openly; in the open air; (com.) unguar- 
anteed; overdrawn (of accounts); on 
credit, -verte 11 ,/.: discovery; (fam.) 
detection ; uncovering, exposure (in fenc- 
ing) ; (mil.) reconnoitering ; (nav.) look- 
out: faire un echec a la , check (at 
chess) by discovering ; tygir a, la , act 
openly. -vreur 13 , m.: discoverer. 
ll^vrir 11 [de-, couvrir], irr.; tr.: un- 
cover ; bare, expose, unwrap ; unroof ; 
unveil, disclose ; DISCOVER, find out, espy : 
se , uncover one's self; expose one's 
self; unbosom one's self; be detected; 
make one's self known ; clear up (of the 
sky) ; son jeu, show one's game or 
hand; la Mediterranee, find a mare's 
nest; le pot aux roses, unravel the 
mystery ; venir oi bout de , sift out. 

decrasser 14 [de-, crasse], tr.: rid of 
dirt, clean, scour; polish, free from 
coarseness or vulgarity. 

tdecredi-tement 16 , m.: discrediting. 
lifter* 15 , tr.: discredit; deprive of credit: 
se , bring discredit upon one's self, 
disgrace one's self. 

d6cre~pir 18 [de- t crepir], tr.: deprive 
(walls, etc.) of rough-casting or plastering. 

-pissa^e 18 , m.: unplastering. 

decrepit 14 [L. de-crepitus (crepare, 

burst)!, adj. : decrepit, broken down with 


age. i.-taticm 17 [-ter], /.: decrepita- 
tion, crackling" noise, -ter 17 [de-, ere- 
piter], Mr.: decrepitate, crackle, -pi- ls , /. : decrepitude. 

decres-eendo 17 [It. (L. -scere, DECREASE)], 
adv. : =. 

de~cret n [L. de-cretum (cernere, de- 
cide)], m.: decree (authoritative order; 
edict of a council; writ), -cretale 12 
[-cretalis], f.: decretal (authoritative 
letter of the pope). -cretaliste 13 
[-cretale], m.: decretist (expert in the 
decretals). -creter 14 , tr.: decree; 
enact ; (leg.) issue a writ against, 

deepens . . . = decrus . . . 

de-cri l4 , m. : fprohibition ; fcrying down 
(denunciation) ; disrepute, discredit. 
||~crier 13 [crier], tr.: prohibit (by the 
public crier) ; decry, cry down, clamour 
against, disparage, discredit : se , bring 
one's self into disrepute ; cry one another 

de^crire 11 [L. de-scribere], irr. (cf. 
ecrire) ; tr. : DESCRIBE, -crit, part. : 
described, -crivtmt, pr. part., describ- 

decro-elieni<m 16 , m. : unhooking , 
(arch.) uneven moulding. H^-eher 12 [de-, 
croc], tr.: unhook, unfasten; form (a 
curve) with several axes: ligne -chee, 
uneven line; la timbale, (pop.) fetch 
down the prize from a greased pole; over- 
come a difficulty, -ehqir 16 , m.: un- 
hooking instrument. 

fdecroire 1 ' 2 [de-, croire], irr.; tr.: dis- 

decroi-sement 18 , m.: uncrossing, un- 
folding. ||~ser 15 [croiser], tr.: change 
so as not be crossed, uncross, unfold 

de-crqissan-ce 13 , /..* decrease, -crois- 
sant 17 , adj.: decreasing; (math.) de- 
scending (progression), -croissement 11 , 
m.: decrease, -croit 11 , m.: decrease; 
wane; decrease of leased cattle. 
ll^crcjitre 11 [de-y croUre], irr. ; tr.: DE- 
CREASE, grow less, diminish ; wane. 

decrot-tage 18 , m.: cleaning of mud. 
lifter 11 [de-,crotte], tr.: clean from mud or 
dirt; clear, brush; polish, -teur 15 , =e#se, 
m.,/.: shoe-cleaner, bootblack, -tojlr 14 , 
m.: scraper (for shoes), door-scraper. 
-toire 14 , /. : brush-scraper (for shoes). 

deorou-tage 18 , m.: freeing from the 
crust, cleaning. H^te^ 15 [de-, croute], 
tr. : free from the crust ; rub (off) ; clean 
(esp. diamonds from the dirt). 

doomage 17 [-cruer], m.: lye-washing. 

de-cru,'#ar. of -croUre; -crue 1 ^, /.: 
decrease, fall (of water). 

de-cruer* 18 \de~, cru], tr.: (dye.) lye- 
wash (thread), scour, -cmeur 18 , m.; 



lye-washer* -crument 17 , m.: lye-wash- 
ing, scouring. -crusage 17 , -crnse- 
ment 16 [-cruser], m.: lye-washing (of 
cocoons), -cruser 17 [from Prov. = Fr. 
-cruer], tr. : lye-wash (cocoons) ; ungnm. 

i.de9u, part, of decevoir: deceived, etc. 

2.-fdecu = dessu. 

decuMtus 17 [L. (cubare, lie down)], TO.; 
(med.) decubitus, lying attitude. 

dec-Hire 15 [de-, cuire], irr.; tr.: (change 
the cooking of, hence) thin (syrup, etc.) ; 

deculasser 18 [de-, culasse], tr.: un- 
breech (a gun). 

decn~ple 13 [L. -plus (decem, TEN)], adj.: 
decuple, tenfold, -pier, tr.: make ten- 
fold, (fEng. decuple). 

decu~rie* 5 [L. -ria (deeem, TEN)],/. : dec- 
ury (Horn, squad of ten man), -ri<m 15 [L. 
-rio], m. : decurion (chief over ten men). 

de-curretifc 17 [L. -currens (currere, run)], 
adj.: (hot.} decurrent. -cnrsif, ~ve 
[L. -cursus], adj. : (bot.) decursive. 

decurta-tion 18 [L. -tio (curtus, short)], 

J. : cutting short (trees with withered top), 
(fEng. decurtation). 

decns-sation 16 [L. -satio (decussis, form 
of X, ten)],/.: decussation (crossing at 
an acute angle), -se 18 [L. -satus], adj.: 
decussate, crossed. 

decu-vage 17 , m., -vaison 18 , /.: pour- 
ing from the vat or" cask, tapping. 
||~ver 16 [de-, cuve], tr. : pour or tap (wine, 
etc.) out of the vat or cask. 

de~da*0ner n [de-, daigner], tr.: DIS- 
DAIN, scorn. -daif/neusemeiit 12 [-dai- 
gneux], adv.: disdainfully, scornfully. 
-daigriiena;, =ense n [-dain], adj.: dis- 
dainful, scornful; haughty. -dain, u , 
m. : disdain, scorn ; token (expression) of 
disdain or disregard. 

dedale 15 [Dedale, Daedalus (builder of 
the labyrinth of Crete)], m.: labyrinth, 

dedaller 18 [de-, dalle], tr.: unpave. 

dSdamer 16 [de-, darner], tr.: discrown 
(a wrongly crowned piece at checkers) ; 
intr. : open one's kingrow at checkers. 

dEdans* , adv.: within, inside, in ; "\prep. 
inside, into ; m. : inside, interior : de , 
from within; en (par, au) , inside, 
within, on (at) the inside ; mettre , put 
in prison, imprison ; put into hole ; (of a 
target) hit the mark ; take in, trick ; get 
into a scrape ; se mettre , be taken in, 
be tricked, get into a scrape ; donner , 
get into a snare, be taken in or deceived ; 
etre , be imprisoned ; be in for it ; au 
et au dekors, within and without ; at home 
and abroad. 

de-dica-ce 16 [L. -dicatio], f. : dedication; 
inscription, -flicatoire*' 5 p,, ~d.icare~\, 

adj.: dedicatory. -dier u [L L. de- 
dicare, declare], tr. : dedicate ; inscribe. 

de-dire 11 [de-, dire], irr.; tr.: gainsay, 
contraDiCT ; unsay : se , unsay, revoke 
(go back on) one's word, retract, recant, 
take back, -difc, part.: gainsaid, etc.; 
m.: unsaying, retraction; f orf eit(ure) : 
au de, on the forfeiture of ; avoir son 
dit et son , retract what one says. 

dedoler* 17 [L. -lare, hew smooth (cf. 
doler)], tr.: (surg.) remove the surface of 

dedomma-gemtmt 13 , m.: reparation of 
damage, indemnification, compensation, 
amends, linger 12 [de-, dommage], tr.: 
compensate '(for damage), inDEMNify, 
make amends to, make up. 

de-dorer* 14 [de-,dorer],tr.: ungild: -dore, 
ungilded ; lacking money. 

dedou-'blage 18 , m.: undoubling; re- 
moval of a covering, unsheathing (a 
vessel); diluting (alcohol). -"blEinnt 18 , 
m.: undoubling; dividing into two; 
analysis. ||~"bler 14 [de-, doubler], tr.: 
undouble ; take out the lining of, unline ; 
unsheath (a vessel) ; reduce to one half ; 
divide into two ; cut (stones) lengthwise ; 
(ehem.) decompose ; dilute (alcohol) : 3>U t 
undonbled, etc.; m.: diluted brandy. 

de-ductif 18 , =ive [L. -ducere], adj.: 
deductive. -ductio?t 18 [L. -ductio],f.: 
deduction (inference ; taking off part of a 
sum due) ; defalcation ; enumeration, re- 
cital. li~duire 10 [L. de-ducere, draw off], 
irr. (cf . conduire) ; tr. : take off, deduct, 
subtract; deduce, infer; enumerate, nar- 
rate, -duit, part.: deducted, etc. ; t^-* 
diversion, sport. 

deduper 16 [d&-, duper], tr.: undeceive. 

deesse 5 - 1 [L. dea],f.: goddess. 

defa-elier* 15 [de-, f acker], tr.: pacify: se 
, be pacified, be pleased again. 

defail-lan-ee 11 , /.: ff ailing (absence, 
lack) ; exhaustion ; sudden weakness, 
fainting fit, swoon; decay; (leg.} non-ac- 
complishment. -lanfc u , adj.: failing, 
coming to an end ;" of declining strength, 
enfeebled, faltering, drooping, powerless, 
unnerved; decaying; defaulting (failing 
to appear in court) ; m. : defaulter (who 
fails to appear in court). ll~Hr 10 \<Le-, 
faillir], irr.; tr.: ffail (come to an end) ; 
(of physical or mental powers), fail, be- 
come enfeebled, decline, grow weak or 
faint, faint away, swoon ; decay. 

de-faire 10 [de-, faire], irr.; tr.: undo, 
unmake, take asunder ; unpack ; decom- 
pose; annul; unfasten (untie, unpin, 
etc.) ; put in disorder ; ' deliver, rid ; do 
away with, destroy ; DEFEAT, overthrow ; 
waste, emaciate : se , rid one's self, get 
rid of; kill; ease one's self; leave off, 



forsake; come undone, become loose; 
weaken, lose its flavour (of wines, etc.) ; 
un mariage (un marche), annul or 
"break off a marriage (a bargain) ; se 
<f un charge, get rid of an office or com- 
mission ; se d'un domestique, discharge 
a servant, -fait, part.: undone; de- 
feated, etc. ; wasted, emaciated ; dejected. 
-faite 14 , /.: defeat, overthrow; getting 
rid of, sale ; "JTn^iis of escape (evasion ; 
shift, sham) : (com.) etre de , sell well ; 
une file de , a marriageable girl; 
c'est une , that is a mere excuse. 
defal-cation 13 ,/. : defalcation, deduction. 
H-quer 13 [ (L.falx, sickle)], 
tr. : defalcate, cut off, deduct. 
defausser 18 [de-, fausser], tr.: unbend, 
strengthen; refl. 17 [de-, fausse], throw 
away, discard (throw out poorest card). 
de-faut 13 , m.: PAiLing, absence, lack, 
want, deficiency; defect, flaw, fault, im- 
perfection, break (of armour, etc.) ; 
default : faire , be lacking, fail ; a (or 
au) de, for lack of ; il sait wire , 
he knows your vulnerable spot ; c'est la 
le de Id cuirasse, that's his blind side ; 
jugement par , judgment by default. 
fll-faute 11 [-faillir],f.: (old) lack, de- 

defa-veur 14 [de- , faveur], /.: disfavour, 
disgrace, -vorable 14 [de-, favorable], 
adj.: unfavourable. -voraTjlEinent 17 , 
adj.: unfavourably, t-voriser 1 ^ [de-, 
favoriser], tr. : disfavour, injure. 
defecation 17 [L. -tio (fax, dregs)],/.: 
defecation, clarifying (by racking off). 
defec~tif 13 , =ive [L. -tivus, de-ficere 
( facer e, do), be wanting], adj.: defective. 
-tion 12 [L. -tio],f.: defection, desertion ; 
disloyalty. -tueusement 13 [-tueux], 
adv.: defectively. -tueno? 18 , =ejse 
D. L. -tuosus], adj.: defective, deficient, 
imperfect, -tuosite 14 [1. L. -tuositas], 
f.: defectiveness, imperfection. 
de-fendable 12 , adj.: capable of defence, 
defensible, (fEng. def endable). -fendejdr, 
-fenderesse, m., /.: (leg.) defendant. 
|[~ffndre* [L. de-fendere (-fendere, 
strike)], tr.: defend (protect, shelter; 
fend off); CfEng. defend), forbid, pro- 
hibit: se , defend, etc., one's self; 
excuse one's self, decline ; deny ; forbid 
one's self; faire sa porte, refuse to 
accept visitors, deny one's self; be denied; 
faute de , (leg.) for want of being de- 
fended, -fendu, part.: defended; for- 
bidden, etc. 'f-fend.u.&e [Prov. -dci],f.: 
(dial.) sign defense d'afficher, 'post no bills'. 
-fens 11 [L. -fe'nsum], m.: (old) defence: 
bois en , young wood where cattle may 
not be let in. -fensable 11 [-fens], adj.: 
(old) defensible; Jpw > young wood where , 


cattle may be let in without danger to the 
trees, -fgnse 10 [1. L. -fensa (L. -fensio)], 
f.: defence; protection; plea, vindication; 
(fort.) outwork; tusk; fang; (nav.) fender; 
prohibition, interdiction, disallowance i 
hors de , incapable of defence (of being 
defended) ; donner ses s, give one's plea, 
answer; arret de , decree to suspend 
the execution of another decree ; bois en 
, cf. defensable; arm& (muni) de s, 
tusked or f anged. -f ensg.r 12 [L. -fensor], 
m.: defender; advocate, f -feasible 16 
[L. -fensibilis], adj.: defensible, -fen- 
sif 1S , i.=ive [1. L. -fensivus], adj.: defen- 
sive. 2.-fensive 13 ,/,: defensive, -fen- 
sivement [-fensifi t adv. : in defense. 

defeqiter 17 [L. de-fcecare (fax, dregs)], 
tr. : defecate, clarify. 

fdef e-rant 16 , adj. : deferential, -ren-ee 16 , 
/.: deference, -rent 15 [L. -rens], adj.: 
deferent, carrying off; deferential; m.: 
deferent (circle in which heavenly bodies 
were supposed to be carried around : Ptol. 
astr.; also cercle e)', name of place en- 
graved on a coin, etc. : canal , excretive 
duct of the testicles. ||~rer 13 [de-ferre, 
bear off], tr.: defer, submit, refer; ad- 
minister (an oath); confer, bestow, tender; 
intr.: yield or pay deference (to), defer, 
submit, comply : un serment a, tender 
(administer) an oath to, put on oath. 

deferler 15 [de-, ferler], tr.: unfurl 
(sails); intr. or refl.: break into foam 
(of waves). 

defermer 11 [de-, fermer], tr.: funclose 
(open, let loose) ; detach (a block in a 

fde-ferre 12 , /.: old horseshoes (coll.); 
old clothes, -f errement 13 , m. : stripping 
of irons; unshoeing (horses). H^ferrer 11 
[de-,fer\, tr.: strip off (irons or tags, etc.); 
strip off (shoes), unshoe (horses) ; remove 
the fetters from, unfetter; (fam.) deprive; 
disconcert, confuse, unhinge; fdraw the 
sword, t sc orn: se , come untagged; 
lose its shoes ; be confused or nonplussed ; 
ce ckeval est -ferre, this horse has lost a shoe 
(or several) ; etre -ferre d } un ceil, have 
lost an eye; il se -ferre aisement, he is 
easily confused. 

defet 13 [L. de-fectus (facere, make)], m.; 
(old) defect; (print.) supplementary sheets. 
efeuiaer 12 [de-, feuille], tr.: strip of 
leaves: se , be stripped of or lose its 

de-fi 1& [-fier], m.: defiance; challenge: 
porter (faire) un , challenge, summon 
to fight a duel ; auteur d'un , challenger; 
mettre au , set at defiance, -fian-ee 
[-far], /.; (old) defiance; (now) distrust, 
mistrust, misgiving; DIFFIDENCE; fsus- 
picion; $r; jfaip la , have one's mis- 


givings. -fiant 15 [-fier], adj.: distrust- 
ful, suspicious. 

defi-eele^ 18 [d^-, ficelle], tr.: untie. 

deficient 17 [-ciens (de-ficere, lack)], adj. : 
deficient, -eit 16 [L. de-ficit, it lacks], m.: 
deficit (lacking part ; deficiency). 

defier 10 [de-, fier], Ur.: DEFY, set at 
defiance, brave ; challenge, provoke ; refl. : 
defy and challenge each other ; 2. (perhaps 
direct f r. L. dif-fidere) reft, (with de) : dis- 
trust, mistrust; suspect; be diffident; 
tr. : (nav.) look out for (a wave, a sudden 
wind, etc.), bear off from: se de soi- 
meme, distrust one's self; qui se defit, 
distrustful, diffident. 

defiger 18 [de-, figer], tr.: render liquid, 

defigurer 11 [de-, figure], tr.: disfigure, 
deface, mar ; disguise. 

defi-lade 18 [i-Zer],/.: defiling (marching 
off in a line), filing off. -lage 17 [2.-ler], 
m. : picking out the threads (of a texture), 
unthreading ; tearing up of rags (in paper- 
making). -latejar 18 [2.-Zer], m.: defi- 
lading instrument. i.-le 16 [i.-ler], m.: 
defile (narrow pass where troops can 
march only in a file, gorge, strait) ; filing 
past, military review. 2.-le 18 [2.-ler], 
m.: torn up mass of rags. i. -lenient 18 
[i .-ler], m. : filing off or past. 2. -lenient 17 
[2.-ler], m.: defilement (protection, protect- 
ing from an enfilading fire) : plan de , de- 
filading plan; ligne de , limit of a de- 
filement, i .||~ler 16 [de-, root of enfiler], 
intr.: defile (march file by file), file off or 
past, pass in review; "ftr.: pass in review; 
-fm.: review. 2.\\~Ier 12 [de-,fil ( in 
enfiler)], tr.: i.take from a thread or 
string, unstring ; defilade (construct so as 
to shelter from enfilading fire) ; f 2 -pick 
apart thread by thread, ravel ; unthread 
(a needle); tear up (rags in paper-making): 
son ckapelet, say all one has to say; 
give up devotions; la ehapelle se defile, 
the links (of the family, association, 
etc.) are falling away, the ranks are 
thinned, -lejar 18 , =ese [2,-Zer], m.,f.: 
raveler; lint- maker: pile , shredding 

defi-ni 14 , adj.: definite, determinate; m.: 
( philos.) defi niteness. || ^nir 1 * [L. de-finire 
(finis, end), limit, definel, tr.: DEFIKE 
(determine; explain; describe), -nis- 
saMe 18 , adj.: definable. -nitejnr 16 
[-nitor], m.: ecclesiastic deputy (to a 
religious chapter), -nitif 11 , =ive [L. 
-nitivus], adj.: definitive, positive: en 
-nitive, definitively; in short. -nition u 
[L. -nitio], f. : definition ; decision, -ni- 
tivement 15 [-nitif], adv.: definitively, 
positively, -nitoire 16 [L. -nitorium], 
m.: chapter-house. 

def riper 


deflagration 17 \L. -gratia (fiagrare t 
flame)],/.: deflagration. 

defle-cKir 12 [L. de-fiectere, bend aside], 
tr. : turn aside, deflect. 

defleg-mation 17 , /.: dephlegmation. 
||-me'r 16 [de-, fiegme], tr.: dephlegmate 
(clear of aqueous matter)., /.; fall of the blossom. 
ll^rir 1 * [de-, fieurir], intr.: shed the 
blossoms ; tr, : strip of blossoms ; deflower : 
peehe -rie, peach stripped of its down. 

deflexion ^ [L. -xio (fiectere, bend)],/.: 

deflo-raison 18 [fioraison], f. : fall of the 
blossom; season when blossoms fall. 
-ration 13 , /.: defloration (of a virgin). 
Ikrer 12 [L. -rare (flos, FLOWER)], tr.: 
DEFLOWEE (strip of flowers ; deprive of 

defoliation 18 [L.-liare (folium, leaf)], 
/.: defoliation. 

defon-cage 18 , /.: digging up; deep 
ploughing." -cement 16 , m. : digging (up) ; 
trenching; staving in. H~<eer' 1 ^ [de-, old 
fons = fond], tr. : knock out the bottom 
(fond) of, stave in, knock in; tear 
asunder ; dig or plough deep, trench ; cut 
up (a road), cut deep cuts in. -eejsse 18 , 
/. : plough without mould- board. 

defor-mation 13 [L. -matio],f.: deforma- 
tion. ll^nier 12 [L.-mare (forma, form)], 
tr.: deform, disfigure, put out of stape: 
se , become deformed. 

defo-uetter 17 [de-, fouet], tr.: unwhip; 
(look-lind.) untie. 

defonrner 12 [d$~, Mfourn =four], tr.: 
take out of the oven. 

defour-rer 11 [de-, fourrer], tr.: draw, 
take out of its sheath or cover ; unwrap ; 
thresh out. -rare 18 , /.: unsheathing; 
threshing: de$ moutons, threshed sheaf 
given to th'e sheep. 

defrai 14 [frayer^m. : defrayal, expendi- 
ture; equipment. 

defraihir 18 [de-,frais, fresh], tr.: de- 
prive of freshness or lustre, tarnish: se 
, lose its freshness, fade. 

defrayer 13 [de-, frai(s), expense], tr.: 
provide 'for (at one's expense), defray (the 
expenses of); furnish a repast; entertain, 
amuse; amuse at one's expense (be the 
laughing stock of) : se r pay one's ex- 
penses ; etre -ye de tout, be provided with 

tdefri-ehage or -element 14 , m.: clear- 
ing of lands, or land cleared; grubbing 
up. -eher 18 [L. de-, friche], tr.: clear 
(waste or fallow lands), cultivate; grub 
up; unravel; polish. --ekejjr 16 , m.: 
clearer (of lands), cultivator. 

defriper 18 [de-, friper], tr.: smooth, 



defriser 16 [defriser], tr.: uncurl (hair) 

defron^er* M [d!-, /roftcer], ir.: unplait 
unknit (the blows). 

defro-qwe 16 , /. : clothes left by a monk 
(at his decease ) ; cast-off clothes ; ol( 
furniture, etc. \\~quer [de-,froc], tr. 
unfrock, deprive of priestly character. 

tdefnaWer' 11 [de-, root of affubler] 
tr. : take off clothing or hat, uncover. 

defnner [de-, L. funis, cord], tr.: unrig 

defartt 13 [L. de-functus (fungi, perform)] 
adj. : defunct, deceased. 

dega-ge 11 , adj.: free(d), etc.; disen- 
gaged,* disembarrassed; loose, easy, flip- 
pant; apart, leading to a private en- 
trance (of rooms) : chambre -gee, room 
with a back-door ; escalier , back 
stairs, -gemetit 16 , m.: freeing, dis- 
engaging ; * clearing, clearance ; release 
discharge; redeeming, redemption; easy 
or flippant tone or bearing : (arch.) de 
private, linger* 11 [de-, gage}, tr.: redeem 
(a pledge), free, disengage; clear; with- 
draw (one's word) ; extricate, disentangle, 
loosen ; rake (fire) ; make a private en- 
trance to (rooms) ; se , be freed, dis- 
engaged, cleared, etc. ; (chem.) be evolved ; 
la tete (poitrine), ease or relieve one's 
head (chest) ; (fenc.) le fer, disengage, 

de-galne 15 ,/..* faction or manner of un- 
sheathing a sword ; clumsy manner, awk- 
wardness: d'une belle , in a pretty 
awkward manner, -gainement , m.: 
unsheathing. ||~gaine?' [de-, gaine], tr.: 
unsheath, draw (the sword), open (the 
purse) ; brave jusqu'au , brave till it 
comes to drawing the sword, till it comes 
to the scratch. 

degaler 18 [de-, gale], tr.: clean (a hide, 
etc.). ' 

deganter 13 [de-, gant], tr.: strip off 
glove, unglove. 

degarnir 10 [de-, garnir], tr. : disgarnish 
(strip of ornaments or furniture, etc., un- 
furnish ; dismantle) ; deprive of troops, 
(fBng. degarnish) ; thin ; unhang ; unrig (a 

vessel) : se , strip one's self or be stripped, 

etc. ; grow thin ; put on lighter clothes. 

degasconner 15 [de-, gascori], tr.: free 

from Gascon speech or manners. 

degat 13 [old -gaster (cf. gdter), DEVAS- 
TATE], m.: devastation, ravage; damage, 

degau~-eliir 15 [d$- f gauche], tr.: smooth, 

straighten ; polish, -ehissement 15 , m. : 

smoothing, straightening. 
de-gel 11 , m.: thaw: etre au , be 

thawing, -gele^ 18 ,/.: (fam.) shower of 

blows, thrashing. lf~gele?* 12 [de-, 

geler\ t frv intr~: thaw. 


degene-raticm 14 [L. -ratio], /.: de- 
generation, degeneracy. ||~rer 14 [L. 
de-generare (genus, race, kind)], tr.: 
degenerate, -res-een-ee 17 [-rescent], f. : 
degeneracy, -res-eent 18 [L. -rare], adj. : 

degingande 15 [old -der (?)], adj.: dis- 
prbportioned, ill-formed; of a swinging 

degluer 12 [de-, glu], tr.: unglue, take off 
the bird-lime from, remove the gum from 
(the eyes). 

deglutition 15 [L. -tio],f.: deglutition. 
degofciJ-lage 18 * m.: vomiting. ||~ler 16 
[de-, gober]', tr.: disgorge, vomit, spew. 
-lis 1G , m. : spewings, vomit. 
degoiser 12 [de-, root of gosier], tr.: 
(/am.) rattle of (words), blab; chirp, 

degom-mage 18 , m. : ungumming. 
||~mer 16 [de-, gomme], tr.: free from 
gum, ungum; (pop.) turn out of office, 

de-goiiflEment ls , m.: reduction (of 
swellings or volume), subsiding. ||~g<m- 
fler 15 [de-, gonfler], tr.: disinflate, "re- 
duce (a swelling, etc.), come to subside or 
collapse, empty (a balloon of gas) : son 
cosur, ease one's heart; unbosom one's 

de-gor 17 , m.: discharging tube, -gor- 
gemen 15 , m. : disgorgement, discharge ; 
clearing, cleansing, -gorgeoir 16 , m.: 
place where waters are discharged, chan- 
nel of discharge ; discharging tube, spout ; 
discharging or clearing instrument (prim- 
ing wire, vent pricker ; scraper ; instru- 
ment for removing the fish-hook from the 
mouth of the fish). ||*gorger 12 [de-, 
gorge], tr.: disgorge, discharge; clear, 
cleanse ; purge : se , discharge, empty 
itself; be cleansed; faire , cleanse; 
purge (fish) ; un canon, open its touch- 
hole with a priming wire. 
degoter 17 [?], tr.: knock (a ball, etc.) 
out of its place; fdisplace; (pop.) oust; 
get the better of. 

degour-di 11 , part.: quickened, etc., as 
adj.: quick, shrewd, sharp; forward (of 
women), pert. ||~dir n [de-, gourd], tr.: 
free from numbness or dullness, quicken, 
revive; sharpen, render shrewd; polish; 
restore the circulation to ; half -bake : se 
, lose its numbness ; become sharp or 
shrewd, brighten up. -dissemen* 16 , 
m.: removal of numbness; quickening, 

j-degout 11 [-tier], m.: dripping, dribble. 
degou-t 15 , m.: disgust, repugnance, dis- 
taste, dislike ; vexation, mortification : 
prendre en , take a dislike to, loathe. 
-tamment 17 , adv.: [-tant], disgustingly. 


-tanfc 16 , adj.: disgusting, distasteful, 
loathsome, revolting. ||~ter 15 [de-, 
gout}, tr.: DISGUST, make disgusted (with), 
give a distaste or dislike (for) ; put out of 
conceit: se , take a disgust, distaste, 
or dislike (de, for), be disgusted; nau- 
seate, feel squeamish, -te, =ee, dis- 
gusted, etc.; m.,f.: fastidious person: 
faire le , be fastidious or squeamish; 
c-est un bon , he likes good things. 

degout-tan* 11 , adj.: dripping, -temerit, 
m. : dripping. lifter- [de-, goutter], intr, : 
drop, drip, trickle. 

degra-dant 17 , adj.: degrading, -da- 
tejor 18 , m.: photographic instrument for 
toning down pictures, -daticm 13 [i.L. 
-datio; 2.-der],f.: i .degradation, debase- 
ment; damage, dilapidation; 2. toning 
down (of light and shade in a picture). 
K^der* 11 [i.l. L. -dare (gradus, step, 
degree); 2.1t. di-gradare (L.)], tr.: i. de- 
grade (deprive of rank, debase, disgrace); 
deteriorate, damage, dilapidate ; waste ; 
2.tone down (light and shade in pic- 

degrafer> 15 [de-, OFr. grafe (cf. grappe), 
hook], tr.: unhook, unclasp: se , be- 
come unhooked, unclasped, or unfastened ; 
unfasten, unbutton one's clothes. 

degrais-sage 17 , -sement 17 , m.: clean- 
ing (of grease or dirt), scouring. [|~ser ^ 
[de-, graisse], tr.: clean off grease or fat, 
clear, scour ; skim off the fat of ; extort 
money from, fleece; impoverish (land): 
terre a , fuller's-earth. -seur 15 , 
=3jise, m.: cleaner, scourer, -sis, m.: 
scourings. -soir 17 , m.: cleaning instru- 
ment, scraper. 

degras 17 [? -graisser], m.: refuse oil; 



degraveller 17 [d&-, gravelle], tr.: clean 

(a pipe, etc.) of gravel or sand. 
degra-voimen 16 or -voimen, m.: 

laying bare (by water), ||~voyer 17 [de-, 
gravoi(s)], tr.: bare (a wall, etc., in speak- 
ing of waters), wash bare; free from 

dEgre [p. L. *-gradus (L. gradus, step)], 
m. : step, round (of a ladder), stair; DEGREE, 
GRADE: par s, by degrees, gradually; 

de-greement 17 , m.: unrigging; dis- 
mantling (by the storm). H~greer [de-, 
greer], tr.: unrig; dismantle (a ship). 

de-grevexnent 17 , m.: freeing from en- 
cumbrance ; reduction (of taxes). |J~gr- 
vr* 13 [grever], tr.: free from encum- 
brance, release ; reduce (taxes). 

degri/? go-lade 18 , /.: tumble, fall. 
}|~ler* 16 [?], intr.: tumble down, roll 
down, fall. 

degri-sement 18 , m.: getting sober. 

[de-, griser], tr.: sober, cure of 
intoxication ; sober down. 

degronder 16 [de-, grander], intr.: cease 

degr os-sage 17 [-ser], m.: reducing; 
drawing fine (wire), -ser 13 [de-, gros], tr. : 
reduce, draw fine (as wire). ||~sir 16 [de-, 
gros], tr.: reduce in bulk, or roughness, 
rough-hew, chip, trim ; grind (glass) ; 
make a rough sketch of. -sissage 17 , 
-sissement , m.: rough-hewing, trim- 
ming. -sisseur 18 , m.: cylinder of a 
flatting machine, trimmer. 

degif^niiler 16 [de-, guenille], tr. : make 
ragged; -lle(e), ragged, tattered, in rags; 
m.,f.: ragged person, tatterdemalion. 

deguer~pir n [de-, OFr. guerpir (ak. to 
Ger. werfen, throw), quit], tr., intr.: 
quit, give up ; pack off. -pissemerfct 13 , 
?7i.: (leg.) giving over, yielding. 

degtie.Ti.~ler 14 [de-, gueule], intr.: (vulg.) 
spew, vomit. f-lBr 17 , m.: spouting fig- 
ure (of a fountain). 

deguigrnonner 17 [de-, guignori], tr.: 
free from ill-luck, change the bad luck of. 

degMi-sement 11 , m.: disguise (ment). 
jl^ser" [de-, guise], tr.: disguise; mask ; 

degus-tatenr 1S , m.: taster (of -wines). 
-tation 15 [L. -tatio], /.: tasting (of 
wines). ||~ter 18 [L. -tare (gustus, taste)], 
tr.: taste (wines), try by tasting, (fEng. 

de/taler 15 [de-, haler], tr.: haul or tow 
back (a ship) ; disembarrass, extricate, 

de/ialer 16 [de-, htiler], tr.: clear of sun- 
burn. 15 , part.: hipshot; distorted; 
waddling. ~ch.em.ent 18 , m.: hipshot 
condition; affected gait. H^-elier 15 [de-, 
hanche], tr. : dislocate the hips, make hip- 
shot : se , walk as if hipshot, waddle. 

de Tiarder 17 [de-, harde], tr.: unleash. 

deTiarna-ehemetit 16 , m.: unharnessing. 
11^ lx [de-, harnacher], tr. : unharness. 

deMs-en-ee 17 [L. -cens\, /.; dehiscence. 
-cent 17 [L. -eens (hiscere, gape)], adj.: 
dehiscent, bursting open. 

fdeTion-te 15 [^-, honte], adj.: shame- 
less, unblushing. ffl^t?^ 11 [^-> honte] t 
tr. : cover with shame, 'dishonour. 

dEftors [p. L. *deforis (L. foris, out of 
DOORS)], adj.: outside, out of DOORS, 
out ; externally ; (nav.~) at sea ; spread (of 
sails); tyrep.: outside; m.: outside, ex- 
terior, pi. (outside) appearance, air, man- 
ners ; {fort.} out-works ; dependencies (of 
a house) : en , without, outside ; de , 
from without ; an dedans et au , within 
and without ; at home and abroad ; sauver 
les , save appearances. 

del- [L, <fat*, God] : -eide 16 D- L. -tick, 



(L. caedere, kill)], adj.: God- (Christ-) kill- 
ing; m.: deicide; profaner of the host; 
destroyer of the faith in Christ. -fica- 
tiort 15 [L. -ficatio (facere, make)], /.: 
deification. -fier 11 [L. ficare (facere, 
make)], tr.: deify, -fiqwe 13 [L. fans 
(facere, make)], adj.: deiBc. -sine 1 " 5 [L. 
deus], m.: deism, -ste 15 [L. deus], m.: 
deist, -te 11 [L. -tas],f.: deity, divinity. 
deja 12 [des,Ja], fldv.: already. 
derjarrer 18 [de-, Jarre], tr.: strip (skins) 
of coarse hairs, dress. 
deflection 15 [L. -to (jocere, throw)],/.: 

deleter' 11 [de-, Jeter], tr. or re/Z.: warp, 

dejeuner 11 [de-, jeun], Mr.: breakfast; 
(or part, "f-ne), m.: breakfast ; breakfast- 

dejoltidre 11 [d&~, joindre], irr.; tr.: 

dejouer 11 [jouer], intr.: play or wave in 
the wind, flap ; take back a piece played 
(at chess, etc.); play at random; tr.: 
foil (some one at play), baffle. 
dejonr 18 \_de-, jour], m.: space between 
the spokes of a wheel. 
tde-juc 15 , m.: time of leaving the roost. 
Ihju-elier' 12 [de-, jucher], intr.: leave 
the roost; tr.: bring from the roost or 
perch; dislodge; oust. 
dejuger* 18 [de-, juger], refl.: change 

djEla 12 [de, Id], prep.: beyond; adv.: on 
yon side; yet more: au (de}, beyond, 
further than, on the other side of ; dea et 
, hither and thither, this side and that 
side ; il a regagnl et , he has more than 
got his money back. 

dela-'brEmetit 17 , m.: dilapidation, ruin, 
raggedness. H^'brer* 15 [?], tr.: bring in- 
to a condition of ruin or decay, dilapi- 
date, shatter, tear to rags or tatters, 
ruin : se , fall into ruin or tatters, go to 
wreck, decay ; -bre, dilapidated, shattered, 
tattered, in rags. 

dela-eer* 10 [de-, lacer], tr.: unlace. 
de-lai 11 [dilauer (old del-)], m.: delay. 
delaiement 15 [-layer], m.: dilution. 
de-lais 14 , m.: (leg.} relinquishment. 
-laissemertfc 12 , m.: abandonment; for- 
lornness, destitution; (leg.) relinquish- 
ment, abandonment (to a mortgagee). 
ll-'laisser 11 [de-, laisser], tr.: abandon, 
forsake, desert ; (leg.) relinquish, abandon 
(mortgaged property) ; discontinue (a suit). 
delai-tkge 18 , -tement 18 , m.: freeing 
butter from whey. -ter 15 [de-, lait], tr.: 
free (butter) from whey ; fwean. 
delar-dEment 16 , m.: unlarding; (arch.) 
trimming (a stone, a piece of wood), cut- 
ting off the edge, chamfering, splaying. I 


II~der* 16 [de-, lard], tr.: free from lard, 
unlard ; (arch.) free from thickness, trim 
down ; trim off the edge, chamfer, splay. 

de-lassement 14 , m. : relaxation (remission 
of application or attention), repose, ease ; 
recreation, diversion, pastime. ||~las- 
ser 13 [de-, lasser], tr.: reLAX (refresh, 
rest; divert). 

dela~teur 15 , -trie [L. -tor (ferre, 
bring)], m,,f.: delator (accuser, informer). 
-tion 15 [L. -tio], /.: delation (accusa- 
tion by an informer, information). 

delatter 14 [de-, latter], tr.: unlath: se 
, become unlathed. 

dela-vage 18 , m.: diluting. -ve,_par.: 
diluted, etc., washy; faint (in colour), 
pale, dim. ||*ver ls [d$-, laver], tr.: 
DILUTE, soak: se , be diluted, become 
faint or pale, lose colour. 

dela-yage 18 , m.: diluting, dilution. 
-yant 17 ,* part.: diluting; m.: (med.) 
diluent, -yement 15 , m.: diluting, dilu- 
tion. ll^yer 12 [?], tr.: dilute; draw or 
spin out ; temper (lime). 

de-leatur 17 [L., * let it be effaced' (-lere)], 
m.: (print.) DELE, de-leljile 18 [L. dele- 
bilis], adj.: deleble. 

delec-table 13 [L. -tabilis], adj.: delecta- 
ble, delicious, -tattoo u [L. -tatio],f.: 
delectation, delight. H^ter 13 [L. -tare 
(de-licere, allure)], tr. : (or refl.) DELIGHT. 

dele-gant 18 , -gattte, m.,f.: delegator. 
-gataire 18 , m.,/.: delegate, -gateur 13 , 
-gatri-ee PJ. -gator, -gatrix], m., /.: 
delegator. -gation 12 [L. -gatio], /.: 
delegation ; proxy ; assignment (of debts). 
-gue 14 , m.: delegate, deputy; proxy. 
li~gue'r 14 [L. -gare (legare, send with a 
commission, lex, LAW)], tr. : delegate ; as- 

delen-ter 18 [d-, lente], tr.: free from 
nits, -toir 18 , m.: nit-comb. 

deles-tage 16 , m.: unballasting. H^ter 15 
[de-, leste], tr.: unballast, -teur 16 , m.: 

deletere 17 [Gr. deleter ios(-leisthai, 'hurt' 
ak. to Lat. delere)],^ adj.: deleterious. 

deliaison 15 [de-, liaison] , f. : disjointing. 

delibe-ranfc 16 , adj.: fdeliberating ; de- 
liberative, -ratif ia , =ive [L. -rativus], 
adj.: deliberative, -ration 12 [L. -ra- 
tio], f.: deliberation; decision, -re 14 , 
adj.: deliberate, resolute; easy, free; 
m.: deliberation (of the judges): depro- 

pos , deliberately. -remnt 13 [-re], 
adv.: deliberately, boldly. ||~ret 14 pli. 
-rare (librare, weigh, libra, weight)], intr. 
(tr.) : deliberate, consider ; determine, re- 
solve ; train (a circus-horse) : il en sera 

-re, it shall be taken into consideration. 

deli-cat 14 [L. -catus], adj.: delicate, 

dainty ; nice ; fastidious, ticklish : faire 1$ 


, be fastidious; homme , man of 
delicate health ; il est et blond, he is 
hard to please. -cateme?i u [-cat], 
adv.: delicately, daintily, f -cater 15 , 
tr.: fondle, pamper, -catesse 15 [-cat], 
/.: delicacy; daintiness; nicety. ||~-ee n 
[L. delirium, -cer e, delight (lacere, allure)], 
m.: DELIGHT. -ees 11 [L. de-licia], /., 
pi. : delights : faire ses de, delight in ; 
faire les de, be the delight (darling) of. 
-eieusemettfc 12 [-dent], adv. : deliriously, 
delightfully. -eiejouB 11 , =ense [L. -eio- 
sus], adj.: delicious, delightful. 

delicoter 16 [de-, licot], tr.: (esp. re/L) : 
slip (off)' the halter. 

delictueuo? 19 , =euse [L. -turn, fault], 
adj. : unlawful, felonious. 

i.delie 12 [L. delicatus, delicate], adj.: 
slender, thin, slim, cunning; m.: thin 
stroke, upstroke. 

de-He 11 , adj.: untied, loose. H-lier 11 
[de-, Her], tr.: untie, unbind ; release, free : 
se , come untied, be released. 

deligatign 18 [L. -tio (de-ligare, bind 
up)L/- ; deligation, bandaging. 

delimi-tati<m 17 ,/.: delimitation, fixing 
of limit, lifter 17 [L. -tare], tr.: delimit, 
fix the limits of, bound. 

delineation 16 [L. -tio (linea, LINE)],/.: 

delin-qiiaut 14 , -qu&nte, m., /.: delin- 
quent, offender. ||~quer 14 [L. -quere 
(linquere, LEAVE), fail], intr.: (leg.) 
offend, trespass. 

deliques-egn-ee 17 , /.: (chem.) deliques- 
cence. ||~-een 17 [L. -Gens (liquere, 
flow)], adj.: deliquescent. 

deliquiam 17 [L. (liquere, flow)], m.: =. 

de-lirant 17 , adj.: delirious: c'est , it 
is enough to make one mad. -lire 16 [L. 
-lirium], m.: delirium, frenzy. ||~lirer 15 
PJ. de-lirare (lira, furrow), go out of the 
furrow, rave], intr.: rave, be delirious, 
(fBng. delirate). 

de-lirium tr exngns ls [L.], m.: =. 

delis-sage 17 , m.: smoothing, sorting. 
||~ser 17 ,* tr.: smooth (paper or rags for 
making paper), sort; undo (the hair). 
-seur* 7 , =<yj-se, m.,/.: rag-sorter. 

i.delifc 13 [L. de-lictum (linquere, LEAVE)], 
m.: legal offence, misdemeanour, DE- 
LINQUENCY, crime : corps du , material 
evidence of the crime ; en flagrant , in 
the very act. 

*.deli-t 16 , m.: 'imbedding' (cf. -ter), 
laying against the grain, -tage 18 , m.: 

' shifting the bed (of silk-worms). * lifter 15 
[d6, lit], tr.: 'unbed' (shift the position 

1 of a stone with reference to its natural 
bed or stratification), lay against the 
grain ; split (a stone) in the line of its 

grain; shift the bed of (silk-worms); 



refl.: split; break into scales, flake off. 

-tes-egn-ee 18 [-tescent],/.: breaking into 

scales, scaling. i.-tes-een* 18 , adj.: 

breaking into scales or flakes, scaling. 
2.delites-ee.n-ee 15 [L. -scere } lie hid]; 

/.: (med.) delitescense. 
de-livran-ee u , /. : deliverance, delivery ; 

childbirth. i.-livre 11 , adj.: ffree; 

(falc.) , lean. 2.-li V re 13 , m.: (vulg.) 

afterbirth, heam (of animals) ; 18 canal or 

feeder of salt-basin, etc. ||~livrer [p. 

L. de-llberare (L. liber, free)], tr. : deliver 

(set free, release ; make over). -H- 

vrenr 11 , m.: deliverer; distributor (of 

provisions) ; (manuf.) groom ; doffer (of a 

delo-gemera,fc 13 , m.: removal, change of 

quarters, linger 11 [de-, loger], intr.: 

leave one's lodging, move, decamp; tr.: 

turn out (of a house), oust ; dislodge. 
delot 15 [old del = de], m.: thumb-stall. 
delover 18 [de-, lover], tr.: uncoil (a 

de~loyal ll , pi. =ano? [de-, loyal], adj. : dis- 

loyal. -loyalemeitt 11 , adv.: disloyally. 

-loyaute 10 , /. : disloyalty, perfidy. 
Belphes [Gr. Delphoi],/.: Delphi. 
delphine 18 [Gr. -nion, delphine], /..- 

delphinine (poisonous alcaloid). 
delphim/e [Delphes], adj.: Delphic. 
del-ta 18 [Gr. name of the letter A, < D '], m. : 

. -toide 18 [Gr. -to-eides, delta-shaped], 

adj. : deltoid, triangular. 
deluge 11 [L. diluvium (luere, wash)], m.: 

delug'e, flood ; torrent. 
delure 18 [1 de-, leurre], adj.: (fan.) 

wide-awake, quick. 
delustrer 16 [d$- t lustre], tr.: remove the 

lustre from. 
fdelnsoire [L. -sum (ludere, play)], adj.: 


deluter 16 [de-, lut], tr.: unlute, unputty. 
dema-gogie 17 [Gr. -gia],f.: demagogism. 

17 [-gogie], adj.: demagogical. 
[Gr. -gogos (demos, people, 

agog 6s, leading)], m.: demagogue. 
demaigrir 17 [de-, maigrir], tr.: thin (a 

piece of wood, etc.) ; intr.: (fam.) grow 

less thin, recover one's flesh. 
demait-ler 11 [de-, maUle] t tr.: undo the 

meshes of ; (nav.) unlace. 
demaitloter 12 [de-, maillot], tr.: un- 

dEmoin [p. L. de-mane (L. mane)], adv.: 

to-morrow; m.: to-morrow: aprds , 

day after to-morrow. 
deman~elie, part, of -cker (which see) ; 

m.: (mus.) shift. -eh.em.ent 17 , m.: 

taking off the handle ; lack of a handle ; 

(TTWS.) shifting, -eher* 11 [de- f manche], 

tr.: deprive of handle; take apart, dis- 

locate, disarrange ; intr.: shift the hand 



on the reel or finger-board (* handle') of a 
violin, etc., to produce high notes ; (nav.) 
get out of a channel: se , loose its 
handle ; go wrong. 

dximan-de u , /.: demand, request; re- 
quirement; question, inquiry; (com.) 
order, (leg.) suit : Eoffre et la , demand 
and supply. ||~der [p. L. -dare; L. 
mandare (manus hand, dare give), give in 
charge, order], tr. (intr.): demand, re- 
quest; require; question, ask, ask for; 
solicit, beg; want; (com.) order: -de, (com.) 
\n demand, request, -denr 12 , =ejas 
or -duresse, m., /.: demander, asker, 

deman-geaison 15 , /.: itching; inor- 
dinate desire. linger* 14 [d-, manger], 
intr. : itch ; (fig.) have a strong or inor- 
dinate desire : la main me -ge, my hand 
*s fairly itching (to strike) ; les pieds lui 
-gent, he is eager (longs) to go out. 

&emjm-teleinen' 15 , m.: dismantling. 
-teler [de-, manteau], tr.: dismantle, 

demantibuler 15 [de-, mandibule], tr.: 
(fam.) break (the jaw-bone of), break 

demar-cage 18 [-quer], m. : unmarking, re- 
moving the marks, -caticm 17 [Span. 
-caci6n (cf.Fr.-quer)],f.: demarcation. 

demar-elie 14 , /.: step; walk, gait; pro- 
ceeding, measure; attempt, application: 
faire une , take a step or measures. 
\\~-eher 11 [de-, marcher], intr.: walk: 
se , walk with a proud gait, strut. 

demarger 18 [de-, marger], tr.: open 
(holes o'f an oven). 

demarier 12 [de-, marier], tr.: unmarry, 
divorce : se , get a divorce. 

demar-qtte 17 , /.: (play) withdraw the 
marks; unmark. -queme-w,* 18 , m.: un- 
marking; fraudulent removal of marks 
(on reserved trees). ||~quer 15 [de-, 
marquer], tr.: deprive of its mark or sign, 
unmark ; (play.) deduct (points marked) ; 
intr.: lose the mark of its age (in 
speaking of the teeth of horses). 

demar-rage 17 , m.: unmooring. H'-orer* 14 
[de-, root o'f amarrer], tr. : unmoor ; 'pull 
out or ahead ; unbend (ropes) ; intr. : 
leave or break her moorings ; move off. 

demas-clage 18 , m. : barking (cork trees). 
Heeler 18 [mod. Prov. -da, EMASCULATE], 
tr.: bark (cork trees). 

demasquer 15 [de-, masque], tr.: un- 

demastiq-ue?* 16 [de-, mastic], tr.: deprive 

of mastic or putty. 
dema-tage 17 , m.: dismasting. ||~ter 16 

[de-,mat]', tr.: unmast; intr.: be un- 

masted, lose her masts. 
dezn.~lage 18 , m.: unravelling, sorting 

(wool). : le, m. : contest, strife, cohten- 


tion. -lement 15 , m.: unmingling, dis- 
entanglement. H^le-r 11 [de-, meler], tr.: 
unmingle, separate, disentangle, unravel; 
distinguish ; settle (an affair) : se , un- 
ravel, be disentangled, etc. ; f extricate 
one's self; part one's hair; avoir & 
avec, have to do with ; avoir quelque 
chose a avec, have an affair to settle 
with ; le vrai d'avec lefaux, distinguish 
truth from falsehood, -loir 17 , m.: sepa- 
rator ; comb for parting the hair. 
demem-brEmeH 12 , m. : dismember- 
ment; dismembered part. |j~brer 10 
[de-, membre], tr.: dismember; cut up; 

demena-gement 16 , m.: removal (change 
of residence)," moving, linger 12 [de-, 
menage], tr. : remove (household goods) ; 
plunder; intr.: remove (change res- 
idence) ; be off ; (fig.) become distracted 
or crazy, -geur 18 , m. : remover. 
demeH-ee 13 '[L. de-mentia (mens, MIND)], 
/.: DEMENTIA, madness, insanity: tomber 
en , become insane. 

demener 10 dem- [de-, mener], "\tr.: agi- 
tate; refl.: throw one's self about, 
struggle, toil. 

dement 14 [L. de-mens (-mens, MIND)], 
adj. : mad, insane ; also noun. 
demen-ti 15 , m.: exposure of an untruth, 
contradiction: donner le d, give the 
lie to ; avoir le de, be checked in, get 
the worst of. ||~tir 10 [de-, mentir], 
irr.; tr.: give the lie to, contradict, 
belie; refute; disown; retract: se , 
contradict one's self, belie one's self ; be 
c fradicted or proved to be false; be 
inconsistent ; fall off, flag ; give way. 
demer-gement 18 , m.: diminished draught 
of a sHip. linger 18 [d&-, root of im- 
merger], intr.: diminish in draught (of a 

demeri~te 18 [de-, me'rite], m.: demerit. 
lifter* 16 [de-, meriter], intr.: demerit 
(deserve blame) ; sink in favour. -to_ire u , 
adj. : lacking in merit, blamable. 
demesu.~re 18 dem- [de-, mesure], adj.: 
inordinate (in measure), excessive, huge; 
immoderate, -rement 10 , adj.: inordi- 
nately, excessively. 

demettre 12 [de-, mettre], irr.; tr.: r. dis- 
place; dislocate, put out of joint; 2.[di- 
rectly from L. de-mittere] fDiSMiss ; (leg.) 

iemeu-blEment 16 , m.: unfurnished, 
removal of furniture ; lack of furniture. 
liable?* 12 [de-, meuble], tr.: unfurnish, 
strip of furniture ; deprive. 
lE-meurant 11 , =ante, adj.: ftarrying; 
residing, dwelling; m.: fremainder (resi- 
due); m.: dweller, -meur^ 11 ,/.: ttarry- 
ing, fdelay ; dwelling (act of ; or house), 


residence, abode. ||~meurer [p. L. *de- 
morare, L. -mortiri (mora, delay)], tr.: 
jtarry ; remain ; dwell, live, reside, stay ; 
stand, stop : en arriere, stay behind ; 
$ accord, agree; ou en est-il -meure? 
where did he stop or leave off? la victoire 
nous est -meuree, victory remained with 
us; sur son appetit, not fully satisfy 
one's appetite. 

drmi , =ie [p. L. *demedius (L. dl-midius, 
fr. medius, MiDDle)], adj., or m., /., or 
adv. : half ; demi- (invar.), in many self- 
explaining compounds (half, semi-), like 
demi-heure (also demie), half hour, demi- 
pied, half t foot, demi-cercle, semicircle, 
demi-phin] half full, etc. (compounds of 
peculiar meaning explained below) : je 
suis corsaire et , I am a corsair and a 
half, i.e. more than an ordinary corsair ; 
d trompeur, trompeur et , set a cheat to 
catch a cheat; a , by halves, -ai- 
grette 17 , /. : blue heron, -amazoue 17 , 
/.; parrot (of Guiana), -bam 16 , m.: 
hip bath, -bande 18 , /.: inclination (of 
a ship) to the middle of the keel, -"ba- 
ton", m.: pause-mark (in music), -bat- 
toir 16 , battledoor (at tennis), -dame, 
/.: middle-class lady, -dieu 15 , pL or, 
m.: demigod. 
demieller 18 [de-, mieJ], tr. : take honey 


dEmi-fin 18 , adj.: containing about one 
half of ~ alloy, -fortune 18 , /.: sort of 
buggy (for one horse), -fataie,/. : from 
40 to 60 year old tree, -jeu 17 , pi. 02, 
m.: playing between forte and piano. 
-lime 15 , /.: (fort.) demilune, ravelin; 
semicircular place before a building, etc. 
-mondaine 18 , /.: woman of the demi- 
monde. -monde 18 , m.; demimonde (so- 
ciety of doubtful reputation), -pla-ee 18 , 
/.: place at half price, -reliure 18 ,/.: 
half leather binding, -soldier, m.: 
soldier on half pay. 

demis~sion 13 [-sio (mittere, send)], /.: 
resignation (of an office, fEng. demission ; 
fgiving up of property to children). 
-sionnalre 17 , adj.: resigned (officer, 
etc.) ; "{recipient (heir). 
dEmi-tour 17 , m.: half -turn : & droite! 

(mil.) right about face ! 
demitrer [de-, mitre], tr. : unmitre. 
demiurge 15 [L. -gus, Gr. demiourgos, 
worker for the people, Creator], m.: 

demobilises [de,- y mobiliser], tr. : demob- 

democra-te 17 , m.: democrat. |l*tie 13 
[Gr. -tia (dimos, people, kratetn, be 
strong)], /.: democracy, -tique 13 [Gr. 
-tik6s] t adj. : democratic, -tiquentent 15 
[-tigTie\, adv. : democratically. 



demoder 18 [de-, mode], tr.: put out of 
fashion : se , get out of fashion. 

demoiselle [p. L. domnicella (L. domi- 
na, mistress)],/.: fla-dy of noble birth; 
gentlewoman; unmarried lady (usually) 
young lady, =, DAMSEL ; lady (married or 
unmarried, in an establishment, etc.) ; 
name of various animals (Numidian crane ; 
dragon-fly; titmouse) or tools, etc. (paving 
beetle ; cross-piece of a sawing-trestle ; 
glove buttoner ; hot-water bottle). 

demo-lir 13 [L. -liri (moliri, construct, 
moles, mass)], tr.: demolish, -lisse- 
ment 13 , m.: demolishment. -lisseur 15 , 
m. : demolisher, subverter. -lition 1S [L. 
-litio\ /.: demolition, destruction; pi.: 
materials (of a demolished structure). 

demon. 12 [L. dcemon (Gr. daimon)], m.: 
demon (anc. >good or evil genius) ; fiend, 
devil ; (jest.) wild child or fellow : jaire le 
, play the devil. 

demoneti-sation 18 , /. ; demonetisation. 
ll^-ser 18 [de~, L. moneta, money], tr.: de- 

demo~n . . . [cf. demon] : -niaqtte 12 [L- 
dcemoniacus], adj.: demoniac(al) ; m., /..* 
demoniac, demon, .-nographe 16 [-grd- 
phein, write], m.: demonographer, -no- 
graphie 18 [-nographe], f. : demonology. 
-nomanie 16 [Gr. daimono-mania (rage)], 
/.: demonomania; belief in devils; demon- 

demon stra-tenr 13 [L. -tor], m.: demon- 
strator, -tif, =ive 13 [L. -tivus], adj.: de- 
monstrative. H^tion 13 [L. -tio (mon- 
strare, show)],/.: demonstration, -tive- 
ment 12 [-tif], adv.: demonstratively. 

demon-tage 18 , m.: taking to pieces; dis- 
mounting, lifter n [de-, monter], tr. : dis- 
mount (unhorse ; take down or to pieces) ; 
run down (the weight of a clock, etc.); re- 
lax (a spring, etc.) ; put out of service ; 
unhinge, baffle, foil, nonplus ; unset ; un- 
ship (a rudder) ; (nav.) supersede in com- 
mand : se , be taken to pieces, be broken 
up, get out of repair, be or become de- 
ranged ; be dislocated ; be baffled, etc. 

demon-trable 12 , adj.: demonstrable. 
-trer 15 [L. de-monstrare, show], tr.: 
demonstrate, prove ; show. 

demorali-sateur ls , -satri-ee, m., f.: 
demoraliser; adj.: demoralising, -sa- 
tion 18 , /.: demoralisation. ll~ser [mo- 
raliser], tr. : demoralise. 

demardre 1 * [d~, mordre], Mr.: let go 
one's hold with the teeth ; let go ; relax, 
desist, abate, change (one's ways, opinion). 

Demostftene, m.: Demosthenes. 
demotique 13 [Gr. -tikds (demos, people)], 
adj.: demotic, populous. 
demou-elieter 18 [de-, moucheter], tr.: 
take the button off (a foil). 

196 demonlage 

de-monlage 18 , m.: taking out of the 
mould, unmoulding. H^monler 1 [de-, 
moule], tr.: take out of the" mould; 
(metal.) dress. 

demouvoir 13 [de-, mouvoir], irr.; tr.: 

- turn aside. 

denmnir 15 [de-, munir], tr.: deprive, 
strip ; strip of ammunition. 

demurer* 1 [de-, murer], tr.: unwall, open. 

denmseler 18 [de-, museler], tr.: un- 

denaire [L. denarius], adj. : denary, TEN- 

denautir 14 [de-, nantir], tr.: deprive of 

denationalises 17 [de-, nationaliser], tr. : 

denatter 16 [d$-, natter], tr.: untangle, 
unmat (hair). 

denatu-rer 11 [de-, nature], tr.: alter the 
nature of, pervert, distort, adulterate, 
misrepresent; (chem.) debase; deprive of 
natural sentiment, harden, -re, part.: 
altered in nature, perverted, etc.; deprived 
of natural sentiment, unnatural, hardened, 

dew,*"ehe [p. L. *denticdtus (L. dens, 
TOOTH)], adj.: (her.) DANCETte", indented. 
-enure 18 ,/.: (her.) indented border. 

deu-drite 17 [Gr. -drites (-dron, tree)],/: 
(min.) =. -drolitfte 17 [Gr. dendron, 
tree, Uthos, stone], /. : dendrolite. -dro- 
phage 18 [Gr. dendron, tree, phagein, 
eat], adj.: wood-eating. 

denega-teur 17 [L. -tor], m.: denier. 
-tion 13 PJ. -tio], f.: denial, (fEng. dene- 
gation). ||~toire 17 [L. de-negare (ne, 
not), DENY], adj.: negatory^ 

deneral I3 , pi. =SLUOO [denier], m. : (coin.) 

deni 12 [-nier], m.: denial; refusal. 

deniai^ser* 15 [de-, niais], tr.: sharpen the 
wits of, render cunning ; fcheat (dupe) : 
se , grow sharp or cunning, -se, cun- 
ning ; une fille -see, a girl who has lost 

- her innocence, an impudent girl. 
i-deni-eKe?* 11 [de-, nid (cf. nicker)], tr.: 

take or drive out of the nest, drive out, 

hunt out ; intr. : leave its nest, fly away, 

quit ; -eA<2, flown, gone. 
s.deni^eher* 16 [de-, niche], 'tr.: take out 

of its niche (a statue, etc.) ; (fig.) deprive 

of worship, i.-ehejar 16 , m.: remover of 

statues (from their niches). 
z.deni-enenr 16 , =ejsse [i.-cher], m., f.: 

Bird's-nester ; fortune-hunter, sharper: 
. de merles oxfauvettes, adventurer. 
dsnier [p. L. -ndrius (L. deni, by ten)], 

m. : denarius (Rom. coin worth ten asses) ; 

denier (old Fr. coin, -^ of a sou); rate of 

- interest; (esp. in pi.) money, specie, funds; 
(pharm.) scruple: fort, big interest; 


<i Dieu (or d' adieu), earnest; gratuity; 

de Saint-Pierre, Saint-Peter's pence; 

de Jin, de loi, standard; le de la 
veuve, the widow's mite ; d s deeouverts, 
in cash ; au vingt, five per cent. 

denie-r 11 [L. de-negare], tr.: DENY; dis- 
own; refuse. 
deni-grant 18 , adj.: denigrating, dis- 


5 , m. : denigration, 

defamation, disparagement. ||~grer 13 [L. 
-grare (niger, black), blacken], tr. : slander. 

Denis, or -ys, m.: Dionysius, Denis. 

denive~ler 18 [niveler], tr.: put out of 
level, -lation 18 , /. : putting out of level. 

denorn-brEmen* 1S , m. : enumeration ; 
census. H^bre-r 15 [L. de-numerare (nu- 
merus, number)], tr.: number, count. 

deno-minateur 14 [L. -minator, namer], 
m.: (arith.) denominator, -minatif 14 , 
=ive [L. -minativus], adj.: (gram.) de- 
nominative. -minatiow/ 12 [L. -minatio], 
f.: denomination; f denominator. ||*mi- 
ner 11 [L. -minare (nomen, NAME)], tr.: 
NAME, mention ; denominate, call. 

denqn~-eer n [L. de-nuntiare (nuntius, 
messenger)], tr. : announce or declare of- 
ficially, proclaim, (fEng. denounce) ; de- 
nounce, inform against, accuse, -eia- 
tejar 14 , =trlee [L. -eiator, -ciatrix], 
m., f.: denunciator, informer, accuser. 
-Qiati<m 12 [L. -ciatio],f. : public declara- 
tion; denunciation. 

deno-tatiou 14 [L. -tatio],f.: denotation. 
-ter 13 [L. -tare (nota, note)], tr.: denote, 

de-nouemeut 15 , or -noument, m.: 
(rare) untying; denouement, unraveling 
(of a plot), catastrophe (of a drama, etc.), 
event. H^nouer 11 [tie-, nouer], tr.: 
untie, unknot ; solve ; unravel (a plot) ; 
set free: se , become untied, unravel, 
come out. 

denree 11 [denier: "what may be had for 
a denier"], f.: provision, food; com- 
modity: vendre Men sa , make the 
most of one's talents. 

de/ri^se 12 [L. -sus], adj.: =. -site [L. 
-$itas],f.: density. 

den~t [L. dens],f.: TOOTH; notch, cog; 
TINE (of a pitchfork, etc.) : angulaire, 
canine, canine tooth; fang; eye-tooth; 

s de lait, first teeth; s d'en haut, 
upper teeth; s d'en bas, lower teeth; 

s de devant, front teeth ; faire ses s, 
cut one's teeth ; Us s percent 5 cet en- 
fant, that child is cutting his teeth ; le mal 
de s, the tooth-ache ; avoir mal aux s, 
have the tooth-ache ; avoir une contre, 
have an old grudge against ; avoir des s, 
be notched ; dechirer a belles s, tear to 
pieces; etre sur les s, be tired out; 
prender le mors aux s, take the bridle, 


run away ; be earnest in business ; rire du 
bout des s, pretend to laugh, -taire 17 [L. 
-tarius], adj.: dental; /.: dent aria, tooth- 
wort. -tal 16 , pi. =auo?, adj.: dental (esp. 
of letters), -t-de-lion, m.: DANDELION. 
-t-de-lou;p, m.: big pin or bolt; sharp 
crag, -te 14 , =ee, adj.: toothed; (bot.) 
dentated; cogged; /.: bite of a hound; 
stroke, rip (of a tusk): -tee en scie, ser- 
rated. -telaine 17 [-tele],/.: lead-wort. 
-tele 15 , adj.: denticulated, indented, 
notched, -teler 16 , tr.: indent, notch, 
jag. -tele 16 ,ra.: (arch.) dentil, -telle 15 , 
/. ; lace (as ordinarily denticulated) ; lace- 
work (in engraving or sculpture) ; facet 
(of a jewel), -telliere 18 [-telle], f.: 
lace-maker, lace-woman ; lace-machine. 
-telure 15 [-tele], /.: indented border, 
indenting, jagging, -ter 18 , tr.: tooth, 
cog (a wheel), -tieuiaire 18 [-ticule], 
adj.: denticulate, -tic-ale 15 [L. -ticulus], 
m.: (arch.) DENTIL, -tier* 16 , m.: fset of 
(natural) teeth; set of (artificial) teeth; 
metal plate for artificial teeth; indented 
knife, -tifriee 14 [L. -tifricium (dens, 
fricare, rub)], m.: , tooth-powder; adj.: 
tooth- : poudre , tooth-powder, -tiros- 
tres 18 [L. dens, rostrum, bill], m. pi: 
family of denti-rosters (kind of sparrows). 
-tiste 17 , m.: dentist, -tition* 7 [L. -ti- 
tio],f.: =, cutting of teeth! -ture 13 , 
/. : set of teeth ; (tech.) teeth-range. 

de-nudaticm 13 [L. -nudatio], /.: =. 
-nnder 17 [L. -nudare], tr.: denude, lay 
bare, -nue, part.: bereaved, stripped; 
destitute ; void, -nuement 13 , m.: depri- 
vation, destitution. Homier [L. -nudare 
(nudus, NUDE, bare)], tr. : deprive, strip : 
se , deprive or strip one's self, leave 
one's self bare or destitute; -nue, see 
above, -nument = -nuement. 

decmtologie 18 [Gr. deon, duty, I6gos, 
doctrine],'/.; deontology. 

depaiZler 18 [de-, paille], tr.: strip of 

depalisser 16 [de-, palisser], tr.: untrellis. 

depaq-ueter 14 [de-, paquet], tr.: unpack. 

fdeparager ^ [de-, par age], tr.: degrade 
by unequal marriage, (fEng. DISPARAGE). 

depareiZlet* 16 [de-, appareiller], tr.: 
unmatch, separate from its match, spoil a 
pair or set of. 

deparer 10 [de-, parer], tr.: disadorn; 
undress (esp. altars) ; disfigure, mark, 

deparier 16 [de-, parier], tr.: take away 
one of a PAIR, separate (male and female). 

deparler 16 [de- t parier], intr.: (fam.) 
cease talking. 

deparqtter 15 \de-, 

depart 12 [4ir], m 

dep endamment 


out, start ; tparting, separation : etre sur 
son , be about to set out ; faux , un- 
even start (of horses) ; point de , start- 
ing point. * 

departager 16 [de-, partager], tr.: break 
the equality of (votes) ; decide between : 
les wix, give a casting-vote. 

depar-tEmen* 11 , m.; department (fdis- 
tributipn; f assigned lodging; division of 
executive government, of an institution, 
etc., province; territorial division in France 
governed by a prefect) . -turn em tal I7 ,pl. 
=auo; [-partement], adj.: departmental. 
t-tie 10 ,/.; departure, separation. II~tir 
[de-, partir], irr.; tr.: fseparate ; distrib- 
ute, dispense, bestow : se (de), depart, 
deviate or swerve (from), desist (from). 

depasser 12 [de-, passer], tr. : go beyond, 
pass ; reach beyond ; overstep, exceed ; 
surpass; outsail; draw out; (nav.) un- 

depa-vage 18 , m. : unpaving. H^ver 15 
[de-, paver], tr.: unpave. 

depayser 12 -p$-i- [de-, pays], tr.: trans- 
fer from one's country, send from home, 
transplant; put out of one's element, 
course, or track ; put on a wrong scent, 

de-pu^age 18 , m.: cutting or taking to 
pieces, cutting up, carving, dismember- 
ment. -pe-eement 11 , m.; cutting up or 
in pieces, dismemberment. U^ps-eer 10 
[de, pidce], tr.: cut or take to PIECES, 
carve, dismember. -pE-cejar, =ejBse, m., 

f.: one who cuts or takes to pieces.' 

depe-ene 14 , /.: DISPATCH (fexpedition, 
"{finishing up; speedy message or com- 
munication) ; correspondence, mail : les 
s, the post-bags; faire les s, make 
up the mails ; une marchandise de mau- 
vaise , a merchandise hard to dispose 
of ; compagnon, cf. -cher. U^ekeT 12 
[de-, root of empecher], tr. (us'ly reft.): 
frid of or free from (as a hindrance); 
DISPATCH (expedite, send off ; send prompt- 
ly ; make away with, kill); intr.: send off 
a dispatch or a speedy messenger ; make 
haste ! hurry up ! & -che compagnon, in a 
hurry, quickly ; without giving quarter. 

depE9oir 17 [-cer], m.: chopping-knife. 

depgiTidre 12 [L. de-pingere (pingere, 
PAINT)], irr. (cf. peindre), tr.: DEPICT, 
describe ; old PAINT. 

depelotonner 18 [de-, pelotonner], tr.: 
unroll, unwind (thread, etc.). 

depEnaa-le" 16 [OFr. de-pane (pan, in 
its early sense of ' rag')l "&"- " tattered, 
in rags; emaciated (of the face), -le- 
ment 17 , m.: raggedness; emaciation. 

f de-pen damme nt 16 [-pendant], adv.: 
4ependently. -peti,dtvee 13 [i.-pendre], 

f.: dependence; dependency; appendage, 
tre dans 1& 



pendent on. -pendant 13 [i.-pendre], 
adj.: dependent; (leg.) attendant. -pen- 
deur 12 , -pendei&se [z.-pendre], m.f/.: 
unhaliger, detacher : un d'andouilles, 
a tall lean fellow (capable of taking 
down the antlers over a butcher's shop). 
i.||~pe.w,dre i:L [L. de-pendere (pendere, 
hang)], intr.: depend, be dependent; be a 
dependency. 2,-pe.ndre 11 , tr.: unhang, 
take down. 3.-pendre [p. L. dis-pen- 
dere, weigh out], tr.: expend, -pens 11 
[1. L. dispensum (cf. 3~pendre)], m., pi.: 
texpense(s); cost(s). -pe,nse n [1. L. dis- 
pensa (cf , -pens)], f. : exPENSE, expendi- 
ture ; yield ; steward's office ; larder ; pi. 
supplies (of parliament) : de louche, 
expense for living ; ne pas plaindre la , 
not to spare expense ; faire de la , 
spend money, -penser* 14 [-pense], tr.: 
expend, SPEND ; employ; consume, -pen- 
sier' 11 , -pensiere [-pense], m.,f.: dis- 
penser, disburser, bursar; adj.: fond of 
expending money, as noun SPENDthrift, 

deperdition 15 [L. de-perdere, lose grad- 
ually], /.: gradual loss or destruction, 
(fEng. deperdition); (med.) discharge. 

depe-rir ^ [L. de-perire], intr.: die away, 
waste (away), PERISH, decay, go to ruin, 
dwindle. -rissement 16 , m.: dying or 
wasting away, decay, perishing; wasted 
or withered condition. 

depetrer 12 [de-, root of empetrer], tr.: 
tunchain ; disentangle ; disengage, ex- 

depeu-plmen 15 , m.: depopulation. 
\\~pler [de-, peuple], tr. : DEPOPULATE, 
dispeo'ple ; unstock ; reduce ; thin ( a 
forest) ; draw (a pond). 

depia.nter* 18 [de-, piau, dial, for peau] } 
tr.: Cfam.) skin. 

tdepieage = depiquage. 

depieeer 13 [de-, pidce], tr.: take to 

depeiter* 18 [d^-, pied], tr.: expose at the 
foot or root. 

i-depi-lage 18 , -lenient [z.4er], m.: re- 
moval of piles in a mine. 

2,depi-lage 18 , m.: taking off the hair or 
fleece, fleecing. -latif 17 , =ive, adj.: 
depilatory, -lation 12 , /.: falling off of 
the hair, loss of hair; depilation. -la- 
toire 15 , adj.: depilatory. i.||~ler 15 
[L. de-pilare (pilus, hair)], tr.: depilate, 
strip of hair, denude : se , lose the hair, 

2.depiler 18 [de-, pile], tr.: remove the 
piles or supports of (a mine). 

depi-quage 1T [Prov. dGpicage (cf. -quer)], 
m. : treading of grain, i .-quer 17 [Prov. 
dqpica (espigo = Fr. epi)\, tr. : thresh 
(grain, by treading of horses, or mules, 

^or under rollers). 


2.depiqiter 16 [de-, piquer], tr.: unstitch, 
unquilt; pacify (one piqued or offended), 
unrume; fconsole. 

depister 17 [de-, piste], tr.: track, trace, 
trail, hunt out; throw off the track or 
trail, put on the wrong track ; misdirect. 

i.depi- [L. despectus (de-spicere, look 
down upon, DESPISE) ; contempt], m. : 
t contempt ; despite, spite ; vexation, 
anger ; (old adj. : spiteful) : en de, in 
spite of, despite ; en qu'on en ait, in 
spite of all one may do, in spite of one ; 
avoir du (eontre), spite, be spiteful 
(against); be vexed (with), -ter^ 2 , tr.: 
f despise; spite, thwart; vex. -teuo? 12 , 
=ejjse, adj.: (old) spiteful; (now only of 
falcons refusing to return when they have 
lost the quarry). 

depla-eemen t 1 


change of place. H~-eer 14 [de-, place], 
tr.: displace, misplace, remove, shift. 

de-plaire 11 [de-, plaire], irr. ; intr. (with 
a): displease, be unpleasant or disagree- 
able (to), (dat.) (de}, be dis- 
pleased (with), dislike; pine (of plants, 
animals); displease each other; rien de- 
plaise (a), may it not displease ; with the 
leave of; with all due deference (to); ne 
vous (dat.) en deplaise, with your leave 
(cf. preceding) ; je ne me deplairais 
pas iei, I should not dislike living here. 
f -plaisan-ee 17 , /.: dislike, aversion. 
-plaisant 11 , adj.: displeasing, unpleas- 
ant, disagreeable, -plaisir 12 [de-, plai- 
sir], m. : displeasure ; dislike, distaste ; 
uncomfortableness ; affliction, trouble. 

deplan-tation 18 , /. : displantation. 
[de-, planter], tr.: displant ; tear 

up (plants, etc.) ; heave up (anchor).' 
-teur, m. : displanter. -toir, m. : (hort.) 

deplatrer [de-, pldtrer], tr. : unplaster. 

dep]4er i5 [de-, plier], tr.: unfold; expose 

deplisser 16 [de-, plisser], tr.: unplait; 

deploiemew^ 16 or -oiment [deploy er], 
m.: unfolding, display; (mil.) DEPLOY- 

deplomber* 18 [de-, plomber], tr.: unseal 
(customs); remove fillings (of teeth). 

deplo-rable 15 , adj.: deplorable, -ra- 
b!Eme>it [-rable], adv.: deplorably. 
-rer 11 [L. -rare (plorare, wail)], tr.: 
fcry over ; deplore ; bewail, lament. 

deployer 11 [de-, ployer], tr.: unfold, un- 
furl, unroll; DISPLAY, put forth; array; 
spread (a sail); DEPLOY (troops): 5 voiles 
-y^es, under full sail. 

deplume r ^ [de-, plume], tr.: displume, 
unfeather, pluck: se , shed feathers, 
moult ; (fam.) grow bald. 


depo~lir 16 [de-, polir], tr.: remove the 
polish from; rough (glass), -lissage 18 , 

m.: unpolishing; glass-roughing. 

deponent 10 [L. de-ponens (ponere, put), 
'laying aside,' viz. the active form], adj.: 
(gram.) deponent. 

depopulariser 1T [de-, populariser], tr.: 
render unpopular. 

depopulation, 15 [L. -tio (populus, 
people)],/.: depopulation. 

i. deport 18 [de-, root of report], m.: (stock 
exeh.) backwardation; contango. 

2.depor-t u , m.: fadministration (of a 
benefice or fief after the death of the in- 
cumbent); management, discretion, re- 
gard ; delay ; challenging one's self (of 
judges, etc. ) : sans , without discretion 
(or regard) ; a payer sans , to be paid 
without delay, -tation 14 [L. -tatio],f.: 
deportation, -te, cf. -ter. -tement 12 , 
m. ; fdeportment (conduct) ; bad conduct, 
misconduct ; enlargement (of a model with 
reference to its shrinkage in cooling). 
H^ter 11 [, porter; 2.L. de-portare], 
tr.: i.fconduct; fsustain, f favour, fspare; 
2. 17 deport, send into banishment: " 
, divert one's self ; desist ; challenge 
one's self ; -te, part. : (as noun) person sen- 
tenced to deportation, transport, convict. 

depo-sant 16 , =atvte, m., /.: deponent, 
depositor ; bailer ; as part. cf. -ser. 
depp-se 18 , /.: removal (of any fixture). 
||~ser i:L [de-, poser], tr.: lay down, 
deposit ; lodge (a complaint) ; lay aside ; 
depose, dethrone; divest; remove; intr.: 
settle, leave sediment ; give evidence : $e 
, be deposited ; settle ; f abdicate, -si- 
taire 13 [L. -sitarius], m., /.; depositary; 
trustee. -siti^n 11 [L. -sitio], /.: de- 
position (laying down of testimony, 
evidence ; setting aside a sovereign, etc., 
divestiture); removal (en de croix, re- 
presentation of the body of Christ de- 
tached from the cross). 

depos~seder 14 [de-,posseder],tr.: dispos- 
sess, -sessegx, m.: dispossessor. -ses- 
siort 16 , /.: dispossession, ouster; fdeliver- 

deposter 16 [de-, poste], tr.: dislodge, 
drive from a post. 

depot 13 [L. de-positum (ponere, put), de- 
posit], m. : depositing ; deposit ; trust ; 
depository, warehouse ; depot ; repository; 
deposit, sediment; settlement; concre- 
tion : de mendicite, poor-house ; en , 
in deposit or trust ; on sale or return. 

depo-temewt 18 , m.: decantation; gag- 
ing. ' lt*t*e-r 16 [de-, pot], tr.: decant; 
take out of 'a pot. -toir 18 , m.: decanter, 
place for receiving or gaging wines; 
general deposit of night-soil, dumping- 

deprimer 199 

depoudrer 17 [de- t poudrer], tr.: un- 

de-poaille 11 ,/.; skin or slough ('stripped 
off' an animal, fEng. SPOIL), shell ; (mortal) 
remains or envelope, body, tenement ; 
wardrobe (left by persons deceased), in- 
heritance; SPOIL, (tEng. DESPOIL), booty, 
plunder ; act of taking anything out of a 
mold or matrix: s opirries, 'spolia 
opima' (arms of a slain enemy) ; droit de 
, the right of bishops to certain things 
left by a deceased ecclesiastic ; etre de , 
be easily taken out of a mold. -poTiille- 
ment 11 , m. : (de)spoiling, spoliation, plun- 
der ; friction ; flaying ; taking out docu- 
ments, etc., for examination, abstract (of 
accounts, etc.), ascertaining the result (of 
a ballot). l! [L. de-spolidre 
(spolium, booty)], tr.: strip off the skin 
or garment, (fEng. DESPOIL), skin; DESPOIL 
(divest, to strip, deprive, plunder); cast 
off ; gather (crops) ; take out (documents, 
etc.) for examination, inspect : se , shed 
its skin, moult ; divest one's self ; dispense 
(de, with); -pouille, stripped, naked; jouer 
au roi -pouille, ruin any one. 

deponr^voir 11 [d&~, pourvoir], irr. (little 
used except in part., cf. below); tr.: 
leave UNPROVIDED or destitute, -vn. 11 , 
part.: unprovided, destitute: au , un- 
prepared, unawares. 

depra-vatenr 15 , =tri<ee \L. -valor], m. f 
/.: depraver; adj.: depraving, -va- 
tion 1 ^ [L. -vatio], f.: depravation; de- 
pravity; ruin, disordered condition. 
ll^vey* 13 pL/. de-pravare (pravus, crooked, 
perverse)], tr.: deprave, pervert, vitiate. 

depreca-tif , =ive [L. -tivus (de-precari, 
avert by PRAYER)], adj.: deprecatory. 
-tio 11 ,/.: deprecation, -toire 14 , adj.: 

depre-eiateur 1S , =tri-ee, m.; de- 
predator. -eiati<m 17 ,/. ; depreciation. 
l!~-eier 17 [L. de- t pretiare (pretium, 
PRICE)], tr*: depreciate, undervalue, de- 

depre-dateur 18 , =tri-ee [L. -dator], m., 

/.: depredator. -dati<m 14 [L. -datio], 
f.: depredation, plundering, fll^der 13 
[L. de~pr<zdari (prceda, PREY, plunder)], 
tr.: depredate, despoil 

depr^ndre 13 [de-, prendre], irr.; tr.: 
take apart, detach, loosen. 

depression 13 [L. -ssio (premere, PRESS)], 
/.: depression; hollow. 

i.tde-prier [p. L. de-predare (L. -preca- 
ri), tr.: PRAY. 2.-prier 15 \d&- 9 prier], 
tr.: ask not to come (a person invited), 
send excuse to. 

deprimet* 13 [L. de-primere (premere, 
PRESS)], tr.: DEPRESS, press down ; flatten,; 

, iinderrate. 



fdepriser 11 [d$- t priser], tr.: DEPRECI- 
ATE, underrate. 

de profnndis [L., 'from the depths/ 
opening words of the psalm], m.: = 
(funeral psalm). 

depromettre 16 \de-, promettre], irr.; 
tr.: take back (a promise). 

fdepn-celer 11 [de-, pucelle], tr.: (wig.) 
deprive of virginity, debauch. 

dEpuis 11 [de, puis], prep.: from (of time, 
place, order), since, after; adv.: since, 
since that time ; fsince (because) : que, 
conj. : (ever) since ; longtemps, for a 
long time; pen, recently, lately; 
deux ans, for two years, these two years. 

depn-ratif 17 , =ive, adj.: depuratory. 
-ration, 12 ,/.: depuration, -ratoire 17 , 
adj.: depuratory. -rer* 17 [1. L. -rare 
(purus, pure)], tr.: depurate. 

depu-taticm, 15 [L. -tatio], /.: deputa- 
tion, deputyship. -te 13 , m.: deputy. 
lifter 18 [L, -tare (putare, prune), orig'ly 
'cut off/ so 'set apart, commission': cf. 
detacher], tr. : depute, delegate, commission. 

dera-ei-nement 14 , m.: rooting up, eradi- 
cation. limner* 12 [de-, ratine], tr.: pull 
up by the root, root up, pluck up, ERADI- 

derader 15 [de-, rade], Mr.: be driven 
from the roadstead (by the wind or tide), 
be driven out to sea. 

deraidir 16 [de-, raidir], tr.: unstiffen, 
render pliant : se , lose one's stiffness, 
grow pliant. 

deraZ-lement 18 , m.: unrailing, running 
off the rail/ ||~le^ 18 [de-, rail], intr.: 
run off the rails, derail. 

derai-sort n [de-, raison],f. : unreasonable- 
ness, iRRATiONality. -sonnable 13 [de-, 
raisonable], adj. : unreasonable, senseless, 
preposterous. -sonnablEinenf 12 [-son- 
nalle], adv. : unreasonably, preposterously. 
-sonner* 17 [de-, raisonner], intr. : reason 
falsely, talk nonsense. 

deralinguer 17 [de~, ralingue], tr.: 
strip (a sail) of the bolt rope. 

deratt-ge 10 , adj.: deranged, disordered, 
out of order ; crazy ; out of sorts, unwell. 
-gemew,* 16 , in.: derangement, disorder; 
embarrassment, trouble; indisposedness ; 
disorderly conduct. |[-*get 10 [de-, rang], 
tr.: derange (put out o'f place or order); 
discompose; disconcert, discommode; un- 
settle, put out of sorts: se , b de- 
ranged, get out of order; be unwell; 
disturb or trouble one's self ; misconduct 
one's self, lead a disorderly life. 

deraper 17 [Prov. -pa (ak. to Germ'c 
rapp, v seize')L tr.: (dial.) tear; intr.: 
(of anchors) start ; be atrip : faire 
Vancre, trip the anchor. 

dera~ter 15 [de- f rate], tr.: deprive of the 


spleen (to make hounds quicker), spleen ; 
-te, deprived of the spleen, spleened; 
lively, sharp, cunning. 
de~rayer 18 [de-, rayer], intr.: plough a 
furrow (for draining or to separate two 
fields). -rayure 16 , /.: border furrow 
(between two fields). 

derby 18 [Eng. (name of a lord)], m.: =. 
dErEckef u [de, re, chef], adv. : for the 
second time, anew, again, afresh. 

de-regie 13 , adj.: irregular; unruly, dis- 
orderly ; inordinate, intemperate, immod- 
erate; dissolute, profligate. -reglE- 
inent M , m. : irregularity ; unruliness ; 
intemperance ; dissoluteness : vivre dans 
le , lead a disorderly life. -regie- 
merit 13 [-regie], adv.: disorderly; inor- 
dinately; dissolutely. H-'regler' 13 [de- t 
regler], tr.: put out of order, derange, 
disorder : se , get (or be) out of order, 
be deranged ; lead a disorderly life. 

de-rider 15 [rider], tr.: unwrinkle, 
make smooth, smooth : se , unbend one's 
brow ; cheer up. 

deri^sion- 12 [L. -sio (ridere, laugh)],/.: 
derision, ridicule. -soire 14 [L. sorius], 
adj.: derisive. -soirenienfc 1 * [-soire], 
adv.: derisively. 

deri^vatif ls , =ive [L. -vativus (cf . -ver)] y 
adj. : fderivative ; (med.) producing deri- 
vation; m.: (med.) derivative; relief. 
i .-vati<m 1S \L. -vatio] , f. : leading or draw- 
ing off of water from a stream, etc., 
(fEng. derivation) ; derivation (drawing 
of fluids from one part of the body to 
another ; tracing origin ; deriving one 
function from another). 16 , /.: DRIFT or derivation 
(of a ship from its course) ; derivation of 
a projectile, -rive 16 ,/.: DRIFT, lee-way: 
en , adrift ; avoir belle , have good 
sea-room. i.H-^river 15 [orig'ly driver, 
fr. Eng. drive], intr': (nav.) DRIFT, be 
driven along by a current, etc., deviate 
from the regular course. 

2.deriver n [L. de-rivare (rivus, stream)], 
tr.: turn the course of (a river, water, 
etc.) ; (fEng. derive), divert ; draw (blood, 
fluids) from one part of the body to 
another ; derive (deduce, trace origin) ; 
intr.: leave its source; derive (be derived, 
be deduced, have origin, descend) ; -ve, 
derived, -vee, /.: thing derived; (chem.) 

3-deriver' 11 [de-, rive], tr.: fmake over- 
flow; free or clear from the bank or 
shore, set adrift. 

4.deriver >15 [river], tr.: unrivet. . 
erle 15 [?],/.: porcelain clay. 18 [Gr. dtrma, skin], /.; 
(med.) dermatosis. -me 16 [Gr. derma, 
skin], m. : derma, dermis. 


der^nier 12 , ^iere [fr. OFr. derrain, 
from p. L. deretranum (de-retro, behind)], 
adj. : last ; final ; utmost (highest, lowest); 
finishing; (mus.) closing; m.,f.: last; end 
of the gallery (tennis) : en lieu, in the 
last place ; en ressort, ultimately ; etre 
du ridicule , be excessively ridiculous. 
-nierement 12 , adv.: lately, of late. 

dero-be, part.: stolen; spare or leisure 
(of time) ; back or private (of doors, 
staircases, etc.) : & la -be, by stealth, 
privately; s'en aller a la -bee, steal 
away; feves -bees, beans slipped out of 
their skins, -"h em eat u , m. : frobbing ; 
squaring (of stones). H^ber ll [de-, OFr. 
rober (Germ'c root, ak. to Eng. rob)], tr.: 
ROB (steal, pilfer, purloin); take or hide 
away (a,, from), conceal ; screen, shelter ; 
shell (beans) : se , steal away, escape, 
disappear ; avoid, shun ; d la justice, 
screen from justice ; se d la justice, 
fly from justice. 

i.dero-ehage 18 , m.: scouring (a metal), 
i. II -"Cher* 18 ' [de-, z.roeher], tr.: scour 
(prec. metals). 

a.dero-elier' 10 [de-, roche], tr.: hurl or 
throw from a rock. 

dero-gati<m 14 [L. -gatio], f. : derogation. 
-gatoire 13 [L. -gatorius], adj.: deroga- 
tory. ^-ge&n&e 15 , /.: forfeiture (of 
nobility), 'linger 13 [L. de-rogare (ro- 
gare, ask, solicit)], intr.: deviate (from 
law or agreement), swerve; withdraw, 
derogate, detract, take away ; lose privi- 
leges ; be debased ; degenerate ; descend, 
act beneath one's rank or dignity, (fEng. 
derogate) : a noblesse, forfeit one's no- 

f deroidir = deraidir. 

de-rompage 18 , m.: cutting rags (for 
paper), -rompoir 17 , m.: (pap.) cutting 
table. |[~rgmpre 10 [de-, rompre], tr.: 
cut to pieces, fcut* off or interrupt ; sort 
rags (for paper) ; break up (land). 

deroquer* 14 [Norm, form of 2.derocker], 
tr. : hurl or throw from a ROCK. 

derougir 11 [de-, rougir], tr.: take off the 
redness of : se , lose one's redness. 

derouiller 13 [de-, rouiller], tr.: remove 
the rust from, polish: se , lose its rust; 
read up a subject. 

derou-lemertt 17 , m.: unrolling; produc- 
tion of the evolute (of curves). ||~ler 15 
[rouler], tr.: unroll, spread out, display; 
(geom.) produce the evolute. 

derou-te 16 , /.: rout, defeat, overthrow, 
confusion. ||~ter n [de- t route], tr.: put 
out of qne r s road or way, put out of the 

, right road ; disconcert, baffle, bewilder. 

'derriere [p. L. de-retro], prep, or adv. : 
behind; m.: hinder part, back; poste- 
s; (artill.) train j $>L: rear: porte de 



', back-door, evasion ; etre loge sur le , 
lodge at the back of the house ; montrer 
le , turn tail; flee; montrer son , 
have torn clothes. 

dervi-che 15 or -vis [Pers. derouisch, 
poor; poor monk], m.: dervish, dervis(e). 

des de or emphat. de [for de les], of (from) 

des [p. L. de ex], prep.: from, since; im- 
mediately after leaving, des qwe, conj. : 
as soon as, since, as : f la, from then, 
thence, consequently ; lors, from that 
time ; fthence (consequently) ; a pre- 
sent, from this moment, henceforth. 

des-, (bef. vowel) des- [L. dis], pref.: 
dis-, un-, away, off. In compounds cf. 
each member. 

des" [L. dis] : -a"bonner 18 , tr.: discon- 
tinue the subscription of : se , withdraw 
one's subscription for. -abuser* 16 , tr.: 
disabuse (undeceive) : se , be dis- 
abused, undeceive one's self, -accord n , 
m.: discord (disagreement, variance); 
(mus.) lack of harmony, -accorder* 17 , 
tr.: make disagree; (mus.) untune, put 
out of tune : se , disagree ; get out of 
tune, -accoupler 12 , tr.: uncouple. 
-accontu.m%n-'ee 1 * 2 , /.; want of custom 
or habit, -accoutnmer n , tr. : disaccus- 
tom; disinure. -a-elialfmder 16 , tr. : take 
away the custom(ers) from, -a-eierer' 18 , 
tr.: unsteeh -affectation 18 [-affecter], 

f.: disturbed function, disorder, -affec- 
ter 18 , tr.: disturb the functions of, dis- 
affect. -affection 17 , /.: disaffection, 
alienation of affection, -affectionner 18 , 
tr.: alienate the affection for, disaffect: 
se , lose affection for. -affour-elier* 16 , 
intr. : heave up anchors, unmoor, -affa- 
bler 11 , tr.: unmuffle, unwrap, -agre^ 
able 12 , adj.: disagreeable, unpleasant, 
distasteful, displeasing. -agreabli:- 
me,t 16 , adv.: disagreeably, unpleasantly, 
f i -agrees 11 , intr. : displease. t 2 --ag*e- 
er=degreer. -agregatiort 18 ,/.: dis- 
aggregation. -agr egea-n-t l5 , adj. : disin- 
tegrating ; m.: disintegrant. -agreger 17 , 
tr.: disaggregate; disintegrate, -agre- 
ment 16 , m.: disagreeable circumstance 
or "thing, disagreeableness ; (rare) dis- 
agreeable feature, defect, blemish. 
-aimanter 18 [aimanter], tr.: umnagne- 
tise. ^airer* 12 [des-, aire], tr.: let out 
(falcons) from the aerie, -aj-aster* 16 , 
tr.: disadjust, derange, put out of order. 
-aligner 13 , tr.: put out of line, break 
the line' of . -alterer 15 , tr.: slake the 
thirst of: se , slake or quench one's 
thirst, -amarre?* 13 , tr.: unmoor, -an- 
crer 11 , tr. or intr.: weigh anchor of. 
-animer 14 , tr. : (rare) dis animate. t~ a p- 
= dfyareiller. l- 



= deparier. -appointexn.ett 13 [ap- 
pointer],m.: disappointment, -appoitt- 
ter 13 , tr.: fdismiss ; disappoint, -ap- 
prgndre 12 , irr. ; tr. : unlearn, -appro- 
ba-teur 17 , =trlee, 7n.,f.: person who 
disapproves, critic; adj.: disapproving. 
-approbation 17 , /.: disapprobation, 
disapproval, -appropriation, 16 , /. : re- 
nunciation (of property), -approprier 16 , 
tr. : despoil of property ; se , renounce 
(property), -approuver 15 , tr.: disap- 
prove (of). u [des-, argon], 
tr.: unsaddle, unhorse, dismount; baffle, 
foil, -arge^ter 16 [argenter], despoil of 
silver, uns'ifver;* free from silver-alloy; 
(Jam.) drain of money or cash : se , lose 
its silver; spend one's money. -arniE- 
ment 15 [-armer], m.: disarmament, dis- 
arming; (nav.) dismantling, -armer 10 , 
tr. : disarm ; dismantle (a fort, strip it of 
guns, etc.) ; dismantle (a ship) ; lay up ; 
unship (oars), uncock (firearms) ; (Jig.) 
baffle; appease; intr.: unarm; (nav.) be 
dismantled or laid up. -arroi 13 [OFr. 
-rroyer (?), disarray], m.: DISARRAY, dis- 
order. -articulation 18 ,/..- disarticu- 
lation, disjointing, -articuler* 18 , tr.: 
disarticulate, disjoint; amputate through 
the joint, -assembler 11 , tr.: take to 
pieces, -assortir 16 , tr.: spoil the match 
of, mismatch ; thin out the stock or mer- 
chandise of, unstock: -assorti, disarranged, 
incomplete (of a book); unstocked. 
-astre 15 ["untoward star"], m.: DIS- 
ASTER, -astrensement 17 [-treux], adv.: 
disastrously, -astreuo? 15 , =euse [astre], 
adj.: disastrous, -attrister 16 , tr.: re- 
lieve of sadness, cheer, -a vantage 12 , 
w. : disadvantage, -avantager 15 [-dvan- 
tage] t tr.: disadvantage, injure the inter- 
est of. -av%ntagensemen 16 [~avan- 
tageux], adv.: disadvantageous^, -avan- 
tageno? u , =use, adj.: disadvantageous, 
detrimental, -aveu 12 [deszvouer], m.: 
disavowal, disowning : fairs le , disown. 
-avengler 16 , tr.: unblind, undeceive, 
disabuse. * -avouer 11 , tr.: DISAVOW, dis- 
own, disclaim. 

<4es-eel-lement 17 , m.: unsealing; unbed- 
d'ing. If^ler 11 [des-, sceller], tr.: unseal, 
undo ; unbed (a stone, etc.). 
rle-s-eendan-ee 12 , /.: descent; lineage; 
(coll.) descendants, -s-eendant 12 , adj. : 
descendant, descending ; (mil.) coming off 
duty; m., /.: descendant, offspring. 
-s-eenderie 18 , /.: means of descent 
(into a mine). H^s-egndre [L. -dere 
(scandere, climb)], intr.: descend (go or 
come down, step down ; get off, dismount, 
alight); (alight at a hotel, hence) put up, 
stay (reside temporarily), stop; incline, 
slope; make a descent (on) or irruption 


(into) ; condescend, stoop, ebb, go out, 
subside; (leg.) make a search; (nav.) 
touch land, land ; go on shore ; tr. : de- 
scend, go down along ; take or let down, 
help or lift down (as from a horse, etc.) ; 
drag down; bring down, lay low; land, 
put on shore : la garde, come off guard. 
-s-eente 13 , /. : descent ; going or getting 
down, letting down; alighting; landing; 
subsiding (of waters), fall ; (mech.) down 
stroke; run (on a bank, etc.); (leg.) 
search (in virtue of a warrant) ; (med.) 
hernia, rupture ; (mil.) coming off (guard, 
etc.) ; place for descent ; matting ; water- 
pipe ; hidden passage (leading into a moat, 

descrip~tif u , =ive [L. -tus (scribere, 
write)], adj.: descriptive, -tion 11 [L. 
-tio],f.: description; inventory. 

fdes9u dessu. 

des- [L. dis]: -e-etouer 18 , tr.: get 
afloat, -emballage 17 , m.: unpacking. 
-embalier 16 , tr.: unpack, -em/barque- 
ment 15 , 'm.: disembankment, landing. 
-embarqiter 15 , tr.: disembark, land; 
unload, -embourber' 17 , tr.: draw out 
or extricate from the mire, t-embour- 
rer 17 , tr.: free from stuffing, -em- 
brayer, ekc. = debrayer, etc. -emmaw,- 
eher 17 , tr.: deprive of its handle, -ew- 
parer 13 , tr.: dismantle (a fort, a ship), 
disable; fcease to occupy; leave, quit; 
fset free : sans , without leaving (the 
place) ; on the spot, -ewtpenne-r 16 , tr.: 
strip of its feathers. -empEser 16 , tr.: 
unstarch. -emplir 11 , tr.: render less 
full, empty f intr. or refl.: become less 
full, become empty, -enamour er 18 , tr.: 
free from love, disenamour. 
temeni 16 , m.: disenchantment, -en- 
-chanter 12 , tr.: disenchant. -eri- 
claVer 18 , tr.: disenclo-o, open up 
(lands), extend, -enclou/- 15 , tr.: free 
from nails; unspike (a gun), -encow- 
brer 11 , tr.: disencumber, clear away. 
-enfiler 17 , tr.: unthread, unstring: se 
, come unstrung, -enfler 11 , tr.: dis- 
inflate, remove the swelling, inflation, or 
volume of; sober down, -enflure 15 ,/.: 
disinflation, reduction of swelling, -en- 
fourner 15 , tr.: remove from the oven. 
-engager 14 , tr.: disengage: se , 
throw up an engagement ; desist from an 
accepted invitation, -enger ^, tr. : free 
from a bond, -engrcner 16 , tr.: throw 
out of gear; uncouple, -enivrer 11 , tr.: 
(make) sober, bring to : se , get sober. 
-ennuyer 14 , tr.: dispel the tedium of, 
divert, amuse, -enrayer 17 , tr.: free, 
unskid (a wheel f r. brake), -enr^umer 16 , 
tr. : cure of a cold, -enrouer 15 , tr. : cure 
of hoarseness, -ensabler ^ 8 , tr. : free (a 


boat, etc.) from the sand or mud. -ensE- 
velir 15 , tr. : disinter, exhume, unwrap (a 
dead body). -ensor-eEler* 15 , tr.: un- 
charm. -ensor-eelement 16 , ra. : disen- 
chantment, -enteter 16 , tr. : cure of obsti- 
nacy; get out of the head of. -etttor- 
tiller 1Q , tr.: untwist, untwine/ -en- 
traver* 16 , tr.: unfetter, -enverguer 12 , 
tr. : unbend (a sail). 

dessert [L. -sertus (de-serere, desert, 
serere, joint)], adj. : fdeserted (abandoned) ; 
desert (forsaken, solitary); m. u [L L. -ser- 
tum]j desert (forsaken region, wilderness). 
-sorter* 11 , tr.: fmake desert (lay waste); 
desert, abandon, forsake; intr.: desert. 
-serteur 12 , m. : deserter, -sertion [L. 
-sertio], desertion. 

fdes~ [L. dis]: -esperade 15 [-esperer], 
in a la , desperately, -esperan-ee 11 , 
/.: despair, hopelessness, -esperant 16 
[-esperer], adj. : desperate, hopeless, -es- 
pere 11 [-esperer], adj.: desperate, hopeless; 
in despair, despondent, -esperement 13 
[-esper$], adv.: desperately, -esperer 11 , 
intr. : despair, give up hope ; tr. : drive to 
despair, madden: se , be in despair; 
yield to despair; je ne -espere pas que 
vous ne (explet.) soyez (subj.) heureux, 
I do not despair of your being happy. 
-espoir ll [-esperer], m. : despair, hopeless- 
ness, despondency; desperation, -ha,- 
bille 16 [hdbitter], m. : dishabille, undress. 
-Ttabiller 14 , tr.: disrobe, undress, strip. 
f -/tabite u , adj.: uninhabited, deserted. 
-Ttabituer 13 , tr.: disaccustom, break of. 
-7iere.n-ee 12 [des-, hoir],f. : lack of heirs ; 
escheat (for lack of heirs). -fteriter, 
tr.: disinherit, deprive of ordinary ad- 
vantages, unfavour. -Tieurer 117 [heure], 
tr. : disturb (any one) in his regular hours ; 
une horloge -heuree, a clock striking wrong 
hours. -foonnete 12 , adj.: indecent, im- 
modest, shameful. -7t onnetemmif ^ 
[-honnete], adv.: indecent, immodestly. 
fTionnetete 15 [-honnete], f.: indecency, 
immodesty. -fooimeur 10 ,wi.: dishonour, 
disgrace, shame. -/fconorable 18 , adj..^ 
dishonourable, disgraceful, -fooxiorant 1T 
[-honorer], adj.: dishonourable, disgrace- 
ful. -Ttono